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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Allred, B. W. (Berten Wendell), 1904-
Title: Berten Wendell Allred
Dates: 1880-1974 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 9 boxes (4 linear feet)
Collection Number: USU_COLL MSS 118
Summary: Correspondence, personal writings, reports, and reprints covering Allred's professional life and interests. The bulk of the material covers the topics of cattle, cattle trails, western livestock raising and western historical topics. The collection contains several items relating to Utah history, especially to San Juan County
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Material in English 

Biographical Note

Berten Wendell Allred was a soil conservationist, a rancher and a historian and his papers reflect these interests. As a young man he worked and lived as a cowboy in Southern Utah. He later became a soil scientist and began to work for the federal government. Eventually he ended up in Washington, D. C. It was here, in the nation's capital, that he became more academically oriented towards western history. He became active in the Westerners and together with Jeff Dykes and Fred Renner formed the Buckaroos. The purpose of this group was to review western Americana books for Westerners' publications.

Content Description

The collection has been divided into there main series--personal material, professional and consultant work and western history subject files and reprints.

Allred's personal files are comprised of correspondence, biographical material, and his own essays and articles. The correspondence has been processed alphabetically by correspondent. Worthy of note are the correspondence files relating to western artist and author, Ross Santee. Allred and Santee were friends and upon Santee's death, Allred began to work on a biography of the late author. While involved in this project, Allred wrote to, and received letters from, Santee's friends and relatives concerning the author. This material is found in Santee correspondence files. Included in this material are two letters from Santee to Allred that are illustrated with water colors.

In addition to the correspondence and biographical files are a series of articles and essays written by Allred. These articles reflect his interests in cattle breeds, rangeland, cattle trails, Mormons, outlaws and general western history topics. Several of his essays relate his experiences while a young man "punchin cows" in southern Utah.

The collection contains a small amount of Allred's professional work. After he retired in the late 1960s he continued to do range work. Pertinent to this area are his notes and the federal reports on a study done on the Bear River Basin Drainage system. Also in the section are reports from work that Allred did in Argentina, Saudi Arabia and Mali.

Finally, the collection houses subject files and a series of reprints relating to western history topics. These articles have been arranged alphabetically by author.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Use :  

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

Permission to publish material from the Berten Wendell Allred Papers must be obtained from the Special Collections Manuscript Curator and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

Preferred Citation :  

Initial Citation: Berten Wendell Allred Papers USU_COLL MSS 118, Box [ ]. Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_COLL MSS 118, USUSCA.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into three series -- I. Personal, II. Professional, III. Western history subject files and reprints.

Processing Note :  

Processed in May of 2006

Acquisition Information :  

Acquisition information is unknown.

Separated Materials :  

Photographs have been removed from the collection and can be found in the Historical A-Board Photograph Collection

