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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Graham, David Crockett
Title: David Crockett Graham Collection
Dates: 1884-1961 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 44 linear feet ( 41 boxes)
Collection Number: HTM_WCMss94
Summary: Materials related to the life and work of David Crockett Graham, who arrived in southwestern China as a missionary, in 1911, and stayed 37 years pursuing archeological, anthropological and natural history studies of the region. He returned to the United States in 1948, and settled in Colorado. David Crockett Graham died September 15, 1961 at the age of 77.
Repository: Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Contact Information: Whitman College and Northwest Archives
Penrose Library, Room 130
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA
Telephone: 509-527-5922
Fax: 509-526-4785
Languages: Materials are in EnglishChinese   

Biographical Note

Graham was born in 1884 in Green Forest, Arkansas. His family moved to Milton-Freewater, Oregon shortly after. The family was poor, but managed to get David and his siblings into public schools in Walla Walla, Washington. David excelled in sports, and eventually earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Whitman College in 1908.

In 1910 he married Alicia Morey, and in September of the following year they left San Francisco by steamer to serve in China with the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society (ABFMS). Graham gradually shifted his focus from missionary work to anthropology, and he spent the remainder of his thirty-seven year career studying various Chinese groups and religions.

Upon retiring in 1948, he moved to Colorado where he lived until his death in September 1961.

Content Description

The collection consists of journals, notebooks, correspondence and notes regarding archeological and anthropological research as well as reports and charts, artwork, photographs, maps and books from Graham's thirty-seven years in China. Materials include songs and stories of the Ch'uan Miao, manuscript materials relative to the customs and religion of the Ch'iang, information and manuscripts about the Lolo people and papers from and about West China Union University.

Information on the First Baptist Church's Social Action Committee, personal and family information as well as speeches, lectures and sermons by Graham are also included.

Use of the Collection

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Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. for copyright not held by Whitman College.

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David C. Graham Collection, Whitman College and Northwest Archives.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

By series.

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Acquisition Information :  

Donated by Jean Graham Brown and Dorothy Graham Edson in 1994 and 1995.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series 1:  Archeological, anthropological, and natural history studies of the people of southwest China
11 boxes

Materials relating to the Ch'uan Miao, Ch'iang, and Lolo peoples of China.

