Guide to the Philip G. Johnson Scrapbooks and Other Material

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Johnson, Philip G. (Philip Gustav), 1894-1944
Title: Philip G. Johnson scrapbooks and other material
Dates: 1913-1960 ( inclusive )
1925-1945 ( bulk )
Quantity: 9 linear feet (23 boxes and 3 packages)
Location of Collection: 13b.3.4-8
Map drawer VII.b.6 (architectural drawings)
Collection Number: 1982.82, 2007.3.2
Summary: Scrapbooks, papers and photographs of Philip G. Johnson, a pioneer of the aviation industry in the United States and Canada, and president of Boeing companies in the 1920s-1940s.
Repository: Museum of History & Industry, Sophie Frye Bass Library
Contact Information: Sophie Frye Bass Library
Museum of History & Industry
P.O. Box 80816
Seattle, WA
Telephone: 206-324-1126
Fax: 206-780-1533
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

Philip Gustav Johnson was a pioneer in the manufacturing of airplanes and in the organization of commercial airlines in the United States and Canada. Born in Seattle on November 5, 1894, Johnson was the son of Swedish immigrants Charles S. and Hanna (Gustavson) Johnson. He attended Seattle grade schools and graduated from Broadway High School on Capitol Hill.

Johnson was a mechanical engineering student in the University of Washington College of Engineering when the Boeing engineering department recruited him in 1917. He held successive positions in the Engineering Department (1917-1918), the Production Department (1918-1919), as Superintendent (1919-1922), as Vice-president, and as General Manager (1922-1926), becoming president of the company in 1926. He was president of four companies that preceded United Airlines--Boeing Air Transport , Pacific Air Transport, National Air Transport and Varney Air Lines--and in 1933, of United Aircraft and Transport Company, the parent company merging Boeing, Pratt & Whitney, and other companies.

In 1934, as a result of the scandal surrounding the assignment of air mail contracts, Johnson resigned his position as president. Among the conditions allowing airlines to bid for new air mail contracts was the requirement that the company not employ any executives present at the 1930 “spoils conference” with Postmaster General Brown, where lucrative air mail contracts had been allotted. Johnson resigned his position with Boeing, leaving for Canada in 1937 to assume the post of Vice-President in charge of operations for Trans-Canada Air Lines. Simultaneously, he was president of Kenworth Motor Truck Company, a position he held until his death in 1944.

In 1939, the legislation that had driven Johnson out of Boeing was rescinded. With the company losing money and with an increased demand for aircraft in wartime, Johnson returned to Seattle and resumed the presidency of Boeing, supervising the production of the B-17 Flying Fortress bombers and putting Boeing back on its feet financially.

Johnson also served on the Board of Directors for the Pacific National Bank, Puget Sound Power and Light, and Puget Sound Navigation Company; he was also named the “First Citizen” of Seattle in 1943.

Johnson married Catherine Foley in 1925; the Johnson’s had two children, Esther (b. 1926) and Philip G. Jr.(b. 1930). Phil Johnson died of a cerebral hemorrhage in Wichita, Kansas, on September 14, 1944, while on business for Boeing.

Content Description

Scrapbooks, correspondence, government documents, photographs, publications and ephemera, 1913-1960 (bulk 1925-1945).

The 25 scrapbooks of clippings and ephemera document the development of the aviation industry and Boeing companies, and the career of Philip G. Johnson. The personal and professional papers include extensive documentation of the construction of Johnson’s Tudor style home at Woodway Park, biographical and memorial materials about Johnson’s life and work, papers related to Johnson’s other professional activities, as well as some family papers. Subject files consist largely of correspondence, transcripts and government documents related to the 1934 Senate investigation headed by Hugo Black into the assignment of air mail contracts. The photographs depict many individuals in the aviation industry in the United States and Canada, including executives, pilots and military officers, as well as men in related industries.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

The collection is open to the public by appointment.

Restrictions on Use :  

The Museum of History & Industry is the owner of the materials in the Sophie Frye Bass Library and makes available reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from MOHAI before any reproduction use. The museum does not necessarily hold copyright to all of the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission for use may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright owners.

Preferred Citation :  

Philip G. Johnson scrapbooks and other material, Museum of History & Industry, Seattle

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Arranged in 6 series:

  • Scrapbooks, 1925-1945
  • Personal and professional papers, 1917-1959
  • Subject files, 1929-1942
  • Photographs, 1916-1940s
  • Publications, 1913-1934, undated
  • Ephemera, circa 1930-1960

Acquisition Information :  

Gift of Philip G. Johnson, Jr., 1982 (Accession No.1982.82). Scrapbook comprising Accession No. 2007.3.2 was found in the museum collection.

Processing Note :  

Materials were numbered upon accessioning. Materials were rearranged intellectually during creation of the finding aid, though the numbering and physical arrangement were retained.

