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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Berryman, Jack H.
Title: Jack H. Berryman Photograph Collection
Dates: 1947-1999 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 1 Box (0.5 linear ft.)
Collection Number: USU_P0368
Summary: 344 black and white and color photographic images of important events in Berryman's public life
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Material in English 
Sponsor: Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

Biographical Note

Jack H. Berryman was born July 28th, 1921 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He acquired his first degree, an A.A. in General Studies from Westminster College in Salt Lake City in 1940. In 1941 he joined the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the Pacific, taking part in some of the War's fiercest battles, and receiving many medals for his courage. After the War he returned to Utah and received a B.S. in Science and an M.S. in Ecology from the University of Utah. Berryman's life would be dedicated to work in the Natural Resources field.

Berryman was employed by the Utah Fish and Game Department in the late 1940s. Similar jobs would require him to travel across the country in the next few years, working in New Mexico with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from 1950-1953, and in Minnesota with the Federal Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife from 1953-1959. Berryman then spent several years teaching in the College of Natural Resources at Utah State University. In the mid 1960s Berryman went to Washington, DC to work for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, a position he held for more than a decade. In 1979 he began work with the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, which required him to travel around the world. He was still doing this work for the IAFWA when he passed away on March 3, 1999.

Jack H. Berryman received a number of awards during the course of his life, a fact recorded in his photograph collection. Several of these included a Special Service Award from the Department of the Interior, the Seth Gordon Award, membership in the National Honorary Forestry Society, the Aldo Leopold Award, the Special Conservation Achievement Award, and membership in The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Utah State University founded the Jack Berryman Institute for Wildlife Damage Management in his honor in 1993. Berryman wrote a number of journal articles on wildlife , recreation, and land use in the course of his long career.

Content Description

The Berryman Photograph Collection consists of 344 images of important events in Berryman's public life usually when he was being presented an award or honorarium of some kind. Other photographs detail Berryman and co-workers in the 1940's and 50's fishing and traveling in the Utah back country, and one folder consists of pictures of Berryman's home and gardens in Fairfax, Virginia. The photos do not seem to be in any particular chronological order, and they were processed in the order they were found in the box. The collection contains both color and black and white photographs.

Use of the Collection

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Initial Citation: P0368; Jack H. Berryman Photograph Collection; Photograph Collections Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:P0368, USUSC.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Numbered sequence according to Box, Folder, and item

Processing Note :  

Processed in December of 2007

Acquisition Information :  

These photographs were donated to Utah State University from 1999-2001 by Jack Berryman's widow, June, along with his papers.

Related Materials :  

See the Jack H. Berryman Papers Coll MSS 289 for more information about the life of Berryman.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Dedication Ceremony for the Jack H. Berryman Institute, 1947-1999
1 1
01:01:01: Berryman and USU President Emert giving award to woman 1947-1999
01:01:02: Berryman greeting people at ceremony 1947-1999
01:01:03: People at ceremony 1947-1999
01:01:04-05: Berryman, Emert, and woman 1947-1999
01:01:06-08 : The Berryman's at podium 1947-1999
01:01:09: Berryman receiving applause 1947-1999
01:01:10: Berryman speaking at podium 1947-1999
01:01:11-13: Closeup of Berryman speaking 1947-1999
01:01:14-16: Longshot of Berryman speaking 1947-1999
01:01:17-19: Berryman speaking, painting on easel next to him 1947-1999
01:01:20-21: Berryman speaking, with view of audience 1947-1999
01:01:23: Berryman speaking next to painting again 1947-1999
01:01:23-25: Longshot of Berryman, podium, painting, and dignitaries 1947-1999
01:01:26: Closeup of Berryman at Podium 1947-1999
01:01:27: Berryman leaving podium 1947-1999
01:01:28: Berryman and dignitaries looking at painting 1947-1999
01:01:29-30: Audience applauding 1947-1999
01:01:31: President Emert speaking to Berryman 1947-1999
01:01:32-33: Closeup of Emert speaking to Berryman 1947-1999
01:01:34: Dignitaries unveil painting 1947-1999
01:01:35: President Emert at podium 1947-1999
01:01:36-37: The Berryman's and Emert 1947-1999
01:01:38: View of Podium, Dignitaries, and audience 1947-1999
01:01:39: View of podium and dignitaries 1947-1999
01:01:40-41: View of audience and podium 1947-1999
01:01:42: Emert at podium, Berryman's and dignitaries look on 1947-1999
01:01:43-45: Dignitary speaking, Emert and Berryman's look on 1947-1999
01:01:46: Another man at podium 1947-1999
01:01:47-48: Dignitary speaking at podium 1947-1999
01:01:49-50: Man speaking 1947-1999
01:01:51: Man speaking, Berryman's and dignitaries look on 1947-1999
01:01:52: Same scene, from different angle 1947-1999
01:01:53-54: Another man speaking at podium 1947-1999
01:01:55-56: Closeup of man at podium 1947-1999
01:01:57-58: Man at podium, dignitaries look on 1947-1999
01:01:59-65: Berryman presenting awards to various people 1947-1999
01:01:66: People looking at painting 1947-1999
01:01:67: People at award ceremony 1947-1999
01:01:68-69: Berryman and two award recipients 1947-1999
01:01:70: Berryman shaking one of two award recipients' hand 1947-1999
01:01:71-72: The Berryman's and two men 1947-1999
01:01:73: Mrs. Berryman shaking man's hand 1947-1999
01:01:74: Several people at ceremony 1947-1999