1 Songs and Stories (possibly relating to the Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao)
2, 36 Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao. More Songs and Stories of the Ch’uan Miao. Manuscript materials for the above.
3 Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao
4 Notes on the Ch'uan Miao
4/1 Notes on the grammar of the Ch'uan Miao
4/2 Publications about, by D. C. Graham
4/3 Notes on
4/4 Chinese vocabulary
4/5 Notes on Miao groups
4/6 Article on
4/7 Diagram of 8 generations
4/8 Notes on from Kwei Yang Fu Chih (1850 AD)
4/9 Notes on from Chao Tung
4/10 Notes on from Cheng Hsuing Chou Chih (1887)
4/11 St. Mark's Gospel in Ch'uan Miao
4/12 Miscellaneous notes on name of Miao tribe
4/13 Ch'uan Miao customs and songs (notebook Z)
4/14 Book about Ch'uan Miao, table of contents page
4/15 Manuscript for work with international script, songs and stories
4/16 Manuscript preface on Ch'uan Miao
4/17 Manuscript preface, introduction and historical background
4/18 Manuscript, introduction to The Legends of the Ch'uan Miao
4/19 Introduction to Ch'uan Miao by D. C. Graham
4/20 List of Songs and Stories (by number)
4/21 Outline: Songs and Stories. Appendix, Bibliography, and index
4/22 Paper on D. C. Graham's work with the Ch'uan Miao (3 copies)
7 Ch'iang
7/1-20 Manuscript materials relative to The Customs and Religion of the Ch'iang (20 folders)
7/21 Partial Manuscript: Ch'iang houses, towers, and villages
7/22-25 Manuscript: The Religion of the Ch'iang (4 folders)
7/26 Manuscript: The Sacred books used by the Ch'iang Priest at Lobo Chai Sections 1-18
7/27 The Sacred Chants of the Ch'iang Priest at Lobo Chai Sections 1-18
7/28 Manuscript: The Ch'iang [from Religion in Southwest China?]
7/29 Publications about the Ch'iang, by D. C. Graham
7/30 Exercise book: Notes on Religion, April 22, 1933, also July 1933 Ch'iang People, Book X
7/31 Manuscript. A Ch'iang incantation used by the priest at Lobu Chai
7/32 Incantation
7/33 Notes on Ch'iang Religion and customs, 1942
7/34 Chants, or "Sacred Books used by Ch'ang priest at Mu Shang Chai
7/35 Manuscript. Lobo Chai Sacred Books, Sect. 2-18.
7/36 Ch'ang Chants at Ho P'in Chai.
7/37 Manuscript. Usable Ch'ang phrases
7/38 Origin of the Sacrifices of the Ch'ang
7/39-41 Notes on the Ch'ang(3 files)
7/42 Pen and ink drawings and descriptions
7/43 A scientific study of the religion of the Ch'ang
7/44 Ch'ang and Shu of the Yin Time. By Tung Tso'pin. Translated by C.T. Hu.
7/45 Religious ceremonies
7/46 Manuscript about Gods
7/47-48 Notes on customs(2 files)
7/49 Notes on Ch'ang religion and customs
7/50 Notes on a ceremony
7/51 Misc. Notes from Lobo Chai, August, 1942
7/52-53 Manuscript, "Customs of the Ch'ang" (2 folders)
7/54-55 Manuscript, "Ch'ang, Are they Hebrew or Monotheists?" (2 folders)
7/56-57 Notebook on Ch'ang people (2 folders
7/58 Songs with comments on accompanying actions by D.C. Graham Ch'ang
7/59 On Chinese Historical References to the Ch'ang
7/60 Notes from The Birth of China, by Creel
9 Miscellaneous research materials
9/1 Manuscript: The High waters of the Yangtse river
9/2 Far eastern quarterly, May, 1949
9/3 Manuscript: The Greatest Migration in Human History
9/4 Smithsonian--Lists of D. C. G. Collections and Gifts
9/5 Important quotations in chinese
9/6 Chinese article reprints from newspapers
9/7 Notes on 2 small bronze lamps at the West China Union University Museum of Archaeology
9/8 Newspaper clipping on China
9/9 Pamphlet about Chengtu school for the blind and Chengtu eye clinic board, headed by D.C. Graham
9/10 Manjushri of Wu T'ai Shan. By Alexander David-Neel
9/11 English essays on Chinese culture
9/12 Manuscript: Mysterious Potency in the Chinese Religion
9/13 Manuscript: The True Classic of the Bloody Basin
9/14 Book of Giang and Lai
9/15 Reprints of articles about D. C. Graham
9/16 Chinese paper. Catalog of the Chu-fei Collection
9/17 Quote from Strictly on the funny side: "I've got the South in My Mouth" by Helen Brown Norden; Notes on recent changes in temples, etc.
9/18 Newspaper clipping about idols from China press,Mon. June 21, 1948
9/19 State Calendar Book 1946 (Cheng-tu)
9/20 Smithsonian, National Museum, 1960
9/21 Notes Trans-Himalaya p. 32 vol. 1 New Years Ceremony
9/22 Translation of the inscription of a Ming Dynasty tomb stone in the west
9/23 Fund drive for famine relief ? c. 1934
