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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State College. Agricultural Experiment Station.
Title: Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Illustrations
Dates: 1925-1941 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 1.9 cubic feet, including 1084 photographs (8 boxes, including 1 oversize box)
Collection Number: P 019
Summary: The Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Illustrations consist of photographs and other illustrations reproduced in Station Bulletins published from the mid-1920s to early 1940s. The subjects are representative of the various agricultural research projects conducted in Corvallis and at Branch Stations throughout Oregon.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 

Historical Note

The Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station was established under the provisions of the federal Hatch Act of 1887, which provided grants of $15,000 to each U.S. state and territory for experimentation in the "principles and applications of agricultural science." Agricultural experimentation began at Oregon Agricultural College in 1888 under Edgar Grimm, the Station's first director, and in 1889 state legislation was approved formally establishing the Experiment Station. That year, the Station published its first bulletin and the college farm was increased from 35 acres to 155 acres.

In 1901 the first Branch Station was established at Union, in northeast Oregon, to address issues pertaining to the agriculture in that part of the state. Over the next few years, Branch Stations were established throughout Oregon, at Hermiston and Moro (1909); Harney and Talent (1911); Hood River (1912); and Astoria (1913). Prior to World War II, stations were established at Pendleton (1927); Medford (1931); Squaw Butte (1935); Klamath Falls (1937); and Oregon City (1939).

Major achievements of the Station's first 50 years included a successful way to remove spray residues from fruit; introduction of new grain varieties; new methods for storing and marketing Oregon pears; control of various livestock diseases; development of the modern maraschino cherry; and poultry breeding for egg production.

Content Description

The Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Illustrations consist of photographs and other illustrations published in the Station Bulletin series. These illustrations were used in 129 Station Bulletins (with numbers 214-398) published between 1925 and 1941. Not all of the Bulletins published during this time period are represented.

Subjects of the illustrations are representative of the various agricultural research projects conducted in Corvallis and at Branch Stations throughout Oregon during this time period. Notable topics are horticulture, especially fruits, berries, and nuts; dairy husbandry and production; forage crops such as hay alfafa, and oats; cattle and sheep raising and marketing; poultry; speciality crops such as hops and flax; soils and irrigation; and plant diseases and insect pests. In some cases, individual farms or processing facilities are identified.

Of special note are photographs of Asian pears and pear trees taken by Frank Charles Reimer during a trip to China and published in Station Bulletin 214 in 1925.

The bulk of the photographs are photographic prints; the collection includes 10 film negatives and 7 nitrate negatives. Other illustrations are included for most bulletins including charts, graphs, diagrams, equipment drawings, and maps.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation :  

Agricultural Experiment Station Bulletin Illustrations (P 019), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The collection consists of one series: I. Station Bulletin Illustrations, 1925-1941. The illustrations are arranged by bulletin number (SB) and have not been assigned unique individual numbers. In some cases, they are labeled P019:xxx, where "xxx" represents the bulletin number. In other cases, the items are labeled with the bulletin number (beginning with SB) and the figure number from the publication.

Acquisition Information :  

The collection was acquired by the Archives in the mid-1960s.

Related Materials :  

Original paper copies of Station Bulletins 214-398 are available in the Publications Collection (PUB 6-14a). Illustrations published in later Station Bulletins (numbers 413-594, dated 1938-1963) are part of the Extension and Experiment Station Communications Photographic Collection (P 120). Other photographs of Asian pears and their marketing are part of the Agricultural Experiment Station Photographic Collection (P 029). Many other photographs of Agricultural Experiment Station programs are part of the Agricultural Experiment Station (P 029), Extension and Experiment Station Communications (P 120), and Experiment Station Publications (P 132) photographic collections and Harriet's Collection.

Extensive documentation of the Station's agricultural research programs are available in the Agricultural Experiment Station Records (RG 025).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Station Bulletin Illustrations, 1925-1941

Series I consists of illustrations published in the Experiment Station Bulletin series from the mid-1920s through early 1940s. The bulletin number (beginning with SB), title, publication date, number and format of images, and topics depicted in the images are provided.