Photographs were removed from albums and sleeved or foldered for preservation purposes. A selection of Christmas cards was removed from the Christmas card scrapbooks and placed in folders; the rest were discarded.

Separated Materials :  

The volume American Furniture: Queen Anne and Chippendale Periods by Joseph Downs (New York: Macmillan, 1952) was relocated to the library reference collection.

The donation included three plaques. These artifacts are cataloged and stored separately by MOHAI’s Collections Department.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Scrapbooks, 1925-1945
26 scrapbooks
41 x 33 cm.

Set of black scrapbooks embossed with the year and Johnson’s name; one red scrapbook is embossed with a title and year.

These scrapbooks, consisting largely of newspaper clippings, document developments in the aviation industry in general (such as aircraft development, landmark flights, aviation records, crashes, lives and deaths of aviators, and development of commercial, passenger and air mail service), and in Boeing companies in particular (creation of companies, various mergers, samples of Boeing advertisements, aircraft development, and labor relations). The scrapbooks also document the career of Johnson, including the period when he left Boeing to work for Trans-Canada Air Lines. The clippings document aviation related news, with extensive coverage given to the cancellation of air mail contracts in 1934, and related investigations and court proceedings; The scrapbooks also contain occasional items of a social nature, such as wedding announcements. The albums contain ephemera such as copies of Boeing News and Aviation News, first day covers from air mail routes, advertising samples for Boeing, Kenworth and other companies, plane schedules, and flight related memorabilia.

Other notable content for each album is indicated in the inventory below.

