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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. College of Home Economics and Education.
Title: College of Home Economics and Education Records
Dates: 1913-2000 ( inclusive )
1952-1992 ( bulk )
Quantity: 21 cubic ft.
Collection Number: RG 141
Summary: These records were generated by the College of Home Economics and Education. In addition to documenting administrative aspects of the College such as curriculum development, committee work, and funding, these records also highlight faculty and student research, programs in home economics at other colleges and universities, professional home economics organizations, updates on alumni, and the accreditation of the college.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

First established in 1889 as the Department of Household Economy and Hygiene, the College of Home Economics at OSU was the fifth such college program to be instituted in the U.S. and the first west of the Rocky Mountains. Margaret Comstock Snell served as the College's first Professor and Dean, a post she held until 1908. Having received a M.D., Snell's emphasis in her instruction and research was the importance of preventative health. Until 1895, when Mary Avery was hired as an assistant in sewing classes, Snell was the sole instructor and staff member of the department.

Initially only open to female students, the Department of Household Economy was one of four major areas of study (along with Agriculture, Mechanics and Pharmacy) offered by the College to students until about 1910. Within two years of the establishment of the department, options for a three-year and four-year program leading to a Bachelor of Household Economy and Letters degree were available to students. By 1897, these options were consolidated into a four-year program for a Bachelor of Science degree and as well as an option for Masters' in Household Science degree. For the undergraduate degree in Home Economics, the department developed a three tiered curricula, known after 1933 as Curricula A, B, and C. This system differentiated between students training for a professional career (teaching or social work) and those intending to apply their education at home.

In the first years of the department, a basic core curriculum of subjects were offered without specialization. These courses included: sewing, cooking, gardening, care of the sick, hygiene, social etiquette, and dressmaking. In 1908, two departments were formed in what was then renamed the School of Domestic Science and Art. The formation of these two departments, Domestic Science and Art, signaled an increasing specialization of the school with classes described in the catalog in the following groupings by 1919: Household Science, Household Art, Household Administration, Institutional Management, Applied Design, and the Industrial Education Group. As the school expanded in scope and size, these two departments underwent several name changes and divisions from which new departments were created (see list below). Meanwhile, a training program in gerontology was formed in 1972 as OSU became a member of the Oregon Center Gerontology Consortium. In 1983, the school was renamed to the College of Home Economics. In 1989, the College re-organized into three departments which reflect it's current form: Apparel, Interiors, Housing and Merchandising; Nutrition and Food Management; and Human Development Family and Sciences.

Another important aspect of the college has been Home Economics Education, which was administered in the School of Education from 1918 until 1994, when the School of Education merged with the College of Home Economics to form the College of Home Economics and Education. Home Economics Extension and Experiment Station Research are major functions of the College of Home Economics.

Originally housed on the third floor of Benton Hall, the department moved from Kidder Hall, then to Waldo Hall, and finally to Agriculture Hall before moving to its present location in the Home Economics Building in 1914. In addition to the Home Economics Building, the college managed several nursery schools and "practice houses" for courses in childcare and home management. The first practice house, Withycombe House, was established in 1917.

Content Description

Series I consists primarily of correspondence and memoranda, but also reports and brochures. Among the subjects addressed in this series include: the accreditation of the College, committee efforts, conferences, gifts, building renovations and additions, state legislation, the Oregon Home Economics Association (OHEA), the Peace Corps, and special events such as dedications and anniversaries. This series also contains letters sent by Ava Milam Clark for general distribution to the staff of the College which document her travels in Asia and the Middle East as a researcher and coordinator for the Home Economics study abroad program. In these letters, Clark details the cultural and academic life of several countries, including: China, Japan, Syria, Korea, and the Philippines. There are also travel letters similar to those of Clark's from two other staff members: Margaret Fedde and Frances Clinton documenting visits to Germany and France.

Series II consists of minutes of faculty meetings and committees. There are also minutes from committees outside of the College, including: the Home Economics Club, Governor's Subcommittee on Education, Women's Study Group, and the Western Home Economics Research Administrative Council. Series III consists of reports and studies relating to the accreditation of the college, faculty retreats, class field trips, conference proceedings, survey and research statistics of other college Home Economics programs, and departmental development plans. Included in this series are reports generated by professional organizations and research institutes such as: American Home Economics Association (AHEA), Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS), Western Regional Research Institute (WRRI), and the National Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities (NALGCSU).

Series IV consists of materials relating to curriculum development and instruction and covers subjects such as pass/fail grading, summer term classes and publicity, enrollment data for Home Economics programs, theses granted by the College, and proposals for new degree programs. Records in this series include: Category I Proposals, correspondence, reports, brochures, and blank examination forms. Series V consists of correspondence and reports concerning the development of a guiding statement and objectives for the College, records retention, review and appeal guidelines, certification rules, the administrative code, job classification changes, and other policy and procedure issues.

Series VI pertains to grant proposals for the funding and development of various programs and projects including: a Women's Job Corps Center, a Gerontology Program at OSU, and a Head Start demonstration project in Oregon. Other proposals in this series include grants for specific research projects from departments in the College: Foods and Nutrition; Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts; and the Family Life and Home Economics Administration. Series VII relates to slide presentations, radio programs, and speeches delivered by Home Economics faculty for classes, dedications, awards ceremonies, and media outreach. Among the materials in this series are: transcripts for speech and radio broadcasts, sound recordings of speeches and class lectures, slide show scripts, speech notes, and legislative testimony.

