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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Church, Frank
Title: Frank Church Papers
Dates: 1941-1984 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 776 linear feet (776 boxes)
Collection Number: MSS 56
Summary: Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, articles, press releases, reports, studies, legislation, case files, campaign files, scrapbooks, photos, films, audiotapes, and other papers, relating chiefly to Church's career as a U.S. Senator from Idaho, 1956-1980.
Repository: Boise State University Library, Special Collections and Archives
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
1910 University Drive
Boise ID
Telephone: 208-426-3958
Fax: 208-334-2111
Languages: Collection materials are in English 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided, in part, by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities

Biographical Note

Frank Church was born in Boise, Idaho on July 25, 1924, a third generation Idahoan. While in junior high school he wrote a letter to a Boise newspaper in response to an article on foreign relations by Senator William Borah. The letter appeared on the paper's front page and Church took the first step toward his goal of following in the footsteps of Senator Borah of Idaho.

As a junior at Boise High School, Church won the 1941 American Legion National Oratorical Contest with a speech titled "The American Way of Life." The prize was sufficient to provide for four years at the college or university of the winner's choice. Church chose Stanford University, enrolling in 1942. Church never forgot his debt to the American Legion and debating and became the Idaho coordinator for the contest after beginning law practice in Boise. Throughout his career, when corresponding with young debaters, he would mention his experience as a debater and encourage his correspondents to continue this activity.

In 1943, Church enlisted in the United States Army and served as a military intelligence officer in the China-Burma-India theatre. When discharged in 1946, he returned to Stanford to complete his education. In 1947, he married Bethine Clark, daughter of Judge and Mrs. Chase A. Clark, a former governor of Idaho. After receiving his undergraduate degree from Stanford, Church was diagnosed as having cancer and was given one year to live. Painful X-ray treatments spared his life and this second chance led him to later reflect that "life itself is such a chancy proposition that the only way to live is by taking great chances." In 1950, Church graduated from Stanford Law School and returned to Boise to practice law.

Frank Church became an active Democrat in Idaho and after an unsuccessful try for the State Legislature in 1952, he ran for the U.S. Senate in 1956. After a closely contested primary election, he handily defeated the Republican incumbent Herman Welker. At the age of 32, Church became the fifth youngest member ever to sit in the U.S. Senate. The newly elected junior Senator from Idaho responded to a Lyndon B. Johnson request for committee assignment preferences by asking for a place on the Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. It was a post he described as being "of great moment and importance to Idaho."

In 1958, Church was appointed to the McClellan "Rackets" Committee and received national television exposure. Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson gave Church's career a significant boost in 1959 by appointing him to the Foreign Relations Committee. In 1960, Church received additional national exposure when he gave the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention. In his first term Church played key roles in civil rights legislation, wilderness preservation and statehood for Alaska and Hawaii. In 1962, he became the first Democratic Senator from Idaho to win a second term.

In 1965, Church expressed his concern about the continued U.S. involvement in Vietnam in a speech on the Senate floor. Church's constituency was to the right of the Senator on this matter and he took a political risk as a vocal opponent of the war. In spite of this position he was re-elected in 1968. In 1969, he joined with Senator John Sherman Cooper (R-Ky.) to sponsor an amendment prohibiting the use of ground troops in Laos and Thailand. In 1970, the second Cooper-Church Amendment limited the power of the president during a war situation. Thereafter Church was actively engaged in efforts to force the end of the Vietnam War.

Another of Senator Church's interests was the elderly. In 1972, Church became the chairman of the Special Committee on Aging, a committee he was appointed to in 1967. To provide for the welfare of retirees, Church sponsored legislation for a cost-of-living adjustment, improved medical care, better housing and other benefits for Social Security recipients. Church's concern for the elderly played a role in winning re-election time after time.

Senator Church served on numerous other committees. From 1973 to 1976, he was co-chair of the Special Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated Emergency Powers. This committee studied the presidential emergency powers that had developed over a 40-year period. In 1973, Church was appointed chairman of the Subcommittee on Multi-National Corporations, charged with the task of exploring the political influence of multi-nationals. Church felt this appointment may have been his single most important assignment. In 1975, Church became the chairman of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities. This committee investigated alleged abuses of power by the CIA and FBI.

In the spring of 1976, Church sought the nomination for the Democratic candidacy for president. He won primaries in Nebraska, Idaho, Oregon and Montana, but handicapped by his late start, he decided to withdraw in favor of Jimmy Carter.

Early in his career Senator Church struck a balance between preservation and development of the nation's dwindling wilderness areas. His sponsorship and support of the Wild and Scenic Rivers and National Wilderness Acts helped ensure the preservation of the most beautiful regions in the nation. To honor his efforts, the River of No Return Wilderness Area in Idaho was re-named the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area.

A balanced stance was one of the ingredients that helped Senator Church achieve re-election three times in an essentially conservative state. By opposing gun control legislation, supporting local agricultural interests and fighting efforts by southwestern states to export Idaho's water, Church's liberal foreign relations stances were not serious impediments - until 1980.

In 1979, Church achieved a lifelong dream when he was appointed chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In the late 1970s, and later as chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Church guided the ratification of the Panama Canal Treaties through the Senate. This support was used by Church's political foes to defeat his efforts for a fifth term. He was defeated by Congressman Steve Symms by 4,262 votes - less than 1 percent of the voter turnout.

After his defeat, Frank Church practiced international law with the Washington, D.C., firm of Whitman and Ransom, specializing in Asian issues. In 1984, Church was hospitalized for a pancreatic tumor and died at home in Bethesda, MD., on April 7 at the age of 59.

Source: The Frank Church Papers: A Summary Guide, including the papers of Bethine C. Church and Carl Burke by Ralph W. Hansen and Deborah J. Roberts, assisted by Ellen Koger and David Kennedy, Boise: Boise State University Library, Special Collections Department, 1998

Content Description

Correspondence, memoranda, speeches, articles, press releases, reports, studies, legislation, case files, campaign files, scrapbooks, photos, films, audio tapes, and other papers, relating chiefly to Church's career in the U.S. Senate, 1956-1980. Topics include problems of the aging (from his service on Special Committee on Aging), abortion, Alaska and Hawaii statehood, Basques (in Spain and Idaho), civil rights, Crusade for Freedom, Democratic Party politics, 1960 Democratic National Convention (Los Angeles, Calif.), Church's bid for the 1976 Democratic Presidential nomination, federal aid to education, foreign relations, gun control, Indian affairs, multinational corporations, national parks and recreation areas (particularly Hells Canyon and Sawtooth national recreation areas), Panama Canal treaty ratification (1977-1978), Teton Dam collapse (1976), Vietnam War, Watergate, wild and scenic rivers, wilderness preservation, and Idaho politics, agriculture, water projects, and natural resources (particularly forests, wilderness, mining, and fish and game).

Correspondents include Cecil D. Andrus, Birch Bayh, Robert C. Byrd, Joseph S. Clark, John Sherman Cooper, Alan Cranston, Henry L. Day, Thomas J. Dodd, John V. Evans, J. William Fulbright, Mike Gravel, Ernest Gruening, Philip A. Hart, Vance Hartke, Mark O. Hatfield, Hubert H. Humphrey, Daniel K. Inouye, Henry M. Jackson, Jacob K. Javits, Lyndon B. Johnson, Len B. Jordan, and Edward M. Kennedy.

Additional correspondents include Warren G. Magnuson, Mike Mansfield, Charles McC. Mathias, Jr., James A. McClure, Gale McGee, George McGovern, Lee Metcalf, Walter F. Mondale, Frank E. Moss, Edmund S. Muskie, Gaylord Nelson, Eli M. Oboler, Claiborne Pell, William Proxmire, Jennings Randolph, Elmo Roper, Robert E. Smylie, Stuart Symington, and Harrison A. Williams.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is available for research with the exception of selected files. Contact Special Collections for information.

Preferred Citation :  

Boise State University, Albertsons Library, Special Collections and Archives, Frank Church Papers, MSS 56, [item description]

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The collection is arranged in eleven series: 1. Legislation files; 2. Senate committees; 3. Federal government; 4. Idaho; 5. Campaigns; 6. Political affairs; 7. Public relations; 8. Speeches, articles, trips and meetings; 9. Administration; 10. Personal; and 11. Frank Church audio-visual collection.

Acquisition Information :  

Gift of Senator Church, 1984, and of Bethine Church, 1984 and after.

Future Additions :  

Additional accruals are expected.

Processing Note :  

After 24 years and countless file clerks, the Church Collection presented a distinct processing challenge. Many of the older files had been in storage in a Federal Record Center in Maryland. Others had been stored in the "attic" of the Senate Office Building. Much, of course, was in the active file in the Senator's office. When these were all sent to Stanford, six boxes were lost in transit, never to be found.

How to organize all this paper was the question when processing began at Boise State. Since the Church office files were subject-oriented, it was decided to follow this arrangement and use a chronological sequence within each subject. One major problem was that over the years the file clerks gave differing interpretations to the same subject. Little effort was expended to reorganize misfiled information.

Most of the federal documents and ephemeral publications in the Church Papers are unique to the Boise State University Library and were left in their original files and included in the index. Monographic works were separated from the files.

Because index information was entered into the computer while processing was under way, it was not possible to number the boxes consecutively as is the general practice. By breaking the collection into series numbers the processing staff was able to enter the names, subjects and folder titles as each unit was processed.

The "General" section, which precedes more specific files in some parts of the Collection, seems to have been used by Church's staff to file miscellaneous material that did not fit into a more specific location. Letters coded "General" can include more than one issue, or can be on a single topic which never generated sufficient volume to need its own location. Because "General" includes such a wide variety of topics, researchers who wish an overview can consult these files first, then pursue more specific interests in the subject index and the subject areas of the files.

Related Materials :  

The Frank Church Papers: A Summary Guide, including the papers of Bethine C. Church and Carl Burke by Ralph W. Hansen and Deborah J. Roberts, assisted by Ellen Koger and David Kennedy, Boise: Boise State University Library, Special Collections Department, 1988, is available on Boise State University ScholarWorks. See also: MSS 226, Bethine C. Church Papers, MSS 124 Fred H. Hutchison Papers, MSS 57 Carl Burke Papers, and MSS 173 LeRoy Ashby and Rod Gramer Collection on Frank Church.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1:  Legislation, 1956-1980

Senator Church's legislative files are arranged alphabetically by subject. Many issues will be found in more than one place in the Legislation files, depending on the aspect being treated or the volume of correspondence or the whim of the filing staff that day. For example, the Basques appear in the Legislation files as sheepherders with immigration problems and as wool raisers who want protection from foreign wool. Because of the Basques' ties to Spain, a significant amount of material is found in the Foreign Relations Committee files, and immigration problems surface in the Immigration and Naturalization Service files of the Federal Government series. In the same way, the issues of natural resources, forests and forestry, timber and lumber are so interrelated that information about wood can be found under each heading.