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Personal
Personal materials - Correspondence, Biographical Material and Personal Writings
1 1 Incoming Correspondence
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, A-L
1 2 Incoming Correspondence
Arranged alphabetically by correspondent, M-Z
1 3 Outgoing Correspondence Undated
1 4 Correspondence with J. Evetts Haley Undated
1 5 Correspondence with Louis P. Merrill Undated
1 6-11 Correspondence with and about, Ross Santee Undated
1 12-13 Biographical Material Undated
1 14 Jeff Dykes' appraisal of Allred's book and art collection Undated
1 15 Book catalogues offered by Allred Undated
1 16 "A Personal History
Folders 16-29 are articles and essays written by Allred that cover the topics of cattle breeds and rangeland issues.
1 17 "The Beefmaster Breed" Undated
1 18 "Brahman or Zebu" Undated
1 19-20 Chapters on various cattle breeds Undated
1 21 "Charbray" Undated
1 22 "Herefords" Undated
1 23 "Perfection Breeding and Feeding a Spring Valley Hereford Farms" Undated
1 24 "Conservation of Argentina's Natural Pasture" Undated
1 25 "Fat Cows and Good Grass or Lean Cows and Gullies" Undated
1 26 "How to Develop G.P. Conservation Program Contracts Where Either Public Lands or Unsecured Leased Lands are Used by a Producer" Undated
1 27 "The Place of Grazing Lands In the World Economy" Undated
1 28 "Utah Natural Resources - Wildlife" Undated
1 29 "Utah Ranges are a Vast Multiple Purpose Renewable Resource Little Understood." Undated
Essays and articles written by Allred
Covers topics of cattle trails and general western history
2 1 "American Cattle Trails" Undated
2 2 "The Chisholm Trail" Undated
2 3 "Colonial Seaboard Cattle Trails" Undated
2 4 "Colonial Settlement and Cattle Origins" Undated
2 5 "First Texas Longhorn Beefsteaks in New York, 1854" Undated
2 6 "A Stand Up Shoot-Out" Undated
2 7 "Broomtails" Undated
2 8 "Chasing Mavericks in the Cedars" Undated
2 9 "Cowboy Miser" Undated
2 10 "The Cross H Ranch" Undated
2 11 "Danites - The Mormons' Secret Service. Porter Rockwell, Bill Hickman, John D. Lee" Undated
2 12 "Environmental Quality" Undated
2 13 "Erosion On the Chisholm Trail" Undated
2 14 "The First Western Rendezvous" Undated
2 15 "Flat Top Ranch" Undated
2 16 "History Grazing on Tonto National Forests as told to Allred by Rangers Fred W. Croxen and Joe H. Hand"" Undated
2 17 "History of the American Cowboy and Cattle Ranching"
(Handwritten manuscript)
2 18 "Horse Thief Trail" Undated
2 19 "I Cut My Teeth on a Saddlehorn" Undated
2 20 "Injun Medicine" Undated
2 21 "The Life of a Horse and Buggy Stageline Operator" Undated
2 22 "Nick Wilson Story, Granstville, Utah" Undated
2 23 "Joseph Nimmo's Scarce Report of the Early Range Cattle Trade" Undated
2 24 Joseph Nimo, Jr. correspondence and notes to an introduction about Nimmo Undated
2 25 "Mercur" Undated
2 26 "The Pleasant Valley Feud" Undated
2 27 "Punchin Cows" Undated
2 28 Sheepherders Song Undated
2 29 "To Zion in a Handcart" Undated
2 30 "The Green: Rendezvous River" Undated
2 31 "Rivers that Feed America's Dead Sea Undated
2 32 "The Sacramento: Nile of the West" Undated
2 33 "The Utah War - 1857-1858 or Buchanan's Blunder" Undated
2 34 "West Desert" Undated
Articles and essays written by Allred
3 1 "Rivers that Feed Old Lake Bonneville" Undated
3 2-3 "Miscellaneous Essays by Allred" Undated
3 4 Biographical Sketches - Jeff Dykes, John Ross Browne, Tom Horn, Oury Brothers, Burton Mossman, William Wolfskill, and Mary Hunter Austin Undated
3 5-9 Notes Undated
3 10 Articles by Allred in the Sheep and Goat Raiser magazine Undated
3 11 Notes from Saudi Arabian work. Undated
3 12-13 Oral interview of Allred conducted by Charles Peterson Undated
3 14-16 "Grand and San Juan County Reminiscences About William Eugene Gordon,"
The remainder of the box contains six spiral notebooks with notes about various topics that were of interest to Allred.
1973 May 18

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Series II:  Professional
Consultant work conducted by Allred
4 1 Bear River Basin Inventory and Assessment of the Biotic Resources.
Utah Division of Water Resources
4 1 "Land Quality of the Croplands, Rangelands and Commercial Forest Areas of the Bear River Basin"
Utah Division of Water Resources
4 2-8 Bear River Basin project notes, etc. Undated
4 9-16 Consultant Work Undated
5 Reports from the Bear River Basin Project
(2 books)
6 Materials from Allred's work in Saudi Arabia, Argentina and Africa Undated
6 1-3 Correspondence regarding work in Mali Undated
6 4-8 Reports from Mali Undated
6 9 Notes on African work Undated
6 10-18 Material from work in Argentina Undated
LaSal National Forest History and excerpts from the Grand Valley Times Undated

