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Overview of the Collection

Title: University of Montana photographs by subject collection
Dates: 1895-1983 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 5.5 linear feet
Collection Number: RG 6
Summary: This collection contains a variety of photographs of events, people and locations at the University of Montana in Missoula.
Repository: University of Montana-Missoula
Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library
Archives and Special Collections

The University of Montana—Missoula
Missoula, MT 59812

Languages: Materials are inEnglish 

Historical Note

The University of Montana in Missoula was founded in 1893 and opened to students on September 11, 1895. Oscar J. Craig was the institution's first President and there were four additional faculty members. From 1895-1898 classes were held in the South Side school on South Sixth Street. The cornerstone for University (Main) Hall was laid in 1898, but Science Hall was the first building on campus to be completed.

Although a comprehensive history of UM has yet to be written, H. G. Merriam's book The University of Montana: A History is a published source for information about university history up to the 1960s.

Content Description

This is an artificial collection compiled around the subject of the University of Montana in Missoula. All of the images in this collection have something to do with University of Montana-related events, locations or individuals, and help to document over a century of campus history. Images come from a variety of sources. The majority of the images in this collection were placed in Archives & Special Collections prior to the 1980s. In many cases the original photographer and / or the provenance of an image is unknown.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Researchers must use this collection in accordance with the policies of Archives and Special Collections, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, and The University of Montana-Missoula.

Restrictions on Use :  

Researchers are responsible for u in accordance with 17 U.S.C. and any other applicable statutes. In most cases copyright was not specifically transferred to the University of Montana. However, many images are likely in the public domain and others were likely taken by University of Montana employees as works for hire. Contact Archives & Special Collections for additional information.

Preferred Citation :  

[Name of document or photograph number], University of Montana Photographs by Subject Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, The University of Montana-Missoula.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

This collection has been arranged alphabetically by subject except in the case of oversized materials, which are located in the final box of the collection. Folders can contain one or more images related to that subject.

Custodial History :  

In most cases the chain of custody of an image is unknown.

Acquisition Information :  

The majority of the images were given to the Archives prior to the 1980s. Some of the images may have been removed from manuscript collections or university records at the time of their donation or transfer to the Archives.

Future Additions :  

University-related images may be added to this collection in the future. Documentation about the acquisition of an image will be maintained.

Processing Note :  

This collection has been arranged alphabetically by subject, and then chronologically when feasible.

Related Materials :  