Series VIII consists of newspaper clippings from The Barometer, The Corvallis Gazette-Times, The Oregonian, The Oregon Journal, and other regional media relating to alumni and staff news and research, the Nutrition For Defense program, various anniversary events, building dedications, funding and curriculum issues, and the Oregon Home Economics Association (OHEA). Series IX are newsletters produced for the faculty and staff of the College of Home Economics, Extension Home Economics, and the Program on Gerontology. Series X contains theses and student papers prepared for degrees and various home economics classes. The topics of these papers include: student mortality, good grooming, home economics education in Asia, dress codes, and the fat content of eggs.

Series XI consists of articles, brochures, handbooks, magazines, and posters relating to events at OSU sponsored by the College of Home Economics, faculty publications and research, career information, the college nursery school, and the OSU Program on Gerontology. Included in this series are two volumes of bound publications. Entitled The House I and II, these volumes consist of a variety of bulletins and circulars printed by the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, U.S. Dept. Of the Interior, the Federal Housing Administration, U.S. Dept. Of Commerce, and the OSC Extension Service. Dating from 1928 to 1942, these publications pertain to housing construction and design, home furnishings, and maintenance.

Series XII consists of historical essays, outlines, and notes on the history of the OSU College of Home Economics, the college nursery school, the development of home economics in the U.S. and the American Home Economics Association (AHEA). Series XIII consists of biographical files of home economics faculty and alumni and primarily contain newspaper clippings and correspondence. Included in this series are lists of staff and distinguished alumni as well as a collection of faculty vitas compiled in 1982. Series XIV pertains to awards and honors bestowed to faculty and students including: scholarships, fellowships, the OSU Distinguished Service Award, and the Westly College of Home Economics Teacher/Counselor of the Year Awards.

Series XV contains guestbooks of visitors for tours, dedications, and other special events at the Family Study Center, Kent House, and the Withycombe House Management House. Series XVI consists of 5 scrapbooks, 4 of which relate to the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP). Covering the years 1967 to 1978, the EFNEP scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings and photographs of EFNEP activities throughout the state, in particular summer youth camps sponsored by the program. The fifth scrapbook pertains to the refurbishing of the Home Economics Conference Suite and contains photographs of the room and lists of patrons and other donors. Series XVII is the book Adventures of a Home Economist by Ava Milam Clark. Series XVIII is a wall calendar for the year 1925 printed especially for the College of Home Economics featuring quotes and proverbs about the family, tips for childcare and food preparation, and images of family life at home.

Series XIX consists of brochures, correspondence, county plans of work, minutes, newsletters, and reports generated by the Office of Extension Home Economics (now Family Extension and Community Development). Included among the subjects addressed in this series are: EFNEP, OSU Mini-college, Oregon Extension Management Information System, and the Family Living Program.

Series XX are architectural drawings and book plans relating to the construction, renovation, and addition to various structures managed and used by the College of Home Economics: Milam Hall, Kent House, Nursery School, Home Management House, and 6 quonset hut buildings identified only as A-F. Also included in this series are specifications for the building of household cabinetry, shelving, and furniture in a series of drawings by Maud Wilson labeled "Storage Arrangements and Furnishings." Another set of drawings by Maud Wilson consist of specifications for the construction of six, four, and three bedroom farmhouses.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Some of the files in series XIV (Awards) may contain confidential information. Access subject to review by Archivist.

Preferred Citation :  

College of Home Economics and Education Records (RG 141), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The records are organized into twenty series: I. Correspondence; II. Minutes; III. Reports/Studies; IV. Curriculum Development/Instruction; V. Policies and Procedures; VI. Grant Proposals; VII. Presentations/Speeches; VIII. Newspaper Clippings; IX. Newsletters; X. Theses/Student Papers; XI. Publications; XII. Historical Essays; XIII. Biographical Files; XIV. Awards; XV. Guestbooks; XVI. Scrapbooks; XVII. Book; XVIII. Wall Calendar; XIX. Extension Home Economics; and XX. Architectural Drawings/Book Plans.

Related Materials :  

