Guide to the Forestry Extension Records

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. Extension Forestry Program.
Title: Forestry Extension Records
Dates: 1933-1990 ( inclusive )
1958-1969 ( bulk )
Quantity: 3.5 cubic ft.
Collection Number: RG 103
Summary: The Forestry Extension Records document the educational programs and research projects pertaining to forests and forestry, logging, water quality, and recreational land use in Oregon, primarily during the 1950s and 1960s.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

Although the OSU Extension Service dates to 1911, not until 1944 was a farm forestry project initiated within Extension. In the late 1940s, the Extension Service added two foresters to the central staff at OSU. By the early 1980s, the Extension Forestry program included ten county agents and eight central staff forestry specialists, and was administered by the College of Forestry. Charles Ross served as Extension Forester from 1946 to 1970.

Content Description

Of note are series I-IV, and X. Series I includes circular letters, general correspondence and correspondence between the Extension Forester and the Director of the Extension Service, as well as the County Extension Agents. Other correspondence files pertain to agencies outside the University and are organized by subject such as private forestry organizations and extension service agencies in other states. Of special interest in the correspondence, particularly in the letters of Charles Ross, are references to the issue of national population control and growth. Series II pertains to educational programs administered by Forestry Extension such as short courses and forest conservation tours for school children.

Series III documents several research projects undertaken by Forestry Extension from the 1960s through the 1980s. Several projects concern the impact of forests and lumbering upon streams and rivers; one major project pertains to the Alsea Basin. Series IV includes general information on forest related topics such as camping and the outdoors, sawmills and lumbering equipment, and forestation. Series V is a 1986 survey summary pertaining to the effectiveness of Forestry Extension programs in Oregon. Series VI is a biographical sketch of North Carolina extension forester Robert W. Graeber. Series VII consists of monthly field reports of Oregon extension work recorded by Extension Forestry Specialist Charles Ross.

Series VIII contains correspondence, a report, and returned questionnaires relating to the development by the Extension Service of contract services for woodland properties. Series IX consists of situation studies primarily addressing options in land use including forestry co-ops and recreational use of private farm and woodlands. Series X covers program planning topics such as a long range farm forestry plan and includes county planning council recommendations, group process guides, and plan of work reports. Series XI contains correspondence, memoranda, and reports relating to the informational role of extension agents and forestry education in secondary schools.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Forestry Extension Records (RG 103), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into 11 series: I. Correspondence; II. Educational Programs; III. Research Projects; IV. Informational Files; V. Survey Report; VI. Biographical Sketch of Robert W. Graeber; VII. Monthly Field Reports; VIII. Contract Services; IX. Situation Studies; X. Program Planning; and XI. Training Materials.

Related Materials :  

Other record groups pertaining to Forestry and Forestry Extension include: RG 139 (College of Forestry, Subgroup II [Office of the Dean]), RG 111 (Extension Service), and P 61 (College of Forestry). Related publication series include Pub 14-3 and 209. The Antone Van Vliet Papers and MC - Forestry Extension file also contain related materials.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Correspondence, 1962-1975
1 Circular letters, 1963-1970
1 County agents, 1962-1970
1 Extension Service-other states, 1966-1970
1 General correspondence, 1962-1968
2 General correspondence, 1968-1975
2 Kolmer, Lee, correspondence, 1971-1973
2 Miscellaneous Federal agencies, 1967-1969
2 OSU Extension, 1962-1969
2 OSU-other than extension, 1963-1969
2 Private Forestry Organizations, 1967-1969
2 Ross, Charles, 1967-1968
2 Ross, Charles, Population control and growth, 1968

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Series II:  Educational Programs, 1957-1975
2 School Forest Conservation Tours
2 General information, 1960-1978
2 Correspondence, 1961-1963
2 County Tour preparation (includes three photographs), 1961-1963
2 Teachers' helps, 1961-1962
2 Teachers suggested follow-up activities, ca. 1961-1962
2 Teacher surveys and county evaluations, 1958-1963
2 Ideas for tour improvement, 1960-1963
2 Idea book materials and final copy (includes two photographs), 1961
2 Statewide handbook, 1961-1963
2 Data for handbook revision, 1964
2 Washington state student conservation handbooks, 1959-1961
2 Publications, handbooks
2 Oregon coast region, 1960-1969
2 Western Oregon region, 1961-1969
2 Eastern Oregon region, 1960-1969
2 Non-Oregon region, 1959-1960
2 Short courses, 1971-1975
2 Other short OSU programs, 1973
Educational materials
3 Miscellaneous, 1957-1962
3 American Forest Products Industries, Inc., educational packet, 1962

