Guide to the Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records and George W. Loggie Papers

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Whatcom Falls Mill Company; Loggie, George W.
Title: Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records, George W. Loggie Papers
Dates: 1886-1978 ( inclusive )
1895-1940 ( bulk )
Quantity: 9 linear ft.
Collection Number: XOE_CPNWS0009wfallsmill
Summary: The collection contains administrative, financial and operational records, maps and drawings and photographs documenting the business interests of the Whatcom Falls Mill company and also information relating to other regional lumber mills. Personal papers and photographs further document the business and other interests of the George W. Loggie family.
Repository: Western Washington University, Heritage Resources
Contact Information: Center for Pacific Northwest Studies
Goltz-Murray Building
808 25th St
Bellingham, WA
Telephone: 360-650-7747
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for preparing this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Historical Publications and Records Commission. Funding for encoding the finding aid was awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

Whatcom Falls Mill Company was located on Bellingham Bay, in the northwestern corner of Washington State. The mill, located on Whatcom Creek in Bellingham, was originally the Washington Colony Mill, positioned on a site established by Henry Roeder and J.E. Peabody in 1853. In 1895, George W. Loggie, along with his brother James A. Loggie, rented the Washington Colony Mill, creating the Whatcom Falls Mill Company.

George W. Loggie and Samuel J. Knight filed papers for incorporation of Whatcom Falls Mill Company 28 October 1895. The mill specialized in Western Red Cedar and manufactured a variety of products including bevel siding, sash and doors, and lumber. A new plant, built in 1903 at the bottom of “G” Street, eventually produced only red cedar lumber and shingles. The company shipped its product all over the world by rail and water.

Loggie formed a partnership with Pat McCoy of Seattle, who had large timber holdings in the Kulshan district. The McCoy-Loggie Timber Company, formed in 1910, had McCoy as its President with Loggie as Secretary and Treasurer. The McCoy-Loggie Timber Company supplied the Whatcom Falls Mill with lumber until the Timber Company dissolved in 1926.

The management of the mill was largely a family affair. G.W. Loggie was President until his death in 1922. Upon his death, Loggie’s brother, James, assumed the roll until 1933. D.H. Lowery, son-in-law of George, became President in 1933, serving until the company filed dissolution papers on June 22, 1940.

George W. Loggie was born 22 June 1851 near Loggieville, New Brunswick, Canada. In 1879, he came out west and began an extensive career in the logging business, working at mills along the Puget Sound as well as in Oregon. Oregon mills were located in cities such as Portland and Coos Bay, where he spent time as general manager for the large Southern Oregon Company. Washington mills include the Puget Sound Mill Company at Utsaladdy and Port Gamble. Loggie eventually became superintendent of the Utsaladdy plant. He also worked in Seattle, and established mills in Snohomish and Port Angeles in 1893.

Content Description

The Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records and George W. Loggie Papers span the years 1886 to 1978, with the bulk of the material dated 1895-1940. The collection primarily documents the story of Whatcom Falls Mill Company. The remaining papers focus on Loggie's personal life. Little is known as to how the collection arrived at the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies; however, it is clearly a compilation of records from many facets of Loggie’s life. Few of the personal papers are truly family oriented, and focus instead, on Loggie’s other business interests prior to the creation of Whatcom Falls Mill Company.

The first series of papers documents the business activities of Whatcom Falls Mill Company from its incorporation in 1895 to its dissolution in 1940. Included are administrative and financial records, correspondence, operations information, maps and drawings, and various advertising materials, including a business envelope with a picture of the original mill, and business cards printed on cedar. Included in this series are several records relating to the McCoy-Loggie Timber Company. While not a subsidiary company, the Timber Company supplied lumber to the mill, and records from both companies appear to have been kept together. Enriching The Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records are photographs of Whatcom Falls Mill, including a photo of a drawing of the original mill, two Brubaker aerial surveys, and one Sandison aerial survey.