In addition to the records of the College of Home Economics, the Archives also has institutional records for individual departments in the college. These departments are: Apparel, Interiors, Housing, and Merchandising (RG 28); Nutrition and Food Management (RG 217); and Human Development and Family Sciences (RG 85). The Archives also has records for the School of Education (RG 184). There are publications and photographic collections for the College of Home Economics (P 44) and Home Economics Extension (P 115). The Archives has a number of collections of personal papers and records from alumni and faculty of the College of Home Economics, including Deans Ava Milam Clark and Betty Hawthorne. Records from home economic clubs and organizations such the Oregon Home Economics Association can also be found in the Archives.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Correspondence, 1917-1995
1 American Home Economics Association (AHEA), 1967-1985
1 Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools, 1958-1969
1 African Students, 1957-1963
American Home Economics Association
1 General, 1955-1970
1 Home Economists in Business Group, 1956-1968
1 Student Membership, 1968-1970
1 Alumni Advisory Council, 1968-1971
1 American Dietetic Association, 1958-1970
1 American Dietetic Association Journal Board, 1965-1969
1 Biennial Budget, 1975-1977, 1972-1975
1 Biennial Budget Review Before the Oregon Legislature, 1970-1971
1 Budget Reductions, 1981-1982
1 Centennial Convocation Lecture Recommendations, 1959
1 Center for Economic Education, 1971-1991
1 Changes in Curriculum for High School Teacher Prep, 1940
1 Circular Letters to High School Students, 1969-1971
1 Civil Rights/Student Data, 1968-1973
2 Ad Hoc Committee on Citizens Committee, 1981
2 Ad Hoc Home Economics Advisory Committee, 1979-1981
2 Administrative Committee, 1968-1978; 1984-1985
2 Audio-Visual Subcommittee, 1960-1962
2 Committee For Computing Planning, 1984-1988
2 Committee on the Future of Home Economics, 1964-1965
2 Committee on Major Items for Financial Gifts, 1982
2 Committee Membership Lists, 1949-1979
2 Computing Steering Committee, 1987-1988
2 Continuation of Educational Study Coordinating Committee, 1944-1946
2 Curriculum Committee, 1948-1963, 1967-1979
2 Faculty Recognition and Awards Committee, 1980-1982
2 Family/Staff Welfare Committee, 1988-1995
2 Governor's State Committee on Children and Youth, 1950-1953
2 Home Economics-Education Relationships Committee, 1991-1992
2 Name Change Committee, 1991-1992
2 Oregon Home Economics Week Committee, 1959
2 OSU Conference Center Planning Committee, 1964
2 Presidential Search Committee, 1969
2 President's Commission on University Goals, 1969
2 Public Relations Committee, 1969-1985
2 School Advisory Committee, 1980-1985
2 Summer Term Advisory Committee, 1973-1975
2 Administration on Aging (AoA) Nutrition Training Program, 1973-1976
2 AHEA Research Conference at OSU, 1965-1966
2 Conference on University-Teacher Education Programming, 1970
3 Home Economics Seminar (NALGCSU), 1961
3 Home Economics (OSU) Staff Workshop, 1971
3 International Family Planning Institute (at OSU), 1973-1974
3 New Initiatives in Home Ec. Workshop (at OSU and two other schools), 1981-1982
3 Oregon Home Economics Association (OHEA) Annual Meetings, 1986, 1989, 1991-94
3 Oregon Program for the Advancement of Women in Higher Education, 1979-1980
3 OSU Faculty Conference, 1967-1968
3 OSU International Year of the Family Conference, 1993-1994
3 Pacific Regional Home Economics Education, 1961-1962
3 75th Anniversary Conference Series, 1963-1964
3 White House Conferences on Children and Youth, 1950-1952
3 Cooperative Joint Degree Program in Elementary Teacher Education, 1951-1954
3 Council on Curriculum and Academic Policy, 1966-1969
3 Dean Betty Hawthorne, 1976-1984
3 Dean's Dateline Newsletter, 1981-1984
3 Development of Institutional Guidelines for OSU, 1962-1964
3 Distinguished Visiting Professor Lectures, 1970-1973
3 Division of Continuing Education: Campus Day for Women, 1966-1967
3 Energy Conservation, 1973-1974
3 Exploring Global Community Program, 1978-1979
3 Equipment Needs for (Home Ec.) Building, 1946-1950
3 Experimental Test Baking Oven, 1948-1957
3 Facility Needs of the School of home Economics in the 1970's, 1970
4 Hawthorne Conference Suite Refurbishing, 1976-1978
3 Home Economics West Wing Construction, 1939-1952
3 Instructional Resources and Materials Center Program Move into Agricultural Hall, 1981
3 Milam Conference Suite Remodel, 1977-1981
3 Remodel Plans for Home Economics Building, 1945-1955
5 Family Study Center, 1958-1970
5 FEAST Workshop-Summer Terms, 1972-1974
5 Food and Nutrition Dept.-Federal Rationing Regulations, 1942-1945
5 General, 1917-1988
5 Ava Milam Clark's Will, 1978
5 General, 1944-1970; 1970-1982
5 Gill-Hammond Family Fund, 1980-1981
5 Lowenberg Book Collection, 1971-1979
5 Mother and Child Statue, 1960
5 Painting: " Mother and Child" , 1954-1983
5 Health Care Administration, 1983-1985
5 History of Home Economics Training in Other Cities and States, 1950
5 Home Economics Alumni Organization, 1968-1972; 1976-1982
5 Home Economics Colloquia, 1967
5 Home Economics Honors Program, 1962-1980
5 Home Management Houses, 1932-1965
5 Hotel and Restaurant Management Program, 1972-1978
5 Inter-institutional Fee Structure, 1964
5 Job Recruitment, 1973-1983
5 Learning Resource Center, 1967-1978, 1984
Legislative Bills
5 Senate Bill 539; House Bill 2163 (Development of a Gerontology Program), 1975
5 House Bill 2696 (Proposal for OSU Center of Economic Education), 1989
5 List of Publications By Faculty (Compiling for Gazette Times OSU Edition), 1984
5 Naming of the Home Economics Building, 1967
5 National Home Demonstration Agent's Association, 1961-1963
5 National Science Foundation, 1964
5 Opening of the Academic Year-Circular Letters to Faculty, 1967-1990
Oregon Home Economics Association
6 General, 1955-1957; 1959-1960; 1977-1985
6 Home Economics Week in Oregon Proposal, 1955-1956, 1988
6 OSU/WOSC School of Education Merger, 1982-1988
Peace Corps
6 General, 1961-1969
6 Internship Program, 1968-1970
6 Turkey Program, 1963-1966
6 Prime Time (Student organization), 1985
6 Program on Gerontology, 1972-1983
6 Traineeships, 1971-1976
6 Recommendations for Job Applicants, 1971-1973
6 Research Concerning Department Cost and Enrollment Costs, 1981-1982
6 Research in the Home Economics Department, 1951-1963
4 Research in the Home Economics Dept., 1948-1966
6 Sigma Xi-OSU Chapter, 1976-1978
Special Events
6 Calendars of Conferences and Events, 1978-1984
6 Dean Hawthorne's Retirement Party, 1983
6 Dedication of " the Family" Sculpture, 1985
6 Dedication of West Wing-Home Economics Building, 1954
6 Faculty Recognition Luncheon, 1989
6 50th Anniversary of College of Home Economics, 1939-1940
6 Re-dedication of Milam Hall, 1976-1977
6 70th Anniversary Convocation Speech, 1959
6 60th Anniversary (of the College of Home Economics) Celebration, 1950
6 Submission of Information to HEW (Health, Education, and Welfare) for Reports on Home Economics in Degree-Granting Institutions), 1951-1959
7 Travel Letters (Ava Milam Clark), 1922-1952
China, Japan, New York, Korea, Philippines, Syria, Iraq.
7 Travel Letters (Margaret Fedde, Frances Clinton), 1951
Germany, France.
7 University Centennial Planning, 1966-1969
7 Visits to OSU, 1971-1982
Thank you notes and arrangements to visit campus.
7 Volcanic Ash Task Force, 1980-1982
7 Western Home Economics Research Administrative Council, 1960-1973
7 WICHE (Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education) Program, 1953, 1981-1982