General correspondence between the Church office and constituents, personal and political acquaintances, and other government offices (except the Senate) on a wide variety of topics. The same issues may also be filed under a specific heading. General Senate is intra-Senate correspondence on upcoming or intended legislation.
1 1 General -- Senate
Johnson, Lyndon B.; Davis, William P.; Sparkman, John J.; Knutson, Coya; Guthrie, A.B.; Monroney, A.S. Mike; O'Brien, Thomas J.; Kennedy, John F.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
H.R.7168 Federal Construction Contract Procedures Act; S.434 Budget Estimates; H.R.8002 Budget Estimates; S.1411 Civilian Personnel National Security; H.C.R.175 Code of Ethics for Government Service; John Sparkman Speech On S.3194
Speech On S.3194 [Mar. 1958]
1 2 General -- Senate
Magnuson, Warren G.; Cooper, John Sherman; McClellan, John L.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Fulbright, J.W.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Carroll, John A.; Keating, Kenneth B.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Smith, Margaret Chase
S.1789 Freight Car Shortage; Audit of Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission, Nov. 1960; S.1585 Joint Committee On The Budget; S.153 Reorganization Act of 1949 Amended; Mutual Educational & Cultural Exchange Act of 1961; H.R.3690 Small Business Act; S.2554
1 3 General
Humane Treatment of Laboratory Animals; Partoun Homesteaders S.3111; Wake Island Survivors
1 4 General -- Senate
Smylie, Robert E.; Long, Russell B.; Boggs, J. Caleb; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Hayden, Carl; Kuchel, Thomas H.; Gruening, Ernest; Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Kefauver, Estes; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hart, Philip A.; Baker, Robert G. (Bobby)
Urban Transit Bill; Senate Rules; S.Res.324 Senate Youth Program; H.R.11040 Space Communications Satellite Bill; Senate Rule Xxii Filibuster; H.R.12213 Particle Board Imports Amendment
1 5 General -- Senate
Curtis, Carl T.
1 6 General
Ottley, Earle B.
H.R.6041 Labor; H.R.7194 Jukebox; S.405 Record Copyright and Radio Broadcasting; National Federation of Independent Business; Ottley, Earle B. President, Legislature of The Virgin Islands
1 7 General 1964
1 8 General -- Senate
Douglas, Paul H.; Brewster, Daniel B.; Gruening, Ernest; McGovern, George; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley; Smathers, George A.; Hartke, Vance; Cooper, John Sherman; Muskie, Edmund S.; Holland, Spessard L.; Ribicoff, Abraham; McClellan, John L.; Bartlett, E.L.
Council of Resource and Conservation Advisors; S.338 Income Tax Deductions for Mining Exploration; Reapportionment; S.2157 International Food and Nutrition Act of 1965; Senate Rules
1 9 General
Kidwell, Wayne L.
Pornography; Private Pensions; Music Copyrights; Humane Treatment of Lab Animals; Anti-Communism; Memorial On Reapportionment From The Idaho Legislature
1 10 General -- Senate
Curtis, Carl T.
S.2911 Tariff Act 1930; S.Con.Res.81 5th Anniversary of The Peace Corps; Honoring Truman's 82nd Birthday; S.3187 Fair Warning Act; Auto Safety; Direct Election of The President & Vice-President; S.3730 Foreign Service Information Officer Corps; H
1 10 General -- Senate
Griffin, Robert P.; Proxmire, William; Long, Russell B.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Pell, Claiborne; Murphy, George; Truman, Harry S.; Brewster, Daniel B.
Report: "Economic & Legal Problems of The Government Patent Agencies", Before Select Committee On Small Business
1 11 General
Engelking, D.F.; Teater, Patricia
Proposed Vice-Presidential Manson; Truth In Packaging and Labelling S.985; Colorado River Diversion; Wilderness Act; Incentive Pay Increases for Armed Forces Dentists H.R.14622; Organizational Conspiracy Act; Friday Night Broadcasts of Pro Football
1 12 General
Dominick, Peter H.
S.6 Oahe Unit Missouri River, South Dakota; S.18 Small Tax Division of Tax Court; S.2275 Truth In Lending Act; S.1674 Geothermal Steam Act; S.3616 Uniform Time Act; S.3598 Tax Credit for Pollution Control
1967 January
1 12 General
Mondale, Walter F.; Allott, Gordon; Magnuson, Warren G.; Bayh, Birch; Randolph, Jennings; Cooper, John Sherman; Harris, Fred R.; McGovern, George; Carlson, Frank; Tydings, Joseph D.; Bartlett, E.L.
1967 January
1 13 General
McGovern, George; Moss, Frank E.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Bartlett, E.L.; Gruening, Ernest; McClellan, John L.; Holland, Spessard L.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Bayh, Birch; Tydings, Joseph D.; McCarthy, Eugene J.; Ke
Equal Rights Amendment
1967 February
1 14 General
Church, John R.; Salter, Robert L.; Powell, Adam Clayton
18 Year-Old Vote; Daylight Saving Time; Consular Treaty; Adam Clayton Powell Scandal
1967 February
1 15 General -- Senate
Dominick, Peter H.; Brewster, Daniel B.
Legislative Reorganization Act; Consular Treaty
1967 March
1 16 General
Oboler, Eli M.; Roper, Elmo
S.325 National Eye Institute; Legislative Reorganization Act; Veterans Affairs; "Great Society" Programs; Federal Retirement and Pay
1967 March
2 1 General -- Senate
Dominick, Peter H.
1967 April
2 2 General
Federal Employees; Against The "Great Society" Programs; S.679 Federal Subsidies To Health Workers' Salaries
1967 April
2 3 General -- Senate
Dodd, Thomas J.; Brewster, Daniel B.; Smith, Margaret Chase; Gruening, Ernest; Hart, Philip A; Byrd, Robert C.; Smathers, George A.; Proxmire, William; Kennedy, Robert F.; Bayh, Birch; Tydings, Joseph D.; Moss, Frank E.; Jackson, Henry M.; Magnuson, Warr
Amendment of The Trade Expansion Act of 1962; S.1484 Small Business Crime Protection Insurance Act of 1967; Medical Supplies In Federal Stockpiles; Rehabilitation Demonstration Program; Supersonic Transport
1967 May
2 4 General
Hartke, Vance; Miller, Dryden M.; Hathaway, Stanley K.; Lorimer, Bob; Fisher, Vardis; Eccles, Marriner S.
Disability Benifits; S.113 Cost of Living Increase In Star-Route Contracts; Equal Rights Amendment; Firearms; Survivors of Guam and Cavite
1967 May
2 5 General -- Senate
Dodd, Thomas J.; Allott, Gordon; Tower, John G.; McGee, Gale; Ribicoff, Abraham; Moss, Frank E.; Kennedy, Edward M.
H.R.2508 Reapportionment
1967 June
2 6 General
Railroad Retirement; H.R.4706
1967 June
2 7 General -- Senate
Murphy, George; Hartke, Vance; Hayden, Carl; Bennett, George B.
1967 July
2 8 General -- Senate
Fannin, Paul J.; Smathers, George A.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Cooper, John Sherman; Hartke, Vance; Smith, Margaret Chase; Miller, Jack; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Bennett, Wallace F.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Bartlett, E.L.; McClellan, John L.
S.23 Geothermal Steam Act; Election Reform Act; S.2134 Rural Job Development Act; S.2300 Business and Employment Preferences Government Contractors; H.R.2155 Amendment (Re S.1796 Textile Bill)
1967 August
2 9 General
Chandler, Earl F.; Samuelson, Don; Davis, True
Monday Holidays; 10% Increase In Income Tax; Panama Canal
1967 August
2 10 General
Javits, Jacob K.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Randolph, Jennings; McGovern, George; Tydings, Joseph D.; Young, Stephen M.; Brooke, Edward W.; Gruening, Ernest; Magnuson, Warren G.; Thurmond, Strom; Harris, Fred R.
S. 2394 Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act; S.1880 Election Reform Act of 1967; S. 2380 Amend Economic Opportunity Amendments; S. 774, H.R. 845construct Nebraska Mid-State Division, Missouri River Basin Project
1967 September
2 11 General
Nagle, John F.; Trenhaile, Stanley I.; Samuelson, Don; Comstock, Ralph J., Jr.; Bianco, Joseph
Alcohol Advertising On Television; Undergraduate Social Work Education
1967 September
2 12 General -- Senate
Tydings, Joseph D.; Smathers, George A.; Proxmire, William; McCarthy, Eugene J.; Clark, Joseph S.; Prouty, Winston L.; Fulbright, J.W.; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.
S. Res. 151 Definition of "National Commitment"; S. Con. Res. 47 U.N. Peacekeeping and Peacemaking
1967 October
2 13 General
Samuelson, Don; Hartung, Ernest W.; McClary, James D.
H.R. 6418 Public Health Service Act; Unemployment Compensation; Alcohol Advertising On Television
1967 October
2 14 General -- Senate
Dominick, Peter H.
1967 November
2 15 General
Macfarlane, Robert W.; Oboler, Eli M.
Alcohol Advertising On Television; Auto Liability Insurance; Driver's Licences
1967 November
2 16 General -- Senate
Mansfield, Mike; Magnuson, Warren G.; Samuelson, Don
Railroad Merger Amendment of 1967 To Interstate Commerce Act; Truth In Lending H.R. 11601
1967 December
2 17 General
Samuelson, Don; Murphy, Arthur P.; Shadduck, Louise
Election Reform; Film Classification S.R. 9; Depletion Allowance; Tax Increase 10% Surtax; Door-To-Door Sales Act S. 1599; H.R. 5745 Flag Day
1968 January-March
2 18 General -- Senate
Proxmire, William; McGee, Gale; Nelson, Gaylord; Ribicoff, Abraham; Clark, Joseph S.; Tower, John G.; Byrd, Harry F., Jr.; Javits, Jacob K.; Mondale, Walter F.; Hart, Philip A.; Brooke, Edward W.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Mansfield, Mike; Hayden, Carl; Fulbri
S. 2170 Uniformed Services Retirement Pay Equalization Act; S.2936 Amend Social Security Act...Coverage of Certain Drugs; H.R.15414 Balance of Payments and Domestic Economy Act of 1968; S. J. Res -- Freedom Sunday; S. 2857 Gold Reserves and Currency
1968 January-March
2 19 General -- Senate
Scott, Hugh; Brooke, Edward W.; McGovern, George; Hart, Philip A.; Murphy, George; Young, Stephen M.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Moss, Frank E.; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley; Hill, Lister; Nelson, Gaylord; Harris, Fred R.; Percy, Charles H.; Javits, Jacob K.; Reus
Amendments To 1964 Civil Rights Act; Hill-Burton Program; S.J. Res. 94 Crime; S.3633 Control of Interstate Traffic In Firearms; P.L.901618 Gun Control Act of 1968; August Review of The 1968 Budget
1968 April-December
3 1 General
Samuelson, Don; Jordan, Len B.; Thornton, L. H.; Mills, Warner C.; Long, Russell B.
Film Rating S.R. 9; Door-To-Door Sales Act S. 1599; Race Riots and Inner City Problems; School Lunch Program H.R. 15398; Benefits for World War I Veterans H.R. 14635; Proposal for War Profits Tax; Many øBallots' From National "Write Your Congressman" Clu
1968 April-May
3 2 General
Yarmolinsky, Adam; Day, Henry L.; Samuelson, Don
"Hunger In America", CBS Documentary; Guaranteed Annual Income; S.927 Interstate Commerce Act; Mutual Funds S.3724; Door-To-Door Sales Act S.1599 Consumer Sales Proection Act; "Discriminatory State Taxation of Interstate Carriers"; Commerce Commission Re
1968 June-July
3 3 General
Yost, Max; Mcnary, James D.; Kennedy, Robert F.
House Unamerican Activities Committee H.R. 148; 18 Year Old Vote; Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy; Weed Control On Federal Lands S. 2671; Tax On Income Derived From Advertisements In Professional Journals H.R. 2767; Executive Orders; Wake Island
1968 July-September
3 4 General
Church, John R.; Wickberg, Ralph W.; Shepard, Allan G.; Skoro, Tony
Monday Holiday Law; Door-To-Door Sales Act S.1559; Crime Bill P.L. 90-351; Copyright Revision S.2216, S.597; Military Retirement Pay; Daylight Saving Time H.R. 14680; Vitamins and Food Supplements H.R. 11837; Postal Employees Union S. 341; Tax Ex
1968 October #1
3 5 General
Valenti, Jack; Oboler, Eli M.; Miles, Florence M.; Ravenscroft, Vernon F.; Silva, John D.; McClary, James D.; Troutner, Arthur L.; Rogers, J. H.; Samuelson, Don; Beck, Richard J.; Wickberg, Ralph W.
Occupational Safety and Health Act S.2864; Internal Security Act of 1968 S.2988; Copyright Revision S.597, S.2216; Vehicle Width and Weight Limitations S.2658; Nursing Education S.3095; Expanded National Airport and Airway System S.3641; S.1401
1968 October #2
3 6 General 1968 October #3
3 7 General
Motion Picture Rating; Truth-In-Lending; Occupational Safety and Health Act S.2864; Military Retirement Pay
1968 November-December
3 8 General -- Senate
Montoya, Joseph M.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Harris, Fred R.; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley; McGovern, George; Rigby, Ray W.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Bennett, Wallace F.; Tydings, Joseph D.; Jordan, B. Everett; Hatfield, Mark O.; Smith, Margaret Chase; Hughes, Harold
S.14 National Foundation for The Social Sciences; Prayer In Public Buildings; National Economic Conversion Commission; S.413 Cooperative Rural Fire Protection Act; S.Res.167 Authorizing A Speech Reinforcement System for US Senate Chamber; Department of P
1969 January-June
3 9 General
Gipson, Gordon; Hayes, William F.; Church, John R.; Mitchell, Mike P.
Prayer In Public Buildings and Schools; Department of Peace S.4019; Census Questions for 1970; Internal Security Act of 1950 Title II Emergency Detention Act Repeal By S.1872; Fairness In Franchising S.1967; Decent Literature; Japanese-American Citizen
1969 January-July
3 10 General -- Senate
Case, Clifford P.
S.2632 White House Conference On Popultion Growth and Family Planning; H.R.11271 Nasa Appropriations; Extension of West Front of Capitol; S.2893 Amend 74 Stat.220 Preservation of Historical and Archeological Data Construction of A Dam
1969 July
3 11 General
Samuelson, Don; Hersey, John; Macinnes, Helen; Shirer, William L.; Stout, Rex; Weidman, Jerome; Wouk, Herman; Passmore, Luther I.; Jackson, Melvin W.
Population Growth; Fairness In Franchising S.1967; Truck Length and Weight Limits H.R.11870; American War Mothers H.R.740; Bank Holding Companies H.R.6778 Banks In Travel and Insurance; Copyright Law Re: Photcopying; S.3042 Nuclear Energy for Exc
1969 July-December
3 12 General
Rathven, Carl Henry; Elsensohn, M. Alfreda
Attorney's Fees for Shipping Claims S.1653; Fannin Amendment To Tax Bill H.R.13270; National Endowment for The Arts
1970 January-April
4 1 General
Miller, Richard D.; Cerveney, Walter; Skyrm, Richard D.; Ross, Charles; Gabbard, James H.; Davidson, Fern Nolte; Bible, Alan; Swanson, Earl H.
S.721 Unsolicited Credit Cards; National Endowment for The Arts; Equal Rights Amendment; Congressional Pay Raise; Prayer In Public Schools; Prayer By Astronauts; S.2893 Antiquities Act
1970 May-August
4 2 General -- Senate
Case, Clifford P.; Curtis, Carl T.
S.1520 Neswspaper Preservation Act; S.1993 Promote Public Confidence In Government; H.R.14944 Executive Protective Service; Senator's Office Employees; Exceptions To Disclosure "Newsman's Privilege Act of 1970"; Exemption of Baseball From Anti-Trust;
1970 May-December
4 2 General -- Senate
Congressional Pay Raise; S.844 Improve The Operation of Legislative Branch; Abolish Seniority System; S.3807 "Ethnic Heritage Studies Centers Act of 1970"; S.Res.-- Declare Ukranian Independence Day; S.3619 Federal Disaster Programs
1970 May-December
4 3 General
Equal Rights Amendment; H.R.19333 & S.2348 Protection of Securities Investors; National Woman's Party
1970 September-December
4 4 General -- Senate
Scott, Hugh; Inouye, Daniel K.; Hruska, Roman L.; Mondale, Walter F.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Bellmon, Henry; Hansen, Clifford P.; Byrd, Robert C.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Cook, Marlow W.; Hartke, Vance; Stevenson, Adlai E. III; McGovern,
S.4453 Department of Science and Technology Act of 1970; Federal Appropriations Reform Act; S.J.Res.32 Prayer In Public Buildings; Marigold As National Floral Symbol; S.1064 Youth Participation Act of 1971; Comprehensive Child Development
1971 January-June
4 4 General -- Senate
Metcalf, Lee; Harris, Fred R.; Brock, William E.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Cranston, Alan; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Pearson, James B.; Percy, Charles H.; Young, Milton R.
S.646 Limited Copyright In Sound Recordings; Transfer of Funds Among Office Accounts; Ombudsman Experimentation Act; S.C.R.27 Termination of National Emergency; S.1311 Newsmen's Privilege Act; Full Opportunity Act
1971 January-June
4 5 General
Tonning, Merrill D.
Break Up of El Paso Natural Gas and Pacific Northwest Pipeline; Congressional Pay Raise; S.117 National Hunting and Fishing Day; Corps of Engineers' Projects; Copyright On Music and Sound Recordings; Golden Eagle Pass
1971 January-April
4 6 General
Troutner, Arthur L.; Fauntroy, Walter E.; Brooke, Edward W.
Funding of Cancer Research; S.34 Conquest of Cancer Act; Golden Eagle Pass; National Endowment for The Arts and Humanities; Metric System; Home Rule for District of Columbia; Monday Holiday Law
1971 May-October
4 7 General -- Senate
Dole, Robert; Byrd, Robert C.; Bayh, Birch; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; McClellan, John L.; Tower, John G.; Thurmond, Strom; Hruska, Roman L.; Mansfield, Mike; Scott, Hugh; Kennedy, Edward M.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
Disaster Relief Act of 1970; S.2290 Establish A Joint Committee On National Security; S.J.R.117 National Hunting and Fishing Day; "Appreciate America Day"; Incorporate Junior Achievement Inc.; Compile Unemployment Statistics for Spanish-Speaking American
"of Presidents and Caesars" April 30, 1970
1971 July-December
4 8 General
H.J.R.191 School Prayer Amendment; Congressional Pay Raise; Monday Holiday Law
1971 November-December
4 9 General -- Senate
Dole, Robert; Tower, John G.; Cranston, Alan; Smith, Margaret Chase; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Brock, William E.; Scott, Hugh; Mansfield, Mike; Mondale, Walter F.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Harris, Fred R.; Cook, Marlow W.; Won Pat, Antonio
S.J.Res.192 Attendance of Senators and Representatives At Sessions of Congress; Establish A Federal-State Legislative Council; H.R.11589 Foreign Sale of Certain Passenger Vessels; West Front of Capitol; S.32 National Science Policy and Priorities Act of
1972 January-December
4 9 General -- Senate
Proxmire, William; Gravel, Mike; Thurmond, Strom; Ellender, Allen J.
S.1407 Sawtooth National Recreation Area, May 11, 1972; S.1315 Ocean Mammal Protection Act of 1971; Provide Grants for Allen J. Ellender Fellowships; Establish A National Amateur Sports Foundation; Foreign Sale of Certain Passenger Vessels
1972 January-December
4 10 General
Crippen, H.V.; Andrus, Cecil D.; McClary, James D.; Phair, Walter T.
Monday Holidays; Space Shuttle; School Prayer; National Secretaries Week; H.R.11589 Foreign Sale of Certain Passenger Vessels
"From The President Who Brought You No Farm Message" December 2, 1971; "The State of The Elderly" February 7, 1972
1972 January-April
4 11 General
18 Year Old Vote; Copyright; Death Penalty; Bicentennial; National Governors' Conference 1972
1972 May-August
4 12 General
Automobile Emissions & Pollution; H.R.12807 Architectural and Engineering Services for The Federal Government
1972 September-December
5 1 General -- Senate
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Scott, Hugh; Chiles, Lawton; Packwood, Bob; Kennedy, Edward M.; Bartlett, Dewey F.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Roth, William V., Jr.; Cook, Marlow W.; Tunney, John V.; Hart, Philip A.; Byrd, Robert C.; Mansfiel
Impoundment Procedures Bill; Amend Rule Xxvii of Standing Rules; Sunshine Act; Enforce "Speech Or Debate" Clause of Constitution; Amend Rule Xxx; S.2510 Office of Federal Procurement Policy; S.1018 National Commission On The Olympic Games; S.J.R.117 Desi
1973 January-December
5 1 General -- Senate
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Thurmond, Strom; Gravel, Mike; Brock, William E.; Pearson, James B.; Pell, Claiborne; Haskell, Floyd K.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Metcalf, Lee; Brooks, Jack; Nelson, Gaylord
Federal Appropriations Reform Act; S.R.89 Rules of The Senate; S.J.R.24 National Hunting and Fishing Day; S.1260 Daylight Saving Time On A Year Around Basis; Weather Modification Regulation Act of 1973
1973 January-December
5 2 General
Wilson, Arthur
Federal Spending; Energy Crisis; Economic Aid To North Vietnam; Condemnation of Private Land In Hells Canyon; Amnesty for Draft Resisters Or Deserters; Vocational Rehabilitation
"Congress Must Reassert Itself", Originally Published In Newsday, Reprinted In Lewiston Tribune, January 21, 1973
1973 January-March
5 3 General
Moss, Frank E.; Park, W. Anthony
US Involvement In Vietnam; Aid To North Vietnam; Taxes; Gasoline Rationing; Energy Crisis; West Front of Capitol; FC's Courthouse Tour; American Revolution Bicentennial Commission; Abortion; F.D.A. and Food Supplements; Daylight Saving Time; Amnesty for Dr
1973 April-June
5 4 General
Park, W. Anthony; Jacoby, Ed; Shapp, Milton J.; Janss, William C.; Barnes, John B.; Andrus, Cecil D.
Amateur Athletic Act of 1973 S.2365; Amnesty for Draft Resisters Or Deserters; Congressional Pay Raise; Occupational Safety and Health Act; Daylight Saving Time S.1260; Gun Control; Watergate; Fire Prevention and Control Act of 1973 S.1769
1973 July-October
5 5 General
Leahy, Richard; Leahy, Margaret; Nixon, Richard M.
Wilderness Designation; Energy Crisis; Oil Companies; Daylight Saving Time Year-Round; Watergate; Impeachment of Nixon; Articles From Overdrive Magazine
1973 November-December
5 6 General
Montgomery, Robert L.; Huskey, Darryl; Knight, Gladys; Yensen, Art; Smith, Dick; Neider, C. W.; Ravenscroft, Vernon F.; Nixon, Richard M.; Dominick, Peter H.
Daylight Saving Time; Congressional Pay Increase; Church-Dominick Amendment; Energy Crisis; Occupational Safety and Health Act; Watergate; Nixon's Impeachment; Rail Service In Southwest Idaho; Amtrak; Monday Holidays; Oil Company Profits; Lieu-Lands
1974 January-March
5 7 General
Andrus, Cecil D.; Smith, Lyle; Reilly, Terry; Nixon, Richard M.
Amateur Athletics; Daylight Saving Time; Monday Holidays; Elderly; Social Security; No-Fault Insurance; Food Supplements; FDA; Nixon; National Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer
1974 April-July
5 8 General
Bateman, Linden B.; Rampton, Calvin L.; Anderson, Robert B.; Mitgang, Herbert; Hersey, John; Sondheim, Stephen; Wouk, Herman; Janeway, Elizabeth; Weidman, Jerome; Nixon, Richard M.
Occupational Safety and Health Act; Gun Control; Abortion; Federal Excess Property Program; Elderly; Social Security; Daylight Saving Time; Nixon's Pardon
1974 August-October
5 9 General
Decker, Floyd
Commision On Federal Paperwork S.3911; S.J.R.46/H.J.R.672 Hobby Month; Veterans Day On November 11; Idaho's Democratic Voice, November 25, 1974
1974 November-December
5 10 General -- Senate
Domenici, Pete V.; Pastore, John O.; Bentsen, Lloyd; Brock, William E.; Proxmire, William; Chiles, Lawton; Montoya, Joseph M.; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Symington, Stuart; Mondale, Walter F.; Goldwater,
S.Res.257 Germane Amendments; S.3006 Require..."Fiscal Note" Indicating Cost of Proposals; S.3311 Simplified Procedures In Procurement; Daylight Saving Time; Amendment To Reduce Federal Expenditures
1974 January-December
5 10 General -- Senate
McGovern, George; Clark, Dick; Hatfield, Mark O.; Hathaway, William D.; Hollings, Ernest F.
1974 January-December
5 11 General -- Senate
Domenici, Pete V.; Packwood, Bob; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Buckley, James L.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Curtis, Carl T.; Montoya, Joseph M.; McGee, Gale
1975 January-April
5 11 General -- Senate
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Abourezk, James S.; Moss, Frank E.; Stafford, Robert T.; Brock, William E.; Percy, Charles H.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Clark, Dick; Ribicoff, Abraham; Scott, William L.; Case, Clifford P.; Gravel, Mike; Nunn, Sam; Humphrey, Hubert
S.181 Financial Disclosure Bill; National Productivity Act of 1975; Returnable Beverage Container Act of 1975; S.1355 National Youth Political Participation Act; S.Res.109 Senate Committee System
Statement To Public Works Subcommittee of Senate Comm. On Appropriations, [Undated]
1975 January-April
5 12 General
Hennings, Thomas C., Jr.
Gun Control; Oil Tariff; Gasoline Tax; Energy; Taxes; Church for President; Square Dance As National Folk Dance of US; Fuel Allocations for Ski Areas
1975 January-February
6 1 General
Church, John R.; Mink, Patsy T.
Handgun Ammunition; Gun Control; Land Use Planning; Consumer Product Safety Commission; S.1114/H.R.1716 Prisoner of War Camps; Wake Island Survivors
"Civilian P.O.W. Relief", In Senate, March 7, 1975
1975 March-April
6 2 General -- Senate
Stafford, Robert T.; Brock, William E.; Roth, William V., Jr.; Packwood, Bob; Scott, Hugh; Helms, Jesse; Bumpers, Dale; Buckley, James L.; Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.
1975 May-October
6 2 General -- Senate
Dole, Robert; Metcalf, Lee; Jackson, Henry M.; Johnston, J. Bennett; Fannin, Paul J.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Nelson, Gaylord; Hart, Gary; Hatfield, Mark O.; Rivlin, Alice M.; Thurmond, Strom; Hollings, Ernest F.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Burdick, Quentin N.; M
Ozone Preservation Act of 1975; S.Res.157 Senate Committee Chairmen; Congressional Right To Information Act; Official Residence of Vice President; S.1361 Public Broadcast of Copyrighted Material; Sunshine Act S.5; S.2404 Public Entertainment Activities
"A Show of Restraint", In Senate, September 1975
1975 May-October
6 2 General -- Senate
Domenici, Pete V.; Clark, Dick; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Allen, James B.; Chiles, Lawton; Moss, Frank E.; Leahy, Patrick J.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Bentsen, Lloyd; Griffin, Robert P.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Mathias, Charles
S.2390 Federal Assistance Program Consolidation Act of 1975; S.2258 Effective Use of Tax Dollars; S.2407 Defense of Sovreign Immunity; S.2408 Federal Agencies More Responsive; New York City Financial Crisis; Beta Sigma Phi Week S.J.R.761/H.J.R. 517
1975 May-October
6 3 General
Cohen, David; Selby, Cecily C.
Copyrights of Sound Recordings; Panama Canal; Gun Control; Vietnamese Refugees; Soft Drink Franchising; S.298 Youth Camp Safety Act H.R.46; S.838 Navigable Waters; S.1111 Performance Rights Amendment of 1975; Fluorocarbons; Aerosol Cans and Depletion of
1975 May-July
6 4 General
Lenaghen, Robert; Hartung, Ernest W.; Decker, Floyd; Rawls, Wilson; Fisher, Opal; McClure, James A.
Congressional Pay; Government Pay; National Science Foundation; Public Broadcasting; Interstate Commerce Commission S.1235; Copyright & Unauthorized Duplication; Beta Sigma Phi Week; Sunshine Act S.5; Deep Creek Bridge, Boundry County; Senate Internal Se
1975 August
6 4 General
National Ski Patrol System S.1716/H.R.7239
1975 August
6 5 General
Lenaghen, Robert; Hartung, Ernest W.; Decker, Floyd; Rawls, Wilson; Fisher, Opal; McClure, James A.
Congressional Pay; Government Pay; National Science Foundation; Interstate Commerce Commission S.1235; Copyright Infringement; Beta Sigma Phi Week; Sunshine Act S.5; Deep Creek Bridge, Boundary County; Senate Internal Security; Youth Camp Safety Bill H.R
1975 September-August
6 6 General
Rhyne, Charles S.; Bright, Paul W.; Rodger, Ralph W.; Valenti, Jack
Financial Aid To New York City; Public Broadcasting; Repeal of The Fair Trade Law; Senate Internal Security; Youth Camp Safety Bill H.R.46; Beta Sigma Phi Week; 200-Mile Territorial Waters; Common Situs Picketing Bill H.R.5900; Daylight Savings Time
"Long-Range Funding for Public Broadcasting", Report On S.2548
1975 November
6 7 General
Jordan, Katherine M.; Oboler, Eli M.; Parry, Atwell; Bonachea, Rolando
Youth Camp Safety Bill S.46; Debt Collection Practices H.R.10191; Child and Family Service Act H.R.2966/S.626; Federal Spending; Atlantic Union Resolution; Copyright Infingement; Closure of Census Records To Genealogists H.R.2556
1975 December
6 8 General -- Senate
Tunney, John V.; McGovern, George; Cranston, Alan; Hansen, Clifford P.; Haskell, Floyd K.; Gravel, Mike; Curtis, Carl T.
1975 November-December
6 8 General -- Senate
Leahy, Patrick J.; Dole, Robert; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.; Fannin, Paul J.; Hart, Philip A.; Nelson, Gaylord; Chiles, Lawton; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Jackson, Henry M.; Javits, Jacob K.; Roth, William V., Jr.; Baker, H
Regulatory Reform Act; Regulatory Policy Oversight Act of 1975; Genocide Convention; S.2098 Federal Conflict of Interest Act; 200 Mile Limit S.961; Fishing Rights
1975 November-December
6 9 General -- Senate
Dole, Robert; Tunney, John V.; Thurmond, Strom; Abourezk, James S.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Pell, Claiborne; Edmondson, Ed; Hart, Gary; Bartlett, Dewey F.; Stevens, Ted; Magnuson, Warren G.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Proxmire, William; Morgan, Robert
1976 January-April
6 9 General -- Senate
Byrd, Robert C.; Percy, Charles H.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Brock, William E.; Buckley, James L.; Domenici, Pete V.; Fannin, Paul J.; Garn, Jake; Hansen, Clifford P.; Helms, Jesse; McClure, James A.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Javits, Jacob K.
S.2812 Regulatory Reform Act of 1976; Copyright, S.22 Jukebox Royalty Amendment; Small Business; S.2994 Outdoor Advertising Displays Income Tax; S.3318 Federal Agency Pilot Termination and Reviewing Act of 1976
1976 January-April
6 10 General
Gun Control; Panama Canal; S.626 Child and Family Services Act; Aid To New York City; Federal Regulations; S.422 Youth Camp Safety Act; S.1795 Balanced Growth and Economic Planning Act; H.R. Close Census Records To Genealogists; Senate Internal Security
1976 January #1
6 11 General
S.931 Television Pornography; S.283 Voluntary Prayer In Any Public School; H.R.10686 Census Records; S.439 Lewiston-Clarkston Bridge; S.626/H.R.2966 Child and Family Services Act; S.422 Youth Camp Safety Act; Tax Deductions for Charitable Contributions;
1976 January #2
6 12 General
Lodge, Edward; Crawford, Eugene R.; Eyring, Henry B.
Child and Family Services Act; S.422 Youth Camp Safety Act; Religious Broadcasting; Gun Control; Abortion; H.R.2556 Census Records
1976 February #1
6 13 General
Barnes, John B.; Valenti, Jack
Youth Camp Safety Act; Tax Reform Act; Charitable Contributions; Child and Family Services Act; Gun Control; Senate Internal Security; Panama Canal; CIA Investigation; S.22 Copyright; Central Intelligence Agency;
1976 February #2
7 1 General
Kunotz, David J.
S.6261 Child and Family Services Act; Gun Control; Daylight Saving Time; S.422 Youth Camp Safety Act; Charitable Contributions; Atlantic Union Resolution; Post Office; Census Records and Genealogical Research; Equal Rights Amendment; Welfare Abuses
1976 March #1
7 2 General
Eardley, Richard R.; Storey, Donald M.; Deckard, Jerry; Yamamoto, Duane; Eld, Ray; Eaton, Cyrus S.; Pedersen, S. Eddie
Beta Sigma Phi Week; Internal Security Subcommittee; Congressional Pay Raise; Census Records Open After 75 Years; Daylight Saving Time; Civil Defense; S.J.Res.43 Marigold As The National Floral Emblem
1976 March
7 3 General
Tracy, Mary Terese; Winkler, John C.
Child and Family Services Act; Minimum Wage; Frank Church Presidential Bid; Opposition To S.1284; S.2816 Railroad Retirement Act of 1974; Panama Canal; Liberty Amendment; Senate Internal Security Subcommittee
1976 April
7 4 General -- Senate
Magnuson, Warren G.; McClure, James A.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hansen, Clifford P.
S.R.-- Conference Committee Reform; Staff Report: An Analysis of The Future Landsat Effort
1976 May-December
7 4 General -- Senate
Mansfield, Mike; Scott, Hugh; Boggs, Lindy; Allen, Clifford; Hartke, Vance; Scott, William L.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Clark, Dick; Stafford, Robert T.; Metcalf, Lee; Ribicoff, Abraham; Percy, Charles H.; Javits, Jacob K.; Bayh, Birch; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.
S.-- Congressional Cemetery; H.R.13683 Breakup Department of Health, Education, and Welfare; Agenda for Government Reform Act; S.3192 Consumer Communications Reform Act of 1975; S.2477 Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1976;
1976 May-December