9/24 Notes and Quotations from Chinese Philosophers
9/25 The [Panda ?] Jan. 13, 1939
9/26 Newsbriefs
9/27 Field notes on people
9/28 Notes from Yachow history
9/29 Copies made in Chinese by D.C. Graham
9/30 Chinese Genealogy from 1st to 10th generation
9/31 Notes on the Wask people and customs
9/32 The Oracle bones of the Shang Dynasty by professor J. M. Menzies
9/33 Open letter to the Fu Ch'iang people concerning the beginning and the end of paying vows
9/34 Statement by Chinese Students on the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt April 1945, Statement about coming of the "Great Tribulation" from Chengtu, July 1923
9/35 Notes from Trans-Himalaya, discoveries and adventures in Tibet
9/36 Notes on a manuscript
9/37 Petition for change in divorce laws in Denver, Colorado
9/38 Notes on the Folk Tale and Primitive culture. By S. Thompson
9/39 New China Weekly Newsletter. Copies from 1939
9/40-44 Exercise book and memorandum book (5 exercise books)
9/45 Notes and accounting records
9/46 Pocket journal
9/47 Address book
9/48 Anthropology papers etc.
9/49 Joaquin Miller, critical review of
9/50 Manuscript: Pan Ku and Mr. Million Years, Children's stories by D.C. Graham.
9/51 Quotations copied by D. C. G.
9/52 Research interests, by D. C. G.
9/53 Contract for land
9/54 China Policy (U.S.)
9/55 Notebook: White Men's Graves
9/56 Notebook: Notes on religious practices and a trip through Lan Luh Shien
9/57 Notebook: Chuan Miao Vocabulary and Taoist priests
9/58 Notebook: Notes on a trip among the Miao, Autumn, 1923
9/59 Notebook: Misc. Expense, Addresses, etc.
9/60 Copy of speech on China policy by Walter H. Judd and other items by/about W.H. Judd
9/61 Manuscript: Sociological changes in China during the war (published. by D. C. G.)
9/62 Material from manuscript
9/63 Wars and migrations: Publication by D. C. G.
9/66 Visit with abbot of Tsao Dio
9/67 Notes on beliefs concerning deformed roosters
9/68 Notes on various topics
9/69 Dao Tsang ceremony
9/70 Notes on "the Little Flock"
9/71 Chinese Art / Symbols (Manchu officials
9/72 Pocket journal
9/73 Sung, John
9/74 Sui Wuan-Shanoi sect, North China
9/75 How Hades became a republic
9/76 Handwritten manuscript or notes
9/77 Memo about Foundation Sacrifice
9/78 Copy and Translation of a poem
9/79 Notes: the museum of Far Eastern Antiquities in Stockholm
9/80 Notes or story about robbers
9/81 Notes from In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
9/82 Notes from Williams A History of China
9/83 Notes on report from China while DCG was in Burma, 1940; notes about Burma
9/84 Inscription on a placecard given to a chinese doctor by his friends
9/85 Poem for someone--written on a basket
9/86 A small poem
9/87 Quotations about Misssions and Missionaries by Augustus H. Strong
9/88 The Wu Chiao
9/89 Manuscript a collecting trip to the Roof of the world
9/90 Hokow: The backdoor of Chagra. By J.H. Edgar
9/91 Two Unnumbered notebooks
9/92 Manuscript. Reply to Mr. Edgar on the artificial caves
9/93 Land of the Migrating Blacks by J.H. Edgar
9/94 Manuscript: The Chinese Student Anti-Christian Movement, headed in Chicago, 1926.
9/95 Miscellaneous notes
9/96 Manuscript: Strange Gods in West China.
9/97 China information service. Newsheets kept by Graham.
9/98 Reports from D. C. G.
9/99 Misc. publications by D. C. G.
9/100 Manuscript. A study of the Chinese of Boston.
9/101 Misc: Concerning smithsonian, measuring mammals, expenses
10 Lolo information and manuscripts
10/1-5 The Lolo Story "The Great God O-li-bi-zih" Trs. by Graham (5 folders)
10/6 Manuscript: The Lolo sacred books
10/7 Publications about, by D. C. G.
10/8 A Lolo Charm (reprints)
10/9 Seven Lolo sacred books by Graham
10/10 Notes from "Au Yun-An Les Lolo P'o. . ." by Alfred Lietard
10/11-13 Notes and Materials on the Lolo: 3 files
10/14-15 Manuscript: Religion of the Lolo by DCG (2 files)
10/16 Manuscript: A Study of the Lolo proverbs in and near the Taling Mountains, by Mao-Chi, Fu
10/17 Male and Female phallic charm, drawing of
10/18 Lolos of Szechwan Province by DCG
10/19 Lolo story of Great Flood, misc. notes
10/20 Bibliographies, books on Lolos from Dr. Louis C. Walmsley
10/21 Report of a Survey of the E Ru of Sikong, other notes by DCG
10/22 Chinese newspaper article "Religion of the Lolo" by DCG
10/23 Noso Customs exercise book

