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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Merriam, H. G. (Harold Guy), 1883-1980
Title: H. G. Merriam Papers
Dates: 1890-1980 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 17.25 linear feet and 2 oversize boxes
Collection Number: Mss 487
Summary: H. G. Merriam was a University of Montana professor who played a crucial role in the development of Montana and Northwest literature. This collection contains personal and professional correspondence as well as working copies from Merriam's writing and editing endeavors. Significant subject categories include Merriam's service during World War I; long involvement with the Rhodes Scholarship program; teaching and administrative activities at the University of Montana--Missoula; founding, editing, and leadership contributions to the Frontier and Midland journal of regional literature; and activities to help create and guide the Montana Institute of the Arts.
Repository: University of Montana, Mansfield Library, Archives and Special Collections
Contact Information: Archives and Special Collections
Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library
University of Montana
32 Campus Dr. #9936
Missoula, MT
Telephone: 406-243-2053
Fax: 406-243-4067
Languages: Materials are in English 
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Biographical Note

Harold Guy Merriam was born September 6, 1883, at Westminster, Massachusetts. He was graduated from Denver (Colorado) High School in June 1902, and entered the University of Wyoming where he majored in science and the classics. He received his BA from Wyoming in 1905. In 1904 he was chosen to be a member of the first group of Rhodes Scholars. He attended Lincoln College, Oxford University, where he was enrolled in the honors school in English language and literature. He was awarded a BA from Oxford in 1907 and an MA in 1912.

Merriam taught at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, from 1908 to 1910. In the fall of 1910, he enrolled at Harvard University as an Austin Fellow. Merriam left Harvard, where he studied drama, after the fall term to teach a Beloit College in Wisconsin, where he remained until 1913. He then taught at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, until 1919. During World War I, Merriam took a leave of absence from his teaching career and went with the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) to France, where he taught English to French officers. After the Armistice he was transferred to London, where he assisted American officers and enlisted men in entering British universities.

The University of Montana hired him in 1919 to teach English and to chair the English department. Merriam introduced creative writing into the curriculum. To encourage his students to write, he began editing their works and publishing them in a new magazine, the Frontier. This later merged with the Midland, published in Iowa City, IA, to form Frontier and Midland. This well-respected regional literary magazine encouraged students and writers not only from Montana, but from throughout the Pacific Northwest. The publication featured the early efforts of regional writers A.B. Guthrie, Dorothy M. Johnson, Helen Addison Howard, Grace Stone Coates, and others. Publication of the journal continued until 1939.

Merriam began a series of writer's conferences in Montana in the summer of 1930. These short conferences offered creative writers the opportunity to work with such nationally known writers as Struthers Burt, Mary Austin, Frank Ernest Hill, and others. The conferences continued through the summer of 1934, were suspended until 1948 and continued through the summer of 1960. Following the formation of the Montana Academy of Sciences in 1940, Merriam formulated the idea for the Montana Institute of the Arts, which was founded in 1948. He served as its first president and in 1957 became the editor of the Montana Institute of the Arts Quarterly, a position he filled until 1964.

From 1907 to 1919, the University of Montana had no Rhodes Scholars. Merriam became very active in the program; with his encouragement, sixteen University of Montana students went to Oxford between 1919 and 1970. He was an enthusiastic supporter of the program and served many years on its regional and local committees. In 1933, in addition to his duties as chairman of the English department, Merriam was appointed chairman of the Division of Humanities, a new concept in University administration. He continued carrying the two assignments until his retirement in 1954. In December 1935, Merriam was appointed state supervisor of the Federal Writers' Project. His efforts culminated in the publication of Montana, A State Guide Book in 1939. He also took leave from the University of Montana in 1939 to teach at the University of Oregon in Eugene, and earned his PhD in English from Columbia University.

Merriam was instrumental in the recognition of the importance and accomplishments of American and Northwest writers. Prior to his work and that of others, literary studies in the United States were largely confined to British authors; an individual with a college degree in English would usually have studied no American authors. In recognition of his accomplishments, the University of Wyoming awarded him an LLD in 1962, citing his record as "Rhodes Scholar, professor of literature, founder and editor of magazines for new writers in the Northwest, anthropologist of regional writing, pioneer in the discovery of the cultural potentialities of his region." In 1963, an honorary LLD followed from the University of Montana Missoula. In 1978, he was honored at the 75th dinner celebration of the Rhodes Scholars in New York.

He married Doris W. Foote in 1915. They had two children, Alan and Alison. Doris Merriam died in 1970, and he married Frances Dummer Logan in 1974. H. G. Merriam died in Missoula, Montana, in March 1980.

Content Description

This collection contains materials reflecting the diverse interests and activities of H. G. Merriam. Collection materials are predominantly personal and professional correspondence as well as working copies from Merriam's writing and editing endeavors. Significant subject categories include Merriam's service during World War I; long involvement with the Rhodes Scholars program; teaching and administrative activities at the university in Missoula; founding, editing, and leadership contributions to the Frontier and Midland journal; and activities to help create and guide the Montana Institute of the Arts.

Merriam was one of the seminal figures in fostering the literary traditions of Montana as well as the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Materials in this collection provide significant insights into the personal and professional relationships among literary and performance artists, academic leaders, politicians, and art patrons throughout the 20th Century, a period of tremendous cultural change regarding the mass distribution of popular culture materials and the western states' transition from cultural depository into a nationally recognized resource for arts and literature.

Materials in the Rhodes Scholars series lend first-hand insights into the infancy of the program and long-term efforts to retain a collegial approach in selecting new participants. The University of Montana series reveals the inner-workings of an institution transformed by the demographic, political, and cultural changes that occurred in the United States during the 20th Century. A particularly significant portion of this series documents activities surrounding Merriam's dismissal from the university in 1939, one of many academic freedom controversies that occurred around this time. The Frontier and Midland is recognized as the first regularly published literary anthology for Montana and the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Materials in the series record Merriam's commitment to establishing and promoting standards for folklore collection, editing, source acknowledgement, and publication. The series includes numerous sequences of correspondence between Merriam and many of the most influential figures in Montana and Western literature. The Montana Institute of the Arts series documents the founding and development of a significant grassroots arts and humanities program in the state. The Writings and Writings of Others series provide insights into Merriam's multi-faceted literary projects as well as his influence on contemporaries. The Photograph series includes a wealth of materials documenting the activities, gatherings, and publications of the Montana Institute of the Arts and other aspects of Merriam's career.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Researchers must use collection in accordance with the policies of Archives and Special Collections, the Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, and The University of Montana-Missoula.

Restrictions on Use :  

Researchers are responsible for using in accordance with 17 U.S.C. and any other applicable statutes. Copyright not transferred to The University of Montana. Copyright to Merriam's materials is held jointly by Alison Merriam Payne, Ginny Merriam, Paige Merriam, and Cynthia Adams.

Preferred Citation :  

[Name of document or photograph number], H. G. Merriam Papers, Archives and Special Collections, Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library, The University of Montana-Missoula.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The collection is divided into twelve series:

Series I: Personal, 0.25 linear feet and partial oversize box, 1890-1980

Series II: General Correspondence, 1.25 linear feet, 1905-1980

Series III: World War I Service, 4 folders, 1918-1919

Series IV: Rhodes Scholars, 7 folders, 1904-1979

Series V: University of Montana, 1.5 linear feet and partial oversize box, 1919-1979

Series VI: Frontier and Midland, 5.0 linear feet, 1921-1973

Series VII: Montana Institute of the Arts, 2.25 linear feet, 1941-1980

Series VIII: Writings, 5.5 linear feet, 1902-1980

Series IX: Writings of Others, 13 folders, 1926-1970

Series X: Awards and Honors, 0.25 linear feet, 1920-1975

Series XI: Scrapbooks and Photo Albums, one oversize box, circa 1900-1939

Series XII: Photographs, 2.25 linear feet, 1914-1975

Custodial History :  

Most of Merriam's collection remained in his possession until his death in 1980, though he seems to have given some initial part to the archives in 1979 and before. Other materials were acquired by non-family members and were donated to the archives after Merriam's death. Details of how these materials were acquired and housed were not recorded upon donation to the archives.

