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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Kadderly, Wallace Ladue, 1892-
Title: Wallace L. Kadderly Papers
Dates: 1931-1963 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 5 cubic feet
Collection Number: Consult repository.
Summary: The Kadderly Papers consist of agriculture-related materials produced or collected by Kadderly during his work overseas as a farm broadcaster on the radio.
Repository: Oregon State University
University Archives

121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-2165

Languages: Materials in English and Spanish.   
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

Wallace Kadderly was born in Portland, Oregon, on July 7, 1892. After he received his degree in agriculture from Oregon Agricultural College in 1916, he began working for the Cooperative Extension Service as a county agent in Multnomah County, Oregon. In 1922 Kadderly was transferred to the central office at Corvallis, where he was in charge of information and exhibits. In 1926 he was appointed program director of KOAC, the college-owned radio station, advancing to manager in 1932. In 1933 Kadderly left KOAC to develop the Western Farm and Home Hour for the United States Department of Agriculture, serving as Radio Program Manager of the West Coast Division, headquartered at San Francisco. From 1937 until 1945 he was chief of radio service for the United States Department of Agriculture's office of information in Washington D.C. Kadderly returned to Oregon in 1945 and became the first farm director for radio station KGW in Portland.

In 1947 Kadderly began his foreign work. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation requested his services as an expert on radio farm broadcasting, and he spent several fact-finding months in Australia and New Zealand, on leave from KGW. From 1950 to 1955 he served as agricultural information specialist with the Economic Cooperation Administration (ECA) in Paris. This post-war period took him to European countries to observe the progress in recovery under the Marshall Plan. From 1955 to 1958, Kadderly did special contract work under the auspices of the International Cooperation Administration (ICA, successor to the ECA), in agricultural information methods in Japan, Taiwan, and numerous Latin American countries, where he was based in Costa Rica.

In 1958 Kadderly returned to Portland, Oregon and was employed by KUIK Radio in Hillsboro. In 1949, he served as President of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters (NAFB), an association affiliated with radio broadcasting. In July of 1963 Kadderly received the highest honor given by the American Association of Agricultural Editors, the Rueben Brigham Award, for outstanding contributions to agricultural communications. Kadderly was the first Northwest recipient of this honor.

Kadderly retired in 1969. He was married to the former Alice Cornwall, a 1919 Home Economics graduate of OAC. He later married Ada Jeanette Reed, OAC class of 1918 in Home Economics, who survived him, along with his stepson, Donald Mayne. Kadderly died in Bend on 9 October 1983.

Content Description

Series I consists of maps, pamphlets,photographs, radio programs on various agricultural subjects, handbooks, notes,and other correspondence from Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and South Wales. Series II contains photographs of agricultural events, agricultural booklets, and workshop reports from several European countries that were part of the recovery program included in the Marshall Plan after World War II. Series III contains books, pamphlets and photographs of agriculture in Japan. Series IV consists of pamphlets relating to agriculture, a map, and two sets of slides about farming in Taiwan, Republic of China. Series V contains final reports of Kadderly's Costa Rica assignment, field trip reports from each country he visited, correspondence, workshop materials, photographs, seminar information on thirteen South American countries, information on Brazilian history and pamphlets published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, both in Spanish and English. Some of the pamphlets were published in Costa Rica. Of special interest are the personal comments Kadderly noted on some of the reports.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Wallace L. Kadderly Papers, Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The collection is divided into five series, divided by the regions of the world in which Kadderly worked.

Related Materials :  