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Series II:  Minutes, 1942-1998
7 Administrative Committee, 1966-1987
8 Administrative Committee, 1988-1998
8 Alumni Relations Committee/Alumni Advisory Council, 1971-1972
8 Center For Economic Education Advisory Council, 1985-1990
8 Clothing, Textiles, Related Arts Dept. Meetings, 1983-1985
8 Curriculum Committee, 1961-1990
8 Department Head Meetings, 1954-1966
8 Faculty Meetings, 1957-1995
9 Faculty Meetings, 1995-1996
9 Governor's Subcommittee on Education, 1957-1959
9 Graduate Committee, 1976-1991
9 Home Economics Alumni Organization, 1971-1982
9 Home Economics Articulation Conference, 1983
Minutes from sharing sessions.
9 Home Economics Building Committee, 1975-1981
9 Home Economics Club, 1942-1965
9 Home Economics Communications and Education Dept., 1988-1989
9 Home Economics Communications and Education Dept. Advisory Committee, 1987-1990
9 Hotel, Restaurant, and Tourism Management Program Advisory Board, 1975-1984
9 International Committee, 1983-1993
9 Steering Committee of Curriculum Study, 1945-1946
9 Western Home Economics Research Administrative Council, 1953-1975
9 Women's Study Group, 1972-1974