1 82.82.4: 1925-1927
110 pages
Documents the early Boeing Navy FB-3 pursuit plane; air races at Sand Point; Boeing’s first air mail flight from Chicago to San Francisco; and the beginning of passenger flights.
2 82.82.5: 1928
168 pages
Documents the growth of commercial aviation; Boeing’s purchase of a large interest in Pacific Air Transport; George Williams’s flight over the North Pole; the dedication of Boeing Field; the beginning of the Boeing Airplane and Transport Company; the first Aeronautical Exposition in Chicago; the formation of United Aircraft and Transport Corporation; the death of pilot Ed Hubbard. Also includes the 1928 Boeing catalog and a 15-page log of Mrs. Boeing’s flight on a 12-passenger plane.
1 82.82.6: 1929-1
102 pages
3 82.82.7: 1929-2
110 pages
Includes an article by Johnson, “Recent Developments in Air Transport,” and a booklet for the Boeing School of Aeronautics.
3 82.82.8: 1930-1
84 pages
Includes clippings about Johnson’s plans to build a residence at Woodway Park for $350,000; about production of Army planes; the Air Mail Act of 1930; the dedication of the Daniel Guggenheim Hall of Aeronautics at the University of Washington; 29-hour service from Seattle to Chicago; and the launching of the William Boeing’s motor yacht Taconite.
4 82.82.9: 1930-2
88 pages
Includes an article about Amelia Earhart’s visit to Seattle, and articles about the “recent and popular innovation” of replacing male couriers on planes with female stewardesses.
4 82.82.10: 1931-1
86 pages
Includes clippings about the merger of National Transport, Boeing, Pacific Air Transport and Varney under United Aircraft Corporation, with Johnson as President; the beginnings of air traffic control using radios and magnetic maps; the death of Thomas D. Stimson in his private plane; the development of the dirigible; female aviator Ruth Nichols.
5 82.82.11: 1931-2
86 pages
Includes an article about Wiley Post and Harold Gatty’s progress on a trans-global flight. Also includes a United Air Lines schedule.
5 82.82.12: 1932-1
80 pages
Includes clippings on the inauguration of night flying; the use of “lighthouse keepers” and radios; and a 31 hour coast-to-coast flight.
6 82.82.13: 1932-2
72 pages
Includes articles about navigation instruments and the increasing adoption of passenger air travel.
6 82.82.14: 1933-1
106 pages
Includes articles about Eleanor Roosevelt flying on United Air Lines, with original letters signed by Mrs. Roosevelt; about feeding air passengers; and the introduction of automatic pilot, the “airobot.”
16 82.82.15: 1933-2
106 pages
Includes a program for a testimonial dinner for Postmaster General James A. Farley.
7 82.82.16: 1934-1
194 pages
The three 1934 albums extensively document events surrounding the Air Mail Scandal of 1934. This first album includes articles about allegations that Postmaster General Walter Brown awarded contracts to a few large companies without competitive bidding and the apparent burning of Brown’s files on air mail contracts after he left office; and about the Senate investigative committee, chaired by then Senator Hugo Black. Includes articles about the millions made by air line executives at a time when companies were receiving government subsidies; the arrest of Assistant Secretary William P. MacCracken for his refusal to hand over his records; Roosevelt’s cancellation of air mail contracts and his decision to use of the Army Air Corps for delivery of air mail; and Charles Lindbergh’s rebukes of Roosevelt for cancellation of contracts. Also documents the first of several fatal crashes of army planes carrying airmail.
1934 January-February
8 82.82.17: 1934-2
178 pages
Documents the suspension of army air mail flights after continued crashes and pilot deaths; the beginnings of conditional return of air mail to private companies; and the ban of some airline executives (including Johnson) from the industry. Documents United Air Lines personal suit against Postmaster General James Farley for deprivation of due process. Also includes United Aircraft & Transport Corporation 1933 annual report and a page of handwritten notes on air mail bids.
1934 March-April
9 82.82.18: 1934-1935
162 pages
Includes articles about William Boeing selling his interest in UATC after the passage of the Air Mail Act of 1934; and Lindbergh’s defense of “black listed” air operators. This album contains no documentation of Johnson’s activities during this period.
10 82.82.19: 1937-1938
108 pages
Documents Johnson’s appointment as Vice-President of operations for Trans-Canada Air Lines, and as President of Kenworth Motor Truck Company. Consists largely of articles about Johnson, and includes Johnson’s original notes from his survey trip of Trans-Canada in February 1937.
1937 June-1938 July
10 82.82.20: 1938
106 pages
Largely concerning Trans-Canada Air Lines. Includes a 1938 annual report.
1938 September-December
11 82.82.21: 1939
128 pages
Largely articles about Trans-Canada Air Lines. Also includes ephemera from the Johnson’s attendance at the January 1939 opening of Canadian Parliament, attended by King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. Includes an article about the crash of a Boeing Stratoliner during a test flight, killing 10.
1939 January-March
12 82.82.22: 1939
102 pages
Includes Trans-Canada and Boeing news and the announcement of Johnson’s resignation, in September, at Trans-Canada and his resumption of duties as President at Boeing.
1939 April-December
13 82.82.23: 1940
88 pages
Documents union activity at Boeing, including a work stoppage at the Boeing plant for a mass union meeting of 5000 workers, and accusations of Communism against union leaders. Also includes articles about the need to expand the Boeing plant to accommodate the building of bombers for the Allies.
14 82.82.24: 1941
98 pages
Includes continued documentation of labor union activities and accusations of Communism; also articles about the U.S. Army order of 1,000 Boeing B-17 Flying Fortresses.
1 82.82.25: 1942
122 pages
This album includes an article by Johnson about his trip to England to survey aviation plants and see Boeing’s Flying Fortresses in action. Also includes articles about women working at Boeing plants, and Boeing’s receipt of Army-Navy “E” awards for excellence.
1942 August-December
3 82.82.32: "Aircraft Mission to England--October 1942"
47 pages
This album documents Johnson's trip to England to tour aircraft production factories. Consists largely of a series of 28 photographs, most captioned "British Official Photograph-- U.S. Aircraft Production Chiefs at British Factory--A return mission of U.S. Aircraft Production leaders is visiting Great Britain under the auspices of the Ministry of Aircraft Production." Scrapbook also includes a souvenir photo album containing 10 images depicting Johnson on his factory tours, embossed on cover "29th October 1942." Ephemera consists mostly of menus and clippings related to Johnson's trip. Also includes two confidential reports on Johnson's trip. Includes a drawing of Johnson, and two loose photographs, one from 1927.
1942 October
15 82.82.26: 1943
134 pages
Includes further documentation of union conflicts; articles about Boeing’s contributions to the war; and about the crash of a Boeing plane on a test flight into the Frye Packing Co. plant, killing pioneer test flight pilot Eddie Allen and 10 others. Also includes clippings about Johnson being named as Seattle’s “First Citizen” for 1943.
2 82.82.27: 1944
128 pages
Includes articles about the production of B-29 Super Fortress to replace the B-17 Flying Fortress and articles about the first B-29s in action in Japan. Also documents the “Five Grand,” the 5,000th Flying Fortress, covered completely with the names of the Boeing workers who built it. Also includes the text of the Republican National platform. This album documents the death of Phil Johnson on September 12 in Wichita, Kansas.
16 82.82.28: 1945
84 pages
Includes articles on the death of Johnson’s mother, and on a Bellevue forum on the return of the Nisei.

