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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Circuit Riders, Inc.
Title: Circuit Riders, Inc. records
Dates: 1928-1975 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 14.0 linear feet (11 containters)
Collection Number: Bx 167
Summary: Circuit Riders, Incorporated was a group, formed in Cincinnati, Ohio, whose purpose was to spread the gospel of Christ. However, during the late fifties and sixties the focus of the Circuit Riders expanded to include the investigation of socialist-communist infiltration into all churches, government, education and the civil rights movement. The collection includes Circuit Rider Publications and Research Files with correspondence, pamphlets and audiotapes.
Repository: University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.
Contact Information: UO Libraries--SPC, 1299
University of Oregon
Eugene OR
Telephone: 541-346-3068
Fax: 541-346-3485
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
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Historical Note

Circuit Riders, Incorporated was a group which formed in Cincinnati, Ohio within the Methodist Church. As stated in the preface to an early pamphlet dated February 1952, the group's purpose was to spread the gospel of Christ. This mission included opposing all socialistic, communist, and "anti-American" teachings within the Methodist Church. A specific early goal was to remove the Methodist Federation for Social Action from the national church organization. During the late fifties and sixties, however, the focus of the Circuit Riders expanded to include the investigation of socialist-communist infiltration into all churches, government, education and the civil rights movement nationwide.

Myers G. Lowman, as executive secretary of the Circuit Riders, distributed a newsletter to Circuit Rider members. On behalf of the Circuit Riders, Lowman organized the review of textbooks which were being used in some of the public schools in the 1950s. Although these reviews were not requested by educators or publishers, Lowman informed school boards of the consensus of the reviewer's opinions. Lowman and other Circuit Riders spoke extensively to clubs and organizations on the subject of communism, and collaborated with state and federal committees. The Circuit Riders presented a solid enough ideology for Lowman to be called as an expert witness before the executive committee of the Ohio Committee on Un-American Activities. The latest records are from 1970; further information on the organization after this point is unavailable.

Content Description

The Circuit Riders records were compiled by Myers G. Lowman, executive secretary, and consists of some correspondence of Lowman, research files, pamphlets and tapes.

The research files comprise the bulk of the collection. They consist of a variety of material, such as membership lists, literature, speeches, clippings, and press releases. Both conservative and radical persons and organizations are represented, but the emphasis is on organizations involved in suspected communist or subversive activities. Dates of suspicious interactions were recorded, dated, and compiled. Some of the organizations indexed include the American Civil Liberties Union, the American Friends Service Committee, the Civil Service, DuBois Clubs, the Episcopal Church, Students for a Democratic Society, and Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee.

The pamphlets were collected from anti-communist and pro-communist organizations including radical and international publishers. A detailed listing of author, title, and publication date appears in the inventory.

The reel-to-reel tape recordings contain lectures, sermons, speeches, rally rhetoric, radio programs, and interviews by sympathizers as well as opposition groups. All appear to be "field" recordings make at the time of the event. They provide a historical record that is not matched by a formal, printed version. Peace marches such as the one that took place in Selma, record participation.

The photographs include one box containing about 100 snapshots of SDS student activism, late 1950s-1960s; and one box containing a number of 8x10 prints of the 1957 March of Washington, about 45 prints of a Ku Klux Klan rally in Ohio, and about 45 prints of the March on Selma, probably 1965.

The bulk of the correspondence, financial materials, and other organizational files dating from 1921 can be found at the Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace in Stanford, California.

