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Overview of the Collection

Creator: West Cache Irrigation Company (Utah)
Title: West Cache Irrigation Company : records
Dates: 1898-1933 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 6 boxes (3 linear ft. )
Collection Number: USU_COLL MSS 97
Summary: Includes correspondence, minutes, corporate papers, voting stubs, stocks, checks, deeds, titles, liens, and other documents regarding financial aspects of the West Cache Irrigation Company.
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

Historical Note

The West Cache Irrigation Company, a corporation since 1898, still exists and has its headquarters in Trenton Utah A majority of the records of this corporation still reside in the company office there. Founded in 1898, the West Cache Irrigation Company built a large irrigation canal system starting at Riverdale, Idaho and ending in northwest Cache Valley in northern Utah. Although the canal was completed in 1908, the company still exists, with a office in Trenton, Utah. The company had to borrow large sums of money in order to build the canal system. Primary lenders were two Illinois banks (Illinois Trust and Savings Bank and Peoples Bank and Trust Company) and the Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation.

Content Description

The papers found in this collection therefore cannot be considered complete. Since the Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation had a vested interest only in the lands and finances of the canal company, they didn't find it necessary to obtain copies of all West Cache papers Present in the collection are copies of West Cache Canal meeting minutes that deal with funding and financing. Found also are cancelled checks, correspondence and deeds titles and leans concerning lands on the canal route. A fairly complete financial history of the West Cache Irrigation Company can be obtained by researching these papers.

Use of the Collection

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Open to public research.

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It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Utah State University Libraries, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

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Preferred Citation :  

West Cache Irrigation Company : records, 1898-1933. (COLL MSS 97). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Arranged primarily by form of material.

Acquisition Information :  

In November 1985 George Herbert Champ donated the papers and ledgers of the Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation to Utah State University. These papers represent the history of one of the pioneer lending institutions of Cache Valley. Along with the records of the banking firm were found documents and papers from several companies which the Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation had financially associated with. Among these were the American Falls Canal Company, the Topon Canal Company, and the West Cache Irrigation Company.

Processing Note :  

The West Cache papers were held in two black tin storage boxes measuring 17 x 40.5 x 30 cm. The second box was shared with material from the American Falls Canal Company. Typical of the methods of record storage at the turn of the century most of the papers and correspondence had been stored in legal sized brown envelopes some stuffed past the tearing point. Many of these envelopes had short notes written in pen concerning contents and dates. A portion of the papers had been rolled up tightly and fastened with rubber bands. These papers at time of discovery were still rolled up although many of the rubber bands had deteriorated leaving black streaks and residue on the paper. One of the tin boxes had suffered the introduction of water some years ago causing the documents near the bottom to rusts rot and mold.

The processing of these papers was begun by some of the students in professor A.J. Simmonds Archives Management class. They were able to remove most of the contents from the tin boxes and envelopes and do a preliminary breakdown of the materials. The task confronting me when I began was that of picking up where they left off. The only original order the collection had had at time of discovery was the segregation of materials in envelopes. Since the original order had been disturbed by the archives class, and since such an order, if maintained, would have limited patron accessibility to the materials, it was decided to separate all of the materials and either place them in like groups, as with deeds and stockholder meeting minutes, or by date as with the correspondence and cancelled checks.

Special care was taken to make sure the papers were clean and in good condition Tears were repaired with Archival Tape and papers suffering deterioration due to high acid content were treated using WEI TO, a de-acidifying agent. Documents with mold were brushed clean A few papers had rotted past the point that they could be salvaged. All papers have been placed in acid-free Folders and stored in acid-free Hollinger boxes.