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Series III:  Research Projects, 1959-1990
Water Resources Research Institute
3 Annual Reports, and related data, 1964-1970
3 Seminars, 1967
3 " Feasibility of Irrigating Forest Stands" , 1968
3 " Physiological Effects of Irrigating Forest Trees" , 1969
Water quality-Alsea Basin Study
3 Watershed Grant applications to Public Health Service, correspondence, 1962-1968
3 Annual Reports, 1966-1967
3 " Studies on Effects of Watershed Practices on Streams" , project number 13010EGA, Alsea Watershed Report, Quarterly Progress Reports, correspondence, 1969-1970
3 Research agreements, 1959-1966
3 Research budgets, 1966-1969
3 Equipment, 1965
3 Work schedules, 1966
3 Coastal Oregon Productivity Enhancement (COPE) Program
3 Annual and Progress Reports, 1987-1989
3 Advisory Council Meetings, 1986-1987
3 Forestry Intensified Research (FIR) Program, Annual and Progress
3 Reports, 1987-1990

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Series IV:  Informational Files, 1933-1968
3 Economics, miscellaneous, 1945-1968
3 Planting, 1944-1962
3 Sawmill, 1945-1953
Forestation, Planting
3 Oregon, 1933-1965
3 Planting, other states and Federal (general), 1951-1963
3 Propagating cuttings, 1962-1966
3 Seeding, aerial, direct, natural regeneration, 1952-1966
3 Tree planters' notes - index, 1961-1965
Outdoors and camping
3 General information, 1948-1952
3 4-H Woodsman, miscellaneous data, 1949-1956
3 " Bob Lincoln's Knapsack" , 1952-1953
3 Campcraft, miscellaneous clippings, 1948-1955
3 Choosing and using the axe; edible fruits, plants, etc., 1947-1960
3 Safety pointers, 1946-1958
3 " At Home in the Woods" , 1953
3 Small woodlands management, 1954-1958

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Series V:  Survey Report, 1986
3 Woodland owner views of Extension Forestry Programs in Oregon, 1986

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Series VI:  Biographical Sketch of Robert W. Graeber of North Carolina, 1948

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Series VII:  Monthly Field Reports, 1956-1969
3 1956-1965
4 1966-1969

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Series VIII:  Contract Services, 1966
4 Report, correspondence, 1966

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Series IX:  Situation Studies, 1960-1967
4 Forestry co-ops, 1965-1967
4 Motivation reports, 1961-1967
4 Recreational land use reports, 1962-1967
4 " Potential From Small Private Woodlands of Columbia County" , 1960
4 " Outdoor School Oregon Style" , 1966

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Series X:  Program Planning, 1954-1968
4 Counties, 1966-1968
4 County planning councils' recommendations, 1958-1959
4 Extension long range program development, 1963-1967
4 4-H materials, 1963
4 General, 1964-1968
4 Group process guides, 1954-1965
4 Long range farm forestry plan, 1958-1967
4 Long range planning conference, 1967-1968
4 Plan of work reports, 1959-1964
4 State oriented instructions; specialist duties, 1966-1967

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Series XI:  Training Materials, 1958-1967
4 Agent training, 1958-1967
4 Forestry in secondary schools, 1958-1964

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  • Personal Names :
  • Graeber, R. W.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Oregon State College. Extension Forestry Program.
  • Oregon State College. Federal Cooperative Extension Service.
  • Oregon State University. Extension Forestry Program.
  • Oregon State University. Extension Service.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Alsea River Watershed (Or.)
  • Subject Terms :
  • Forest landowners--Oregon.
  • Forestry extension--Oregon.
  • Forestry schools and education--Oregon.
  • Forestry schools and education--Oregon--Curricula.
  • Forests and forestry--Multiple use--Oregon.
  • Logging--Oregon.
    • Other Creators :
    • Ross, Charles R. (Charles Robert), 1908-

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