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Series: Circuit Riders, Inc. publications

Series: Research files

Series: Photographs

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Circuit Riders, Inc. publications
1 Circuit Riders literature 1928-1949
1 Circuit Riders literature 1950-1957
1 Circuit Riders literature 1985-1971
1 Pamphlets. Published by Circuit Riders, Incorporated, Cincinnati, Ohio
1 The compilation of the records of clergymen of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A
Includes the names of 101 who have three or more affiliations with pro-communist enterprises, and excludes the names of 513 who have had one or two such affiliations.
1 A Compilation of Public records
2109 Methodist Minister. 1956 and 1961, first and fifth printings.
1 Communist Deception in the Churches, by Joseph Zack Kornfeder 1952
1 Fifty Years of Un-Methodist Propaganda 1957
1 Information Concerning the Methodist Federation for Social Action 1952
1 Recognize Red China? Pocket size excerpt, 1959 1959
1 Books. Published by Circuit Riders, Incorporated, Cincinnati, Ohio
1 Compilation of Public records
658 Clergymen and Laymen Connected with the National Council of Churches. Soft cover
April 1962; May 1965
1 Compilation of Public records
42% of the Unitarian Clergymen and 450 Rabbis. Soft cover
1 Compilation of Public records
6, 000 Educators. College-University-Theological Seminary, Volume 1.