7 5 General
Senate Internal Security Subcommittee; Child and Family Services; National Endowment for The Arts; Byrd Amendment; Rhodesian Chrome; Youth Camp Safety Act; Census Records Open for Research
1976 May-June
7 6 General
Surplus Government Property Sec.514 of Public Works Act; Teton Dam; Youth Safety Act; Parcel Post Subsidies; Census Records Open To Researchers
1976 July
7 7 General
Barnes, John B.; Treinen, Sylvester
Youth Camp Safety Act; Child and Family Services Act; Genocide Treaty; Postcard Voter Registration; Intelligence Agencies; Liberty Amendment H.J.R.23
1976 August-December
7 8 General -- Senate
Pell, Claiborne; Hathaway, William D.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Huddleston, Walter D.; Nunn, Sam; Roth, William V., Jr.; Curtis, Carl T.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Proxmire, William; Kennedy, Edward M.; Byrd, Robert C.; Percy, Charles H.; Dole,
Delivery Benefits Checks; S.1341 200 Mile Pollution Contol Zone; S.3476 George W. Norris Home National Historical Site; S.22 First Amendment Clarification Act of 1977 Re: Radio/Tv Broadcasting; Education In Science and Engineering; S.J.R.-- Line Item V
1977 January-March
7 8 General -- Senate
Mondale, Walter F.; Laxalt, Paul; Bayh, Birch; Javits, Jacob K.; Brooke, Edward W.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Glenn, John
Opportunities for Adoption Act; S.R.-- Tribute To Alex Haley; S.945 Recombinant Dna Standards Act of 1977
1977 January-March
7 9 General
Sugar Market; Pay Raise for Government Officials; H.R.48 and H.J.R.4 Internal Security Committees
1977 January-March
7 10 General -- Senate
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Chaffee, John H.; Johnston, J. Bennett; Scott, William L.; Glenn, John; Ribicoff, Abraham; Percy, Charles H.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Bayh, Birch
1977 April-August
7 10 General -- Senate
Wallop, Malcolm; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Huddleston, Walter D.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Carter, Jimmy; Nelson, Gaylord; Allen, James B.; Proxmire, William; Leahy, Patrick J.; Jackson, Henry M.; Stone, Richard; Chiles, Lawton; Abourezk, James S.; Hatfi
S.-- American Folklife Preservation Act; S.J.R.59 Rose As National Floral Emblem; Speech: Paul Laxalt, June 9, 1977
1977 April-August
7 11 General
Government Pay Raise; Youth Camp Safety Act; Right-To-Work; S.59 Monthly Tax Withholding
1977 April
7 12 General
Manning, Darrell V.; Trombley, Gordon C.; Sellars, Carroll H.; Linowitz, Sol M.
S.258 and H.R.1326 Child and Youth Camp Safety Act; Equal Rights Amendment; Panama Canal; Federal Pay Raise; Consumer Protection Agency; President's Energy Proposal; S.892 Areawide Planning; S.1072 and H.R.5400 Voter Registration; S.407 Prisoner-of-War C
"Civilian Pow Relief" In Senate, January 24, 1977
1977 May-June
8 1 General Correspondence
Wells, Merle W.
S.1262-Consumer Protection Agency; Panama Canal; Emergency Medical Service In National Forests; Equal Rights Amendment; S.1072-Voter Registration; Metric System; Gasoline Conservation
1977 July-August
8 1 General
Wells, Merle W.
Consumer Protection Agency S.1262; Panama Canal; Emergency Medical Service In National Forests; Equal Rights Amendment; Voter Registration S.1072; Minimum Wage; Metric Systemn; Gasoline Conservation
1977 July-August
8 2 General -- Senate
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.; Leahy, Patrick J.; Pepper, Claude; Anderson, Wendell R.; Randolph, Jennings; Dole, Robert; Stafford, Robert T.
Washington, DC Convention Center; S.Res.-- Commission On Domestic and International Hunger and Malnutrition; S.1487 Racketeering In Cigarettes
1977 September-December
8 3 General
Lance, Bert
Panama Canal; Gospel Hump Wilderness; Energy Costs and Policies; Minimum Wage; Electric Utility Rates
1977 September-December
8 4 General
Bergland, Bob; Jacoby, Ed
Metric System; Abortion; Equal Rights Amendment; Panama Canal; Displaced Homemakers Act; Child Care; International Women's Year; National Labor Relations Act
1977 November-December
8 5 General -- Senate
Heinz, H. John III; Proxmire, William; Lugar, Richard G.; Danforth, John C.; Nunn, Sam; Stone, Richard; Bentsen, Lloyd; Burdick, Quentin N.; Long, Russell B.; Hayakawa, S.I.; Hatfield, Paul; Inouye, Daniel K.; Curtis, Carl T.; Garn, Jake; Hodges, Kaneast
1978 January-December
8 5 General -- Senate
Humphrey, Muriel; Abourezk, James S.; Riegle, Donald W., Jr.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Anderson, Wendell R.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Cannon, Howard W.; Jackson, Henry M.; Schmitt, Harrison
1978 January-December
8 5 General -- Senate
Moynihan, Daniel P.; Roth, William V., Jr.; Byrd, Robert C.; Percy, Charles H.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Hathaway, William D.; Fauntroy, Walter E.; Brzezinski, Zbigniew; Stevens, Ted; Chaffee, John H.; Haskell, Floyd K.; Leahy, Patrick J.; McGovern, George; Ne
S.600-"Regulatory Reform Act of 1977"; S.-- Regulatory Control Act; S.R.-- To Express The Sense of The Senate...Baseball Team In Washington, DC; Fair Employment Relations Act
1978 January-December
8 6 General
Abortion; Japanese Internment H.R.9471
1978 January-February
8 6 General
Deckard, Jerry; Eardley, Richard R.; Eld, Ray; Storey, Donald M.; Yamoto, Duane
H.R.1289 Regarding The Reformed Calendar; S.993 Perpetual Calendar; Displaced Homemakers H.R.28; National Labor Relations Act; Panama Canal; Private Vs. Public Schools S.B.2142; Labor Unions S.1883; M-1 Rifle Sales; Postal Service H.R.7700; Equal Right
1978 January-February
8 7 General
Lechelt, R.K.; Gibb, Richard D.
National Labor Relations Act; Abortion; Office for Consumer Representation H.R.9718; Tax Credits for Elementary Tuition; Impact Aid To Schools P.C.874; Veterans Administration Budget; Equal Rights Amendment; Panama Canal; Child Care Legislation; Gun Cont
1978 March
8 8 General
Federal Employees In National Guard
1978 April
8 8 General
Panama Canal; Metric Conversion; Consumer Advocacy S.1262; National Labor Relations Act; Equal Rights Amendment; Abortion; M-1 Rifle Sales; Impact Aid; Displaced Homemakers Act; Head Start; Follow Through; Tuition Tax Credit; International Women's Yea
1978 April
8 9 General
Carter, Jimmy
Panama Canal; Right-To-Work; Gun Control; National Labor Relations Act; Equal Rights Amendment; Impact Aid P.C.874; Funding for Vocational Education; President Carter's Tax Proposals; World Peace Tax Fund H.R.4897/S.880
1978 May #1
8 10 General 1978 May #2
8 11 General
Evans, John V.; Oboler, Eli M.
World Peace Tax Fund Bill S.800; Panama Canal Treaties; Gun Control; National Labor Relations Act; Equal Rights Amendment; Reorganization of Emergency Preparedness Programs; Proposition 13
1978 June-July
8 12 General
Equal Rights Amendment; Tuition Tax Credit for Elementary Schools S.B.2142; Wilderness; Panama Canal
1978 August
8 13 General
Equal Rights Amendment; Hart Senate Office Building; National Labor Relations Act; National Opinion Poll; Wilderness; Public Works Bill Veto
1978 September-October
9 1 General
Hyman, Sidney
Firearms; Economics; Road Transportation; Abortion; Cloture; Senate Rules; Surface Transportation; Hart Senate Office Building
1978 November-December
9 2 General -- Senate
Jackson, Henry M.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Wallop, Malcolm; Baucus, Max; Ribicoff, Abraham; Domenici, Pete V.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Cranston, Alan; Lugar, Richard G.; Brooke, Edward W.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Dole, Robert; Durkin, John A.; Armstrong, Wil
S.2- Sunset Act of 1978; Senate Rules; Hart Senate Office Building; S.-- Presidential Commission On National Service
9 2 General -- Senate
Bradley, Bill; Kennedy, Edward M.; Sasser, Jim; Thurmond, Strom; Leahy, Patrick J.; Durenberger, David; Riegle, Donald W., Jr.; Johnston, J. Bennett; Chaffee, John H.; Proxmire, William; Inouye, Daniel K.; Hayakawa, S.I.; McClure, James A.; Matsunaga, Sp
9 2 General -- Senate
Stafford, Robert T.; Randolph, Jennings; Moynihan, Daniel P.; Pell, Claiborne; Carter, Jimmy
9 3 General
Chastain, R. M.
Cloture; Trucking Deregulation; Republic of China; Taiwan; Balancing The Federal Budget; Abortion; S.800 World Peace Tax Fund Act; Food and Drug Administration Saccharin Ban; Social Security; Wake Island Survivors; S.254 Prisoner of War Camps
Statement Introducing S.254, January 29, 1979; "The Defense of Wake Island", Inserts
1979 January-March
9 4 General
Dole, Robert; Byrd, Robert C.; Zorinsky, Edward
Gasoline Supply; Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty; Balanced Budget Amendment; Gasoline Rationing; Hatch Act; Abortion Rights; Carry-Over Basis Dole-Byrd-Zorinsky Amendment; Bibliography of Idaho Archaeology
1979 April
9 5 General
Amtrak; Windfall Profits Tax; Domestic Sugar Industry H.R.2172; Wheat-Oil Price Parity; School Prayer
News Release On Wheat-Oil Prices
1979 April
9 6 General
Inflation; Federal Spending; Hatch Act; Congressional Pay Raise; National Health Insurance; Federal Employee Retirement; Amtrak
1979 May-June
9 7 General
Federal Employee Pay; Gasoline Shortage; SALT II Treaty; Amtrak; Energy Crisis; Vietnamese Refugees; Federal Procurement Law S.5
1979 July-August
9 8 General
Civil Service Retirement; Abortion; Continuing Appropriations Resolution; Social Security; Gasohol; Iranian Hostage Situation; National Porcelain Art Month; Wilderness
1979 September-December
9 9 General -- Senate
Mitchell, George J.; Durkin, John A.; Chaffee, John H.; Thurmond, Strom; Bentsen, Lloyd; Talmadge, Herman E.; Gravel, Mike; Durenberger, David; Byrd, Robert C.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Johnston, J. Bennett; Culver, John C.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Jackson, Henry
9 9 General -- Senate
Sasser, Jim; Tsongas, Paul E.; Cranston, Alan; Inouye, Daniel K.; Pryor, David; Chiles, Lawton; Dole, Robert; Stewart, Donald W.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Bayh, Birch; Baucus, Max; Cannon, Howard W.; Packwood, Bob; Roth, William V., Jr.; Eagleton, Thomas F.
S.Con.Res.125 American Federalism; S.J.Res.204 Convocation On American Federalism
9 9 General -- Senate
Javits, Jacob K.; Metzenbaum, Howard M.; Riegle, Donald W., Jr.; Levin, Carl; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.; Boren, David L.; Bradley, Bill; Sarbanes, Paul S.; Danforth, John C.
9 10 General
Wake Island Survivors
1980 January
9 11 General
National Porcelain Art Month; Social Security Disability Bill H.R.3236; Ftc Authorization Act S.1991; Energy Crisis; American History Month; Draft; Abortion; Church's Re-Election Campaign; Equal Rights Amendment
1980 February-March
9 12 General
Bermeosolo, Gary; Emery, Vern; Gratton, Bill
Gun Control; Monday Holidays; Family Protection Act S.1808; OSHA; Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan; Six-Day Mail Delivery; Social Security; Cuban Refugees; Abortion; Food Stamps; Oil and Gas Prices
1980 April-June
9 13 General
Luis, Juan; Wells, Merle W.
Cuban Refugees; Sage Brush Rebellion; White House Conference On The Family; Nuclear Energy; Payments-In-Lieu-of-Taxes Program; National Day of Prayer and Fasting; Iran Hostages; Church's Campaign; Wilderness
1980 July-December
Agriculture is a major facet of Idaho's economy and Church worked tirelessly for bills that would benefit his farm constituency. Sugar and potatoes, beef and dairy prices, disaster relief and soil conservation funding were perennial issues throughout his career. Irrigation and reclamation are other issues that surface again in the Public Works and Water Resources files. Also includes files pertaining to Alaska.
10 1 ABM
Clark, Joseph S.
1967 November
10 2 ABM
Kennedy, Edward M.
10 3 ABM 1969
10 4 ABM 1969
10 5 ABM
Reuther, Walter P.; Wimmer, Ed; Murphy, George; Cooper, John Sherman; Hart, Philip A.; Gravel, Mike; Symington, Stuart; Rickover, Hyman G.
Reinforcing Military Strength; ABM
10 6 Aerojet Hydrogen Proposal
S.598 Erda
10 7 Agriculture
Bailey, Reed; Russell, Richard B.; Ellender, Allen J.; Patton, James G.; Carlson, Frank; Martin, L.B.; Thye, Edward J.
S.1356 Monopoly In Meat Industry; S.646 Meat Marketing; H.R.12126 Foot and Mouth Disease; H.R.9521 Chemical Preservatives; S.778 Vegetables; S.1514 Vegetables
10 8 Agriculture
Public Law 480 Amendments/Hearings June 2, 3, 6, and 14, 1960
10 9 Agriculture
Trenhaile, Stanley I.; Goldberg, Arthur J.; Baker, J.A.; Hagen, Harlan; Freeman, Orville L.
10 10 Agriculture
Freeman, Orville L.; Dworshak, Henry C.
Nationwide Study of Exports
1962 January-May
10 11 Agriculture
Proxmire, William; Kerr, Thomas; Harding, Ralph R.
H.R.-- Wheat Provisions of The Food and Agriculture Act of 1962; Irrigation
1962 June-December
10 12 Agriculture
Douglas, Paul H.
10 13 Agriculture
McGee, Gale; Hawkes, Ronald M.; Gordon, Kermit; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Brady, N.C.; Holland, Spessard L.
Farm Programs; H.R.9284/S.2487 Remove Overtime Exemption On Perishable Fruits and Vegetables; Investigation of The Food Industry/Small Business
10 14 Agriculture
Oppenheimer, Arthur, Jr.; Lawson, Creighton F.
1966 January-June
10 15 Agriculture
Brewster, Daniel B.; Bertsch, Howard; Trenhaile, Stanley I.; Middlemist, Ed
S.3751 Natural Forest Lands
1966 July-December
10 16 Agriculture
Trenhaile, Stanley I.; Freeman, Orville L.; Potter, K.A.; Schnittker, John A.
S.109 Farm Marketing Bill; S.925 Strategic Stockpile of Silver
1967 January-April
10 17 Agriculture
Nelson, Gaylord; Miller, Neil J.
S.1897 Tariff On Mink Skins; H.R.10509 Appropriations Department of Agriculture; S.109 Marketing Rights Bill
1967 May-July
10 18 Agriculture
McGovern, George; Mouser, Cotys M.; Nelson, Gaylord; Freeman, Orville L.
S.2217 Honey Importes; S.752 Agriculture Co-Op Assoc; S.109 Marketing Rights Bill; S.562 Potato Labeling; S.612 Dairy Imports; S.1063 Canned and Frozen Onions; S.1025 Wheat; S.1322 Fair Farm Budget
1967 August
10 18 Agriculture
S.1588 Beef Imports; S.1423 Watershed Protection Act; S.1504 Consolidated Farmers Home Administration Act; Mink Imports;
1967 August
10 19 Agriculture
Farm Marketing Bill S.109
1967 September-December
11 1 Agriculture
Godfrey, H.D.; Miller, Neil J.; Mondale, Walter F.
S.562 Potato Labeling Bill; S.B.2600; S.8/H.R.4769 1965 Farm Act; S.B.2613; S.109 Farm Marketing Bill; S.2973/H.R.15695 National Agricultural Bargaining Act
1968 January-April
11 2 Agriculture
Schnittker, John A.; Mouser, Cotys M.; Redmond, Lawrence P.; Freeman, Orville L.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Shisler, Karl; Montoya, Joseph M.; Little, Walter E.
S.697 Water Development; S.752 Agricultural Co-Ops; S.3507 Food Stamp Act; S.1567 Young Farmers Investment Act; S.1063 Onions; S.2671 Weed Control
1968 May-December
11 3 Agriculture
Miller, Neil J.; Conte, Silvio O.; Goodell, Charles E.; Mondale, Walter F.; Trenhaile, Stanley I.; Williamson, Jack; Burdick, Quentin N.
H.R.11870 Certificate Payments To Farmers
1969 January-July
11 4 Agriculture
Williamson, Jack; Hollings, Ernest F.; Shuman, Charles B.; Stanley, Oren Lee; Holland, Spessard L.; Fullarton, David C.
S.1684/S.2202 Rural Electrification Act of 1936; S.2225 Food Processing; Sterile Male Codling Moth Research Program
1969 August-December
11 5 Agriculture
McGovern, George; Mondale, Walter F.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Bayh, Birch; Harris, Fred R.; Goodell, Charles E.; Ellender, Allen J.; Fullarton, David C.
H.R.6244 Desert Land Entrymen; S.8 Farm Bill; S.2203 Farm Labor; S.3070 Seed Rights; S.2524 Farm Bureau Bill; S.3387 Rural Telephone Bank Bills S.1684/S.2202
1970 January-April
11 6 Agriculture
Samuelson, Don; Jaenke, E.A.; Harris, Fred R.; Mondale, Walter F.; Javits, Jacob K.; McGovern, George; Smith, Ralph Tyler; Rockwood, W. Dale; Nelson, Gaylord; Holman, Roy
S.3387 Rural Telephone Bank Bill; S.1851 National Honey Promotion and Research Act; S.2203 Agriculture Labor; S.410 Mink Pelts; H.R.9009 Farm Subsidies; S.3608 Farmers Home Administration
1970 May-August
11 7 Agriculture
Smoot, Dan; Montoya, Joseph M.; Garrison, Robert; Cranston, Alan; Bowman, Ralph; Hardin, Clifford; Dechant, Tony
Dan Smoot Reports; H.R.18546 Farm Bill
1970 September-December
11 8 Agriculture
Humphrey, Hubert H.; McGovern, George; Percy, Charles H.; Tunney, John V.; McClellan, John L.; Pearson, James B.; Mondale, Walter F.; Talmadge, Herman E.; Holman, Roy; Hansen, Clifford P.; Burdick, Quentin N.
S.812 and S.1775 National Agriculture Marketing Act and National Agriculture Bargaining Act; S.2203 Murphy Bill; S.1057; S.1209 Weed Control Program; S.10; S.727 Agriculture Adjustment Act; S.1483 Farm Credit Act S.51 Rural Job Development; H.R.5
1971 January-June
11 9 Agriculture
Case, Clifford P.
H.R.9270 Agriculture Appropriations Bill; S.1483 and H.R.7138 Farm Credit Act; S.1057 Water Resources; S.2571 Rural Development and Population Dispersion Act; S.963 Fighting Fires In Rural Areas; S.2223 Consolidation Famers Home Administration A
1971 July-December
11 9 Agriculture
Harris, Fred R.; Dole, Robert; McGovern, George
S.1612 Extension Service; Sisk Bill; National Agriculture Marketing and Bargaining Act, 1971 R.R.7597; The Reclamation Lands Authority Act; Rural Revitalization Act of 1971; Emergency Rural Housing Act of 1971; School Lunch Program
1971 July-December
11 10 Agriculture
Rockwood, W. Dale; Bellmon, Henry; Cooper, John Sherman; Burdick, Quentin N.; Allen, James B.; McGovern, George; Mondale, Walter F.; Metcalf, Lee; Stevenson, Adlai E. III; Fleps, Carl J.
H.R.7597 Agriculture Bargaining; S.10 National Program of Rural Areas; S.3045 Export Markets for Farm Commodities; S.1379 National Forests Program; S.1209 Weeds; Poultry H.R.11913/S.2895; Sisk Bill National Agriculture Marketing and Ba
1972 January-June
11 10 Agriculture
S.J.Res.172 Emergency Measures To Improve Farm Income
1972 January-June
11 11 Agriculture
Bayh, Birch; Greenley, Joseph C.
H.R.14987 Sale of Farm Products Sisk Bill; S.3195 and S.3138 Agriculture Act of 1970; S.3357 Price Support for Milk; H.R.10729 Federal Pesticide Control Act; H.R.13366 Ban On Cyclamates
1972 July-November
11 12 Agriculture
Nelson, Gaylord; Abourezk, James S.; Pearson, James B.; Holmon, Roy; Bayh, Birch
S.459 Farm Legislation; Family Farm Inheritance Act S.204 Bayh Proposal; Rural Environmental Assistance Program
1973 January-February
11 13 Agriculture
Hartke, Vance; Bayh, Birch; Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.; Pearson, James B.
S.459 Rural Environment Assistance Program; S.3083 Food Consumers Protection Act Hartke Act; Soil and Water Conservation
1973 March
11 14 Agriculture
Craven, Ira; Mckay, John C.; Adamy, Clarence; Abourezk, James S.; Long, Robert W.
H.R.6168 Rollback On Prices; Soil Conservation; Water Conservation
1973 April
11 15 Agriculture
Adamy, Clarence; Buckley, James L.; Bayh, Birch; Brock, William E.; Jennings, Paul
H.R.790 Exempt Agriculture Lenders From Truth and Lending Act; Freeze On Food Prices
1973 May-June
11 16 Agriculture
Mcintyre, Thomas J.
H.R.16; H.R.7278 Noxious Weeds; Hay and Feed Grain Shortage
1973 August-September
11 17 Agriculture
Jaenke, E.A.; Rockwood, W. Dale; Tunney, John V.; McGovern, George; Magnuson, Warren G.
Truth In Lending H.R.7278; Fur Embargo
1973 October-December
11 18 Agriculture
McGovern, George; Abourezk, James S.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Clark, Dick; McClure, James A.
H.R.8547 Export Controls; S.2822 Estate Taxes; S.2971 Fertilizer; Jones Act; S.2871 Food Stamps; H.R.13090 Fertilizers; Indemnity Payments Poultry S.3231;
1974 January-April
12 1 Agriculture
Hart, Philip A.; Andrus, Cecil D.; McGee, Gale; Clark, Dick; Dole, Robert; Harvey, Craig S.; Moody, O. William, Jr.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Mendolia, Arthur I.; Holton, Linwood; Butz, Earl
S.3231 Poultry Indemnity; Jones Act; Fertilizer Shortage S.2971; Joint Menorial No. 23 To Waive Jones Act
1974 April-May
12 2 Agriculture
Metzenbaum, Howard M.; McGee, Gale; Parrish, C.P.; Morton, Rogers C.B.
S.3410 Food Exports; Federal Food Reserve
1974 June-August
12 3 Agriculture
Stevenson, Adlai E. III; Tilson, W.B.; McGovern, George; Parrish, C.P.; Korologos, Tom C.
S.3394 Foreign Assistance Act; Bailing Wire/Twine Shortage; Jones Act; Fertilizer Shortage
1974 September-December
12 4 Agriculture
Dole, Robert; Van Vleck, Gordon V.; McGovern, George; Koch, Robert; Evans, John V.; Hartvigsen, Lester A.; Johnson, S. Albert; Reid, Harold W.; Yoder, Amos
S.4216 Natural Gas Priority for Furtilizer Manufacturing; Food and Agriculture: Program for Stability and Abundance S.549
1975 January-February
12 5 Agriculture
Andrus, Cecil D.; Moss, Frank E.; Ford, Wendell H.; Huddleston, Walter D.; Hovenden, Tom; McGee, Gale
1975 March-April
12 6 Agriculture
Nelson, Gaylord; Abourezk, James S.; Dechant, Tony; Clark, Dick; Mondale, Walter F.; Yeutter, Clayton; Whitten, Jamie L.; Judd, Claud
1975 April-June
12 7 Agriculture
Chiles, Lawton; Packwood, Bob; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Culver, John C.; Dole, Robert; Mondale, Walter F.; Clark, Dick; Abourezk, James S.; Cranston, Alan; Kennedy, Edward M.; Tunney, John V.; Hart, Philip A.; Johnson, S. Albert
S.1647, S.1726, S.1956 Federal Crop Insurance; S.1646 Federal Crop Insurance; S.1719 Welfare Reform Act; S.1993 Food Stamp Reform Act; S.2578 Agriculture Commodities and Toxic Chemicals; S.17 Highway Tax; Soil/Water Conservation; H.R.370 Aquaculture
1975 July-December
12 7 Agriculture
H.R.1083 Protection of Fishery Resources; Thankful Giving S.Res.70 Humphrey, H.Res. 438 Simon; S.2369 Food Stamp Act of 1964; S.-- Dairy and Meat Import Act of 1975
1975 July-December
12 8 Agriculture
Scott, Hugh; Butz, Earl; Eastland, James O.; Stennis, John C.; Bumpers, Dale; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Hartke, Vance; Eagleton, Thomas F.; McGovern, George; Hatfield, Mark O.; Horiuchi, Wayne; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Abourezk, James S.
S.2260 Rice Production Act; S.2751 Food Stamps; S.2867 Food & Nutrition Policy; S.J.Res.- National Food Day; S.- Committee On Food Production, Processing, Marketing and Pricing
1976 January-February
12 9 Agriculture
McGovern, George; McGee, Gale; Talmadge, Herman E.; Richmond, Fred; Harding, W.M.; Wampler, William C.
S.16 Inspection of Rabbit Meat; H.R.8841 Insecticide; S.3215 Census of Agriculture; Ascs Transfer of Benefits H.R.12361; Food Stamp Legislation; National Green Thumb Program Report; Elderly
1976 March-June
12 10 Agriculture
Moss, Frank E.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
S.963 Ban Des; S.1466 Fluoridation; S.3570 National Food Policy; S.3215 Benefit Ascs Employees; S.3457
1976 June-December
12 11 Agriculture
Bellmon, Henry; Dole, Robert; Burdick, Quentin N.
S.196 Gasoline Tax; Agriculture Aircraft Operators; S.275 Farm Program; S.- Food and Nutrition Program Act of 1977
1977 January-February
12 12 Agriculture
Clark, Dick; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Glenn, John; Pearson, James B.; McGovern, George; Percy, Charles H.; Durkin, John A.; Wolff, Alan; Culver, John C.
S.810 Family Farm Antitrust Act; S.840 Family Farm Antitrust Act; S.413 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
1977 March-June
12 13 Agriculture
Dole, Robert; Leahy, Patrick J.; Kevan, James; Allen, James B.; Anderson, Joe; Katz, Julius L.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Matsunaga, Spark M.
S.1678 Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act; S.297 Imported Meat; Farmer's Home Administration's Lending Authority
1977 July-December
12 14 Agriculture
Cranston, Alan; Abourezk, James S.; Haskell, Floyd K.; McGovern, George; Zorinsky, Edward; Hodges, Kaneaster, Jr.; Bumpers, Dale; Bergland, Bob; Talmadge, Bill
S.2626 Consumer and Agriculture Protection Act of 1978; Farm Strike- 100% Parity
1978 January-March
12 15 Agriculture
Muskie, Edmund S.; Randolph, Jennings; Domenici, Pete V.; Abourezk, James S.; Bumpers, Dale; Allen, James B.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Kellogg, Wilson; Simpson, Elvin; Carter, Jimmy; Bergland, Bob; Magnuson, Warren G.
S.2626 Consumer and Agriculture Protection Act; S.2146 Farmer's Home Administration Loan Program; H.R.8681 Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act; H.R.10584 Export Credit Marketing Act; Insecticide Act H.R.8681
1978 April-November
12 16 Agriculture
Bergland, Bob
S.383 Ascs Employees; S.1125 Federal Crop Insurance Act; Leafcutting Bee; Alfalfa; S.J.Res.20 90% Parity
1979 January-June
12 17 Agriculture
Hamilton, Don; Long, John; Huddleston, Walter D.
Plant Variety Protection Act S.23; Amendments H.R.999
1979 July-December
12 18 Agriculture
Holman, Roy; Bergland, Bob; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Helms, Jesse; Talmadge, Herman E.; Volcker, Paul A.
H.R.5965 Irrigation Water Conservation Act; S.23 Plant Variety Act; S.2258 Food Security Reserve; H.R.4853 Animal Biological Production Act; S.1465 Farm Credit Act Amendment; S.2488 Broaden Soil Conservation Act
1980 January-May
13 1 Agriculture
Exon, J. James; Schweiker, Richard S.; Heinz, H. John III; Roth, William V., Jr.; Alexander, Bill
S.23/H.R.999 Plant Variety Protection Act; S.1465 Farm Credit Act Amendment; H.R.6815 Amend Agriculture Act 1949 Increase Loan Rates for Corn and Wheat; Soviet Grain Embargo On Idaho Wheat Farmers #2639; Bees/Honey
1980 June-December
13 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beans
Wilson, Jerome; Woozley, Edward
Map Bean Leaf Hopper Infestations; Beans
13 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beans
Smylie, Robert E.; Brocke, George F.
13 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beans
Birkhead, Kenneth M.; Thompson, Arthur
13 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1963
13 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1964
13 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1964
13 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1964-1965
13 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1966
13 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1967
13 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1969-1970
13 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1971-1972
13 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1973 January-May
13 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1973 June-December
13 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1974 February-August
13 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1974 August-December
13 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1975 January-April
13 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1975 May-December
14 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1976
14 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1977
14 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Beef 1978-1979
14 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Carrots 1957; 1961
14 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Clover 1957-1959; 1961
14 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1957-1961
14 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1962-1965
14 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1966-1967
14 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1967-1972
14 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1973
14 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1974
14 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1975
14 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy 1976-1980
14 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Dairy
Milk Price Rise In Boise Valley
1954-1955; 1958-1960
14 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Feed Grains 1957-1959; 1961
14 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Feed Grains
S.3225 Amendments for Feed Grains and Wheat Program
14 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Feed Grains 1962-1963; 1966; 1970; 1980
14 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Fruit 1957; 1961; 1965; 1968-1970
14 19 Agriculture -- Commodities - Honey 1957-1969
14 20 Agriculture -- Commodities - Livestock 1958-1964
15 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Onions 1957-1958
15 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Onions 1958-1961; 1964-1967; 1970; 1975-1977; 1980
15 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Peas 1959-1962
15 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Peas 1964
15 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Peas
Freeman, Orville L.; Roffler, Hal J.; Longteig, Iver; Sather, Merrill P.
15 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Peas
Roffler, Hal J.; Bergland, Bob; Anderson, Joe; Blain, Harold; McGee, Gale; Strauss, Robert S.
1968-1971; 1973-1980
15 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1957-1958
15 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1959-1960
15 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1961
15 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1962
15 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1962
15 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1963
15 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1964 January-April
15 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1964 May-December
15 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1965-1966
15 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1967
15 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1968
16 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
Processor Exemption for Potatoes
1969 January-June
16 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1969 June
16 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1969 June-July
16 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.2214 Market Order Processing
1969 July-November
16 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1969 November
16 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1970
16 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1971 February-September
16 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1971 October-December
16 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1972
16 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1973-1974
16 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1974
16 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1975 January-April
16 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1975 May-December
16 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes 1976-1980
16 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
Smith, Margaret Chase; Payne, Frederick G.
H.R.4532 Irish Potatoes; S.1393 Potato Grade Labeling Act
16 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.3050 Market Stabilization of Potatoes
16 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.2097 Potato Labeling Bill
16 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.2097 Potato Labeling Bill
16 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
Muskie, Edmund S.
S.829 Acreage Allotments On Potatoes; S.1506 Agricultural Marketing Act of 1937
17 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.2097 Potato Labeling Bill
17 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Potatoes
S.1181 Potato Research and Promotion Act
17 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Poultry 1957; 1960-1963; 1966; 1971
17 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Prunes 1959
17 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Seeds 1957-1959; 1961
17 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar 1957-1959
17 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1960
17 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets
S.2526 Sugar Act
17 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1963-1964
17 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1965-1966
17 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1967-1970
17 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1970-1973
17 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1974-1976
17 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1977
