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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm
Title: The Jensen Historical Farm Research Collection
Dates: 1961-1993 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 17 boxes (8.5 linear feet)
Collection Number: USU_COLL MSS 236
Summary: Items in this seventeen-box collection fall into three main categories: Cache Valley history, material produced by the Jensen Farm, and reports done for the Jensen Farm.
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Material in English 

Historical Note

The Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm, a program of Utah State University, was started in 1970 with a donation from USU agriculture alumnus, R. V. Jensen, who specified that his gift be used to establish a working farm museum that involved students in its operation. The museum was located on 120 acres near Wellsville in southern Cache Valley, Utah, at the former Franklin H. Wyatt farm. Buildings representative of Cache Valley's history were relocated to the site to recreate a historic family farm. (The original Frank Wyatt farmhouse still exists on the property but had been modernized and was not suitable for inclusion.) The collections of the Man and His Bread Museum, an indoor museum of agriculture-related artifacts founded on the USU campus in the late 1950's, were also relocated to the Jensen Historical Farm site.

In 1985 folklorist and outdoor museum specialist Jay Allan Anderson was hired to direct the Jensen Historical Farm museum and establish a master's degree program in Outdoor Museum Administration. Anderson changed the Farm's time period from a generic "pioneer farm" to the year 1917, a prosperous year for Cache Valley farmers and a date which the museum's artifact collections could support. During Anderson's tenure at the Farm (1985-1993), graduate students operated all aspects of the museum, from restoration of artifacts to animal husbandry to research to costumed interpretation. Anderson's students compiled a collection of primary and secondary sources on which to base accurate historical interpretation of a 1917 southern Cache Valley family farm. When Anderson left the Farm in 1993 the focus of the program began to shift so he transferred the research collection to USU Special Collections. The Jensen Historical Farm was eventually subsumed by the newly-formed American West Heritage Center when the Festival of the American West.

Content Description

The original Jensen Historical Farm Research Collection included numerous subject files intended to guide the farm's staff in the creation and operation of a living history farm. Much of the material consisted of photocopied items held elsewhere in USU Library holdings and therefore were subsequently removed. Items that were retained in this seventeen-box collection fall into three main categories: Cache Valley history, material produced by the Jensen Farm, and reports done for the Jensen Farm. The first section contains articles, essays, biographies, subject files, and oral histories about the history of Cache Valley. Many of the oral histories are grouped together as part of an NEA Folk Arts Project conducted by USU staff and are cross-referenced with corresponding cassette recordings located in boxes 15-17. The second section includes meeting minutes, planning guides, grant proposals, and visitor information. Notable among these materials are the "1-10s": one-page research data intended for ten-minute assimilation by on-site interpreters. This format, invented by Jensen Farm director Jay Anderson, has been adopted at other outdoor museums. The final section consists of reports, essays, dissertations, and theses written specifically for use by the Jensen Farm. While copies of USU dissertations and theses are also held elsewhere in Special Collections, these duplicates were retained in this collection due to their direct relevance to the Jensen Farm.

Use of the Collection

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No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

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It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

Permission to publish material from the Jensen Historical Farm Research Collection must be obtained from the Special Collections Manuscript Curator and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

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Initial Citation: The Jensen Historical Farm Research Collection USU_COLL MSS 236, Box [ ]. Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_USU COLL 236, USUSCA.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :


Processing Note :  

Processed in October of 2008

Acquisition Information :  

The material in this collection was donated to USU Special Collections by Jay Anderson in 1993.

Related Materials :  

For information on the history of the Jensen Historical Farm museum through the mid-1980's, see: The History of the Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm and Man and His Bread Museum by Caroline E. Mohai (Merrill-Cazier library call number F 834 .L8 M63 1987).

For information about Wyatt family life on the farm, see: Honoring the Farm: Identity and Meaning in Personal Narratives by Jeannie B. Thomas (Folk Coll 3 no. 118).