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Series III:  Western History Subject Files and Reprints
Subject Files
8 1 American Cattleman's Association Undated
8 2 America's Cattle Trails - Map Undated
8 3 Camp Floyd Undated
8 4 Dobie, J. Frank Undated
8 5 Map of Moab area Undated
8 6 Old Trail Drivers Association of Texas Undated
8 7 Predator problems in Utah - Articles about Undated
8 8 Redd Ranch - Clippings about Undated
8 9-12 Swan Cattle and Land Company Undated
8 13-16 Photographs of maps and trails in American history Undated
8 17 U.S.D.A. Undated
8 18 Utah Cattle History - Clippings about Undated
8 19 Utah Cattlemen's Association Undated
8 20 Utah Historic Trail Maps Undated
8 21 Utah War Undated
8 22 The Westerners - miscellaneous publications Undated
8 23 The Westerners - San Diego Corral publications Undated
8 24 The Westerners - Potomac Corral publications Undated
8 25 The Westerners - Tucson Corral publications Undated
8 26 Wyoming Hereford Ranch Undated
9 1-3 Articles about the western range appearing in the American Cattle producer Undated
9 4 "B" Undated
Item: 1: Bell, James G.
"A Log of the Texas-California Cattle Trail, 1854." Southwestern Historical Quarterly.(3 parts)
9 5 Reprints "B"
Item: 1: Bishko, Charles Julian
"The Peninsular Background of Latin American Cattle Ranching" The Hispanic American Historical Review
Item: 2: Bogue, Allan
The Progress of the Cattle Industry in Ontario During the Eighteen Eighties". Reprinted from Agricultural History 21: 163-168
1947 July
Item: 3: Bonner, James G.
"The Open Range Livestock Industry in Colonial Georgia" Reprinted from the Georgia Review. 27: 85-92
1963 Spring
Item: 4: Burnett, Edmund Cody
"The Hog Drivers' Play-Song and Some of its Relatives." Reprinted from Agricultural History. 23: 161-168
1963 July
9 6 Reprints "D"
Item: 1: Dobie, J. Frank
"Tom Candy Pontin's Drive of Texas Cattle to Illinois." The Cattleman
1949 January
Item: 2: Duffield, George C.
"Driving Cattle from Texas to Iowa, 1866Annals of Iowa.
1924 April
Item: 3: Dykes, J. C.
"A Range of Man's Library"
9 7 Reprints "F"
Item: 1: Freeman, J. D.
"The Gila River: South West Trail"
Item: 2: Friis, Herman R.
"The Humboldt: Life Line Through the Desert."
Item: 3: Fussell, G. E.
"The Size of English Cattle in the Eighteenth Century"
9 8 Reprints "H"
Item: 1: Hammond, George P.
"Onate's Effort to Gain Political Autonomy for New Mexico" The Hispanic American Historical Review
Item: 2: Harger C. M.
"Cattle Trails of the Prairies" Scribner's Magazine
1982 June
Item: 3: Haines, Francis
"Where Did the Plains Indians Get Their Horses?" American Anthropologist
Item: 4: (Blank Author)
"The Northward Spread of Horses Among the Plains Indians" American Anthropologist
9 9 Item: 1: Reprints "H"Holden, W. C.
"The Problem of Hands on Spur Ranch" Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Item: 2: Hutcheson, Virginia Sue
"Cattle Drives in Missouri" Missouri Historical Review
9 10 Reprints "L-N"
Item: 1: Lasley, John F.
Results and Progress of Beef Cattle Heterosis Project. North Missouri Research Center.
Item: 2: Lawrence, Eleanor
"Horse Thieves on the Spanish Trail." Touring Topics.
1931 March
Item: 3: Lemmer, George F.
"The Spread of Improved Cattle Through the Eastern United States to 1850." Reprinted from Agricultural History. 21: 79-93
Item: 4: Morrisey, Richard J.
"The Northward Expansion of Cattle Ranching in New Spain, 1550-1600." Reprinted from Agricultural History. 25: 115-121
1951 July
9 11 Reprints "O"
O'Neil, Floyd A. and Gregory C. Thompson
"The Dominguez-Excalante Trail From Montrose, Colorado to the Head of East Fork Douglas Creek, August 27-September 7, 1776"
9 12 Reprints "P-R"
Item: 1: Palmer, William I.
"the Colorado: Barrier to Western Progress"
Item: 2: Redd, Charles E.
"Short Cut to the San Juan"
Item: 3: Rhoad, A. O. and J. Kleberg, Jr.
"The Development of a Superior Family in the Modern Quarter Horse." The Journal of Herdity. 37: 227-238
Item: 4: Rusho, W. L.
"Prehistory and History of the Green River Basin, Wyoming." Utah Westerners
1974 July
9 13 Reprints "S"
Item: 1: Smither, Harried, ed.
"Diary of Adolphus Sterne." Southwestern Historical Quarterly
Item: 2: Streeter, Floyd Benjamin
"The National Cattle Trail"
9 14 "V-Z"
Item: 1: Vallandigham, E.M.
"What is the Mason Dixon Line?"
Item: 2: Weaver, J.E. and F.W. Albertson
"Resurvey of Grasses, Forbs, and Underground Plant Parts at the End of the Great Drought." Ecological Monographs v.13, no.1
Item: 3: Wentworth, Edward N.
"The Patterning of Meat"
Item: 4: (Blank Author)
Hereford Personalities in the Saddle and Sirloin Club
Item: 5: Williams-Humiston, Belle
"Reminiscences of my Father and Mother."
Item: 6: Wilson, Adam
"Hunting Texas Wild Boar." The Cattleman
Item: 7: Woodward, Carl R.
"Agricultural Legislation in Colonial New Jersey"
Item: 8: Zeichner, Oscar
"The Transition from Slave to Free Agricultural Labor in the Southern United States"

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    • Personal Names :
    • Dobie, J. Frank(James Frank), 1888-1964
    • Dykes, Jeff, 1900-
    • Gordon, William Eugene.
    • Haley, J. Evetts.
    • Merrill, Louis P.
    • Nimmo, Joseph, 1837-1909
    • Redd, Charles A., 1954-
    • Santee, Ross, 1889-1965
    • Corporate Names :
    • Swan Land and Cattle Company
    • Wyoming Hereford Ranch
    • Subject Terms :
    • Cattle breeds
    • Cattle trails--West (U.S.)
    • Conservation of natural resources
    • Ranch life--Texas.
    • Ranch life--Utah.
    • Range ecology
    • Rangelands--Arizona--History.
    • Rangelands--Revegetation
    • Trails--West (U.S.)
    • Geographical Names :
    • Bear River (Utah-Idaho)
    • Colorado River (Colo.-Mexico)
    • Dominquez-Escalante Trail.
    • Green River (Wyo.-Utah)
    • La Sal Mountains (Utah)
    • Tonto National Forest (Ariz.)--History.

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