17 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1978 January-June
17 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets
Link, Arthur A.
17 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Sugar Beets 1959-1960
18 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1957-1958
18 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1958 May-December
18 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1958 December
18 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1959 January-February
18 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1959 March-December
18 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1959
18 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1960 January-March
18 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1960
18 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1960
18 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1961
18 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1962
18 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1963
18 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat
Wheat Sales To The Soviet Union
18 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1964 January-March
18 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1964 March-July
18 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1964 August-December
18 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1965 January-April
18 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1965 May-August
19 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1965 September-December
19 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1966 January-March
19 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1966 April-December
19 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1967 January-April
19 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1967 May-December
19 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1968
19 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1969-1970
19 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1971
19 9 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1972
19 10 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1973
19 11 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1974
19 12 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1975
19 13 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wheat 1976-1980
19 14 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1957
19 15 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1958
19 16 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1959-1960
19 17 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1961
19 18 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool
Wool Act S.454
19 19 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1962-1963
19 20 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1962-1963
20 1 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool
Kennedy, John F.
Meeting With President Kennedy
20 2 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1964-1965
20 3 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1966-1970
20 4 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1971-1972
20 5 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1973 January-May
20 6 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1973 June-December
20 7 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1974
20 8 Agriculture -- Commodities - Wool 1975-1979
20 9 Agriculture -- Distribution of Free Publications 1958; 1963
20 10 Agriculture -- Entomology 1958-1960
20 11 Agriculture -- Fair Potato Bargaining
S.109 Agricultural Producers Marketing Act of 1967; S.109 Agricultural Fair Practices Act; Strategic Reserve Wheat Bill
20 12 Agriculture -- Farm Bargaining 1969
20 13 Agriculture -- Farm Bill
Martin, L.B.
1961 February
20 14 Agriculture -- Farm Bill
Haight, Lloyd E.; Hagan, A. Nelson
1961 June-December
20 15 Agriculture -- Farm Bill 1962 February-March
20 16 Agriculture -- Farm Bill
Martin, L.B.
1962 March-May
20 17 Agriculture -- Farm Bill 1962-1975
20 18 Agriculture -- Farm Corporations 1965-1966
20 19 Agriculture -- Farm Labor Contractors
Migrant Workers
20 20 Agriculture -- Food for Peace 1959
20 21 Agriculture -- Food for Peace 1960-1961
20 22 Agriculture -- Forest Service 1975
20 23 Agriculture -- Marketing of Commodities
Marketing of Agricultural Commodities
20 24 Agriculture -- Milk Program
Ribicoff, Abraham
20 25 Agriculture -- National Commission of Food Marketing 1964; 1966
21 1 Agriculture -- Pacific Northwest Research Laboratory 1958-1961
21 2 Agriculture -- Programs
Capehart, Homer E.; Wagner, Aubrey J.; Butz, Earl; Benson, Ezra Taft; Smylie, Robert E.; Curtis, Carl T.; Theophilus, D.R.
21 3 Agriculture -- Programs - Credit
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Credit for Agriculture
21 4 Agriculture -- Programs - Disaster Areas 1957
21 5 Agriculture -- Programs - Disaster Assistance/Orchards
Morse, Wayne
S.1808 Provide Financial Assistance for Rehabilitation of Orchards Destroyed Or Damaged By Natural Disaster
21 6 Agriculture -- Programs
Benson, Ezra Taft; Newson, Herschel D.; Pollock, Raymond
1958 January-February
21 7 Agriculture -- Programs
Aikele, Andreas; Mclain, George; Clark, Joseph S.; Symms, R. Doyle; Irwin, Carl D.
1958 March-May
21 8 Agriculture -- Programs 1958 June-August
21 9 Agriculture -- Programs - Grange
Newsom, Herschel D.
21 10 Agriculture -- Programs - Humane Slaughter
Fay, L.E.; Knudsen, K.O.
21 11 Agriculture -- Programs - Meat Packing
Jimerson, Earl W.; Davies, Aled P.
21 12 Agriculture -- Programs - Mexican Laborers
Mexican Laborers; Migrant Workers
21 13 Agriculture -- Programs - Noxious Weeds
Hanson, Max; Welch, Ralph
21 14 Agriculture -- Programs - Proposed Farm Programs
Aikele, Andreas; Thatcher, M.W.
21 15 Agriculture -- Programs - Rural Electric Cooperative Association
21 16 Agriculture -- Programs - Soil Bank
Williams, John J.
1957-1958; 1960
21 17 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation
Whyte, Lamar; Gordon, Kermit; McClellan, Earl; Fiala, Roger; Smylie, Robert E.; Williams, Arnold; Bloxhan, Thomas; Monk, Marion
1958; 1964-1965
21 18 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation
Monk, Marion; Barr, Scott
21 19 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation
Woodall, Parker; Morgan, Lee T.
21 20 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation
Freeman, Orville L.; Woodall, J.P.
1967 January-May
21 21 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation
Graham, Jackson; Jensen, Devon R.; Branstead, Robert
1967 June-December; 1968 January-March
21 22 Agriculture -- Soil Conservation 1968 March-December; 1969-1970
22 1 Agriculture -- Support to The American Farmer
100% Parity; Farm Strike
22 2 Agriculture -- Wheat/Cotton
McGovern, George
Wheat Referendum of 1963; McGovern Wheat Plan; Wheat and Feed Grain Act of 1963 H.R.6196; Compensatory Payments
22 3 Aircraft Services
Office of Aircraft Services; Office of Management and Budget; Gospel Hump
22 4 Airports and Airways 1960; 1971
22 5 Alaska -- National Interest Lands Conservation Act
Jackson, Henry M.; Andrus, Cecil D.
22 6 Alaska -- National Interest Lands Conservation Act
Tsongas, Paul E.; Jackson, Henry M.; Stevens, Ted; Durkin, John A.
22 7 Alaska -- Native Claims Settlement Act 1977
22 8 Alaska -- Natural Gas Pipeline
Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System
22 9 Alaska -- Natural Gas Pipeline
Mondale, Walter F.; Glenn, John; McGovern, George; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Ribicoff, Abraham
Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System
22 10 Alaska -- Public Lands 1978
22 11 Alaska -- Public Lands 1978
22 12 Alaska -- Public Lands 1978
22 13 Alaska -- Public Lands - Administration Positions 1978
22 14 Alaska -- Statehood
Bartlett, E.L.
Alaskan Statehood
22 15 Alaska -- Statehood
Seaton, Fred A.; Murray, James E.; Egan, William
Alaskan Statehood
1958 January-May
22 16 Alaska -- Statehood 1958 May-June
22 17 Alaska -- Statehood
Douglas, Paul H.; Gruening, Ernest; Schoonover, John A.; Bartlett, E.L.; Holland, Spessard L.; Murray, James E.; Lehman, Herbert H.; Green, Theodore Francis; Hill, Lister; Aiken, George D.; Capehart, Homer E.; Smith, H. Alexander; Javits, Jacob K.; Humph
Alaskan Statehood
1958 July-December
22 17 Alaska -- Statehood
Sparkman, John J.; Payne, Frederick G.; Case, Francis; Rivers, Ralph J.; Kerr, Robert S.; Russell, Richard B.; Young, Milton R.; Proxmire, William
Alaskan Statehood
1958 July-December
22 18 Alaska -- Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System
Natural Gas Pipeline
22 19 Alaska -- Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Mondale, Walter F.; Bayh, Birch; Haskell, Floyd K.; Bartlett, Dewey F.; Hart, Philip A.; Nelson, Gaylord; Buckley, James L.; Gravel, Mike
Natural Gas Pipeline
1973 January-June
22 20 Alaska -- Trans-Alaskan Pipeline System
Natural Gas Pipeline
1973 July-December
22 21 Alaska -- Wildlife Refuge Amendment 1978
Alcoholic Beverages - Chrysler
Also files on alcoholism, anti-vivisection, appropriations, atomic energy, aviation, Basques, and Bible reading and prayer in public schools.
22 22 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism
23 1 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism
1958 January-February
23 2 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism
1958 March
23 3 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism
1958 April
23 4 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; S.582 Langer Bill
1958 May-August
23 5 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; S.1432 Prohibiting Alcohol On Airplanes; H.R.2221 Interstate Advertising of Alcoholic Beverages; Obscene Mailing
23 6 Alcoholic Beverages
McMains, W.H.; Magnuson, Warren G.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; S.1432 Alcohol On Airplanes; H.R.4853/H.R.4920 Obscene Literature
23 7 Alcoholic Beverages
Charlton, Fred
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism
23 8 Alcoholic Beverages
Thurmond, Strom; Charlton, Fred
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; H.R.7785 Alcohol In Candy; H.R.10448 Wine Duties
1962-1963; 1969; 1971-1973
23 9 Alcoholic Beverages
Webster, William H.
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; S.B.1251 Liquor On Sunday; H.R.11106 Alcohol Beverages As Tax Deductions; S.356 Labeling
1974-1976; 1980
23 10 Alcoholic Beverages
Alcohol and Drug Abuse; Alcoholism; S.782 Alcohol In Candy
23 11 Alcoholism
Hughes, Harold E.
S.-- Federal Program for The Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
23 12 Alcoholism
Johnson, C.E.; Meany, George
23 13 Alcoholism
Thurmond, Strom; Gravel, Mike; Hathaway, William D.
H.R.4975 Appropriations for Biomedical Research
23 14 American History Month
Cooper, John Sherman
23 15 Amnesty -- Vietnam 1973-1974
23 16 Animals
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Floyd, Frank W.; Soulen, Phil
H.6920 Humane Treatment; S.3985 Anti-Dog Fighting Act; S.1923/S.8811 Wild Horse Protection Act; S.1602 Prohibiting Steel Jaw Traps
23 17 Animals
Greenley, Joseph C.; McClure, James A.
S.961 Fish Management Act; S.1941 Animal Welfare Act
23 18 Animals
Zuck, Donald; McCain, Warren E.
Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972
23 19 Antarctic Commission
Wiley, Alexander
S.2189 Antartic Commission Act of 1957
23 20 Anti-Vivisection
Monahan, William; Dingell, John D.
S.1315 Sea Mammals Act; S.1116 Wild Burros and Horses
23 21 Anti-Vivisection
Abourezk, James S.; Schweiker, Richard S.
S.1315 Ocean Mammals Act; S.2579 Ocean Mammals Act; S.2083 Prohibit Poisoning Predators; S.1777 Prohibits Slaughter of Horses for Humans
23 22 Appropriations
Kennedy, John F.; Payne, Frederick G.; Morrison, H.W. Harry
Hoover Commission Recommendations; S.-- Improve Methods of Stating The Budget; Provide for Accrued Annual Expenditure Methods of Budget Presentations H.R.8002/S.434
23 23 Appropriations
Byrd, Robert C.
1961; 1963; 1967
24 1 Appropriations -- Agriculture
Appropriations for Meat Inspection Program
24 2 Appropriations -- Defense
Symington, Stuart
Medical Care Amendment, Sec.633 H.R.12738
24 3 Appropriations -- Executive Branch
Keating, Kenneth B.; Lausche, Frank J.
24 4 Appropriations -- Health, Education, and Welfare
Long, Russell B.; Hart, Eugene B.; Krettek, Germaine; Garrett, H. Fred
Hill-Burton Funds for 1959; Federal Library Services Act; Funding for Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training; H.E.W.
Speech:"Hospital Construction Funds and Rural Library Services Appropriations", [Before Sen. Approp. Comm.], 1958
24 5 Appropriations -- Public Works 1957-1959
24 6 Appropriations -- State Department
Funding for U.S. Information Agency
24 7 Artist Residuum Transposal
H.R.9103 IRS Code Concerning Literary, Musical, Or Artistic Compositions; H.R.9505/H.R.8214/S.-- IRS Code Re: Contributions of Copyrights, Artistic Compositions, Or Collections of Papers; S.1212 Irs Code of 1954 for Contributions of Ordinary Income Prope
1971; 1973; 1974
24 8 Assassinations 1972
24 9 Associations and Committees 1956-1959
24 10 Atomic Energy 1959
24 11 Atomic Energy
Anderson, Clinton P.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Gravel, Mike; Nelson, Gaylord; Pastore, John O.; Brooke, Edward W.; Annunzio, Frank; Bauser, Edward J.
Atomic Fallout; Atomic Waste; Pollution; Atomic Energy Commission; Atomic Testing; H.R.391 Nuclear Accelerator; S.1628 Western Interstate Nuclear Compact
24 12 Atomic Energy
Schweiker, Richard S.; Pastore, John O.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.
24 13 Authorize Reimbursement to Cities for Construction of Streets
S.654 Secretary of The Navy To Reimburse Cities for Certain Street Construction
24 14 Auto Safety
Nelson, Gaylord
S.1251 Motor Vehicle Safety Features; S.1643 Tire Regulation
24 15 Aviation 1957
24 16 Aviation
Mansfield, Mike; Monroney, A.S. Mike
24 17 Aviation
Hartke, Vance
S. Air Traffic Controllers; S.4067 Overtime Pay To Department of Transportation Employees
1963; 1964; 1969
24 18 Aviation -- Aeronautics and Space Activity 1958-1959
24 19 Aviation -- Airports
Smylie, Robert E.; Monroney, A.S. Mike; Allott, Gordon
24 20 Aviation -- Federal Activities Act
Magnuson, Warren G.
Federal Aviation Act of 1958
24 21 Aviation -- Federal Airport Act
Monroney, A.S. Mike; Magnuson, Warren G.
S.1 Federal Airport Act; Federal Airport Act Hearings
24 22 Aviation -- Federal Airport Act Amendment
Monroney, A.S. Mike
S.1703 Federal Airport Act
25 1 Aviation -- Pacific Northwest Local Air Service
Smylie, Robert E.
West Coast Routing; Pacific Northwest
25 2 Aviation -- Western Airlines Strike 1957
25 3 Basques
Sheep Herders; S.1033 Regarding 13 Basque Immigrants; S.3959 Amendment Exchanging Name; S.661, S.95, S.2223, and H.R.4798 Basque Immigrants
25 4 Basques
Eastland, James O.
25 5 Bear River Reclamation Project 1965
25 6 Bible Reading and Prayer In Public School 1962-1963
25 7 Bible Reading and Prayer In Public School 1964 January-May
25 8 Bible Reading and Prayer In Public School 1964 May-December
25 9 Bible Reading and Prayer In Public School 1965-1969
25 10 Billboards
Cooper, John Sherman; Neuberger, Maurine B.
25 11 Board of Public Lands Appeal
Gruening, Ernest
S.758 Establishment of Board of Public Lands
25 12 Boise Cascade 1976
25 13 Boise Cascade 1977
25 14 Boise Geothermal
Geothermal Transfer To Boise
25 15 Brooks Bill -- Selection of Surveyors
Brooks, Jack
1978 January- July
25 16 Brooks Bill -- Selection of Surveyors
Brooks, Jack
1978 August-December
25 17 Brooks Bill -- Selection of Surveyors
Brooks, Jack
25 18 Budget
S.529 Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 Fiscal Requirements
25 19 Budget
S.1541 Control of Expenditures; Establishment of National Priorities
25 20 Budget
Fairfield, Idaho Budget Cuts; Water
25 21 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms 1979
25 22 Burley Irrigation District
Anderson, Clinton P.
S.2662 Burley Irrigation District
25 23 Cancer 1965
25 24 Cancer
1971 April
25 25 Cancer
Health; S.34
1971 April
25 26 Cancer
Andrus, Cecil D.
Health; S.34
1971 May And 1974
26 1 Center for Exchange
Long, Oren E.
S.3385 Cultural and Technical Interchange Between East and West
26 2 CETA -- Comprehensive Employment and Training Act 1978
26 3 Chemical and Biological Warfare 1960-1972
26 4 Chiropractic
S.746 Ammend Social Security Act
26 5 Chrysler
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Riegle, Donald W., Jr.
Civil Rights
Church's stand on the jury trial amendment to the Civil Rights Act of 1957 brought him national attention and showed him to be an articulate spokesman for causes he believed in. In 1964 Church again supported full civil rights for all citizens, despite the fears ex pressed by his Idaho constituents. These files do not have material relating to Dr. Martin Luther King, which one might expect to find here nor are there King-related materials anywhere in the collection.
26 6
Douglas, Paul H.; Mahoney, Joseph O.; Alger, Bruce; Reuther, Walter P.
H.R.6127 Amendment To Senate Rules; Women's Joint Legislative Committee for Equal Rights; NAACP
26 7
Douglas, Paul H.; Reuther, Walter P.; Lewis, John L.; Wilkins, Roy
H.6127 Jury Trial Amendment; Integration; NAACP
"The Jury Trial" Amendment, August 1, 1957
26 8
School Integration; Senate Rules-Cloture; Civil Rights-General
26 9
Wilkins, Roy; Malin, Patrick Murphy; Mckinley, Aretha B.; Slawson, John; Aronson, Arnold; Toubin, Issac; Lechliter, Irving; Rauh, Joseph L.; Wilson, E. Raymond; Masaoka, Mike; Weitzer, Bernard; Carey, James B.; Shane, Francis; Reuther, Walter P.; Stewart
American Jewish Congress; National Association for The Advancement of Colored People; NAACP
26 10
Equal Rights Amendment S.J.Res.80; Era
26 11
Douglas, Paul H.
Hayden Rider; Era; Equal Rights Amendment
26 12
Javits, Jacob K.; Wilkins, Roy; Clark, Joseph S.
Filibuster; Idaho State House Bill, No.217; Voting Rights; Idaho Citizens Committee for Civil Rights; Commission On Civil Rights; Department of Justice
1961 January-April
26 13
Javits, Jacob K.; Wilkins, Roy; Clark, Joseph S.
Filibuster; Idaho State House Bill, No.217; Voting Rights; Idaho Citizens Committee for Civil Rights; Commission On Civil Rights; Department of Justice
1961 May-December
26 14
Douglas, Paul H.; Keating, Kenneth B.; Wilkins, Roy
Housing Discrimination; Integration
26 15
Magnuson, Warren G.
26 16
Civil Rights S.1731
26 17
Magnuson, Warren G.
S.1731 Equal Employment Opportunity Act; Civil Rights; S.1750 Civil Rights Bill; S.1732 Civil Rights Public Accommodations
27 1 1964 January-March
27 2 1964 April-May
27 3 1964 June-December
27 4
Dirksen, Everett Mckinley; Mansfield, Mike
H.R.7152 Trial By Jury; Civil Rights
"Dirkson-Mansfield Jury Trial Amendment", Senate, April 30, 1964
1964 January-May
27 5
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Mansfield, Mike; Reuther, Walter P.; Greenberg, Jack
Greenberg, Jack, "A Civil Rights Manifesto", Mobile Alabama, May 17, 1964; Civil Rights
1964 June-December
27 6 1964 January-March
27 7
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Civil Rights
1964 April-November
27 8
Kennedy, Edward M.
Voting Rights Act of 1965
1965 January-April
27 9
Wilkins, Roy; McCarthy, Eugene J.
Voting Rights Act of 1965; S.J.Res.85 Equal Rights Amendment; Era
1965 May-December
27 10
S.3296 Civil Rights Act Amendment; Fair Housing
27 11
Inouye, Daniel K.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Fair Housing Act; Race Riots; Employment Practices
27 12
Mondale, Walter F.; Strang, Alan
H.R.2516 Civil Riots; Stang, Alan, "Its Very Simple", Los Angeles, Western Islands Publishing Company, 1965
1968 January-April
27 13
H.R.2516 Civil Riots; Kerner Reports
1968 May-December
27 14
Mondale, Walter F.; McCarthy, Eugene J.; McGovern, George; Case, Clifford P.; Bayh, Birch; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Era; Full Opportunity Act; Busing; Equal Rights Amendment
28 1
Wilkins, Roy; Mondale, Walter F.
Era; Busing; Tax Reform; Judiciary; Voter Discrimination; H.R.514 Equality of Educational Opportunity; Equal Rights Amendment
28 2
Brooke, Edward W.; Bayh, Birch; Cook, Marlow W.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Stennis, John C.; Hartke, Vance; Brock, William E.; Tunney, John V.; Hart, Philip A.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Proxmire, William; Scott, Hug
S.J.Res.79 Era; H.R.9272 Subversive Activities Control Board; S.2349 Voting Rights Act; Busing; Equal Rights Amendment
28 3
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Ribicoff, Abraham
S.2515 Equal Employment Opportunity; Equal Rights Amendment; Busing
1972 January-February
28 4
McGee, Gale; Mondale, Walter F.; Mitchell, Clarence
Busing; Era; H.J.Res.208-Era; Voter Registration; Higher Education; Equal Rights Amendment
1972 March-December
28 5
Hatfield, Mark O.; Mondale, Walter F.; Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.
S.1128 Newsmans Privilege Act; Abortion; Busing; Era; Family Planning; Equal Rights Amendment
1973 January-May
28 6
Scott, William L.; Brock, William E.; Nelson, Gaylord; Haskell, Floyd K.
Era; S.287 Public Schools; Mexican Americans; Child Custody; Fair Housing; Individuals Rights; Equal Rights Amendment
1973 April-December
28 7
Brock, William E.; Wilkins, Roy; Hollings, Ernest F.
Busing; S.2738 Surveillance; Aging; Era; Personal Privacy; Minorities; Equal Credit; Equal Rights Amendment
28 8
Clark, Dick
Susan B. Anthony Day; Era; Prayer and Public Broadcasting; Astronauts Reading The Bible; Equal Rights Amendment
1975 January-May
28 9
Era; Polygraph Tests; Religious Broadcasting; Busing; Equal Rights Amendment
1975 June-December
28 10
Evans, John V.; Allen, James B.; Scott, William L.; Glenn, John
Religious Broadcasting; Era; Bible Reading; Busing; Gay Rights; Age Discrimination; International Womans Year; S.3077 Public Schools; Equal Rights Amendment
1976 January-May
28 11
Busing; Criminal Justice System Reform S.1; Bible Reading; School Attendence; Unions; Equal Rights Amendment
1976 June-August
28 12
Tunney, John V.
Attorney's Fee Act; Busing; Religious Broadcasting
1976 September-December
28 13
Domenici, Pete V.; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.
Hispanic Affairs; Equal Education; S.1035 Bail Reform Act; Busing; Equal Rights Amendment
1977 January-June
28 14
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Era Extension; Idaho Womens Commission; Martin Luther King Day; Abortion
1977 July-December
29 1
29 2
Era; Immunity From Prosecution; Abortion; Equal Rights Amendment
1978 January-February
29 3
Bell, Griffin B.
Abortion; Era Extension; S.1393 Institutionalized Individuals
1978 March-May
29 4
ERA Extension; Abortion; Equal Rights Amendment
1978 June-August
29 5
Era; Abortion; Equal Rights Amendment
1978 September-December
29 6
Leroy, David H.
Era; Era Extension; Busing; School Prayer; Gay Rights; Equal Rights Amendment
1979 January-June
29 7
King, Martin Luther, Jr.
Abortion; Era; Busing; Gay Rights; School Prayer; Martin Luther King Day;
1979 July-December
29 8
Leroy, David H.; Proxmire, William
Institutionalized Individuals; Gay Rights; Era; Taxation of Private Schools; Busing
Civil Service - Craters of the Moon National Monument
Also conservation and consumer affairs.
29 9 Civil Service
Brawley, H.W.; McCormack, John W.
S.385 Public Employee Training; H.R.4986 Civil Service Retirement Act; Classsification
29 10 Civil Service
Reclassification; Investigations; S.3460 School Offices
29 11 Civil Service
Salaries; Retirement; Postal Pay
29 12 Civil Service
Civil Servants Pay Increase; Retirement; H.R.8716 Federal Employees Salary Act of 1963
29 13 Civil Service
Retirement; S.898 Civil Service Retirement Act Amendment; Pensions
29 14 Civil Service
Muskie, Edmund S.; Stevens, Ted; Bayh, Birch; Proxmire, William; Ellender, Allen J.; McGee, Gale
Health Benefit Plans; Retirement; Federal Pay Legislation
29 15 Civil Service
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Bayh, Birch; Nixon, Richard M.; Meany, George; Moss, Frank E.
S.782 Executive Branch Privacy
29 16 Civil Service
Moss, Frank E.
30 1 Civil Service
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Pay Raises; Privacy
30 2 Civil Service
Brock, William E.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Hartke, Vance; Tunney, John V.; McGee, Gale
H.R.15544 Treasury Department & Postal Service
30 3 Civil Service
Federal Pay Raises
1975 January-September
30 4 Civil Service
Taft, Robert, Jr.
Summer Employment; Federal Pay Raise; S.2386 Payment Freeze; Hatch Act
1975 October-December
30 5 Civil Service
Clark, Dick
Hatch Act; S.1446 Retirement Pay
1976 January-March
30 6 Civil Service
Metcalf, Lee
S.12 Federal Judge Benefits; Cost of Living
1976 April-December
30 7 Civil Service
Schmitt, Harrison; Brooke, Edward W.
S.546 Pay Raise for Congress; Top Level Federal Employees; Quotas
1977 January-March
30 8 Civil Service
Pay Raise; Hatch Act
1977 April-May
30 9 Civil Service
Hatch Act; H.R.8319 Civil Service Retirement
1977 June-December
30 10 Civil Service
S.2868 Torts
1978 January-May
30 11 Civil Service 1978 June-December
30 12 Civil Service
Cranston, Alan
H.R.3418 Canal Zone; S.802 Appointing Peace Corps Workers To Civil Service
30 13 Civil Service
Hollings, Ernest F.; Bellmon, Henry
30 14 Clear Cutting
"Our National Forests" March 24, 1972
30 15 Close-Up Program 1973
30 16 Commerce
Cranston, Alan
Trucking Industry Deregulation
30 17 Communications
Hartke, Vance; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Long, Russell B.; Smylie, Robert E.
Tobacco Ads
31 1 Communications
Omnibus Copyright Reform S.1361; Funding for Public Broadcasting; Extend Broadcast Licensing Period To Five Years S.247; Broadcast License Renewal S.267; Television Sports Blackouts
Testimony At Hearings Before The Subcommittee On Communications On Broadcast Renewal License, June 18-20, 1974
1973-1974 January-July
31 2 Communications
Bentsen, Lloyd
Omnibus Copyright Reform S.1361; Broadcast License Renewal H.R.12993; Television Sports Blackout
1974 August-December
31 3 Communications
Oboler, Eli M.; Davis, William E.; Abbott, James; Bistline, Beverly
Telephones; Public Broadcasting Financing Act H.R.6461/S.893
31 4 Communications 1978-1979
31 5 Communications
Telephone Monopoly; Censorship
31 6 Community Health and Sanitation
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Proxmire, William; Mondale, Walter F.; Jackson, Henry M.; Bible, Alan; Percy, Charles H.; Montoya, Joseph M.
S.88 Artificial Organs and Transplantation Act; Mental Health; Lead Poisoning; S.2523 Mental Health
31 7 Congress -- Adjournment, Reform, Conference
McGee, Gale; Monroney, A.S. Mike
S.Res.16 Adjournment, Summer Recess
1961; 1963; 1973
31 8 Conservation
Johnson, Lyndon B.; Stevens, Ted; Engle, Clair
S.J.Res.139 Natural Resources; S.Res.121 U.S./Canada Conservation; S.2549 National Conservation of Natural Resource Policy; S.239 Resources and Conservation Act; Greenbelt-Boise River Beautification
Statement On S.239; Statement In Support of S.2549
31 9 Conservation
Johnson, Lyndon B.
31 10 Conservation 1966
31 11 Conservation 1967
31 12 Constitution Day
S.3611 Bicentennial; Bonneville Tricentennial Commission
"Constitution Day" January, 1977
31 13 Consumer Affairs
Percy, Charles H.; Hart, Philip A.; Metcalf, Lee; Proxmire, William; Javits, Jacob K.; Nelson, Gaylord
Gasoline; Packaging; S.1092 Wholesome Fish and Fishery Products Act of 1969; Automotive Safety; S.2933 Inter-Governmental Utility Consumers
31 14 Consumer Affairs
Hart, Philip A.; Moss, Frank E.
Better Business Bureaus
31 15 Consumer Affairs
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; McGovern, George; Moss, Frank E.; Hart, Philip A.; Hartke, Vance; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Cook, Marlow W.; Hruska, Roman L.
S.1985 Labeling; S.986 Product Warranties
32 1 Consumer Affairs
Ribicoff, Abraham; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.
Consumer Affairs
32 2 Consumer Affairs
Ribicoff, Abraham; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.; Moss, Frank E.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Cook, Marlow W.; Hartke, Vance; Tower, John G.; Proxmire, William; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Brock, William E.
S.707 Consumer Protection Agency
32 3 Consumer Affairs
Cook, Marlow W.
Consumer Protection Agency
1974 March-June
32 4 Consumer Affairs
Reagan, Ronald; Domenici, Pete V.
1974 July-August
32 5 Consumer Affairs
Brooke, Edward W.
1974 September-December
32 6 Consumer Affairs
Brooke, Edward W.
S.4225 Consumer Credit Protection
1975 January-April
32 7 Consumer Affairs
Pearson, James B.; Dole, Robert; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Taft, Robert, Jr.
1975 May-June
32 8 Consumer Affairs
S.-- Consumer Protection Act of 1975
1975 July-December
32 9 Consumer Affairs 1976
32 10 Consumer Affairs 1977 January-June
32 11 Consumer Affairs
Consumer Protection Agency
1977 July-December
32 12 Consumer Affairs
Mcintyre, Thomas J.
National Consumer Co-Op Bank
32 13 Consumer Affairs
Levin, Carl
32 14 Consumer Affairs
Brick Bill
32 15 Consumer Product Safety Commission
S.1283 Federal Hazardous Substances Labeling Act; S.3419 Consumer Product Safety Act; S.143 Firearms; S.1000 Consumer Product Safety Commission Improvement Act
32 16 Cowboy Hall of Fame
32 17 Craters of The Moon National Monument
Bible, Alan; Carver, John A., Jr.
S.2537 Craters of The Moon Monument
Crime - Drug stores
Contains files on defense, District of Columbia, draft, drugs and drug store robberies.
32 18 Crime
S.188 Explosives; H.R.12108 Juvenile Delinquency Act; S.777 Interstate Crime; S.279 Juvenile Delinquency Act of 1961; S.802 Delinquent Children's Act of 1961; H.R.7053 Exclusionary Rule
32 19 Crime 1968
33 1 Crime
Goodell, Charles E.; Samuelson, Don; Hartke, Vance
S.2919 Criminal Offender Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Act of 1969; S.2920 Bail Reform
33 2 Crime
Tydings, Joseph D.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Dodd, Thomas J.
Omnibus Crime Control Act; DC Crime Bill; Terrorism
1970 January-June
33 3 Crime
Tydings, Joseph D.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr; Kennedy, Edward M.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Dodd, Thomas J.
Omnibus Crime Control Act; DC Crime Bill; Terrorism
1970 July-December
33 4 Crime
Bayh, Birch; Cook, Marlow W.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Bentsen, Lloyd; Roth, William V., Jr.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Percy, Charles H.; Hart, Philip A.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Tower, John G.
S.2657 Exclusionary Rule; S.120 Prohibiting Assaults
33 5 Crime
McClellan, John L.; Javits, Jacob K.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Schweiker, Richard S.
Federal Corrections Reorganization Act; S.2995 Victims of Crime Act of 1972; S.3005 Assistant Attorney General for Organized Crime; Capital Punishment
33 6 Crime
Convict Labor; Speedy Trial; Community Supervision and Services Act; Parole Commission Act of 1973
1973 January-February
33 7 Crime
Burdick, Quentin N.; Hartke, Vance; Tunney, John V.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Hruska, Roman L.; McClellan, John L.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
S.881 Exclusionary Rule; Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Act of 1973; S.1126 Drugs; S.1127 Pre-Trial Detension In Narcotics Cases; S.1796 Ammend Omnibus
1973 March-May
33 8 Crime
Voting Rights of Former Offenders; Federal Criminal Justice System Reorganization Act; No-Knock Law; Pharmacy Robbery
1973 June-December
33 9 Crime
Hart, Philip A.; Fong, Hiram L.; Docking, Robert B.
Drugs; Capital Punishment; Legal Assistants; Juvenile Delinquency; S.3603 No-Knock Laws; Community Anti-Crime Assistance Act of 1974; Model Criminal Justice Reform Act of 1974; Pharmacy Times, May 1974
"Protecting Our Pharmacies", Draft
33 10 Crime
Scott, William L.
American Telephone & Telegraph Antitrust Suit; Gambling; S.448 Immigration; DC Code of Law; Offender Employment and Training Act; Voting Rights of Former Offenders
1975 January-August
33 11 Crime
Parole; S.1 Criminal Justice Reform Act; Gun Control