The Memorabilia Collection (MC) File of Wallace Kadderly contains news clippings dated 1933 announcing his departure from KOAC. The KOAC records (RG 15) contain annual reports and other materials that Kadderly authored. The Extension and Agricultural Experiment Station Communications Photograph Collection (P 120) contains numerous photographs of Kadderly and others taken by him. Other photographs of Kadderly are located in the Extension Service Photograph Collection (P 62) and in Harriet's Collection (#269).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  1947 Australian Area Agricultural Tour Records, 1931-1952
1 Travelogues, itineraries, 1947
1 Poems, " Austeritalia" and other poems, by Thomas Johnson, 1945
Charters of fictitious clubs, presented to Kadderly in fun by Thomas Johnson, 1931-1937:
1 Citizens of Empire
1 The Early Morning Club Un-Ltd
1 The League of Lovely Australia
Maps and tourist informational brochures, Victoria, 1938-1946
1 Apollo Bay
1 Beechworth
1 Bendigo the Golden City
1 The Botanic Gardens
1 Castlemaine and Vaugan Springs
1 Geelong
1 Gippsland Lakes
1 Travel in Gippsland
1 The Grampians
1 Melbourne's Parks and Gardens
1 Mildura
1 Toora for the Tourist
1 Warburton and the Upper Yarra Valley
1 Travel in Victoria Australia
1 Interesting Facts about Victoria
1 Pamphlets, 1941-1947
1 Adelaide, South Australia
1 Australia's Future
1 A Look at Australia
1 Australia Makes
1 Australia and You
1 Australia Official Handbook
1 Australian Rural Industries
1 Brisbane Illustrated
1 Melbourne Up To-Date
1 South West Pacific Annual
1 The Journal of the Dept. of Agriculture of South Australia
1 The Visitor's Guide
1 Speeches, geographic notes, news releases, news clippings about Victoria, Australia, 1947
1 Sunday Telegraph, newspaper in Sydney, Australia, horse racing information, 6 April, 1947
Radio Program scripts from Australia and after his return
1 Mr. Kadderly's Visit to Australia, 1947
1 Guest of Honour Session by W. Kadderly, 3/30/1947
1 Agriculture in Other Lands - Oregon, 4/10/1947
1 Country Hour, 4/14/1947
1 Poultry Raising in the State of Victoria, 4/17/47
1 A Visit to the Farm Owned by Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works, 4/16/1947
1 National Farm and Home Hour, 6/21/1947
1 George Moorad's Program, 7/4/1947
1 Kadderly's Trip to Australia, 10/28/1947
Map Case
* Oceania and Australia, " New War Map..." , ca. 1942
* Theater of War in the Pacific Ocean, Victoria, Australia, February 1942
2 Royal Agricultural Society's Show, including state winners in National Jr. Farmer competition, Australia, 1947
New Zealand
Agricultural pamphlets, 1946-1947
1 Canterbury Agricultural College
1 Farming in New Zealand
1 Primary Production in New Zealand
1 Productive New Zealand
1 The Empire's Dairy Farm
1 Tourist booklets, 1945-1946, undated
1 Automobile Association Handbook, two editions
1 View of the Hot Lake District Rotorua
1 Speech notes, speeches, poem, brief reports, 1947
Map Case
* North Island, undated
Sheet 1, North Auckland; Sheet 2, Auckland - Taranaki; Sheet 3, East Coast; Sheet 4, Automobile Association Motor Touring Maps.
* South Island: Automobile Association Motor Touring Map, undated
* " A New & Delectable Map of New Zealand..." , undated
* U.S. Army Map, 1942
Tasmania, pamphlets, 1946
1 D'Entrecasteaux Channel
1 Production Statistics, 1944-45
1 Power-The Hydro-Electric Commission
1 Tasmania's East Coast
1 Tasmania-Gem of the South
1 Tasmania-Holiday Island
Map Case
* Map, New South Wales, Department of Conservation, plan showing Water Conservation & Irrigation Works, State Forests, Forest Reserves & Soil Conservation Centres, 1946
2 Photographs, views of livestock, fields, crops, trees, farm workers, farms, Hunter and Clarence Rivers, with identification sheet, 1947
92 photos

