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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Anderson, Jay (Jay Allan)
Title: Jay Anderson foodways research collection
Dates: 1971-1999 ( inclusive )
Quantity: ca. 4.5 linear feet (9 boxes)
Collection Number: USU_FOLK COLL 17b
Summary: Professor Jay Anderson's foodways research items: theses, books, and articles, correspondence with authors, etc.; most items are photocopies.
Repository: Utah State University. Merrill-Cazier Library. Special Collections and Archives.
Fife Folklore Archives

Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
3000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-3000
Phone: 435 797-2663
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Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

Historical Note

Jay Anderson is a professor of History at Utah State University. Professor Anderson donated his vast cookbook and foodways collection, collected over a lifetime of research and specialization on foodways, to USU Libraries Fife Folklore Archives for student research. The collection includes international and domestic books on foodways.

Content Description

The Jay Anderson foodways follection is comprised of FOLK COLL 17 and FOLK COLL 17b. FOLK COLL 17 is the Foodways and Historic Cookbook Collection; items in FOLK COLL 17 can be accessed through USU Libraries online catalog. FOLK COLL 17b comprises Professor Anderson's foodways research and consists of nine boxes of photocopied thesis, articles, correspondence with author, etc., date and author noted when known. An inventory of FOLK COLL 17b follows.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  Restrictions

Open to public research. To access the collection a patron must have the following information: collection number, series number, sub-series number, if applicable, box number and folder number (or image number).

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It is the responsibility of the user to obtain permission to publish from the owner of the copyright (the institution, the creator of the record, the author or his/her transferees, heirs, legates, or literary executors). The user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Utah State University Libraries, its officers, employees, and agents from and against all claims made by any person asserting that he or she is an owner of copyright.

Permission to publish material from the Jay Anderson foodways research collection must be obtained from the Curator of the Fife Folklore Archives and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

Preferred Citation :  

Jay Anderson foodways research collection, 1971-1999.(FOLK COLL 17b: box, folder). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized in 4 series.

  • European food research
  • American food research
  • Methodology
  • Historic foodways books.
Acquisition Information :  

Professor Jay Anderson donated his extensive cookbook and foodways collection to the Fife Folklore Archives in several installments in the 1990s, with the last deposit in 1999.

Processing Note :  

Originally processed by Rosanna Walker and updated by Randy Williams. Finding aid created by Randy Williams, April 2004; updated by Randy Williams, March 2012.

Detailed Description of the Collection

European Food Research
1 1 Rener, H. D. The Origin of Food Habits
1 2 Bibliography of cookery books at Brotherton Library, Leeds University
Item 1: Blanche Leigh Collection
Item 2: Preston Collection
1 3 Smallzried, Kathleen Ann. The Everlasting Pleasure: Influences on America's Kitchens, Cooks and Cookery, from 1565 to the year 2000
1 4 King, Frank A. Beer Has a History
1 5 Loran J. Sass
Item 1: Sass, Lorna J. "A Medieval Feast" Gourmet April 1976.
Item 2: Lorna J. Sass business card
Item 3: Postcard
Item 4: Letter
Item 5: Book review for Sass' book: To the King's Taste
Item 6: "Recipes for the Ages (Medieval)", Philadelphia Inquirer
featuring Lorna Sass.
17 March 1976
1 6 Fussel, G. E. An Eighteenth Century Village
1 7 Fussel, G. E. The English Rural Labourer
1 8 Fussel, G. E. "The Elizabethan Countrywoman," The English Countrywoman A.D. 1500-2000.
1 9 West, John. "Probate Records, Inventories and Wills," Village Records.
1 10 Roeder, Charles. "Notes on Food and Drink in Lancashire and Other Northern Counties."
1 11 Martin, E. W., ed. Preface and chapter "Peasants and Peasant Life" from Country Life in England
1 12 Ashley, Leonard R. N. "Scoff Lore: An Introduction to British Words for Food and Drink."