Acquisition Information :  

H. G. Merriam gave some portions of his papers in 1979 and before. The bulk of the collection was a gift of Alison Merriam Payne as trustee of his estate in 1980. The Margaret Ronan manuscript, edited by H. G. Merriam, was donated by Arthur Deschamps through the Friends of the Mansfield Library in 1980. Richard Ormsbee also donated a single letter in 1980.

Processing Note :  

Materials in this collection were originally processed in several distinct segments and a shelf list was created with the collection number UM 15. In 2003 all materials were integrated into one collection, extensively reorganized, and re-described. Several new series were created to aid content identification and research. Photographs found in document folders throughout the collection were physically removed to the photograph series for preservation purposes. In all such instances, a photograph number and location identification sheet was inserted into the original folder as a cross-reference for researchers.

Separated Materials :  

Seven books donated by the Merriam estate were separated from this collection during 2003 reprocessing. Considering the age and unusual context of these publications, all seven were incorporated into the Mansfield Library Special Collections materials. The separated books are: Specimens of Pre-Shakspearean Drama, Volumes I and II (John M. Manly, Ginn & Company, 1897), Beowulf (A.J. Wyatt, editor, Cambridge University Press, 1901), The Works of Edmund Spenser (R. Morris, editor, MacMillen & Company Limited, 1904), The Literature of the Rocky Mountain West, 1803-1903 (Jay L. Davidson and Prudence Bostwick, editors, Caxton Printers Ltd., 1939_Review Copy), The Northern Plains in a World of Change (Carl F. Kraenzel, Watson Thomson, and Glenn H. Craig, Gregory-Cartwright Ltd., 1942), Medieval English Prose (Roger S. Loomis and Rudolph Willard, editors, Appleton-Century-Crofts Inc., 1948), The American University: How It Runs, Where It Is Going (Jacques Barzun, Harper & Row Publishers, 1968).

Related Materials :  

The American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming holds 0.25 cubic feet of correspondence that Merriam sent home to his family from France, 1918-1919, and portions of Merriam's diaries during his residence at Oxford University.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Personal , 1890-1980
0.25 linear feet and partial oversize box

This series includes an assortment of material reflecting H.G. Merriam's early experiences, family activities, and personal interests. Biographical materials include a first grade report card from 1890, an early letter of recommendation written by Merriam's high school principal, draft resumes, testimonials, and a eulogy. Also included is an undated caricature of H. G. Merriam that was likely produced for a yearbook section. Clippings from various periods of Merriam's life lend insight into his professional activities and personal interests as well as his attention to family and friends. A small selection of financial and legal documents detail matters ranging from Merriam's personal book holdings to his charitable gifts, from family budgets to his first wife's final will and testament. This series also contains an undated proposal to construct a public mall at the intersection of Higgins and Broadway avenues in Missoula, Montana, including an architectural drawing drafted by Merriam.

1/1 Biographical 1890-1980
1/2 "The Contretemps," University of Wyoming Yearbook 1904
1/3 Clippings, Merriam Lectures 1908-1936
1/4 Caricature of Merriam undated
1/5 Merriam Family Budget 1931 and 1938
1/6 Certificate, Appointment as Madison County Deputy Sheriff 1950
1/7 Clippings, Alan P. Merriam 1961-1963
1/8 Gifts to the University of Wyoming 1962-1980
1/9 Gifts to Libraries, Various Universities 1962-1971
1/10 Gifts to Museums and Historical Institutions 1976-1979
1/11 Personal Book Inventories 1964 and undated
1/12 Clippings, Students and Colleagues 1972-1976 and undated
1/13 Ethel Merriam Will 1974
1/14 Contacts at Other Universities undated
40OS/1 Architectural Drawing, Proposal to City of Missoula undated
1/15 Historical and Architectural Interests 1926-1971 and undated
40OS/2 Property Survey Certificate 1977

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Series II:  General Correspondence , 1905-1980
1.25 linear feet

This series contains an array of correspondence, both incoming and out-going. During 2003 reprocessing items of correspondence directly regarding subjects in other series were relocated to those series. Items include incoming correspondence written in French, advice on job searches, job offers, acceptance to graduate study programs, and organization of various writers' conferences. Prominent correspondents include federal elected officials, state political leaders, university presidents, nationally and regionally renowned authors, scientists, and significant figures in literary criticism. Among these correspondents are U.S. Senators Joseph Dixon, Mike Mansfield, James Murray, Thomas Walsh, and Burton Wheeler of Montana as well as university presidents C. Valentine Boyer of the University of Oregon, Dexter Keezer of Reed College, Ernest Holland of Washington State University, and James Morrill from the University of Minnesota. Correspondents also include literary figures Struthers Burt, Grace Stone Coates, Bernard DeVoto, Frank Hill, Joseph Kinsey Howard, Dorothy Johnson, Frank Bird Linderman, John Lomax, Norman MacLean, Archibald MacLeish, Ogden Nash, Theodore Spencer, Mildred Walker, and Robert Penn Warren as well as scientists Albert Einstein and Edwin Hubble.

General correspondence after 1954 is predominantly editorial exchanges between Merriam and budding authors. Most of these authors were Montana citizens seeking first-time publication of articles, short stories, or historical novels; however, these materials also include a few authors from other western states. Merriam's extensive correspondence with Lucia Mirrielees provides significant insight into their friendship and how Merriam helped to nurture her career as a writer and teacher at the University of Iowa's Bread Loaf School, Stanford University, and the University of Montana. Materials regarding Montana, The Magazine of Western History include several extended exchanges that provide interesting insights into the management and mission of a fledgling regional historical literature magazine. Some of these topics include a political imbroglio surrounding Senator Richard Neuberger's service on the Regional Board of Editors, organizational debates regarding the role of various advisory boards in editorial decision-making, and controversies generated by Michael Kennedy during his tenure as Editor.

Materials are arranged chronologically, with separate folders for individuals with especially extensive correspondence.
2/1 General Correspondence 1905-1912
2/2 General Correspondence 1913-1917
2/3 General Correspondence 1918-1922
2/4 General Correspondence 1925-1930
2/5 General Correspondence 1931-1935
2/6 General Correspondence 1936-1937
2/7 General Correspondence 1938
2/8 General Correspondence 1939
2/9 General Correspondence 1940
2/10 General Correspondence 1941-1942
2/11 General Correspondence 1943-1945
2/12 General Correspondence 1946-1949
2/13 General Correspondence 1950-1951
2/14 General Correspondence 1952-1953
2/15 General Correspondence 1954-1956
2/16 General Correspondence 1957-1959
2/17 General Correspondence 1960
3/1 General Correspondence 1961
3/2 General Correspondence 1962-1965
3/3 General Correspondence 1966-1970
3/4 General Correspondence 1971-1973
3/5 General Correspondence 1974-1976
3/6 General Correspondence 1977-1979
3/7 General Correspondence undated
3/8 Family Correspondence undated
3/9 Browne, Maurice 1924-1949
3/10 Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Teaching 1923-1924
3/11 Gray, Gordon 1960-1966
3/12 Linderman, Frank B. 1919-1938
3/13 Mirrielees, Lucia 1925-1931
3/14 Mirrielees, Lucia and Edith 1932-1957
4/1 Montana, The Magazine of Western History 1955-1978
4/2 Northern Montana College 1962-1963 and undated
4/3 Readings for the Blind, Montana State Library 1975-1976
4/4 Reed College 1913-1971
4/5 Riasanovsky, Antonia 1940-1954
4/6 Robinson, Lennox 1924-1962 and undated
4/7 Streit, Clarence, Nobel Nomination Correspondence and Support Materials 1980

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Series III:  World War I Service , 1918-1919
4 folders

The materials in this series document Merriam's service during WWI as an English instructor for French officers. The series includes several documents detailing Merriam's involvement with the Canadian wing of the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA), the organization that facilitated Merriam's wartime service.