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Series III:  Reports/Studies, 1924-1995
Accreditation Reports
9 AHEA, 1980
9 Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, 1979-1980
9 Prepared by the School (for an accreditation visit), 1970
9 Ad Hoc Committee on General Education Progress Report and Plans for 1973-74, 1973
9 Aims of the School of Home Economics at OSU, 1965
9 Annual Reports (includes notes), 1984-1985, 1987-1995
9 Background Report for the Cooperative State Research Service (CSRS) of Research and Graduate Programs at OSU, 1982
9 Biennial reports, 1930-1956
10 Biennial Reports, 1956-1966, 1968-1987
10 Biennial Reports for Home Economics Research, 1968-1970, 1970
Committee Reports
10 Public Relations Committee Student Survey, 1951
10 Various Committee Reports, 1946-1948
Conference Proceedings
10 Association of Administrators of Home Economics and National Council of Administrators of Home /Economics, 1987
10 Child Development and Parent Education Conference, 1931
10 Parental Conference, 1928 (at OSU)
10 Conference Report: Strengthening Home Economics Research, 1966
10 Conversion to the Early Semester System (Ad Hoc Committee on Calendar Conversion), 1980
10 CSRS Review of Home Economics Dept., 1982
10 CSRS Report of Special Review of College of the Home Economics, 1988
10 CSRS Special Review of Research and Graduate Programs of College of Home Economics (Background Reports), 1975, 1988
10 Development of a Training Program for Project Directors in the Nutrition Program for the Elderly, 1972
10 Directions for Home Economics in the 1980s or Will We Still Be Here in 1990?, 1980
10 Educational Exposition: Exhibits from Home Economics College, 1931
10 Experiment in Varying the Size of the Group for Home Management House Residence, 1961
10 Facility Needs of the School of Home Economics in the 1970s, 1970
10 The Factors Influencing Tenure and Promotion at OSU: A Campus Analysis, 1975
10 The Family, Home Economics, and the Behavioral Sciences: A Critical Analysis of Home Economics in Higher Education and a Proposal for a New Direction, 1964
10 Family Resource Management 3-Year Plan, 1985-1988, 1985
10 Field Trip Reports, 1954, 1962-1970
11 Field Trip Reports, 1971-1980
11 Final Project Reports: Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) Research, 1969-1974
11 Foods and Nutrition Program Implementation Plan, 1986
11 Future of Home Economics (Committee on the Future of Home Economics), 1965
11 Graduate Study and Research in Portland: A Preliminary Report to the Board (Oregon State System of Higher Education), 1964
11 HEIB Study (Home Economics in Business), undated
11 The Home Economics Curricula in Land Grant Colleges, 1924
Report presented at the Home Economics section of the Land-Grant College Association Meeting.
11 Home Economics Faculty Retreat Reports, 1976
11 Home Economics in Land-Grant Colleges and Universities (American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities), 1959
11 Instructional Television at OSU (OSU Classroom TV Committee), 1966
11 Interrelationship of Food Systems Management, 1985
11 Kasetsart University/OSC Contract Staff Progress Reports, 1955-1960
11 Land Grant College Survey: Home Economics Undergraduate Work, 1928
U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Education survey- 3 "1 duplicate copy" volumes with information compiled about the Dept. and individually completed forms by staff members.
11 Long-Range Development Plans, 1972, 1982
11 Long-Range Plans for the College of Home Economics, 1985-1992
11 A Look At Oregon's Children (White House Conference on Children and Youth), 1959
11 Oregon State Commission on the Allocation of Resources, 1976-1979
11 OSU: A Major Research University, 1984
11 Peace Corps Training Program Guide, 1963
11 Proceedings Report: Education for Family Living, Ava Milam, undated
Prepared for the World Federation of Education Association Conference.
11 A Program of Regional Research for Food and Nutrition (A Joint Task Force of the Western Association of Agr. Experiment Station Directors and the USDA), 1969
11 Program Review of the College of Home Economics to the Provost, 1989
11 Projected Academic Program of School of Home Economics in 1982, 1972
11 Report of Inner City Fellowship Experience, 1969
Report by Betty Hawthorne of a month long exploration of Los Angeles County as a part of an AHEA fellowship.
11 Reports from the Field, undated
From Ava Milam Clark to Dept., similar to the travel letters filed in Series I correspondence.
11 School of Home Economics Program Narrative, 1971
Prepared as a part of an "In depth Profile Study" for use before the 1971 Legislative Assembly.
11 Self-Evaluation Report II, 1960
Prepared for Commission on Higher Schools Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.
11 Self-Evaluation Reports for AHEA (including appendices), 1969, 1974
12 Self-Evaluation Reports for AHEA (including appendices), 1984-1985
12 Self Study: Home Economics Undergraduate/Graduate Programs, 1976
12 75th Anniversary Committee Summary Report, 1964
12 Sloan Foundation Study, 1977
Report on the impact of the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program.
12 Status of Alumnae of the School of Home Economics, 1940
12 The Study of Public Elementary and Secondary Education in Oregon, 1950
12 Summary of Grants to School of Home Economics, 1960-1970, 1970
12 Textiles and Clothing Research News Notes (Western Region Coordinating Committee WRCC-33 of the Western Agricultural Experiment Stations), 1988
12 Three-Year Department Plans, 1984-1987; 1986-1989, 1984, 1986
12 Volunteer Service Program Proposal, 1974
12 Western Regional Cooperative Project W-57, 1958-1968
12 Western Regional Research Institute (WRRI) Conference Reports and Research Proposals, 1967-1970
12 WHERA (Western Home Ec. Research Administrators) Faculty Research Resources Survey Report, 1984

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Series IV:  Curriculum Development/Instruction, 1930-1992
Category I Proposals
12 Administrative Structure and Name Change for the Merged Colleges of Home Economics and Education, 1992
12 Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management, 1972-1973
12 Experimental Education Program, 1971-1972
12 Masters of Science in Home Economics, 1986
12 Curricular Changes/Proposals, 1966-1970
4 Enrollment and Degree Data for Selected Home Economics Programs (NASULGC), 1965-1976
13 Experiential Learning: Students and Programs, 1976-1982
13 Final Examination Blanks: Introduction to Home Economics, HEc 101, 1967-1968
13 General Curricular Study and Analysis, 1944-1969
13 Handbook for the Home Management House, 1967
13 Interdisciplinary Programs, 1984
13 List of Theses Granted by the College of Home Economics, 1930-1983
13 Proposal: Health Care Administration Program Transfer to Home Economics College, 1985
13 Proposed Graduate Programs in Home Economics, 1944-1956
13 Review of Graduate Program: Family Life Dept., 1977
13 S-U (Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory) Grading, 1967-1972
13 Seminar in the History of Home Economics, 1950
13 Statistical Data: Cost Load Studies/FTE Students Per Instructor, 1982-1983
13 Submission of Thesis Abstracts, 1966-1980
13 Summer Courses Offered By Portland Home Economics in Business (HEIB's) Clubs, undated
13 Summer Term Announcements and Advertising, 1955-1987
13 Summer Term Classes, 1966-1969
13 Syllabus: H. Ad 101, Introduction to Home Economics, 1935