Separate from both the Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records and the George W. Loggie Papers is information included on other regional lumber mills. This information, collected after Loggie's death in 1922, bears no immediate connections to Whatcom Falls Mill. It was possibly collected in order to assess the competition of other regional mills. Included in this series is information on the Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill, as well as Wood & English Limited.

The remainder of the collection focuses on personal materials of the Loggie family, and in particular, the business activities of George W. Loggie prior to his work with Whatcom Falls Mill Company. Included is early correspondence of George W. Loggie, primarily with regard to his previous mill experience in Oregon; papers, a ledger, and booklets that document G.W. Loggie’s interest in Trotting Horses; copies of the certificate of Registry of the Schooner Vigilant; a Family Expense Ledger (dated after G.W. Loggie’s death); and family photos. Also included are photographs of other mills, as well as those depicting various aspects of logging and milling operations. Some of these photos date to the 1880s and 1890s. Identified mills include Bloedel-Donovan, as well as other mills on Bellingham Bay, the Olympic Peninsula, and mills near the Cascade Mountains. The Family Expense Ledger, page 151, contains genealogical material of interest regarding the Lowery family.

The following items are of special note: Materials regarding the Lumber and Sawmill Workers Union and Whatcom Falls Mill Company, including correspondence and newspaper clippings dealing with the workers' strike in 1937; a 1914 Kroll Atlas section map showing McCoy land as well as other lumber and mill company property; an 1887 Map Guide to the City of Seattle, Washington Territory surveyed by Whitworth and Thomson which was probably a real estate map; and a December 10, 1895 copy of the newspaper Daily Reveille.

The artifacts in this collection include a wallet owned by George W. Loggie, and Volume VI of the 14-volume set of Hough’s American Woods is also part of this collection. Romeyn Beck Hough wrote and published the set between 1888 and 1928. Each volume consists of twenty-five species of trees specific to a particular part of the United States. Volume VI represents trees of the Pacific Slope. Actual wood samples of each tree are included; cut in thin sections to show the various planes of the wood (transverse, radial, and tangential sections).

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

The collection is open to the public.

Preferred Citation :  

Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records and George W. Loggie Papers, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Heritage Resources, Western Washington University, Bellingham WA 98225-9123.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The records from the Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records and George W. Loggie Papers are organized in accordance with the following series and sub-series arrangement:

  • Series I: Whatcom Falls Mill Co. Records, 1895-1941
    • Sub-series 1: Administrative Records, 1895-1941
    • Sub-series 2: Financial Records, 1895-1939
    • Sub-series 3: Operations, 1889-1937
    • Sub-series 4: Maps and Drawings, 1914-1934
    • Sub-series 5: Photographs, Undated; circa 1890-1934
  • Series II: Regional Mill Information, 1919-1939
  • Series III: G.W. Loggie Papers, 1880s-1978
    • Sub-series 1: Personal Papers, 1884-1978
    • Sub-series 2: Photographs, circa 1880-1950s
  • Series IV: Artifacts, 1885/undated
Custodial History :  

The exact provenance of these records is unknown.

Processing Note :  

Tamma Farra originally processed the collection for the Center for Pacific Northwest Studies in March 1999. In August 2003, Amber Raney re-engineered the collection and finding aid.

Related Materials :  