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Series 2:  Chinese Religions
4 boxes
Money for ceremonies
5/1 Burn at grave of Ancestors
5/2 Rubbing: The orders of Lao Tsi and other coins
5/3 Burnt with paper money at Chengtu (New Years time)
5/4 Chinese Spirit Money from Hong Kong, 1955
5/5 Burn for Ancestors and living--personalized
5/6 Bank notes of 10 dollars each, burnt for the spirits of the dead, c. 1945
5/7 Wrapper for paper money before burning
5/8 Burnt instead of paper money at funerals
5/9 Incense, money paper burnt at new years time
Charms and Incantations
5/10 Manuscript: The ceremony of using the grass image of the nine-headed bird
5/11 Tablet for a god
5/12 Art-chart
5/13 Manuscript: ceremonies to secure sons
5/14 Manuscript: ceremonies to secure or stop rain
5/15 Manuscript: incantations and charms
5/16 Message to be sent to ancestors through burning
5/1718 Burnt to Kitchen God on 23rd day of the 12th moon (secured in 1921) (2 files)
5/19-23 Tibetan charm (5 files)
5/24 Charm to the Aborigines who are Buddhist, secured July 1929 by D. C. Graham
5/25 Charm burnt to exorcise Demons
5/26 Charms and Fortunes
5/27 Ceremonial paper flags--drawings of
5/28 Charm for bad dreams
5/29 Incantations for stopping pains and bleeding
5/30-32 Manuscript: Image worship in china by D C. Graham (3 files)
5/33 Cure for swallowing tobacco or opium
5/34 Appreciation of thanks (charm)
5/35 Notes about an idol said to aid in conceiving sons
5/36 The dragon who is able to cause rain
5/37 Charm to force demons away
5/38 Charm for family to be safe and peaceful (Buddhist)
5/39 Prayer for safety
5/40 Printed paper charms
5/41 Charms of various types
5/42 Charm to secure rain from the dragon king
5/43 Charm to bring good luck from bad dreams
5/44 Text for charms
5/45 Charm against pestilence
5/46 Charm
5/47 Charm burnt at New Years time
5/48 Bah Hua Kua charm
5/49 List of charms
5/50 Charm to put baby to sleep
5/51 Charm to cause babies to cease crying
5/52 Charm to get rid of a cold
5/53 Dragon-Phoenix Money-Horse
5/54 Charm burnt to the kitchen god , 24th day of the 12 moon, when the kitchen god ascended to heaven
5/55 The sacred book of the original vows of the kitchen god (translated by D. C. Graham)
5/56 Kitchen God, text from scroll
5/57 Gods in Religion, publications by David C. Graham
5/58 Manuscript: The Gods
5/59 God of wealth and happiness
5/60 God of wealth
5/61 Kitchen God: Ruler Heaven, Earth, Water, door gods
Ancestor Worship, Burial of Dead, Tombs and Caves
5/62 Tang Dynasty image of sun over clouds. Placed in tombs
5/63 Given to guests who have given presents before funerals
5/64 Invitation to a guest who has given a present to attend the funeral
5/65 Caves, publications about, by David C. Graham
5/66 Bricks from Han Dynasty Chinese tombs at Chun King
5/67 Kiating Caves, Szechwan Province
5/68 Notes on custom in Tseo Dynasty of burying living with dead
5/69 Manuscript: a visit to the cave of the Peking man
5/70 Burial customs of chinese (notes by D. C. Graham)
5/71 Inscription for ancestor ceremony or general worship
5/72 Notes about funerals
5/73 Ancestor ceremony for whole family
5/74 Cave carving
5/75 Mantsi cave near Kiating
5/76 Carving, drawing on the wall of a cave above Suifu (near Huang Sa Chi cave)
5/77-78 Drawing in the chinese tomb near Kiating, Szechwan, China (2 files)
5/79-83 Ancient caves of Szechwan Province, by D. C. Graham (5 files, published by Smithsonian, 1932)
5/84 Information on ancient caves in Szechwan province
5/85 Translation of the inscription of a Ming Dynasty tomb stone in the west
5/86 Diagram of a house in a cave-tomb near Kiating, Szechwan China
5/87 Sketches of Temples
5/88 Outline of carving on the Foundation/stone deity at the Tsang Fu temple
5/89 Letter carried by pilgrim to temple
5.90 Temples in city of Lui Bo
5/91 Listing of Temples [Suifu?] and of idols--David C. Graham
5/92 Lists of temples-indicates uses of former temples, in D. C. Graham list
5/93-94 Lists of temples in Chinese (2 files)
5/95 Chinese Temple, drawings of
5/96-97 Manuscript: A Survey of the Temples in Chengtu [from Religion in Southwest China?] (2 files)
5/98 First draft of thesis, research on temples
5/99 Temples, publications about, by D. C. Graham