See also The Jensen Living Historical Farm photograph collection, 1985-1992P0356

Detailed Description of the Collection

Cache Valley History, 1859-1990
6 boxes, 147 folders
1 1 Prices Paid for Butterfat FOB Factory in Cache Co. Monthly 1912-1935
1 2 "Early Land Surveys and Land Allotments in Cache Valley" by Willis A Tingey Undated
1 3 Maps: Logan; Wellsville, Cache Valley 1961, 1962
1 4 "Cache Valley Dance Halls" by Newell Hart Undated
1 5 "Wellsville Barns" by Sally Graves Undated
1 6 "A Comparison of Selected Clothing in Salt Lake City, Utah; Logan, Utah; and New York City from 1900-1909" by Karen Janes 1900-1909
1 7 "Alphonse and Mary Hobson Brossard" by Edgar B. Brossard Undated
1 8 "Life in Wellsville, Utah." Interview of Annie Leishman by Sandra Bailey Undated
1 9 "A Descriptive Survey of Cache Valley Barns" by James McClure Undated
1 10 Changing Times: A View from Cache Valley, 1890-1915 by Charles S. Peterson. Faculty Honor Lecture, 1979 November
1 11 "George H. Bradshaw House, 280 Center St. Wellsville, Utah" by Eric H. Thorpe Undated
1 12 "Irrigation Development and Patterns of Life in Utah" by Charles S. Peterson Undated
1 13 "Tokens to Tell: The Life of Andrew Charles Simmonds 1872-1947" by AJ Simmonds Undated
1 14 "Wyatt House" by Dixie Jenson Undated
1 15 "A Short History of the Knitting Industry of Cache Valley with an Emphasis on Early Knitting Equipment" by Scott Christensen Undated
1 16 "Report on Research for Folklife Museums: Lumber Milling, Smith Brothers Lumber Co.Records, and Related Information about Cache Valley, 1890s" by Steven Cannon 1890-1891
1 17 "The Horse in Cache Valley 1896-1910" by Karl Petersen 1896-1910
1 18 "College Ward Part of BYC Legacy" Herald Journal 1986 September 21
1 19 "A Guide to Logan, Utah's Historical Homes and Sites" by Vera Christensen Undated
2 1 "Coal Smoke and Valve Oil: The Steam Era in Cache Valley Agriculture" by Michael W. Johnson Undated
2 2 "Agricultural Prosperity in Mendon, Individual Document Property for Thomas Carter Utah State Historical Society" by Kenneth Holford 1890-1910
2 3 "Domestic Livestock on Turn-of-the-Century Dairy Farms in Southern Cache County, Utah" by Larry L. Miller Jr Undated
2 4 "Mendon: A Pioneer Chronicle of Mormon Settlement" by C.S. Peterson, D.J. Baker, and G.A Ware Undated
2 5 "South Cache High School During World War I: A Cultural History" by Alan Max Thatcher Undated
2 6 A.C. Simmonds, Cache Valley Farm Undated
2 7 "Economics of Cache Valley Agriculture 1859-1900" by Leonard Arrington and Linda Wilcox 1859-1900
2 8 "As It Seemed to Me" by H.G. Wood Undated
2 9 Wellsville,Utah Fire Hydrants
3 1 "History of Mendon: Dairy Segment" by Sam Lindley Undated
3 2 "Chariot Racing a Winter Sport: A History of the Skyline Cutter and Chariot Racing Association in Smithfield, Utah" by Karl R. Peterson Undated
3 3 "Gardens and Vegetables 1890-1900" 1890-1900
3 4 "Cache Valley Life 1870-1920" by Glen L. Bailey 1870-1920
3 5 "Calendar of Men's Work in Southern Cache Valley for Years 1894-1895" by John Olinger 1894-1895
3 6 "Observation: Interview with Max Fonnesbeck" by Dean Murphy Undated
3 7 "The Isolated Cache Valley Farmstead At the Turn of the Century" by A.J. Simmonds Undated
3 8 "Cache Valley Rural Foodways in 1917" by Suzette Isaacson Undated
3 9 Excerpts from Writing Collection of Jan Roush By Madelaine Love
  • Biographies:
  • Brandt Thompson Writing Coll.-"Biography of the Andersons and Thompsons"
  • Julie Moyle Writing Coll.-"Cattle Crossing"
  • Corey Turner Writing Coll.-"Annie Evans"
  • Marilee Zollinger Writing Coll.-"Reading Disease"