5/1 Booklet for teachers of French Soldiers 1918
5/2 Clippings and memorabilia 1918-1919
5/3 Correspondence 1918-1919
5/4 Military documents 1918-1919

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Series IV:  Rhodes Scholars , 1904-1979
7 folders

This series includes records from Merriam's participation in the first group of Rhodes Scholars as well as his lifelong commitment to the program as a solicitor, trustee, and selection committee member.

Materials are arranged chronologically.
5/5 Correspondence 1904-1913
5/6 Personal Notes ca. 1904-1913
5/7 Oxford Exams 1905-1907
5/8 Clippings 1907-1978
5/9 Committee Documents 1935-1969 and undated
5/10 Correspondence 1950-1979
5/11 75th Anniversary Celebration of Rhodes Scholarship Program 1978

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Series V:  University of Montana , 1919-1979
1.5 linear feet and partial oversize box

This series documents Merrriam's long service to the university in Missoula as a professor and administrator. Much of the series consists of correspondence with university chancellors, administration, fellow professors and instructors, colleagues at other universities, students, and professional contract staff. Of particular note, the series includes an extensive sequence of correspondence and documents detailing the rationale employed to dismiss Merriam from his teaching position in 1939 as well as the campus and statewide response to the Board of Regents actions.

This series includes a large file of correspondence regarding Merriam's retirement from the University of Montana in 1954. Most of the correspondents are former students expressing appreciation and admiration for his years of service and quality instruction. Notable correspondents include D'Arcy McNickle, Weldon Niva, Arthur Sanderson. S. Rae Logan, and Leslie Fiedler. The series also includes documents regarding Merriam's activities to create memorial funds to benefit university students and preserve the memory of his teaching colleagues. Lucia Mirrielees Memorial Fund Correspondence includes a memorial written about Edith Mirrielees, Lucia's sister. This document is retained in this folder as a reflection of Dr. Merriam's placement with such materials. Materials are arranged by subject, then chronologically.

6/1 Personnel and Administrative Documents 1924-1971
6/2 Official Correspondence, Chancellor Edward Elliot 1919-1921 and undated
6/3 Official Correspondence, University President Edward Sisson 1920-1921
6/4 Official Correspondence, University President C.H. Clapp 1921-1926
6/5 Lectures at Summer Sessions 1922-1924
6/6 Concern for the University - correspondence and proposals 1921-1950
6/7 Official Correspondence, Chancellor Melvin Brannon 1923-1932
6/8 Correspondence, University President Candidates 1935
6/9 Official Correspondence, University President George Simmons 1935-1937
6/10 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1936
6/11 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1937
6/12 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1938
6/13 Dismissal from University of Montana, Clippings 1939-1941
6/14 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1939-01 - 1939-08
7/1 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1939-09
7/2 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1939-10
7/3 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1939-11
7/4 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1939-12
7/5 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1940-01 - 1940-03
7/6 Dismissal from University of Montana, Correspondence and Documents 1940-04 - 1940-12
7/7 Official Correspondence, University President George Simmons 1938-1941
7/8 Course Materials 1938-1953 and undated
7/9 Correspondence, Search for university positions 1939-1940
7/10 Montana Study Documents and Rockefeller Foundation Grant 1935-1944
7/11 Montana Study Documents and Rockefeller Foundation Grant 1945
7/12 Official Correspondence, University President Ernest Melby 1942-1946
8/1 Curriculum Committee, Documents and Correspondence 1943-1945 and 1961
8/2 Official Correspondence, University President James McCain 1942-1946
8/3 Correspondence, University president candidates 1941, 1945, 1958
8/4 "History of the Classroom Building" 1950
40OS/3 Architectural Drawings, Campus buildings (drawn by Merriam) undated
8/5 Divisional Reorganization of University Departments 1950-1953
8/6 Correspondence, Search for university positions 1953-1956
8/7 Correspondence, Retirement 1954
8/8 Lucia Mirrielees Memorial Fund, Correspondence 1957-1962
8/9 Lucia Mirrielees Memorial, Administrative Papers 1957-1973
8/10 Friends of the University Library 1960-1977
8/11 Clippings, President Harry Newburn Resignation 1963
8/12 University of Montana Press Committee Documents 1973-1974
8/13 Edmund Freeman Memorial Fund, Correspondence 1977-1979
8/14 Edmund Freeman Memorial Fund, Administrative Papers 1977-1979

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Series VI:  Frontier and Midland , 1921-1973
5.0 linear feet

The materials in this series include correspondence, draft article and short story manuscripts, and publication materials from the Frontier and Midland journal. The Frontier and Midland is recognized as the first regularly published literary anthology for Montana and the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Materials in the series record Merriam's commitment to establishing and promoting standards for folklore collection, editing, source acknowledgement, and publication. The series includes numerous submissions and sequences of correspondence between Merriam and Montana and Western authors, including Struthers Burt, Grace Stone Coates, Vardis Fisher, Helen Addison Howard, Dorothy Johnson, Frank Bird Linderman, Bob Marshall, Ezra Pound, and Paul Tracy.