5/100 David C. Graham, notes on Chinese religion, Chengtu temples
5/101 Survey of the Temples of Szechwan
5/102 Notes on Temples, etc.
5/103 A Waipede [Wayside?] Shrine, drawing and text
5/104 Notes on temples and their idols
5/105 Manuscript: Shrines, Temples, and Sacred Mountains [from Religion in Southwest China]
5/106 Temples at Suifu, Szechwan, China
5/107 Temples - general
5/108 Temple and nunnery information: location, existence, condition, etc. (Ya-An and Chengtu)
5/109 Ya-An: Survey of condition and attendance of Temples
5/110 Classification of Chengtu temples according to amount of worship
5/111 Sketch map of Temples
5/112 Diagram of a Buddhist temple called Ta Chang Fu, three miles west of Suifu, Szechwan, China
5/113 Rough Map of the ancient graves of Suifu
Divining Papers
5/114 Divination sheets and translations
5/115 Fortunes, Divining sheets
Folk Religion in Southwest China, manuscript materials
8/1-3 Manuscript - Folk...(3 copies)
8/4 Opportunities for the study of religion in west China
8/5-6 Reprints of articles by D.C. Graham on Chinese religion and culture (2 folders)
8/7 Brief outline of history of Chinese religions. For a course at Colgate-Rochester
8/8-27 Notes on Chinese religion (11 folders of notes & 11 Exercise books/journals)
8/28 Manuscript-"The idea of God in Modern Theology..."
8/29 Notebook. Notes on religious customs at Chaung King
8/30 Translation and Inscriptions on religious customs
8/31 Statements on religion by Mr. Yang. December, 1922
8/32 The T'u cho hwei at Li t'o. August 2, 1932.
8/33 Litholotry in west china. Manuscript
8/34 Notes on religion at Kwan Shien. August, 1947
8/35 Partial manuscript on eastern religions
8/36 The Lao T'sang Ceremony Manuscript
8/37 A small portion of a sacred book secured from a priest named Tso. From P'u Ch'i Keo
8/38 Portion of a sacred book secured from Mr. Wang
8/39 Exercise book on native religions
8/40 Preface concerning the efficacy of the sacred book of the lofty being, Kwan Shin Yin
8/41 Notes on Polyandry
8/42 Notebook. List of things in book and Chinese religion notes.
Chinese Religions Information - Tibetan
15/1 Publications about Tibetan Religions, D.C. Graham
15/2 Vocabulary, notes, believe it or not, picture
15/3-4 Customs and Religion: articles by D. C. G. (2 files)
15/5 Manuscript: Lamaism in Tibet, with special references to Shamanism
15/6-8 Notes on religion (3 folders)
15/9-10 Notes on social customs (2 folders)
15/11 An expedition to the China-Tibetan border, by D. C. G.
15/12 Manuscript: The prayer wheels, prayer flags, and prayer stones of Tibet, by D. C. G.
15/13 Mt. Omei: Buddhist priests from Tibet, by dcg
15/14-16 A Simple talk on Repeating the Name of Buddha (3 folders)
15/17 Interview with an old Buddhist priest in Suifu
15/18 A study of Buddhism
15/19 Ahmitaba society of Chin Fu Shien
15/20 Manuscript: Buddhism
15/21 Buddhist Tibetan Sculptures
15/22 Buddhist script, references to nature
15/23 Copies of Buddhist writings
15/24 Buddhist Hanging for prayer
15/25 Buddhist place card for new years
15/26 Buddhist print
15/27 Notes on Buddhism
15/28 Influence of Buddhism on various groups in China
15/29 Page of Buddhist Scriptures, Written in Sanskrit
15/30-31 Manuscript: Education values (2 folders)
15/32 Teachings
15/33 Manuscript: Confucianism
Christianity in China
15/34-35 Christians in China, publications about and manuscript (2 files)
15/36 Anti-Christian movement in China, 1925
15/37 A Christian Tract written by DCG in chinese characters
15/38 3 articles from the Christian omnibook, in chinese characters, by S. C. Chang
15/39 Border mission of the Church of Christ in China
15/40 Religion in Szechwan province: dissertation
15/41 Notes on Non-Chinese tribes in Szechwan
15/42-44 Religion in Szechwan: notes and publications (3 files)
15/45 Research in Western Szechwan
15/46 Notes on Szechwan Province
15/47 Religion of the Chinese in Szechwan, Smithsonian publication
15/48 Manuscript: The Bridge for becoming Immortals, Trs. by D. C. Graham
15/49 Manuscript
15/50 Publications about by D. C. Graham
15/51 Manuscript
30 DCG handwritten note cards on Chinese religion, etc.
33 Correspondence, maps, The West China Missionary News, West China Baptist Mission Annual Reports (1916-1947)