  • Laree Williams Writing Coll.-Biographies"
  • Mary Bickmore Writing Coll.-"Maxine C. Bickmore"
  • Anita Ann Summers Writing Coll.-Floyd Jensen Biography
  • Adam L. Smith Writing Coll
  • Lynette Pond Writing Coll
  • Cordell Olsen Writing Coll.- "My Grandpa Loosli"
  • Bryan Lundell Writing Coll.-Informant
  • Layne Browning Writing Coll.-Biographical Sketch
  • David Campbell Writing Coll.-Eva Balmforth, Evelyn Balmforth Huntsman, Lorenzo Balmforth, Kate Ann Whiting Harris
  • Mary Becker -Biography-Wesley G. Malmberg
3 10 History Collection, Millville School 5th Grade History Club Undated
3 11 "Back Pages: The World and Cache Valley Seen Through Features and Editorials in the 1917 Logan Journal" 1917
3 12 "The Bankheads of Wellsville, Utah: Black Families in a Mormon Culture: Mormon Attitudes Toward Blacks, 1830-1990" by Mary Kay Schmidt 1830-1990
3 13 "Dairying and Ranching in the Mountains"
3 14 Cache Valley Cow Testing Associations
3 15 Condensed Milk Companies in Cache Valley
3 16 Dairying in Cache Valley articles:
  • "History of Dairying in Cache Valley" by George B. Caine
  • "Early History of Cache Valley Dairy" by AW Chambers
  • "History of Dairying in Utah"
  • "Dairying in Cache Valley"
  • "History of Dairying in Cache Valley" by Paul R Willie
  • "The Cache Valley Dairy Industry" by Herschel Bullen
3 17 "Isolated Personal Reminiscences of Clarkston, Utah, A Pioneer Town" by Ann Godfrey Hansen Undated
4 1 "The Wm. Bruce Crane Historic Photograph Collection of Cache Valley 1890 to 1920: Annotated and Indexed" by Bruce Crane 1890-1920
4 2 "Mendon Barns: A Barometer of Prosperity 1890-1917" 1890-1917
4 3 "Cache Valley Farm Layouts Some Random Concerns and Thoughts" by James Sessums Undated
4 4 "Barns of Cache Valley" by Scott Christensen Undated
4 5 "Cache Valley Farm Vehicles of the 1890's" 1890-1899
4 6 "Final Project Folklore Colloquim: 1890s Needle Work in the Cache Valley" by Colleen Freeman Gordin 1890-1899
4 7 "What was Cache Valley Like at the Time of Utah Statehood, 1896? A Review of Sources for the Jensen Farm Student Research" by Rhett James 1896
4 8 "A Day in the Life of X and Y 1917 Cache Valley Teenagers" by Bill McClelland 1917
4 9 "History of Hyrum" by Bryan Barfus Undated
4 10 "A Brief Description of the Historical Uses of Ornamental Horticulture in Cache Valley in the Early Twentieth Century" by Janey Hokett Undated
4 11 "Cache Valley Life, 1870-1920" 1870-1920
4 12 "The Cache Valley Red Cross, 1917" by Cathy Quinton 1917
5 1 Richard and Karen Cannon: candy making & doll making
(see Box 15 Tapes 1-4)
5 2 Ivan Christensen: making sauerkraut Undated
5 3 Eva Knowlton: Hungarian cooking Undated
5 4 Cleo Stettler: breadmaking Undated
5 5 Kathy Herbert: swiss bread and pies
(see Box 15 Tape 5)
5 6 Vera Tippets: candy making
(see Box 15 Tape 6)
5 7 Morris Butcher-miniature steam engines
(see Box 15 Tape 7)
5 8 Vernon Barker: blacksmith Undated
5 9 Lex Baer: ironworker Undated
5 10 Mark Wood: welder and storyteller Undated
5 11 Herman Nielsen: leather working and harness making Undated
5 12 Preston Brenchley: blacksmith and welder
(see Box 15 Tape 7)
5 13 DeWitt Palmer: leather worker
(see Box 15 Tape 8)
5 14 Vern Shaffer: wood cutter
(see Box 15 Tape 9)
5 15 Dennis Cowley: clock repairman/maker Undated
5 16 John Snell: blacksmithing tool collector Undated
5 17 Nora Watkins: painting"
(see Box 15 Tape 10)
5 18 Eugene Needham: painter Undated
5 19 Lorraine Johnson-needlepoint Undated
5 20 Zina Marriott: quilting
(see Box 15 Tape 11)
5 21 Maria Vandenwijngaert: knitting and lace making Undated
5 22 Elizabeth Friedli: netting
(see Box 15 Tape 14)