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Personal and professional papers, 1917-1959
Arranged in 7 subseries:
  • Biographical materials
  • Woodway Park residence records
  • Financial and legal records
  • Other interests and activities
  • Miscellaneous correspondence
  • Family papers
  • Memorial materials
Biographical materials
21 82.82.70: Biographical materials
Essays, resumes and clippings. Also includes materials about his father Charles Johnson and daughter Esther Johnson.
22 82.82.137: Scrapbook of clippings
Includes note from a nun at Rosary Heights to Philip Jr., upon sending him the scrapbook of clippings about his father in 1962.
23 82.82.139: “Philip G. Johnson, First Citizen”
Book commemorating Johnson’s award of Seattle First Citizen award, including text of addresses, photographs and letters of congratulation.
23 82.82.147: University of Washington diploma for Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering 1917
Woodway Park residence records
Extensive documentation of the construction of Johnson’s residence at Woodway Park, including decorator blueprints, materials schedules, specifications and receipts for a variety of construction costs. Also includes photographs of furnishings, probably taken at the time of the house’s sale.
21 Photographs of furnishings
49 photographs with notes on verso regarding object, location in house, and/or price.
21 VII.b.6 Decorator’s drawings
Set of 9 drawings by Lenygon & Morant Inc., decorators from New York, N.Y. Also includes several drawings of pieces of furniture.
21 82.82.34-45: Receipts
Receipts for surveying, plumbing and heating, architect, construction of tennis court, windows and doors, road survey, electrical work, cord wood, window glass, terrazzo floors, and paving of driveway.
21 82.82.46: Schedules of materials and finishes
Includes a blueprint by architect David J. Myers containing listings of materials and finishes for each surface of each room. Also includes a booklet by Myers “Specifications for General Work for Residence and Garage, etc. on Tract 15, Woodway Park for Mr. Philip G. Johnson.”
21 82.82.47: Work progress
140 pages
Includes “Reports of Progress” from architect David Myers; correspondence between Myers and Johnson regarding construction; and other correspondence regarding work done at the Woodway Park residence. Also includes miscellaneous receipts.
21 82.82.48: Garden costs
60 pages
21 82.82.49: Receipt for earnest money 1929
21 82.82.50: Telegrams to Johnson regarding construction 1930
21 82.82.51: Receipts for interior decorating
180 pages
Mostly from Lenygon & Morant, New York City
21 82.82.52: Electrical wiring specifications undated
21 82.82.63: Heating and plumbing specifications undated
21 82.82.64: Painting specifications undated
21 82.82.53: Receipt for painting 1953
21 82.82.54: Cost of water maintenance 1935-1936
21 82.82.56: Interior decoration receipts and correspondence
45 pages
21 82.82.57: Miscellaneous receipts 1935-1936
21 82.82.58: Certificate of vacation from Snohomish County Board of Commissioners
Also includes correspondence regarding vacating of road near Johnson’s property
21 82.82.72: Inventories of furnishings
Furnishings of Johnson residence at Woodway Park (1944) and W.S. Ross apartment at Michigan Avenue North (1931)
1931, 1944
21 82.82.76: Woodway Park Corporation
35 pages
Correspondence regarding possible purchase of nearby Corporation owned tidelands by Woodway Park property owners; regarding subdivision restriction limits and water maintenance costs.
21 82.82.143: “Woodway Park” -- promotional booklet early 1930s
Financial and legal records
21 82.82.55, .59-.62, .64, .74, .77-.79: Personal financial records 1930s-1940s
21 82.82.80: Correspondence about children’s trust accounts
Mostly incoming correspondence from Pacific National Bank of Seattle. Also includes a tentative outline of Catherine and Philip Johnson’s wills.
21 82.82.81: Ledger pages with stock, bonds, and securities records 1930-1946
21 82.82.89: Real estate titles and mortgages 1925-1940s
21 82.82.145a: Promotional booklet for W.G. and E.A. John Service (insurance) 1933
21 82.82.84: Ledger pages showing receipts and expenditures 1954-1959
21 82.82.66-.69: Lakewood Avenue residence -- tax statements, leases to tenants, receipts for repairs 1930-1935
21 82.82.82: Securities records 1935-1945
21 82.82.83: List of stocks 1934-1935
Other interests and activities
21 82.82.71: Exploration Syndicate
Correspondence between Johnson and Alfred Frank, mining engineer of Salt Lake City, Utah, regarding subscription in mining venture in New Mexico.
21 82.82.73: Puget Sound Navigation Company--correspondence
Johnson was a member of the Board of Directors.
21 82.82.75: Puget Sound Power & Light Company
Correspondence regarding stock and Johnson’s nomination for Board of Directors.
21 82.82.90: Correspondence
Regarding Johnson’s interests in Cascade Mountain farm property (includes 5 photographs of property); and Johnson’s election to membership in the Wings Club (includes a copy of the Wings Club Bulletin, July 1944).
1942, 1944
21 82.82.86: Miscellaneous correspondence
approximately 100 pages
Notable items include:
  • Letter, with enclosures, to banker Joseph Ripley summarizing the failed Alcor C-61, a supposedly ground-breaking new Lockheed plane which crashed during a test flight (March 5, 1940)
  • Letter to pioneer aviator Jacqueline Cochrane recounting his experience with oxygen masks on high-elevation flights and recommending their use (September 1940)
  • Correspondence among Johnson, General Oliver Echols and Wellwood Beall regarding Erik Nelson’s offer to Beall to leave Boeing and join him in a new company, and Echol’s objections that this would interfere with the production of B-29s (March 1941)
Family papers
21 82.82.85a: School papers of Philip Johnson, Jr.
Includes school records, yearbooks and 30 letters written to his mother from school.
21 82.82.85b: Ireland to Iowa: A History of the Foley and Clark Families
Philip Johnson, Jr.’s copy of a booklet about his mother’s family. Photographs pasted in pages at back of book depict Catherine Foley Johnson and her children Esther and Philip, Jr.; Catherine’s mother Mary Clarke Foley and father, Matthew James Foley; Catherine’s grandparents (?) Hugh G. Clarke and Ellen Burke Clarke, Michael Foley and Ellen Burke Foley; Philip Johnson and paintings of Johnson’s parents.
1932 December
Memorial materials
23 82.82.141: Memorial resolution, Puget Sound Power & Light Company
Resolution in burgundy leather folder. Includes letter to Mrs. Johnson. Johnson was a member of the Board of Directors
1944 September 15
23 82.82.142: Memorial resolution from Boeing Airplane Company
Brown leather volume in slipcase.
1944 September 20
23 82.82.144: “Memorial letters: Philip G. Johnson”
Black trifold embossed folder containing letters. Also includes a photograph of Philip Johnson Jr., being inducted into the Army (1952)
23 82.82.148: Memorial resolution from United Air Lines 1944 September 25