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Miscellaneous, 1947-1999
1 2
01:02:01: Logan Herald-Journal clipping 25397
01:02:02: Photograph of Group I of Government Trappers 1947-1999
01:02:03: Photograph of Group II of Government Trappers 1947-1999
01:02:04: Photograph of Jack Berryman and Joann Smith, signed by Joann Smith 1947-1999

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Berryman receiving awards, 1947-1999
1 3
01:03:01: Jack Berryman and Family after Berryman received U.S. Department of Interior Distinguished Service Award 1947-1999
01:03:02: Berryman shaking hand of dignitary giving him award 1947-1999

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Various shots/portraits of Berryman, 1947-1999
1 4
01:04:01: Berryman receiving commemorative fishing reel from Sharon Coe of Future Fisherman Foundation 1947-1999
01:04:02: Berryman greeting North carolina Governor James G. Martin September 1947
01:04:03: Berryman and President Brantly of IAFWA 1947-1999
01:04:04: Berryman mounting horse 1947-1999
01:04:05: Berryman at Desk 1947-1999
01:04:06: Berryman at Desk with documents and papers 1947-1999
01:04:07-11: Color portrait photographs of Berryman sitting in chair 1947-1999
01:04:12: The Berryman's and several friends June 1966
01:04:13: Berryman, his daughter (?) Kristen, and wife June-Aug 28th, 1996 June-August 28, 1996
01:04:14-24: Berryman, Emert, and woman. See also 01:01:01 1947-1999
01:04:25: Portrait photo of Berryman 1947-1999
01:04:26: Berryman boarding helicopter 1947-1999
01:04:27: Berryman greeting man 1947-1999

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Berryman home and grounds, 1947-1999
1 5
01:05:01: Sheet describing the house the Berryman's lived in the early 1990s 1990-1999
01:05:02-40: Photographs of the Berryman home and gardens in Fairfax, Virginia 1947-1999

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Mark Reeff, 1947-1999
1 6
01:06:01: Photo of Mark Reeff, Resource Director for the International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies 1947-1999
01:06:02: Program of Memorial Service for Mark Reeff, Jack and June Berryman spoke at the service 1947-1999