1 SB 214: Blight resistance in pears and characteristics of pear species and stocks, June 1925
35 photographs
Pears and pear trees; Asian pears and pear trees in China.
1 SB 215: Phloridzin I. The significance of phloridzin in apple and pear tissue. II. The hydrolysis and estimation of phloridzin, June 1925
7 charts
1 SB 216: The control of core break-down in pears, June 1925
1 photograph and 1 chart
Pear fruit interior.
1 SB 218: Fattening lambs for the late-winter market, August 1925
2 photographs and 1 chart
Sheep in pen and being moved on road.
1 SB 220: Cost of producing beef on the ranges of eastern Oregon, November 1925
1 chart and 5 photographs
Free range.
1 SB 221: Potato wilt and its control, March 1926
10 photographs and 3 diagrams
Potato stalks and potato tubers.
1 SB 222: European canker of pomaceous fruit trees, March 1926
15 photographs, 7 diagrams, and 2 maps.
Anjou pear tree.
1 SB 223: The tree crickets of Oregon, June 1926
6 diagrams
Basal antennal segments; snowy tree cricket.
1 SB 225: The cranberry in Oregon, January 1927
17 photographs
Cranberry fields, workers, machinery, and crates; spreading sawdust in field; wagon filled with cranberries.
1 SB 226: A progress report on the removal of spray residue from apples and pears, February 1927
1 photograph and 1 diagram
Diseased pear.
1 SB 227: Walnut drying and packing in Oregon, May 1927
12 photographs, 3 illustrations
Rotating disc washer; vertical brush washer; elevator and bins; cross sections of green walnuts; interior of North Pacific Nut Growers Cooperative in Dundee, Oregon; grader; weighing and sacking machines.
1 SB 228: Investigations on the harvesting and handling of Bosc pears from the Rogue River Valley, July 1927
3 diagrams
1 SB 229: Cattle marketing investigations at Portland, Oregon, August 1927
8 photographs and 1 diagram
Cattle in feedlots (Benson Comm. Co.).
1 SB 236: Field crops for pump irrigation at Harney Branch Experiment Station, 1920 to 1927, June 1928
6 photographs
Kaiser field peas, Mammoth Russian sunflowers, and oats; irrigation.
1 SB 238: Coccidiosis of chicken, December 1928
4 photographs and 1 diagram
1, 7 SB 239: Pollination study of the Anjou pear in Hood River Valley, March 1929
4 photographs and 3 diagrams, including one oversize diagram
Anjou blossoms; Bartlett; Anjou tree; planting arrangement.
1 SB 240: Soils of the Willamette series and their utilization, December 1928
3 photographs
1 SB 241: Cost and efficiency in producing alfalfa hay in Oregon, December 1928
2 folders with 91 photographs, 2 maps, and 9 diagrams
Willamette Valley; Umatilla, Malheur, Deschutes, Rogue River, and Klamath regions; sheep pasturing; Ward Brothers of Baker; hay derricks, stackers, and other equipment; William Reed; A. L. Goodrich; Nicholson Brothers; and L. E. Sullivan.
1 SB 242: The occurrence and prevention of calyx injury in apple from the Hood River Valley, May 1929
11 photographs
1 SB 243: The relation of woolly apple aphis to perennial canker infection, with other notes on the disease, May 1929
20 photographs
2 SB 245: Cost and practices in strawberry production in the Willamette Valley, May 1929
4 photographs
Workers in strawberry fields.
2 SB 246: Alfalfa in western Oregon, May 1929
10 photographs and 3 diagrams
Alfalfa bunches and workers.
2 SB 248: Cost and efficiency in producing hay in the Willamette Valley, May 1929
15 photographs, 2 diagrams
Tractors, trucks, and hay slips; A. E. Holmes, Benton County; J. W. Gentle, Polk County.
2 SB 250: Cost of horse labor on Oregon Farms, June 1929
1 photograph
2 SB 251: Cost of producing silage and kale in the Willamette Valley, June 1929
8 photographs, 2 diagrams, 1 map
Farms of Albert Eyman, Clackamas County; August Nielson, near Amity; and E. A. Canning, Linn County.
2 SB 252: Studies of factors influencing separation of dried prunes into quality grades, July 1929
4 photographs, 19 diagrams
2 SB 253: Congenital loco in chicks, July 1929
2 photographs
2 SB 254: Further investigations on the harvesting, storying and ripening of pears from Rogue River Valley, August 1929
1 photograph
2 SB 255: Electric hay hoists, September 1929
4 photographs
2 SB 256: Use of time by Oregon homemakers, November 1929
15 photographs, 18 diagrams
Mrs. O.L. Smith; Floyd Bullis farm home; women with children; laundry equipment; kitchen and home interiors; woman feeding chickens.