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Subject files, 1929-1942
Black Investigation
The Black Investigation files include papers and government documents relevant to the investigation of preference in the assigning of air mail contracts to commercial carriers by Postmaster General Walter Brown, the cancellation of commercial airline contracts by the federal government in 1934, and the subsequent lawsuits.
Correspondence and other papers
22 82.82.132: Miscellaneous papers
approximately 180 pages
  • Correspondence: regarding court cases, including copies of documents originally sent to Postmaster General Brown with recommendations of air mail routes and carriers (June 4, 1930); regarding Johnson’s interview with Colonel Ristine; April 1934 letter to Farley from Directors of United Aircraft & Transport Corporation in support of Johnson; copies of correspondence relative to Black investigation taken from Johnson’s files and sent to lawyer immediately upon cancellation of air mail contracts
  • Transcript of Johnson’s interview with Post Office Inspectors T.C. Cargill and F.L. Pierce (March 17, 1934)
  • Tentative outline of matters to be covered by testimony of Walter F. Brown; outline of points to be covered by testimony of Johnson
  • Papers about Boeing, Pacific Air, Varney and National stocks; information about Johnson’s official capacities with Boeing, United, Pacific, Varney and National (1938)
22 82.82.133: Questionnaire and other papers
approximately 120 pages
Black investigation questionnaire and correspondence about its submission (1933); transcript of Col. Paul Henderson’s formal statement on the Kelly bill; request for information about company stock bought by Johnson (November 1933). Also includes four Post Office Department Air Mail route maps.
22 82.82.134: Correspondence with Bill Boeing
Regarding Johnson’s employment records, expense accounts and records of stock ownership. Also includes reports of operating revenue and expenses for Boeing Air Transport, Pacific Air Transport, Varney Air Lines and National Air Transport routes.
22 82.82.135: Air mail route maps
Also includes completed questionnaires about air mail routes and list of Order of Expiration of Air Mail contracts.
1933, undated
22 82.82.136: United Air Transport Company materials
Includes Johnson’s UATC stock details; copies of documents taken by the Black Committee, such as minutes of stockholder meetings; statement on United bonus system; UATC annual report (1932); correspondence with Fred Rentschler and between William Boeing and Rentschler.
Government documents
22 82.82.114: Post Office Appropriations Bill, 1935. Hearings before the Subcommittee of House Committee on Appropriations 1934
22 82.82.107: Hearing before the Subcommittee on Aeronautics making an investigation into certain phases of the manufacture of aircraft and aeronautical accessories as they refer to the Navy department February 2, 1934
22 82.82.95: Court of Appeals, District of Columbia: Boeing Air Transport, Inc., National Air Transport, Pacific Air Lines and Varney Air Lines versus John A. Farley. Brief on Behalf of Appellant. 1934 April
22 82.82.100: Court of Appeals, District of Columbia: Boeing Air Transport, Inc., National Air Transport, Pacific Air Lines and Varney Air Lines versus John A. Farley. Opinion of Court 1934 April
22 82.82.110: United States Post Office Department. In the Matter of the Order of the Postmaster General, dated February 9, 1934, Directing the Annulment of Air Mail Contracts and Route Certificates. Brief for Boeing Air Transport, Inc., National Air Transport, Inc., Pacific Air Transport and Varney Air Lines, Inc. 1934 April
22 82.82.116: United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Boeing Air Transport, Inc., National Air Transport, Inc., Pacific Air Transport and Varney Air Lines, Inc. versus James A. Farley. Oral argument. 1934 April
22 82.82.112-113: Final report of the War Department Special Committee on Army Air Corps (2 copies) 1934 July 18
22 82.82.111: Supreme Court of the United States. Pacific Air Transport versus James A. Farley. Petition for a writ of certiorari to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia and supporting brief. 1934 October
22 82.82.96: Before the Interstate Commerce Commission: Air Mail Compensation. Brief of the respondent, United Air Lines (Air mail docket No. 1) 1934 November 24
