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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Bennion, Ione, 1908-1997.
Title: Ione Bennion photograph collection
Dates: 1908-1997 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 1 box (0.5 linear ft. )
Collection Number: USU_P0371
Summary: 396 photographic prints and negatives, most of which show Ione at different stages throughout her lifetime in both personal, as well as professional settings. The collection also includes many photographs of her first and second husbands (Wayne Bennion and Ted Daniel) and those whom are assumed to be family, extended family, and friends.
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

Biographical Note

Ione Spencer Bennion was born October 6, 1908 in Salt Lake City, Utah. After graduating from the University of Utah in 1930, she worked as a teacher, and soon married Wayne Bennion in 1937. Tragically, after only five years of marriage, Wayne died when a stack of boxes fell on him and inflicted fatal internal injuries. Soon after her husband's death, Ione enrolled in graduate school at Stanford University, later transferring to the University of Utah and the University of Washington. In 1945, she became the dean of women at Utah State University, where she met and married T.W. Daniel, a member of the forestry faculty, in 1947. She was replaced in 1952 because of an anti-nepotism law that stated that women could not be teachers or administrators if their husbands were employed by the university. Though she fought fiercely to keep her position, the university's board stood by their decision, and Ione began work as a teacher for the Logan City School District. For the next 28 years she worked with disadvantaged and disabled students; her work included the creation of the Young Mothers program, which encouraged teenage mothers to complete their high school degrees.

Ione also became very politically active on the state and local level. She fought for women's rights, helping to establish Planned Parenthood in Logan, supporting the Women's Legislative Council, participating in the League of Women Voters of Cache County, and advocating for the ultimately unsuccessful Equal Rights Amendment. In the 1950s and 1960s, Ione worked with the Utah Committee on Civil Rights to secure the passage of the Utah Voting Rights Act of 1965. She was a strong advocate for the elderly, supporting the RSVP/Retired Senior Volunteer Program and the Voluntary Action Program, and serving on the Sunshine Terrace board of directors. Also a strong supporter of Utah State University, Ione was instrumental in the creation of the Women's Center, served as a volunteer on the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum board, and was inducted into the Old Main Society. She was awarded the university's Distinguished Service Award in 1981. When Ione passed away on November 22, 1997, at the age of 89, her obituary described her life as a, "continuous struggle against injustice."

Source: Obituary, Logan Herald Journal, Logan, Utah. November 24, 1997.

Content Description

This collection consists of 396 images most of which show Ione at different stages throughout her lifetime in both personal, as well as professional settings. The collection also includes many photographs of her first and second husbands (Wayne Bennion and Ted Daniel) and those whom are assumed to be family, extended family, and friends.

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Ione Bennion photograph collection, 1908-1997. (P0371). Utah State University. Special Collections & Archives Department.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Arrangement: Topical.

Acquisition Information :  

This photo collection and the accompanying manuscripts (USUSC MS320) were donated to USU Special Collections by Richard Sadler in 1998 and Ross Peterson in 2003.

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Register completed by Andrea Payant, December 2007.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Misc. Photos, most are early pictures taken of Ione Spencer Bennion and Wayne Bennion
1 1
01:01:01: Picture of a young Ione Spencer. Taken at 21st South and 9th East (Salt Lake City?)
01:01:02: Group of young boys. Taken at 21st South and 9th East (Salt Lake City?)
01:01:03: Young Ione Spencer (most likely among classmates)
01:01:04: Picture of "Tom." A cat who died in 1934 or 1935
01:01:05: Unidentified
01:01:06: Ione (Spencer) in formal dress
01:01:07: Ione (Spencer) riverside with friends. Paul Cannon is among those pictured. (Ione was engaged to Cannon at some point in time)
01:01:08: Ione (Spencer) graduating from University of Utah
01:01:09-11: Paul Cannon's sisters
01:01:12: Ione (Spencer) with friends
01:01:13: Ione (Spencer) polishing her boots
01:01:14: Ione reading a comic book
01:01:15: Ione seated with her first husband Wayne Bennion
01:01:16: Ione and Wayne with others
01:01:17-18: Photo of a dinner party
Those pictured are most likely family and/or friends of Ione and Wayne.
01:01:19-22: Various views of Ione and/or Wayne in outdoor gatherings
01:01:23: A Yucca in full bloom. Taken in June of 1931
01:01:24: Young Wayne Bennion holding a fish
01:01:25: Wayne Bennion with Lowell and Grant (brothers?)
01:01:26: Picture of a house in winter. Taken in
The name of Will Jones is written on the photo.
01:01:27: Wayne Bennion
01:01:28-30: Wayne Bennion

