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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bond, Carl E.
Title: Carl E. Bond Papers
Dates: 1944-2000 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 3 cubic feet (These records are housed in 3 cubic foot boxes and 2 document boxes.)
Collection Number: Consult repository.
Summary: The Bond Papers document the fisheries research conducted by OSU Fisheries and Wildlife Professor Carl E. Bond.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

Alumnus and ichthyologist Carl Bond received B.S. and M.S. degrees from Oregon State College in 1947 and 1948. Bond also received a Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 1963, for which he left OSU in 1959 and returned in 1960. He began his teaching and research career in OSC's Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. in 1949 as Assistant Aquatic Biologist. Specializing in the study of freshwater fish, Bond established himself as one of the world's leading authorities on Sculpin cottidae. Bond was also involved in research internationally, working in Latin America and Africa, as well as India and Iran in Peace Corps projects from 1967 to 1971. In addition to his teaching post, Bond also held the position of Assistant Dean of the Graduate School from 1969 to 1974. He became Professor Emeritus of Fisheries in 1984.

Content Description

Series I pertains to research projects and consists of annual and quarterly progress reports, correspondence, presentation notes, studies, research outlines and proposals, and surveys. The bulk of this series documents three projects funded by the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station: a survey of fishes in Oregon (#32), aquatic weed control (#34, 773), and aquaculture development in farm ponds (#294). Unnumbered projects in this series pertain entirely to research of Oregon and California freshwater and ocean fishes, including the identification and survey of sculpin, tui chub, and sucker varieties.

The correspondence in series II relates to Bond's research activities, interaction between others involved in fish research, the Peace Corps in Asia and other international research projects in Latin America and Africa, involvement with state agencies in the study and protection of endangered Oregon fish species, Bond's post as Assistant Dean of the graduate school, and faculty fellowships with the National Science Foundation.

Series III includes notes, research data, and studies pertaining to farm pond and weed studies, stream pollution, Coho salmon, the effects of certain chemicals on fish, fish oxygen consumption, Peace Corps research projects, and fisheries in India. The notes, which are found both in field notebooks and loose in folders, include research data originally compiled by Oregon State Fisheries and Wildlife Professor Roland Dimick.

Series IV contains a slide show script, presentation outlines, and a workshop guide from seminars and lectures presented by Bond. Consisting primarily of article reprints and abstracts, the publications in series V document fish research by Bond and others. This series also includes two publications on Oregon fish, one of which was written by Bond.

The photographs primarily depict various freshwater and ocean fishes and were generated as a byproduct of Bond's research, featured in publications, or were received by Bond for the purposes of identification. Images of farm pond weed research that include shots of a classroom field trip are among the photographs.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Carl E. Bond Papers, Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

These records are organized into six series: I. Research Projects; II. Correspondence; III. Research Notes; IV. Lectures and Seminars; V. Publications; and VI. Photographs.

Related Materials :  