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Series II:  Agricultural Information Assignment in Europe Records, 1947-1960
1 Job description for Wallace L. Kadderly, Agricultural Information Specialist, Marshall Plan, based in Paris, France, 1950-1955
1 Mission statements, memos, personnel correspondence, 1949-1953
1 Agricultural Information Program, reports, correspondence, lists of films, notes, 1950
1 Himebaugh-Webster Report, ECA Agricultural Information, 1950
1 European Productivity Agency reports from Austria, Western Europe, France, The Netherlands, England & Wales, United States (University of Missouri), Germany, 1953-1955
1 Agricultural Information field trip reports from Ireland, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Portugal, 1950-1955
1 Participants' reports on European Agricultural Seminar Trip to Germany, Italy, France and Austria, written by American agricultural information personnel from farm publications, 1950
1 Home Economics in Europe, separate reports for Norway, Italy, The Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Turkey, Greece, and Germany; summary report for 10 European countries, by Dr. Katherine Holtzclaw, 1950-1953
1 Home Economics Extension Reports in Europe, by Mena Hogan, 1951
1 List of Agricultural bulletins sent to each ECA country, 1950
Lists of agricultural films used in European Cooperation
1 Administration-Mutual Security Administration-Foreign Operations
1 Administration (ECA-MSA-FOA) Program, 1950-1954
Food and Agriculture Technology Information Service (FATIS)
1 Resolutions, reports, conferences, 1953-1957
1 Memorandum, brochure, correspondence, 1953
3 The FATIS Review, publication of European Productivity Agency, seventeen issues, 1954-1957
2 Photographs, " Meeting of FATIS Liaison Officers OEEC" , March 1954
48 photos
2 Slides, Grassland in Europe, with script, ca. 1950
444 color slides, 2 sets
2 Film strips, " Better Grassland, The Key to Better Farming" , Europe, ca. 1950
6 film strips
Books and other publications
3 The Production and Marketing of Eggs and Poultry, 1954
3 The Mechanisation of Small Farms, 1954
3 The Use of Radio in Farm Advisory Work and Farmer Education, 1954
3 The Effective Use of Modern Pesticides and Herbicides, 1954
3 The Control of Poultry Diseases, 1953
3 Production and Marketing of High Quality Milk, 1954
3 Grassland Management - including the Establishment of Pastures and the Conservation of Grass, 1954
3 The Preparation and Implementation of Special Farm Productivity Campaigns, 1954
3 Conference Report on Extension Experiences Around the World, 1949
3 Farm Planning and Budgeting Services in Farm Management Advisory Work, 1954
3 Agricultural Advisory Services in European Countries, 1950
3 The Written Word in Agricultural Advisory Work, 1956
3 The Control of Livestock Diseases in European Countries, 1952
3 Development of the Agricultural Advisory Services in Europe since1950, 1954
3 European Productivity Agency 1954-1955, 1954
3 Organisation for European Economic Co-operation, 1954
3 The Ohio Farmer, publication containing reports on Agricultural Information trip to Austria and Italy, 1952
Information by Country
3 Itinerary for Visit of the American ECA Commission to Bavaria, includes maps, photographs and other visitor information, 1952
3 Workshop, " Preparing Radio Programs" , Austria, examples, suggestions, reports, 1952
3 Agricultural information, 4-H brochures, news article, Austria, 1952-1953
3 Farm photographs in album, Austria, ca. 1950
3 U.S. Information Services in Austria, tourist brochures, ca. 1950
4 " Baby Chicks in Austria" , 200,000 baby chicks flown to Hoesching, Austria from United States, May 1952 (8 photos)
4 " Extension Training Workshop in Austria" , 1953
5 photos
4 " Farm Broadcasters and Journalists in Austria" , group touring and natives welcoming them, 1952)
61 photos
4 Workshop photographs taken by Dr. Ernest Nesius, Austria, 1952
11 photos
Sound Recordings
5 4-H Club Work in Austria, two radio broadcasts, no script; first one- " The Baby Chick Project" ; second one - general story about Ivan Yankoff and Rosa Rumpfhuber on the Rumpfhuber farm near Wels (?), ca. 1952
2 phonograph records
5 4-H Interviews from Vienna, three radio broadcasts with script, ca. 1952
3 phonograph records
3 Luxembourg & Belgium, agricultural information, 1951
3 Britain, agricultural information, brochures, monograph, 1949-1950
3 Denmark, agricultural information, letters, brochures, 4-H information, 1947-1951
3 Farm Press visit, agricultural information used, 1952
3 European Visual Aids Workshop, Paris, 1953:
3 Report, summary of workshop ideas
4 Photographs, Participants and activities
3 Agricultural information, North Rhine/Westphalia, (West Germany), 1952
3 Summary of the Food and Agriculture Situation, Federal Republic of Germany, tour information, 1952
3 Itineraries and Briefings - trip to Rhineland by Secretary of Agriculture Brennan, 1951
3 Agricultural information, brochures, monographs, West Germany, 1951-1960
3 Information Bulletin, monthly magazine for the Office of US High Commissioner for Germany, eight issues, 1951-1952
4 Photographs, ECA assignment to Germany by Mr. Franke, photographs, 1950
37 photos
4 Greece
4 " Extension Conference in Greece" , 1951
3 photos
4 " Forage or Grassland" , slide series with identification sheet, by D.R. Dodd, 1953
63 slides
3 Agricultural information, brochures, monographs, 1950-1953
3 Holland (The Netherlands): agricultural information, monographs, brochures, 1948-1954
3 Ireland: agricultural information, brochures, 1950-1954
6 Agricultural information, brochures, monographs, 1950-1952
6 " Casa Per Il Mezzogiorno Program" , restoration program for Italy, 1950-1952
6 " Reclamation under the Marshall Plan in Italy" , monograph, with maps, 1950-1951
6 Itinerary for U.S. Farm & Press Representatives, 1952
6 Press briefing, 1952
Map Case
* Maps, ca. 1950
6 Norway: agricultural information, monograph, brochures, 1950-1952
6 Portugal: background information, identification of photograph (no photograph), ca. 1950
6 Book of agricultural information, Lapland and the Lapps, 1953
6 Report, " Use of Agricultural Press" , workshop at Sanga-Saby, sponsored by Organization for European Economic Cooperation (OEEC), includes description of Swedish farms and Swedish Ag. Press and Ag. Press in neighboring countries, 1954
4 Photographs, " Use of Farm Press" , workshop at Sanga-Saby, Sweden, 1954
10 photos
5 Sound Recording, Agricultural Report in Turkey, by Dick Driscoll, February 1951
6 Radio programs, transcriptions sent back to Nebraska, 1950
6 Historical facts about Turkey, 1950