9/1 General Contributors, A-B 1928-1938
9/2 General Contributors, C-D 1928-1949
9/3 General Contributors, E-G 1928-1938
9/4 General Contributors, H-J 1928-1947
9/5 General Contributors, K-L 1923-1942
9/6 General Contributors, M-N 1927-1945
9/7 General Contributors, O-R 1928-1938
9/8 General Contributors, S 1928-1939
9/9 General Contributors, T-Z 1928-1941
9/10 General Contributors, Montana Writers 1927-1947
10/1 General Contributors, Anderson, Paul 1936-1938
10/2 General Contributors, Appel, Benjamin 1939
10/3 General Contributors, Bair, Tom 1934-1939
10/4 General Contributors, Barrows, John R. 1930-1935
10/5 General Contributors, Beebe, Beatrice B. in regard to Joaquin Miller material 1931-1932
10/6 General Contributors, Bolles, Jason 1927-1944
10/7 General Contributors, Bright, Verne 1928-1937
10/8 General Contributors, Campbell, W.S. 1930-1945
10/9 General Contributors, Chittock, Dr. V.L.O. 1930-1948
10/10 General Contributors, Burt, Struthers 1931-1936
10/11 General Contributors, Coates, Grace Stone 1927-1929
10/12 General Contributors, Coates, Grace Stone 1930-1934
10/13 General Contributors, Coates, Grace Stone 1935-1947
11/1 General Contributors, Corning, Howard 1928-1939, 1969
11/2 General Contributors, Davis, H.L. 1927-1938
11/3 General Contributors, Driggs, Hal 1932-1948
11/4 General Contributors, Eldridge, Paul 1934-1937, 1940-1943
11/5 General Contributors, Elmendorf, Mrs. M.J. 1929-1936
11/6 General Contributors, Ernest, Mrs. Alice Henson 1929-1938
11/7 General Contributors, Fisher, Vardis 1931-1936
11/8 General Contributors, Fitzgerald, Bob 1928-1930
11/9 General Contributors, Fuller, Mrs. E. Romig 1928-1933
11/10 General Contributors, Garcia, Andrew 1930
11/11 General Contributors, Gearhart, Edna 1928-1929
11/12 General Contributors, Godchaux, Elma 1932-1938
11/13 General Contributors, Goodpasture, Frank G. 1930-1937
11/14 General Contributors, Grisson, Irene Welch 1928-1931
11/15 General Contributors, Hansen, Joe 1934-1936
11/16 General Contributors, Hare, John 1928
11/17 General Contributors, Hartley, Ronald English 1928-1939
11/18 General Contributors, Hartwick, Mrs. Mary Robert 1928-1941
11/19 General Contributors, Haste, Gwendolen 1928-1933
11/20 General Contributors, Haycox, Ernest 1932
11/21 General Contributors, Hilton, Charles 1927-1934
12/1 General Contributors, Hogan, Steve 1927-1931
12/2 General Contributors, Holbrook, Stewart 1936-1951
12/3 General Contributors, Hulbert, Archer B. 1928-1933
12/4 General Contributors, Huse, Harry G. 1928-1931
12/5 General Contributors, James, Will 1928-1931
12/6 General Contributors, Johnson, Dorothy M. 1927-1950
12/7 General Contributors, Jones, Nard 1930-1948
12/8 General Contributors, Kidd, W.E. 1928-1936
12/9 General Contributors, Kizer, Ben and M. Ashley 1927-1930
12/10 General Contributors, Knight, Chatfield 1930-1932
12/11 General Contributors, Krantz, David E. 1935-1936
12/12 General Contributors, Lake, Richard 1935-1963
12/13 General Contributors, Leeper, Robert D. 1929-1932
12/14 General Contributors, Lister, Queene B. 1928-1932, 1937
12/15 General Contributors, Loux, Martha D. (material on Abraham Lincoln) 1929-1930
12/16 General Contributors, MacLeod, Norman 1928-1929, 1936
12/17 General Contributors, Maring, Helen 1929-1932, 1938
12/18 General Contributors, McWilliams, Carey 1930-1963
13/1 General Contributors, Marshall, Jim 1928-1946
13/2 General Contributors, Marshall, Robert 1929-1934, 1937
13/3 General Contributors, Mathews, Courtland 1928-1943
13/4 General Contributors, Merrill, Arthur T. 1928-1936
13/5 General Contributors, Olson, Ted 1927-1936
13/6 General Contributors, Pendray, G. Edward 1929-1930
13/7 General Contributors, Post, Mary 1929-1932
13/8 General Contributors, Pratt, L.L 1929-1935
13/9 General Contributors, Redington, J.W. 1931-1933
13/10 General Contributors, Robinson, Mrs. C.D. 1920-1930
13/11 General Contributors, Rorty, James 1929-1932
13/12 General Contributors, Rushfelt, Elise 1928-1942
13/13 General Contributors, Sarett, Lew 1925-1938
13/14 General Contributors, Smith, Bess Foster 1927-1931
13/15 General Contributors, Spencer, Lillian White 1927-1932
13/16 General Contributors, Stevens, James 1927-1948
13/17 General Contributors, Stewart, George R. 1932-1935
13/18 General Contributors, Sweetman, Luke 1928-1934, 1940-1946
14/1 General Contributors, Terrell, John Upton 1929-1936
14/2 General Contributors, Thomas, E.H. 1928-1931
14/3 General Contributors, Tracy, Paul E. 1928-1939, 1963
14/4 General Contributors, Tucker, Pat J. 1921-1930
14/5 General Contributors, Vontuer, Mrs. May
1928-1932, 1941-1942, 1946
14/6 General Contributors, Wetjen, Richard 1928-1938
14/7 General Contributors, Wickes, Mrs. T.A. 1930-1932
14/8 General Contributors, Worthen, Clifton B. 1928-1931
14/9 General Contributors undated
14/10 General Correspondence, A-C 1928-1962
14/11 General Correspondence, D-G 1920-1958
14/12 General Correspondence, H-M 1927-1939
14/13 General Correspondence, N-Z 1923-1945
15/1 General Correspondence, Botkin, B.A. and Folk-Say magazine 1929-1937
15/2 General Correspondence, Branch, E. Douglas 1936-1962
15/3 General Correspondence, Clark, Archie, Great Falls Tribune 1937-1943
15/4 General Correspondence, Cox, Sidney, in regard to finances and other University affairs 1925-1926
15/5 General Correspondence, Cox, Sidney, in regard to his resignation 1926
15/6 General Correspondence, Frederick, John T., in regard to merging The Frontier and The Midland 1928-1938
15/7 General Correspondence, Hebard, Dr. Grace Raymond, University of Wyoming 1927-1932
15/8 General Correspondence, Howard, Helen Addison 1939-1944
15/9 General Correspondence, Linderman, Frank B. 1927-1930
15/10 General Correspondence, Linderman, Frank B. 1931-1939, 1942, 1952
15/11 General Correspondence, Peterson, Martin 1928-1931, 1938-1939
15/12 General Correspondence, Pound, Ezra 1931-1934
15/13 General Correspondence, Sedgwick, Ellery, Atlantic Monthly 1928-1930, 1947
15/14 General Correspondence, Wagner, Har, in regard to Joaquin Miller material 1932
15/15 General Correspondence, Whicker, H., UM English professor and Frontier editor 1934-1939
16/1 General Correspondence, Historical Maps 1929-1934
16/2 General Correspondence, Historical Maps 1927-1929
16/3 General Correspondence, Historical Material 1929-1933
16/4 General Correspondence, Sale of back issues 1928, 1952-1971
16/5 General Correspondence, Sale of back issues with regard to The Frontier and Midland Award 1948-1979
16/6 General Correspondence, Requests and grants to reprint 1928-1941
16/7 General Correspondence, Requests and grants to reprint 1942-1957
16/8 General Correspondence, Requests and grants to reprint 1958-1972, 1975, 1977
17/1 Advertising 1934
17/2 Bonds 1924-1950
17/3 Books, possible from Frontier material 1966 and undated
17/4 Clippings 1921-1930
17/5 Clippings 1932-1938
17/6 Clippings undated
17/7 Contributions and Circulation, statistics up to August 1931
17/8 Doubleday, Doran, and Co. regarding magazine name and books 1924-1950
17/9 Editors of other magazines 1924-1928
17/10 Editors of other magazines 1929-1930
17/11 Editors of other magazines 1931-1934
17/12 Fort Missoula Records 1935, 1947
17/13 Folklore 1930-1933
17/14 Gipson, J.H., Caxton Printers 1930-1942
17/15 Glick, Carl, The Masquers and finances 1925-1926
17/16 Knopf, Alfred A., Borzoi Books Inc. Publisher 1930-1948
17/17 League of Western Writers, list of
17/18 Linderman, Frank B. issue spring 1938-1939
18/1 Macmillan Co., Publishers 1936-1942
18/2 Magazine exchanges undated
18/3 Mailing, 2nd class 1928-1933
18/4 Mailing Lists, Universities and Colleges 1931-1932
18/5 Merriam's notes on The Frontier, history 1930-1965
18/6 N.Y. Public Library microfilming 1964, 1973
18/7 O'Brien, E.J., Editor, 'Best Short Stories' 1927-1935
18/8 O'Henry Collection of Stories 1929-1937
18/9 Pacific Spectator 1946
18/10 Periodical Information 1928
18/11 Prairie Schooner 1929-1934
18/12 Publishers 1930-1947
18/13 Ratings, O'Brien and O'Henry 1928-1939
18/14 Reestablishing The Frontier 1938-1947
18/15 Reprinting (Johnson Reprint Co. and Kraus Reprint Co.) 1966-1967, 1970-1973
18/16 Sample Literature to subscribers 1927-1936
18/17 Short Stories undated
18/18 Stationery and Publicity 1920-1943
18/19 Suspension of The Frontier 1938-1942
18/20 Title use: The Frontier and The Midland by other magazines 1934-1944
18/21 Trademark Application 1924-1949
File box/19 Notecards, Subscriptions and Contributors to Frontier and Midland

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Series VII:  Montana Institute of the Arts , 1941-1980
2.25 linear feet

This series includes materials generated and collected by Merriam during his tenure with the Montana Institute of the Arts. Series documents detail efforts to establish and expand the organization as a grassroots arts and humanities program in the state. The Montana Institute of the Arts helped create avenues for fostering and promoting artistic expression by Montanans who often lacked access to the established outlets.