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Series V:  Policies and Procedures, 1945-1994
14 Administrative Code, 1965-1970
14 Certification Rules: Home Economics Education, 1964-1979
14 Development of Guiding Statement, Goals, Objectives, 1977-1979
14 Extended-Campus Educational Programs Guidelines, 1980-1981
14 Graduate Student Information and Procedures, 1945-1946
14 Job Classification Survey: Changes in Job Descriptions, 1963-1971
14 Mission Statements, Goals, and Objectives for Home Economics, 1959-1984
14 Records Retention Guidelines, 1966-1979
14 Review and Appeal Procedures, 1969
14 Statement of Committee Functions and Committee Membership Lists, 1948-1994

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Series VI:  Grant Proposals, 1958-1984
14 Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Department, 1970
14 Family Life and Home Economics Administration Dept., 1958-1970
14 Foods and Nutrition Dept., 1958-1963
14 Head Start, 1966-1967
14 Program on Gerontology, 1970-1984
14 Women's Job Corps Center, 1965

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Series VII:  Presentations/Speeches, 1925-1988
Radio Broadcast Transcripts
15 Dean Hawthorne, 1963-1965
15 50th Anniversary Events, 1939-1940
15 Talks on Household Management, 1925-1926
Slide Presentation Scripts
15 Beaver Open House, 1967
15 A Brief History of Home Economics at OSU, undated
15 Centennial Scrapbook-History of Home Economics, ca 1966
15 Community Playthings' Slide Program, undated
15 Founder's View of the Future/Today's Leaders View the Future (Lake Placid Conference, AHEA?), undated
15 Graduates and Their Families, 1982
15 Lessons in Marketing from Abroad, 1970
15 National Leaders Look at the Home Economics (Presented at Annual AHEA Meeting), 1963
15 Pioneers of the Future (Great Reunion Celebration), 1988
15 A Series of Photographs That Tell a Story, ca. 1935
Project compiled by John Burtner, Extension Editor, depicting the required six-week senior internship in one of the College's Home Management Houses.
15 Teaching Deprived Kindergarten Children, 1966
15 Three People, undated
Sound Recordings
Cassette Tapes
16 Carlson, Elaine. Milam Conference Suite Dedication, 1977
Clark, Ava Milam
16 Home Economics 101 Class, 1964-1969
8 tapes-duplication exists
16 Mary Cullen on the Air, 1949
16 University Home Hour with Dean Milam at Alabama Univ., 1950
16 Davy, Mildred. It's a Woman's World, 1983
Radio show presented in Tillamook honoring the visit of President MacVicar and Sharon Wallace.
16 Dean Hawthorne's Retirement Banquet, 1983
16 Dickel, Mirza: Behind the Scenes with the Conference Suite., 1977
Fincke, Margaret
16 How Home Economics at OSU Has Changed and Grown, 1972
16 Rededication of Home Economics Building to Milam Hall, 1976
16 Heritage of Home Economics (Kappa Omicron Phi/AHEA), 1840-1920, undated
16 Home Economics College 50th Anniversary, 1940
Reel-to-Reel Audiotape
16 Dean Hawthorne's Retirement Banquet, 4/15/83
15 Speech Notes for Annual Senior Honors Luncheons, 1963-1984
15 Dean Hawthorne, Betty, 1965-1971, 1973-1983
15 Dean Hawthorne's Retirement Banquet (Various speakers), 1983
15 50th Anniversary Celebration (OSU College of Home Ec.), 1939-1940
15 General, 1966-1982
15 Recognition and Awards Banquets, 1974-1978
15 Testimony: Testimony Before the Ways and Means Education Subcommittee Regarding the Cooperative Extension Service (Dean Kinsey Green), 1985

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Series VIII:  Newspaper Clippings, 1916-1984
15 Alumni News and Research, 1963-1972; 1977-1984
15 Curriculum Development and Funding, 1965-1971
15 Dedication of Wing Construction, 1954
15 Events and Conferences Sponsored by the Dept., 1965-1981
15 Fiftieth and Sixtieth Anniversary Celebrations, 1940, 1950
15 General, Barometer Articles, 1916-1924
15 General, Articles from other Newspapers, 1919-1924
15 General, 1922-1982
15 Higher Education Budget Cuts, 1981-1982
15 Home Management House, 1940-1943
15 " Nutrition For Defense" Articles (World War II propaganda efforts), 1941-1945
15 Oregon Home Economics Association, 1967-1971
15 Other University Home Economic Programs, 1975
15 75th Anniversary Conference Series, 1963-1964
17 Staff News and Research, 1949-1972; 1978-1984
17 Student News, 1961-1983

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Series IX:  Newsletters, 1968-1999
17 CHEEReview Newsletter, 1993-1998
17 Dateline Dean's Office, 1968-1988
17 Extension Family and Community Development Updates, 1998-1999
17 Home Economics Staff Newsletters, 1967-1982, 1986-1987
17 Newsline Gerontology: OSU, 1975