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American Food Research
1 13 Gates, Catherine. On The Culture of Indians Living in the Region of Plymouth: Covering the Period of Approximately 1620-1990 Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, MA.
1 14 Gates, Catherine. "Drink, Drugs, & Indulgence," from On The Culture of Indians Living in the Region of Plymouth: Covering the Period of Approximately 1620-1990
2 1 Information on New England horticulture
(16 items: 2-15 appear to be from the same source, possibly a living history museum.)
Item 1: "Bibliography: Horticulture"
Item 2: "Indian Gardens"
Item 3: Hussey, Jane Strickland, compiler Native Flora of New England 1968.
Item 4: "Alden House: Garden of Wild Fruit, Berries and Flowers."
Item 5: "Bradford House: Garden of Flowering Herbs."
Item 6: "Common House: Brewer's Garden"
Item 7: "Brewster House: Goosefoot Garden of Culinary Herbs."
Item 8: "Cooke House: Garden of Sallet Herbs."
Item 9: "First House: Garden of Aromatic, Culinary and Medicinal Herbs"
Item 10: "Fuller House: Garden of Medicinal Herbs"
Item 11: "Howland House: Garden of Dyeing Herbs."
Item 12: "Soule House: Bee Garden."
Item 13: "Standish House: Garden of Wound Herbs."
Item 14: "Warren House: Rose Garden, Knot Garden, Vegetable Garden."
Item 15: "Winslow House: Garden of Simples."
Item 16: Hussey, Jane Strickland. "Notes on Pilgrim Herb Gardens."
2 2 Thanksgiving in U.S.A
Item 1: Joel, Yale. "A Traditional Thanksgiving," Boy's Life November 1974.
Item 2: Crosby, Alfred W. "Maize, Land, Demography and the American Character," Revue Francaise D'etudes Americanines 1991.
Item 3: The First Thanksgiving in April, El Paso (Texas) Mission Trail Association
Item 4: History of Plymouth Plantation, photocopied pages (114-127)
Item 5: Of Plymouth Plantation photocopied pages (79-85, 90: excerpts from chapters XI & XII)
Item 6: Photocopied pages (92-137) from a children's book on New England, including information on Samoset (March 1621), Massasoit, Squanto, New England 1621-1623, and Thanksgiving 1621
Item 7: Pilgrim Courage photocopied pages (63-7, 69-71, 74-6, 95-60), including information on American Indians and Thanksgiving
Item 8: Pyle, Arthur G., compiler. "Pilgrim Corn Planting 1621," Plimoth Plantaion, Plymouth MA
Item 9: Baker, James W. "Recreating the First Thanksgiving Dinner," Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth MA
(Includes recipes.)
Item 10: Anderson, Jay. "The Bountiful Yeoman," Natural History with author note and additional reading Oct. 1982.
2 3 Strang, Jeff. A Transcription and Explication of the Wall-Tatam Cookbook,
May 1980.
2 4 Transcript of Benjamin Hawley's diary, Chester County
2 5 Foodways in eighteenth-century America
Item 1: Lemon, James T. "Household Consumption in Eighteenth-Century America and its Relationship to Production and Trade: The Situation Among Farmers in Southeastern Pennsylvania."
Item 2: Yoder, Don. "Historical Sources For American Traditional Cookery: Examples from the Pennsylvania German Culture," (2 copies: one from unnamed journal and one draft copy.)
Item 3: Saracino, Mary E. "Household Production of Alcohol in Eighteenth Century Connecticut," unpublished paper for American Folklife course at George Washington University taught by John Valch December 1982.
2 6 Bartis, Peter T. "'Twas Water Soup but Slightly Thinner," unpublished paper
2 7 History of food and drink in America
Item 1: Weiss, Harry B. and Grace M. Weiss. The Early Breweries of New Jersey New Jersey Agricultural So., photoies of pages 7-97 1963.
Item 2: Richman, Irwin. "The History of the Tomato in America," The Proceedings: New Jersey Historical So.
Item 3: Yoder, Don. "The Sausage Culture of the Pennsylvania Germans," copy of paper draft
3 1 Fraser, Kathryn M. Foodways in 1850: A Sourcebook For the Homeplace-1850 TVA's Land Between the Lakes
3 2 Meat preservation
Item 1: Burnett, Edmund Cody. Hog Raising and Hog Driving in the Region of the French Broad River.
Item 2: Jones, Dale. "Smoking the Meat in Western Kentucky: or Barbecue on my Brain." Unpublished student paper Spring 1983.
Item 3: Perdue, Chuck. "Enough Salt to Track a Rabbit." Unpublished paper, Woodville, Virginia 7 January 1970.
3 3 "Say it With Food," Center for Southern Folklore Magazine
Fall 1980.
3 4 Alder, Thomas A. "'Sunday breakfast was always special with us': A Report on Foodways in South Central Georgia," Folklore Reprint Series, V. 7: 1
(February 1979),
3 5 Camp, Charles. "Foodways in Everyday Life," American Quarterly 34: 3
3 6 Exhibition Catalog: "Thought for Food: An Exhibition of Cookery Book, November 1984-February 1985," General Foods Collection Gallery
3 7 "Toward a Method for the Study of Food in Popular Culture," Journal of American Culture. Entire issue devoted to foods
3 8 Forster, Robert and Orest Ranum. Food and Drink in History: Selections from the Annales: Economies, Societes, Civilisations V. 5
3 9 Jones, Michael Owen, Bruce Giuliano, Roberta Krell, editors."Foodways and Eating Habits: Directions for Research. Western Folklore Quarterly, 40:1
(January 1981)

