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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hatfield Marine Science Center.
Title: Hatfield Marine Science Center Records
Dates: 1961-2005 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 3.1 cubic feet (The Hatfield Marine Science Center Records are housed in 4 cubic foot boxes, 1 oversize box, and 1 oversize drawer.)
Collection Number: RG 194
Summary: The records of the Hatfield Marine Science Center document the development and administration of the center, as well as its instructional and research functions.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 

Historical Note

Established by Oregon State University in 1965 on Yaquina Bay in Newport, the Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC) was constructed on land donated by the Port of Newport and funded by grants from the Federal Economic Development Administration. The campaign to build HMSC was driven by three major forces at work in Newport during the 1960s. First, many saw the development of a marine research facility with a public education component as a draw for tourists in a stagnant coastal economy. Another motivating factor was the Department of Oceanography's need for dock and ship support facilities for the Acona research vessel. At the same time, the Yaquina Bay Oyster Laboratory, a research facility established earlier by the university, was looking to expand their operations.

The university's presence on Yaquina Bay dates from 1938, when Fisheries and Wildlife Department Professor Roland Dimick established the Yaquina Bay Oyster Laboratory. Starting out as a floathouse at Sally's Bend, the laboratory expanded into a small land facility where research on various forms of bay life, water quality, and bivalve aquaculture was conducted. From 1946 until 1952, OSC also managed a marine research station in conjunction with the University of Oregon and Portland State College in Charleston, Oregon.

Envisioned as a center for both research and instruction, HMSC began to offer classes in 1966 in the form of a summer courses in zoology and oceanography. Later on, coursework in the Fisheries and Wildlife Department and Biology Program were added to the list of offerings at HMSC. Dormitory housing for undergraduate students on the HMSC campus became available in 1972 with the opening of the Li House. In 1976, instruction at HMSC got a boost with the completion of a library facility and the establishment of a full-time librarian position funded by the university library. Although not part of the center's original mission, public education grew to become one of the most important components at HMSC. In 1966, OSU assigned the task of developing and managing educational programs at HMSC to Extension agent William Wick. Known later as the "Seatauqua" program, HMSC put together a number of tours, workshops, tank talks, and whalewatching opportunities designed to impart marine knowledge to the public.

As a research facility, HMSC hosts scientists from a number of federal and state agencies in addition to those from OSU. A federal presence at HMSC was established early on with the installation of the Environmental Protection Agency in 1966. Other federal research bodies represented at HMSC include: the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and the National Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute. At the state level, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife has conducted research at HMSC since it's founding as well as Oregon Sea Grant. In 1989, HMSC became an OSU Experiment Station branch with the establishment of the Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station.

In 1983, the Marine Science Center was officially re-named for Oregon Governor and Senator Mark Hatfield.

Directors of the Hatfield Marine Science Center have included John Byrne (1972-1977), Lavern Weber (1977-2002), and George Boehlert (2002-).

Content Description

Primarily consisting of correspondence, Series I documents the administration of HMSC covering topics such as policy and procedure development, space allocation, long range planning, physical plant management, research equipment needs, staffing, and interaction with organizations like the Oregon State System of Higher Education (OSSHE) Marine Sciences Commission. This series also includes brochures, grant proposals, and reports. In addition to annual reports, Series II includes a five-year review, Marine Science Extension Education Specialist field reports, a visitor fee and registration feasibility study, OSSHE Marine Sciences Commission reports, an operations plan, site investigation studies, fiscal status reports, and an essay on Extension Sea Grant history.

Series III consists of records generated by HMSC committees and is made up of correspondence, meeting minutes, agendas, and reports. Materials relating to instruction and the development of academic programs at HMSC constitute the focus of Series IV, which includes correspondence, course lists, grant proposals, mailing lists, publications, reports, and tour presentation notes.

Series V pertains to the construction, maintenance, and use of buildings and other structures at HMSC and includes correspondence, grant proposals, newspaper clippings, and reports. The newspaper clippings in Series VI document the development of HMSC, staff research and news, Yaquina Bay planning issues, public education programs, dedication ceremonies, and center funding. The articles are clipped primarily from the Newport News-Times, Oregonian, and Statesman Journal. Series VII relates to the planning and publicity of various HMSC dedications, anniversary celebrations, and other ceremonial events. In addition to a guestbook, this Series includes brochures, correspondence, flyers, newspaper clippings, press releases, and speeches.

The publications include newsletters, brochures, Extension Service circulars, a directory, flyers, studies, and a historical essay. In addition to general information about HMSC, the materials in Series VIII publicize workshops, seminars, and classes and include staff news and historical information.

Series IX is a reel-to-reel sound recording of the dedication ceremony of the Marine Science Center Instructional Building/Library. The two maps in Series X depict Yaquina Bay and geological and structural features in addition to the HMSC site. One of the maps is a depth survey study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the other is a hand drawn outline of the bay noting rock groin and possible fill areas.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Hatfield Marine Science Center Records (RG 194), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into ten series: I. Correspondence; II. Reports; III. Committees; IV. Curriculum Development and Instruction; V. Buildings and Facilities; VI. Newspaper Clippings; VII. Special Events; VIII. Publications; IX. Sound Recording; and X. Maps.