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Series X:  Theses/Student Papers, 1920-1970
17 The Fat Content of Eggs of Good and Poor Layers of Several Varieties of Chickens, Mary Vernon Skelton, 1920
17 A Study of Student Mortality in the School of Home Economics: Oregon State College, 1920-1930, Dorothy S. Schreiner, 1930
17 A Study of Expenditures of Home Economics Freshman at Oregon State Agricultural College, 1930-1933, Mary Little Thomas, 1933
17 Clothing and Textiles Class Papers-Unknown Writers, 1938-1955
17 Untitled Paper on Dress Codes and Values in Nazarene Community, Elaine Carlson, 1958
17 Interactions of Three Ancient Civilizations: Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Crete, Elaine Carlson, 1969
17 Portfolio Folder #1 for History of Costume Class (T. C. 431), Elaine Carlson, 1969
17 Committee on Better Advising: Final Report, 1970
A report on the results of a survey on the counseling and advising procedures at OSU compiled and submitted by students for credit in a G.E. 407c class.
17 Analysis of Home-Making Education in Siam and Recommendation for Future Program/Teacher's Day in Siam, C. Prabha, undated
17 The Art of Good Grooming, Freida Mae Bennett, undated
17 The Outlook of Home Economics Education in China, Cynthia Fang, undated

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Series XI:  Publications, 1913-1986
17 American Home Economics Association, 50th Anniversary, 1959
17 Clark, Ava Milam, 1927-1952
17 Oregon State College Nursery School, 1940-1945
17 Careers in Home Economics, 1965-1969
17 Conferences and Lectures at OSU Sponsored by College of Home Ec., 1967-1981
17 Entrance Necessities for School of Domestic Science and Art (Home Ec.), 1913
17 Foreign Recipes (Cookbook published by OSU Chapter of Omicron Nu), 1928
17 General, 1962
17 Gerontological Conferences, Programs, and Workshops, 1971-1972
17 Home Economics Education Research, 1955
17 Home Economics Nursery Schools, undated
17 Mademoiselle Magazine Career Information Pamphlets, 1968-1972
17 Food Study Manual, Helen Charly. (First and third editions), 1961, 1982
17 Guide: To Effective Project Operations. The Nutrition Program for the Elderly (U.S. Dept. of Health, Education, and Welfare-Administration on Aging), 1973
18 Handbook for Site Operations: The Nutrition Program for the Elderly, 1975
The House
2 volumes
18 I. Planning and Construction Principles
18 II. Utilities, Furnishings, and Maintenance
18 Oregon State Monthly (School of Home Economics Edition), October 1936
18 Poster: Graduate Studies in Home Economics at OSU, 1983
19 Poster: People Helping People (75th Anniversary of the OSU Extension Service), 1986
apx 20x24 in.
18 Titles of Completed Theses in Home Economics and Related Fields in Colleges and Universities of the U.S. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture), 1957-1962, 1958-1963

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Series XII:  Historical Essays, 1938-1995
18 General Outlines and Histories of OSU Home Economics Dept., 1957-1995
18 Historical Review of the Clothing, Textiles, and Related Arts Dept., 1968
18 Histories of AHEA and Home Economics in the U. S. in General, undated
18 Notes for Biennial Reports, 1938-1944
18 Notes on the History of Home Economics at OSU/U.S., undated
18 Oregon State College: Nursery School, 1940-1945

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Series XIII:  Biographical Files, 1934-1999
18 Bates, Mercedes, 1936-1999
18 Distinguished Alumni List, 1968-1982
18 Baker, Katherine Read, 1952-1981
18 Bubl, Janet, 1970-1974
18 Bussard, Marie, 1957-1978
18 Calin, Marion, 1972-1976
18 Carlson, Elaine, 1960-1977
18 Clark, Ava Milam, 1953-1976
18 Cleaveland, Laura, 1969-1990
18 Diedesch, Marie, 1972-1985
18 DuBois, May, 1962-1971
18 Edaburn, Clara, 1983
18 Edwards, Margaret, 1972-1996
18 Fincke, Margaret, 1953-1983
18 Garrison, Evra, 1959
18 Gatton, Dorothy, 1963-1977
18 Harter, Charlotte, 1967-1988
18 Hawthorne, Betty, 1958-1991
18 Kirkendall, Lester, 1955-1991
18 MacKey, Andrea, 1938-1983
18 McLean, Beth, 1957-1962
18 McQuesten, Isabella, 1957-1974
18 Moser, Ruth, 1946-1995
18 O'Neill, J. Philip, 1966-1988
20 Patterson, Joan, 1951-1987
20 Plants, Constance, 1946-1985
20 Prentiss, Sara, 1934
20 Snell, Margaret, 1958
20 Tank, Gertrude, 1957-1982
20 VanHorn, Edna, 1939-1945
20 Ware, Christian, 1962-1973
20 Wells, Helen, 1966
20 Wells, Vera, 1964-1972
20 Wiggenhorn, Miriam, 1946-1983
20 Williams, Jessamine, 1942-1963
20 Wood, Mabel, 1986-1993
20 Woodring, Muriel, 1970
20 Faculty Vita Report (Staff organized by dept.), 1982
20 Staff Lists, 1956-1994