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Series 3:  Correspondence
5 boxes
Correspondence: A-Benchley
12A/1 Inventory and Notes on Correspondence. Compiled by Dorothy Graham Edson
12A/2 Additional Notes on Correspondence by D. G. Edson
12A/3 Academia Sinica
12A/4 Adams, Archibald
12A/5 Addresses
12A/6 Agnew, R.G.
12A/7 Alexander, Charles P.
12A/8 American Baptist Church Publications
12A/9-11 American Baptist Foreign Mission Society(3 files)
12A/12 American Bureau for Medical Aid to China
12A/13 American Consul in China
12A/14 American Council of Learned Societies
12A/15 American Folklore Society
12A/16-19 American Museum of Natural History(4 files)
12A/20 American Numismatic Society
12A/21 American Oriental Society
12A/22 Anderson, J.G.
12A/23 Anthropology
12A/24 Archaeology
12A/25 Arizona State University
12A/26 Army Friends
12A/27 Association for the Chinese Blind
12A/28 Baptist Church, First, Denver
12A/29 Beads. Queries to Museums
12A/30 Beach, Joseph
12A/31 Beal, Edwin G.
12A/32 Beath, Dr. Sterling
12A/33 Beaven, Rev. Joseph
12A/34 Bedford, Oliver
12A/35 Beech, Dr. Joseph
12A/36 Benchley, Belle
Correspondence: Bishop to Djang
12B/1 Bishop, C.W.
12B/2 Black, Davidson
12B/3 Bratton, W.A.
12B/4 Brode, H.S.
12B/5 Brown, Professor
12B/6 Business, etc.
12B/7 Cammann, Schuyler
12B/8 Cawthorne, H.F.
12B/9-10 Cheng, T.K.(2 folders)
12B/11 Ch'iang
12B/12 Chicago Natural History
12B/13 Chicago, University of. Anthropology Department
12B/14 Chicago, University of. Divinity School and Journal of Religion
12B/15 China Friends
12B/16 Chinese Artifacts
12B/17 Chinese Recorder
12B/18 Chow, Christopher
12B/19 Ch'uan Miao Film
12B/20 Ch'uan Miao, letter from 2 students
12B/21 Churches at which D.C. Graham spoke
12B/22 Cima, Lewis
12B/23 Cleveland, S.S. President ship. Written to friends on the ship
12B/24 Cole, Dr. Fay-Cooper
12B/25 Colgate Rochester Divinity School
12B/26 Colorado Churches
12B/27 Columbia University
12B/28 Creel, H. G.
12/29-30 Cressy, Earl Herbert (2 folders)
12B/31 Crook, R. L.
12B/32 David-Neel, Alexandra
12B/33 Decker, John W.
12B/34 Dhalburg, Edwin T.
12B/35 District of Columbia
12B/36 Djang, W. B.
Correspondence: Edgar to Russell
12C/1 Edgar, J. Houston
12C/1.5 Eells, Myron
12C/2 Eeels, Walter and May
12C/3-4 Fejos, Paul (2 folders)
12C/5-6 Folk Religion in Southwest China (2 folders)
12C/7 Franklin, James H.
12C/8 Freer Gallery
12C/9 Furlough Trip, 1939
12C/10 Goddard, Francis W.
12C/11-12 Goodrich, L. Carrington (2 folders)
12C/13 Greenway, John
12C/14 Great God O-li-bi-zih, correspondence about
12C/15 Gowman, C.G.
12C/16 Greenway, John
12C/17 Haldane, Charlotte
12C/18 Hand, Wayland
12C/19 Harvard
12C/20 Harvard, Yenching
12C/21 Hodius, Lewis
12C/22 Howes, Miss Grace H.
12C/23 Hu, Shiu-ying
12C/24 Hu, C.T.
12C/25 Hudspeth, Will A.
12C/26 Huff, Elizabeth
12C/27 Hume, Edward H.
12C/28 Hume, Mrs. Edward H.
12C/29 Hummel, A. W.
12C/30 Hyde Park Baptist Church, Chicago
12C/31 Jeffrey, J. Howard
12C/32 Kow, Wayne S.
12C/33 Kunkle, Reverend Edward C.
12C/34 Library of Congress
12C/35 Maxey, President of Whitman College
12C/36 Mickey, Barbara
12C/37-38 Mickey, Portia (2 folders)
12C/39 Miscellaneous letters from U.S.
12C/40 Morgan, Arthur and Eledice
12C/41 Morse, W. Reginald
12C/42 Musée de l'homme (Museum of Man)
12C/43 Museum Van Oudheden
12C/44 National Library of Peking
12C/45 Needham, Dr. James
12C/46 Oehser, Paul H.
12C/47 Openshaw, Harry J.
12C/48 Parsons, R. Keith
12C/49 Penrose, Stephen B. L.
12C/49.5 Penrose, Stephen B.L.
4 envelopes of letters from D.C. Graham and Alicia Morey Graham
12C/50 Porter, Lucius C.
12C/51 Priest, Professor Alan
12C/52 Pruden, Dr.
12C/53 Quale, Miss G. Robina
12C/54 Raeburn, G. D.
12C/55 Rape, C. P.
12C/56 Ravenal, W. De C.
12C/57 Requests for D. C. G. Publications
12C/58 Reynolds, Ruth
12C/59 Robins, Henry B.
12C/60 Rochester N.Y., City of. Municipal Museum
12C/61 Rock, Joseph F.
12C/62 Rosenburg, Dr. S.
12C/63 Royal Anthropological Institute. London, England
12C/64 Rudolph, R. C.
12C/65 Russell, Maud
Miscellaneous letters
12D/1 Re: Religion and Southwest China and other related material
12D/2 Re: Folk Religion in Southwest China
12D/3 Unknown letter (Chinese characters, panda)
12D/4 Part of a letter
12D/5 Re: Collection of Specimens?
12D/6 Re: Customs--permit to ship specimens to U.S.
12D/7 Miscellaneous -- from Szechewan
12D/8-9 Smithsonian Institution, Re: Collection of Specimens (2 folders)
12D/10 Letters to D. C. G., Identity of Author Unknown
12D/11 Card/Letter to D. C. G., from "Daughter" etc., translation inculded
Correspondence: Saddler to Yaan
12E/1 Saddler, Michael E.
12E/2 Sage, Dean Jr.
12E/3 Salfeld, H.
12E/4 Saunders, Wilbur E.
12E/5 Schauss, William
12E/6 Schloerb, Reverend R.W.
12E/7 Schuster, Carl
12E/8 Sebeok, Professor Thomas A.
12E/9 Shanghai Evening Post and Mercury
12E/10 Smithsonian Staff
12E/11 Solheim, William G. II
12E/12-13 Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao before publication. Correspondence about (2 folders)
12E/14 Soong, Dr. Beatrice Dong
12E/15 Sowerby, Arthur
12E/16 Speeches, re. ???
12E/17 Starr, Kenneth
12E/18 Stewart, J. C.
12E/19 Taft, Erwin B.
12E/20 Tax, Prof. Solomon
12E/21 Taylor, A.
12E/22 Taylor, Joseph
12E/23 Taylor, Robert (Bob)
12E/24 Tee-Van, John
12E/25 Teh-K'un, Cheng
12E/26 Thomason, Caroline W.
12E/27 Tompkins, Charles
12E/28 Torrance, Rev. Thomas
12E/29 Trost, Theodore Louis
12E/30 Tucson
12E/31 United Board for Christian Colleges in China
12E/32 University of California
12E/33 Universities of Denver and of Colorado
12E/34 University of Michigan
12E/35 University of Nanking
12E/36 United States Department of Agriculture
12E/37 Urech, G. Marcel
12E/38 Vannicelli, Luigi
12E/39 Viking Fund
12E/40 Walmsley, Lewis C.
12E/41 Weingold, Hugo
12E/42 White, Lynn Jr.
12E/43 Whitner, Robert L.
12E/44 Who's Who in American Education (editor)
12E/45 Wold, Mr.
12E/46 Wu, K. T.
12E/47 Yaan, Ada Nelson