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3 10 Dentan, R., ed. "Appendix E: A Preliminary Guide to the Collection of Info on Food Behavior," Final Report USPHS Grant No. 3557
3 11 The Digest: A Newsletter for the Interdisciplinary Study of Food. Volumes: 1:1, 1:3, 2:2, 2:3, and Digest Directory
3 12 Verdier, Yvonne. "Repas Bas-Normands,"L'Homme Revue Francaise d'Anthropologie Volume 6:
3 13 Bennett, John W. " Social Scientific Research in Human Subsistence," American Anthropologist,
3 14 Research outlines and questions
Item 1: Outline: "Culinary Anthropology."
Item 2: Outline: "Preliminary System of Classification."
Item 3: Questions: "The Present Position of Food Research in Europe and the USA: Some Questions."
3 15 Kariel, Herbert G. "A Proposed Classification of Diet," Dietary Classification.
3 16 Lockwood, William G., Yvonne R. Lockwood. "The Cornish Pasty in Northern Michigan," Oxford Symposium 1983: Food in Motion.
4 1 Marshall, Howard Wight. "Foodways and Regional Character."
Item 1: Letter from Jan Brunvand (ed. Journal of American Folklore) regarding reader (Anderson) response to Marshall article 7 February 1979.
Item 2: Follow-up letter from Brunvand regarding article 19 March 1979.
Item 3: Review copy of Marshall manuscript
4 2 SNACS Field Handbook: Foodways Society for the North American Cultural Survey of foodways of New York
October 1976.
4 3 A 4-H FolkPatterns Project: Foodways. Cooperative Extension Service, Folk Arts Division, The Museum, Michigan State University
4 4 Questionnaires
Item 1: "Philadelphia Food Survey Project: Household Questionnaire."
Item 2: "Foodways: Meal Questionnaire: 4-H."
4 5 "Food Habits," Journal of Nutrition Education 5:1
(Jan/March 1973).
4 6 Mead, Margaret. Food Habits Research: Problems of the 1960s,
4 7 National Geographic, contains article "Food: Will There be Enough," and "The Nightmare of Famine." 148:1
(July 1975),
4 8 Food research: sixteenth and seventeenth centuries
Item 1: Newman, L.F. "Some Notes on Foods and Dietetics in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries."
Item 2: "Sixteenth Century: Slow Progress."
4 9 Gray Graffam
Item 1: Letter from Gray Graffam to Jay Anderson April 26, 1984.
Item 2: Graffam, Gray, "Foodways as a Conceptual Framework in Archaeological Research: A New Perspective."
4 10 Hoskins, W. G. The Making of the English Landscape pp. 118-27
4 11 Thirsk, Joan, ed. The Agrarian History of England and Wales: Volume IV 1500-1640 1967, table of contents, 108-13; 300-7; 412-65
5 1 Articles by: V. G. B. Atwater; G. E. Fussell; W. G. Hoskins; W. Harwood Long
Item 1: Fussell, G. E."The Traffic in Farm Produce in Seventeenth-Century England," Western Middle West, 1900-1914
Item 2: Fussell, G. E. and V. G. B. Atwater. "Agriculture of Rural England in the Seventeenth Century," Economic Geography.
Item 3: Fussell, G. E. "The Grasses and Grassland Cultivation of Britain: Before 1700."
Item 4: Fussell, G. E. "Social and Agrarian Background of the Pilgrim Fathers."
Item 5: Fussell, G. E. "Crop Nutrition in Tudor and Early Stuart England," The Agrarian History Review.
Item 6: Fussell, G. E. "The Elizabethan and Early Stuart Dairy Farmer."
Item 7: Fussell, G. E. "History and Agricultural Science." first two pages of article
Item 8: Hoskins, W. G. "Regional Farming in England," 1953
Item 9: Long, Harwood. "Regional Farming in Seventeenth-Century Yorkshire."
5 2 Letters and Articles
Item 1: Lucas, A. T. "Irish Food Before the Potato." Gwerin.
Item 2: Fussell, G. E. and G. H. Kenyon. "Letters to the Editor," The Agricultural History Review
Item 3: Fussell, G. E. "The Change in Farm Labourers' Diet During Two Centuries," The Economic Journal, pp. 268-274 May 1927.
Item 4: Atkinson, Frank. "Oatbread of Northern England." Gwerin.
5 3 Trow-Smith, Robert. "The Livestock Topography of Tudor and Stuart Britain," A History of British Livestock Husbandry to 1700 pp.172-259
5 4 "Conditions of Nourishment." Photocopy from unknown source of 1800s report on the dietary conditions in England, Wales, and Scotland
5 5 Fussell, G. E., ed. Robert Loder's Farm Accounts 1610-1620,