1975 September-December
33 12 Crime
Nunn, Sam
S.1 Self-Protection; Rape; Law Enforcement; Capital Punishment
1976 January-March
33 13 Crime
Evans, John V.
S.B.1 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration
1976 April-December
33 14 Crime
Roth, William V., Jr.; McClellan, John L.
Victims of Crime Act of 1977; Court Reform; Domestic Crime
1977 January-August
33 15 Crime
Domestic Crime; Child Abuse; Pornography
1977 September-December
33 16 Crime
Obscenities; S.1314 Habeas Corpus
33 17 Crime
S, 2565 Rape; Victims of Crime Act of 1979; S.105 Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act of 1979; Law Enforcement Planning Commission; S.1214 Motor Vehicle Theft Prevention; Exclusionary Rule
34 1 Crime
False Indentification Crimes; Capital Punishment; Federal Criminal Code Reform; S.1843 Shelter Homes
34 2 Crime -- Criminal Code Reform Act 1979
34 3 Crime -- Transportation of Gambling Devices
Senate Select Committee On Labor Management Relations; S.2107 Transportation of Gambling Devices In Interstate and Foreign Commerce; H.R.252 Gambling Devices; S.2206 Gambling Devices
"Introduce S.2107", June 4, 1959
34 4 Daylight Savings Time 1974
34 5 Defense
Douglas, Paul H.; Symington, Stuart; Magnuson, Warren G.; Smith, H. Alexander
34 6 Defense
Beall, J. Glenn, Sr.; Eastland, James O.
34 7 Defense -- Appropriations 1975-1976
34 8 Defense -- Civil 1958-1973
34 9 Department of Peace
Hartke, Vance
34 10 Disarmament
Clark, Joseph S.
S.Con.Res.64 Planning for Peace Resolution
34 11 Disease
Proxmire, William; Long, Oren E.
Health; Disease
34 12 District of Columbia
34 13 District of Columbia 1960-1961
34 14 District of Columbia
Byrd, Robert C.
34 15 District of Columbia
S.J.Res.116 Pennsylvania Avenue As A National Historic Site
34 16 District of Columbia 1970
34 17 District of Columbia 1970
34 18 Draft
Kennedy, Edward M.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Hatfield, Mark O.
S.4013 Voluntary Military Manpower Procurement Act of 1968
34 19 Draft
Hatfield, Mark O.
34 20 Draft
Stennis, John C.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Gravel, Mike
1971 January-May
34 21 Draft
Cook, Marlow W.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Hartke, Vance; Stevens, Ted; Gravel, Mike; Byrd, Robert C.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Allott, Gordon; Hatfield, Mark O.
H.R.6531 Increase Military Pay
1971 June-December
34 22 Draft
Hatfield, Mark O.
35 1 Draft
Hatfield, Mark O.
Military Selective Service Act With Analysis, February 22, 1972; End of Draft; Amnesty for Resisters/Deserters
35 2 Drought 1977
35 3 Drugs
Kefauver, Estes
Regulating The Drug Industry; H.R.12485 Pharmacies and The Sale of Poisons; S.1552 Drug Industry Antitrust Act
35 4 Drugs
Kefauver, Estes
Vitamins and Food Supplements; S.1552 Drug Industry Antitrust Act
35 5 Drugs
35 6 Drugs
Tydings, Joseph D.; Goodell, Charles E.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Legalization of Marijuana; Drug Abuse In United States; DMSO; H.R.1180 FDA Defines Food Supplements
35 7 Drugs
Hughes, Harold E.; Dodd, Thomas J.; McClellan, John L.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Controlled Dangerous Substances Act of 1969; Drug Abuse In The United States; Crime and Drug Abuse; Narcotics and Marijuana Laws; DMSO; Comprehensive Drug Abuse and Prevention Act of 1970
35 8 Drugs
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Jha, L.K.
National Organization To Reform Marijuana Laws; Legalization of Heroin; Importation of Illegal Drugs; S.1188 Countries Exporting Illegal Drugs
1971 January-June
35 9 Drugs
Peale, Norman Vincent
Marijuana Laws Statement From Norml; Drug Abuse In Idaho and The U.S.; Drug Education Programs; Drug Smuggling; Legalization of Heroin; S.1188 Nations Exporting Illegal Drugs To U.S.; American Legion Statement of Policy On Drugs and Drug Abuse
1971 July-December
35 10 Drugs
Cook, Marlow W.; Bayh, Birch; Hughes, Harold E.; Javits, Jacob K.
S.3846 Narcotic Addict Treatment Act of 1972; S.738 Immigration and Nationality Act; Drug Abuse; Marijuana Laws; Abolishment of The FDA S.983; Illegal Traffic In Drugs; Narconon-for The Reduction of Crime and Drug Abuse; Committee for A Sane Drug Policy
35 11 Drugs
Barbiturate Abuse In The United States; S.277 Immigration and Nationality Act; H.R.643 FDA Controls On Vitamins and Food Supplements; Reforming National and International Narcotics Laws
1973 January-March
35 12 Drugs
Hartke, Vance
H.R.643 FDA Restrictions On Vitamin and Food Supplements; Marijuana Laws; Drug Abuse; International Drug Traffic; Presidents Drug Enforcement Reorganization Plan No. 2; Community Co-Ordination of Drug Abuse Control
1973 April-May
35 13 Drugs
H.R.643 FDA Regulating Vitamin and Food Supplement Content; International Drug Traffic; Drug Abuse; Marijuana Laws
1973 June-August
35 14 Drugs
Proxmire, William
Cyclamates; Drug Abuse; Marijuana Laws; S.2801 Food Supplement Amendments of 1973
1973 September-December
35 15 Drugs
Marijuana Laws; S.2801 Food Supplement Amendments of 1973
1974 January-February
35 16 Drugs
H.R.643 and S.2801 FDA Restrictions On Vitamins and Food Supplements
1974 March
35 17 Drugs
S.2801 Food Supplement Amendment; S.2373-Food Labeling Legislation; Marijuana Laws Reform
1974 April-June
36 1 Drugs
Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention Act; S.2801 Food Supplement Amendment; Marijuana Law Reform
1974 July-August
36 2 Drugs
Kennedy, Edward M.; Javits, Jacob K.; Proxmire, William
Food Supplement Amendments S.2801
1974 September-December
36 3 Drugs
Proxmire, William; Schweiker, Richard S.
S.548 Food Supplement Amendments; Marijuana Law Reform; Drug Abuse; Cyclamates
36 4 Drugs
Decriminalization of Marijuana; Drug Abuse
36 5 Drugs
S.1750 Ban On Use of Saccharin; Cyclamates; Laetrile
36 6 Drugs
Decriminalization of Marijuana; S.2778 Penalties for Illegal Manufacture Or Distribution of PCP
36 7 Drugs
Ban On Saccharin; Laetrile; Marijuana Law Reform; Report: Gains Made In Controlling Illegal Drugs, Yet The Drug Trade Flourishes
36 8 Drugs
DMSO; Marijuana Law Reform; Ban On Drug Paraphernalia
36 9 Drugs -- Organizations
One-Man Organization To Prevent Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Use
36 10 Drug Store and Pharmacy Robberies
H.R.5976 Penalties for Pharmacy Robberies; S.2327 Federal Penalties for The Robbery of Controlled Substances From A Pharmacy
Speech: "Protecting Our Pharmacies", [1973]
36 11 Drug Store and Pharmacy Robberies
Subcommittee Hearing Report: "Drug Abuse: The Pharmacist"
36 12 Drug Store and Pharmacy Robberies
S.1880 Gun Control Act; S.2327 Pharmacy Robberies; S.2110 Controlled Substances Act; White Paper On Drug Abuse
36 13 Drug Store and Pharmacy Robberies
S.509 Controlled Substances Act
36 14
Rogers, Malcolm; Kefauver, Estes
Equality of Opportunity Act S.11
1956; 1957 January
36 15
Sparkman, John J.; Eastland, James O.; Barnes, Wendell B.; Butler, John Marshall
S.11 Equality of Opportunity Act
1957 February-December
36 16
Anderson, Jack Z.; Reuther, Walter P.; Flanders, Ralph E.; O'Mahoney, Joseph C.
S.11 Equality of Opportunity Act; S.1762 Small Business Administration Loan Limit
37 1
Hart, Philip A.; Murray, James E.; Kefauver, Estes; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Sparkman, John J.
S.1083 Fair Trade Act; Small Business Administration; S.11 Clayton Act
37 2
Kefauver, Estes; Reuther, Walter P.
Fair Trade Legislation; Manufacturers Financing The Sale of Vehicles S.838 & S.839; S.2545 Exempt Professional Team Sports From Anti-Trust Laws; S.838/S.839 Automobile Finance and Insurance Agency Anti-Trust Act of 1959
37 3
Exempt Professional Team Sports From Anti-Trust Laws S.2545
37 4
Dupont Anti-Trust Case
37 5
Kefauver, Estes
Price Fixing In The Steel Industry; S.11 Equality of Opportunity Bill
37 6
Douglas, Paul H.; Proxmire, William; Kefauver, Estes
S.11 Declaration of Purpose and Policy; S.942 Clayton Act
37 7
Fowler, Henry H.; Hartke, Vance; Bayh, Birch; McClellan, John L.; Clark, Joseph S.
Buy American Legislation
37 8 1966
37 9
Government Spending; Space; Defense
37 10 1968
37 11
Boggs, J. Caleb; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Mundt, Karl E.
Inflation; Wage and Price Controls
37 12
Mondale, Walter F.
Cost of Living Inflation; Bank Holding Company Bill H.R.6778
1970 January-February
37 13
Bennett, Wallace F.; Eagleton, Thomas F.
Inflation; H.R. 6778 Bank Holding Company Bill
1970 March-April
37 14
Proxmire, William
Inflation; Bank Holding Company Bill H.R.6778
1970 May-September
37 15
McClellan, John L.
1970 October-December
37 16
Proxmire, William; Symington, Stuart; Brooke, Edward W.; Brock, William E.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Pearson, James B.; Sparkman, John J.; Randolph, Jennings
Nixon's Wage-Price Freeze; Credit Union Insurance; S.2413 To Establish A National Commission On Wages and Prices
1971 January-October
37 17
Javits, Jacob K.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Hartke, Vance; Harris, Fred R.
Impoundment of Funds; Wage-Price Freeze; Economic Stabilization Act of 1971
1971 November-December
38 1
Proxmire, William; Moss, Frank E.; Brock, William E.
Debt Ceiling Legislation; Wage-Price Freeze; Fair Credit Billing Act S.652; H.R.12910 Public Debt
38 2
Proxmire, William; Brock, William E.; Nunn, Sam; Stevens, Ted; Bible, Alan
Impoundment of Funds; Inflation; Nixon's Phase III Economic Program Budget Cutbacks; Equal Credit Opportunity Act
1973 January-March
38 3
Taft, Robert, Jr.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Scott, William L.; Tunney, John V.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Carter, Jimmy; Bellmon, Henry
Impoundment of Funds; Government Spending; Small Business Administration Disaster Relief; Ban On "Now" Accounts; S.1672 Small Business Act
1973 April-June
38 4
Curtis, Carl T.
Inflation; S.2215 Balanced Budget Bill
1973 July-December
38 5
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Proxmire, William; McClellan, John L.
Inflation; Budget Reform Act; S.1541 Senate Budget Committee
1974 January-March
38 6
Proxmire, William; McClellan, John L.
Economic Stabilization Act Amendments of 1974; (S.3032 and S.2961) Wage-Price Controls; S.3215 Professional and Technical Assistance To Exporting Act of 1974
1974 April-May
38 7
Montoya, Joseph M.; Hartke, Vance
S.3771 Economic Review Act of 1974; S.3514 Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Act of 1974; S.Res.347 Committee On Commerce
1974 June-September
38 8 1974 October-December
38 9 1975 January
38 10
Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.
Balance Budget
1975 February
38 11
Curtis, Carl T.
Inflation; Tax Rebate Proposals; Budget Deficit
1975 March-May
38 12
Clark, Dick; McClellan, John L.; Javits, Jacob K.
S.2067 Budget Authority
1975 June-September
39 1
Balanced Growth and Economic Planning Act S.1795; S.2597 Amendment, Emergency Municipal Financing Act of 1975; S.2617 Minority Business Development and Assistance Act of 1975
1975 October-December
39 2
Proxmire, William; Javits, Jacob K.; Brooke, Edward W.; Fannin, Paul J.; Symington, Stuart
Balanced Growth and Economic Planning Act of 1975 S.1795; Public Works Employment Act of 1976 S.3201; Interest On Checking Accounts; S.3421 Federal Trade Commission Act; S.3494 Federal Bank Examination Council Act
39 3
Curtis, Carl T.
Humphrey-Hawkins Bill; International Banking Act H.R.7325; S.1076 Emergency Product Liability Act; S.711 Federal Bank Examination Council Act; S.607 Minority Business Development Act of 1977; S.J.Res.180 Balanced Budget Amendment
39 4
Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.
Humphrey-Hawkins Bill; H.R.7516 Federal Expenditures
1978 January-May
39 5
Blumenthal, W. Michael; Clark, Joseph S.
Humphrey-Hawkins Bill; Federal Aid To New York City; Support for A Constitutional Amendment for A Balanced Budget
1978 June-December
39 6
Proxmire, William; Armstrong, William L.; Evans, John V.
Credit Control Act Repeal; Regulation of Money Market Certificates; H.R.2534 Public Debt Limit; S.119 Business Reporting Act of 1979; S.Res.59 Small Savers Equity Resolution of 1979
1979 January-March
39 7
S.600 Small and Independent Business Protection Act of 1979
1979 April-July
39 8
Schweiker, Richard S.; Levin, Carl; Pryor, David; Evans, John V.
Deregulation of Banks H.R.4986; Small Business Inovation Act of 1979
1979 August-October
39 9
Levin, Carl
Chrysler Loans; Bank Deregulation; S.2002 Consumer Credit Protection Act
1979 November-December
39 10
Magnuson, Warren G.
S.J.Res.126 Fiscal Responsibility
1980 January-March
39 11
Miller, G. William; Heinz, H. John III
S.2417 Productivity Improvement Act of 1980
1980 April-June
40 1
Boren, David L.; Levin, Carl
Sunset Bill of 1980 S.2
40 2 Economics : Aid to New York City
Motley, Arthur H.; Barnes, John B.
Aid To New York City
40 3 Economics : Small Business
Robertson, A. Willis; Sparkman, John J.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
Remove Construction Industries From Sea Set Aside Program S.1363; Establish Select Committee On Small Business S.Res.30
Includes federal aid to education, parochial schools, school lunches, and student loans.
40 4
Hill, Lister
S.1134 Education Act of 1957
1956-1957 May
40 5
Waterman, Alan J.
S.Res.49 Rural Library Services
1957 June-December
40 6
Proxmire, William; Clark, Joseph S.
1958 January-June
40 7
National Defense Education Act of 1958
1958 July-December
40 8
Smylie, Robert E.; McGee, Gale; Mcintosh, Carl W.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
40 9
Moss, Frank E.; Clark, Joseph S.
S.8 Murray-Metcalf Bill; Federal Aid for School Construction and Teachers Salaries; Loyalty Oath From Students Who Receive Federal Aid
1960 January-February
40 10
Kerr, Robert S.; Long, Oren E.
1960 March-June
40 11
Macomber, William B., Jr.
1960 July-December
40 12
Duke, Joseph; Symington, Stuart
40 13
Moss, Frank E.
S.3477 University Extension Education Act of 1962
40 14
Walker, Donald E.
Vocational Education Act of 1963; H.R.6112 Add Title Xi To The National Defense Education Act of 1958
41 1
Walker, Donald E.
Library Service and Construction Act; S.3140 Higher Education Student Assistance Act of 1964
41 2
Kennedy, Edward M.; Gruening, Ernest; Treinen, Sylvester
Higher Education Act of 1965
1965 January-February
41 3
Javits, Jacob K.
1965 March-April
41 4
Chaffee, Eugene B.
1965 May-June
41 5
Hartke, Vance; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Davis, William E.; McClellan, John L.
1965 July-August
41 6
Muskie, Edmund S.
S.2532 Grants for Construction of Elementary and Secondary Schools
1965 September
41 7
Chaffee, Eugene B.; Keppel, Francis; Hartung, Ernest W.
"The Education Decade In America" At The Annual Idaho Education Association Meeting, September 30, 1965
1965 October-December
41 8 1966 January
41 9
S.2228 Overseas Teachers Pay; S.3076 Extend Library Services Act
1966 February
41 10
Hartung, Ernest W.
1966 March
41 11
Sargent, John T.; Williams, Arnold; Hearst, Randolph A.
1966 April
41 12 1966 May
41 13
Mink, Patsy T.; Taylor, James L.
1966 June-July
41 14
Long, Russell B.
1966 August-December
41 15
Davis, William E.
1967 January-April
41 16
Davis, William E.
1967 May-June
42 1
Randolph, Jennings
1967 July-August
42 2
Samuelson, Don; Byrd, Harry F., Jr.
1967 September-December
42 3
Nelson, Gaylord; Knox, Warren B.; Hearst, Randolph A.
1968 January-May
42 4
Sterling, J.E. Wallace
S.3770 Amendment To The Vocational Education Act of 1963
1968 June-July
42 5
Hart, Philip A.
1968 August-December
42 6
Yarborough, Ralph W.; Smylie, Robert E.
S.1189 Educational Technology Act of 1969; Sex Education In Public Schools; School District Reorganization
1969 January-April
42 7
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Barnes, John B.
Sex Education
1969 May-July
42 8 1969 August-December
42 9
Dole, Robert
S.4002 Establishment of A National Information and Resource Center for The Handicapped
42 10
Griffin, Robert P.; Barnes, John B.
Speech By John Barnes, Bsu President, On Six Gaps In Higher Education In The U.S., Fall, 1971
42 11
Dominick, Peter H.
S.659 Sex Discrimination In School; Education
42 12
Dominick, Peter H.; Tower, John G.; Brock, William E.; Case, Clifford P.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Gravel, Mike; Schweiker, Richard S.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.
Vocational Education; Bilingual Education; Community Schools; Nursing Education Cutbacks
1973 January-March
42 13
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Hanks, Nancy; Dominick, Peter H.; Abourezk, James S.
1973 April-June
42 14 1973 July-September
42 15
S.1490 Advisory Committee On Inter-Governmental Relations; Education
1973 October-December
43 1
Weinberger, Casper; Moss, Ted
Indian Self-Determination In Education, A Statement; School Prayer
1974 January-March
43 2
Pell, Claiborne; Buckley, James L.
1974 April-June
43 3 1974 July-September
43 4
Magnuson, Warren G.
1974 October-December
43 5
Scott, William L.; Taft, Robert, Jr.
S.3639 Children and Youth Camp Safety Act
1975 January-February
43 6
Hartung, Ernest W.
1975 March
43 7
Davis, William E.
1975 April-June
43 8
McGee, Gale; Laxalt, Paul
S.1307 Forestry Research; H.R.8548 Amendment To Social Security Act
1975 July-August
43 9
Hartung, Ernest W.
1975 September-December
43 10 1976 January-April
43 11
Glenn, John; Fannin, Paul J.; Pell, Claiborne; Barnes, John B.
1976 May-September
43 12
Hartung, Ernest W.
1976 October-December
43 13
Magnuson, Warren G.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Roth, William V., Jr.; Schweiker, Richard S.
S.701 Emergency Educational Assistance Act
1977 January-June
43 13
Lance, Bert; Coulter, Myron L.; Packwood, Bob
Tuition Tax Credit
1977 July-December
43 14
Boyer, Ernest
1978 January-March
43 15
Magnuson, Warren G.
University Year for Action Program
1978 April-June
43 16
Morgan, Robert; Bellmon, Henry; Evans, John V.
Indian Education Programs
1978 July-September
44 1 1978 October-December
44 2 1979 January-February
44 3
Moore, Frank; Magnuson, Warren G.
1979 March-June
44 4
Establishment of Cabinet Level, Department of Education
1979 July-September
44 5
Keiser, John H.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Cohen, William S.; Evans, John V.; Bentsen, Lloyd
1979 October-December
44 6 1980 January-March
44 7
Magnuson, Warren G.
Follow Through Program; School Lunch Act; Federal Surplus Property Program
1980 April-May
44 8
Treinen, Sylvester; Keiser, John H.
Education; Boise State University; Public Interest Research Group; Prig
1980 June-August
44 9 1980 September-December
44 10 Education : Colleges
Long, Oren E.; Macomber, William B., Jr.
44 11 Education : Colleges
Wilkinson, Ernest L.; Hartke, Vance; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
44 12 Education : Colleges
S.3047 Higher Education Amendment of 1966
44 13 Education : Federal Aid 1958
44 14 Education : Federal Aid
Hill, Lister; Mcintosh, Carl W.; Murray, James E.
S.2 School Support Act of 1959; Federal Aid To Education
1959 January-June
44 15 Education : Federal Aid
Kennedy, John F.; Clark, Joseph S.
S.J.Res.127 Education for The Deaf; Federal Aid To Education
1959 July-December
44 16 Education : Federal Aid
Magnuson, Warren G.; Morse, Wayne
S.8 School Assistance Act of 1960; Federal Aid To Education
44 17 Education : Federal Aid
Goldwater, Barry M.
Federal Aid To Education
1961 January-June
44 18 Education : Federal Aid
Scott, Hugh; Chaffee, Eugene B.; Morse, Wayne; Walker, Donald E.
Federal Aid To Education
1961 July-December
45 1 Education : Federal Aid 1961
45 2 Education : Federal Aid 1961
45 3 Education : Federal Aid
Federal Aid To Education; Parochial Schools
45 4 Education : Federal Aid
Federal Aid To Education; Parochial Schools
45 5 Education : Federal Aid
Case, Francis; Javits, Jacob K.; Morse, Wayne; Gruening, Ernest; Cooper, John Sherman
S.1021 School Assistance Act of 1961; S.1556 Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1961; Federal Aid To Education
45 6 Education : Federal Aid
McClellan, John L.
45 7 Education : Federal Aid
O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Chaffee, Eugene B.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Vocational Education H.R.4955
45 8 Education : Federal Aid
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Hartke, Vance; Walker, Donald E.; Parochial Schools
45 9 Education : Federal Aid
Ribicoff, Abraham; Treinen, Sylvester
45 10 Education : Federal Aid 1965
45 11 Education : Federal Aid 1968
45 12 Education : Federal Aid 1969 January-June
45 13 Education : Federal Aid
Javits, Jacob K.; Mondale, Walter F.; Boggs, J. Caleb
1969 July-December
45 14 Education : Federal Aid
Javits, Jacob K.
1970 January-June
45 15 Education : Federal Aid
Muskie, Edmund S.; Nelson, Gaylord; Kennedy, Edward M.; Goodell, Charles E.; Hatfield, Mark O.; McGovern, George; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Hart, Philip A.; Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.; Cook, Marlow W.; Mondale, Walter F.; Pell, Claiborne; Spong, Wiln
1970 July-December
45 16 Education : Federal Aid
Hart, Philip A.; Mondale, Walter F.; Brooke, Edward W.; Case, Clifford P.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Harris, Fred R.; Gurney, Edward J.; Hartung, Ernest W.; Tunney, John V.; Barnes, John B.; Davis, William E.
1971 January-June
45 17 Education : Federal Aid
Hartke, Vance; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
1971 July-December
46 1 Education : Federal Aid
Cranston, Alan; Harris, Fred R.
1972 January-June
46 2 Education : Federal Aid 1972 July-December
46 3 Education : Federal Aid
Wise, Helen D.; Mondale, Walter F.; Smylie, Robert E.; Pell, Claiborne; Davis, William E.; Javits, Jacob K.; Stevenson, Adlai E. III
46 4 Education : Federal Aid
McClellan, John L.
46 5 Education : Federal Aid 1975
46 6 Education : Federal Aid 1976-1977
46 7 Education : Higher Education
Davis, William E.; Knox, Warren B.
S.2532 Grants for Construction of Elementary and Secondary Schools; Higher Education Act of 1965 S.600
1965 September-December
46 8 Education : Higher Education
Theophilus, D.R.; Miller. Hellen M.; Riley, John E.; Knox, Warren B.; Morse, Wayne; Chaffee, Eugene B.; Haworth, Leland J.
S.600 Higher Education Act of 1965; Report: Fortune Favors The Brave
1965 June-August
46 9 Education : Higher Education
Davis, William E.; Hartung, Ernest W.
Tax Deduction for Teacher's Educational Expenses S.1203; Cedar Flat Job Corps Center; Higher Education
46 10 Education : National Science Foundation Grant Program
Randolph, Jennings; Hill, Lister
46 11 Education : Orofino School District
Randolph, Jennings
Dworshak Dam Construction
46 12 Education : P.L. 874
Morse, Wayne
Speech: "Impact Funds Vital To Idaho", In Senate, January 13, 1966
46 13 Education : P.L. 874
Spong, William B., Jr.
S.382 Amendment To P.L.874; S.1125 Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967; H.R.6547 Appopriation for School Assistance
46 14 Education : P.L. 874
Gravel, Mike; Spong, William B., Jr.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Montoya, Joseph M.
The Federally Impacted Areas Program In Idaho; Administration of Public Laws 81-874 and 81-815; Commissioners Report On Education
46 15 Education : P.L. 874
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Case, Clifford P.
H.R.16916 Appropriations for Office of Education
47 1 Education : P.L. 874
Dominick, Peter H.
47 2 Education : P.L. 874
Pell, Claiborne
47 3 Education : P.L. 874 1975-1976
47 4 Education : P.L. 874
Metcalf, Lee
47 5 Education : P.L. 874
Pell, Claiborne; Magnuson, Warren G.
Impact Aid
47 6 Education : P.L. 874 1980
47 7 Education : School Lunches
Ribicoff, Abraham; Proxmire, William; Hart, Philip A.
S.2921 Children's Special Milk Act; S.1515 National School Lunch Act of 1961
47 8 Education : School Lunches 1977
47 9 Education : School Lunches
Bergland, Bob
Cash-In-Lieu of Commodities; S.146 To Extend and Increase The Special Milk Program for Children; School Lunches
47 10 Education : School Lunches
Bergland, Bob
Cash-In-Lieu of Commodities In School Food Service Programs; Amend National School Lunch Act; Congressional Budget Office Report: "Feeding Children: Federal Child Nutrition Policies In The 1980's"
47 11 Education : School Lunches
"The School Lunch Local Control Act of 1980" March 6, 1980
47 12 Education : School Lunches
Cash-In-Lieu of Commodities Program for School Lunches
47 13 Education : State of Idaho 1963-1965
47 14 Education : Student Loans 1968
47 15 Education : Student Loans 1969
47 16 Education : Student Loans
Kennedy, Edward M.
47 17 Education : Student Loans 1971
47 18 Education : Trio Program 1979
47 19 Education : Vocational
Denman, George E.; Hill, Lister
S.4301 Area Vocational-Technical Education Act of 1956; S.1298 Area Vocational Education Act of 1957; Vocational Education Amendments, 1968-1969
Economic reform - Environment
Considerable material on energy-related topics such as coal, conservation, gasohol, geothermal, hydroelectric, natural gas, nuclear and oil.
48 1 Election Reform
S.J.Res.207 To Suspend Communication Act of 1934 for The 1960 Presidential Campaign; S.3171 To Provide The Use of Television for The 1960 Presidential Candidates
48 2 Election Reform
Bayh, Birch
S.J.Res.2 Direct Election of The President
48 3 Election Reform
Abolish Electoral College; 18 Year Old Vote
48 4 Election Reform
Curtis, Carl T.
Electoral College Reform; Direct Election of The President; 18 Year Old Vote; Representation for The District of Columbia; One-Man, One-Vote In Congressional Districting; S.J.Res.7 Extend Right To Vote To 18 Year Olds; S.J.Res.19; S.J.Res.20 Proposed Ame
1969 January-March
48 5 Election Reform
Mundt, Karl E.; Cordova, Jorge L.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Cannon, Howard W.
Electoral College Reform; Direct Election of The President; 18 Year Old Vote; S.J.Res.59 30 Day Residency To Vote In A Presidential Election
1969 April-December
48 6 Election Reform
Kennedy, Edward M.; Dole, Robert; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Cook, Marlow W.
Direct Election of President; 18 Year Old Vote; Representation for The District of Columbia; Abolition of The Electoral College
1970 January-May
48 7 Election Reform
Dole, Robert; Brooke, Edward W.; Tydings, Joseph D.; Fong, Hiram L.; Harris, Fred R.; Griffin, Robert P.; Kennedy, Edward M.
Political Broadcasting Bill; 18 Year Old Right To Vote (Voting Rights Act of 1970); Direct Election of The President; Electoral College Reform; Voter Turnout; Voter Registration; Representation for District of Columbia; S.J.Res.1 Amendments To Provide Di
1970 June-December
48 8 Election Reform
McGee, Gale; Inouye, Daniel K.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Gambrell, David H.; Pearson, James B.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Gilligan, John J.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Scott, Hugh; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Dominick, Peter H.; Bayh, Birch
Direct Election of The President; Political Campaign Financing Reform; Voter Registration; S.2574 National Voter Registration Administration; H.R.6852 Congressional Districting Procedures; S.4238 Universal Enrollment Act of 1970; S.1 Honest Elect
48 9 Election Reform
Cook, Marlow W.; Kennedy, Edward M.; McGee, Gale
18 Year Old Right To Vote; Voter Registration Act S.2574
48 10 Election Reform
McGee, Gale; Hart, Philip A.
Public Financing of Federal Elections; Voter Registration; Senate Pay Raises; S.352 Establish A Voter Registration Administration
48 11 Election Reform
Cannon, Howard W.; Bartlett, Dewey F.; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.; Roth, William V., Jr.
Campaign Funding Reform; Direct Election of The President; Campaign Disclosures; S.4196 Public Financing of Election To Congress
48 12 Election Reform
League of Women Voters; Campaign Financing
48 13 Election Reform
League of Women Voters; Campaign Financing
48 14 Election Reform
Chiles, Lawton; Roth, William V., Jr.; Bayh, Birch
Voter Registration Program; Disputed Senate Seat In New Hampshire; S.260 Government In The Sunshine Act
48 15 Election Reform
McGee, Gale
Postcard Voter Registration Bill S.1177
1976 January-March
48 16 Election Reform
McClellan, John L.
Postcard Voter Registration S.1177; Federal Election Campaign Act Amendment S.3065
1976 April
48 17 Election Reform
Postcard Voter Registration Bill
1976 May-December
49 1 Election Reform
Universal Voter Registration Act S.1072; Congressional and Presidential Campaign Funding
1977 January-June
49 2 Election Reform
Hammer, Armand
Abolition of Electoral College; Voter Registration S.1072; Public Financing of Congressional Campaigns S.926; Union Dues In Elections
1977 July-December
49 3 Election Reform
Bayh, Birch; Baker, Howard H., Jr.
Abolish Electoral College S.J.Res.1
49 4 Election Reform
Hatfield, Mark O.; Bayh, Birch; Larson, Reed; Cannon, Howard W.
Political Action Committees Contributions; Direct Election of The President; District of Columbia-Voting Rights; Public Financing of Congressional Elections; S.871 Parking Fees Act of 1979; S.Res.127 To Maintain Number of Senate Employees; S.J.Re
49 5 Election Reform
Tate, S. Shepherd
Direct Election of The President
"It's Time The People Elected President!" In Senate, September 14, 1970
49 6 Election Reform
Political Action Committee Contributions; Railsback Amendment S.832
49 7 Emergency Medical Services In National Forests
H.R.10603/S.2714 Emergency Services In National Forest System
1975 November
49 8 Emergency Medical Services In National Forests
H.R.3559 Emergency Services In The National Forest System
49 9 Emissions Control
1974 February
49 10 Employment
Age Discrimination In Employment Act
49 11 Energy
Gravel, Mike; Haskell, Floyd K.; Pastore, John O.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Metcalf, Lee
Alaska Pipeline; Background Information Evaluating The National Energy Dilemma; Alaska Oil: Its Impact On The Puget Sound Region; Thermal Power Plant Siting In The Pacific Northwest; Twenty Questions On Electric Power: Loads and Resources In The Pacific
1973 January-April
49 12 Energy
Miller, Arnold; Abourezk, James S.
S.1599 Provide for Continued Sale of Gasoline To Independent Gasoline Retailers; S.1570 Emergency Allocation of Petroleum
1973 April-May
49 13 Energy
Pastore, John O.
Alaska Pipeline
1973 May-June
49 14 Energy
Fuel Shortage; Voluntary Crude Oil and Refinery Products Allocation Program
1973 June
49 15 Energy
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Haskell, Floyd K.; Abourezk, James S.; Amyx, Jay S.
Proposed Gasoline Tax Increase; Problems Obtaining Fuel By Small Independent Gas Stations and Farmers; S.-- Grant Rights-of-Way for Pipelines Under The Mineral Leasing Act; Phase Iv Regulations for Petroleum Dealers
1973 July-August
49 16 Energy
Cook, Marlow W.; Macnaughton, Alan A.; Moss, Frank E.
Alaska Oil Pipeline
1973 July-December
49 17 Energy
Fuel Shortage; Phase Iv Regulations for Retail Petroleum Sales; Fuel Allocation
1973 September-October
50 1 Energy
Dobler, Norma
Gas Tax Increase; Proposed Closing of Gas Stations On Sunday; 55 Mph Speed Limit
1973 November-December
50 2 Energy
Fuel Shortage; Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act S.1570; Energy Conservation; Proposal To Limit Operating Hours of Certain Retail Marketing Operations
1973 November-December
50 3 Energy
Fuel Use and Recreational Activities; S.2589
1973 December
50 3 Energy
Energy Crisis; Emergency Fuel Shortage Contingency Program; Arab Oil Embargo; Oil Depletion Allowance; Recycling and Conservation; Home Heating Defense Production Act; Space Program
1973 December
50 4 Energy
Energy Crisis; Proposal To Increase Taxes On Gasoline; Fuel Rationing; Oil Exports; Watergate; Public Transportation; Amtrak; Daylight Savings; Conservation
1973 December
50 5 Energy
Morton, Rogers C.B.; Spahr, Charles E.
U.S. Energy Fact Sheets By States and Regions; S.70 Energy Policy Act of 1973
50 6 Energy 1974 January
50 7 Energy 1974 January
50 8 Energy
Gas Saving Carburetor Ruled Illegal; Auto Pollution Control Devices; Fuel Efficiency; Gasoline Rationing Proposals; Proposed Gas Tax Increase
1974 January-February
50 9 Energy