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Research files
1 Alabama
1 "Individuals Active in Civil Disturbances" Compiled by the Department of Public Safety, Alabama. Volume 1
1 List of delegates and alternates, Alabama
Convention details not given
1 American Civil Liberties Union
1 A study of the American Civil Liberties Union
1 Report about the ACLU. No title or author
1 Miscellaneous literature
1 American Coalition
1 Contributor's list 1949
1 Reports and literature
1 Leaflets
1 Tearsheets and clippings
1 American Friends Service Committee
A collection of literature and clippings with notations my Marion Barr of Yellow Springs, Ohio.
1 Antioch College
Correspondence, literature and clippings with notations by Marion Barr.
1 Arkansas
1 Hearing before the Special Education Committee of the Arkansas legislative Council 1958
1 Opinion in Estelle Farmer vs. Leonard Farmer case
1 Atlantic Union
1 Opposition literature
1 Clippings
1 Black Power Movement
1 Speech by Leroi Jones February 1968
1 Reports
1 Manifesto, written by James Foreman
1 Literature
1 Clippings
1 Bricker Amendment
1 Related correspondence
1 Opposition Literature
1 Clippings
1 Browder, Raissa Berkman
Collection of copies of letters, memos, legal documents, committee hearings, concerning the deportation proceedings of Raissa Berkman Browder
1 China Graduate School of Theology
1 Constitution
1 Literature
1 Church League for Industrial Democracy
1 Reports
1 Opposition Literature
1 Clippings
1 Civil Rights
1 Photocopy of telephone, address, and date books of unidentified civil rights worker
1 Miscellaneous literature
2 Civil Service
2 Subversive list 1947-1948
2 Book manuscript, no title. Subject: Civil service loyalty oaths
(Unpublished compiled by Thomas Bede)
2 Communist Party
2 Manuscript, no author, not title. Subject: Communism
2 "The struggle against imperialist war and the tasks of the Communists."
2 Resolution. Sixth World Congress of Communist International
2 Copy of Earl Browder text
2 Report on the Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia, Dock Strike. Alex Wrigth and Robert Nash 1943
2 Miscellaneous reports
2 Leaflets and organizational charts
2 The Forth International, Volume 2, Number 2
2 Communist Party -- Ohio
2 Related correspondence
2 Signers of 1940 Communist Party Petition from Akron, Columbus, and Dayton 1940
2 House Un-American Activities Committee hearings of Ohio Communist activities
2 Conservative Literature
2 Conservative Miscellaneous
2 Correspondence. Myers G. Lowman, Executive Secretary
2 Outgoing
Includes letters addressed: For Your Information.
2 American Coalition (F. Walker) 1954
2 Auger, Wes 1968
2 Bales, James 1962
2 Bob. N.D
2 Bundy, Edgar C 1955
2 Collins, Mary Love 1956
2 Dillinger, Florence 1961
2 Donner, Robert 1955
2 Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge (W. C. Sawyer) 1966
2 Guozi Shudian, M.D
2 Gwinn, Ralph 1953
2 Humphreys, John R 1960
2 Kohlberg, Alfred 1954
2 Kornfeder, Joseph 1958
2 Littell, Franklin H 1962
2 Mandel, Benjamin 1957
2 Mays, Ruth Ann N.D
2 Salem College 1963
2 Strack, Marian 1953
2 United States Treasury Department 1953
2 Utt, James B. (R. Grier) 1968
2 Ward, Mrs. J. G 1965
2 Weir, J. Gordon 1962
2 Miscellaneous
2 Crouch, Paul
2 Book Manuscript. Broken Chains
2 Related correspondence
2 Lists of Communist Part members
2 Organizational Structure (Sylvia Crouch)
2 Article by Delphine Thomas
2 Tearsheet: Soviet Underground, U.S.A, by Paul Crouch
2 Clippings and tearsheets
2 Draft Resistance. Miscellaneous literature
2 DuBois Clubs of America
2 Literature
2 List, of DuBios Club Membership as of July 1966 July 1966
2 Education. Miscellaneous literature
2 Episcopal Church
2 Related correspondence
2 List of bishops and clergy who supported Melish appeal
2 Church literature and leaflets
2 The Messenger. Diocese of Southern Ohio January 1960; October 1959
2 Clippings and tearsheets
2 Fellowship of Reconciliation
2 Excerpts from 1959 Circuit Riders report 1959
2 Literature
2 Tearsheets
2 Florida Legislative Investigation Committee
2 Transcripts: Deposition of Sylvia Crouch January 7, 1958
2 Transcripts: Testimony of Joseph Brown Matthews February 19, 1958
2 Transcripts: Testimony of J. B. Matthews in regards to: C.F. Welles and W. Uphaus February 10. 1958
2 Transcripts: Unidentified February 9, 1961
2 Reports: Investigation of the University of South Florida
2 Reports: to the 1961 session of the Legislature