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Series 4:  West China Union University and Related Papers
16/1 Christian Middle Schools, 6th annual statistics, 1937-38.
16/2 West China Union University Report. Autumn, 1934
16/3 Report of the West China Union University, etc.
16/4-5 West China Border Research Society, Publication about and program of open meetings, 1947-48(2 files).
16/6 WCUU News Bulletin. March/April, 1948.
16/7 Annual Report to the Mission Board, 1934
16/8 Program for the first annual meeting for the Far Eastern Association. April, 1949.
16/9 Material about Foreign Missions
16/10 Pamphlet from the Greater China Mission
16/11 Notes on Foreign Missions--Baptist, general
16/12 West China Border Research Society: Publication about by D.C. Graham
16/13 Article: Improved Cow Makes New Record in Milk Production for West China , February 1945
16/14 “The Yin-Yang Dance of Life and Basic Patterns” as seen in West China Between 1908 and 1949 by Daniel Sheets Dye (Professor Emeritus of West China Union University), 1950

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Series 5:  Photographs

Slides, CD's, portraits, glass negatives, negatives

31-32 Slide trays and CD's plus taped interviews and correspondence with Dorothy Graham Edson
37 Portraits
38 Glass negatives
39 Negatives, charms, woodblock prints,Buddhist phrases, contents of an idol, charms, drawings of Han Dynasty ornamented bricks.

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Series 6:  Art
40-41 Silkscreen paintings