The Loggie Photograph Collection is housed at the Photo Archives at the Whatcom Museum of History & Art, Bellingham, WA.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series I:   Whatcom Falls Mill Company Records , 1895-1941
Sub-series 1: Administrative Records 1895-1941
1/1 Advertising 1896-1932
1/2 Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws 1895 (By-Laws amended in 1937)
1/3 Company History 1937
1/4 Incoming 1895-1941
1/5 Outgoing 1933-1939
1/6 Daily Reports October 1, 1938 – March 27, 1939
1/7 Materials re. Dissolution of Company 1940-1941
1/8 Materials re. Relations between Whatcom Falls Mill and Lumber & Sawmill Workers Union 1936-1938
1/9 Minutes of special and annual meetings 1910-1939
1 Ledger of minutes of special and annual meetings 1939-1940
1/10 Minutes of special and annual meetings from organization to dissolution of the McCoy-Loggie Timber Co. November 30, 1910 – April 20, 1926
Sub-series 2: Financial Records 1895-1939
2/1 Financial Reports 1902-1926
2/2 Financial Reports 1929-1931
2/3 Financial Reports 1932-1939
2/4 Payroll information 1918-1939
2/5 Report of Audit – Whatcom Falls Mill and McCoy-Loggie Timber Co. 1920 December 31
2/6 Reports of Audits – Whatcom Falls Mill 1931-1937
2/7 Stock Certificates: Whatcom Falls Mill, McCoy-Loggie Timber Co., Whatcom County Agriculture, and Whatcom County Fair Association 1895-1924
Sub-series 3: Operations 1889-1937
2/8 Manufacturing Statement 1912
2/8 Operations Reference cards 1928-1937
2/9 Reference Materials: Schedule of Prices, Standard Grading and Dressing Rules for West Coast Lumber, Valuations of Lumber Manufacturing Properties 1889-1934
2/10 West Coast Price List of Lumber 1921
Sub-series 4: Maps and Drawings 1914-1934
1 Blueprint of Proposed New Fire Mains for Whatcom Falls Mill 1934
3/1 Map: Kroll’s Atlas of Whatcom Co., T.38 N R. 5E 1914
3/2 Survey of Proposed Layout of Mains and Hydrants 1928
Sub-series 5: Photographs circa 1890-1934
3/3 Brubaker Aerial Survey of Whatcom Falls Mill undated
2 McCoy-Loggie Timber Company train engine (framed) undated
3/4 Sandison Aerial Survey of Whatcom Falls Mill undated
3/5 Whatcom Falls Mill Photographs 1890s-1934

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Series II:   Regional Mill Information, 1919-1939
4/1 Bloedel-Donovan Lumber Mill 1919-1933
4/2 Wood and English Limited, Vancouver, B.C. 1934-1939

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Series III:   G.W. Loggie Papers, 1880s-1978
Sub-series 1: Personal Papers 1884-1978
4/3 Copies of Certificate of Registry for Schooner Vigilant 1920
2 Family Expense Ledger 1938-1978
3 Guide Map of the City of Seattle, Washington Territory, Whitworth and Thompson – Surveyors 1887
4/4 Ledger of Horses purchased by G.W. Loggie 1884-1891
4/5 Materials re. Interest and investments in Trotting Horses 1890-1895
4/6 Materials re. Employment with Southern Oregon Co., Empire Mill 1886-1890
4/7 Newspaper, Daily Reveille December 10, 1895
4/8 Obituary of G.W. Loggie March 25, 1922
4/9 Personal Correspondence (Incoming) 1897-1907
Sub-series 2: Photographs circa 1880-1950s
4/10 Loggie Family Photos, USS Constitution, Mt. Baker circa 1900-1934
4/11 Logging operations in Washington State (taken from a scrapbook) circa 1910-1920s
4/12 Mills outside of Washington State circa 1880s-1890s
4/13 Washington State Mills circa 1880s-1950s
5/1 Coos Bay, Oregon circa 1890s
5/2 Coos Bay, Oregon, Old Mill circa 1890s
5/3 Goodyear Logging Co., Clallam Bay, Washington circa 1890s-1900s
5/4 Lumber Mill, Coos Bay, Oregon – Coos Bay Photo and Crayon Co. undated
5/5 Old Mill 1890s
5/6 USS Constitution in Bellingham Bay 1933

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Series IV:  Artifacts, 1885, undated
5/7 Hough’s American Woods Volume VI 1885
5/8 Wallet belonging to G.W. Loggie undated

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This collection is indexed under the following headings in the online catalog. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.

  • Personal Names :
  • Knight, Samuel J.  ( creator)
  • Loggie, George W.  ( creator)
  • Whatcom Falls Mill Company  ( creator)
  • Subject Terms :
  • Lumber trade--Washington (State) -- Bellingham.

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