Other materials relating to fish research and fisheries include: the E. E. Wilson Papers; the Roland Dimick Papers; the Oregon Wildlife Federation Scrapbooks; Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records (RG 190); and the Agricultural Experiment Station Records (RG 25). Several of Bond's published works are available in the OSU Valley Library.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Research Projects, 1948-1990
Project series #32 (Oregon Fishes, their classification, distribution and biologies)
1 Annual Progress Reports, 1959-1975
1 Correspondence, Information on Rare and Endangered Fishes, 1972-1973
4 Inventory: Freshwater Fishes of Oregon, 1984
1 Studies: Preliminary observations on the comparative osteology of Salmo Gairdnerii gairdnerii and Salmo Clarkii Clarkii1948
1 Fishes of the Siltcoos Lake Region, Lane and Douglas Counties, Oregon 1951
1 Red-sided Bream as a possible mosquito control fish, 1951
1 Freshwater Cottid Fishes of Western Oregon, 1952
1 Fishes of the South Santiam River, 1953
1 New Downstream Distribution Record of the Sand Roller Fish, Percopsis Squawfish Ptychocheilus Oregonense In Lookout Point and Dexter Reservoirs, 1957
1 Coastal Cutthroat Study, 1962
1 Grass Rockfish, Sebastodes Rastrelliger from the Yaquina Bay area, 1963
1 Migration and distribution of Cottus Asper Richardson in a small coastal stream, 1963
1 Sand Roller Fish, Transmontana, in the Columbia River, 1963
Written by Paul Reimers and presented at the Oregon Academy of Sciences, 2-23-63.
1 Occurrence of the Reticulate Sculpin, Cottus Perplexus, in California, With Distributional Notes on Cottus Gulosus in Oregon and Washington, 1971-1972
1 Status of rare Suckers, 1973-1974
1 Cottus Species in Oregon, 1975
1 Fish fauna of Lookout Point Reservoir with emphasis on distribution and abundance of the Oregon Chub, 1976-1984
1 Oregon Range validation project-fishery study, 1977-1980
1 Salmonid and Non-game fishes in selected Coos Bay District streams, 1977-1981
1 Field Inventory of fishes, amphibians, and reptiles of the Charles Sheldon Antelope range and refuge, 1978-1980
1 Salmonids from surface deposits at Fossil Lake, Oregon, 1981-1982
1 EPA/OSU Cooperative project, Oregon freshwater database, 1982-1984
Project series #34, 773 (Aquatic Weed Control)
1 Annual Reports, 1951-1958
1 Correspondence and Research Proposal, 1965-1966
1 Progress Reports, 1966-1971
1 Studies: Aquatic Weed Surveys 1954-1955
1 Toxicity of Various Herbicidal Materials, 1959
1 Weed Control in fish ponds, 1960
1 Evaluation of aquatic herbicides in Oregon, 1961
1 The activity of Diquat on Elodea Densa, 1971
1 Oregon's aquatic weed problems, undated
Project series #294 (Farm pond research)
1 Correspondence, 1962-1964
1 Final Report: Spring Chinook Salmon, 1963
1 Progress Reports, 1957-1971
1 Quarterly Reports: Natural rearing of Chinook, 1961-1963
1 Research notes: Catfish culture, 1970
1 Soap Creek Research, 1964-1966
1 Research Outlines: Fish species best suited to farm ponds in Oregon, 1956
1 Limnology of Oregon farm fish ponds, 1961
1 Research Reports: farm fish ponds, 1957
1 Studies, Growth and schooling of Juvenile Bluegills in experimental ponds, 1960
1 Standing crops of fish in Oregon farm ponds, 1961
1 Effects of pesticides on wildlife, 1962
1 Warm water fish production in 8 Willamette Valley ponds, 1964-1965
1 Aquaculture system for the conversion of swine wastes to a protein source, 1975-1977
1 The Black Crappie, Pomoxis Nigromaculatus, as a species for Oregon farm ponds, undated
1 Survey: Limnological survey of farm fish ponds in Oregon, 1959-1960
1 Other Studies, Coho salmon research (Port Walter, Alaska), 1964
1 Relationship of aquatic flora to water quality, 1959
Other Projects
1 An Experiment with Trypan Blue in Trout Marking, 1951-1952
1 Four New Species of Freshwater Sculpins Genus Cottus, 1953-1963
1 Identification of Ichthyoregions of Oregon, 1984
(2 reports compiled by Eric Rexford)
1 Identification of Sculpins from Malad River, Idaho, 1980
1 Lake Ilianna Resident Fish Survey, 1961-1962
1 A New Subspecies of Tui Chub from Cowhead Lake, 1976-1979
1 A New Subspecies of Tui Chub from Guano Basin, 1980-1981
1 Opaeophacus acrogeneius, a New Genus and Species of Zoarcidae, 1982-1984
1 Oregon Fish Distribution Study-Yaquina Bay, 1961-1974
1 Shortnose and Lost River Sucker Studies, 1986-1990

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Series II:  Correspondence, 1945-1999
2 American Fisheries Society, 1964-1966
2 Asian Fishery Tour, 1985
2 General, 1945-1999
2 Graduate School, 1969-1974
International Research
2 Japan, 1970-1971
2 Latin America, 1969-1985
2 New Zealand, 1996
4 Peace Corps/India, 1967-1969
4 Phillipines, 1961
2 Peace Corps/Iran, 1968-1971
2 Rwanda, 1982
2 Thailand, 1970-1971
2 Yugoslavia, 1965-1968
2 Machrobrachium Rosenbergi: Import and research, 1975-1976
2 Newly Discovered Sculpin Species in Nevada, 1991
2 Newspaper editorial, 1965
2 NSF (National Science Foundation) Faculty Fellowship, 1960-1961; 1971-1972
Oregon Department of Fisheries and Wildlife
2 Computer Database for Museum Collections, 1984
2 Oregon Sensitive Species List, 1997
2 Oregon Endangered Species Task Force, 1973-1974
2 Specimen Loans/Acquisitions, 1976-1978

