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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Hansen, Henry P. (Henry Paul)
Title: Henry Paul Hansen Papers
Dates: 1907-1989 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 2 cubic feet
Collection Number: Consult repository.
Summary: These papers were generated and collected by Henry Hansen, a paleobotanist, who served as Dean of the Graduate school at Oregon State College until 1971. The collection includes research materials, field notes and publications.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English 
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Biographical Note

Henry Paul Hansen was born in LaCrosse, Wisconsin to Andrew and Emma Petersen Hansen on 28 April 1907. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a B.S. in 1930, and began graduate work there in 1931. He continued graduate work in 1935 at the University of Washington, receiving a Ph.D. in 1937. He came to Oregon State College in 1939 as an Instructor in Botany. He became Dean of the Graduate School in 1949, a position he held until his retirement in 1971.

Hansen's accomplishments include two John Simon Guggenheim Fellowships (1943-44, 1947-48) and two Fulbright Fellowships. He authored over 65 documents during his career; copies of most of them are included in this collection. Hansen died in Corvallis, Oregon on 8 October 1989. A more extensive biography is included in this collection.

Content Description

The collection include publications of Hansen and his colleagues from the United States and Norway; correspondence files; research files containing field notes, manuscripts, and a set of pollen sample slides; information on pollen analysis methods and pollen classifications; two NSF research proposals, one regarding Peat Bogs in Eastern Norway and another on the Three Sisters Wilderness Area; photos of Hansen and of wilderness landscapes; teaching materials including handouts for palynology courses; 1906 map of Washington floral regions, plus a 1941 map of Oregon, Washington and some of the Canadian Provinces; papers and information files on palynology and geology; copies of masters thesis of Hansen's son, David Henry Hansen.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Henry Paul Hansen Papers, Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The papers of Henry Paul Hansen are organized into nine series.

Related Materials :  

Materials pertaining to Hansen's work as Dean of the Graduate School are in the Graduate School Records (RG 16).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Bibliographic Information, 1933-1990
1 Biography of Henry Paul Hansen (2 copies), reprint from Bulletin of the Torey Botanical Club 117 (2), 1990, pp. 176-177.
1 Outstanding Staff or Faculty Members list, 4/16/60
1 Publications list of H.P. Hansen, 1933-1974
1 Biographical Data sheet
4 copies, with handwritten notes on most
1 Copy of news clipping, " Wins Fellowship" , regarding Guggenheim Fellowship, 4/10/47

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Series II:  Correspondence, 1943-1983
1 Regarding Knut Faegri, 1965-1971
1 Fulbright Research Scholarship, 1960-1969
1 Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1943-1960
1 Summer Institute for College Teachers of Biological Science, 1958-1960
1 U.S. and International Colleagues, 1949-1983
1 Sabbatical Leave, 1961-1969

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Series III:  Teaching Materials, undated
1 Outline for Three-term Course in Palynology
1 Geology 501 Outline of course
1 Pleistocene Palynology Outline
1 Handouts for Palynology G49.2090 Course
1 Handouts for Palynology G49.2100 Course
1 Various handouts for classes
1 Handout information on pollens and spores
1 Complete set of classification and directions on pollen classes
1 List of H.P. Hansen's publications
1 Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory information
1 Monographs from various persons probably used in classes
1 Cal Heusser (2 monographs)
1 Henry P. Hansen
1 M.E. Harward and C.T. Youngberg

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Series IV:  Research Materials and Data, 1958-1969
4 Set of slides, 15 (two are broken) of pollen on shale and coal, index inside case
1 National Science Foundation, proposal, " A Palynological Investigation of Peat Bogs in Eastern Norway" , 1964-1969
1 National Science Foundation, proposal and reports, Three Sisters Wilderness Area, 1958-1964
1 Data - Lake Washington, Washington
1 Data - Priest Rapids, Washington
1 Palynological Techniques handbook (2 copies)
1 Climate and Chronological charts
1 Foreword by Henry Hansen to publication of Dr. Calvin J. Heusser
1 " Principles of Paleopalynology" , Chapters I, III and IV, plus references
1 " Pollen & Spore Classification Keys" , and related documents
1 " Pollen Analysis Methods"
1 " Spore and pollen analysis, Semi-Popular Reports" , includes related publications, 1947-1967
1 Information on equipment for sediment sampling, Micron Research & Development
1 Index to pollen samples (no samples included)
1 Index to labeled specimens (no specimens included)
1 " Lake Labish Carbon Dates"
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Upper French Pete Creek
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Above Horse Creek
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , South Fork - McKenzie
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Hinton Creek
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Horse Lake and Platt Lake area, 1958
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Castle Creek, 1957
1 " Quarter Method Data Form" , Horse Lake
1 Miscellaneous data charts
1 Six newspaper clippings regarding carbon dating, 1950-1963, undated
1 Numerous articles clipped from magazines, journals and periodicals relating to Dr. Hansen's field of study, with part of a handwritten index

