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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. Faculty Senate.
Title: Faculty Senate Records
Quantity: 4 cubic ft.
5 microfilm reels
Collection Number: RG 044
Summary: The Faculty Senate records document the development, administration and activities of the OSU Faculty Senate and its various committees.
Repository: Oregon State University
University Archives

121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-2165

Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

Composed of representatives from all academic and administrative units, the Faculty Senate is the primary governing body of the University, responsible for academic policies, educational standards, curricula, academic regulations, and faculty welfare. In its capacity as the University's legislative body, the Faculty Senate presents recommendations to the President of the University, who has the authority to pass or veto any measure submitted. Organized in 1945 by the Committee on Resident Faculty Organization, the Faculty Senate (formerly known as the Faculty Council prior to 1957) was the first faculty body at Oregon State University that included elected representatives.

Content Description

Due to differences in the series designations between the paper and microfilm records in this group, the microfilm reels are described separately below and in the inventory.

Series I contains correspondence, minutes, memoranda, annual committee reports, and studies generated by the Faculty Senate's committees. Two of the major committees represented in this series are the Executive and the Faculty Economic Welfare Committee. The latter examined issues pertaining to faculty salaries and benefits. One cubic foot of Faculty Senate materials from the records of C. W. Hovland, Department Chair of Religious Studies and president of the Faculty Senate from 1978 to 1979, has been transferred into this series. Series II consists of minutes of the Faculty Senate. The microfilm records also contain minutes of the Faculty Senate and cover one year (1956) not in the paper records. Series III are Reports to the Senate sent to Senate members outlining meeting agendas and memoranda and reports from committees.

Series IV contains informational materials and memoranda regarding the presentation of the OSU Distinguished Service Awards. Nomination packets of the winners of the Distinguished Service Award and other awards (containing curriculum vitas and letters or recommendation) are also in this series.

Series V consists of studies, opinion papers, and addresses prepared for the Faculty Senate by faculty members, committees, and outside consultants. Series VI contains general correspondence, a handbook, memoranda, and informational reports relating to the administrative structure, policies, and history of the Faculty Senate.

The 5 reels of Faculty Senate microfilm records date from 1944 to 1971 and consist primarily of correspondence, minutes, committee and curriculum council reports, informational materials, and memoranda. The minutes, informational material, and reports were created by the Committee On Faculty Organization, an ad hoc committee formed by the University to establish the Faculty Senate. The microfilm also contains correspondence, memoranda, and reports from the Committee On Committees and the Publication Advisory Committee. Series numbers in brackets on the inventory correspond to series indicators in the microfilm.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Faculty Senate Records (RG 44), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into six series: I. Committees; II. Minutes; III. Reports to the Faculty Senate; IV. Awards; V. Studies, Opinion Papers, and Addresses; and VI. Subject files.

Related Materials :  

The OSU Staff Newsletter (Pub 8-22a) includes the Faculty Senate Minutes and indexes from 1965-1977. The D. Curtis Mumford Papers include records of the Faculty Economic Welfare Committee of the Faculty Senate.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Committees, 1944-1989
1 Academic Advising Committee, 1971, 1977
1 Academic Deficiencies Committee, 1969-1972
1 Academic Regulations Committee, 1977-1979
Academic Requirements Committee, 1968-1974
1 Committee Reports, 1970-1973
1 Curriculum Policies, 1970-1974
1 Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1970-1973
1 Revisions of Academic Regulations, 1973
1 S-U Grading, 1968-1973
1 Transfer of Community College and Voc-tech Credits, 1971-1973
1 Academic Reviews and Appeals Committee, 1969-1972
1 Academic Status Committee, 1970
Ad Hoc Committees, 1970-1982
1 Committee on Martin Luther King's Birthday, 1982
1 Committee on Faculty Workloads, 1973
1 Advancement of Teaching Committee, 1969-1971
1 Bylaws Committee, 1970-1971
1 Charter Day Committee, 1969
1 Committee on Admissions of Graduate Students, 1969
1 Committee on Admissions of Undergraduate Students, 1969-1972
1 Committee on Committees, 1967-1972
1 Committee to Coordinate Distribution and Review of Statements on Student Rights, 1969
1 Committee for Minority and Special Services Programs, 1969-1971
1 Committee on Reorganization and Enlargement of the Faculty Council, 1954-1955
1 Committee on Resident Faculty Organization, 1944
1 Curriculum Committee, 1971
2 Examinations Committee, 1971
2 Executive Committee, 1964-1973
2 Memoranda to Faculty, 1981-1989
2 Faculty Day Committee, 1968-1970
2 Faculty Economic Welfare Committee, 1950, 1956-1958, 1964-1978
2 Academic Salary Statistical Reports, 1982-1986
2 Academic Salaries Seminar Report, Surveys, and Data, 1986-1987
2 Subcommittee on Salary Information, 1972-1974
2 Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee, 1969-1971
2 Faculty Status Committee, 1971
2 International Education Committee, 1969-1972
2 Library Committee, 1969-1971
2 Nominations Committee, 1970-1972
2 Registration and Scheduling Committee, 1971
3 Retirement Committee, 1979-1981
3 Special Services Committee, 1970-1971
3 University Honors Program Committee, 1969-1971