Energy Crisis; Fuel Shortage; Fuel Rationing; Oil Company Profits and Regulations; Multinational Corporations; National Energy Emergency Act S.2589; Domestic Oil Exploration; Conservation; Alternative Energy Sources; Emission Control, Fuel Consumption;
1974 February-March
50 10 Energy
Cook, Marlow W.; Logan, Harry A., Jr.; Meany, George; Long, Russell B.; Hardy, George
Oil Industry; Windfall Profits Regulation; Multinational Corporations; Energy Crisis; Fuel Shortage; 55 Mph Speed Limit; Energy Transportation Security Act H.R.8193; Conservation; Oil and Gas Tax Act of 1974 H.R.14462; Alternative Energy Sources; Ener
1974 April-August
50 10 Energy
National Energy Research and Development Act S.1283; Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act
1974 April-August
50 11 Energy
Long, Russell B.; Love, W.H.
Energy Crisis; Fuel Shortage; Gas Tax; Oil Depletion Allowance Phase Out; Coal Slurry Pipeline S.2652; Multinational Corporations; Alternative Energy Sources; Natural Gas Price Deregulation; S.- Standby Energy Authorities Act; S.Res.45 Na
1974 September-November
50 12 Energy
Scott, Hugh; Schweiker, Richard S.; Hartke, Vance; Lyons, W.W.
Energy Crisis; Fuel Shortage; Deregulation of Natural Gas Prices Buckley Amendment; Conservation; Gasoline Tax; S.- Natural Gas for Essential Agricultural Purposes; S.- Natural Gas Production and Conservation Act of 1974; Standby Energy Emergency Author
1974 December
51 1 Energy
Friedersdorf, Max L.; Randolph, Jennings; Hall, Paul; Ford, Gerald R.
Energy Crisis; Fuel Shortage; Gasoline Tax; Sale of Energy Resources To Foreign Countries; Mutinational Corporations; Alternative Energy Sources; Conservation; President Ford's State of The Union Proposal On Energy; S.J.Res.-- National Energy Conse
"An Alternative To The Ford Administration Energy Program", In Senate, January 30, 1975
1975 January
51 1 Energy
S.J.Res.-- Oil Imports and Lifting of Price Controls On Domestic Oil; S.-- Interfuel Competition Act of 1975
1975 January
51 2 Energy
Ford, Gerald R.
Energy Independence Act of 1975 Omnibus Bill Porposed By President Ford
1975 January
51 3 Energy
Ford, Gerald R.
President Ford's State of The Union Energy Proposals; Multinational Corporations; Fuel Shortage; Gasoline Rationing; Gas Tax Increase; Energy Conservation
1975 February
51 4 Energy
Energy Crisis; Gasoline Rationing; Gasoline Tax; Proposal To Close Gas Stations On Sundays; $3.00 Import Tax On Foreign Oil; Automobile Excise Tax
1975 February
51 5 Energy
Proposed Sunday Closing of Gas Stations; Energy Crisis; Conservation
1975 February
51 6 Energy
Inouye, Daniel K.; Biddle, James; Moss, Ted; Randolph, Jennings; Ford, Gerald R.
Energy Crisis; Gas Rationing; Gas Tax Increase; Sunday Closing of Gas Stations; President Ford's Oil Tariff Proposal; Exempt Small Refiners From Entitlement Program; Energy Conservation; Alternative Energy Sources; H.R.2166 Residential Energy Conservatio
1975 March
51 7 Energy
Stevens, Ted
S.-- Repeal Income Tax Deduction On State Gas Taxes; Small Refiners Relief Exemption Act S.861; Emergency Allocation Act; Alternative Energy Sources; Gas Rationing Proposal; Increased Gas Tax Proposal
1975 March
51 8 Energy
Edwards, James B.; Matthews, Charles D.; Apodaga, Jerry
S.622 Standby Energy Authorities Act; Alternative Energy Sources; Outer Continental Shelf Oil and Gas Development; Oil Depletion Allowance; Natural Gas Supplies and Prices
1975 April
51 9 Energy
Metcalf, Lee; Mansfield, Mike; Bartlett, Dewey F.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Hatfield, Mark O.
S.-- Encourage Electric Generating Utilities To Use Lowest Cost Fuels; Increase Federal Taxes On Gasoline; S.-- Nuclear Power Reappraisal Act of 1975
1975 May
51 10 Energy
Domenici, Pete V.
Proposed Increase In Gasoline Taxes; Proposed Tax On Automobiles By Weight Or Fuel Economy; Recycling Waste Used Oil; Automotive Fuel Economy and Research Development Act of 1975 S.1883
1975 June
51 11 Energy
Oil Price Decontrol; Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act S.844; Erda Authorization S.598; Clinch River Breeder Program; Energy Research and Development Administration
1975 July
51 11 Energy
Gravel, Mike; Tunney, John V.; Montoya, Joseph M.; Long, Russell B.; Hansen, Clifford P.
Alternative Energy Souces; S.2049 Conservation; S.1989 Negotiations With Oil Producing Countries; Domestic Energy Supplies H.R.7014; S.2122 Gasoline Rationing Act; S.692 Natural Gas Act 1975; Energy Supply Act of 1975 S.521; Energy Research and Developm
"The Erda Authorization Bill-S.598", In Senate, July 1975
1975 July
51 12 Energy
Mansfield, Mike; Higginson, R. Keith; Kendall, William T.
Deregulation of Natural Gas S.692; Alternative Energy Sources; Deregulation of Domestic Crude Oil S.2185; Increased Gas Prices; Energy Research and Development Administration
1975 August
51 13 Energy
Mansfield, Mike; Abourezk, James S.; Hart, Gary; Stevenson, Adlai E. III; Hollings, Ernest F.; Rutledge, Gene P.; Pearson, James B.; Bentsen, Lloyd
Domestic Crude Oil; Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973 S.1849; Vertical Divestiture of Major Oil Companies; S.2502 Electric Utility Regulatory Reform Act; Pearson-Bentsen Amendment S.2310 Emergency Natural Gas; S.-- Incentive Decontrol Program
1975 September-October
51 14 Energy
Domenici, Pete V.; Apodaga, Jerry; Mondale, Walter F.
Natural Gas Deregulation Bill S.2314; Kennedy-Hollings Natural Gas Deregulation S.2310; Hart Natural Gas Deregulation Bill; Alternative Energy Sources; Energy Conservation and Oil Policy Act of 1975 S.622; H.R.7727 Home Heating System Improvement Act of
1975 November-December
51 15 Energy
S.-- First Sale of Crude Oil From Stripper Wells Be Exempt From Price Controls; Coal Slurry Pipeline; S.-- Lifeline Rate Act of 1976
1976 January-February
52 1 Energy
S.3145 Energy Conservation Research and Development Act of 1976; Deregulation of Natural Gas Prices; S.3105 Appropriations To Energy Research and Development Administration Erda Authorization Bill
1976 March
52 2 Energy
Garn, Jake
S.-- Energy Savings Demonstration Act; S.3145 & S.2932 Energy Conservation Research and Development Act of 1976; S.3259-Energy Extension Service Act of 1976; Nuclear Power; Natural Gas; Oil; Church Position On Public Power; Oil Companies-Divestiture
"The Energy Savings Demonstration Act", Introduce In Senate, April 21, 1976 (?)
1976 April-May
52 3 Energy
Wickberg, Ralph W.; Pearson, James B.
Alternative Energy Sources; F.E.A. Proposal To Decontrol Price of Home Heating Oil, Diesel Fuel, and Other Middle Distillate Refined Petroleum Products; S.1864 Energy Information Act; S.2872 Federal Energy Administration Extension Act
1976 June
52 4 Energy
Domenici, Pete V.; Leahy, Patrick J.; Robbins, Paul H.
Divestiture of Major Oil Companies; S.2387 Petroleum Industry Competition Act of 1976; Decontrol of Middle Distillates; Energy Conservation Standards for New Buildings
1976 June
52 5 Energy
Divestiture of Major Oil Companies; Decontrol of Middle Distillates
1976 July
52 6 Energy
Hansen, Clifford P.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Leahy, Patrick J.
Divestiture of Major Oil Companies S.1287; Nuclear Fuel Assurance Act S.2035; Data On Consumer Expenditures for Energy
1976 July-August
52 7 Energy
Divestiture of Major Oil Companies; Decontrol of Military Jet Fuel
1976 September
52 8 Energy
Wickberg, Ralph W.
Divestiture of Major Oil Companies
1976 October-December
52 9 Energy
Leahy, Patrick J.; Bayh, Birch
S.-- Amend Emergency Petroleum Allocation Act of 1973; S.-- Rural Energy Offfice Act of 1977; Gasoline Decontrol; S.271 Natural Gas Emergency Act 1977; S.-- Authorize Federal Power Commission To Allocate Scarce Supplies of Natural Gas; Alternative Energy
1977 January
52 10 Energy
Tell, William K., Jr.
U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration Revised, FY 1978, Budget To Congress; "Danger-Radioactive Waste", NBC Telecast, Nuclear Waste Managment; December 26, 1977
1977 February-March
52 11 Energy
Schmitt, Harrison; Wiesner, Jerome B.
S.J.Res.-- Establish A National Energy Policy; 25 Cent/Gallon Gas Tax To Reduce Consumption; Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor; S.--; Department of Energy Organization Act; S.-- Solar Air Rights Act of 1977
1977 March
52 12 Energy
Chase, Cyril C.
H.R.5862 Columbia Basin Energy Corporation Act of 1977; Excise Tax On New Luxury Cars; Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor; Alternative Energy Sources; Energy Conservation
1977 April
53 1 Energy
Carter, Jimmy
Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Program; President Carter's Energy Plan
1977 April
53 2 Energy
Schlesinger, James R.; Carter, Jimmy
President Carter's Energy Conservation Program; Establish A Department of Energy S.826; Nuclear Power; Clinch River Breeder Reactor; Liquid Metal Fast Breeder Reactor Program
1977 May
53 3 Energy
Carter, Jimmy
Clinch River Breeder Reactor; Plutonium Projects; President Carter's Energy Conservation Program; Nuclear Power
1977 May
53 4 Energy
Stevens, Ted; Metzenbaum, Howard M.
S.1623 Radioactive Waste Storage; Energy Research and Development Administration
1977 June
53 5 Energy
Breeder Reactor Development; Clinch River Breeder Reactor; Energy Research and Development Administration
1977 June
53 6 Energy
Carter, Jimmy
Clinch River Breeder Reactor; President Carter's Energy Conservation Program
1977 June-July
53 7 Energy
Carter, Jimmy
President Carter's National Energy Policy Act; Clinch River Breeder Reactor; Gas Tax Increase; Energy Taxes
1977 August
53 8 Energy
Crude Oil and Gasoline Tax Proposals; S.2057 Energy Conservation Policy; National Weatherization Program for Low-Income Americans; Electric Utility Rate Reform S.1469
"To Amend S.2057, The National Energy Conservation Policy Act, To Establish A Coordinated National Weatherization Program for Low-Income Americans" In Senate, September, 1977
1977 September
53 9 Energy
Metzenbaum, Howard M.
National Energy Policy Act; Electric Utility Rate Reform Proposal; Clinch River Breeder Reactor; Energy Ownership; Energy Conservation; Gasohol
1977 September
53 10 Energy
Evans, James H.; Carter, Jimmy
Carter Energy Plan
53 11 Energy
Gasoline and Crude Oil Prices; Alaskan Pipeline
1979 January-March
53 12 Energy
Moore, Carl C.
Gasoline Rationing Plan; Gasohol Motor Fuel Act of 1979; Alaskan Pipeline; Deregulation of Domestic Crude Oil Prices; Windfall Profits Tax
1979 April
53 13 Energy
Windfall Oil Profits/Decontrol of Domestic Oil Prices; Gasohol Motor Fuel Act of 1979; Standby Gasoline Rationing Plan; Sale of Gasoline To Mexico
1979 May
53 14 Energy
Freeman, S. David
Decontrol of Domestic Oil Prices; Energy Supply Act; Gasohol Motor Fuel Act of 1979 S.1308; Gasoline Rationing Plan
1979 June-July
54 1 Energy
Miller, C. Wendell; Johnston, J. Bennett; Harris, Patricia Roberts
Energy Supply Act; Gasohol Motor Fuel Act of 1979 S.1308; Gasoline Rationing Plan
"Gasoline Rationing: More Fudge" In Senate, September Or April, 1979
1979 August-September
54 2 Energy
Johnston, J. Bennett; Harris, Patricia Roberts
Energy Security Act S.932; Alternative Energy Sources
1979 October-December
54 3 Energy
Byrd, Robert C.
Hydrogen Gas As A Fuel Source; Windfall Profits Bill
Letter From Church To President Carter Re: "Impending National Economic Emergency" With "Specific Recommendations for A Change In Direction" April 4, 1980
1980 January-June
54 4 Energy
Ward, Conley, Jr.; Ford, Pat
Alternative Energy Sources; Gasohol; Geothermal; Solar; Energy Security Act S.932; Windfall Profit Tax Act
1980 July
54 5 Energy -- Coal
Energy Mobilization Board
1980 August-December
54 6 Energy -- Coal
Frizzell, Kent; Kleppe, Thomas S.; Hansen, Clifford P.; Falkie, Thomas V.
Federal Coal Leasing Amendments Act S.391
54 7 Energy -- Coal
Heinz, H. John III; Kenefick, J.C.; Metzenbaum, Howard M.
Coal Usage-Boiler Conversion From Natural Gas To Coal; The Railroads, Coal and The National Energy Plan; Report: Water Problems and Slurry Pipelines
54 8 Energy -- Conservation
Duncan, John J.; Frisbee, Don
Position Paper: National Energy, By National Association of Electrical Distributors; Report: The View From Transportation, By Transportation Association of America; Energy Conservation
54 9 Energy -- Conservation
McCain, Warren E.; Whitlock, Bennett C.
Position Paper: Carter's Energy Program, By Women's National Democratic Club; Pamphlet: Energy Conservation Through Recycling; Pamphlet: Conservation In Trucking; Pamphlet: Increase Gas Mileage; Energy Conservation
54 10 Energy -- Fusion 1980
54 11 Energy -- Gasohol
Bergland, Bob; Calvin, Melvin
Biomass Energy Institute, Gerton Anaerobic and Aerobic Alcohol Production Designs; Chemistry, Population, Resources-Fermentation and Hydrocarbons; Symposium On Utilization of Alternative Fuel for Transportation; "The Electric Car" From Today's Technology
54 12 Energy -- Gasohol
Bayh, Birch; Roe, Robert; Moore, Frank
Project Profile: Hesperia Gasohol; "Mother's Wood" From Mother Earth News; Feasibility Study: Fuel Ethanol Facility
"Growing Energy" Introduce In Senate S.750-Requiring Oil Companies To Produce and Market Gasohol, March 26, 1979
54 13 Energy -- Gasohol
Blumenfeld, Samuel L.
Report: Forest Biomass As An Energy Source; "Gasohol" By Samuel L. Blumenfeld; Pamphlet: Biomass-Solution To The Energy Crisis
54 14 Energy -- Gasohol
Bergland, Bob; Janss, William C.
A Guide for Applicants To Alcohol Fuels Development Programs; Idaho Falls Gasohol Conference, April 4, 1980
1980 January-October
55 1 Energy -- Geothermal
Geothermal Energy
Speeches:"Idahos Future-Geothermal Energy", No Date; Statement Before Energy Subcommittee-Geothermal Development, October 19, 1973; Floor Statement On The Geothermal Energy Act, No Date; Statement On The Raft River Proposal, September 1974
55 2 Energy -- Geothermal
S.- Geothermal Energy Act of 1973
Speech: Draft "Statement of Sen. Church On The Raft River Proposal", [August] 1974
55 3 Energy -- Geothermal
Geothermal Oregon Institute of Technology; Geothermal Energy Union Oil; Federal Geothermal Energy Program Western Institute Energy Board; H.R.14920 Geothermal Energy Research Development and Demonstration Act of 1974; H.R.- Geothermal Steam Act of 1970
55 4 Energy -- Hydroelectric
Eizenstat, Stuart E.; Norwood, Gus
Position Statement 1007: Northwest Public Power Assoc.; Map Idaho Power Dam Elevation On The Snake River; S.1007 Guarantee Electric Consumers In Pacific Northwest Priority On Hydropower; Hydroelectric Power
55 5 Energy -- Hydroelectric 1978-1979
55 6 Energy -- Idaho Projects
Archer, William; Bruce, James; Eardley, Richard R.
Preliminary Plan for Boise's Geothermal System; Boise's Energy Research Institutionalization of Low Temperature Geothermal Energy; Idaho Projects
55 7 Energy -- Natural Gas
Fannin, Paul J.; Tunney, John V.
S.2310 The Natural Gas Emergency Act of 1975; Amendments To S.2310
55 8 Energy -- Natural Gas
Pearson, James B.; Bentsen, Lloyd
Transportation of Alaskan Gas-Alcan Pipeline Project
55 9 Energy -- Natural Gas
Lederer, Raymond F.; Lenaghen, Robert; Mcmillian, John G.; Stevens, Ted
The Threat of The Natural Gas Shortage; Reports: The Impact of Projected Natural Gas Curtailment for Winter 1975-1976; The U.S.-Canadian Transit Pipeline Agreement; Lysyk Report On Alcan Pipeline Route; S.474 Presidents Emergency Natural Gas Act
55 10 Energy -- Natural Gas
Duncan, Charles; Newman, Paul; Carter, Jimmy
Deregulation; Natural Gas; Report: Redwater Coal Gasification Project Washington Natural Gas Co.
55 11 Energy -- Nuclear
Gravel, Mike
The Nuclear Debate; Eastern Idaho Nuclear Industry Council; National Reactor Testing Station Monitoring Program; Statement of Protest On Nuclear Storage; Waste Management At I.N.E.L.; Hanford Works; Nuclear Energy
55 12 Energy -- Nuclear
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Mondale, Walter F.; Davis, William E.
Govenor's Blue Ribbon Committee On Atomic Waste; Position Paper: "The Nuclear Debate"; Report: "Isolating High Level Radioactive Waste Atomic Energy Commission; Nuclear Energy
55 13 Energy -- Nuclear
Georgine, Robert A.; King, Llewellyn; Fraser, Malcolm
Nuclear Energy; Reports: Testimony of Llewellyn King-Editor of "Energy Magazine"; Energy In Japan; Civil Nuclear Power-Without Weapons Proliferation; "Australia's Urainium Decision"-P.M. Malcolm Fraser
56 1 Energy -- Nuclear
Tanabe, Toshihiko
56 2 Energy -- Nuclear
Reports: The President's Commission On The Accident At Three Mile Island; Why Not Thorium National Reserves Corp.; Nuclear Counter Balance; Waste Management At The I.N.E.L.; Injection of Nuclear Wastes Into The Snake River Aquifer
1979 March-December
56 3 Energy -- Nuclear
Conway, John T.; Hansen, Orval; McClure, James A.
Federal Storage of Spent Fuel; Spent Fuel Storage Requirements; Position Paper: I.N.E.L.-Idaho Trout Growers Assoc.; A Letter of Joint Memorial Urging The D.O.E. To Properly Manage Nuclear Wastes Idaho State House of Rep.; Analysis of Nuclear Waste Water
56 4 Energy -- Nuclear Waste Disposal
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Mondale, Walter F.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Schweiker, Richard S.
Report: The Influence of Liquid Waste Disposal On Geochemistry of Waste At The National Reactor Testing Station Idaho; Radioactive & Chemical Wastes National Reactor Testing Station; H.R.424 Management of Natural Resources; H.R.15323 and H.R.14408 Atomic
56 5 Energy -- Oil
Byrd, Robert C.; Evans, John V.; Morrison, Velma V.; Randolph, Jennings; Eizenstat, Stuart E.
Statement: Proposed Revision of S.1246, October 1979
56 6 Energy -- Oil
Eizenstat, Stuart E.; Laxalt, Paul
Oil; Fact Sheet On Church's Energy Program
56 7 Energy -- Oil Divestiture 1976
56 8 Energy -- Oil Divestiture
Hartley, Fred L.
S.2387 The Petroleum Industry Competition Act
Speech: "Testimony Before The Subcommittee On Monopolies and Commercial Law of The House Committee On Judiciary", March 3, 1976
56 9 Energy -- Oil
Domenici, Pete V.
S.463 Encourage Use of Recycled Oils; S.551-Provide for The Recycling of Used Oil; H.R.4307 Regulations On Recycled Oil; S.1744 Resource Recycling and Conservation Act; H.R.6011, S.551; S.1482-See S.551; Oil-Recycled Waste; Recycled Waste
1975; 1977
56 10 Energy -- Solar 1975; 1980
56 11 Environment
McClure, James A.; Greenwalt, Lynn A.
Clean Air Act
1972; 1974-1975
56 12 Environment
Gravel, Mike; Hatfield, Mark O.; Scott, Hugh; Stevens, Ted
S.3149 The Toxic Substances Control Act; S.2833 Non-Returnable Containers; S.276 Beverage Container Reuse and Recycling Act of 1977; Toxic Substances Control Act; Questions Submitted To Presidential Candidates On Energy and The Environment; "All I
56 13 Environment
Baucus, Max; Cohen, William S.; Durkin, John A.; Hart, Gary; Hatfield, Mark O.; Heinz, H. John III; Leahy, Patrick J.; Moynihan, Daniel P.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Stroup, Keith; Carter, Jimmy
Environmental Services Directory; Message To Congress From President Carter On The Environment; Beverage Container Deposit; Paraquat Controversy On Spraying Mexican Marijuana Fields; Acid Rain In Idaho; S.1754 Acid Rain
56 14 Environment
Carter, Jimmy; Durenberger, David; Heinz, H. John III
President Carter's Speech On The Environment; Minerals and National Security; American Mining Council
56 15 Environment -- Fluorocarbons 1975; 1977
Equal Rights Amendment - Finance
Church was an early supporter of the Equal Rights Amendment. ERA documents before 1977 will be found in the Civil Rights files. The ERA files here reflect the volume of correspondence in 1977 and 1978 relating to the extension of time for ratification and the debate about the legality of rescission. Church felt fairness mandated allowing states to rescind an earlier ratification and was concerned about the Constitutional precedent that extension might set.
57 1 Equal Rights Amendment 1978 January-August
57 2 Equal Rights Amendment 1978 September
57 3 Equal Rights Amendment 1978 September
57 4 Equal Rights Amendment
H.J.Res.638 Extention of Deadline for Ratification of The Equal Rights Amendment
1978 September
57 5 Equal Rights Amendment 1978 October
57 6 Equal Rights Amendment
Garn, Jake; Black, Charles L., Jr.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Yale Law School; Equal Rights Amendment
"Extending The Deadline for Ratification of The Era", Senate, October 3, 1978; "Extention of The Deadline for Ratification of The Era", Senate, October 6, 1978
1978 October
57 7 Executive Reorganization
Muskie, Edmund S.; Roth, William V., Jr.
Executive Reorganization
57 8 Farm Parity
McGovern, George
57 9 Farmers Home Administration
S.1034 Agriculture Loans; S.709 Increasing Loan Amount; Water Supply System
57 10 Farmers Home Administration
Applicants for State Director of Farmers Home Administration
1966 January-October
57 11 Farmers Home Administration
Applicants for State Director of Farmers Home Administration
1966 November-December
57 12 Farmers Home Administration
Applicants for State Director of Farmers Home Administration
57 13 Farmers Home Administration
S.J.Res.168 Emergency Credit Revolving Fund
57 14 Federal Elections Commission 1979
57 15 Federal Property Act Amendment
Humphrey, Hubert H.
S.1238 Federal Property Act; Surplus Personal Property Donations
57 16 Federation of American Scientists 1975
57 17 Feed and Forage Act 1976
57 18 Filibuster
Ellender, Allen J.
1963; 1979
57 19 Finance
Clark, Joseph S.
H.R.5805 Appropriations To Treasury and Post Office Departments Amendment; Government Expenses; Bankruptcy Laws
1957; 1959-1969
57 20 Finance -- Appropriations
Pastore, John O.; Javits, Jacob K.
57 21 Finance -- Banking
Byrd, Harry F., Sr.; Fulbright, J.W.; Robertson, A. Willis; Douglas, Paul H.
S.3703 Frieda Herrmann; Federal Reserve Board
57 22 Finance -- Banking
Federal Reserve Act
57 23 Finance -- Banking
Sparkman, John J.; Burke, Carl P.
Banking; Bank Holding Act S.2353, S.2418, and H.R.7371; Bank Holding Company Bill H.R.6778
57 24 Finance -- Budget
McClellan, John L.
S.1585 Joint Committee On The Budget
58 1 Finance -- Budget
Day, Henry L.
Hoover Commission Recommendations; Spending
58 2 Finance -- Budget
Byrd, Harry F., Sr.
1959 January-March
58 3 Finance -- Budget
Hart, Philip A.; Batt, Philip E.
1959 April-June
58 4 Finance -- Budget
1959 June-December
58 5 Finance -- Budget
1960 January-May
58 6 Finance -- Budget
1960 April-December
58 7 Finance -- Budget
Swensen, Rulon
Schools; Farms; Foreign Nations; Housing; Welfare; National Debt; The Federal Budget; Spending
58 8 Finance -- Budget
Moore, Carl C.
Spending; National Debt
1963-1965; 1967
58 9 Finance -- Currency
Douglas, Paul H.; Robertson, A. Willis
H.R.5847 Internal Revenue Code of 1954; H.R.5777 Federal Credit Union; H.R.3674 Federal Credit Union Act
58 10 Finance -- Interest Rates - Credit
S.2755 Economic Stabilization; Interest Rates; Credit
Firearms - Frost, Robert
The issue of gun control was important to Idahoans throughout Church's tenure in the Senate and he consistently op posed legislation which would set unacceptable limits on firearms. This strong conservative stand was one of the reasons for his continued popularity with Idaho voters. Forestry files are especially strong on a 1977 Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill and the National Forest Management Act of 1976.
58 11 Firearms
H.R.10893 Federal Pistol Registration Act; H.R.10478 Ffa Amendments; H.R.9809 Transportation and Shipment; H.R.10477 Pistols and Revolvers; H.R.9286 Transportation and Shipment; H.R.4029 Transfer Taxes; S.1150 Transfer Tax; Gun Control
58 12 Firearms
1963 NRA Convention; Gun Control
Interview At NRA Convention, March 22, 1963
58 13 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
Dodd Bill; Response To John F. Kennedy's Death; Gun Control
58 14 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendments To The Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
58 15 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendments To The Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
58 16 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendments To The Federal Firearms Act; Cun Control
58 17 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendments To The Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
59 1 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To The Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 April
59 2 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 April
59 3 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 April And May
59 4 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 May
59 5 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 May
59 6 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
1965 May-June
59 7 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.
S.1592 Dodd Amendment To Federal Firearms Act; Gun Control
59 8 Firearms
Gun Control
59 9 Firearms
Gun Control
59 10 Firearms
Dodd, Thomas J.; Mondale, Walter F.
Gun Control
59 11 Firearms
Gun Control
59 12 Firearms
Gun Control
59 13 Firearms
Gun Control
59 14 Firearms
Gun Control
59 15 Firearms
Gun Control
59 16 Firearms
Gun Control
59 17 Firearms
McGee, Gale
S.3417 Gun Control Act 0f 1968; Interstate Transport of Firearms
60 1 Firearms
Kennedy, Edward M.
Gun Control
60 2 Firearms
Gun Control
60 3 Firearms
Gun Control
60 4 Firearms
Gun Control
60 5 Firearms
Gun Control
60 6 Firearms
Gun Controls
"No On Federal Gun Control" March 13, 1974
60 7 Firearms
Gun Control
60 8 Firearms
Gun Control; Handgun Ammunition Ban
60 9 Firearms
Gun Control; Handgun Ammunition Ban
60 10 Firearms
Gun Control; Handgun Ammunition Ban
60 11 Firearms
Gun Control; Handgun Ammunition Ban
60 12 Firearms
Gun Control
60 13 Firearms
Gun Control
60 14 Firearms
Carter, Harlon B.
Project Identification: A Study of Handguns Used In Crimes; Gun Control
60 15 Firearms
Gun Control
61 1 Firearms
Gun Control
61 2 Firearms
Gun Control
61 3 Firearms
Gun Control
61 4 Firearms
Fish and Wildlife Act of 1977 H.R.2329; S.- Internal Revenue Code of 1954; 22 Caliber Ammunition; Gun Control
"Repeal of Record Keeping Requirements...22 Caliber Ammunition" In Senate January 10, 1977
61 5 Firearms
Cook, Philip J.; Nagin, Daniel
"Does The Weapon Matter?" By Philip J. Cook and Daniel Nagin; Gun Control
61 6 Firearms
McEldowney, Tom D.
Gun Control
61 7 Firearms
Knox, Neal
"Attitudes of The American Electorate Toward Gun Control 1978" By NRA; Firearms
61 8 Firearms
Godley, Gene; Blumenthal, W. Michael; Davis, Rex D.
Gun Control
"Congress Must Respond To Regulation Run Amok" In Senate, June 27, 1978
61 9 Firearms
Gun Controls
61 10 Firearms
Gun Control
"Federal Handgun Controls Cannot Control Crime"
61 11 Forestry
Miller, Jon; MacFarlane, Robert W.
National Forest Management Act of 1976; Forest Timber Sales; Wilderness and National Forest Lands
1977 January-July
61 12 Forestry
Carter, Jimmy; Stevens, Ted; Miller, Jon; Moon, Marjorie Ruth
Cooperative Forest Resources Extension Program; Forest Timber Sales; National Forest Management Act of 1976; Redwood National Park
1977 August-December
61 13 Forestry
Fery, John B.; Richards, W.T.; Evans, Brock
Timber Resources; National Forest Products Association Annual Meeting: Federal Forest Policy; US Forest Service Use of Herbacides; North Idaho Timber Lands
62 1 Forestry
Madden, Richard B.
Appropriations for The Forest Service; Small Business Timber Set Aside Program; Proposed National Forest Investment Fund; S.1996 Logging Slash for Use As Fuel; Reforestation S.100 and H.R.1212
62 2 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Hansen, Clifford P.; Hatfield, Mark O.; McClure, James A.; Laxalt, Paul; Melcher, John; Deconcini, Dennis
Melcher Amendment To Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill; Justice Letter; Washington Post Article; Kerr-Talke Position Paper;
62 2 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Owens Paper; US Forest Service Bid Data; Church Statements At Hearings; S.1360 Committee On Timber Sales Proceedure
Speeches: Statement for The Record On 1977 Bid Data; S.1360 As Introduced/Introduce Sealed Bid Repealer Legislation; "Opening Statement", May 18, 1977-"Testimony", May 16, 1977
62 3 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Evans, Brock
Environmentalists; Senate Energy Committee Colloquy Cutler/Sims; Sealed Bids; Champion Court Case; Natural Resources Journal; Agriculture Committee Amendment
62 3 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Hall-Peterson Amendment; Court Decisions
62 4 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
McGuire, John R.; Hatfield, Mark O.; McClure James A.; Packwood, Bob
Joint Church-McClure Statements; Small Business; Energy Committee; Agriculture Committee
Speeches: "What S.1360 Will and Will Not Do", No Date; "National Forest Timber Sale Bidding Policy", September 12, 1977
62 4 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Kennedy, Edward M.
Agriculture Committee Floor Amendment H.R.6362; Dependent Communities; Church-Tower Colloquy; Church-Stevens Colloquy; Criminal Penalties; Justice Concerns
62 5 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Metcalf, Lee
Timber Sales
62 6 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
Forest Products; H.R.6362 Weaver Bill; Krebs Material
62 7 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
62 8 Forestry -- Forest Timber Sales Bidding Bill - Special File
62 9 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act - Special File
Clear Cutting; H.R.10364 Timber Sales From Forest Service Lands; Monongahela National Forest; Organic Act of 1897; National Forest Management Act S.3091
62 10 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act - Special File
Bumpers, Dale
Timber Bill Conference; S.3091 National Forest Management Act
62 11 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act - Special File
Road Sale Costs; Environmental Position Papers; Silviculturally Essential"
62 12 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act - Special File
Colloquy On Timber Harvest "Residual Materials"; Randolph Amendment; National Forest Management Act of 1976
63 1 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
Monongahela Decision
1976 February-March
63 2 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
S.292 National Forest and Rangeland Renewable Resources Act of 1974
Speeches:"Testimony Before Ag. Subcommittee On Environ., Soil Conservation, and Forestry-Interior Subcommittee On Environment and Land Resources-Joint Hearings On Legislation Concerning Forest Management Practices", March 22, 1976; Draft Statement On S.3
1976 February-August
63 3 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
S.3091, As Amended, April 29, 1976; S.3091 National Forest Mangement Act As Amended, April 29, 1976
1976 April
63 4 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
Stevens, Ted
S.3091 National Forest Management Act of 1976
1976 April-June
63 5 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
Industry Communications From Idaho
1976 April-July
63 6 Forestry -- National Forest Management Act of 1976
Committee On Agriculture and Forestry On S.3091 National Forest Management Act of 1976 As Amended, May 3-4, 1976
1976 May
63 7 Freshman Senator 1972
63 8 Frost, Robert
S.Res.95 Extending Birthday Greetings of The Senate To Robert Frost
Governorship of Guam, the Virgin Islands, and American Samoa - Health
Includes subject of Hawaiian statehood.
63 9 Govenorship of Guam, The Virgin Islands, and American Samoa
S.1752 Residence Requirement for Appointment As Governor of Guam, The Virgin Islands, Or American Samoa
63 10 Grange National Headquarters
General Services Administration Takeover of The Property and Building of The National Grange On Jackson Place, Washington DC; S.2740 Use of The National Grange Headquarters
63 11 Grazing
Bennett, Wallace F.; Fallini, Joe T.; Kennedy, Robert F.
S.717 Grazing Rights; S.3174 Similar To S.717; H.R.1960 Jurisdiction of District Courts; S.20 Same As H.R.1960
Speech: "Introduction of S.717", January 31, 1961
63 12 Grazing
Dodd, Thomas J.; Gruening, Ernest; Carver, John A., Jr; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Long, Edward V.; Keating, Kenneth B.; Hruska, Roman L.; Carroll, John A.; Kefauver, Estes; Day, Henry L.