5 23 Betty Gerber: hardanger lace
(see Box 15 Tape 15)
5 24 Viola Larsen: weaving
(see Box 15 Tape 16)
5 25 Artice Bird: quilter
(see Box 15 Tape 17)
5 26 Wilda Thurston: quilter and crocheter
(see Box 15 Tape 18)
5 27 Linda Cowley: quilting and crocheting"
(see Box 15 Tape 19)
5 28 Thelma Fullmer: quilting and crocheting"
(see Box 15 Tape 20)
5 29 Cindy Wiser: quilter
(see Box 15 Tape 21)
5 30 Florence Bessie Morris: cooking Undated
5 31 Hazel Romero: cooking Undated
5 32 Vivian Willardson: candy making
(see Box 16 Tape 1)
5 33 Pumpkin Walk: Ida Beutler
(see Box 16 Tape 2)
5 34 Janna Harris: quiet books Undated
5 35 Ellis Layne: cutter racing
(see Box 16 Tape 3)
5 36 Eric Hash: fly tying, gold panning, and dowsing Undated
5 37 Rainy Riding: fly tying Undated
5 38 Stephanie Cantwell: horse breaking Undated
5 39 D.A. Newbrand: water dowsing Undated
5 40 Stuart Hardman: storytelling
(see Box 15 Tape 10)
5 41 Vern Heniger: storyteller Undated
5 42 Hattie Maughn: poetry"
(see Box 16 Tape 4)
5 43 Artice Bird-storytelling
(see Box 16 Tape 5)
5 44 NEA Folk Arts Survey-A biographical sketch of 12 folk artists Undated
5 45 Lyman S. Willardson: woodcarving Undated
5 46 Informants for 1988 Folk Arts Survey Grant: list of possible contacts for folk art 1988
5 47 Barbara Obray: quilter Undated
5 48 Dorothy Butterfield: quilting"
(see Box 16 Tape 6)
5 49 Eva Israelson Undated
5 50 Judy Smith-weaving
(see Box 16 Tape 16)
6 1 Deane Watkins: handwork Undated
6 2 Shari Hawkes: quilter"
(see Box 15 Tapes 12-13)
6 3 Norma Skaeblund: quilting"
(see Box 16 Tape 7)
6 4 Bill McBride: Hyrum Relic Hall Undated
6 5 Ruth Danielson: Paradise Relic Hall Undated
6 6 LaVon P. Zollinger: Logan Relic Hall Undated
6 7 Halloween Undated
6 8 Richmond Relic Hall Undated
6 9 Ada Jensen: quilting Undated
6 10 Laurel Cannon: tatting Undated
6 11 Marco Jensen: tatting
(see Box 16 Tape 17)
6 12 J.D. Cushman of Big C Ranch Undated
6 13 Roberta Lofthouse: food preservation"
(see Box 16 Tape 8)
6 14 Carol Armstrong: hardanger and bobbin lace Undated
6 15 Casper Merrill-short discussion about followup interviews
(see Box 16 Tape 18-19)
6 16 Merrill Leishman Undated
6 17 Artice Bird: children's bedrooms Undated
6 18 Ada Skidmore Jensen: rug crocheter"
(see Box 16 Tape 9)
6 19 "Kristine Camp and ‘Marlene's Quilts’: Family Ties that Bind"
(see Box 16 Tape 11)
6 20 "Report on Oral Interview with Gordon Ricks" by Carl Camp Undated
6 21 Heidi Niehaus: "The Yard in 1917: Cache Valley, Utah"
(see Box 16 Tape 21)
6 22 "Smithy Preston Brenchley: The Art of the Anvil"
(see Box 16 Tape 12-13)
6 23 "Interview with Vivian Brindley: Cake Decorating as Folk Art"
(see Box 16 Tape 14)
6 24 Norma Linder
(see Box 16 Tape 15)
6 25 Emma Neilson Mortensen
(see Box 16 Tape 20)
6 26 Louise Keetch Nebeker Undated
6 27 Ezra and Letha Lundahl Undated
6 28 Elmer Wallace Marriot Undated
6 29 A.C. Hull
(see Box 16 Tape 21)
6 30 "An interview with Elizabeth Wyatt Winn-Cache Valley Farm Women's Clothing, 1917; What is the Style of the Times?" 1917
6 31 Elizabeth Friedli : "A Look At Childhood, Health, and Disease in Cache Valley Between 1910-1917" 1910-1917
6 32 Elgo and Christina Anderson: "Farm Shops and Equipment" Undated
6 33 Cloie Leona Conlin Sant: "Dancing in 1917" 1917
6 34 Cutter Races Undated
6 35 Landscape Murals on Buildings Undated
6 36 Lawn Decorations Undated
6 37 LK Wood Thrashing Bees 1960-1969
6 38 "Sugar Beet Thinning and Harvest Assignment" Undated
6 39 "Utah Foodways Interviews" for the book A Taste of Utah Undated
6 40 "Making it all Worthwhile: An Evening with Myron Brenchley, Builder of Meaning in Life" Undated