Materials are arranged by subject, then chronologically.
20/1 General Correspondence 1948-1976
20/2 General Correspondence 1977-1980
20/3 General Correspondence, Early Letters 1941, 1947-1950
20/4 General Correspondence, Pre-organizational 1941-1949
20/5 General Correspondence, Organizational 1947-1948
20/6 General Correspondence, Organization 1957-1976
20/7 General Correspondence, Merriam's first year of presidency 1948-March, 1949
20/8 General Correspondence, Merriam's first year of presidency March 16, 1949-August 1949
20/9 General Correspondence, Presidents and Secretaries 1955-1966, 1971
21/1 General Correspondence, Finch, Robert 1947-1953
21/2 General Correspondence, Grieder, Paul A. 1946-1950
21/3 General Correspondence, Stevenson, Branson, Christmas Cards 1948, 1968-1979
21/4 General Correspondence, MIA Book, General MIA information 1976
21/5 General Correspondence, MIA Book, List of Articles and Organization 1975-1977
21/6 General Correspondence, MIA Book, Permission to use articles 1975-1977
21/7 General Correspondence, MIA Book, Requests to select articles 1975-1976
21/8 General Correspondence, MIA Book, Finances and Publication 1975-1977
21/9 General Correspondence, MIA Book, Finalizing 1976-1977
21/10 General Correspondence, Publishing Projects Quarterly 1949-1956, 1961-1964
21/11 General Correspondence, Poetry Contests and Booklets 1956, 1961-1966, 1980
21/12 General Correspondence, First Poetry Book, Seed in the Soil, MIA Poets 1966-1968, 1973
21/13 General Correspondence, Second Poetry Book 1973
22/1 General Correspondence, Headquarters and Buildings 1962, 1965, 1977
22/2 General Correspondence, Rental of Pictures, Reader's Alley Art Gallery 1963
22/3 General Correspondence, Restructuring MIA 1965-1966, 1976-1977
22/4 General Correspondence, Sale of MIA craft projects 1950
22/5 General Correspondence, Short Story project 1957-1958
22/6 General Correspondence, Writers, Joseph Kinsey Howard, Fox, and Place 1948-1951
22/7 General Correspondence, Young Montana Artist Show 1964-1965
22/8 Branch Directors' Meetings 1951-1952
22/9 Communication Information for officers, etc. 1971-1976
22/10 Constitution and By Laws 1948-1968
22/11 Disassociated Documents 1948-1977
22/12 Expanding Montana Historical Society 1949
22/13 Festival Features 1976
22/14 Festival Programs 1950-1953
22/15 Foundation 1957, 1961-1966
22/16 Foundation, History 1961
22/17 Foundation, Incorporation 1949-1950
22/18 Foundation 1967-1969, 1972, 1976
22/19 History Group 1949
22/20 Little Festival 1962, 1972-1973
22/21 Membership and Affiliations 1949, 1965-1968
22/22 Membership Certificates 1949
22/23 Membership Lists 1948-1970
23/1 MIA Book, extras 1975 or 1976
23/2 MIA Book, cutout 1973-1976
23/3 MIA Leadership Workshop September 1979
23/4 Minutes, Board 1962-1963, 1969-1976, 1979
23/5 Minutes of Directors 1948-1957
23/6 Montana Arts Council 1963-1975
23/7 Newsletters 1963-1966, 1975-1979
23/8 Permanent Collection 1955-1970
23/9 Poetry Contest, Mary B. Clapp Memorial 1966-May 1968
23/10 Poetry Contest, Mary B. Clapp Memorial 1968-1968, 1976, 1979
23/11 Poem about Merriam 1973
24/1 Presidential Address to MIA 1950
24/2 Publicity 1948-1962
24/3 Quarterly, Costs and Articles 1948-1964
24/4 Roundup of the Arts, Gallery Museum Facility 1971-1972
24/5 Speakers for Workshops 1950, 1952
24/6 Treasurer Reports 1949-1977
24/7 Clippings, MIA 1947-1977
24/8 Clippings, Montana Artists 1961-1966

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Series VIII:  Writings , 1902-1980
5.5 linear feet

This series includes correspondence, draft manuscripts, hand-written notes, and publication materials from the documents Merriam wrote himself or edited to such an extent they became, in essence, his own work. The series provides insights into Merriam's multi-faceted literary projects as well as his influence on contemporaries. The Moxon manuscript and correspondence materials include correspondence with Moxon's descendents as well as some of the most notable English literary figures of the mid 19th Century.