2 SB 257: Trends of tax levies in Oregon with emphasis upon rural and city area properties, November 1929
2 maps, 9 diagrams
2 SB 258: The butter industry of Oregon; factors relating to the quality of butter, December 1929
5 photographs
Creamery and dairy equipment.
2 SB 259: Sprays, their preparation and use, February 1930
1 diagram
Contact sprays, stomach poisons, and fungicides.
2 SB 260: Marketing Willamette Valley wools through the Pacific cooperative wool growers, February 1930
4 graphs
2 SB 262: Electric brooders, April 1930
8 photographs and 7 diagrams
2, 8 SB 264: Irrigated pastures for dairy cattle, May 1930
19 photographs, including 1 nitrate negative, and 4 diagrams
Wisconsin and Willamette Valley; men standing in pasture; irrigation ditch.
2 SB 265: Lamb marketing investigations in Western Oregon, June 1930
6 photographs
2 SB 266: Studies in fascioliasis in Oregon sheep and goats, June 1930
5 photographs
Wood pile; farm land.
2 SB 267: Cost and efficiency in pear production in the Rogue River Valley, June 1930
16 photographs and 10 diagrams
Pear picking; laden pear tree; plowing and pruning; spray gun and smudge pots.
2 SB 268: Mechanical refrigeration of milk in a tank type refrigerator, June 1930
3 photographs and 2 diagrams
Milk cooler.
2 SB 269: Fattening pigs for market, November 1930
2 photographs
Self-feeder for grain mixture.
2 SB 270: Progress report of the irrigated eighty-acre demonstration farm unit of the Harney Branch Experiment Station, 1927-1930, October 1930
4 photographs and 2 diagrams
Ditches; children in alfalfa field.
2 SB 271: Deferred breeding of beef cows, November 1930
4 photographs
Cattle in lots.
2 SB 272: The comparative value of kale and corn silage for milk production, December 1930
1 photograph
Man in kale field.
2 SB 273: Fowl-pox control, December 1930
21 photographs
Fowl comparisons.
3 SB 275: Bleaching and dyeing Royal Ann cherries for maraschino or fruit salad use, May 1931
4 photographs and 1 diagram
3 SB 276: Fattening calves and yearlings, May 1931
6 photographs
3 SB 277: Preliminary report on effect of irrigation on major berry crops in the Willamette Valley, May 1931
7 photographs and 14 diagrams
3 SB 278: The 'frozen-pack' method of preserving berries, May 1931
6 photographs and 3 diagrams
Strawberry boxes and cans including "Heart of the Valley" strawberries.
3, 7 SB 279: A method for studying water conduction in plant in relation to pruning, grafting and other horticultural practices, May 1931
37 photographs, including one oversize print
Dissected tree branches.
3 SB 280: A preliminary report on Anjou scald and its control, June 1931
2 photographs
3 SB 281: Varietal resistance, physiologic specialization, and inheritance studies in bunt of wheat, June 1931
8 photographs and 3 diagrams
3 SB 282: A peculiar freezing trouble of pears in cold storage, June 1931
2 photographs
Dissected pears.
3 SB 283: Baking of pears; standardization of household practice as applied to the baking of Bosc, d'Anjou and Comice pears, June 1931
6 photographs
Dessert dishes.
3 SB 284: A preliminary report on the vegetative growth of okra (Hibiscus esculentus Linn.) in relation to the production of varying amounts of reproductive tissue, June 1931
4 photographs and 4 diagrams
3 SB 285: Oats production in western Oregon, June 1931
2 photographs
Oats growing in Corvallis.
3 SB 286: Austrian winter field peas in Oregon, June 1931
3 photographs
3 SB 287: Cost and efficiency in commercial egg production in Oregon, June 1931
4 photographs, 2 diagrams
Hens in farm yard.
3 SB 288: An economic study of the hop industry in Oregon, June 1931
24 diagrams
3 SB 289: The Angora goat industry of Oregon, June 1931
12 photographs
Burned forest land.
3 SB 290: Raising calves on dry calf meals, June 1931
19 photographs and 12 diagrams
Profiles of calves.
3 SB 291: Factors for consideration in standardization of Oregon dried prunes, June 1931
7 photographs and 4 diagrams
3 SB 292: Cost and efficiency in prune production in western Oregon, June 1931
15 photographs
Fields and orchards; prune shed.
3 SB 294: Potato virus diseases; Oregon investigation, 1924-1929, January 1932
6 photographs
Plow; potato plant and leaves; potatoes.
3 SB 295: A strawberry disease caused by Rhizoctonia, March 1932
9 photographs