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Cache Valley History, 1857-1990
4 boxes, 147 folders
7 1 1-10s - "Why Statehood in 1896," "1917 Statehood in Utah," "1896 Presidential Election" 1896, 1917
7 2 1-10s - Special Events: "Behind the Scenes Day," "Easter Saturday," "Halloween, 1990," "Wedding 1917," "Wedding Reception," "Thanksgiving," "Cider Pressing," "Arbor Day," "Victory Garden" 1917
7 3 1-10s - Woman's Suffrage Undated
7 4 1-10s - Jensen Farm Structures Undated
7 5 1-10s - World War I: Troop M, 1st Utah Cavalry, and the 145th Artillery, US Army 1916-19, Attitudes Towards War-Reports from the local Press 1916 Fall
7 6 1-10s - Transportation: The Age of Railroad Expansion in the United States, Cache Valley Railroading 1890s 1890-1899
7 7 1-10s - Books in the Wyatt Household, Partial List of 1917 Publications, Cache Valley Newspapers Undated
7 8 1-10s - Shade Trees and Shrubs: Lombardy Poplar, Willows, Arbor Day: Helpful Advice, Planting Hedges, Pruning Shade Trees, Recommended Trees and Shrubs Undated
7 9 1-10s - Indians: Cache Valley Shoshone Indian Subsistence Patterns, Indians in the 1800s 1880-1889
7 10 1-10s - USU: ACU Aggies 1916-1917 Seasons, the Land Grant College, Brigham Young College Undated
7 11 1-10s - Movies: Silent Film Theaters and Movies in Cache Valley Undated
7 12 1-10s - Music and Theater: Sheet music to "Home Sweet Home!," "Music and the Wyatt Family, The Circus Comes to Cache Valley Undated
7 13 1-10s - Kitchen: General Information about the kitchen, interpretation of the kitchen Undated
7 14 1-10s - Mail order and rural free delivery in the West, 1917 Delivery in Wellsville Undated
7 15 1-10s - Mormon History: Anti-Mormon Legislation of the 1880s, Mormon Villages, Mormonism in Transition Undated
7 16 1-10s - Orchards: Strawberry Pie, Pruning and Thinning: Jonathan and Ben Davis, Pruning of Apples, 110 Antique Apples, Pruning and the Newly Planted Fruit Tree, Orchards Undated
7 17 1-10s - The Wyatt Parlor Undated
7 18 1-10s - Pitch Forks Undated
7 19 1-10s - Mormon Theology-Mormon Terms, Word of Wisdom Observance, Mormon Health Law: The Word of Wisdom, Mormon Observance of the Sabbath, The United Order: A Mormon Cooperative Experiment, Mormon Priesthood, Mormon Bishops, The Morrill Antibigamy Bill of 1862 1862
7 20 1-10s - Foodways (Daily): Apple Harvest at the Jensen Farm, Swedish Folk Cookery, A Choice of Breakfasts, 1917 Recipes 15 pages, Groceries in Logan and Cache Valley 1917
7 21 1-10s - Foodways (Harvest and Preservation) Anyone with Ordinary Intelligence-Domestic Altitudes, Canning Jars, Cellaring Vegetables, Food Preservation on the Wyatt Farm, Jelly Making, Pitting Potatoes, 110 Cider Pressing, Over There and Over Here, Drying Food and Protecting it from Flies, Meat Curing in Wellsville, General Recipes for Fruits, General Recipes for Vegetables, Definition of Terms, Safety: State of the Art in Sterilization 1917, Capable Lady Experts and Cottage Cheese, The Wonderful Frugality of the Women-The War Context 1917
7 22 1-10s - Home furnishings and Decorative Arts---Interior Wall Coverings: Wallpaper; Paint and Whitewash. Chairs and Rockers, Plants and Flowers, Pictures and Photographs, Influences on Home Decorative Arts, Tables and table coverings Undated
7 23 1-10s - Irrigation: Ditch digging, dams and Go-Devils; Irrigation as a Landscape Feature, Swimming or Other Uses of Canals Undated
7 24 1-10s - Farming Activities: Signs of a Prosperous Farmer, Haying, Manure and the spreading thereof, Hay Rakes, Hay loaders, Thrashing Machines, McCormick Deering Big 6 Mower, Mower-2 copies, Pest Control: Animals, Blacksmithing in Cache Valley, Horseshoeing, Cache Valley Blacksmith 1878-1904U
7 25 1-10s - Fourth of July: The Week of July 4, 1917 What Everyone was Talking About, What was Happening on the 4th of July 1917, Gossip, World Issues and tidbits of News for July 4th 1917 1917 July 4
7 26 1-10s - Gardening-Garden Crops: The Family Garden, Heirloom "Poorman's" Gooseberry, Potatoes, Heirloom "Jenny Lind" Muskmelon, Heirloom "Allen Beans, This is a Garden, Copy of The Logan Republic, Feed Ourselves, Folks-the Home Garden Movement, Everybody's Got a Garden, Bean Culture-Soil Preservation, Cultivation, and Bean Varieties, Coldframes and Crops, Hotbeds and crops, Monthly planting Guide, Potato Culture, Prize Peas (and Pea Varieties), Scarecrows, Garden Implements and Their Use, Gardening By the Moon's Sign, Save Those Seeds or Lettuce turnip and Old leaf Undated
7 27 1-10s - Children's Activities: Chores Done by the Wyatt Girls, Recess Games, Games Elizabeth Wyatt Played as a Child, Children's Chores Undated
7 28 1-10s - Agricultural Fields and Crops: Modern Agriculture in Cache Valley, The Succession of Alfalfa cultivation, the Origins of the Sugar Beet Industry Undated
7 29 1-10s - Fishing and Hunting: Encounters with Grizzlies, The Great Varmit Hunt, Old Ephraim The Last Grizzly Bear in Logan Canyon, 1917 Fishing in Wellsville, Hunting in 1917 1917
7 30 1-10s - Domestic Activities-Soapmaking; A pressing object: Ironing, wood cook stoves; What Where and Who, Hand-crafted Items for the House, Stereo views and Stereo graphs, Darning Eggs Undated
7 31 1-10s - Christmas: What Everyone was Talking About During Christmas of 1917; A Variety of Christmas Tree Decorations; Christmas Candy; Christmas Dinner; Christmas Shopping, Caroling, and Gift Giving; (Small Size) 1917 Christmas Songs; Two Typical 1917 Christmas Tree Traditions; Elizabeth (Beth) Wyeth's Childhood Memories of Christmas Dinner; Welcome to Christmas on the Jensen Farm; How the War Affected Christmas; Christmas at the Wyatt's House 1917
7 32 1-10s - Farm Animals: Sheep; Animals on the Farm; Women and Sheep; Sheep Shearing; Horses; History of the Hansen Rambouillets; Animals at the Wyatt Farm; Pigs; (Horse information); Gestation and Mating Tables; Medical Concerns with Sheep; Sheep Camps; Sheep Shearing; Sheep Dogs in Utah: Border Collies Undated