Related Materials :  

Documentation relating to HMSC is also represented elsewhere in the holdings of the OSU Archives. Institutional records from administrative offices and academic programs pertaining to HMSC can be found in the following record groups: Sea Grant Program (RG 201), the President's Office (RG 13), Library (RG 9), Facilities Services (RG 193), Extension Service (RG 111), and the Research Office (RG 170). The Archives' collections also include the papers from HMSC faculty members William Wick, Bill Rogers, and William McNeil.

Images of HMSC, OSU research vessels, and faculty and staff can be found in several photographic collections, including: Hatfield Marine Science Center (P 254), Sea Grant (P 185), News and Communication Services (P 57), University Publications (P 94), and Harriet's Collection.

Film and videotape footage of events at HMSC and public education programs can be found in the following film/videotape collections: Hatfield Marine Science Center (P 254), Agricultural Communications (P 120), Experiment Station Communication (P 132), and News and Communication Services (P 57).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Correspondence, 1962-1990
1 Bookstore, 1976
1 Conferences/Workshops, 1977-1979
1 U.S.-USSR Symposium on Salmonids Ecosystems, 1977-1979
1 Cooperative Institute for Marine Studies, 1983
Collaborative program with the National Marine Fisheries Service
1 Fresh Water Supply and Sewage Service, 1967-1972
1 General, 1966-1990
1 Graduate Students, 1977-1980
1 HMSC Historical Essay, 1987
1 4 Land Use Planning and Property Acquisition, 1962-1977
apx 12x17 in.
1 Long Range Planning, 1964-1983
1 Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Center, 1977-1981
Research program funded by grants from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences
1 Marine Science Center Service Club, 1981
1 Oregon State System of Higher Education (OSSHE) Marine Sciences Commission, 1971-1983
1 Personnel/Staffing
1 Director Search, 1972-1976
1 General, 1966-1977
1 HMSC Employee Lists and Phone Directories, 1969-1986
1 Physical Plant, 1967-1980
1 Policies and Procedures, 1973-1977
1 President's Office, 1972-1978
1 Public and Educational Programs, 1968-1977
1 Renaming of the Marine Science Center, 1983-1986
1 Research Equipment and Staff, 1966-1976
1 Sea Grant Program, 1971
1 Space Needs and Allocation, 1965-1974
1 University of Oregon-Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, 1965-1981

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Series II:  Reports, 1961-2002
1 Analysis of Marine Science Center Expansion Options, 1973
1 Annual Reports, 1977/78-2002
3 folders
1 Background Information-OSU Marine Science Center, 1976
1 Building Program-Marine Science Center Improvements, 1968-1977
1 Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station Annual Reports, 1998/99-2000/01
1 Field Reports-Marine Science Extension Education Specialist, 1969-1971
1 Five-Year Review of the HMSC: 1994-1999, 2000
2 folders
1 HMSC Status Report for Fiscal Years 1973-1974 , 1974
Prepared for the Marine Science Center Advisory Committee.
1 A Look at Extension Sea Grant History, 1986
2 Marine Science Center Development: A 10-Year Projection, 1972
2 Narrative Reports-Sea Grant/Marine Advisory Program, 1966-1968
2 A National Broodstock Laboratory for Molluscan Shellfish at the Hatfield Marine Science Center, 1993
2 Netarts Fisheries Laboratory-Plan of Operations, 1970
2 Oceanography in Oregon: 1959-1968 , 1968
OSU Department of Oceanography
2 Operations Plan For HMSC, 1965
2 Oregon State System of Higher Education (OSSHE) Marine Sciences Commission, 1972-1976
2 Policy Statement and Budget Reports, 1976-1977
2 Research Progress Reports, 1966-1968
2 Site Investigation Reports, 1961-1963
2 Visitor Register and User Fee Feasibility Studies , 1972

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Series III:  Committees, 1964-1977
2 Library Committee, 1969-1974
2 Marine Science Center Review Committee (resident director search), 1973-1976
2 Marine Science Center Users' Council, 1972-1977
2 Museum and Aquarium Committees, 1964-1976
2 Sea Grant Coordinating Committee, 1970-1971

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Series IV:  Curriculum Development and Instruction, 1966-2002
2 Aquaculture Educational Program, 1978
2 Course Listings, 1966-2002
2 Course Materials-Marine Algae (Botany 480x), 1973-1981
2 General, 1968-1979
2 Grant Proposal-Comprehensive Assistance to Undergraduate Science Education, 1976
2 Grant Proposal-Enhancement of Marine Science Training Programs, 1976
2 Internship Program, 1977-1980
2 Marine Fisheries Curriculum , 1979
2 Tour Presentation Notes, undated
2 Undergraduate Program in Marine Sciences at the OSU Marine Science Center, undated