Field; petri dishes; and roots and leaves.
3 SB 296: The strawberry crown moth, May 1932
14 photographs
Fields; roots and moth cocoon.
4 SB 297: Types of hogs marketed and consumer demand in Oregon, May 1932
6 photographs
Hog profiles.
4 SB 299: Soils of Chehalis series and their utilization, May 1932
7 photographs and 1 diagrams
Test field; spray irrigation.
4 SB 301: Design of equipment and method for preparing starter for Oregon creameries and cheese factories, June 1932
10 photographs and 3 diagrams
4 SB 302: Twenty-five years of supplemental irrigation investigations in Willamette Valley, June 1932
2 photographs and 2 diagrams
4 SB 304: Diseases of narcissus, June 1932
23 photographs
Plants, leaves, roots, and bulbs.
4 SB 305: Cream refrigeration on the farm and the quality of butter manufactured, June 1932
4 photographs and 8 diagrams
Dairy equipment and creamery; dairy cattle in streambed.
4 SB 307: Electric hotbeds an propagating beds, June 1932
11 photographs and 1 diagram
Greenhouse interior.
4 SB 312: Cost of keeping dairy herd sires and suggestions on their selection and management, May 1933
3 photographs and 7 diagrams
Electric bull exerciser; photograph of assembled newspaper clippings about accidents and injuries caused by bulls.
4 SB 314: Coccidiosis of the chicken, June 1933
1 diagram
Digestive diagram.
4 SB 315: Cost and practices in establishing walnut orchards in Oregon, June 1933
14 photographs and 5 diagrams
Filbert and walnut orchards.
4, 8 SB 318: Cost and efficiency in dairy farming in Oregon, September 1933
34 photographs, including 1 nitrate negative, and 46 diagrams
Cows at pasture; types of pasture; alfalfa crop; kale and corn silage; R. H. Christensen Coos River Farm; loafing sheds.
4 SB 321: Dormant sprays and their use of the control of insect pests of fruit trees in Rogue River Valley, December 1933
18 photographs
Winter Nelis, Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, Comice, Newtown and Howell pear varieties.
4 SB 323: Preliminary survey of the food of Oregon trout, May 1934
1 diagram and 14 illustrations
Mayfly nymph, adult mayfly, adult stonefly, caddis fly larva, adult caddis fly, adult midge, midge and blackfly larva, and fresh water shrimp.
4 SB 324: Cost and efficiency in raising dairy heifers in Oregon, June 1934
2 photographs and 3 diagram
4 SB 326: Methods of cooling and storing cream for Oregon's dairy farms; influence on the quality of butter which can be manufactured, June 1934
4 photographs
Dairy equipment.
4 SB 327: Lungworms (Dictyocaulus filaria Rudolphi) in sheep and goats, June 1934
1 photograph
Eastern Oregon yearling artificialy infected.
4 SB 329: Growth, reproduction, and lactation of dairy cattle fed dry rations varying in mineral and vitamin contents,
6 photographs and 1 diagram
Cow profiles.
4 SB 330: The root-weevils injurious to strawberries in Oregon, June 1934
24 photographs and 1 diagrams
Shaker and bait gun.
5 SB 331: Cooperative efficiency of farm milk coolers, June 1934
11 photographs
Dairy equipment.
5 SB 333: Cost of producing turkey hatching eggs in Oregon, October 1934
2 photographs
Turkey farm.
5 SB 335: Six years of progress in improving the quality and standardizing the composition of Oregon butter, March 1935
1 diagram
5 SB 337: The blackberry mite in Oregon, June 1935
8 photographs and 2 diagrams
Evergreen canes; applying dormant spray.
5 SB 338: Methods of controlling the composition of Oregon butter, June 1935
8 photographs
Dairy testing equipment.
5, 8 SB 340: Part-time farming in Oregon, June 1935
2 photographs, including 1 nitrate negative
Farm house.
5 SB 342: The occurrence in pears of metabolic gases other than carbon dioxide, August 1935
6 photographs
5 SB 345: Effect of sulfur sprays on corrosion of prune cans, June 1936
16 photographs, including 2 negatives
Vacuum testing machine.
5 SB 347: Influences of irrigation upon important small fruits, June 1936
2 photographs
Men working in field.
5 SB 349: The ticks of Oregon, June 1937
2 photographs and 7 diagrams
Elk or winter Tick; life cycle of spotted fever tick.
5 SB 350: Effect of agricultural and home economic research on Oregon's agricultural progress; a report of activities and accomplishments for biennium ending June 30, 1936, June 1937
23 photographs
Hood River, Pendleton, and Hermiston, Oregon; tomatoes in field; lilies in bloom in field.