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Misc. Photos, including Ione Bennion during her university career as well as photos of Ted W. Daniel, Ione's second husband
1 2
01:02:01: President Chase (Utah State University) next to Ione, the Dean of Women
01:02:02: Ione pictured wearing a fur vest
01:02:03-06: Ione and various USAC organization members. Taken around the 1940's
01:02:07: Ione, in a large group, pictured with T.W. Daniel (hands on her shoulders)
01:02:08-09: Ione and T.W. Daniel (Ted)
01:02:10-12: Various buildings, some on USU campus
01:02:13-16: Various pictures of children at school
01:02:17-33: Misc. photos, including Ione travelling with some aquaintances
01:02:34: Ione Bennion Daniel with other Deans of Women from other universities: Helen Christman from Westminster, Myrtle Austin from U of U, and Lillian Booth from BYU
01:02:35: Newspaper clip from
Ione with Josephine Turner.
01:02:36-39: Ione on various outdoor trips
01:02:40-42: Scenic views
01:02:43-44: Young officer
01:02:45: Ione with family and/or friends
01:02:46: Ione Bennion
01:02:47: Home of Ione and Ted Daniel
01:02:48: Ione and Ted in front of their home
01:02:49-55: Misc. photos of Ted Daniel

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Misc. Photos of Ione Bennion and her husband Ted Daniel
1 3
01:03:01-04: Ione walking the grounds of her home
01:03:05-07: Ione and/or Ted on a Wyoming trip (a family picnic at the Spencer's cabin) 1956
01:03:08: Ione and Ted in front of their home with Armand Lee 1958
01:03:09: Ione 1958
01:03:10: Ione with Edith Clark 1959
01:03:11-19: Various photos of Ione and Ted (presumably in their home)
01:03:20: Home decor
01:03:21: Ione and Ted (with unnamed man) at a hindu student party
01:03:22: Home decor
01:03:23: Group photo, including Ted and Ione, taken in Switzerland 1959
01:03:24-28: Ione sitting at a desk. She is 52 years old in these photos
01:03:29-34: Various photos of Ione and/or Ted
01:03:35-36: Ione holding a baby 1962
01:03:37: Ione sitting with a little girl 1966
01:03:38-40: Ione and Ted in a group photo with various other people 1969

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Misc Photos
1 4
01:04:01: Billy Wiebe, Inka Mulder, Bobby Moore, Karsten Mulder, and Susan Moore 1961
01:04:02: Ione holding a baby 1965
01:04:03: Home decor 1965
01:04:04: Baby named Michi Resch 1965
01:04:05: Ione with Helmut Resch
01:04:06-08: Ione and the Forest Dale group: Vera Hamlin, Edith Young, Vera Webb, Beth Platt, Lucille Springer, Olive Dover West
01:04:09-11: Ione and/or Ted with family or friends 1965
01:04:12: Ted with a baby
01:04:13: Ione at Freed's Spring in upper Weber county
01:04:14: Ione (playing with a puppet doll) along with a young boy named David Paul 1977
01:04:15-16: Polaroids of Ione and Ted with friends
01:04:17: Ione with Lucille Springer and Vera Hamlin
01:04:18: Ione and Ted at a group gathering
01:04:20: Ione with Masae Lleno 1996
01:04:21: Ione with Ted. Most likely taken in the mid to late 1990's
01:04:22: Ted Daniel

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Misc Photos of Ione Bennion
1 5
01:05:01: Ione at a faculty picnic in Guinaval Park 1957
01:05:02-03: Ione Bennion
01:05:04: Pencil drawn portrait of Ione Bennion

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Misc Photos: connection to Ione Bennion unknown
1 6
01:06:01-09: Various Carte-de-Visite photos. (identities unknown)
01:06:10: Family portrait most likely taken in the early 20th century. (identities unknown)
01:06:11: Family portrait most likely taken in the early 20th century. (identities unknown)
01:06:12: Carte-de-Visite of a woman. (identity unknown)
01:06:13-16: Misc Photos. (indentities unknown) 1949