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Series III:  Research Notes, 1944-1999
Field Research Notebooks
2 Chemicals tested at OSU, parts 1 & 2, undated
2 Coho salmon research-Alaska, 1964
2 #294 Farm pond project, 1956-1957, 1964-1967
3 General research, 1955-1966
3 Herbicide/Swine manure tests (farm pond project), 1967, 1976
3 Oxygen Consumption of Various Freshwater Fishes, , 1959
3 Stream pollution studies in Oregon, (R.E. Dimick), 1944
Loose, Unbound Notes
3 Agonomalus, 1967
3 Aquaculture for Asian projects, 1971-1972
3 Caspian Sturgeons (from Carlson), undated
3 Coho salmon migration and population, 1964
3 Douglas Creek Trout, 1974
3 Farm pond and weed research, 1967
3 Fishes of Harney Basin Area (notes from Bisson) , 1968
3 Glypothorax, 1971
3 Growth rates of fish in farm ponds, 1957
3 Inshore Marine Fishes of Oregon, undated
3 Lectures on freshwater fish and Indian fisheries, undated
3 Liparidae, 1982-1983
3 Misc., undated
3 "New Rockfish", 1951
3 Notes on Various Types of Cottus, 1959-1963
3 Notes on Various Types of Suckers and Lampreys, 1948-1952
3 Phanerodon Atripes, 1963-1964
3 Possible American Peace Corps participation in India, 1969
3 Salmothymus and Hucho Notes, undated
3 Tidepool Fishes, 1965-1973
3 Tui Chub (Gila bicolor), 1960-ca.1975
3 White River Cottus bairdi, 1987-1999
3 Zoogeography of European and Asian Cottidae, 1953
Student paper from R. McHugh

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Series IV:  Lectures and Seminars, 1961-1996
3 Aquaculture Seminar: Kodiak Community College, 1986
3 Guide: Sculpin identification workshop, February 20, 1996
3 Presentation: Summary of methods used in evaluation of aquatic herbicides , 12-12-1961
Presented at a St. Louis conference.
3 Presentation: Game Fish Management, undated
Speech notes
3 Presentation: Aspects of evolution of periodic salmon, 1994
Notes and overheads
3 Slide show script: Oregon's Scarce Fishes, Perils of the Past and Future, 1991

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Series V:  Publications, 1949-1999
3 Articles and Abstracts by Bond, 1963-1987
3 Articles and Reports Relating to Fish from Other Researchers, 1949-1999
3 Publication: Keys To Oregon Freshwater Fishes, 1994
3 Publication Draft: Some Fishes of Oregon and Where They Live, undate
Author unknown

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Series V:  Photographs, 1947-2000
5 Aphanopus, undated
5 Bovichthus chilensis regan, undated
5 Chinook and Silver Salmon , undated
5 Chub and Hybrid Trout, 1987
5 Grass Carp, ca. 1973
5 Icelandic "Mystery" Salmon or Trout, 2000
5 Images Used in Biology of Fishes Publication; including Thallasenchilys and Mylocheilus caunius, undated
5 Injured Coho and Silver Salmon Which Survived to Maturity, 1947-1961
5 Introduction of Pink Salmon to Sashin Creek, Little Port Walter, Alaska, 1964
5 Masturus (Uromola), 1983
5 Opaeophacus acrogeneius, 1982
5 Oregon Fish Distribution Maps/Charts Published in EPA Report, 1984
5 Pond Weed Spraying/Old Research Equipment, 1966
5 Rainbow Trout Pituitary Gland (Food Science Lab), undated
5 Rockfish, undated
5 Shortnose and Lost River Suckers, 1986-1990
4 Slides of field trip to farm ponds, ca. 1970
5 Sturgeon and Shad (R. E. Dimick), undated
5 Tui Chub Gila bicolor, 1980
5 Unidentified Fish, undated

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    • Corporate Names :
    • Oregon State College. Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.
    • Oregon State University. Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.
    • Peace Corps (U.S.)
    • Subject Terms :
    • Aquaculture--Oregon.
    • Fisheries--Research--Oregon.
    • Freshwater fishes--Oregon.
    • Marine fishes--Oregon.
    • Sculpins.
    • Form or Genre Terms :
    • Photographs.
      • Other Creators :
      • Dimick, Roland Eugene, 1900-
      • Oregon State University. Agricultural Experiment Station.

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