22 82.82.93: Report to the Federal Aviation Commission 2 copies 1935 January
22 82.82.115: Before the Interstate Commerce Commission. Air Mail Compensation. Exception of United Air Lines, Inc. to the Report Proposed by the Bureau of Air Mail 1935 February 2
22 82.82.94: Court of Claims of the United States: Boeing Air Transport versus United States of America (Docket No. 43031) 1935 June 4
22 82.82.97: Court of Claims of the United States: United Air Transport Corporation versus the United States of America (Docket No. 43033). Petition 1935 June 4
22 82.82.98: Court of Claims of the United States: Boeing Air Transport versus United States of America (Docket No. 43030). Petition. 1935 June 4
22 82.82.99: Court of Claims of the United States: United Air Transport Corporation versus the United States of America (Docket No. 43032). Petition 1935 June 4
22 82.82.121: United Air Lines specification for transport plane and request for bid Addressed to C.L. Egvedt, President Boeing Airport Company 1935 July 1
22 82.82.122-.123: Court of Claims, Docket No. 43029-43033. Testimony for Plaintiffs. Volumes II and III. 1938 April 27-28
22 82.82.109: Court of Claims of the United States. Pacific Air Transport versus the United States of America (Docket No. 43029). Petition 1939 June 4
22 82.82.102: Fourth Plan on Government Reorganization. Hearing before the Select Committee on Government Organization of the United States Senate. S. Con. Res. 43, a resolution disapproving reorganization plan numbered IV 1940 May
22 82.82.103: Court of Claims of the United States. Report of the Commissioner on Docket Nos. 43030-43033. 1941 July
22 82.82.105: Court of Claims of the United States. Brief of Pacific Air Transport, Boeing Air Transport, Inc. and United Air Lines Transport Corporation (Dockets 43029-43033) 1941 November 15
22 82.82.106: Court of Claims of the United States. Reply brief Pacific Air Transport, Boeing Air Transport, Inc. and United Air Lines Transport Corporation (Dockets 43029-43033) 1942 April 2
22 82.82.101 : Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, holding and Equity Court. Boeing Air Transport (Chicago), Inc. against James A. Farley. Bill of complaint undated
22 82.82.108 : Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Holding and Equity Court. Boeing Air Transport, National Air Transport, Inc, Pacific Air Transport, Varney Air Lines and Boeing Air Transport against James A. Farley. Plaintiff’s memorandum of Points and Authorities in Opposition to Motion to Dismiss. undated
22 82.82.117 : Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Holding and Equity Court. National Air Transport, Inc. against James A. Farley. Bill of complaint. undated
22 82.82.118 : Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Holding and Equity Court. Pacific Air Transport, Inc. against James A. Farley. Bill of complaint. undated
22 82.82.119 : Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. Holding and Equity Court. Varney Air Lines and Boeing Air Transport, Inc. against James A. Farley. Bill of complaint. undated
22 82.82.120 : United States Circuit Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit. Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc. against James A. Farley. Brief of Boeing Air Transport, Inc., National Air Transport, Inc., Pacific Air Transport and Varney Air Lines, amici curiae. undated
Boeing companies materials
23 82.82.153 : United Aircraft & Transport Corporation, 1st Annual Report 1929
23 82.82.140a-b : Blueprints
“Performance Estimate,” “Weights and Balances” and “General Arrangement” for Boeing Airplane Company Models 238 and 239.
1931 July
23 82.82.149 : Papers
Correspondence from Johnson to bank regarding payment of Boeing debt; transcript of phone conversation about price dispute over purchase of wings.
23 82.82.140a.2 : Merger agreement Among United Air Transport, United Air Lines, Varney Air Lines and National Air Transport 1934 November 19
22 82.82.124-.131 : Boeing Airplane Company and Subsidiaries - Financial Statements
8 monthly statements
1936 March 31-November 30
23 82.82.138a : Trip to England
approximately 160 pages
Telegrams, correspondence and other papers regarding Johnson’s “Inspection Trip” to England.
23 82.82.138b : “Report on Personal Observations During Inspection Trip of U.S. Aircraft Production Mission to England (October 14 to November 11, 1942)”
4 copies