Materials are arranged by subject or by title of book-length publication.
25/1 Apologia for Creative Writing undated
25/2 Address to the Soc. Conference-Seattle, Washington undated
25/3 Clippings about writings of other authors undated
25/4 Creative Writing-manuscript for Writer's Conference undated
25/5 Essay, Ideas undated
25/6 Favorite Words undated
25/7 Memories of My Days at the University of Wyoming 1902-1904, undated
25/8 Misc. Writings undated
25/9 Montana History Research undated
25/10 Montana Writers undated
25/11 Northwest Theaters-articles undated
25/12 Research Notes found in the works of Spencer undated
25/13 Stories of Pacific Northwest in Verse undated
25/14 These Men Have Been in Our Home-manuscript undated
25/15 They Worked in the West-manuscript undated
25/16 They Worked in the West-manuscript undated
25/17 Western Literature-What's it and Why-manuscript and notes undated
25/18 Inhibitions, Habits and the Student's Right of Way-article 1918
25/19 Report on the University of Montana 1920-1930
25/20 Class Book for Freshman Composition 1921
26/1 Unsuccessful Articles 1925-1948
26/2 Edward Moxon Manuscript, correspondence 1925-10 - 1926-06
26/3 Edward Moxon Manuscript, correspondence 1926-07 - 1938-01
26/4 Edward Moxon, Publisher of Poets, Reviews and Notices 1939-1940
26/5 Western Regional Literature-research, notes, and correspondence 1929-1949
26/6 The Idea of a Regional College Magazine-article 1928-04-11
26/7 Regional Literature-presentation 1929-11-29
26/8 Northwest Writers 1930's
26/9 Unpublished Manuscript for Book, no title
26/10 Unpublished Manuscript for Book, no title
26/11 Unpublished Manuscript for Book, no title
26/12 Northwest Verse: A Note-manuscript 1930's
27/1 Anthology of Northwest Verse-correspondences (permission to reprint) 1930
27/2 Anthology of Northwest Verse-correspondences (permission to reprint) 1931-1932
27/3 Anthology of Northwest Verse-reviews 1931
27/4 Anthology of Northwest Verse-reviews in newspapers clippings 1931
27/5 Regionalism-manuscript for Writer's Conference-U.M. 1931
27/6 Northwest Literature-presentation to PNLA 1934
27/7 Tamress in Northwest Writers and Readers-article 1935
27/8 Works Projects Administration Writers Project-correspondence 1935-1969
27/9 The Liberal Arts-address to the University of Oregon 1936
27/10 Liberal Arts College in State Supported University-article 1936-11-03
27/11 Baccalaureate Address-Reed College 1937
27/12 Address at the Modern Language Assoc., Contemporary Literature Section 1937
27/13 Literature and the Liberal Arts College-presentation at the University of Oregon 1939
27/14 Radio Addresses at Oregon State College 1939-1940
27/15 Radio Addresses at KGVO radio, Missoula Montana 1943-1944
28/1 In Measureless Oceans-presentation 1940
28/2 Cosmos Club-Constitution (copy) 1896-1897
28/3 Club Papers-Cosmos Club 1940-1972
28/4 Club Papers-English, Authors, and MIA undated
28/5 Materials for American Literary History-introduction and correspondence 1941-1942
28/6 Ethnic Settlement in Montana-notes and research 1942
28/7 Ethnic Settlement in Montana-manuscript and article 1943
28/8 Book Reviews-articles and manuscripts 1943-1953
28/9 An Experiment in Education-pamphlet 1945-05
28/10 Writing in High School-article 1945-12
28/11 Northwest Literature in Our Schools-presentation 1946-11-16
28/12 Folk Materials in Montana 1946
28/13 Regional Cooperation in Higher Education 1946, 1951, 1965
28/14 Reilly Was Here-article 1947
28/15 Uniting Social Studies and Language Programs Through Regional Materials-manuscript 1947
28/16 Story collection from Frontier and Midland for Possible book, (We Are All Human) 1947
28/17 Story collection from Frontier and Midland for Possible book, (We Are All Human) 1947
29/1 Of So Much Worth-presentation 1947-05-14
29/2 Understanding Great Men-presentation to Women's Club 1947-10-14
29/3 Who Can Teach Creative Writing 1947-11
29/4 A Note on the Humanities in Higher Education-correspondence and manuscript 1948
29/5 Does the Northwest Believe in Itself?-presentation 1948
29/6 Pacific Northwest Conference on the Arts and Sciences 1948-04
29/7 Commencement Address-Rocky Mountain College 1949
29/8 Every Graduate an Educated Person-presentation 1950
29/9 Northwest Literature, What is it and Why-presentation 1950
29/10 Short Stories manuscript for Writer's Conference 1952
29/11 Montana Writing-correspondence 1954-1958
29/12 Montana Writing-manuscript undated
29/13 Cosmos Club Presentation-notes and articles on architecture 1959
29/14 James R. Thomas 1884-1959, 1959
29/15 Frontier Omnibus 1959
29/16 Frontier Literature Lecture-notes 1960s
29/17 Western Classics -presentation 1960
29/18 Communication in a Space Age-speech at Northern Montana College 1961
29/19 Reading, Northern-presentation 1962
29/20 Librarians, Books, Readers and Reading-manuscript 1963
29/21 Missoula County History-manuscripts (1) 1964
29/22 Missoula County History-research and notes (2) 1947-1964
29/23 Missoula County History-research, notes, and correspondence (3) 1964-1968
29/24 Folklore-correspondence and notes 1965-1968
30/1 Ronan-notes and correspondence 1965-1973
30/2 Ronan-manuscript edited by H.G. Merriam-preface to Chap. VI (1) 1932
30/3 Ronan-Chap. VII to Appendix B (2) 1932
30/4 Way Out West-correspondence 1966-1967
30/5 Way Out West-correspondence 1968-1970
30/6 Way Out West-correspondence 1970's
30/7 Way Out West-publisher's contract 1967
30/8 Way Out West-contents and notes undated
30/90 Way Out West-book reviews 1970-1971
30/10 Article on Frank Bird Linderman-correspondence 1962
30/11 Recollections of Charley Russell-correspondence 1962-1964
30/12 Recollections of Charley Russell-correspondence with the Linderman family 1962-1964
30/13 Recollections of Charley Russell, sales and royalty statements 1963-1968
30/14 Recollections of Charley Russell, reprint correspondence 1979-1980
30/15 Recollections of Charley Russell, publicity and reviews 1963-1964
31/1 University of Oklahoma Press 1965-1976
31/2 Montana Adventure-correspondence 1964
31/3 Montana Adventure-correspondence 1965
31/4 Montana Adventure-correspondence 1966
31/5 Montana Adventure-correspondence 1967
31/6 Montana Adventure-correspondence 1968-1969
31/7 Montana Adventure-memorandum of agreement 1965 and 1967
31/8 Montana Adventure-research notes undated
31/9 Montana Adventure-book reviews 1968-1969
31/10 U.M. History-Introduction
31/11 U.M. History-Craig Years
31/12 U.M. History-Duniway Years
31/13 U.M. History-Craighead Years
31/14 U.M. History-Elliott Years 1915-1917
31/15 U.M. History-Sisson Years 1917-1921
31/16 U.M. History-Clapp Years 1921-1935
32/1 U.M. History-Simmons Years 1936-1940
32/2 UM. History-Melby Years 1943-1944
32/3 U.M. History-McCain Years 1945-1950
32/4 U.M. History-Mc Farland Years (1) 1951-1958
32/5 U.M. History-Mc Farland Years (2) 1951-1958
32/6 U.M. History-Gordon Castle
32/7 U.M. History-Newburn Years 1959-1963
32/8 U.M. History-Johns Years 1963-1966
32/9 U.M. History-Pantzer Years (1) 1966-
32/10 U.M. History-Pantzer Years (2) 1966-
33/1 U.M. History-Interchapters
33/2 U.M. History-Manuscript (1)
33/3 U.M. History-Manuscript (2)
33/4 U.M. History-Research (1)
33/5 U.M. History-Research (2)
33/6 U.M. History-dates
33/7 U.M. History-correspondence and newspaper clippings 1968-1971
33/8 The University of Montana, A History-copy of book 1970
34/1 Ho! For the West-correspondence and notes 1973-1976
34/2 Ho! For the West-research negatives undated
34/3 Ho! For the West-book prints undated
34/4 Ho! For the West-partial manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/5 Ho! For the West-partial manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/6 Ho! For the West-manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/7 Ho! For the West-manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/8 Ho! For the West-manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/9 Ho! For the West-manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/10 Ho! For the West-manuscript (unpublished) undated
34/11 Commencement Address-College of Arts and Sciences-U.M. 1972
34/12 Twenty Best Books of Montana-information and correspondence 1972-1977
34/13 Twenty Best Books of Montana-information and correspondence 1972-1977
35/1 Cosmos Club Papers and Notes 1976
35/2 The Long Friendship-correspondence 1977-1980
35/3 The Long Friendship-copyright information 1979
35/4 The Long Friendship-copies of Linderman-Russell letters 1914-1919
35/5 The Long Friendship-manuscripts undated
35/6 The Golden Valley-research materials 1977
35/7 The Golden Valley -manuscripts undated
35/8 The Golden Valley-correspondence and book reviews 1977-1978
35/9 Difficulties at the University of Montana-KUFM radio broadcast 1978-04-22
35/10 Article for American Oxonian-correspondence and manuscript 1978
File box/36 Notecards, Writing Research Notes

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Series IX:  Writings of Others , 1926-1970
13 folders

This series includes correspondence and published materials gathered by Merriam out of personal interest or submitted to Merriam both as gifts and as requests for editorial feedback. This series contains extensive correspondence and a portion of text material regarding The Galloping Swede, by Hugo Aronson and Lou O. Brockman. Merriam provided extensive editorial advice on the manuscript through his correspondence with Brockman and extended assistance in contacting potential publishers. Merriam's involvement with the manuscript remained informal throughout the project and received only a note of acknowledgement in the published volume.

Materials are arranged alphabetically by author.
35/11 Baldwin, Grace Davidson-poem undated
35/12 Brockman, Lou O., The Galloping Swede, Correspondence 1967-1970
35/13 Brockman, Lou O., The Galloping Swede, Text Materials undated
35/14 Fishwick, Marshall, "The Twist: Brave New Whirl" 1962
35/15 Jones, Jenkin Lloyd, "Who Is Tampering with the Soul of America" 1961
35/16 King, Walter-article 1962
35/17 Lewis, C. Day-article "Of a Poem" undated
35/18 McCoy, E.-Bibliography of Negro Literature 1926-1928, undated
35/19 Moss, Honorable Frank E.-Congressional Testimony "Letter from the West" 1960
35/20 Saturday Review-issue on photography in the fine arts 1959-05-16
35/21 Stegner, Wallace "The West Coast: Region with a View" 1959
35/22 Unknown student-poem undated
35/23 Venn, George-Critique of Four Pacific Northwest Novels undated

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Series X:  Awards and Honors , 1920-1975
0.25 linear feet

This series includes awards and honors received by Merriam during his long career.

37/1 Degrees from University of Wyoming and Montana State University 1962-1963
37/2 Correspondence Concerning Honorary degree from the University of Wyoming 1962
37/3 Correspondence and clippings concerning honorary degree from Montana State University 1963
37/4 Award Certificates 1920-1973
37/5 Newspaper Clippings-Awards and Honors 1940-1975

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Series XI:  Scrapbooks and Photo Albums , circa 1900-1939
1 oversize box

This series includes four bound scrapbooks and photo albums. Most materials are from the early years of Merriam's life and professional career. Volumes include numerous loose materials. Researchers are asked to exhibit particular care in viewing the materials in this series.

40OS 487(XI):1: Scrap Book, University and Rhodes Scholar Program ca. 1900 -1913
41OS 487(XI):2: Photo Album, European Trip 1904-1906
41OS 487(XI):3: Lithographs and oversize certificates 1925-1939
41OS 487(XI):4: Photo Album, Rhodes Scholar Program, WW I, and Reed College ca. 1904-1920

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Series XII:  Photographs , 1914-1975
2.25 linear feet

This series includes photographs collected throughout Merriam's life but the majority of materials document the activities, gatherings, and publications of the Montana Institute of the Arts. Other photographs can be located in the photo albums and scrapbooks described in Series XI.