S.- Grazing Appeals
63 13 Grazing 1975-1977
63 14 Grazing
H.R.10587 Range Conditions of Public Grazing Lands; H.R.10589 Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976; Public Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978 S.2475
63 15 Handicapped
Hartke, Vance; Randolph, Jennings
Handicapped; Blind; Randolph-Sheppard Act for The Blind S.2506; Disability Insurance for The Blind; Rehabilitation for Older Blind Persons
63 16 Handicapped
Randolph, Jennings
Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 S.7; National Accreditation Council; Blind and Visually Handicapped; S.1058 Disability Insurance for The Blind; S.1218 Communication Act of 1934; Deaf
1973 January-May
63 17 Handicapped
Brock, William E.; Hartke, Vance
Randolph-Sheppard Act Amendments of 1973; Blind; Vocational Rehabilitation Act
1973 May-December
63 18 Handicapped
Hartke, Vance; Inouye, Daniel K.; Tunney, John V.; Adams, Andrew
Vocational Rehabilitation Act; Randolph-Sheppard Amendments
64 1 Handicapped
Vocational Rehabilitation Act
64 2 Handicapped
Vocational Rehabilitation Act
64 3 Handicapped
Small Business Administration Authorization and Disaster Loan Programs Act S.1442; Disability Insurance for The Blind
Speech: "Western Idaho Training Company", No Date
64 4 Handicapped
Randolph, Jennings; Bumpers, Dale; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.
Rehabilitation and Developmental Disabilities Act S.2600
64 5 Handicapped
Funding for Rehabilitation Programs; Civil Rights Act Amendments for The Handicapped S.446; S.407 Congratulations To Participants In Olympic Winter Games for The Handicapped
64 6 Hawaii -- Statehood
Long, Oren E.; Murray, James E.; Thurston, Lorrin P.
S.50 Hawaiian Statehood
64 7 Hawaii -- Statehood
Johnson, Lyndon B.; Mink, Patsy T.; Mansfield, Mike; Green, Theodore Francis; Long, Oren E.
Hawaiian Statehood
Speech: [Hawaiian Statehood], No Date
64 8 Hawaii -- Statehood
Hawaiian Statehood; Alaskan Statehood
Speeches: "Alaskan and Hawaiian Statehood", March 3, 1958; "Statehood for Alaska-We Must Have It Now", May 5, 1958
64 9 Hawaii -- Statehood
Mink, Patsy T.; Murray, James E.; Burns, John A.; Jackson, Henry M.
Hawaiian Statehood; S.3054 Hawaii Omnibus Act; S.50 Admission To The State of Hawaii Into The Union
Speeches: "Statement On Hawaiian Statehood", January 14 and February 25, 1959
64 10 Health
Gwynne, John W.; Parrish, Robert M.
Water Pollution Control; Hoxsey Treatment of Cancer
1957 February-April
64 11 Health
Harriman, W. Averell
Rehabilitation Facilities for Mentally and/Or Physically Handicapped; Narcotics; Hoxsey Treatment for Cancer; S.2554 Warning Labels On Cigarettes
1957 May-December
64 12 Health
Delaney Bill Chemical Additives To Food; H.R.7798 Fluoridation of Drinking Water; H.R.10046 Fluoridation of Drinking Water Supplies
64 13 Health
Pyle, Howard
Water Pollution; Fluoridation of Drinking Water
64 14 Health
Neuberger, Maurine B.
Cancer Prevention; Dental Health; Health Professions Educational Assistance Act; Vaccination Assistance Act
64 15 Health
Mental Health; The Rockefeller Foundation 50th Anniversary
64 16 Health 1964
64 17 Health
Mental Health; Warning Labels On Cigarettes; S.1676 Deptartment of State and Deptartment of Health and Welfare; U.S. Hunger
64 18 Health
Jackson, Henry M.; Smylie, Robert E.
Mental Health; Paraplegic Rehabilitation; Establishing Kidney Centers; Vitamins and Food Supplements; S.3008 Public Health Services Act; S.3177 Kidney Diseases Act of 1967
64 19 Health
Dominick, Peter H.; Nixon, Richard M.
Mental Health Legislation; Overpopulation Family Planning S.2108; Nixon Veto of H.E.W. Appropriation
1970 January-April
65 1 Health
Magnuson, Warren G.; Jackson, Henry M.
Mental Health; Population Control; Hill-Burton Hospital Construction Program; Legalized Abortions
1970 May-August
65 2 Health
Yarborough, Ralph W.
Legalized Abortions; S.- National Cancer Authority
1970 September-December
65 3 Health
Dominick, Peter H.
Conquest of Cancer Act S.34; National Health Insurance; Health Manpower Act of 1968 Extension
1971 January-May
65 4 Health
Tower, John G.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Hart, Philip A.
Mental Health; National Health Insurance; Nurses Training Act of 1971 S.1747
1971 June-December
65 5 Health
Dominick, Peter H.
Hill-Burton Hospital Program; National Health Insurance; S.- National Venereal Disease Prevention and Control Act
1972 January-May
65 6 Health
Dominick, Peter H.
Hill-Burton Health Facilities Construction Act; National School Lunch Legislation; OSHA; S.3327 Health Maintenance Organizations
1972 June-December
65 7 Health
Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Tower, John G.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Schweiker, Richard S.
National Health Act of 1973; S.4035 Kidney Transplant Act of 1972; S.17 National Diabetes Research and Education Act
1973 January-February
65 8 Health
S.429 Children's Dental Health Act of 1973
1973 January-April
65 9 Health
Andrus, Cecil D.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.
National Health Insurance Program; Hill-Burton Hospital Construction Act; Health Care for Migrant Workers; Rural Health Care; U.S. Public Health Service Hospital
1973 March-April
65 10 Health
Hartke, Vance; Hathaway, William D.; Tunney, John V.
National Community Health Act; Health Security Act S.3; Individual Retirement Benefit Act S.374; Work Related Respiration Diseases
1973 May
65 11 Health
National Health Insurance Programs; Community Mental Health Centers Act; Regional Medical Programs
1973 June-August
65 12 Health
Hartke, Vance; Proxmire, William; Kennedy, Edward M.
National Health Insurance
1973 September-December
65 13 Health
Dominick, Peter H.
National Health Insurance; Economic Stabilization Act Relating To Health Industry; Health Care for Migrants
1974 January-April
65 14 Health
Burdick, Quentin N.; Inouye, Daniel K.
Regional Medical Programs; National Health Insurance; Health Services Act of 1974 S.3280
1974 May-July
66 1 Health
Hartke, Vance; Kennedy, Edward M.; Javits, Jacob K.
National Health Insurance; Huntingtons Disease Assistance Act; Kennedy-Javits Health Manpower Bill S.3585; Community Mental Health Programs
1974 August-October
66 2 Health
National Health Insurance; National Health Policy Planning and Resources Development Act S.2994; Arrest of 3 Boise Naturopaths; Vitamins and Food Supplement
1974 November-December
66 3 Health
Kennedy, Edward M.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Inouye, Daniel K.
Nurses Training Act S.3586; National Health Insurance; Hill-Burton Hospital Construction Program
1975 January-February
66 4 Health
Hart, Philip A.; Javits, Jacob K.
Malpractice Insurance; Health Services Act S.66 (Nurses Training Act); National Health Insurance; S.- Venereal Disease Prevention and Control Amendments of 1975; S.J.Res.39 National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week
1975 March
66 5 Health
Nurses Training Act Bartlett Amendment #86 Related To Funding for Abortions; Malpractice Insurance
1975 April
66 6 Health
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Long, Russell B.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Proxmire, William; Schweiker, Richard S.
Vitamins and Food Supplements; Proxmire-Schweiker Bill S.548; National Health Insurance
1975 May-June
66 7 Health
Andrus, Cecil D.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Health Manpower Act H.R.5546; National Health Insurance; Food Supplements; Lead Content In Paint; S.1905 Health Planning and Resources Development Act Amendments of 1975
1975 July-September
66 8 Health
Andrus, Cecil D.
Health Manpower Act H.R.5546; Fluoridation of Water
1975 October-December
66 9 Health
Health Manpower Act; Health Maintenance Organization; Emergency Medical Services
1976 January-February
66 10 Health
Taft, Robert, Jr.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.
Health Maintenance Organizations; Health Manpower Act H.R.5546; National Health Insurance; Black Lung Disease; Swine Flu Immunization
1976 March-May
66 11 Health
Andrus, Cecil D.
National Health Insurance; Health Manpower Act H.R.5546
1976 June-December
66 12 Health
Kennedy, Edward M.
National Health Insurance; Select Committee On Nutrition
1977 January-March
66 13 Health
Hospital Cost Containment Act; Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
1977 April-May
67 1 Health
Hospital Cost Containment Act; National Health Insurance; S.Res.26 War Against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
1977 June-July
67 2 Health
Evans, John V.
National Health Insurance; Idaho Health Agencies
1977 August-December
67 3 Health
Califano, Joseph A., Jr.
National Health Insurance; Hospital Cost Containment; H.R.1046 Health Planning and Resources Development Amendments of 1978
1978 January-March
67 4 Health
Long, Russell B.; Magnuson, Warren G.
Catastrophic Health Insurance and Medical Assistance Reform Act S.3105; Southeast Idaho Family Medical and Educational Services, Inc.; WAMI
1978 April-June
67 5 Health
Califano, Joseph A., Jr.
Influenza Immunization; Hospital Cost Containment; National Health Planning and Resources Development Act of 1974 S.2410; Health Maintenance Organization Amendments
1978 July-August
67 6 Health
Hospital Cost Containment; National Health Insurance; Adolescent Pregnancy
1978 September-December
67 7 Health
National Health Insurance; Nurses Training Act
1979 January-March
67 8 Health
Evans, John V.; Stevens, Ted
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act S.590; National Health Insurance; Hospital Cost Containment S.570; Report: Health Planning
1979 April-May
67 9 Health
Boren, David L.; Durenberger, David
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act S.590; Comprehensive Health Grants; National Health Insurance; Hospital Cost Containment
1979 June-July
67 10 Health
Evans, John V.
National Health Insurance; Water Fluoridation; Hospital Cost Containment; Comprehensive Health Grants; Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1979; Federal Funding for Abortion; Report: Health Planning and Resources Development Amendments of 1979
1979 August-December
67 11 Health
National Health Insurance; Hospital Cost Containment; Idaho Health Systems Agency; Federal Funding for Arthritis Research; Child Health Assistance Program S.1204; S.J.Res.132 National Medic Alert Week
1980 January-June
67 12 Health
Abortion; Nurses Training Act; Child Health Assistance Program S.1204; National Health Insurance; National Health Services Corps
1980 July-October
Hells Canyon
Concerns legislation both to develop and preserve the canyon.
67 13
Hells Canyon Water Rights; Mt. Sheep and Pleasant Valley High Dams; 51333 Report No. 2275 Hells Canyon Dam; Compensation for Idaho Power In Case of Hells Canyon Construction S.555
Statement Before The Subcommittee On Irrigation and Reclamation On Behalf of The Proposed Hell's Canyon Dam, March 7, 1957; Statements At Democratic National Conference In San Francisco, February 16, 1957
67 14
Corker, Charles E.; Harding, S.T.
State of Arizona Vs. State of California Et Al In The Supreme Court of The U.S., October, 1956; State of Oregon Vs. Idaho Power Company In The Supreme Court of The State of Oregon; "The Constitutional Power of Congress On The Colorado River System" By Ch
68 1
Corker, Charles E.
Debate On Hells Canyon, Hungry Horse Dam and The Columbia River Power System; Water Rights Protection; S.555 Hells Canyon Dam; National Hells Canyon Association Vs Federal Power Commission
Draft of "Hell's Canyon, Hungry Horse Dam, and The Columbia River Power System"
68 1
"The Western Water Rights Settlement Bill of 1957" By Charles E. Corker
68 2
National Hells Canyon Association Vs Federal Power Commission; Idaho Power Co.; State of Oregon As Amicus Curiae In Support of The Petition for Issuance of The Writ
68 2
S.1333 Re Hells Canyon Dam; Agreement for Supply of Firm Power and Energy-Idaho Power Co. and Utah Power Co.; State of Arizona Vs. State of California In The Supreme Court of The U.S.
68 3
Morse, Wayne; Magnuson, Warren G.; Murray, James E.; Neuberger, Richard L.; Jackson, Henry M.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Aikele, Andreas
Hells Canyon Dam
68 4
Pfost, Gracie
Hells Canyon Dam
1957 February
68 5
Resolution of The Board of Directors of The Idaho State Reclamation Association Re S.555, H.R.5, H.R.2840, H.R.2866, and H.R.3848; Hells Canyon Dam
1957 March
68 6
Hells Canyon
Idaho Power Dams, A Statement, April 25, 1957
1957 April
68 7
Humphrey, George M.; Morse, Wayne
Hells Canyon; Utilities
Tax Write-Offs and Idaho Power, A Statement Made By Frank Church On The Senate Floor, May 1, 1957
1957 May
68 8 1957 May
68 9
Jackson, Henry M.; Sparkman, John J.; Langer, William K.; Johnston, Olin D.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Kerr, Robert S.; Clark, Joseph S.; Murray, James E.; Fulbright, J.W.; Symington, Stuart; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Morse, Wayne
Political Affairs; Natural Resources; Agriculture; Hells Canyon
"Idaho's Case for Hells Canyon Dam", June 19, 1957
1957 June
68 10
Cox, J. Ray, Jr.; Coad, Merwin Mc.
Agriculture; Soil Conservation; Political Affairs; Appropriations for Hoover Committee; Hells Canyon
1957 July 1-10
68 11
Douglas, Paul H.; Taylor, C.J.; Heath, Thomas; Kaufman, Sam; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Dworshak, Henry C.
Hells Canyon
Excerpts From Speech On Hells Canyon Dam Delivered On The Senate Floor, June 19, 1957
1957 July 11-31
68 12
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Clark, Joseph S.
Beverages; Atomic Energy; Hells Canyon
1957 August-December
68 13
Hells Canyon Bill S.555
68 14
Army Report 308; Public Works; Columbia River; Natural Resources; Hells Canyon
68 15
Hells Canyon Snake River National River Bill; Ten Year Moratorium On Dams On The Middle Snake River S.940
68 16
Hells Canyon Snake River National River Bill S.3329 and H.R.15455; Moratorium On Construction of Dams On The Middle Snake River
68 17
Packwood, Bob
Hells Canyon Snake River National River S.717; Moratorium S.488
69 1
Andrus, Cecil D.
State of Idaho, Senate Joint Memorial, Opposition To Seven Year Middle Snake River Moratorium; Hells Canyon Funds; Statement of Governor Cecil D. Andrus Before The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee On Interior; Summary of Alternatives for Management of
Statement of Senator Frank Church Before The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee On Interior
69 1
Proposal By The Hells Canyon Preservation Council Inc. To Create The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area
69 2
A Bill To Establish The Hells Canyon National Recreation Area In The States of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington S.2233
69 3
Andrus, Cecil D.; Reid, Rolland R.
S.2233 Hells Canyon National Recreation Area; Statement of Governor Cecil D. Andrus On S.2233; Mineral Survey of The Seven Devils Mountains
1974 January-June
69 4
Pickle, J.J.; Jordan, Len B.
Hells Canyon; Jordan, Len B., Statement Before The Park and Recreation Subcommittee; Moratorium On Dams On The Middle Snake River
1974 July-December
69 5
Federal Government; Forest Service; Hells Canyon
1975 January-April
69 6
Hells Canyon
"Hells Canyon National Recreation Area", Before Senate, June 4, 1975
1975 May
69 7 1975 June-December
Heyburn Village - Immigration and naturalization
69 8 Heyburn Village -- Title to Streets
Bible, Alan
Title To Streets; Release The Right, Title, Or Interest, If Any, of The United States In Certain Streets In The Village of Heyburn, Idaho, and To Repeal The Reverter In Patent for Public Reserve S.2369, S.22, H.R.1087; Federal Government Interior Bureau
69 9 Highway Beautification
Nelson, Gaylord
Beautification of National Highways S.362; Billboard Control; Transportation
69 10 Hiking Trails 1966
69 11 Hospitals
Treinen, Sylvester
Funds for Modernizing Hospitals S.3009; Health
69 12 Hours of Service
Bartlett, E.L.
Hours of Service Bill S.2180; Shortening Hours of Railroad Engineers S.2180; Labor; Railroads
69 13 Housing
Harriman, W. Averell
S.Res.44 Public and Private Housing; S.- Clear Title To Wilder Labor Camp
69 14 Housing
Federal Construction Contract Procedures Act H.R.7168; Housing Act of 1958 S.4035
69 15 Housing
Douglas, Paul H.; Meany, George; Clark, Joseph S.; Javits, Jacob K.; Proxmire, William
Housing Bill S.3529; Housing Act of 1959, A Report; S.57 Housing Act of 1959; S.57 Housing Act of 1959; S.194 College Housing
69 16 Housing
Sparkman, John J.
Capital Gains On Real Estate Sales; Report On International Housing Programs
69 17 Housing
Blackmon, Larry
Housing and Urban Development Act; Rent Subsidy Program
69 18 Housing
Gambrell, David H.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Chiles, Lawton; Cranston, Alan; Goodell, Charles E.; Javits, Jacob K.; Hart, Philip A.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Proxmire, William
Loans for Mobile Home Purchases; VA Financing for Mobile Homes; S.3285 Older Americans Housing Act of 1972; S.Con.Res.4 Model Cities Program; S.3685 Mortgage Credit
69 19 Housing
Brock, William E.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Cranston, Alan; McGovern, George; Proxmire, William
69 20 Housing
Sparkman, John J.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Eardley, Richard R.
Low-Cost Housing; Housing Crisis; Mobile Home Safety; Omnibus Housing Bill S.3066; Settlement Costs In Real Estate Transactions S.3164; Mortgage Credit Act; Model Cities Program
69 21 Housing
Brooke, Edward W.; Tunney, John V.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Hud "701" Funds; Middle Income Housing Bill
1975 January-May
70 1 Housing
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Proxmire, William
Emergency Housing Act of 1975; Home Mortgage Disclosure Act of 1975 S.1281
1975 June-December
70 2 Housing
Community Block Grant Program; Anti-Trust Improvements Act S.1284; S.3554 National Neighborhood Policy Act
70 3 Housing
Bumpers, Dale; Proxmire, William; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Sasser, Jim
Housing Sales; Energy Conservation Standards; Young Families Housing Act S.664; National Flood Insurance Program; Housing and Development Act of 1977 S.1523; S.1523 Community Reinvestment Act of 1977; S.1523 Indian and Alaska Native Housing and Community
70 4 Housing
Interstate Land Sales Act S.3084; S.2726 Housing Conservation Act of 1978
70 5 Housing
Evans, John V.; Stafford, Robert T.; Leahy, Patrick J.
Fair Housing Act Amendments; Rural Housing Programs; Mortgage Revenue Bonds H.R.3712
70 6 Housing
Evans, John V.
Housing and Community Development Act of 1980; Fair Housing Act Amendments H.R.5200; Builders, Lumber Prices
1980 January-June
70 7 Housing
Fair Housing Act Amendments; High Interest Rates
1980 July-October
70 8 Humane Treatment of Animals
Humane Treatment of Animals S.3088 and S.533; S.3570 Humane Treatment of Animals Used for Tests and Experiments
70 9 Humane Treatment of Animals
Javits, Jacob K.; Tydings, Joseph D.
Interstate Traffic of Animals of Endangered Species; Clark-Cleveland Bill S.1071; "Dog Napping" Story From "Life" Magazine; Laboratory Animals Welfare Act
70 10 Immigration and Naturalization
Evans, John V.
Adoption of Hungarian Orphans; Non-Quota Immigrant Visas for Orphans S.866; Basque Sheepherders; Hungarian Refugees; Greek Immigration Quotas
1957 January-May
70 11 Immigration and Naturalization
Change In Immigration Law S.2410; Non-Quota Immigration Visas for Orphans; Eusebid Asla Pinuaga S.2648; Basque Sheepherders; Fabian Families
1957 June-November
70 12 Immigration and Naturalization 1957-1959
70 13 Immigration and Naturalization
Hennings, Thomas C., Jr.; Eastland, James O.
Basque Sheepherders
1958 January-April
71 1 Immigration and Naturalization 1959 January-May
71 2 Immigration and Naturalization
S.1996 Immigration and Naturality Act
1959 June-December
71 3 Immigration and Naturalization 1960
71 4 Immigration and Naturalization
Theophilus, D.R.; Eastland, James O.; Bilyeu, Charles E.
Speeches: "Introduction of S.805", No Date; "Introduction of S.1915", No Date
71 5 Immigration and Naturalization
Javits, Jacob K.; Keating, Kenneth B.
Alien Orphans Adoption Law
71 6 Immigration and Naturalization
Dworshak, Henry C.
Changing Immigration Laws
71 7 Immigration and Naturalization
Cuban Refugee Program
71 8 Immigration and Naturalization
Kennedy, Edward M.; Fong, Hiram L.; Goldwater, Barry M.
Illegal Aliens; Report: From Judiciary Committee; S.1899 Nonvisa Visitor Act of 1970; S.2531 Alien Employment Certification Act of 1975; S.1928 Alien Employment Act; H.R.981 Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments of 1975; H.R.982 Amend The Immig
71 9 Immigration and Naturalization
Harris, Fred R.; Davis, William E.; Rodino, Peter W., Jr.; Eastland, James O.; Kennedy, Edward M.
Basque Sheepherders S.3969
Speech: "Introduction of S.3969", No Date
71 10 Immigration and Naturalization
Illegal Aliens; S.158 Immigration and Nationality Act
71 11 Immigration and Naturalization
Kennedy, Edward M.
71 12 Immigration and Naturalization
Mcintyre, James T.; Kennedy, Edward M.
Cuban Refugees
General and by tribe and reservation.
71 13
Langer, William K.; Smylie, Robert E.; Whitman, Carl, Jr.; Garry, Joseph R.; Hart, John B.
S.331 Offenses On Reservations; S.Con.Res.3 Raising Standards of Living for Indians; S.809 Provide Economic Assistance To Indians; Jewel Bearing Plant-Rolla, N.D.
71 14
Garry, Joseph R.; Halfmoon, Richard A.; Slickpoo, Allen P.; Greenwood, W. Barton; Engelking, D.F.; Smylie, Robert E.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Neuberger, Richard L.
S.851 Indian's Water Rights; H.R.5424 Indian Lands and Heirship; Coeur d'Alene Judgement Funds; Indian Affairs
72 1
Milligan, Edward A.
White House Conference On Children and Youth March 27-April 1; S.2156 Exchange of Lands Between U.S. and Navajo Tribe
72 2
"American Indians On Reservations In The U.S." 1961; Program and Proceedings-First Annual Conference for Tribal Judges, March 2-6, 1959
1959; 1961
72 3
Milligan, Edward A.; Slickpoo, Allen P.; Whiteman, Edward P.; Burdick, Quentin N.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Allott, Gordon; Goldwater, Barry M.; Gruening, Ernest; Carver, John A., Jr.; Garry, Joseph R.; Artichoker, John, Jr.
S.323 Salmon River Preservation; S.629 Indian Blood Rights; Duck Valley Reservation School Children; Lemhi County Medical Care To Transient Indians
1961 January-May
72 4
Udall, Stewart L.; Young, Milton R.; Keeler, W.W.; Gamble, James H.
Keeler Task Force On Indian Affairs June 12, 1961; Reprint of Original Account: Custer Massacre of The Bismarck Tribune
"The Indian Program On The New Frontier" Before The 18th Annual Convention of The National Congress of American Indians, Lewiston, Idaho
1961 June-December
72 5
Murrow, Edward R.; Cree, Francis
Crow Tribe Vs. U.S. Before Indian Claims Commission; S.2899 Indian Heirship Land Problems; Testimony On S.1392; S.Res.260 Constitutional Rights of The American Indian
72 6
Boyer, Edward; Kennedy, Robert F.; Jackson, Vernon; Holdridge, Herbert C.; Metcalf, Lee; Watkins, Arthur V.; Wilson, Angus A.; Slickpoo, Allen P.; Burnette, Robert
S.1594 Land Rights of Navajo Tribe and Ute Tribe In New Mexico; S.1169 Confederated Tribes, Colville Reservation; S.1442 Close Roll, Confederated Tribes, Colville Reservation; S.1718 Trade With Indians;
72 6
S.1885 U.S. Trust of Burial Grounds for Battle Mountain Colony; S.2027 Snake Or Paiute Indians of Former Malheur Reservation, Oregon; S.2111 Ownership of Colorado River Indian Reservation In Arizona and California; Judgement Funds To Kootenai Tribe Or B
72 7
Dominick, Peter H.
Report To Accompany H.R.17794 Kinzua Dam Project
72 8
Colville Termination Bill S.1413
72 9
Harris, Fred R.; Goldwater, Barry M.
H.R.12394 Purchase, Sale, Exchange Lands On Coeur d'Alene Reservation; S.3910 White House Conference On Indian Affairs
72 10
Halfmoon, Richard A.; Kennedy, Edward M.
S.1217 Title of Lands In Mahnomen and Becker Counties, Minn. To Chiippewa Tribe, White Earth Reservation; S.1230 Lands In Shawano County, Wisc. To Stockbridge-Munsee Reservation; The Effects of Termination On The Menominee S.Con.Res.26; S.2482 Indian Edu
72 11
Moffett, Walter L.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Proxmire, William; Harris, Fred R.; McGee, Gale; Nelson, Gaylord; McGovern, George; Jackson, Henry M.
S.2478 Payment of Lemhi Claim of Shoshone-Bannock Tribes At Fort Hall; Committee Policy On Distribution of Judgement Funds; Menominee Restoration; Nez Perce Judgement Payment, Public Law 87-24; Report On Fort Belnap Reservation Builders Activities
1972 January-May
72 12
Gover, Bill P.; Packwood, Bob; Halfmoon, Richard A.; Meeks, Raymond
S.3594 Klamath Indian Forests; S.2449 Inheritance Nez Perce Reservation; S.2478 Lemhi Judgement Funds To Shoshone-Bannock Fort Hall Tribe; Amend S.1357 To H.R.14370 Metcalf Amendment Revenue Sharing; H.R.11128 Navajo-Hopi Land Bill; H.R.10436 Inheritance
1972 June-December
72 13
Edmo, Jack; Jackson, Henry M.; Trice, Amelia; Gereau, Gerald
Memorandum: Wounded Knee Observations and Recommendations By Gerald Gereau; Memorandum: Major Issues At Wounded Knee; "Trail of Broken Treaties" Protest, Sit-In of Bia Headquarters, Washington, DC; Kootenai Land Bill S.634; Chemawa Indian School
1973 January-May
72 14
Whitaker, John C.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Abourezk, James S.; Martin, Phillip; Banks, Dennis J.; Gibson, Benson; Chino, Wendell; Begay, Eugene A.
H.R.5089 Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee Boudary Dispute Act; H.R.11441 Headstart Fee Schedule; S.1786 National Indian Goals and Progress Act; Chemawa Indian School, Oregon; Indian Water Rights; S.1687 Menominee Restoration Act; S.634 Kootenai Land Bil
1973 June-December
72 15
Domenici, Pete V.; Trice, Amelia; Abourezk, James S.; Halfmoon, Richard A, ; Bible, Alan
S.634 Kootenai Land Bill Hearings, January 25, 1974; S.1017 Indian Self-Determination and Educational Reform Act; S.3552 Reacquisition of Jurisdiction By Indian Tribes Over Criminal and Civil Offenses; S.2938 Indian Health Care Improvement Act
1974 January-July
72 16
Thompson, Morris; Trice, Amelia
S.634 Kootenai Land Bill H.R.9105; Wounded Knee Trials; Bureau of Indian Affairs Indian Preference Policy S.4070; S.1017 Indian Self Determination
1974 August-December
72 17
Wells, Merle W.; Halfmoon, Richard A.; Ourada, Patricia K.
S.522 Indian Health Care Improvement Act; The Indian In The 20th Century, Bsu, 1974-1975, Dr. P.K. Ourada, "The Boise Claim"
1975 January-March
73 1
Abourezk, James S.
Chemawa School and Facilities; S.522 Indian Health Care Improvement Act
1975 April-June
73 2
Trimble, Charles E.; Byrd, Robert C.; Halfmoon, Richard A.; Moffett, Walter L.; Sekaquaptewa, Abbot
American Indian Policy Review Commission; Indian Education; S.1328 State Jurisdiction Over Civil and Criminal Affairs In Tribal Areas; S.545 Wounded Knee Compensation; S.509 Retirement Benefits for Non-Indian Employees of Bureau of Indian Affairs
1975 July-December
73 3
Abourezk, James S.; Castro, Raul H.
American Indian Policy Review Commission-"Activities and Progress" and "Resolutions and Supportive Statements for Chemawa Indian School"
1976 January-March
73 4
Wells, Merle W.; Krenzke, Theodore; Kuykendall, Jerome K.; McConnell, A. Mitchell; Loder, Tom K.; Peters, Calvin J.; Skanen, Skip
S.509 Indian Employees In Bia; The American Indian School of Medicine; The Boise Claim Treaty of Fort Boise, 1864; Testimony of Shoshone-Bannock Tribes On Health Needs; "Toward Economic Development for Native American Communities"; "Federal Encroachment
1976 April
73 4
Indian Action Team Program; Chemawa School and Health Facility; Duck Valley Indian Reservation;
1976 April
73 5
Slickpoo, Allen P.; Halfmoon, Richard A.; Stearns, Harold G.; Thompson, Elden
Nee-Me-Po (Nez Perce) Trail; Joseph Route; Chemewa School Closing; Appropriations for Indian Action Team Program; Progress Report, 1973-1976 Advocates for Indian Education, The Northwest Tribes; Annual Progress Report: Resource Development Project Cou
1976 May-July
73 6
Wheaton, John M.
Indian Education Act of 1972, Title Iv; "Numbers Games and Circuses and Shrinking of Niip" National Indian Youth Council
1976 August-December
73 7
Califano, Joseph A., Jr.; Evans, John V.; Abourezk, James S.
American Indian Policy Review Commission-Information Packet; Title Iv Indian Education Act; "Tribal National Park Plan" Coeur d'Alene Tribe; H.R.5701 and S.1216 Indian Claims Amendments; "Trail of Broken Promises: An Assessment of Hud's Indian Housing Pr
1977 January-May
73 7
S.522 Indian Health Care Improvement Act; S.- Indian Child Welfare Act of 1977; S.- Housing and Development Assistance for Indians and Native Alaskans
1977 January-May
73 8
Black, Michael S.; Scott, Wilfred A.; Skanen, Skip; Abourezk, James S.; Williams, C. Herb; Neubrech, Walt
Indian Treaties, American Nightmare By C. Herb Williams and Walt Neubrech; Chemawa Indian School Construction; S.Res.196 Commemorating The 100th Anniversary of The Nez Perce War of 1877; S.Res.- Select Committee On Indian Affairs A Permanent Committee
"Nez Perce War Commemorative Resolution" June 16, 1977
1977 June-December
73 9
Scanen, Hillary
Bureau of Indian Affairs Task Force; "National United Indian Action Program: Proposal for Fiscal 1979"; H.R.- Abrogation of All Treaties With American Indian Tribes; S.2502 Tribal/State Compact Act of 1978
1978 January-March
73 10
Lasarte, Bernard J.; Skanen, Skip; Felton, Warren; Scott, Wilfred A.
6, 300 Acre Coeur d'Alene Tribal Farm; Indian Action Team Program; Title Iv, Indian Education Act; S.2642 Blm/Nez Perce Land Transfer
1978 April-December
73 11
Byrd, Robert C.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Scott, Wilfred A.; Melcher, John; Hall, Robert T.; Cox, Claude A.
Fort Hall Indian School Construction; Proposed Mining Lease-J.R. Simplot Co. Fort Hall Reservation; S.1466 Distribution of Judgement Funds To Kansas and Idaho Delaware Tribes; "Resource Development Project: Annual Progress Report" Coeur d'Alene Tribe; H.
73 12
Byrd, Robert C.; Scott, Wilfred A.; Macdonald, Peter; Laxalt, Paul; Cannon, Howard W.; Paiva, James; Lasarte, Bernard J.
S.1466 Judgement Funds To Kansas and Idaho Delaware Tribes; S.2222 Extend Statute of Limitations for Filing Indian Claims Under 28 Usc 2415; S.2166 Native American Culture and Development Act; S.Res.448 Make Select Committee On Indian Affairs Permanent
73 13 Indians : Lapwai School District
S.998 Transfer of Lands To Lapwai School District; H.R.3995 Similar To S.998
73 14 Indians : Legislation
S.2945 Judgement Funds To Coeur d'Alene Tribe; S.2244 Federal Property Services Act To Promote The Welfare of Indians; S.2345 and S.2346 Transfer Submarginal Lands To Shoshone, Bannock, Ft. Hall Reservations; S.2379 Donate 11.25 Acres Federal Land In ID
73 14 Indians : Legislation
Halfmoon, Richard A.; Gruening, Ernest; Ernst, Roger; Murray, James E.
Coeur d'Alene; Shoshone; Bannock; Nez Perce; S.3683 Redevelopment Program On Indian Reservations; S.56 Provision of Sanitation Facilities and Services; S.Con.Res.12 Federal Responsibility Toward Indians; S.953 Economic Assistance To American Indians;
73 15 Indians : Legislation
Smylie, Robert E.
Title To Certain Lands Within Nez Perce Reservation, Idaho; S.2947 Land Transfer From Oregon Short Line Railroad Co. To Pocatello First Corp. of Mormon Church; S.3650 Fort Hall Indian Irrigation Project
73 16 Indians : Legislation
S.3650 1960 Tribes-Shoshone, Bannock/Ft. Hall, Nez Perce; S.1294 Amend Act of June 30, 1948, Fort Hall Irrigation Project; S.1295 Authorize Use of Judgement Funds To Nez Perce Tribe; S.2298 Advisory Board On Indian Affairs
1961 #1
74 1 Indians : Legislation
Javits, Jacob K.; Campbell, Joseph; Miller, Jack; Shaw, James R.
S.J.Res.199 American Indian Day, 4th Friday In September; S.751 Indian Claims Commission Act; S.1392 Indian Heirship
1961 #2
74 2 Indians : Legislation
Bennett, Wallace F.; Burnette, Robert; Mckinnon, James E.
S.2899 Indian Heirship; S.3178 Loans To Finance Testimony of Expert Witnesses Before Indian Claims Commission; Indian Affairs; Subcommittee On Indian Affairs