2 Gitlow, Ben
2 Testimony. Incomplete
2 Press release
2 Pamphlet. American Funds for Public Service
2 Highlander Folk School
2 Related correspondence
2 Manuscript. "A history of the Highlander Fold School". By Hulan Glyn Thomas 1932-1941
2 Literature
2 Opposition Literature
2 Clippings
3 House Un-American Activities Committee (House Committee on Un-American Activites)
3 Information from the files of HUAC 1956-1963
3 Humanism
Clippings, literature, and correspondence with notations by Marion Barr, Yellow Springs, Ohio
3 Indices
3 Index of miscellaneous congressional hearings and reports
3 Index of McCormack hearings 1934
3 Index. Publications Organizations, Individuals. Massachusetts Committee
3 Index to testimony of Walter Steele before HUAC
3 Jackson, James R
3 Testimony before HUAC
3 Memos, biography, book excerpts, and clippings
3 Jones, Russell M
Information compile by the Columbus Citizens for the Preservation of Constitutional Government
3 Kornfeder, Joseph Zack
Testimony. Location and date not given
3 Lorch, Lee and Grace
Selected correspondence, information, and clippings
3 McCarran Act
3 Related correspondence
3 Report on Sister M.P. McCarran
3 Literature
3 Opposition literature
3 Matthews, J.B
3 Testimony on Communism in schools, Arkansas
3 Albert Einstein. Article
3 Edward E. Strong and his Funeral. Article
3 Reds and Our Churches. American Mercury
3 U.S. National Student Association. Pamphlet 1958
3 Mental Health
3 Related correspondence
3 Memos. National Association for Mental Health
3 Opposition literature
3 Government publications
3 Clippings
3 Methodist Federation for Social Action
3 Delegate list. 1956 conference 1956
3 Review of Ben Gitlow testimony on M.F.S.A
3 Xeroxed pamphlet. The Methodist Ministry and Communism: The Truth behind the Charges, by Philip Wogaman
3 Literature
3 Opposition literature
3 Clippings and tearsheets
3 Miller, Lucille S
3 U.S. vs. Lucille S. Miller, Statement of the case
3 Related correspondence
3 Editorials
3 Green Mountain Rifleman Report
3 Green Mountain Rifleman literature
3 Clippings
3 Miscellaneous Literature: I
3 Miscellaneous Literature: II
3 National Council of Churches
3 5th World Order Study Conference. Delegate list
3 Collection of materials from Billy James Hargis' Christian Crusade
3 National Conference for New Politics
3 Related correspondence
3 Literature and copies of resolutions, caucus reports, budgets, membership lists
3 Miscellaneous notes
3 Convention report. New Politics Nes. Volume 1, Numbers 3 and 4
3 Clippings
3 National Education Association
3 Speech. Forces Affecting American Education. Richard Barnes Kennan 1960
3 Opposition Literature
3 List of certification requirements for school personnel
3 N.E.A. literature
3 National Student Association
3 Minutes, 1955 Student Congress 1955
3 Literature
3 HUAC files
3 Opposition literature
3 The New Party
3 Minutes and reports. National committee of the New Party 1968
3 Memos
3 Membership lists
3 Press releases
3 Clippings
3 Organizations with communist affiliations. Reports
3 Oxnam, G. B
3 Memo compiled by American Vigilant Intelligence Federation 1931
3 Information from HUAC
3 Poster
3 Panama Canal
3 Related correspondence
3 Reports and speeches
3 Press releases
3 Tearsheets and clippings
3 Patriotic Education, Incorporated
3 Three copies of the Key to the Constitution of the U.S. with editorial comments
3 Miscellaneous pamphlets
3 Pikeville College
3 Related correspondence
3 Report
3 Literature
3 Clippings
3 "Plymouth Adventure"
3 Draft. "The Strange Case of Plymouth Adventure" by Marion M. Strack 1952
3 Memos
3 HUAC reports
3 Poor Peoples' Campaign
Lists of sponsoring organizations and coordinators.
3 Race
Miscellaneous literature
4 Religion
Miscellaneous literature
4 Religious Freedom Committee
Related correspondence
4 Religious Liberty
A collection of essays by Didney Hood, Kenneth Greenwalt, Robert Gordis, Oliver Quale III, Mayor Arthur Naftalin, Wilber Katz, Gerhard Lenski, Robert Gildea, Bertram Korn, Norma Krause Herzefeld.
4 Riles, Wilson
4 Copy of restraining order to show cause: Wilson Riles and Marion Joseph vs. Max Rafferty, Robert Tuttle et al
4 Opposition literature
4 Clippings
4 Robinson, Reverend James H
4 Reports
4 Clippings
4 Roosevelt, Eleanor and Franklin
4 Opposition Literature
4 Miscellaneous
4 Clippings and tearsheets
4 Roy, Ralph L
Related correspondence
4 Rustin, Bayard
4 Police reports