Related Materials :  

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Detailed Description of the Collection

1 1 Articles of incorporation, two printed booklets and a written explanation of the word "limited" in the company name
4 items
1 2 Notices of Stockholder meetings
25 pieces
1900-1902, 1906 1933 incomplete
1 3 Minutes of Stockholder meeting
1 item
1898 December 17
1 4 Minutes and Notice of Stockholder meeting
3 items
1900 July 7
1 5 Minutes and Notice of Stockholder meeting
1 item
1900 July 23
1 6 Minutes and Notice of Stockholder meeting
1 item
1902 June 28
1 7 Minutes and Notice of Stockholder meeting
1 item
1906 June 30
1 8 Resolution from Stockholder meeting
1 item
1933 February 6
1 9 Proxy sheets, voting stubs
44 pieces
1900 July 7
1 10 Proxy sheets, voting stubs
15 pieces
1900 July 23
1 11 Proxy sheets, voting stubs
1902 June 28
1 12 Minutes resolutions and notice of Board of Directors meetings
3 pieces, 1 item
see also Box 4 Fd 2
1899, 1901
1 13 Resolution from Board of Directors meeting May 1, 1902 Board member absentee and approval papers
1902 May
1 14 Minutes, resolution and notes from Board of Directors meetings
7 pieces 7 items
1902-1933 incomplete
1 15 Stock certificate dated May 21 1900 Papers concerning stocks
1 16 $42,000 bond; copies of bond and agreement
4 items
1900 July 25
1 17 $42,000 bond: Attorney WW Maughans valuation of the bond
1 item
1900 July 25
1 18 $42,000 bond: Legality of the bond issue Dated
2 items
August 25, 1900, 1900 July 25
1 19 $42000 bond: Brochures advertising the bond issue with original letters used in the brochure
4 pieces 5 items
1900 July 25
1 20 Loan. Resolution, agreements, collateral
3 pieces
1901 February 15
1 21 $9,000 loan. Agreements, collateral, receipt of payment of loan
8 pieces
1901 August 1
1 22 $5000 Loan and agreement
1 item
1904 June 7
1 23 $25,000 loan mortgage
4 pieces, 2 items. Agreement, letters
1905 January 13
1 24 $25,000 loan. 2 items. Lien wavers
8 pieces
1905 January 13
1 26 $3,820 Loan. Mortgage and resolution
2 items
1911 January 21
1 27 Bond issue correspondence
4 pieces
1933 February 1
1 28 Proposal to refund a $50,000 bond issue
1 item
1935 February 1
1 29 Handwritten and typescript lists of bond holders and maturity dates of bonds
Also other papers concerning bond issues. 4 pieces, 5 items
1901-1903, 1933
1 30 $500.00 Gold bond certificate from the $42,000 bond issue
1 PIECE 1 item
1900 July 25
1 31 $1,000 gold bond certificates from the $95,000 bond issue
8 items
1906 July 13
1 32 $1,000 gold bond certificate from the February, 1929 $60,000 bond issue Certificate has been changed with pencil to become a model for the certificates representing the 1933 $50,000 loan from the Utah Mortgage Loan Co
Also in Folder- actual $1,000 gold bond certificate from the 1933 $50,000 bond issue. 2 pieces
2 Single bound volume containing stock certificates and numbered 3- 299
Certificate #2 can be found in Box , Folder 15.
1900 May
3 1 Papers concerning expenses incurred building the West Cache Canal
typescript and handwritten. 8 pieces, 1 item
1901-1903 and Undated
3 2 1913 Agreements and Assignments regarding the sale of capital stock from individuals to the West Cache Irrigation Company
33 pieces 12 items
The following individuals were involved: James A. Anderson, Robert Austin, B.Y. Benson, Peter E Benson, Ephraim Bergeson, P.P. Bingnam, C.A. Brown, C.D. Butler, Wm. Dopp, H.C. Hansen, John Hurtig, Thomas Marriott, Joseph Moser, Edward Peterson
3 3 1913 Agreements and Assignments, continued
George E. Pope, J.W Rawlins, Smith-Miles Farm, WH. Smith, A.J. Turner, Charles G Wood, Frank Wood. Also included are receipts 28 pieces 7 items
3 4 Correspondence- Illinois Trust and Savings Bank
6 pieces
3 5 Correspondence- Peoples Bank and Trust Company
12 pieces
3 6 Correspondence- Robert, Rew and Company
14 pieces, 6 items
3 7 Correspondence directly concerning the West Cache Irrigation Company finances
(see also Box 4)
3 8 Correspondence- letters written by Charles G Wood to the Utah Mortgage Loan Corporation