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Series also contains a few drawings that were in albums or portfolios with the photographs.

Photographs removed from album 82.82.31
These photographs are inscribed on the back, probably by Johnson’s wife, Kate Johnson, after his death; some of these inscriptions are noted in quotation marks after the item description. Many of the photographs are signed, with inscriptions to Johnson.
18 : Print of drawing of William Boeing 1939
18 : C.D. Howe
Fayer Camera Portraits, London (photographer)
“Minister of Transportation of the Canadian Government-Ottawa, 1937-1940. American born - became Canadian citizen”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Samuel J. Hungerford
“Mr. Hungerford was president of Canadian National Ry. - and Trans Canada Air Lines was an affiliated government airline”
circa 1939
18 : Lawrence Arnold
“Ch[airman} of Board, Seattle First National Bank - personal friend of P.G. Johnson”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : P. Gelzenlichter (?) 1943
18 : Clairmont L. Egvedt
“Head of engineering at Boeing airplane factory - until he became president in 1934 when Philip Johnson resigned at Mr. Roosevelt’s order on account of litigation between airlines and Post Office Dept. When Philip Johnson returned from Canada in 1939 - he again took over the presidency of Boeing - and C.L. Egvedt became Chairman - an advisory position only.”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Erik H. Nelson
“Erik H. Nelson became a general at time of 2nd World War. Flies around the world in Army flight of 1924.”
18 : George T. Overholt
Blank & Stoller Corp. (photographer)
“Personal friend, business connection - Pipe Company. Pal of Erik Nelson - early day auto racer, flyer - grandson of Overholt Rye family, Pottsdam, Penn.”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Harry Bowen
“Puget Sound Sheet Metal Co., Seattle”
early 1930s
18 : Reed Chambers
Margaret Bourke-White (photographer)
“An insurance executive in New York. Handled much of early aviation insurance.”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Croil Hunter
Gene Garrett (photographer)
“Croil Hunter - was at this time 1940 - president of Northwest Airlines”
circa 1940
18 : Harry Kent
Ray Hart (photographer)
“President of Kenworth Motor Truck Co. - also neighbor in Woodway Park - lived next to David Whitcomb. After his death Philip Johnson took over Kenworth Motor Truck Co. and operated it until death (1944) when it was sold to Paul Pigott.”
18 : John Hansel
Fabian Bachrach (photographer)
“N.Y. - Adv. Executive for firm handling Boeing Airplane Co.- early 40s and until Phil’s death.”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Al Frank
Kaiden Kazanjian (photographer)
“Salt Lake City (airline interests, goldmine interests). Personal friend - gave us an Irish Setter from a fine kennel in Salt Lake.”
18 : C.P. Edwards
Blank & Stoller, Montreal (photographer)
“C.P. Edwards - lived in Ottawa - connected with Canadian Post Office. Became personal friend at time of Trans Canada Airline establishment.”
circa 1939
18 : Maynard Metcalf
“...was in Canadian National office at Montreal - personal friend.”
18 : John Henry Tudhope
A. Doyle (photographer)
“Ex-Canadian airman - connected with Reed Chambers Insurance firm in New York -had an office in Montreal and handled much of Trans Canada’s Insurance [...] personal friend - by birth was from British South Africa.”
18 : George Herring
“Ottawa, Canada - connected with Canadian Post Office”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Man
“Name? - Connected with Canadian Post Office, Ottawa - 1937-1940 approx. time”
circa 1938
18 : Joseph P. Ripley
“With Nat. City Bank N.Y. at time Boeing Air Transport was organized - later in his own firm - Harriman. Personal friend.”
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : Guy Gilchrist
Gabriel Moulin, San Francisco (photographer)
circa 1930s-1940s
18 : 3 men with fishing rods and caught fish undated
18 : Italian cruiser Emanuele Filiberto 1935
Photographs removed from album 82.82.151
Many of the photographs are inscribed to Johnson or both Philip and Kate Johnson. These are largely studio portraits. Includes one newspaper article about aviator Slim Lewis.
23 : Phil Johnson near fountain, Dungeness undated
23 : Johnson, D.B. Colyer and Canadian assistants near plane 1930
23 : Portrait of man undated
23 : Edgar N. Gott
Gott was President of Boeing before Johnson.
23 : Robert Baillargeon with fish and rod 1937 April
23 : Johnson and other men on steps of Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company building undated
23 : Raymond Frazier undated
23 : Henry H. “Hap” Arnold in Air Force uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Aaron E. Jones in Air Force Uniform 1943
23 : Portrait of man undated
23 : John Collyer circa 1940s
23 : Man in Air Force uniform (“K.B”) 1942 August
23 : Man in Air Force uniform (__Bennett?) circa 1940s
23 : G.W. Vaughan circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Two men (“Alan” and “Erik”) with caught salmon circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Man in straw boater hat circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Man in Air Force uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Man with glasses in fedora circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Thorpe Hiscock Head of two-way radio development at Boeing circa 1930
23 : Charles Knickerbocker
Friend of William Boeing from Chicago
circa 1930
23 : Johnson and five men in front of Boeing Air Transport Model 80 circa 1930
23 : Plane on inaugural Trans-Canada Air Lines flight 1939 April 1
23 : Mrs. Johnson (?) christening the United Jet Mainliner Philip G. Johnson circa 1950s
23 : Article- “Slim Lewis, Flying Frontiersman” by Bernard Kelly
Published in the Denver Post.
1966 February 20
Photographs removed from album 82.82.152
Many of the photographs are inscribed to Johnson or both Philip and Kate Johnson.
23 : Plane in air Clyde Pangborn and Roscoe Turner flying in London - Australia race 1934 September 10
23 : Man in car photographer: Frank H. Nowell undated
23 : Johnson receiving plaque from two men circa 1930s
23 : Johnson with Mr. Raynaud in office in Montreal circa 1930s
23 : Air force and navy officers in front of navy plane circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Henry H. “Hap” Arnold and two men in front of plane circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Man “Lil” in air force uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Royal Canadian Air Force commander in dress uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Jim Murray circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Portrait of man in suit circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Jim Pedler circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Portrait of man in suit circa 1930s-1940s
23 : U.S. Air Force Major General Oliver P. Echols in uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Man “Ralph” in air force uniform circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Drawing of Major John D. Corkille by John Hix, signed by Corkille circa 1930s-1940s
23 : Yacht Taconite
Signed by Bertha and William Boeing, Erik Nelson and Mary and John Ryan, dated September 4-23, 1931
circa 1931
23 : J.E. Schaefer
Head of Boeing plant in Wichita
1941 February
23 : Man connected with Trans Canada Air Lines late 1930s
23 : Johnson and man with gun and pheasants circa 1930s-1940s
Photographs removed from portfolio
19 : Portrait of Johnson
Marvin Tripp (photographer)
circa 1930s-1940s
20 : Johnson and others in front of plane circa 1930s-1940s
20 : Group of men in suits in front of building 1942 October 15
20 : Men in suits and air force uniforms in office circa 1930s-1940s
20 : Johnson with two men at desk circa 1930s-1940s
20 : View of clouds from an airplane circa 1930s-1940s
20 Pen and ink drawing “Seems like yesterday” by C. Kessler
Caption: “Philip G. Johnson, builder of Boeing bombers, was a boy wonder when it came to anything mechanical"
1930 March
Other photographs
19 2007.3.2.2 : Portrait of man in fedora
Frank Jacobs, Seattle (photographer)
21 82.82.88a : Group of men in front of building (possibly University of Washington building) February 1916
21 82.82.88b : Group of men (students?) seated at long dining table, women standing at rear circa 1916
21 82.82.88c : Print of drawing of William Boeing 1939