4 Speech transcript. From Protest to Politics
4 Tearsheet
4 Sex Education
Miscellaneous literature
4 Smith, Margaret Chase
4 Related correspondence
4 Clippings
4 Socialism
Miscellaneous literature
4 Southern Christian Leadership Conference
4 Abernathy, Ralph, - Police files and clippings
4 SCLC literature -- Tennessee convention 1968
4 Southern Conference Education Fund
4 Related correspondence
4 Literature
4 Legal Brief
4 Southern Patriot
4 Students for a Democratic Society
4 Related correspondence
4 Speech summary
4 Constitution
4 Literature
4 SDS Bulletins
Volume 2, Numbers 2, 3, 5, 6, and 10; Volume 3, Numbers 6 and 7; and #3
4 Newsletter. Peace Research and Education Project
4 Dues cards and clippings
4 Student Mobilization Committee
4 Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee: I
4 Report. The Student Protest Movement: A Recapitulation
4 Mississippi Movement literature
4 Negro Citizens of Sunflower County vs. Mississippi County Officials. Complaint
4 Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee: II
4 Jackson, Mississippi Police Department information
4 Clippings
4 Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee: Watts Report
4 Watts Report March 1965-May 1965
4 Sullivan, George E
4 Related correspondence
4 Literature
4 Supreme Court
4 Report about "An American Dilemma" cited by Supreme Court in a segregation ruling as its principal authority
4 Miscellaneous
4 Tapes
(In boxes 7, 8, and 9)
4 Textbooks
4 Textbook study by Alabama Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and related literature 1966
4 Textbook reports of Washington D.C. study and related correspondence 1945
4 Textbook report of Florida Coalition of Patriotic Societies 1961
4 Miscellaneous
4 Textbooks: Our Nations Story, by Augspurger and McLemore. Laidlaw Brothers. U.S 1959
4 Textbooks: The Negro in American Life, by M. Moresback. Board of Education, Cincinnati, Ohio 1966
5 Trade Expansion Act of 1962 1962
5 Memo
5 Opposition literature
5 Press releases
5 Tearsheets and clippings
5 Trade Unions
Miscellaneous literature
5 United Nations
5 Related correspondence
5 Opposition literature
5 UN literature
5 Clippings
5 University of Mississippi
5 A report by the General Legislative Investigating Committee to the Mississippi State Legislature concerning the occupation of the University of Mississippi
5 Related correspondence
5 Clippings
5 Venezuela
5 Report on Venezuela. John A. Clements Associates 1958
5 World Government
Miscellaneous literature
5 Yorty, Sam
5 Statement by Sam Yorty in connection with Sirhan Sirhan June 1968
5 California Superior Court order regarding: publicity
5 Pamphlet. The dynamic impact of a mayor's aroused citizenry...and a nation's reaction to senatorial inquisition. Citizens for Sam Yorty
5 Young Communist League of America
Yearbook 1937
Pamphlets A
5 Acacia Fraternity. Trend toward tyranny. The job is ours, By Norman S. Meese and Roy C. Clark
5 Advance Publishers. Pro-War Communism, by Veritas. New York 1937
5 Advisory Associates. How "red" is the University of Chicago? By Nelson E. Hewitt. Chicago, Illinois 1935
5 Alert. It's your move, by Edward H. Gibbons. Los Angeles, California 1951
5 Allen, Marilyn R. (publisher and authoress) Calling all Christians. Salt Lake City, Utah 1951
5 Alliance
5 Color, communism and common sense, by Manning Johnson. New York 1958
5 Red intrigue and race turmoil, by Zygmund Dodds. New York 1958
5 American First Committee. Our Foreign Policy, by General Robert Wood. Chicago, Illinois 1940
5 America's Future. Communist tactics...strategy...objectives. New York 1958
5 American Bar Association. Brief on Communism: Marxism-Leninism. New York undated
5 American Center for Education. William O. Douglas: an analytical survey, by Edward Albertson. Los Angeles, California 1969
5 American Civil Liberties Union
5 Academic freedom and civil liberties of student in colleges and universities. New York 1961
5 The right of asylum. New York undated
5 American Committee on Africa
5 War in Algeria: is confederation the answer? By Lorna Hahn. New York undated
5 Portugal's African "wards" by Marvin Harris. New York 1958
5 American Defense Society, Incorporated. The Reds in America, by R.M. Whitney. New York undated
5 Industrial unionism. Washington, D.C 1935
5 Religion and labor. Washington, D.C undated
5 American Friends Service Committee
5 The campus protest against ROTC, by Allan Brick. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undated