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Series II:  Minutes, 1944-1999
3 1944-1955, 1957-1965
5 bound volumes
3 1969-1972, 1977-1995, 1998-1999
3 Minutes Index, 1967-1979

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Series III:  Reports to the Faculty Senate, 1970-1998
3 1970-1972, 1980-1990
4 1991-1998

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Series IV:  Awards, 1974-2000
4 Award Nomination Criteria Guidelines, 2000
4 Distinguished Service Awards, 1974-1976, 1978-1980, 1983
4 Faculty Award Nomination Packets, 1997-2000
4 List of Award Recipients, 1964-1989

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Series V:  Studies, Opinion Papers, and Addresses, 1988-1999
4 Faculty Forum Papers, 1988-1991, 1998-1999
4 Faculty Salary Structures and Trends; and How We Track Them, 1990

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Series VI:  Subject Files, 1970-1999
4 Bylaws and Standing Rules, 1974-1975
4 Correspondence and Memos, 1988-1989, 1993, 1999
4 Faculty Panels, 1970-1971
4 Faculty Senate Handbook, 1994-1995
4 Promotion and Tenure, 1982-1984
4 Provosts' Annual Address to the Faculty, 1989
4 " Roots of the Faculty Senate" (Brief historical essay on the Faculty Senate), 1984

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Microfilmed records

Other Descriptive Information

  • reel 1: Faculty Senate Minutes, 1945-1966 [Subgroup 1, Series 1]
  • reel 1: Correspondence, 1945-1960 [Subgroup 1, Series 2]
  • reel 2: Correspondence, 1960-1964 [Subgroup 1, Series 2]
  • reel 2: Committee and Curriculum Council Reports, 1945-1964 [Subgroup 1, Series 3]
  • reel 2: Reports, 1945-1959 [Subgroup 1, Series 4]
  • reel 2: Organization, 1954-1957 [Subgroup 1, Series 5]
  • reel 2: Committee on Resident Faculty Oganization, 1944 [Subgroup 2, Series 1-5]
  • reel 2: Committee on Committees, 1955-1961 [Subgroup 3, Series 1]
  • reel 3: Faculty Senate Minutes, 1968-1971 [Series 1]
  • reel 3: Correspondence, 1968-1971 [Series 2]
  • reel 3: Executive Committee, 1968-1970 [Series 3]
  • reel 4: Executive Committee, 1969-1971 [Series 3]
  • reel 4: Reports, Committee, 1967-1971 [Series 3]
  • reel 4: School of Agriculture Correspondence, 1969-1971 [Series 5]
  • reel 4: Agendas, 1967-1971 [Series 6]
  • reel 4: Members, 1968-1969 [Series 7]
  • reel 4: Publication Advisory Committee (Adv. Com. on Faculty Publications), 1967-1968 [Series 8]
  • reel 5: Committee on Resident Faculty Organization, 1944 [This reel exactly duplicates paper records in the folder, "Committee on Resident Faculty Organization, 1944", with the exception of one page of Minutes on the film which is not in the original paper records. This page has been printed out and is available with the original paper records.]

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  • Corporate Names :
  • Oregon State University. Faculty Economic Welfare Committee.
  • Oregon State University. Faculty Senate.
  • Oregon State University--Administration.
  • Oregon State University--Faculty.
  • Subject Terms :
  • Universities and colleges--Faculty--Salaries, etc.--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Universities and colleges--Oregon--Corvallis--Curricula.

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