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Series 7:  D.C. Graham personal materials
6/1-3 Senior Thesis by Susan R. Brown about D. C. Graham (2 folders)
Unpublished thesis, institution unknown. Corrections by Dorothy Graham Edson and Jean Graham Brown, daughters of David Crockett and Alicia Morey Graham.
6/4-47 Various manuscripts relating to Folk Religion in Southwest China (44 folders)
D. C. Graham Personal Information
13/1 Abbreviated notes on the Tatienlu trip, summer 1923
13/2 Partial resume of D. C. Graham
13/3 Postcard from D. C. Graham, from Tibet
13/4 Important personal documents
13/5 D. C. Graham bookplates
13/6-7 Photographs (2 files)
D. C. Graham Family Information
13/8 Memoirs of D. C. Graham, written for family only, not to be published
13/9 Family information
13/10 Obituaries of Alisha M. Graham and David C. Graham
13/11 Newspaper clipping-"Sister searches out infant brother's grave" June 2, 1984
13/12 Health, A. M. G. and D. C. G.
13/13-14 Recognition and Appreciation of D. C. G. and A. M. G. -- Service
13/15-18 D.C. Graham diaries (4 folders)
13/19 Three photographs of: Graham, scene in China, unidentified group
14/1 Altitude of certain chinese towns (from Atlas of China)
14/2 Graham Hill
14/3 Yangtse gorge
Archeological Information
14/4 A Collecting trip to Mount Washan and Mount Omei
14/5 Research expedition in West China
14/6 "Early Chinese References to Fossil Fish" by Richard C. Rudolf
14/7 Archaeological expeditions and excavations, publications about by David C. Graham
14/8 Article: "An excavation and Discovery," Sept. 1938 West China Missionary news
14/9 "An Archaeological find in the Ch'iang region", by D.C. Graham
14/10 Chart showing geologic ages
14/11 "Report of the West China Union University Museum of Archaeology," by D. C. G.
14/12 Archaeological dig in the Ch'iang region
14/13 "Notes on the Hanchow excavation"
14/14 Reprints relative to Archaeology and collecting trips
14/15 Graph of basal paleozoic strata at Nant Con
14/16 Some Ancient Circles, Squares, Angles and Curves in earth and stone in Szechwan China. By D.S. Dye
Pottery, ceramics, and related items
14/17 Manuscripts by D. C. G.: The dating of Chinese protoporcelain
14/18 Notes on Chinese neolithic pottery
14/19 Manuscript: Chinese Pottery and Porcelain, by D.C.G.
14/20 Notes about Chinese pottery and porcelains
14/21 Preliminary report of the T'ang Dynasty Sculpture, found in the monastery at Ch'iung-Lai, Szechwan 1948
14/22 The porcelains of Ch'iung-Lai and Liu Li Ch'iang in Szechwan Province
14/23 Manuscript: Ch'iung-Lai Kiln Site
14/24 Manuscript: Liu Li Ch'iang Kiln Site
14/25 Porcelain and pottery, publications about by D. C. G.
14/26 Shang dynasty white pottery, picture of vessel in Freer gallery of art in Washington D. C.
14/27 Drawings and sketches
14/28 Photographs
14/29 Photograph of artifact from the ancient caves of Szechwan province
Anthropological Information
Anthropological Information
14/30 "Anthropological research in West China" by D. C. G.
14/31 Coptic lamps in China
14/32 Chart of Modern Races
14/33 Artifacts of the Ch'iang and Ch'uan Miao people
14/34 Notes on Ch'iang embroidered shoes
14/35 Notes on clothing ornamentation of the Ch'iang
14/36 Seal of Din Kaf
14/37 Photograph of Yin Yang
14/38 Circular from Anatomical and Anthropological Association
14/39 Anthropology, Publications about, by David C. Graham
Language and Vocabulary
14/40 Notes on Language and Speech
14/41 Chinese Characters
14/42 Comparison of Vocabulary of various chinese groups
14/43 Notes and vocabulary list, Chinese to English
14/44-45 Ch'iang language and vocabulary, 2 folders
14/46 English-Giarung vocabulary by J. H. Edgar
Masonic and Rotary Club Information
14/47 Meaning of Masonic emblems
14/48 South Denver Lodge, Denver Colorado, 1951: pamphlet
14/49-50 Rotary Club Information (2 folders)
Speeches, Lectures, etc. by D.C. Graham
14/51 University of Denver lectures, Yuan, Ming and Manchu Dynasties
14/52 Notes for a sermon
14/53 Text of radio talk on fairness to minority groups, late 1950s
14/54 Course Outline, Notes for course (?) on Christian Missions in East Asia
14/55 Prayers--D. C. G.
14/56 Sermons/Sermonettes and Notes on Christianity by D. C. G.
14/57 Cooke-Daniels Memorial Lectures, Outline of October 1948 lecture series
Artwork, maps, etc. for possible inclusion in publications
14/58 Map of Kwei Chow province, showing distribution of the tribes-people
14/59 Maps of Ch'iang region, list of cities and towns
14/60 Residence of the Royal Air force Training Mission (Map)
14/61 Map of the trip to Chiu-long-shien 1930
14/62 Map of the Ch'iang region
14/63 Key to the map of Rgyalrong territory
14/64 D. C. G. Drawings--China
Correspondence with Graham Family Regarding the Collection; Transcripts, Oral History Project, Interview with Dorothy Graham Edson, at Smithsonian Institution
28 Alumni file on Graham - Whitman College
Includes articles written by and about Graham and The Smithsonian Archives Guide to the Papers of David Crockett Graham 1923-1936

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Series 8:  First Baptist Church, United States
1 box (#11)

Social Action Committee material; Notes on American Baptist Missions; Miscellaneous Correspondence, Programs, etc.; Miscellaneous Information; The Washington Baptist, March 1952, Vol. XV, No. 7; White Temple Baptist Church, Walla Walla

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Series 9:  Books, journals, bibliographies
Lists of Books, Bibliographies, etc.
17/1-2 Bibliography cards (2 folders)
17/3-6 Bibliographies(4 folders)
17/7 Lists of books in Occidental Languages and in Chinese owned by DC Graham
17/8 List of books owned by DC Graham
17/9 List of articles or books of authors and/or publishers, misc. bibliographies
17/10 Partial Anthropology book list from Dover publications
17/11 List of Publications of the WCUU Museum
17/12 List of Published writing of DC Graham
17/13 Possible bibliography for Religion in Southwest China
17/14 List of books
Materials relative to Wolfram Eberhard
18/1 Recent publications of
18/2 Two previously published stories found in papers relating to
18/3 Notes and comments relating to. About More Songs and Stories of the Ch'uan Miao
18/4 Notes on the Introduction
18/5-6 Notes on the connection of and suggested organization of the Songs and Stories(2 folders)
18/7 Notes and Comments on Ch'uan Miao Legends
18/8 Correspondence with DC Graham
20-21 Journals, Books, Pamphlets, etc. (Inventory List inside Box #20)
2 boxes
23-27 Journals, pamphlets, articles from journals, books and compilations
5 boxes
29, 34-35 Publications in Chinese language
Journals, books, and newspapers
3 boxes
28 Other publications from Graham
Palaeontogogia Sinica Series D, Vol. 1, Fascicle 3.-1925 and New Series D, No.1, Whole Series No. 101-1937; Journal of the West China Border Research Society, vol. XI (1939); The Naturalists' Directory, 1929

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