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Miscellaneous - including scenic views and shots of Berryman, 1947-1999
1 7
01:07:01: Photograph of man, does not appear to be Berryman 1947-1999
01:07:02-03: "Seal Island, Hout Bay, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:04: "Hout Bay, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:05: Closeup of "Hout Bay, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:06: Closeup of "Seal Island, Hout Bay, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:07: "Cape Point, South Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet" 1947-1999
01:07:08-09: Cape Point, South Africa 1947-1999
01:07:10: "Coast, North of Cape Point, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:11: "St. James Hotel, False Bay, South Africa, (Indian Ocean side)" 1947-1999
01:07:12-13: "Cape Point" 1947-1999
01:07:14: "Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil" 1947-1999
01:07:15: "Islands of Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:16: "Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janiero, Brazil" 1947-1999
01:07:17: "The Brothers (?), Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:18: "Sugar Loaf, Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:19: "Beach, Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:20: Longshot of "Sugar Loaf, Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:21: Shot of "Rio from Sugar Loaf" 1947-1999
01:07:22: "Rio, Copacabana Beach" 1947-1999
01:07:23: "Ipanema Beach, Rio" 1947-1999
01:07:24: "Rio de Janiero" 1947-1999
01:07:25-26: "Preparing Breakfast, Kruger National Park, South Africa" 1947-1999
01:07:27: "Satara Rest Camp, looking to huts, Kruger NP" 1947-1999
01:07:28: "Washhouse, Satara Rest Camp, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:29: "Satara Rest Camp, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:30: "Visitor Center, Satara Rest Camp, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:31-32: "View from Tower Bridge, London" 1947-1999
01:07:33: "London", shows picture of monument 1947-1999
01:07:34: London, guard on horseback 1947-1999
01:07:35: "Tower of London" 1947-1999
01:07:36: "Parliament Buildings, London" 1947-1999
01:07:37: "Piccadilly Circus, London" 1947-1999
01:07:38: "View of Tower Bridge, London" 1947-1999
01:07:39: "View from London Bridge" 1947-1999
01:07:40: Electric Billboard, "Piccadilly Circus, London" 1947-1999
01:07:41: "Lord Nelson Monument, Trafalgar Square" 1947-1999
01:07:42: "Huts, Skukuza, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:43: Mrs. Berryman in front of "Huts, Skukuza, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:44: "Breakfast, Kruger NP, SA" 1947-1999
01:07:45: Postcard of Johannesburg, South Africa skyline 1947-1999
01:07:46: Postcard of Carleton Centre, Johannesburg, SA 1947-1999
01:07:47: Postcard of Johannesburg, SA skyline 1947-1999
01:07:48: Postcard of scenes from Hout Bay, SA 1947-1999
01:07:49: Postcard of "Sentinel" sculpture in Hout Bay, SA 1947-1999
01:07:50: Berryman shaking hand of Peter Myers, "Jack, you have made real contributions to the Nation's natural resources. Peter Myers" 1947-1999
01:07:51: Berryman shaking hand of dignitary in front of podium 1947-1999
01:07:52: Photograph of Berryman and several other men, apparently Boone and Crockett Club members 1947-1999
01:07:53: Letter from William H. Nesbitt, Executive Director of the Boone and Crockett Club to Berryman and several others 1947-1999
01:07:54: Photo of Berryman, his Club colleagues, and Virginia Governor Bailies (as of 1988). Governor is signing proclamation recognizing centennial of Boone and Crockett Club 1947-1999

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Berryman at various functions, 1947-1999
1 8
01:08:01: Berryman speaking with a man at luncheon, both hold teacups 1947-1999
01:08:02: Berryman speaking with another man 1947-1999
01:08:03: Berryman talking with to Frank Dunkle, Director of US Fish and Wildlife Service 1947-1999
01:08:04: Men at function, Berryman in background 1947-1999
01:08:05: Berryman and others shaking Dunkle's hand 1947-1999
01:08:06: Berryman speaking with man at luncheon, Berryman has a roll 1947-1999
01:08:07: Berryman and another sitting at a table, on table are a pitcher and a gavel 1947-1999
01:08:08: Berryman and others standing together, one man has award 1947-1999
01:08:09: Berryman, Mrs. Berryman, and another man. Berryman carries award 1947-1999
01:08:10: Berryman at podium 1947-1999
01:08:11: Another photo of Berryman standing at a podium 1947-1999
01:08:12: Berryman shaking hand of dignitary 1947-1999

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Miscellaneous, 1947-1999
1 9
01:09:01: Photo of tombstone of Jack H. Berryman 1947-1999
01:09:02: Berryman with plaque, flanked by two men 1947-1999
01:09:03: Photo of Berryman 1960-1969
01:09:04: Photo of US Navy ship in front of what could be the Venice, Italy waterfront 1947-1999