38/1 487(XII):1: H. G. Merriam ca. 1940
38/2 487(XII):2: H. G. Merriam ca. 1930
38/3 487(XII):3: H. G. Merriam and Phillip W. Payne Dec. 1973
38/4 487(XII):4: H. G. Merriam and Phillip W. Payne Dec. 1973
38/5 487(XII):5: H. G. Merriam ca. 1973
38/6 487(XII):6: H. G. Merriam ca. 1973
38/7 487(XII):7: H. G. Merriam ca. 1930
38/8 487(XII):8: H. G. Merriam and others undated
38/9 487(XII):9: H. G. Merriam and President Harry Newburn ca. 1963
38/10 487(XII):10: H. G. Merriam and his wife Fall 1978
38/11 487(XII):11: UM Summer School Student Body (S. Rae Logan, back row, 3rd from left-1st summer on staff and W.W. Kemp, 2nd to right) ca. 1914
38/12 487(XII):12: R. Fehlberg undated
38/12 487(XII):13: Verne Dusenberry undated
38/12 487(XII):14: Merrill G. Burlingame undated
38/12 487(XII):15: Katherine T. Widmer, Bozeman undated
38/12 487(XII):16: Katerine Guest, MIA undated
38/12 487(XII):17: Gretchen Gellison, MIA undated
38/12 487(XII):18: Mrs. Mackey undated
38/12 487(XII):19: "B.K." at 87th Birthday Sept. 22, 1975
38/12 487(XII):20: Ruth Longworth undated
38/12 487(XII):21: Mrs. Ralph L. Benjamin, Shelby, Montana undated
38/13 487(XII):22: Warren Jennison, Jewel Basin 1948
38/13 487(XII):23: Audrey Bruffey, MIA undated
38/13 487(XII):24: Paul A. Grieder undated
38/13 487(XII):25: Dr. Alfred W. Humphreys undated
38/13 487(XII):26: Elizabeth Lochrie, Butte undated
38/13 487(XII):27: Ray Mattix, MIA undated
38/13 487(XII):28: Robert Taylor undated
38/13 487(XII):29: Maxine Blackmer undated
38/13 487(XII):30: Peggy Sterrett undated
38/13 487(XII):31: L.O. Brockman undated
38/14 487(XII):32: Norman Winstine undated
38/15 487(XII):33: Branson Stevenson undated
38/16 487(XII):34: Gladies Laubui undated
38/17 487(XII):35: Mrs. McDernud, Helena Branch Director undated
38/18 487(XII):36: Al Lucke undated
38/19 487(XII):37: Vermaillae Banta undated
38/19 487(XII):38: Mrs. Mary B. Clapp undated
38/19 487(XII):39: Mrs. Gordon Montgomery undated
38/19 487(XII):40: Robert Athearn undated
38/19 487(XII):41: Robert Athearn undated
38/19 487(XII):42: Mrs. Logan Ostrenn undated
38/19 487(XII):43: Mrs. Milly O. Wells undated
38/19 487(XII):44: Mrs. Henry B. Loventz, Great Falls Branch Director, MIA undated
38/20 487(XII):45: Mrs. Maloney undated
38/20 487(XII):46: Kenneth Burrell undated
38/20 487(XII):47: Mrs. Burrell undated
38/20 487(XII):48: Andy Oja undated
38/20 487(XII):49: Isabel Johnson undated
38/20 487(XII):50: Mr. Maloney undated
38/20 487(XII):51: Mrs. Cook undated
38/20 487(XII):52: McDonald undated
38/20 487(XII):53: Fred Moss undated
38/20 487(XII):54: Mrs. R.K. West, Jr. undated
38/21 487(XII):55: Unidentified undated
38/21 487(XII):56: Unidentified woman undated
38/21 487(XII):57: Unidentified woman undated
38/21 487(XII):58: Unidentified man undated
38/21 487(XII):59: Unidentified man undated
38/21 487(XII):60: Unidentified woman undated
38/21 487(XII):61: Unidentified woman undated
38/21 487(XII):62: Unidentified man undated
38/21 487(XII):63: Unidentified, two women undated
38/22 487(XII):64: Orchestra Group undated
38/22 487(XII):65: Female vocalist undated
38/22 487(XII):66: Male pianist June 1960
38/22 487(XII):67: Lewis, composing music June 1960
38/22 487(XII):68: Bruce Kirry June 1962
38/23 487(XII):69: Lewis at pottery wheel June 1960
38/23 487(XII):70: Man at pottery wheel undated
38/23 487(XII):71: Man at pottery wheel undated
38/23 487(XII):72: Man explaining pottery undated
38/23 487(XII):73: Pottery undated
38/23 487(XII):74: Pottery undated
38/24 487(XII):75: People at art exhibit undated
38/24 487(XII):76: People at art exhibit undated
38/24 487(XII):77: People at art exhibit June 1960
38/24 487(XII):78: Man at art exhibit undated
38/24 487(XII):79: Man teaching art undated
38/24 487(XII):80: Man teaching art undated
38/24 487(XII):81: Walt Woodcock, Fine Arts Chairman, Painting by Orlin Helgoe 138 1959
38/24 487(XII):82: People at art exhibit undated
38/25 487(XII):83: Man explaining mosaic undated
38/25 487(XII):84: Man explaining mosaic undated
38/25 487(XII):85: Man explaining mosaic undated
38/25 487(XII):86: People at art show undated
38/25 487(XII):87: People at art show undated
38/26 487(XII):88: Children at art exhibit undated
38/27 487(XII):89: Thomas Jermin of Great Falls undated
38/28 487(XII):90: Branson, printing undated
38/29 487(XII):91: Women discussing art undated
38/30 487(XII):92: Kids performing with others watching from backstage undated
38/31 487(XII):93: Kids performing as Native American dancers undated
38/32 487(XII):94: Women weaving undated
38/33 487(XII):95: Mr. and Mrs. Maloney, Helena undated
38/34 487(XII):96: People at conference/show undated
38/34 487(XII):97: People at conference/show undated
38/34 487(XII):98: People at conference/show undated
38/35 487(XII):99: People at conference undated
38/35 487(XII):100: People at conference undated
38/35 487(XII):101: People at conference undated
38/36 487(XII):102: Harold Ruth (right) with relatives undated
38/37 487(XII):103: Vistor at exhibit undated
38/38 487(XII):104: Man and Woman discussing art undated
38/39 487(XII):105: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):106: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):107: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):108: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):109: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):110: Art displays undated
38/39 487(XII):111: Art displays undated
38/40 487(XII):112: Art displays undated
38/40 487(XII):113: Art displays undated
38/40 487(XII):114: Art displays undated
38/40 487(XII):115: Art displays undated
38/40 487(XII):116: Art displays undated
38/41 487(XII):117: Pottery undated
38/42 487(XII):118: Ceramic head box by John Murphy 1968
38/43 487(XII):119: Art display undated
38/44 487(XII):120: Art display-painting by Morrison undated
38/45 487(XII):121: Art display undated
38/46 487(XII):122: Ceramics undated
38/47 487(XII):123: Art display undated
38/48 487(XII):124: Art display undated
38/49 487(XII):125: Art display undated
38/50 487(XII):126: Art display undated
38/51 487(XII):127: Paintings undated
38/52 487(XII):128: Paintings by James Der undated
38/53 487(XII):129: Paintings by Branson Strenson undated
38/54 487(XII):130: Painting undated
38/55 487(XII):131: Drawing of Robert Bears and his wife 1957
38/56 487(XII):132: House and Car undated
38/57 487(XII):133: Building undated
38/58 487(XII):134: The five Presidents including H. G. Merriam undated
38/59 487(XII):135: H. G. Merriam and others at MIA function undated
38/60 487(XII):136: H. G. Merriam and group undated
38/61 487(XII):137: H. G. Merriam and Harriette Cashman, Bozeman, Montana 1952
38/62 487(XII):138: H. G. Merriam and others June 1960
38/63 487(XII):139: Group at Picnic undated
38/64 487(XII):140: People talking undated
38/65 487(XII):141: People talking undated
38/66 487(XII):142: Group at picnic undated
38/67 487(XII):143: Group at picnic undated
38/68 487(XII):144: Group at picnic undated
38/69 487(XII):145: Group at picnic undated