7 33 1-10s - Farm Machinery: Plows; Did Farmers Store Their Machinery Outdoors?; Farrows; Disc; Endgate Seeder; Cultivators; Horse-Drawn Vehicles; Corn Planters; Plow Undated
7 34 1-10s - Carpentry Projects: The Honey Do Series: Boy's Trunk Chest, Kitchen Table, 1916 Fly Trap, Pioneer Flour Bins 1916
7 35 1-10s - Churches/Buildings and Attendance: The Wyatt Family's Wardhouse; Wyatt Family Church Attendance Undated
7 36 1-10s - Clothing: Farm Dress Code Men; Farm Dress Code Women; Aprons 1917
7 37 1-10s - Electrification and telephones: Telephones in Cache Valley; Electricity Undated
7 38 1-10s - Quotes and information about flowers Undated
7 39 1-10s - Extension Service: Extension Efforts to insure Good Milk in Cache Co.; Sugar in 1917 Cache Valley; Duties of the County Demonstrator; Duties of the Home Demonstrator; Agricultural Extension Work in Utah Undated
7 40 1-10s - Biographies: Who's Where in the Wyatt Family; Elizabeth Watson Archibald Wyatt: Early Years and Childhood; The Lynching of Charles Benson; Joseph A Smith; Farms Finance and Gentile Parking: Charles C. Rich Reference Information Undated
7 41 1-10s - Blacks: Blacks and Property; Attitudes Toward People of Color; Blacks in Wellsville; First Black Born in Utah Undated
7 42 1-10s - Cache Valley: The Depression of the 1890s; The Panic of 1893; St. John's School; Map of College and Young Wards in Cache Valley; Pioneer Schools; More School Days; Cache Valley Newspapers of the 1890s; Cache Valley Celebrates Utah's Statehood; The Growth of Wellsville 1857-1884-1900; Cache Valley Fever-The Boom Year of 1860; A Mormon Christmas-United Order Style; The Vegetable Wars; Green's Corners; Cache Valley Geology; Pea Vinery; School Days; Even More School Days 1857-1900
7 43 1-10s - Sheep in Utah By Susan Garlick Undated
7 44 1-10s - Women's Issues: Pin Money Suggestions; Birth Control Undated
7 45 1-10s - Women's Clothing: Shoes 1917
7 46 1-10s - Domestic Items: The Electric Stove; Domestic Odds and Ends Undated
7 47 1-10s - Flag Day; The Relief Society Magazine Undated
7 48 1-10s - Vegetable Gardening: Short essays on gardening at the Jensen Historical Farm by Robert Harry Undated
8 1 Farm Visitor information - "Geology of Cache Valley" Undated
8 2 Farm Visitor information - "But what's it like in the winter? A brief look at climate, flora, and fauna" Undated
8 3 Farm Visitor information - "Indians in Cache Valley" Undated
8 4 Farm Visitor information - "Did the mountain men explore Cache Valley" Undated
8 5 Farm Visitor information - "Cache Valley Agriculture" Undated
8 6 Farm Visitor information - "Education in Cache Valley" Undated
8 7 Farm Visitor information - "Irrigation in Cache Valley" Undated
8 8 Farm Visitor information - "Settlement in Cache Valley" Undated
8 9 Farm Visitor information - "Water, Water Everywhere But Not a Drop to Drink" Undated
8 10 Farm Visitor information - "Transportation in Cache Valley" Undated
8 11 Farm Visitor information - "Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Alva Edison Influence Utah Life" Undated
8 12 Farm Visitor information - "Cache Valley Steps Into the 20th Century-An Industrial Overview" Undated
8 13 Farm Visitor information - "Defoliation of the Mountains Around Cache Valley" Undated
8 14 Farm Visitor information - "The Edmunds Act of 1882-Polygamists on the Run" Undated
8 15 Farm Visitor information - "The Law of the Land, What Early Laws Were Established In Cache County?" Undated
8 16 Farm Visitor information - "Holiness to the Lord: Zion's Co-Operative Mercantile Institution" Undated
8 17 Farm Visitor information - "The Canal As A Religious Artifact" Undated
8 18 Farm Visitor information - "Swimming, Swimming in the Muddy Ditch!" Undated
8 19 Farm Visitor information - "Ethnicity in Cache Valley" Undated
8 20 Farm Visitor information - Bibliography of Cache Valley Undated
8 21 Consultant's Report 1961
8 22 Minutes of Jensen Historical Farm Planning Meetings 1965-1979
8 23 "Man and His Bread Museum at Utah State University" fundraising brochures 1971
8 24 Jensen Living Historical Farm and Man and His Bread Museum Master Plan: A Draft Outline 1972 Septempber 7
8 25 Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm Master Plan By Robb Russon 1973
8 26 Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm: A Bicentennial Grant Request 1974
9 1 Ronald V. Jensen Historical Farm and Man and His Bread Museum Preliminary Planning Guide 1974 April
9 2 Jensen Living Historical Farm Farmstead Survey 1974
9 3 "Harvesting the Arid West: A Proposal for an Implementation Grant to Improve Interpretation," submitted to National Endowment for the Humanities 1977 November
9 4 "A Proposal for a Planning Grant" submitted to National Endowment for the Humanities 1977
9 5 Jensen Living Historical Farm brochure 1977
9 6 Historical Farm Symposium sponsored by the Jensen Living Historical Farm & Man and His Bread Museum 1980 April 18
9 7 Preliminary Evaluation Report of the Interpretive Master Plan 1980 February 25
9 8 "Teacher's Guide For the Pioneer Farm Life Cross Media Kit" Undated
9 9 Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm 1985 Calendar 1985
9 10 Site Map for the Jensen Farm 1985
9 11 "Fife Folklore Week" 1988 June 14-17
9 12 1917 Foodways Project Undated
9 13 Recipes used at the farm Undated
10 1 Jensen Farm Kitchen Rules for Staff Undated
10 2 "A Day at the Farm" narration Undated
10 3 IMS GOS Grant Application 1990-1991
10 4 Jensen Farm Self-Study Examination 1990
10 5 Soil Conservation Service Proposal for Nature Trail at the Jensen Farm 1990
10 6 Laundry Procedure at the Jensen Farm Undated
10 7 Data Entry Information Undated
10 8 Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm Staff/Volunteer Manual Undated
10 9 Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm Staff/Volunteer Manual Undated