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Historic Foodways Books (photocopies) and Menus
5 6 Taylor, John. All the Works of John Taylor,
5 7 Rural Economy in Yorkshire in 1641: Being the Farming and Account Books of Henry Best
5 8 Menus
Item 1: Menu from Durgin-Park Market Dining Rooms," Boston, MA
Item 2: Menu (17 cards) with photographs from Mount Pleasant House, New Hampshire 1898.
6 1 A Book of Cookrye: Very necessary for all such as delight therein,
6 2 Tusser, Thomas. Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandrie pp. 120-41
6 3 Plat, Sir Hugh. Delights for Ladies, (1609) 1948 introduction
6 4 The Country House-Wives Garden: Containing Rules for Herbs, and Seeds, (1617)
1948 edition.
6 5 The Complete Country Housewife.
6 6 The Household Receipts.
6 7 Cookerie and Huswiferie.
6 8 N.B. The Court and Country,
6 9 Ashley, Sir William. The Bread of our Forefathers: An Inquiry in Economic History,
7 1 Fantasticks,
7 2 The Great Feast: At the [I]nthronization of the Reverend Father in God, George Neavill, Arch-Bishop of York,
7 3 Murrell, John. A New Book of Cookeries,
7 4 New England Prospect 1865 [1634], pp 1-77
7 5 Butler, Charles. The Feminin[e] Monarchi: or The Histori of Bees,
1634, partial copy.
7 6 The French Cook
7 7 MacDonell, Anne, ed. The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby Knight Opened,
7 8 A Choice Manual of Rare and Select Secrets in Physick and Chyrurgery
7 9 G. M. lter The English Hous-Wife: Containing the Inward and Outward Vertues which ought to be in a Compleat Woman
1942 [1660].
7 10 Jeamson, Thomas. Artificiall Embellishments
8 1 A New Orchard & Garden,
8 2 Markham, G. Country Contentments: Or The Husbanmans Recreations,
8 3 Markham, G. The English House-Wife,
8 4 Salmon, William. Excerpts from Salmon Family Dictionary,
8 5 Evelyn, John. Acetaria: A Discourse on Sallets,
8 6 A Learned Dissertation on Dumplings,
8 7 James, Philip, ed. A Butler's Recipe Book 1719
8 8 A Collection of Receipts in Cookery: Physick and Surgery (1724)
8 9 Gardiner, Anne Gibbons. Mrs. Gardiner's Receipts from 1763,
8 10 Carter, Susannah. The Frugal Housewife or Complete Woman Cook,
8 11 The Farmer's Wife: Or the Complete Country Housewife,
8 12 Davies, J. The Innkeeper and Butler's Guide: Or a Directory in the Making and Managing of British Wines
9 1 Fessenden, Thomas G. The Husbandman and Housewife,
9 2 Recipes from the estate of Dr. Benjamin F. Heyward, Worcester, MA
ca. 1820.
9 3 Handwritten recipes "Mrs. Dorothea Green from her affectionate cousin F.R. Green,"
9 4 Hewlett, Esther. Cottage Comforts,
9 5 Handwritten recipes "Charlotte F. W. Gilbert from her friend A. D. Waters,"
9 6 The Housekeeper's Book,
9 7 The American Housewife
9 8 Sanderson, J.M. Cook and Confectioner: The Complete Cook
9 9 The Country Kitchen Revised and Enlarged: The Farmer Recipe Book
9 10 Fussel, G.E. An Eighteenth Century Village
9 11 Rouff, Marcel. The Passionate Epicure
9 12 A True Gentlewoman's Delight
9 13 Partial copy of House-Book of Lady Grisell Baillie.
9 14 Borde, Andrew. Partial copy of The First Book of the Introduction of Knowledge (1870)

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    • Food--History.

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