38/70 487(XII):146: Group at picnic undated
38/71 487(XII):147: Women at picnic undated
38/72 487(XII):148: At picnic Ken Ralston, Larry Gill, Isabelle Johnson undated
38/73 487(XII):149: At picnic, Bill Stockton undated
38/74 487(XII):150: Laubui and LaDonna getting autograph undated
39/1 487(XII):151: Shope and one of his horses undated
39/2 487(XII):152: Woman speaking undated
39/3 487(XII):153: Group at conference undated
39/4 487(XII):154: Man speaking undated
39/5 487(XII):155: Man speaking undated
39/6 487(XII):156: People at conference undated
39/7 487(XII):157: Man and woman at function undated
39/8 487(XII):158: People talking undated
39/9 487(XII):159: Group at conference 1960, June
39/10 487(XII):160: People talking 1960, June
39/11 487(XII):161: People eating 1960, June
39/12 487(XII):162: Unidentified man 1960, June
39/13 487(XII):163: People talking 1960, June
39/14 487(XII):164: Branson Sterenson and woman (probably wife) from Great Falls undated
39/15 487(XII):165: Man talking undated
39/16 487(XII):166: Men with car undated
39/17 487(XII):167: Mac Lewis and Ben Pursley, Billings branch-exhibit chairman 1958, December
39/18 487(XII):168: Group of people undated
39/19 487(XII):169: Women at craft sale undated
39/20 487(XII):170: Women at craft sale undated
39/21 487(XII):171: People talking undated
39/22 487(XII):172: Group of people undated
39/23 487(XII):173: Photo by Bob Fehlberg undated
39/24 487(XII):174: Spider Web photo by Ernest Bruffey undated
39/25 487(XII):175: Two men standing outside of a building undated
39/26 487(XII):176: Burn undated
39/27 487(XII):177: People among mountains undated
39/28 487(XII):178: "North of the Milk" by Ernest Bruffey undated
39/29 487(XII):179: Unidentified European city from WWI undated
39/30 487(XII):180: MIA festival 1950
39/31 487(XII):181: MIA festival 1950
39/32 487(XII):182: MIA festival 1950
39/33 487(XII):183: MIA festival 1950
39/34 487(XII):184: MIA festival 1950
39/35 487(XII):185: MIA festival 1950
39/36 487(XII):186: MIA festival 1950
39/37 487(XII):187: MIA festival, Pottery wheel 1950
39/38 487(XII):188: Billings Arts Association Christmas showing student Union-EMCE campus 1957, December
39/39 487(XII):189: Billings Arts Association Christmas Showing 1957, December
39/40 487(XII):190: Billings Arts Association Christmas showing 1957, December
39/41 487(XII):191: Billings Arts Association Christmas showing 1957, December
39/42 487(XII):192: Pottery in foreground is stoneware, wheel through and created by Lyndon Pomeroy (and letter from Lyndon Pomeroy with descriptions of 192-200)
39/43 487(XII):193: Figure group, potter figure, bowl and covered jar by Mae Louis bottles in back by Kay Smith of Butte, unidentified women undated
39/44 487(XII):194: Bob Hendrickson demonstrating gem faceting undated
39/45 487(XII):195: Bob Morrison demonstrating the process of lithography undated
39/46 487(XII):196: Hal Dietemann and Ted Waddell demonstrating to Baby Morrtgomen and others the process of centrifugal casting undated
39/47 487(XII):197: Ethel Ann Edwards of Lewiston among craft exhibit undated
39/48 487(XII):198: Ethel Ann Edwards of Lewiston, examining Mae Lewis's sculpture foreground shapes by Kay Smith, Butte undated
39/49 487(XII):199: Festival director and his sister, Mrs. Al Leidie of Billings, looking over Mai Lewis's "The Frontier Family" undated
39/50 487(XII):200: Group of Billings people examining pottery exhibit undated
39/51 487(XII):201: Frolie in Black and white by Manker undated
39/52 487(XII):202: August by Leia Anfie undated
39/53 487(XII):203: Picture of Joseph Kinsey Howard undated
39/54 487(XII):204: Studio of Charlie Russell during his professional painting days undated
39/55 487(XII):205: C.M. Russell gallery, Great Falls undated
39/56 487(XII):206: Map of little festival showings (Montana) 1954-1955, 1957-1958
39/57 487(XII):207: Wearings at the 7th annual festival 1955
39/58 487(XII):208: Charcoal drawing by James M. Haughey 1958
39/59 487(XII):209: Exhibits in the 1960 festival undated
39/60 487(XII):210: Horse drawing by Gilberta Manker 1961
39/61 487(XII):211: Metal Buffalo sculpture by Lyndon Pomeroy undated
39/62 487(XII):212: Drawings by James E. Dew 1963
39/63 487(XII):213: Peter Voulkos throwing a pot 1964
39/64 487(XII):214: Exhibits at the 1966 festival 1966
39/65 487(XII):215: Paintings Combine XXIX by Charles Daugherty 1968
39/66 487(XII):216: Painting working herd by J.K. Ralston 1969
39/67 487(XII):217: Gallery Talk by Raymond Campeau, 1972 festival 1972
39/68 487(XII):218: Silk screens from her African Series by Jessie Wilber 1972
39/69 487(XII):219: Painting The Pit by Raymond Cambeau 1972
39/70 487(XII):220: Magazine cover by Jessie Wilber 1974
39/71 487(XII):221: Sculpture Edmonton Trader by Jack Weaver 1975
39/72 487(XII):222: Marketplace at 1975 festival, Virginia and E.H. Loeffler
39/73 487(XII):223: Blown glass by David Cornell 1976
39/74 487(XII):224: Magazine cover by Lyndon Pomeroy Fall 1953
39/75 487(XII):225: The Taxation of mines in Montana by Louis Levine, Ph. D. Book Cover undated
39/76 487(XII):226: The Frontier A magazine of the Northwest, cover 1933 March
39/77 487(XII):227: University of Montana--Missoula Campus (ca. 1900)
39/78 487(XII):228: Unidentified man undated
39/79 487(XII):229: Edward C. Elliot, Chancellor of the Montana University System from 1916 thru 1922 undated
39/80 487(XII):230: Lewis Orvis Evans undated
39/81 487(XII):231: Man in front of building undated
39/82 487(XII):232: Empty room with sunlight shining through window undated
39/83 487(XII):233: H. G. Merriam 1930
39/84 487(XII):234: H. G. Merriam 1939
39/85 487(XII):235: H. G. Merriam and group 1952
39/86 487(XII):236: H. G. Merriam and group 1954
39/87 487(XII):237: H. G. Merriam and Dr. Harold Urey undated
39/88 487(XII):238: H. G. Merriam and another before ceremony 1979
39/89 487(XII):239: H. G. Merriam-multiple shots, contact negatives undated
39/90 487(XII):240: Museum of the Plains Indian, Frank Bird Linderman exhibit 1962
39/91 487(XII):241: Museum of the Plains Indian, Norman Linderman Waller 1962
39/92 487(XII):242: Mrs. E. Douglas Branch 1942
39/93 487(XII):243: H.L. Davis, Portal, AZ 1930
39/94 487(XII):244: Mary Ronan undated
39/95 487(XII):245: Paul W. Anderson and friends of Merriam ("Herron" on far left) 1939
39/96 487(XII):246: Clare Aven Thomson, South Seas with turtle undated
39/96 487(XII):247: Care Aven Thomson, South Seas with sail fish undated
39/97 487(XII):248: Badger Clarke undated
39/98 487(XII):249: Man at pottery wheel (negative) undated
39/99 487(XII):250: Portrait (negatives) undated
Negs. box 487(XII):172: Group of people undated
Negs. box 487(XII):234: H. G. Merriam, New York 1939
Negs. box 487(XII):239: H. G. Merriam 1973
Negs. box 487(XII):239: H. G. Merriam 1973
Negs. box 487(XII):243: Farm house undated
Negs. box 487(XII):244: Unidentified man undated
Negs. box 487(XII):245: Visitors at art exhibit undated
Negs. box 487(XII):246: H. G. Merriam undated

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