5 Christian pacifism and the hydrogen bomb. By Kathleen Lonsdale. London undated
5 Fair housing handbook. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1964
5 Getting rid of war, by A.J. Muste. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undated
5 Let's talk about China today. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1965
5 Letter from Birmingham city jail, by Martin Luther King, Jr. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1963
5 Quakerism faces the future, by Jane P. Rushmore. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1963
5 The religious platform of the Quakers, by Stephen Rushmore. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undated
5 Revolution and cold war, by Sidney Lens. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undated
5 American Heritage Protective Committee. Unfolding social security. San Antonio, Texas 1952
5 American Humanist Association. Humanism for the millions, by Gordon Kent. Yellow Springs, Ohio 1951
5 American Indian Federation. Now who's un-American? By O.K. Chandler and A.L. Jemison. Washington, D.C undated
5 American Institute for Economic Research. Twentieth Century common sense and the American crisis of the 1960's, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 1960
5 American Jewish Committee. Anti-Semitic activity in the United States. New York 1954
5 American Jewish League against Communism. Soviet Russia and the Jews, by Gregor Aronson. New York 1949
5 American League against War and Racism
5 American Legion and civil liberty, by Walter Wilson. New York 1936
5 20 Years after: 1914-1934, by James Lerner. New York 1934
5 American Legion
5 Addresses -- Counter-subversion seminar. Washington, D.C 1947
5 Report on Investigation of subversive activities in Florida. Miami, Florida 1955
5 The truth about the Foreign Policy Association. Atlanta, Georgia 1960
5 America Plus. Eyes Front America. Los Angeles, California 1951
5 American Research, Incorporated. You won't believe it! Worthington, Ohio undated
5 American Youth Congress
5 Here's a real job for you! By Joseph Cadden. New York 1940
5 Now is the time! By Frances M. Williams. New York undated
5 Proceedings, Congress of Youth. New York, New York 1939
5 Youngville, U.S.A., by A.M. Sirkin. New York, New York undated
5 Youth defends America. Report of the 6th American Youth Congress,. New York
5 Youth speaking. New York undated
5 Americanism Finance Committee/National Sojourners Incorporated. Freemasonry and Americanism, by Arden S. Turner. Worthington, Ohio 1955
5 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Primer on Communism. New York 1951
5 Anti-Fascist Literature Committee. Who are the Aryans? By Margaret Schlauch. New York undated
5 Anti-Nazi Federation. Behind the swastika, by Josephine Herbst. New York 1936
5 Appalachian Movement Press. What's next? By Ernest Seemen undated
5 Argus Publishing Company. Communist trade union trickery exposed! By Karl Baarslag. Chicago, Illinois 1949
5 Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League
5 Analysis of the cultural revolution of CCP in 1966, by Hwang Tien-chien. Republic of China 1966
5 Charts concerning Chinese Communists on the mainland. Republic of China 1966
5 Problem of the second generation and successors of Chinese Communist regime, By Ting Chu-yuan. Republic of China
5 The relations between Moscow and Peiping, by Shih Yuan-ching. Republic of China 1961
5 The Sixth conference of the Asian Peoples' Anti-Communist League. Republic of China 1960
5 Association of Citizens' Councils of Mississippi. A Review of Black Monday, by Tome P. Brady. Mississippi, Missouri 1954
Pamphlets B
5 Bales Bookstore
5 Communism and race in America, By Herbert A. Philbrick and James D. Bales. Arkansas 1965
5 Senator Fulbright's secret memorandum, by James D. Bales. Arkansas. (missing 8/86) 1962
5 Sketches from the history of collectivism, by James D. Bales, Arkansas 1965
5 Beacon Press. The hate campaign against the United Nations, by Gordon D. Hall. Boston, Massachusetts 1952
5 Beckwith Press
5 Peace at any old price, by R. M. Whitney New York undated
5 La Follette Socialism Communism, by R.M. Whitney. New York 1924
5 Birnie, Helen Wood (publisher and authoress). The broken wall 1954
5 Black Swan Press. Sabotage, by Walker C. Smith. Chicago, Illinois undated