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20 82.82.91 : Here are the Steinways and How They Grew undated
22 82.82.92 : Problems in Dimension Drawing by Charles W. Harris, Assistant Professor of Engineering at UW Johnson’s copy, probably a school book 1913
23 82.82.145b : “The equipment of Air Forces: France” by John Jay Ide
Reprinted from Aviation magazine.
1933 April
23 82.82.154 : Booklet - The Coming American Boom by L.L.B. Angas 1934

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20 82.82.156 : Invitation to Johnson to join Tribe of Soyp (Socks Outside Your Pants)
1935 January 18
17 82.82.29-.30 : Selection of Christmas cards removed from scrapbooks
Includes cards with aviation motifs, from various aviation companies or with images referring to contemporary events.
circa 1930s-1940s
19 2007.29.1 : “Another Fall Round-up”
Page removed from Christmas card scrapbook. Pencil drawing of a woman lassoing a man, with a branding iron “hubby” in a fire.
19 : Photos and clippings of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson’s golden wedding anniversary 1938 November
19 : Drawings by Jacob A. Elshin
Four pencil sketches, one pen and ink drawing and one postcard reproduction. Portraits and caricatures of: Florence Heiman, Bill Bowman, Mario Scacheri, Bob Heustis, Phyllis Richards and Kate Foley Johnson (Johnson’s wife).
circa late 1920s-1930s
19 : Aviation themed Christmas cards circa 1930s
19 2007.3.2 : Album--Kenworth Motor Truck Company: Advertising, Public Relations, Employee Relations
Scrapbook of promotional materials.
21 82.82.87 : Clippings about Herb Munter 1960
23 82.82.140c : United Airlines binder
Embossed on cover: “Weather Manual--United Airlines.” “P.G. Johnson” embossed inside.
23 82.82.146 : Binder of mechanical engineering notes and tables undated
23 82.82.150 : Address book undated

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