These letters must have originally accompanied cancelled checks of the West Cache Irrigation Company although they were not stored with them in the collections unprocessed order. (see also Box 4)
3 9 Correspondence- Washington Jenkins
Box 4, Folders 3,46, and 14.
3 10 Correspondence, general
23 pieces, 3 items
(see also Box 4)
3 11 Utah Warranty Deeds, alphabetically arranged "A to G"
23 pieces
3 12 Utah Warranty Deeds, alphabetically arranged "H to M"
21 pieces, 1 item
3 13 Utah Warranty Deeds, alphabetically arranged "N to W"
16 pieces
3 14 Utah "Special" Warranty Deeds
3 pieces
3 15 Idaho Warranty Deeds, arranged alphabetically pieces
1 item
3 16 Idaho Deeds (same as warranty deeds), arranged alphabetically
4 items
3 17 Assignments of Mortgage
3 pieces
3 18 Partial releases of mortgages and correspondence regarding the same
18 pieces
3 19 Idaho release of mortgage
1 piece
3 20 Original storage envelopes from collection having notations written on them about deeds, correspondence, and misc
9 pieces, 3 items
3 21 Abstracts of title and letter regarding same
1 piece
3 22 Listing of landowners in northwestern Cache Valley and the acres of grade "A", "B", and "C" land they owned
1 piece
circa 1920
4 1-24 Cancelled checks, nos. 1-240. incomplete
4 25 Bills to the West Cache Irrigation Company for goods
11 pieces
(See also Box 4, cancelled checks).
1901 February 25 - 1904 February 8
4 26 Bills to the West Cache Irrigation Company for labor in building the canal system
(see also Box 4, cancelled checks). 13 pieces.
4 27 Receipts
(see also Box 4 cancelled checks)
4 28 Receipts, checks)
22 pieces
(see also Box 4, cancelled
1901 January - March
4 29 Receipts, checks)
19 pieces
(see also Box 4, cancelled
1901 April - October
4 30 Receipts, incomplete. cancelled checks
26 pieces
(see also Box 4,
4 31 Bills of lading telegraph messages, Rocky Mountain Bell charges
(see also Box 3, fd. 6).
1900- 1903
4 32 Materials regarding West Cache financing worked through members of the Board of Directors
12 pieces
4 33 Correspondence and expense record concerning George Champ business trip
3 pieces
1900 June
5 1 Booklet produced by the Illinois Trust and Savings Bank as a guide in writing Deeds of Trust
1 item
5 2 A Deed of Trust between the David and Weber counties Canal Company and the Illinois Trust and Savings Bank Trust has been altered with pen to become a model for an agreement between said bank and the West Cache Irrigation Company to be dated
1 item
1900 July 25
5 3 Trust Deed in the amount of $42,000
5 items
1900 July 25
5 4 Trust Deed in the amount of $32000
1 item
1902 July
5 5 Trust Deed dated July 1, 1902. Has been re-worked with pencil to become a model for the Deed of Trust
1 item
1906 July 13
5 6 Trust Deed in the amount of $85,000
3 items
1906 July 13
5 7 Trust Deed in the amount of $120,000
2 items
1920 July 15
5 8 Trust Deed in the amount of $60,000
1 item
1929 February 4
5 9 Trust Deed in the amount of $50,000
3 items
1933 February 6
5 10 Trust Deed releases
2 pieces, 2 items
5 11 Oneida County recorder trust deed certification 1902 July 17
6 1 Envelopes which originally held many of the papers of the collection
8 pieces
6 2 Same as Folder 1
20 pieces
6 3 Newspaper clippings
2 pieces
6 4 Newspaper clippings
7 pieces
6 5 West Cache Irrigation Company stationary, unused
21 pieces
6 6 Contractors contract and an estimate of payment sheet both unused
2 pieces
6 7 Misc extra stuffs
6 8 Unused copies of Trust Deed
15 items
1906 July 13


    • Corporate Names :
    • Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation (Logan, Utah)  ( contributor)
    • Utah Mortgage and Loan Corporation--Records and correspondence.
    • Utah State University. Libraries. Special Collections and Archives.  ( contributor)
    • West Cache Irrigation Company (Utah)--Records and correspondence.
    • Subject Terms :
    • Irrigation canals and flumes--Cache Valley (Utah and Idaho)--History--Sources.

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