5 Blake, Aldrich (publisher and author). The civil rights revolution. California 1955
5 Blasko, Stephan (publisher and author). Slovakia in blood and shackles. New York 1954
5 Britons Publishing Society. Race, heredity and civilization, by W. George. London 1962
5 Braford-Brown Educational Company. The American race problem, by Wm. Montgomery Brown. Ohio 1930
Pamphlet C
5 California Educators Associated. Sensitivity training, by Marie Heller Paul. California 1967
5 California (state) Ninth Report
5 Senate Investigating Committee on Education. California 1952
5 Report of Assembly Relief Investigating Committee, California 1940
5 The Call Association. Let Man Prevail, by Erich Fromn. New York 1960
5 Carnegie Endowment or International Peace. The United Nations. New York 1950
5 Catholic War Veterans. Dictionary of communist terms. Washington, D.C 1956
5 Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors. Punishment for conscience. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania undated
5 Chamber of Commerce
5 Communist within the labor movement. Washington, D.C 1947
5 Socialism in America. Washington, D.C 1950
5 Chinese Society of International Law. Why must the Chinese Communist regime be denied recognition, by Li Chun. Republic of China 1962
5 Chinese Women's Anti-Aggression League
5 A pictorial report of the work of the CWAL. Republic of China 1959
5 Housing project for military dependents. Republic of China 1957
5 Chicago Journal of Commerce. The Communist fifth column. Chicago, Illinois 1946
5 Christian Anti-Communism Crusade
5 The Communist interpretation of peace, by Fred Schwarz. Iowa undated
5 Address on the disease of Communism, by Fred Schwarz, California 1959
5 Christian Beacon Press
5 Communist China. New Jersey 1958
5 Communism in our churches, by J. B. Matthews. New Jersey 1958
5 Christian Crusade. Is the schoolhouse the proper place to teach raw sex? By Gordon V. Drake. Oklahoma 1968
5 Christian Nationalist Crusade
5 Jews in government, by Gerald L.K. Smith. Missouri 1951
5 Negro rule, Negro-white intermarriage, Negro invasion of white schools, by J.E. Perkins. Oklahoma undated
5 The Negro crisis. California undated
5 The Roosevelt death, by Mr. X., Missouri 1947
5 Magazine: The cross and the flag
5 Church League of America
5 Certain activates of certain clergymen, by J.B. Matthews. Illinois undated
5 The official report of the Chicago riots. Illinois 1968
5 Cinema Educational Guild, Incorporated. Name the traitors in the United Nations, by Myron C. Fagan. California 1953
5 Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce. A century of business progress 1946
5 Citizens' Committee for Constitutional Liberties. "I do not think the court's action can be justified." Dissenting opinion of Chief Justice Earl Warren. New York 1961
5 Committee for Constitutional Government, Incorporated. Survival, by Bonner Fellers. New York undated
5 Committees of Action for the University of Rome. Social Insurance and welfare under the fascist regime. Rome 1935
5 Committee of 100. Terror in Tennessee, by Oliver W. Harrington. New York undated
5 Committee on Militarism in Education. Militarizing our youth, by Roswell P. Barnes. New York 1927
5 Committee to Explore Political Realignment. Final summary of a revolution. Colorado undated
5 Committee to Restore the Constitution. The anatomy of a revolution. Colorado undated
5 Civil Rights Congress
5 Deadly parallel. New York undated
5 America's "thought police" New York 1947
5 Common Sense. Beware of Europe's Wars, by Alfred M. Bingham. New York 1947
5 Communist Party
5 New Century Publishers. New York
5 America at the crossroads, by Eugene Dennis 1945
5 China's greatest crisis., by Fredrick V. Field 1945
5 The Chinese communists, by Earl Browder 1945
5 Hell-bomb or peace? By Joseph Clark 1950
5 Marxism and Negro liberation, by Gus Hall 1951
5 The menace of American imperialism, by Wm. Z. Foster and American needs the Communist Party, by Eugene Dennis 1945
5 On inner-party struggle, by Liu Shao-chi 1952
5 On people's democratic rule, by Mao Tse-Tung 1950
5 On the nature of revolution, by Herbert Aptheker 1959
5 Organizing the party for victory over reaction, by Alex Parker 1953
5 The path of renegade, by Robert Thompson 1946
5 The philosophy of communism, by James E. Jackson 1963
5 Resistance against fascist enslavement in South Africa, by Alphaeus Hunton 1953
5 The socialist way, by N.S. Khrushchev 1959