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Series V:  Publications by Henry P. Hansen, 1933-1974
2 List of publications by Henry P. Hansen, up to number 63
2 Various publications by Henry P. Hansen, 85 total (two copies of some of the publications, see List of Publications for titles), filed in numerical and chronological order in four folders, 1933-1974

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Series VI:  Publications by Other Authors, 1937-1979
2 Three publications by Olav Gjaerevoll, in Norwegian
2 Publication by Knut Faegri, in Norwegian, 1965
2 Fifteen publications by Svein Manum, in Norwegian
2 Eleven publications by Olaf I. Ronning, in Norwegian
2 Publication by Olof H. Selling, in Norwegian, 1951
2 Publication by Jorunn Vigran Os, 1970
2 Publication on Radiocarbon Dating by several authors, 1953
2 Two publications by Olaf I. Ronning, 1961-1962
2 Eleven publications by Olav Gjaerovoll, 1950-1977
2 Three publications by David H. Hansen, son of Henry P. Hansen, 1969-1979
2 Publication by Enrique Palavecino, in Spanish, 1977
2 Twenty five publications by Calvin and Linda Heusser, some co-written by other authors
2 " Identification of Northwestern Trees" , T.J. Starker, 1937
2 " The Geology of Crater Lake National Park, Oregon" , Howel Williams, 1942
2 " Arctic Biology" , Biology Colloquium, edited by Henry P. Hansen, 1957
2 " Biogeography" , Biology Colloquium, 1947
2 " Great Salt Lake: An Historical Sketch" , David E. Miller
2 " A Long Pollen Record From St. Lawrence Island, Bering Sea (Alaska)" , Paul A. Colinvaux, 1966
2 " Towards Computerization of Palynology-Paleobotany: A Progress Report on a Fact-finding Trip" , Gerhard O.W. Kremp, 1970
2 " Palynological Techniques" , Clair A. Brown, 1960
2 " The Natural C14 Contents Materials From Hard-water Lakes" , Deevey, Gross, Hutchinson, Kraybill, 1954
2 " Predecessors of Great Salt Lake" , by Roger B. Morrison
2 " Biological Aspects of Weather Modification" , 1965
2 " Geological Society of America Bulletin" , 1973
2 " Presidential Address The Plants of Canada Past and Present" , A.H.R. Buller, 1928
2 " Energy Production from Hardwoods growing on Southern Pine Sites" , Joseph Karchesy and Peter Koch, 1979
2 " Archaeological Researches in the Northern Great Basin" , L.S. Cressman, 1942
2 " Additional Radiocarbon Dates, Lovelock Cave, Nevada" , L.S. Cressman, 1956
2 Essay, James J. Flynn and John R. Rowley, University of Stockholm, 1972
2 Essay, John R. Rowley, University of Stockholm, 1973
2 Essay, John R. Rowley, University of Stockholm, 1974
2 Program of Alaskan Science Conference, 1950

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Series VII:  Photographs, 1937, undated
3 Collection of 76 black and white 8x10 photographs of wilderness landscapes
3 Oberlin College group photograph, 8x10 black and white, with index to names of individuals
3 Henry Hansen graduation at University of Washington, Ph.D., 4x6 black and white, June 1937
3 Two 5x7 black and white photographs of Henry Hansen, one in his office, and one outside of a campus building, undated
3 Henry P. Hansen, 9 1/2 x 12 black and white, from Oregon State University publication, (same photograph as one of the two 5x7's), undated

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Series VIII:  Awards, 1973
2 Certificate of Appreciation, June 1973

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Series IX:  Maps, 1906, 1941
Map Case
* Northwestern United States and Neighboring Canadian Provinces, National Geographic Society, June 1941
* Floral Areas of the State of Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1906

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  • Identification of northwestern trees.
  • Krummholz formation in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.
  • Biology--Research--Arctic regions.
  • Excavations (Archaeology)--Oregon.
  • Faegri, Knut.
  • Natural history--Arctic regions.
  • Oregon State University. Dept. of Botany & Plant Pathology.
  • Paleobotany--Northwest, Pacific.
  • Paleobotany--Quaternary.
  • Palynology.
  • Palynology--Technique.
  • Peat bogs.
  • Photographs.
  • Pollen, Fossil.
  • Three Sisters Wilderness (Or.)
  • Other Creators :
  • Hansen, David Henry.
  • Heusser, Calvin J.
  • Heusser, Linda E.
  • Starker, T.J. (Thurman James), 1890-1983.

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