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Series III:  Japanese Agricultural Tour Records, 1957-1959
6 Agriculture in Japan, Japan FAE Association, 1958
6 Agriculture in Japan, Japan 4-H Association, 1959
6 An Introduction to Agriculture of Japan, Seiichi Tobata, 1958
6 A Portrait of Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, 1957
6 Far East Agricultural Extension and Information Workshop, Ching Hua Press, Co. Ltd., 1959
6 Japan's Agriculture and Forestry White Paper, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 1957
6 Japan Farm Machinery, Japan Farm Machinery Manufacturers Association, 1958
6 Statistical Abstracts of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 1958
6 The Economy of Hokkaido
6 Erosion Control
6 Forest Research
6 Guide Book for Productivity Drive
6 Guide Book for Visiting Places
6 Far East Rural Youth Conference, 1957
6 Guide Book for Delegates, The Second Far East Rural Youth Workshop, 1957
6 Industry of Shizuoka, 1958
6 Japan Broadcasting Corporation - Nippon Hoso Kyokai (NHK), 1957
7 The Raw Silk Industry of Japan, ca. 1957
7 The Raw Silk Industry of Japan, by The Japan Silk Association, Tokyo, 1953
Agricultural Development Series, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Productivity Conference
7 #1 Agricultural Extension Work in Japan
7 #2 Land Reform in Japan
7 #3 Land Development and Improvement Projects in Japan
7 #5 Agricultural Credit System in Japan
7 #6 Agricultural Cooperative Associations in Japan
7 #7 Staple Food Control in Japan
7 #8 Agriculture and Forestry Budget in Japan
7 #9 Agricultural Administration in Japan after the War
7 #10 Agricultural Machinery and Implements in Japan
7 #11 Growing Rice in Japan
7 #12 Land Utilization in Japan
7 #13 Farm Household Economy Survey in Japan
7 #14 Marketing of Agricultural Products in Japan
7 #15 Statistical Surveys on Agriculture in Japan
7 ICA Assignment report on Japan by Kadderly, 1959
7 Information Activities report, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 1959
7 Radio talks recorded in Japan, 1959
7 The Second Far East Seed Improvement Workshop, Guide Book for Delegates, 1958
4 Photographs, delegates and participants, with identification sheets, 1958
8 photos

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Series IV:  Agricultural Information About Taiwan, Republic of China, 1956-1959
7 Farm Extension in Free China
7 Land Reform in Taiwan
7 Land-to-the-Tiller
7 Report on the Accomplishments of Agricultural Extension Education Work in Taiwan During 1958
7 Selected Statistics of Rural Taiwan
7 A Decade of Rural Progress
7 Agricultural Communications in the Republic of China
Map Case
* Map of Taiwan, August 1956
4 " Information Activities in Free China" , slide series about Taiwan with script, ca. 1958
28 slides
4 " The Blessed Land" , slide set about farming in Taiwan, slide series with script, ca. 1958
57 slides

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Series V:  Latin American Assignments Records, 1940-1963
7 Brazil - pamphlets showing history, geography and resources of the area, 1955-1957
7 Field trip reports, British Guiana, Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, 1955-1958
7 Extension Information Seminar, Peru, guidebooks, 1957
7 USDA and Extension Service resource pamphlets, 1940-1958
Oregon Extension Service training resources
7 " The Oregon Extension Service and Program Planning" , 1951
Resources written by Kadderly
7 " Methods for Studying Readability and Farmer Reaction" , 1954
7 " An Outline for Training Extension Workers in Preparation and Use of Visual Aids" , 1959
7 Constitution and By laws of Central American Association of Agriculture Information, 1957
7 Extension Training materials, in Spanish, 1957-1963
7 Reports, Agricultural case studies, used as training resources, 1954
Costa Rica
7 Contract with U.S. Missions, 1946
7 News article from Prairie Farmer regarding Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences, 1956
7 Final reports from Costa Rica assignment, 1956-1957
7 Extension en las Americas, publication of Extension work from Costa Rica, 12 issues in Spanish with English translations inserted, 1956-1962
7 " Workshop for Agricultural Press and Radio" , discussions, conclusions, and documents, 1956
8 Oversize photographs, " Farm Press-Radio Workshop" , Turrialba, participants including Wallace Kadderly, March 1956
apx 12x17 in.
2 photos
4 " Visual Aids Training by Enrique Sanchez, El Salvador" , February 13-20, 1957
5 photos
4 Inter-American Institute of Agricultural Sciences building, Turrialba, 1956
one photo
4 " General American Extension Information Seminar" , participants in seminar, 1957
22 photos

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