5 Universal military training, by Leo Cooper 1948
5 What's behind the Berlin crisis, by Joseph Clark 1948
5 Yankee imperialism in Spain, by Vincent Uribe 1949
5 Workers Library Publishers. New York
5 The democratic front, by Earl Browder 1938
5 Is Japan the champion of the colored races? 1938
5 The Negroes in Soviet America by James Ford and James Allen 1935
5 The path Dimitroff charted, by V. J. Jerome 1943
5 Program of the Communist International 1936
5 Resolutions. Seventh Congress of the Communist International 1935
5 The revolutionary movement in the colonies 1928
5 Revolutionary struggle against war vs. pacifism, by Alex Bittelman undated
5 The road to Negro liberation, by Harry Haywood 1934
5 The twenty-one conditions of admission into the Communist International, by O. Piatnitsky 1934
5 Working class unity -- bulwark against fascism, by Dimitroff 1935
5 Miscellaneous
5 Dixie comes to New York, by Harry Raymond 1946
5 In defense of Negro rights, by Benjamin J. Davis 1950
5 The little red library #1. Trade Unions in America, by W. Z. Foster, J.P. Cannon, and E. R. Browder undated
5 The party organization undated
5 The state and revolution, by N. Lenin
5 What is the communist opposition? By Bertram D. Wolfe undated
5 Your dollar under Roosevelt, by Anna Rochester 1933
5 Constitutional Education League 1950
5 America betrayed, by Joseph Kamp. New York
5 Famine in America, by Joseph Kamp. Connecticut 1943
5 The fifth column in the South, by Joseph Kamp. Connecticut 1940
5 The fifth column in Washington, by Joseph Kamp. Connecticut 1940
5 The hell of Herrin rages again, by Joseph P. Kamp. Connecticut 1937
5 Hitler was a liberal, by Joseph P. Kamp. New York 1949
5 How to win the war..., by Joseph P. Kamp. Connecticut 1942
5 Consumer-Producers Economic Service. Middle of the road policy leads to Socialism. An address by Ludwig von Mises. Illinois 1950
5 Continental Research Institute. Criticism of people's commune, by Chow Ching-Wen. Hong Kong 1961
5 Coordinating Center of Chinese Communist Studies. Chinese communist research material exhibition. Republic of China 1972
5 Crain, Lucille Cardin and Hamilton, Anne Burrows (publishers and authoresses). Packaged thinking for women. New York undated
Pamphlets D-E
6 Daughters of the American Revolution. An answer to pacifists, by Reverend Louis N. Rocca. Indiana undated
6 Demorizi, Emilio Rodriguez. United States military intervention. Dominican Republic 1958
6 Dominican Press Society. Venezuela's "democracy" under Betancourt. Dominican Republic 1961
6 Editions Sociales, Pour L'Union, by Maurice Thorez. Paris undated
6 Editura "Libertatea." Perspectiva a douazeci de ani, by Corneliy Codreanu. Madrid 1959
6 Education Information, Incorporated. The subtle and leisurely penetration. California 1968
6 Emergency Civil Liberties Committee. Congressional investigations and bills of attainder, by Irving Brant. New York undated
6 Examiner Pamphlets. Today's greatest problem, by A.N. Field. New Zealand 1938
Pamphlets F-G
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Pamphlets R-S
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Pamphlets T-V
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Pamphlets W-Z
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7 Zentralrat der Freien Deutschen Jugend. Tatsachen sprechen fur sich. German Democratic Republic undated
7 Miscellaneous Pamphlets
Sound recordings
7 Sound recordings, various sizes, most reel-to-reel
8 Sound recordings, various sizes, most reel-to-reel
9 Sound recordings, various sizes, most reel-to-reel

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Series:  Photographs (PH044), 1949-1970
1.25 linear feet
Circuit Riders, Inc.
1 PH044_XXX: [Snapshots of SDS American student activism]
100.0 photographic prints
4 x 5 inches
late 1950s-1960s
2 PH044_XXX: [Prints of Klan, Selma, March on Washington, Hargis-Walker]
100.0 photographic prints
8 x 10 inches

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  • Civil Service Assembly of the United States and Canada
  • Episcopal Church
  • Ku Klux Klan (1915- )--Photographs
  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
  • Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)
  • W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs of America
  • Subject Terms :
  • Anti-communist movements--United States
  • Propaganda, Anti-communist
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