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Series XIV:  Awards, 1915-1996
21 Certificate of Appreciation Dedicated to the Senior Girls of the Domestic Science Dept. of the Oregon Agricultural College, 1915
apx 16x20 in.
Association of Oregon Representatives, given in appreciation for meals served by Home Ec. students and instructors at the State Capitol.
20 Education Fellowship Recipients, 1995-1996
20 Faculty Development Award Reports, 1975-1980
20 Graduate Fellowship and Scholarship Announcements, 1974-1986
20 Home Economics Fellowship Recipients, 1995-1996
20 Honors Convocations and Luncheons, 1952-1972
20 Abbott, Mary E. (OSU Distinguished Service Award), 1988-1992
20 Hawthorne, Betty (OSU Distinguished Service Award), 1987
20 Holmes, Zoe Ann (Westly College of Home Ec. Teacher/Counselor of the Year
20 Award), 1990
20 Kelsey, Mary (Westly College of Home Ec. Teacher/Counselor of the Year Award), 1987
20 Leklum, Jim (OSU Alumni Association Distinguished Professor Award), 1990
20 Messersmith, Ann (Elizabeth P. Ritchie Award), 1988
20 Miller, Lorraine and Leklem, Jim (AHEA Borden Award-both awarded), 1985
20 O'Neill, John (Westly College of Home Ec. Teacher/Counselor of the Year Award), 1988
20 Peters, Jean (Westly College of Home Ec. Teacher/Counselor of the Year Award), 1989
20 Pratt, Clara (Elizabeth P. Ritchie Award), 1987
20 Taskerud, Esther (OHEA Home Economists of the Year), 1991
20 Woodburn, Margy (Gary E. Costley and D. Curtis Mumford Faculty Service Awards), 1989
20 OSU Faculty Day Programs, 1974-1978
20 Scholarship Recipients, 1995-1996

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Series XV:  Guestbooks, 1926-1992
20 Family Study Center Groundbreaking and Dedication, 1988, 1992
20 General Event Register, 1961-1976
20 Kent House, 1953-1972
20 Withycombe Home Management House, 1926-1932

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Series XVI:  Scrapbooks, 1967-1978
22 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, (EFNEP), 1967-1978
4 scrapbooks
22 Refurbishing of the Home Economics Conference Suite, 1977

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Series XVII:  Book, 1969
23 Adventures of a Home Economist. Ava Milam Clark, OSU Press, 1969

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Series XVIII:  Wall Calendar, 1925

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Series XIX:  Extension Home Economics, 1958-2000
Accomplishment Reports, 1979-1987
23 Accomplishment Reports and County Plans of Work, 1987-1991
23 Extension Home Economics Focus, 1966
23 The Extension Service.....Today, 1975
23 Families in Transition Educational Resource Material, 1990
23 Learn at Home Letter Series, 1985
23 Mini-College Class Schedules and Pamphlets, 1977-1998
23 Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP), 1972-1987
23 Extension Family Living Program, 1972-1975
23 Family Community Leadership Program, 1984-1986
23 General, 1972-1983, 1987-1988, 1991-2000
23 May Seminar, 1987-1988
23 Mini-College, 1992-1993
23 Program Development Planning, 1978-1980
23 County Plans of Work, 1984-1991
23 Historical Essays on Home Economics Extension, 1972-1986
23 Extension Staff Meetings, 1980-1983
23 Family Life Dept.-Extension Arm Meetings, 1980
23 State Extension Advisory Council Meetings, 1982
24 Newsletters: Extension Staff Newsletters, 1982-1983, 1989-1995
24 Oregon Extension Management Information System, 1972-1976
24 Agricultural Experiment Station, 1958-1959
24 Annual Report: Oregon Food Stamp Family Nutrition Education Program, 1993
24 Comparison of Annual Report Statistics, 1983
24 Cooperative Extension Service Programs: A Unique Partnership Between Public and Private Interests, 1976
24 County Outlook Summaries, 1979-1980
24 County Specialist Reports, 1988
24 Extension Education in Oregon: Preparing for Tomorrow, 1976
24 Extension Micro-plans-Specialists/Counties, 1991-1992
24 Family Living Program, 1980
24 Home Economics Extension in Urban America (Extension Committee on Organization and Policy Urban Task Force), 1971
24 How to Teach and Apply Educational Principles in EFNEP, 1981
24 The Land-Grant University's Extension Service, 1966
24 Leader/Teacher Guides, 1981-1992
24 Mini-College Registrant Evaluation Reports, 1979-1998
24 Mini-College Registration Lists, 1990-1997
24 Mini-College Treasurers Reports, 1983-1997
24 OSU Extension Service Management Plan, 1981
24 OSU Extension Service Plan of Work Report Guidelines, 1983
24 OSU Extension Youth and Families At-Risk Initiative, 1989-1990
24 Program Resource Suggestions for County Programs, 1971-1982
24 Program Review, 1987-1988, 1991
24 Sewing as a Business Workshop Preliminary Report and other Materials, 1993-1995
24 Tour of Facilities-School of Agriculture, 1980
24 Staff Position Descriptions, 1980-1995

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Series XX:  Architectural Drawings/Book Plans, 1920-1976
Map Case
* Architectural Drawings/Book Plans, 1920-1959
Milam Hall, Kent House, Nursery School, Home Management House, and Quonset Huts. Specifications for the building of farmhouses as well as household cabinetry, shelving, and furniture in a series of drawings by Maud Wilson labeled "Storage Arrangements and Furnishings"
* Plans for Hawthorne Conference Suite (Milam Hall), 1976

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