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Reports, Undated
4 boxes, 36 folders
11 1 "Bibliography of Articles and Books for use by the Interpretive Staff at Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Wes Hardin Undated
11 2 "Agrarian Thought vs. Urban Thought" by Glen M. Leonard Undated
11 3 "Furnishing Study 1890 Farm House Jensen Historical Farm" by Nancy Richards 1890
11 4 "Cache Valley Farmers: Some Social Profiles 1890-1915" prepared by Charles S. Peterson and Glen Bailey 1890-1915
11 5 "The People of Cache Valley's Jensen Farm Area in the 19th Century" by Charles M. Hatch, Dean L. May, and Fon R. Brown Undated
11 6 "A Survey of the Life of Cache Valley Women in 1890 for the Jensen Historical Farm" by Carol Cornwall Madsen 1890
12 1 "Rural Clothing in Cache Valley, 1885-1890" by John M. Bourne 1885-1890
12 2 "Design, Development and Evaluation of an Educational Exhibit for the Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm, Man and His Bread Museum" by Frank M. Galluccio Undated
12 3 "Self-Propelled History: A Practicum Project to Develop a Self-Guided Tour For Visitors to the Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm, Man and His Bread Museum" by John Wesley Hardin Undated
12 4 "Honoring the Farm: Identity and Meaning in Personal Narratives" by Jeannie Banks Thomas Undated
13 1 "Honoring the Farm. Identity and Meaning in Personal Narratives," edited version of the oral interviews with Beth Wyatt Winn by Jeannie Banks Thomas Undated
13 2 "Honoring the Farm: Identity and Meaning in Personal Narratives," index by Jeannie Banks Thomas Undated
13 3 "Furnishing Study for an 1890s Farmhouse" by Ann E. Thomas 1890-1899
13 4 "The History of the Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm and Man and His Bread Museum" by Caroline E. Mohai Undated
13 5 "An Interpreter's Guide to the Historical Geography of the Wyatt Family Farm, 1896" by James Robert Simon 1896
13 6 "Work in Progress: Landscaping" by Patrick Easterling
13 7 "Compton Photography Collection" by David Heighway Undated
13 8 "Furnishing Study for Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Ann Thomas Undated
13 9 "This Bed Thy Center Is, Those Walls, Thy Sphere: The Adult Bedroom of Cache Valley, 1917," furnishing study by Loila Wynn 1917
14 1 "1917 Interpretive Clothing for Women at the Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Sue Herrold Linnaberg Undated
14 2 "The Children's Rooms: A Furnishing Plan for the Jensen Farmhouse" by Suzanne Waldenberger Undated
14 3 "Gardening Guide for the Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Robert Harry Undated
14 4 "Interpretive Handbook for The Jensen Historical Farm" by Suzette Isaacson Undated
14 5 "Researching the Kitchen for the Jensen Farm" by Suzette Isaacson Undated
14 6 "Consultant's Notes: Farm Library and Archives" by Jan Anderson Undated
14 7 "Folk Art: An Exhibit of Objects and Processes" by Lynn Ann Underwood Undated
14 8 "Collection Management at the Jensen Farm" by Jerrie Clark Undated
14 9 "Furnishing Plan for the Living Room of the Jensen Historical Farmhouse" by Dixie Lee Jenson Undated
14 10 The Crowning Touch: The Role of Women's Hats at the Jensen Historical Farm," project proposal Undated
14 11 Outdoor Museum Educational Programs Survey, mentions Jensen Farm Undated
14 12 "The Log House" by Leslie Peterson Undated
14 13 Washing Instructions for Stains Undated
14 14 List of 20th Century Cookbooks used by the Jensen Farm Undated
14 15 "Selling the Farm: Demographics and Marketing Strategies for the RV Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Kevin R. Jones Undated
14 16 "And What Shall We Say of the Women? Interpreting the Cache Valley Red Cross and Relief Society During World War I At the Ronald V. Jensen Living Historical Farm" by Catherine Quinton Undated
14 17 Newspaper Articles about the Jensen Farm Undated