5 SB 351: Cost and efficiency in the filbert enterprise in Oregon, June 1937
9 photographs, including 3 negatives
5 SB 352: Corn drying, June 1937
8 photographs and 12 diagrams
Draw-off roll assembly; Oregon shelled corn drier.
5 SB 353: Dried Italian prune products, June 1938
7 photographs and 5 diagrams
5 SB 354: Cost and efficiency in fiber flax production in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, June 1938
6 photographs, including 1 negative
5 SB 355: Barley production in Oregon, June 1938
3 photographs
Barley varieties.
5 SB 357: Insect pests and diseases of strawberry in Oregon, August 1938
7 photographs
Willamette Valley strawberry field; Marshall Strawberry plant.
5, 8 SB 359: Agricultural research serves to relieve the tax burden, December 1938
39 photographs, including 3 nitrate negatives
Farm aerial photographs; berries, pears, and poultry; Hermiston; soil moisture availabilimeter; snow survey; curly top resistant squash; irrigated field corn; lambs being fed.
5 SB 360: Black disease, March 1939
7 photographs
5 SB 361: Sudan grass, millets and sorghums in Oregon, March 1939
5 photographs
Cows in pasture.
5, 8 SB 362: Cost and practices in producing honey in Oregon, June 1939
3 photographs, including 1 nitrate negative, and 1 diagram
Bee hives.
5 SB 364: Cost and efficiency in producing hops in Oregon, June 1939
9 photographs, including 4 negatives, and 1 diagram
workers harvesting hops.
5 SB 366: The value of irrigated pastures for dairy cattle, September 1939
9 photographs and 1 diagram
Cattle at pasture.
6 SB 369: House planning ideas of Oregon rural women, February 1940
1 diagram
6 SB 370: Fattening lambs on Oregon feedstuffs, April 1940
3 photographs
Lamb profiles and lambs feeding.
6 SB 372: Soil moisture, root distribution and aeration as factors in nut production in western Oregon,
6 diagrams
6 SB 373: Land use and production costs on dry-land wheat farms, Columbia Basin, Oregon, June 1940
7 photographs and 14 diagrams
Mark Weatherford's "Caterpillar"; horse drawn tractor; cattle in pasture.
6 SB 374: Anjou pear responses to irrigation in a clay adobe soil, July 1940
35 photographs and 20 diagrams
Orchards; pear blossoms.
6 SB 377: Some economic considerations of marketing Oregon fruits and vegetables through cooperative canning associations, October 1940
6 diagrams
6 SB 378: Some economic considerations affecting the marketing of Oregon dried prunes through cooperative dried-prune-packing associations, November 1940
4 diagrams
6 SB 379: Preparation of starter for cheese, buttermilk, butter, December 1940
14 photographs and 2 diagram
Dairy equipment.
6 SB 380: Feeding alfalfa hay alone and with concentrates to dairy cows, December 1940
4 photographs and 2 diagrams
Cow profiles.
6 SB 381: Ranch organization and range land use in Coos and Curry Counties, Oregon, December 1940
6 photographs and 1 table
Hill pasture on Pedrioli Farm in Harbor, Oregon.
6 SB 383: Sampling, preserving, testing milk, December 1940
10 photographs
Dairy equipment.
6 SB 384: Financing fire protection for timber lands under Oregon laws, December 1940
2 diagrams
6 SB 387: Twenty-two years of soil fertility investigations in the Willamette Valley, Oregon, March 1941
9 photographs
6 SB 389: Pea aphid control in Oregon, April 1941
18 photographs and 1 diagram
Duster mounted on tractor and other equipment.
6 SB 390: Cost, efficiency and management of dairy cattle pasture, Coast Region, Oregon, May 1941
5 photographs and 1 diagram
6 SB 391: Cost and efficiency of irrigated farm pasture in eastern Oregon, May 1941
4 photographs and 1 diagram
Cattle at pasture.
6 SB 392: Costs and grazing values of Willamette Valley and southern Oregon farm pastures, June 1941
13 photographs
Cattle and sheep at pasture.
6 SB 393: Sprays, their preparation and use, May 1941
1 photograph
Spray equipment.
6 SB 394: Irrigation requirement of arable Oregon soils, June 1941
10 diagrams
6 SB 396: Cost and efficiency in producing walnuts in Western Oregon, June 1941
13 photographs and 5 diagrams
Mountainside Farm Commercial Walnut Dryer.
6 SB 397: Reducing the loss of fat during churning, July 1941
1 photograph
6 SB 398: Feeding for milk production, October 1941
4 photographs
Cows feeding; cows in pasture; dairy equipment.

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