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Series V:  Buildings and Facilities, 1965-1996
2 Aquarium/Museum Display, 1965-1990
2 Dormitory/Student Housing, 1965-1973
2 General, 1970-1975
2 Library/Instruction Building, 1972-1975
2 Marine Research Laboratory-Fish Commission of Oregon, 1971
2 Meeting/Dining Building (Self Service Kitchen/Dining/Study), 1974-1976
2 Newport Research Support Facility and Aquaculture Laboratory, 1977-1983
2 Public Wing Construction, 1996
Digital images of the construction process printed on paper
2 Sea Water Supply Facility, 1968-1975
2 Ship Operations Live Storage Building, 1983
2 South Jetty Data Transmission System, 1970-1976
2 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Property, 1973-1979

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Series VI:  Newspaper Clippings, 1961-1997
2 General, 1961-1972
6 folders
3 General, 1973-1997
2 folders
4 General, 1962-1984
apx 12x17 in.

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Series VII:  Special Events, 1961-2001
Anniversary Celebrations, 1974-1990
3 10th Year Celebration, 1974-1975
4 10th Year Celebration, 1975
apx 12x17 in.
3 25th Year Open House, 1989-1990
Dedication Ceremonies, 1961-2001
3 Acona Research Vessel Maiden Voyage, 1961
3 Captain Barry Fisher Northwest Fisheries Science Center, 2001
3 Cille Research Vessel Commission, 1993
3 Marine Science Center, 1965
3 Marine Science Center Instructional Building, 1977-1978
3 Marine Science Center Library, 1990
3 National Coastal Resources Research and Development Institute, 1986
3 New Public Wing and Ship Operations Facilities, 1997
3 Newport Aquaculture Laboratory/Research Support Facility, 1981-1982
3 Yaquina Research Vessel Commission, 1964
3 Guestbook, 1965-1971
3 Visitor Benchmark Celebrations, 1971-1982

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Series VIII:  Publications, 1965-2005
3 Astoria Seafoods Laboratory: The First 60 Years, 1998
Written by Pamela Rogers.
3 Childrens' Programs Brochures, 1980-2001
3 Crisis in Oregon Estuaries, 1969
Estuary Conservation and Development Committee-American Fisheries Society, William Wick (edit.)
3 Course Announcements, 1966-2002
3 The Data Processing Facility at the OSU Marine Science Center, 1980
3 Extension Service/Marine Advisory Program, undated
Various topics by William Wick, Donald Giles, A.W. Pritchard, and Lyndal Brixius.
3 General Informational Brochures, 1965-2000
2 folders
3 History of HMSC: 1988-2001, Volume II, 2001
Written by Pam Rogers.
Newsletters, 1974-2005
3 Center News, 1994-1996
Newsletter detailing the progress of the renovation and expansion of HMSC's public education facility and programs.
3 Friends of Hatfield Marine Science Center Newsletter , 1991-1995
3 Lateral Lines Volunteer Newsletter, 1987-1991
3 MicroNews, 1993-1995
Short-lived newsletter publicizing the need for additional housing at HMSC.
3 Staff Newsletter, 1974-2005
3 Staff Newsletter Indexes, 1974-1999
3 Oceanographic Fleet-Department of Oceanography OSU, ca. 1969
3 Oregon State University Fisheries and Wildlife Department Circulars, ca. 1968
3 Oregon State University Mark O. Hatfield Marine Science Center: 1965-1988 the First Two Decades, 1988
3 Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center: A Celebration of the First 25 Years, 1990
4 Posters, 1979-1985
apx 12x17 in.
program information
3 Searching for Patterns in a Complex World: OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center, undated
3 Western Association of Marine Laboratories Directory, 1994
3 Workshop and Seminar Announcements and Brochures, 1975-2002

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Series IX:  Sound Recording, 1978

Dedication of Library/Instructional Building


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Series X:  Maps, 1976 and undated

Yaquina Bay and Harbor Depth Survey Study, 1976 (Army Corps of Engineers); Handdrawn outline of Yaquina Bay, undated


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    • Corporate Names :
    • Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station.
    • Hatfield Marine Science Center.
    • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.
    • Oregon State System of Higher Education. Marine Sciences Commission.
    • Oregon State University. College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences.
    • Oregon State University. Netarts Fisheries Laboratory.
    • Oregon State University. Sea Grant College Program.
    • Geographical Names :
    • Newport (Or.)
    • Yaquina Bay (Or.)
    • Yaquina Head (Or.)
    • Subject Terms :
    • Aquariums, public--Oregon.
    • Fisheries--Research--Oregon.
    • Marine resources--Research--Oregon.
    • Marine sciences--Study and teaching (Higher)--Oregon.
    • Oceanographic research ships--Oregon.
    • Oceanographic research stations--Oregon.
    • Oceanography--Research--Oregon.
    • Tourism and city planning--Newport (Or.)
    • Form or Genre Terms :
    • Maps.
    • Sound recordings.
      • Other Creators :
      • Weber, Lavern J.

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