The Morton J. Elrod papers in Archives and Special Collections contain a large number of University of Montana images. Archives and Special Collections also holds collections of images by University Relations photographers and holds manuscript collections (such as the papers of an individual) that contain scrapbooks and photographs of university subjects and activities.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1/1 Alumni: Distinguished Alumni Awardees, 1974-1984 and undated
1/2 Aerial and General Views, 1910-1965 and undated
1/3 Aerial and General Views, 1904-1968 and undated
1/4 Aerial and General Views, 1902-1957 and undated
1/5 Aerial and General Views-Mounted, 1905-1957 and undated
1/6 Athletics: Baseball, 1905-1936 and undated
1/7 Athletics: Baseball-Mounted, 1905-1908 and undated
1/8 Athletics: Men's Basketball, undated
1/9 Athletics: Football, 1897-1924 and undated
10 OS/5 Athletics: Football, 1898-1903
1/10 Athletics: Football, 1898-1977 and undated
1/11 Athletics: Football-Boards, 1899-1927 and undated
1/12 Athletics: Football-Boards, 1899-1923 and undated
2/1 Athletics: Physical Ed. Class, 1922
2/2 Athletics: Skiing, undated
2/3 Athletics: Track and Field, 1908-1918 and undated
2/4 Athletics: Track and Field-Boards, 1913-1926 and undated
2/5 Athletics: Water Ballet, undated
2/6 Athletics: Women's Basketball, 1905-1915, 1971 and undated
2/7 Athletics: Women's Field Hockey, undated
2/8 Athletics: Women's Softball, undated
2/9 Athletics: Women's Tennis, undated
2/10 Buildings: Brantly Hall, 1922 and undated
2/11 Buildings: Brantly Hall-Boards, undated
2/12 Buildings: Business, undated
2/13 Buildings: Cook Hall, 1920-1962 and undated
2/14 Buildings: Carillon, 1927 and undated
2/15 Buildings: Craig Hall, 1905-1923 and undated
2/16 Buildings: Craig Hall-Boards, 1904
2/17 Buildings: Corbin Hall, 1926-1940 and undated
2/18 Buildings: Dornblaser Field, 1906 and undated
2/19 Buildings: Elrod Hall, 1922
2/20 Buildings: Field House, 1953-56 and undated
2/21 Buildings: Forestry, 1916-1939 and undated
2/22 Buildings: Forestry Nursery, undated
10 OS/5 Buildings: General, 1923
2/23 Buildings: Grizzly Pool, undated
2/24 Buildings: Heating Plant, 1922-1961 and undated
2/25 Buildings: Journalism, undated
2/26 Buildings: Jumbo Hall, 1961
3/1 Buildings: Knowles Hall, undated
3/2 Buildings: Liberal Arts, 1960-1964 and undated
10 OS/1 Buildings: Library, artist rendering of building not built, undated
3/3 Buildings: Library, 1905-1957 and undated
3/4 Buildings: Library-Boards, 1919-1920
3/5 Buildings: Lodge, 1956-1960 and undated
3/6 Buildings: Lubrecht Forest, undated
3/7 Buildings: The "M", Mt. Sentinel Block House, 1928-1958 and undated
3/8 Buildings: Main Hall, undated
3/9 Buildings: Main Hall-Boards, 1904-05 and undated
3/10 Buildings: Memorials, undated
3/11 Buildings: Miller Hall, undated
3/12 Buildings: Music, undated
3/13 Buildings: Natural Science, 1921-27 and undated
3/14 Buildings: Planetarium, 1955 and undated
3/15 Buildings: President's Home, 1913-1954 and undated
3/16 Buildings: Riding Arena, undated
3/17 Buildings: Schreiber Gymnasium, 1906-1961 and undated
4/1 Buildings: Schreiber Gymnasium-Boards, 1906 and undated
4/2 Buildings: Science Complex, undated
4/3 Buildings: Science Hall, 1900-1983 and undated
4/4 Buildings: Simpkins Hall, 1962
4/5 Buildings: South Hall, undated
4/6 Buildings: Student and Faculty Housing, 1922-1961 and undated
4/7 Buildings: Student and Faculty Housing, 1921-1956 and undated
4/8 Buildings: Student and Faculty Housing-Boards, 1908 and undated
4/9 Buildings: Student Union, 1934 and undated
4/10 Buildings: Turner Hall, undated
4/11 Buildings: Women's Center (McGill), 1955 and undated
4/12 Buildings: Women's Gymnasium, 1904-1965 and undated
4/13 Building: Women's Gymnasium-Boards, 1905
4/14 Buildings: Yellow Bay Bio Station, undated
4/15 Buildings: Yellow Bay Bio Station, 1921 and undated
10 OS/3 Campus: aerial views, 1970 and undated
4/16 Campus Visitors, undated
4/17 Chancellor, undated
4/18 Clubs/Orgs: ASUM, undated
4/19 Clubs/Orgs: Bear Paws, 1962 and undated