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Miscellaneous, 1947-1999
1 10
01:10:01: Photograph of participants at Wildlife Services Training Session at Bowie State College. Berryman is the second man on the left in the first row June 1966
01:10:02: black and white photo of Harold Crane wearing a hat 1947-1999
01:10:03: Utah Fish and Game Officers in front of truck. Names are on back, none are Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:04: Three men standing next to wall 1947-1999
01:10:05: Utah Fish and Game officials in front of building. Some are identified in pen - On reverse reads "Salt Lake City, April 1953, For Cliff, Happy Birthday" 1947-1999
01:10:06: Harold Crane fishing, "Locomotive Springs, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:07: Photo of man, "Lambs Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:08: Harold Crane, "Butterfield Canyon, Salt Lake Co., Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:09: Harold Crane and Jack Berryman, "Salt Lake City, Utah, May 1947" May 1947
01:10:10: Jack Berryman and Harold Crane "Locomotive Springs, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:11: Man sitting at table with food 1947-1999
01:10:12: Man at table smiling 1947-1999
01:10:13: Smiling man at table, Berryman standing at photo left 1947-1999
01:10:14: Man at table looking away, Berryman standing at photo left 1947-1999
01:10:15: "Harold Crane, Jack Berryman, Salt Lake City, Utah, May 1947" May 1947
01:10:16: Berryman and two other men at graduation ceremony 1947-1999
01:10:17: Berryman and "Virginia Kelley" 1947-1999
01:10:18: Berryman giving award to woman, Caption: "With thanks, Lillian" 1947-1999
01:10:19: Berryman giving award to another woman, Caption: "With gratitude, Sarah Crews" 1947-1999
01:10:20: Berryman holding papers in one hand and shaking a man's hand with the other. Caption: "Thanks much! Dan 2/9/72" February 9, 1972
01:10:21: Berryman giving award and shaking hand of another man. Caption: "Wish I could be giving this, Jack - Bruce '72" 1972
01:10:22: Participants at Division of Wildlife Services Conference, Atlanta, 1967. Berryman is seated on the right in the first row 1967
01:10:23-24: Photos of Berryman seated at desk 1947-1999
01:10:25: Small photo of Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:26: Color photograph of Berryman (at left) with officials from the US Air Force, the National Rifle Association, and the US Forest Service. They are identified on the back 1947-1999
01:10:27: Black and White photo of same people as 01:10:26 1947-1999
01:10:28: Berryman, seated at right, at table with two other men 1947-1999
01:10:29: Photo of Berryman identical to 01:10:23-24. With this photo is a slip of paper advising Berryman that the photo could be retaken 1947-1999
01:10:30: Photo of men shaking hands, the one on the left could be Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:31: Photo of city skyline, looking out at what could be San Francisco Bay 1947-1999
01:10:32: Photograph of man with glasses and a stubble beard and mustache 1947-1999
01:10:33: "Rose Lee home, Standrod, Utah, Sept. 1947" September 1947
01:10:34: "Harold S. Crane, Standrod, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:35: "Harold S. Crane, Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 1947" November 1947
01:10:36: "Jack Berryman, Standrod, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:37: "Ed Rose, Standrod, Utah, Sept. 1947" September 1947
01:10:38: Berryman and Harold Crane fishing "Locomotive Spring, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:39: Berryman and Crane again, "Locomotive Spring" 1947
01:10:40: Houses at "Locomotive Springs, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:41: "Louise Crane, Salt Lake City, Fort Douglas, 1947" 1947
01:10:42: "Harold Crane, trapping beaver, Red Butte Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah Nov. 1947" November 1947
01:10:43: "Harold Crane, Lambs Canyon, Salt Lake City, Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:44: "Crane trapping beaver" 1947-1999
01:10:45: Berryman and long line of people, caption on reverse: "Long, Long Ago" 1947-1999
01:10:46: "Louise and Harold Crane, Lambs Canyon, Salt Lake County, Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:47: Louise Crane and another man (probably Berryman) at picnic table, same time and place as 01:10:46 1947-1999
01:10:48: Children, "Carrol and Ronnie Crane, Draper, Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:49: "Harold Crane, Salt Lake County, Butterfield Canyon, Utah, Aug. 1947" August 1947
01:10:50: "Valley, Standrod, Utah, Box Elder Co,, Sept. 1947" September 1947
01:10:51: Berryman and Crane fishing "Locomotive Springs, Utah, Oct. 1947" October 1947
01:10:52: Postcard of three men in front of a truck, two of the men have hunting dogs. Two mountain lion carcasses are on the ground in front of them - Caption on reverse: "Fred Reynolds after a lion hunt" 1947-1999
01:10:53: Photo of man in suit 1947-1999
01:10:54: Photo of two men at a podium, one holds a cigarette and an ashtray 1947-1999
01:10:55: Berryman shakes a man's hand while another man looks on 1947-1999
01:10:56: Berryman and four men in front of an airplane 1947-1999
01:10:57-63: Photos of mountains and valleys taken from an airplane 1947-1999
01:10:64: Black and White photo of Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:65: Berryman at podium, presenting award to man 1947-1999
01:10:66: Berryman at a podium with a blackboard in the background. Caption on reverse: "About 1966 Colony Motel or Bowie College WS Conference" 1947-1999
01:10:67: Berryman at another podium, at Hotel Fort Des Moines. Caption on reverse: "May 1980 Des Moines, Iowa" May 1980
01:10:68-72: Photos of Berryman and several associates 1974
01:10:73: Black and White photo of Berryman in suit and tie 1947-1999
01:10:74: Berryman and several dignitaries at a table. Caption on reverse: "Southeast Meeting, Tulsa, OK 10/28/81" October 28, 1981
01:10:75: Men looking at map while standing in field 1947-1999
01:10:76: Berryman shaking hands with a man. Caption on front includes man's thanks 1947-1999
01:10:77: Color photo of Berryman with plaque. Caption on reverse: "Wash D.C. 6/71" June 1971
01:10:78: Berryman shaking hands with man receiving plaque. Man has written his thanks in caption over his head 1947-1999
01:10:79: Berryman shaking a man's hand. Caption on reverse: "Thanx a million Jack - Red Williamson, August 1971" August 1971
01:10:80: Four men in an office standing next to a fish tank 1947-1999
01:10:81-85: Berryman and his co-workers (apparently when working for the US Department of the Interior) 1947-1999
01:10:86: Berryman and three others in front of paintings. Berryman and another man holding plaques 1947-1999
01:10:87: Berryman, two men, and a woman in front of paintings. Berryman and one other man hold plaques 1947-1999
01:10:88: Berryman and an older woman (probably his mother) in a small keepsake folder 1947-1999
01:10:89-90: Head shots of Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:91: Copy of same photo as 01:10:88 without keepsake folder 1947-1999
01:10:92: Duplicate of 01:10:88 placed in black paper sleeve 1947-1999
01:10:93-99: Portraits of Berryman 1947-1999
01:10:100: Photo of Berryman and others at a table eating. Caption on reverse: "IAFWA-Annual meeting Albuqurque, NM Restaurant Sunder(?) Coast 9/81" September 1981
01:10:101: Berryman and three other men. Berryman and two others each have a glass in their hands 1947-1999
01:10:102: Another copy of 01:10:01 1947-1999
01:10:103: Berryman and several others in front of a wall with mounted fish 1947-1999