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Misc Photos
1 7
01:07:01: 3 children. (identities unknown)
01:07:02: Stephen, Abigail, and Johnny 1941
01:07:03: Family group. (identities unknown) 1943
01:07:04: 2 children. (identities unknown) 1945
01:07:05: 3 children: Ann, Dan, and Stanley Bells 1937
01:07:06: Helen Claire Stout 1945
01:07:07: Tony Morgan at 4 months 1943
01:07:08: Tony Morgan at 6 months 1944
01:07:09: Kent Morgan at 4 years 1944
01:07:10: Kent and Tony Morgan 1944
01:07:11: Wedding of Jim and Jocelyn Morris at Ted and Ione's home 1959
01:07:12: Wedding of Jim and Jocelyn Morris at Ted and Ione's home 1959
01:07:13: Harvey Corske
01:07:14: Baby named Thana Iman 1959
01:07:15: 2 young adults, one man and one woman (identities unknown), referred to as a graduation photo
01:07:16: Spencer Bennion Jones at 6 weeks
01:07:17: Arly Brooks
01:07:18: Valerie 1959
01:07:19: Family portrait: Leah, Ralph, Allan, and Patty
01:07:20: Ardis Beyers
01:07:21: Lousje Beyers
01:07:22-23: Hilary Ju Kdi Chang at 12 months
01:07:24-25: Unnamed boy
01:07:26: 2 unnamed young girls
01:07:27-30: Misc. photos of a small infant, young girl, and 2 adults 1962
01:07:31: Judy (10) and Carrie (7 months) Jensen 1961
01:07:32: Freddie (6), Arlie (8), and Chris (3) Jensen 1961
01:07:33-35: Rosa Gummel
01:07:36: Unnamed young man with a deer head 1961
01:07:37: Ted in front of a house in California 1961
01:07:38: Ione, Ted, Helmut, and Hirdi in Muir Woods, California
01:07:39: Children of Kent and Lynn Morgan: Paul, Mary Kay, David, Jonathan, and Elizabeth
01:07:40: Claron and Joan Spencer's children 1970
01:07:41: Edward and Cindy Spencer's children 1972
01:07:42: Wedding photo: Steve Jeppsen, Joann, Doug, Stephen, Sherrie, Janeen, and David 1975
01:07:43: Children Gigi and Peter in the Denver Zoo 1968
01:07:44: Ione with 2 other girls
01:07:45: Angelina, Martin, Herbert, and Elizabeth 1977
01:07:46: Ursula and Traudl Hagar 1978
01:07:47: Camille and Diana Lee
01:07:48: Family group? Shigamatsu
01:07:49: Graduation of Lisa Emenhiser 1978
01:07:50: Joe Pikin at 14 months
01:07:51: Lynn McBride: 5th grade
01:07:52-54: Nina Raghuvir and son
01:07:55: Karl, Lisa, Megan (6), Madeline (3), Catherine (18 months)
01:07:56: Large group portait. (identities unknown)

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Misc. Scenic Photos
1 8
01:08:01-08: Scenic photos. (location unknown)
01:08:09: Copy of Postcard 01:10:02 of Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
01:08:10: Douglas, Alaska
01:08:11: Mt. Edgeumbe, Alaska

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Misc. Slide Photos
1 9
01:09:01-02: Ione with Tsing Yuan Chang, Heidi R., Gertrude Hartl, Helmut Resch, and Sven Wihrheim 1961
01:09:03: Man playing tennis 1962
01:09:04: Ione with Pauline and Bill 1963
01:09:05: Photo of a Para-glider 1976
01:09:06-07: Ione and Ted in a crowd 1978
01:09:08: Deer on the porch of a home 1979
01:09:09: Scenic photo. (location unknown) 1979
01:09:10: Ione with 3 other women 1979
01:09:11-12: Ione and Ted 1979
01:09:13-17: San Ramon-Corner Garden in California 1982
01:09:18: Logan High School Graduation on Aryan Azimi 1982
01:09:19: Ione and Ted on the Jungfraueneg observation platform in Switzerland with Mr. and Mrs. Hesquiere 1952
01:09:20-23: Winter-time photos of Ione's Home 1984
01:09:24-43: Photos of various Egyptian artifacts
01:09:44-86: Various Photos of scenery and/or buildings in Europe. (likely Great Britain) 1987
01:09:87-96: Photos of or pertaining to Stonehenge in Southern England 1987
01:09:97-106: Various Photos of scenery and/or buildings in Europe. (likely Great Britain) 1987
01:09:107-124: Photos of Niagra Falls in New York/Ontario, Canada 1988

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Correspondence to Ione Bennion by Photo/Postcard
1 10
01:10:01: Photo/Postcard of Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
01:10:02: Photo/Postcard of Wahkeena Falls, Columbia River Highway, Oregon
01:10:03-04: Photo/Postcard from Switzerland
01:10:05: Birth announcement of Heidi Ella. (includes photo)
01:10:06-11: Holiday (Christmas) Photo/Postcards from various families
01:10:12-14: Photo-Postcards from various families
01:10:15-18: Holiday (Christmas) Photo/Postcards from various families
01:10:19: Photo-Postcard 1958
01:10:20-21: Holiday (Christmas) Photo/Postcards from various families
01:10:22: Photo/Postcard from Mexico
01:10:23: Photo/card from Helmut Resch and family

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Foreign Greeting Card Correspondence
1 11
01:11:01-03: Holiday Greeting Cards from the Middle East
01:11:04: Holiday Greeting Card from Germany
01:11:05: Greeting Card from New York

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1 12
01:12:01: 01:03:12 and 01:03:13
01:12:02: 01:03:21 and 01:03:28
01:12:03: 01:03:31-34 (includes some views of Ted and Ione that do not include prints in this collection)
01:12:04: 01:04:06
01:12:05: 01:04:07
01:12:06: 01:07:24 and 01:07:25
01:12:07: 01:07:40 and/or 01:10:20
01:12:08: 01:08:09 and/or 01:10:02
01:12:09: 01:10:01
01:12:10: Negatives of misc. photos of Ted and/or Ione and/or family and friends (prints of these negatives are not included in this collection)

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  • Bennion family--Photographs.
  • Bennion, Ione, 1908-1997--Photographs.
  • Bennion, Wayne Lindsay, 1906-1942--Photographs.
  • Daniel, Theodore W.--Photographs.
  • Utah State University--Administration--Photographs.

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