10 OS/5 Clubs/Orgs: Dormitory group, 1927-1928
4/20 Clubs/Orgs: Druids, 1928-1953
5/1 Clubs/Orgs: Engineers, undated
5/2 Clubs/Orgs: Fraternities and Sororities, 1906-1930 and undated
10 OS/5 Clubs/Orgs: Fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi), 1949
5/3 Clubs/Orgs: General, 1904-1922 and undated
5/4 Clubs/Orgs: General-Boards, 1920 and undated
5/5 Clubs/Orgs: Grizzly Riders, 1967
5/6 Clubs/Orgs: Jubileers, 1956
5/7 Clubs/Orgs: Kaimin, 1958 and undated
5/8 Clubs/Orgs: Kaimin-Boards, 1902
5/9 Clubs/Orgs: Masquer Theater, 1924-1962 and undated
5/10 Clubs/Orgs: Mortar Board, 1961
5/11 Clubs/Orgs: Order of the Grizzly, 1965 and undated
5/12 Clubs/Orgs: Phi Alpha Theta, 1961
5/13 Clubs/Orgs: Spurs, 1947-1961 and undated
5/14 Clubs/Orgs: SS Music, undated
5/15 Depts/Schools: Art, 1962-1963 and undated
5/16 Depts/Schools: Drama/Dance, undated
5/17 Depts/Schools: Education, undated
5/18 Depts/Schools: Fine Arts, 1924-1931 and undated
5/19 Depts/Schools: Forestry, 1948-1959 and undated
5/20 Depts/Schools: Geology, undated
5/21 Depts/Schools: Geology-Boards, 1905
5/22 Depts/Schools: Health Science, 1960-1964 and undated
5/23 Depts/Schools: Home Economics, undated
6/1 Depts/Schools: Journalism, 1918-1956 and undated
6/2 Depts/Schools: Law School, 1938-1963 and undated
6/3 Depts/Schools: Library, 1969-1983 and undated
6/4 Depts/Schools: Microbiology, 1964 and undated
6/5 Depts/Schools: Museum, undated
6/6 Depts/Schools: Music, 1907-1976 and undated
6/7 Depts/Schools: Music, 1920-1951 and undated
6/8 Depts/Schools: Music-Boards, 1908-1949 and undated
7/1 Depts/Schools: Nursery School, undated
7/2 Depts/Schools: Physical Therapy, undated
7/3 Depts/Schools: Physics, 1958-1964 and undated
7/4 Depts/Schools: Radio-TV, 1955-1962 and undated
7/5 Depts/Schools: Radio-TV-Boards, undated
7/6 Depts/Schools: Religious Studies, undated
7/7 Depts/Schools: ROTC, 1920 and undated
7/8 Depts/Schools: Sciences, 1907-1912 and undated
7/9 Depts/Schools: Sciences, undated
7/10 Depts/Schools: Yellow Bay Biological Station, 1903-1969 and undated
7/11 Events: Commencement, 1903-1956 and undated
7/12 Events: Forester's Ball, undated
7/13 Events: Homecoming, 1920-1963 and undated
10 OS/6 Events: Institute on Indian Affairs in Montana, 1954-1955
7/14 Events: Interscholastics, 1911-1965 and undated
7/15 Events: Interscholastics-Boards, 1906 and undated
8/1 Events: Law Weekend, 1957
8/2 Events: Library Conference, 1962
8/3 Events: Library Kegger, undated
8/4 Events: Matrix Table, 1960
8/5 Events: May Fête, 1917
8/6 Events: Frank Milbum Memorial Fund, 1963 and undated
8/7 Events: Orientation Week, 1960 and undated
8/8 Events: Registration, 1948-1960 and undated
8/9 Events: Reunion, 1981-1995 and undated
8/10 Events: Sch. Admin. Leadership, 1960 and undated
8/11 Events: Summer Session, 1934-1948 and undated
8/12 Faculty and Staff, 1909-1976 and undated
10 OS/5 Faculty and Staff, 1912
8/13 Faculty and Staff, 1929-1954 and undated
8/14 Faculty and Staff, 1906-1956 and undated
10 OS/2 Faculty, E. Earl Bennett pencil sketch, undated
8/15 Faculty and Staff-Boards, 1906 and undated
8/16 Presidents: Clapp, 1922-1935
8/17 Presidents: Craig, 1909 and undated
8/18 Presidents: Craighead, 1912
9/1 Presidents: Duniway, 1908
9/2 Presidents: Johns, 1963
9/3 Presidents: McCain, 1947
9/4 Presidents: McFarland, undated
9/5 Presidents: Melby, 1942-44
9/6 Presidents: Newburn, 1960 and undated
9/7 Presidents: Pantzer, 1959-1961 and undated
9/8 Presidents: Scheuch, undated
9/9 Presidents: Simmons, 1936
9/10 Presidents: Sisson, 1919
9/11 Students: Foreign Exchange, undated
9/12 Students: General, 1895-1942 and undated
9/13 Students: General, 1909-1952 and undated
9/14 Students: General, 1901-1919 and undated
9/15 Students: General-Boards, 1903-1938 and undated
9/16 Students: Rhodes Scholars, 1947-1970 and undated


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  • University of Montana--Missoula--Photographs
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  • Photographs

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