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G. Stokes Berryman, 1947-1999
1 11
01:11:01: Line drawing probably copied from a photograph. Man lighting a cigar with a match, signed G. Stokes Berryman 1947-1999

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Department of Interior photos, 1947-1999
1 12
01:12:01: A manila envelope, return address US Department of the Interior, Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife, Division of Wildlife Services, Casper, Wyoming. Addressed to Jack Berryman at the national offices of those organizations in Washington, DC 1947-1999
01:12:02: Photograph of a dog herding sheep 1947-1999
01:12:03: Sheep leaving truck trailer and crossing road 1947-1999
01:12:04: Sheep crossing road, signpost in foreground 1947-1999
01:12:05: Man talking on radiophone placed on truck 1947-1999
01:12:06: Man examining dead antelope. Caption on reverse: "Antelope killed by coyote-only the unborn fawn was eaten" 1947-1999
01:12:07: Men at table looking at map 1947-1999
01:12:08: Men at campsite, truck and horse trailers at left, helicopter in foreground at far right 1947-1999
01:12:09: Photograph of helicopter, horse trailers in background 1947-1999
01:12:10: Helicopter in flight. Horse, man, truck, and trailer in foreground 1947-1999
01:12:11: Berryman on radiophone in helicopter cockpit 1947-1999
01:12:12: Men at picnic table getting food 1947-1999
01:12:13: Men riding horses. Tail of helicopter at far right foreground 1947-1999
01:12:14: Berryman mounting horse 1947-1999
01:12:15: Men, a dog, and a horse standing next to trailer 1947-1999
01:12:16: Supply cabinet, including gum, matches, and soap 1947-1999
01:12:17: Another picture of the men, the dog, and the horse next to the trailer 1947-1999
01:12:18: Photo of same from different angle 1947-1999
01:12:19: Berryman and other men standing at fence. Truck at right 1947-1999
01:12:20: Berryman and two other men standing at trailer. Berryman and another have a styrofoam cup 1947-1999
01:12:21: Berryman and another getting food from the chow line 1947-1999

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    • Berryman, Jack H. -- Photographs.
    • Emert, George H. -- Photographs.
    • Corporate Names :
    • United States. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife -- Employees -- Photographs.
    • United States. Dept. of the Interior -- Employees -- Photographs.
    • Utah. Division of Fish and Game -- Employees -- Photographs.
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    • Fishing -- Utah -- Photographs.
    • Hunting -- Utah -- Photographs.
    • Naturalists -- Utah -- Photographs.
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