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Cassettes, Undated
15 Item1: Richard and Karen Cannon
15 Item 2: Karen Cannon Undated
15 Item 3: Richard Cannon -Candymaking Undated
15 Item 4: Karen Cannon -Candymaking Undated
15 Item 5: Kathy Herbert -Swiss Bread and Pies Undated
15 Item 6: Vera Rees Tippetts -Candymaking Undated
15 Item 7: Preston Brenchley/Morris Butcher -Miniatures steam engines Undated
15 Item 8: DeWitt Palmer- Rawhide Braider Undated
15 Item 9: Vern Shaffer- Whittler Undated
15 Item 10: Stuart Harman/Nola B. Watkins Undated
15 Item 11: Zina Marriott -Applique Undated
15 Item 12: Shari Hawkes- Quilting Undated
15 Item 13: Shari Hawkes -Quilts Undated
15 Item 14: Elizabeth Friedli -Netting Undated
15 Item 15: Beth Gerber-Hardanger Lace Undated
15 Item 16: Viola Larson- Rug Weaver Undated
15 Item 17: Artice Bird Undated
15 Item 18: Wilda Thurston Interview and Observations -Quilting and Crocheting Undated
15 Item 19: Linda Kelley or Cowley-Quilts and Handwork Undated
15 Item 20: Thelma Fullmer -Quilting and Handwork Undated
15 Item 21: Cindy Wiser-Quilting Undated
16 Item 1: Vivian Willardson - Cooking Undated
16 Item 2: Ida Beutler - Halloween Décor Undated
16 Item 3: Ellis Layne - Cutter Races Undated
16 Item 4: Hattie Maughn Undated
16 Item 5: Artice Bird - Stories of Mendon Undated
16 Item 6: Dorothy Butterfield Undated
16 Item 7: Norma Skaeblund - Quilts Undated
16 Item 8: Roberta Lofthouse Undated
16 Item 9: Ada Jensen Undated
16 Item 10: Myron Brenchley- Carpenter Undated
16 Item 11: Kristine Camp - Quilting Undated
16 Item 12: Preston Brenchley - Blacksmith Undated
16 Item 13: Preston Brenchley - Blacksmith Undated
16 Item 14: Vivian Brindley - Cake Decorator Undated
16 Item 15: Norma Linder-Red Loom & Quilt Undated
16 Item 16: Judy Smith Undated
16 Item 17: Marco Jensen Undated
16 Item 18: Casper Merrill Undated
16 Item 19: Casper Merrill Undated
16 Item 20: Emma Mortensen - Rugs & Weaving Undated
16 Item 21: A.C. Hull Undated
16 Item 22: Artice Bird Undated
17 Item 1: Conrad Peterson -Farm Shops Undated
17 Item 2: Wallace Beutler -North Logan Farm Shops Undated
17 Item 3: Doyle Waldrom -Farm Shops Undated
17 Item 4: Kay Gilgen -Wellsville Undated
17 Item 5: Frank Olsen -Blacksmith Undated
17 Item 6: Veara Fife Undated
17 Item 7: Veara Fife Undated
17 Item 8: T.K. Sorensen Undated
17 Item 9: Douglas Wooton Undated
17 Item 10: Ruth Bassett-Quilting Undated
17 Item 11: Ruby Morgan Undated
17 Item 12: Ed Schultz – Threshing, NPR Interview Undated
17 Item 13: Dan Younker Undated
17 Item 14: Artice Bird Undated
17 Item 15: Rosamond Melartin Undated
17 Item 16: Don Hansen Undated
17 Item 17: Denzel Jensen Undated
17 Item 18: Mrs. Berry Ellis School, 2nd Grade/Mrs. Pond Ellis School, 3rd Grade Undated
17 Item 19: "Etc." "Jensen Farm" Undated
17 Item 20: "Threshing Aired" 1987 July 30
17 Item 21: "Cache Valley Heritage in Wood and Stone -Tim Taggart" Undated
17 Item 22: "Interview Clifton Elementary, Visited Farm 15 May – 1,2,3 Grades" Undated

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