74 3 Indians : Legislation
Dominick, Peter H.
S.50 Loans To Finance Testimony of Expert Witnesses Before Indian Claims Commission; S.J.Res.84 American Indian Day; S.1049 Indian Heirship
74 4 Indians : Legislation
Andrus, Cecil D.
H.R.14417 Tribal Land Consolidation; H.R.8773 Indian Education
74 5 Indian Tribes -- Coeur d'Alene
George, Oswald C.; Garry, Joseph R.; Nash, Philleo; Garry, Ignace H.; Antelope, William M.
Petition To Amend The Coeur d'Alene Tribal Constitution
1958-1965; 1979
74 6 Indian Tribes -- Idaho, Delaware and Navajo
Melcher, John
S.3251, S.2155, S.1466 Distribution of Judgement Fund To The Delaware Tribe; S.1534 Sale of Lands Along The Snake River, Idaho; S.1635 Idaho Anadromous Fish Habitat Restoration Act
1965; 1976; 1978-1980
74 7 Indian Tribes -- Nez Perce
Neuberger, Richard L.; Nechtner, Howard D.; Greene, Jesse; Halfmoon, Richard A.
Nez Perce Hunting and Fishing Rights
74 8 Indian Tribes -- Nez Perce
Wilson, Angus A.; Wagner, Carruth J.
H.R.11699 Use of Lands, Nez Perce County, Idaho, for Educational Purposes; S.2642 Nez Perce Land Transfer Bill
1963-1965; 1978-1979
74 9 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Duck Valley 1975; 1978-1979
74 10 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Parker, Frank W.; Zimmerman, William, Jr.
Treaty Between United States and Eastern Band of Shoshone and Bannock Indians 1868; Closing of Livestock Trail Across Reservation; S.1717 Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction; Zimmerman, William, Jr., "The Fort Hall Story-An Interpretation"
1957; 1959 January-June
74 11 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Bennett, Elmer F.; Engelking, D.F.; Boyer, Edward
School Attendance; Fort Hall Irrigation Project
1959 July-December
74 12 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Leonard, Ross
S.-- Conflict Between State of Idaho and Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall Tribes Regarding Unrestricted Rights To Hunt and Fish
74 13 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Thorpe, Joseph, Jr.; Boyer, Edward; Cosgrove, Kenneth; Littlejohn, Layton, L.; Carver, John A., Jr.; Laidlaw, Sally Jean
Laidlaw, Sally Jean, "Federal Indian Policy and The Fort Hall Indians"; Bia Banning of Indian Stick Game; S.3650 Fort Hall Indian Irrigation Project; Appointment of John A. Carver, Jr. As Asst. Sec. of The Interior and Commissioner of Indian Affairs
74 13 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall 1960-1961
74 14 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Leonard, Ross; Crow, John O.
Hunting and Fishing Rights
74 15 Indian Tribes -- Shoshone, Bannock, Fort Hall
Boyer, Edward; Carver, John A., Jr.
Publication Concerning Tribal Operations: Resolutions, Ordinances, Petitions, Clippings, Constitution, and Bylaws
1962-1965; 1969; 1971
Inflation - Kaye, Danny
Includes insurance and judicial appointments.
74 16 Inflation 1959-1965
74 17 Inflation 1966
74 18 Insurance
Forand Bill H.4700
74 19 Insurance -- Aging - Loan Guarantees
Problems of Aging
74 20 Insurance
Tydings, Joseph D.
S.3311 Crime Insurance Act of 1970; S.1754, H.R.11024 Credit Insurance
75 1 Insurance
National No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act
75 2 Insurance
Magnuson, Warren G.
75 3 Insurance
Bayh, Birch
Critique of The Proposed National No-Fault Motor Vehicle Insurance Act; S.3598 Employee Pension and Welfare Benefit Plans
75 4 Insurance
Symms, Steve
75 5 Insurance
Baker, Howard H., Jr.
75 6 Insurance 1975
75 7 Insurance
Moss, Frank E.; Evans, John V.
75 8 Insurance
S.1587 Government Retirement Systems From Taxation; Product Liability
75 9 Insurance
Pepper, Claude
75 10 Insurance
Eccles, Marriner S.; Hatfield, Mark O, ; Long, Russell B.; Gollaher, Monroe; Moynihan, Daniel P.; Javits, Jacob K.
Report To Governor John V. Evans, Proposed Idaho Product Liability Reform Act; Report From Federal Trade Commission; Employee Retirement Income Security Act S.1076
75 11 Interstate Commerce Act
Magnuson, Warren G.; Summerfield, Arthur E.
S.995 Protection of Railroad Employees; S.1425 Same As S.995; S.2935 National Transportation System
75 12 Interstate Commerce Act
Magnuson, Warren G.
75 13 Judicial
Lena Funding
75 14 Judicial Appointments
Haynsworth, Clement F., Jr.; Thurmond, Strom; Jeffrey, Mildred; Humphrey, Gordon J.; Laxalt, Paul
S.739 Venue In The District Courts and Courts of Appeals
75 15 Judicial Retirement
Humphrey, Hubert H.
H.R.985 Retirement At 75 for Chief Justices of Circuit and District Courts; Various Amendments To H.R.985 and Church Amendments
"Amend Chief Judges' Retirement Age To 70", In Senate, July 28, 1958
75 16 Juvenile Delinquency
S.2562 Strengthen Criminal Penalties for Mailing, Importing, Or Transporting Obscene Matter
75 17 Kaye, Danny
S.J.Res.97 Give Danny Kaye A Medal
Although the union men of the Idaho mines were not a large part of Church's constituency, as a Democrat he supported the union position on issues such as right-to-work, Taft-Hartley and Davis-Bacon act reform. The Labor files also include material relating to the railroad unions, the CETA program and unemployment in general.
75 18
Reuther, Walter P.
Labor; Trading With Enemies (This Is In Wrong Location)
75 19
Analysis of The Kennedy-Ives Bill; S.3974
1958 January-April
75 20
Wyle, Benjamin
Wyle, Benjamin, "The Unorganized Worker; Forgotten Man In Labor Relations"; Aclu-Statement of Kennedy-Ives Bill; American Airlines Strike
1958 April-December
75 21
Symington, Stuart
Senate Select Committee On Labor Management; S.1555 Labor Management Reporting Act
75 22
"Handbook of Women Workers", Department of Labor, 1958; "Manpower Reports", Department of Labor, 1958
76 1
Meany, George; Lens, Sidney
Steel Workers Legislative Program; Lens, Sidney, "The Mine-Mill Conspiracy Case"; Report of Air Carrier Labor Dispute; Conference On Economic Progress
1961 January-March
76 2
Franks, Maurice; Levine, Louis
Idaho Employment Security Agency Farm Labor Report; Changing Chracter of The Labor Force; Presidential Commission On Airline Labor; S.2134 Democratic Process Within The Labor Unions
1961 April-December
76 3
Kennedy, Robert F.
"The Competitive Challege of Steel", Iron and Steel Institute; Petition To The Subversive Activities Control Board-International Union of Mine, Smelter, and Mill Workers
76 4
Goldberg, Arthur J.
Resolution of Uaw 18th Constitutional Meeting; AFL-CIO "Labor Looks At The 87th Congress"
76 5 1963
76 6
S.1781 Strike Breakers; H.R.8489 Civil Service Pensions; H.R.1153 Employers Contributions for Promotion of Products
76 7 1966
76 8
Labor; Constitution of Plumbers and Pipe Fitters
76 9
Bennett, Wallace F.; Samuelson, Don
Copper Strike
76 10
Javits, Jacob K.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
H.R.453 Labor Court Act; American Enterprise Institute
76 11
Rustin, Bayard; Meany, George; Hartke, Vance
S.3526 Effective Transportation Services During National Emergencies; The Employment and Training Opportunity Act of 1970 S.3867/H.R.19519; The Hartke Amendment #967 S.2348
76 12
Harris, Fred R.; Bayh, Birch; Muskie, Edmund S.; Cook, Marlow W.; Javits, Jacob K.; Metcalf, Lee
National Economic Equity Act S.3876; Civil Service S.437/H.R.3661; S.- Amendment To The Walsh-Healey Act Allowing 4 Day Work Week; S. The National Productivity Act of 1971; S.4460 National Public Employees Relations Act
76 13
Andrus, Cecil D.; Hartke, Vance; Meany, George; Javits, Jacob K.; Taylor, George; Packwood, Bob; Brooks, Jack; Tower, John G.
Air West Strike; Transportation Strike Legislation; S.2592 Tariff and Trade Laws; Emergency Transportation; Benefit Security Act H.R.1269; Pension and Employee Benefit Act S.2; Sunshine Mine Disaster; AFL-CIO State Convention; Hospital Exemption To Natio
76 14
Inouye, Daniel K.; Tunney, John V.; Jackson, Henry M.
S.1566 Maritime Strikes; S.1861 Fair Labor Act; S.1238 & H.R.4726 Picketing; H.R.77; S.1423 Legal Services; S.2022 Flexible Hours Employment Act; Non-Profit Hospital Exemptions; S.1871 Expansion of Ycc; S.1559 Comprehensive Manpower Act; Idaho AFL-CIO Co
76 15
S.2643, H.R.8677 and 9730 National Park Labor Relations; Construction Industry Stability Board; Ceta Expansion; S.3451 Shepherd Wagons; S.3600 Wage Adjustment Act; H.R.8193 Energy, Transportation Security Act
76 16
"Americans Against Union Control of Government" By Jesse Helms; Department of Labor FY 1975 Planning Estimates
76 16
Helms, Jesse; Symms, Steve
S.1479 and S.20479 Construction Site Picketing; S.2712 Right To Work for Journalists; H.R.10130 Fair Labor Standards; H.R.8069 Employment Service Appropriations; H.R.502 Federal Employment Assistance; H.R.77 Public Employee Labor Relations; H.R.1587 Publ
76 17
Stanley, Scott, Jr.
S.2939 Opportunities Industrialization Act; S.50 Government As Employer of Last Resort; S.926 and H.R.3536; S.3201; Nfl Players Association; Labor & HEW Appropriations H.R.14232; H.R.10210
76 18
S.2239 Conscience Amendment; Coal Strike; H.R.3161 Federal Fire Fighter Hours; Masonite Strike; S.926 Minimum Wage
76 19
Dole, Robert; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hawkins, Augustus F.
General Contractor's Association; Ceta; S.50 and H.R.50 Humphrey/Hawkins Full Employment; H.R.4876 Economic Stimulus Act; Hatch Act; S.413 and H.R.3297 Overtime Pay; H.R.77 Labor Reform; H.R.314 and H.R.7388 Service Contract Act; S.1604 Illegal Aliens; H
76 20
Plebiscite Cards
76 21
S.300 and H.R.2060 Illinois Brick Bill
76 22
S.1693 Conscience Amendment
76 22
P.L.308 Fitzgerald Act; Apprenticeship; On The Job Training Contract Act; H.R.777 Labor Reform; S.2080 Public Buildings; S.1076 and S.625 Exclude Gravel Pits and Quarries From Coal Mine Safety Act; S.2823 Urban Jobs and Enterprise Zones; S.1076-Multi Em
76 23 Labor : Anti-Trust
Hoffa, Jimmy; Bridges, Harry
West Coast Maritime Strike; S.2573 McClellen Anti-Trust; Hoffa; Bridges
1961; 1962; 1966
76 24 Labor : Appalachian Development
Magnuson, Warren G.; Vegors, Stanley
S.15970 and H.R.8193 Cargo Preference Act; S.575 Appalachian Regional Development Act
1971 June-July
77 1 Labor : Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (Ceta)
Nichols, Glenn W.; Evans, John V.; Nelson, Gaylord; Chiles, Lawton; Bellmon, Henry
S.2570 Ceta Reauthorization; Youth Employment Initiatives Act; Bellmon/Chiles Reduction Amendments
77 2 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Secondary Boycott; Idaho Homebuilder's Association Membership Directory
1958-1961 January-March
77 3 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Holland, Spessard L.; Thompson, Frank, Jr.
H.R.2953 Thompson; H.R.6409 Holland; Legislative Research Service On Common Situs
77 4 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
H.R.10027 Sickles Bill; H.R.8282 52 Weeks Unemployment
77 5 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Mciary, James D.
Afl/Cio Statement; Industry Viewpoints, Business Week
77 6 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Christian Labor Association
1975 May-September
77 7 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Javits, Jacob K.
Bumpers Amendment; Williams-Javits Amendment
1975 September-October
77 8 Labor : Common Situs Picketing 1975 November
77 9 Labor : Common Situs Picketing 1975 December
77 10 Labor : Common Situs Picketing
Usery, W.J.
Common Situs Picketing; Vetoes
77 11 Labor : Common Situs Picketing 1977
77 12 Labor : Conscience Amendments 1978-1980
77 13 Labor : Davis-Bacon Act
Marshal, Ray
S.1319 Military Construction Authorization Act; S.224 Internal Revenue Regulations; S.1681 Cut Reporting; Jepsen Amendment; S.2080 Public Buildings Act; H.R.6041 Fringe Benefits; H.R.14370 Revenue Sharing; S.1570 Federal Construction
77 14 Labor : Emergency Employment Act
Johnston, J. Bennett; Hathaway, William D.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Macgregor, Clark; Knight, Gladys
S.1298 Public Service Employment Act, 1973; S.1560 and S.2263 Substitutes, Tower of Texas; H.R.4481 Emergency Employment Appropriations, 1975
77 15 Labor : Equal Rights - Women 1957-1968
77 16 Labor : Fannin Amendment - Farm Labor
Fannin, Paul J.
S.8 and H.R.4769 Agriculture Labor Relations Act; Farm Labor Contractor Act of 1963; S.2875 and S.2789 Migrant Housing; Boren Amendments
77 16 Labor : Fannin Amendment - Farm Labor
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Fannin Amendment, Union Dues for Political Purposes; Farm Labor, American Farm Bureau Federation; Share Croppers Fund, National Advisory Committee On Farm Labor; Department of Labor, Special Farm Labor Committee; National Farm Labor Users Conference
77 17 Labor : Federal Employees
King, Grace G.; Burdick, Quentin N.
Public Employees; Federal Employees; S.1322 Extend Federal Employee Compensation Act To Pay Chiropractic Treatments; H.R.9 Civil Service Retirement; S.1781 Federal Citizens Job Protection Act; Federal Salary Act
77 18 Labor : Foreign
Foreign Labor; Department of Labor Policies; Braceros Certification In Southwest Idaho; Public Law 68; Japanese Labor; Dept. of Agriculture, Daily Digest, August 24, 1960; H.R.12759 Mexican Farm Labor Bill; S.1945 Mexican Farm Labor Bill To Reform P.L.7
77 19 Labor : Foreign
Hughes, Nicholas
P.L.78-1963 Extension; House Agriculture Committee Report; Nyssa-Nampa Beet Growers Viewpoints; P.L.87692-Health Clinics; R.10440 War On Poverty; National Share Croppers Fund Report of Farm Workers Conditions; S.521 Education of Adults A
77 19 Labor : Foreign
S.524 National Advisory Council On Migratory Labor
77 20 Labor : Foreign
Chavez, Cesar; Muskie, Edmund S.; Bennet, Fay; Healy, Cletus S.J.
S.3545 Immigration and Nationality Act; State of Idaho, Department of Employment, "Idaho Farm Labor Report"; H.R.4011 Collective Bargaining for Farm Labor; S.763 Kuechel Amendment To S.1986; Share Croppers Fund, 1965 Report On Conditions O
77 21 Labor : Full Employment
Javits, Jacob K.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
Job Development Act; Full Employment and Job Development Act of 1972, 1973, 1975; Equal Opportunity and Full Employment Act of 1976; H.R.8053 Jobs Creation Act of 1975; S.50 Full Employment Act 1976, 1977
77 22 Labor : Hatch Act 1977-1979
78 1 Labor : Hawaii Commerce Bill
Fong, Hiram L.; Inouye, Daniel K.
Hawaii and US Pacific Island Commerce Act S.1566
78 2 Labor : Health and Labor
Health and Labor; S.3 National Health Security; S.4 Labor Pension Bill
78 3 Labor : Management Industry Promotion
Joint Labor; Management Industry Promotion S.1369
78 4 Labor : Manpower Development and Training Act of 1961
Stevens, Ted; Amyx, Jay S.
S.1991 Manpower Development Act of 1961; S.2346 Manpower Act of 1971; S.31 Public Service Employment Act
78 5 Labor : Minimum Wage
Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, As Amended; "Forest Or Lumbering Operations Incident To Or In Conjunction With Farming Operations", Interpretive Bulletin
78 6 Labor : Minimum Wage 1958
78 7 Labor : Minimum Wage
McNamara, Pat
S.1046 and H.R.4488 Minumum Wage; Afl/Cio Report; H.R.8305 Federal Credit Unions; 1940-1958 Idaho Population Growth and Personal Income Study
78 8 Labor : Minimum Wage 1960 January
78 9 Labor : Minimum Wage 1960 February-March
78 10 Labor : Minimum Wage 1960 April-July
78 11 Labor : Minimum Wage
S.1570 Fair Labor Act
1960 August-September
78 12 Labor : Minimum Wage 1961 January-April
78 13 Labor : Minimum Wage 1961 March 13-14
78 14 Labor : Minimum Wage
McBride, George; West, Harold; Hawkins, Earl; Kiser, Al; Walters, John G.; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley
Minimum Wage; H.R.8260 and S.2486 Double Time for Overtime; Idaho Potato Processing Analysis; Labor Department Report On H.R.9824; Labor Department Report On Small Logging Operations; Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938; H.R.10275 Retail Exemptions
78 15 Labor : Minimum Wage
Retail Exemptions; Agricultural Exemptions
1965 September-November
78 16 Labor : Minimum Wage
Davis-Bacon H.R.17596, H.R.13712, H.R.8282, H.R.15119, S.2671, S.2672, 3032; S.1991 Unemployment Compensation; Minimum Wage
1966 January-May
78 17 Labor : Minimum Wage 1966 June-October
78 18 Labor : Minimum Wage 1967; 1969; 1971
78 19 Labor : Minimum Wage 1972 February-June
78 20 Labor : Minimum Wage 1972 July-December
78 21 Labor : Minimum Wage 1973
79 1 Labor : Minimum Wage 1973-1975
79 2 Labor : Minimum Wage 1976-1977
79 3 Labor : Minimum Wage 1977-1979
79 4 Labor : National Labor Relations Act
Dirksen Amendments; Norris-Laguerdia R.R. Labor Act
79 5 Labor : National Labor Relations Act
Taft, Robert, Jr.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
National Labor Relations Act S.3203, S.794, S.2292, H.R.13673, H.R.1236, H.R.7935, H.R.11357
79 6 Labor : National Labor Relations Act
Public Employees
79 7 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Samuelson, Don; Meany, George
OSHA; S.2193 Safe and Healthful Working Conditions; Federal Occupational Safety and Heath Act of 1968 S.2864/H.R.16783
79 8 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Curtis, Carl T.; Meany, George; Taylor, George; Beck, Carl
Small Business Exemption From OSHA H.R.12068; Select Committee On The Oversite of OSHA
79 9 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Dominick, Peter H.
Bill To Repeal OSHA H.R.7937
79 10 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Strang, Alan
Amendments To The OSHA Act S.1147 and S.1249
79 11 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Strong, Jack; Chiles, Lawton
OSHA Repeal Bill H.R.7437; John Birch Society; OSHA Legislation Summary; 1972 Occupational Accident Summary; Amendment To OSHA S.1147
79 12 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Abdnor, Jim
OSHA Reform; Policy and Administrative Revue Board; Florida Fruit Growers Et Al. Vs The Dept. of Labor; S.1147 OSHA Reform
79 13 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Chiles, Lawton
Noise Standards; OSHA Issue Brief From Library of Congress
79 14 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Thurmond, Strom; Laxalt, Paul; Taft, Robert, Jr.
Public Law 91-596 OSHA; On Site Consultation S.3182; S.- OSHA Reform Help Small Business With The Payment of Costs; OSHA Reform S.2871/H.R.4675
79 15 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Bingham, Eula; Dole, Robert; McClure, James A.
On Site Consultation; Farm and Small Business Exemptions S.179 and S.180; Repeal H.R.1348; Reform S.1177; Benzene Standards; OSHA
79 16 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Dole, Robert; Johnston, J. Bennett; Sanger, T. Daniel
OSHA; Barlow Vs Usery; Repeal H.R.7152; On Site Consultations; Cotton Dust; Performance
79 17 Labor : Occupational Safety & Health Administration
Bumpers, Dale; Schweiker, Richard S.
S.918 Exempt Farm and Small Business From OSHA; S.2153 OSHA Reform; Postal Workers H.R.826; Position Paper Re: S.1486, S.1472, S.2153, National Cattlemens Association
79 18 Labor : Organizations
Background for Coeur d'Alene Labor Movement; Mine-Mill Case Re: Subversive Activities Act of 1954; National Association for The Advancement of Colored People-International Ladies Garment Workers Union Conflicts; S.749 Exempt Unions From Taxes
79 19 Labor : Organizations
Greenspan, Alan; Percy, Charles H.; Hoffa, Jimmy
S.4505 Prohibit Food Stamps To Strikers; Wage Escalation In Construction; 1969 Chemical Workers Strike; Alliance for Labor Action; The Chicago Plan for Minority Employment; Transportation Trades Resolution On Conglomerates; S.575 Public Workers Accelerat
79 20 Labor : Organizations
Helms, Jesse; Debs, Eugene Victor; Howell, Henry E., Jr.; Woodcock, Leonard; Gorman, Patrick E.; Hoffa, Jimmy
Americans Against Union Control of Government; United Mine Workers Elections; 1974 Convention Resolutions of The International Woodworkers; Hughes Air West Strike; Human Resource Office Youth Conservation Control; S.Res.302 Committee To Investigate Jimm
79 21 Labor : Organizations
S.3595 National Labor Relations Act; S.1693 National Labor Relations Act; Minimum Wage; H.R.777 Public Employees Collective Bargaining
80 1 Labor : Organizations - Right to Work 1976-1979
80 2 Labor : Public Works 1976
80 3 Labor : Railroads
S.2573 McClellan Bill; Presidential Commission On Railroads
80 4 Labor : Railroads
Meany, George; Schoene, Lester P.
"Why Labor Opposes Comulsory Arbitration" Excerpts From Testimony Before Senate Committee On Commerce
80 5 Labor : Railroads 1963
80 6 Labor : Railroads 1963
80 7 Labor : Railroads
Loomis, Daniel P.
West Coast Lumberman's Association Trade Mission To Europe; Promulgation of Revisions In Work Rules By Union Pacific Railroad; "The Featherbedding Impasse: Cooperation Vs. Non-Cooperation" By Daniel P. Loomis
80 8 Labor : Railroads
Railroad Labor Problems
80 9 Labor : Railroads
Loomis, Daniel P.
"The Feather Bedding Impasse: Cooperation Vs. Non-Cooperation" and "Management's Concessions In The Featherbedding Dispute: A Record of One-Way Bargaining" American Association of Railroads
80 10 Labor : Railroads
Magnuson, Warren G.
Hours of Service Act Amendments; Employees Pension-Spouses' Social Security H.R.3157
80 11 Labor : Railroads 1966
80 12 Labor : Railroads 1967
80 13 Labor : Railroads 1968
80 14 Labor : Railroads
Allott, Gordon; Tydings, Joseph D.; Hartke, Vance
Report By The American Railroad Association; S.1938 Railroad Workers' Hours
80 15 Labor : Railroads
S.2004 Communications Act of 1934
80 16 Labor : Railroads
H.R.8449 Hours of Service; H.R.13300 Supplemental Pension
80 17 Labor : Railroads
H.R.8449 Hours of Service; H.R.13300 Supplemental Pension
80 18 Labor : Railroads 1970
80 19 Labor : Railroads 1970
80 20 Labor : Railroads 1971
80 21 Labor : Railroads
Joint Resolution Providing for Extension of Section 10 of The Railroad Labor Act
80 22 Labor : Railroads 1971
80 23 Labor : Railroads 1972
80 24 Labor : Railroads 1973
81 1 Labor : Railroads 1973
81 2 Labor : Railroads 1973
81 3 Labor : Railroads 1974
81 4 Labor : Railroads 1974
81 5 Labor : Railroads 1975-1976
81 6 Labor : Railroads 1977-1978
81 7 Labor : Railroads 1980
81 8 Labor : Right to Work
Hartung, A.F.; Cadwallader, A.F.; Meany, George
H.J.Res.613 Constitutional Amendment To Make Former Presidents Members of The Senate; Common Situs Picketing; Secondary Boycott; Proton Accelerator; Names Appearing On Right To Work Committee
81 9 Labor : Right to Work
White, Compton I., Jr.; Day, Henry L.; Biemiller, Andrew J.; Beirne, J.A.; Meany, George
H.R.77 Repeal Section 14b of Taft Hartley Act
1964 July-December
81 10 Labor : Right to Work
Curtis, Carl T.
1966 February
81 11 Labor : Right to Work 1975-1980
81 12 Labor : Steel Strike
S.Res.69 Steel Strike
81 13 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
81 14 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
1965 May-June
81 15 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
1965 August-October
81 16 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
81 17 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
81 18 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
1966 January-February
81 19 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b Repeal
81 20 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b
81 21 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b
81 22 Labor : Taft-Hartley
Taft Hartley 14b
82 1 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.
S.1631 Provide for Commission On Unemployment Problems; Labor Reform
82 2 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.
S.155 Amendments; Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959; S.748 Safeguards Against Improper Practices In Labor Organizations; Labor Reform
82 3 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.
Public Law-S.1555; Labor Reform
82 4 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.; Goldwater, Barry M.
Labor Reform; Report From Senate On Labor; Report From House of Representative On Labor
82 5 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.; McClellan, John L.
Labor Reform; S.1555 McClellan Bill
82 6 Labor : Reform - Landrum-Griffin Bill
Landrum, Phil M.; Griffin, Robert P.
Labor Reform; S.1555 Labor Organizations To Show Financial Statement; McCellan Bill; S.505 Union Organizations Financial Statement
82 7 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1977
82 8 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 9 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 10 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 11 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 12 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 13 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 14 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 15 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 16 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 17 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1978
82 18 Labor : Reform - S.1883 1979-1980
83 1 Labor : Tower's Act S.3671
Tower, John G.; Smylie, Robert E.
83 2 Labor : Unemployment
McCarthy, Eugene J.
S.1631 Establishment of Commission On Unemployment; U.S. Department of Labor, Unemployment Insurance Claims
83 3 Labor : Unemployment
Bayh, Birch; Mondale, Walter F.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Cranston, Alan; Tower, John G.; Dominick, Peter H.; Montoya, Joseph H.; Percy, Charles H.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Garrett, H. Fred
83 4 Labor : Unemployment
Hartke, Vance
Report: Unemployment Insurance, Financing, and Benefit Costs
83 5 Labor : Unemployment
Heinz, H. John III; Schweiker, Richard S.
83 6 Labor : Unemployment 1976-1980
83 7 Labor : Welfare Fund 1957-1958
83 8 Labor : West Coast Dock Strike
Packwood, Bob
Transportation Crisis Act of 1972-Section By Section Analysis
83 9 Labor : West Coast Dock Strike
Timmons, William E.
83 10 Labor : Worker's Compensation
Report On The Future of State Worker's Compensation
83 11 Labor : Youth Employment 1977-1979
Legal - National parks and recreational areas
Also included are files on lumber, maritime industries, medical care, including Medicare, military and national parks and recreational areas.
84 1 Legal
Johnson, Lyndon B.; Clark, Chase A.; Jenner, William B.
Appellate Jurisdiction of The Supreme Court S.2646
84 2 Legal
Mansfield, Mike
H.R.3, S.3 "Curb The Court" Supreme Court of The US
84 3 Legal
H.J.R.534 Burnham Chemical Company; Standards of Conduct Act S.2374; H.R.12622 Court Power To Compel A Federal Officer To Perform His Duty
84 4 Legal
Keating, Kenneth B.; Kennedy, Robert F.
S.1658 Interstate Shipment of Gambling Devices; S.1268 Improved Administration; S.1564 Fugitive Felon Act; H.Res.698/S.1658; Public Defenders In District Courts; Prayer In Public School
84 5 Legal
Broyhill, Joel T.; Quinn, William F.; Smylie, Robert E.; Chaffee, Eugene B.
S.1086 Wiretapping; S.2813 Juke Box Piracy; H.R.6690 District Judge Representation On The Circuits; Prayer In Public Schools; New York Regents Prayer Case
84 6 Legal
Johnston, Olin D.
Judicial Reform S.R.61, S.R.267; Prayer In Public Schools; 11th Circuit Court S.1876; Supreme Court Decision On School Bible Reading
1963 January-July
84 7 Legal
Federal Public Defender Compensation; Public School Prayer; Citizen's Congressional Committee; Grazing Rights Appeals Venue S.717, H.R.1960; Reapportionment; S.1876 11th Curcuit Court of Appeal
1963 July-1964 December
84 8 Legal
Kennedy, Edward M.; Morrissey, Francis X.; Fortas, Abe; Capehart, Homer E.
S.610 Bench Salaries; Roscoe Pound Academy of Criminal Justice; S.J.R.1 Vice Presidential Vacancies; Prayer In School; Registration of U.S. Communist Party Members; Subversive Activities Control Act; Liberty Amendment; Morrissey Judicial Nomination; Rein
84 9 Legal
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Hruska, Roman L.; Spierer, Larry A.
Preliminary Report On Court Modernization In Idaho, Legislative Council Committee On Courts
84 10 Legal
Door, Thomas J.; Mcfadden, Joseph J.; Carmichael, Stokely; Shepard, Allan G.; Powell, Adam Clayton
Copyright Amendments; S.1033 National Court Assistance Act; Crime, Law Enforcement Assistance Act of 1965; Loyalty Oath; Executive Orders; Supreme Court; S.159 Judicial Administration; Capital Punishment
84 11 Legal
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Holland, Spessard L.; Tydings, Joseph D.
Soltar Case 1950 Subversive Activities Act; Judicial Appointments; Tort Claims Act; Electoral College Reform; H.R.2181 Burnham Chemical Company; Tydings Judicial Reform Act
84 12 Legal
Graham, J.F.; Hoover, J. Edgar; Buckley, James L.; Macintyre, Tom; Cook, Marlow W.; Mondale, Walter F.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Hooker, Robert E.
Judicial Appointments; J.F.Graham Versus J. Edgar Hoover; S.2039 Discipline of Attorneys; S.626 Copyright; El Paso Natural Gas Merger; Fund Impoundments; S.215 Constitutional Convention; Executive Order 11605 Subversive Activities Control Board; S.1653
84 12 Legal
Soveriegn Immunity; Quiet Title Bill; H.R.4299 Judge Advocates
84 13 Legal
Burdick, Quentin N.; Tunney, John V.; Cranston, Alan; Levi, Edward; Hansen, George V.; Hartke, Vance; Humphrey, Hubert H.
Judicial Appointments; S.408 Fair Trade; S.1136 Anti-Trust Funding; S.1362 Judge Advocates; S.2022- Riminal Loss Recovery Act; No Fault Insurance; Tort Claims Act; National Institute of Justice; S.644 Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights; Bilingual Courts
1972-1975 July
84 14 Legal
H.R.4675, S.2871 Legal Fees for Successful Defendents of Government; Oklahoma Contested Senatorial Elections; "Full Faith and Credit", Child Snatching; S.1021 Runaway Youth Act, Delinquency Prevention Act; Death Sentence; Capital Punishment
84 14 Legal
Helms, Jesse; Griffin, Robert P.; Thurmond, Strom; Deconcini, Dennis; Abourezk, James S.; Laxalt, Paul; Lugar, Richard G.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Reuss, Henry S.; Stevens, John Paul; Mondale, Walter F.; McGovern, George; Scott, William L.; Carter, J
S.1001 Equal Access To The Courts Act; Financial Privacy Act; S.1874 Anti-Trust Legislation; S.3005 Citizen's Right To Stand In Federal Court Act of 1978; S.2266 Bankruptcy Reform; Lugar, Richard, "Omnibus Judgeship Bill"; Liability Ceilings; S.615 Smal
85 1 Legislative Reorganization Act
Schmitt, Harrison
Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970; Legislative Veto Amendment; Lewiston Bridge
1970; 1979-1980
85 2 Libraries
S.Res.49 Library Week; Library Services and Construction Act; 29th Biennial Report of The Idaho State Library; "The Capital News" Gift To Idaho State Library
85 3 Libraries
Javits, Jacob K.
Library Services and Construction Act S.3076, H.R.14050, S.2802; Boise College Designation As Depository; Pacific Northwest Library Association; S.1124 National Library Act
Statement To Subcommittee On Education Concerning College Library Funding, July 12, 1966; "Libraries: The Quiet National Resource" To Pacific Northwest Library Association, 69th Annual Conference
85 4 Lieu Lands
Dworshak, Henry C.
S.2055 Phosphate Rights; P.L.86596, H.R.9142, H.R.10102, S.3435, P.L.86786, and S.2959 State's Rights To Public Lands Subject To Mineral Leases Or Permits; S.3434 Public Lands In Alaska; P.L.85-771 and S.2517 Reports
85 5 Lieu Lands
Williams, Arnold
S.3205 Lieu Lands Bill; Idaho House Joint Memorial No.6; Public Land Statistics, Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Department of Interior
85 6 Lieu Lands
Kleppe, Thomas S.; Payne, John B.; Evans, John V.; Ellsworth, James; Austin, H. Gregory
S.2055, S.3204, S.3205 Phosphate; The State of Utah Vs. Thomas S. Kleppe; Lieu Lands; Clear Lists; Phosphate Withdrawals; Idaho; Wyoming Vs. U.S., Supreme Court Decision Re Lieu Lands; Secretary of Interior Vs. New Mexico
1961-1963; 1974-1976
85 7 Lincoln Sesquicentennial Commission
S.J. Res. 161 Final Report of Commission
85 8 Lobbying
S.2971 Registration of Lobbyists
85 9 Log Exports
Freeman, Orville L.; Montoya, Joseph M.; McGuire, John R.
Log Export Problems; Pacific Northwest Forest Industries; Exportation of Softwood Logs From Federal Lands
Statement At Log Export Hearing, July 19, 1968
85 10 Lumber 1961
85 11 Lumber 1962
85 12 Lumber
West Coast Lumberman's Association; Recommendations of The Lumber Industry To The Secretary of Agriculture
85 13 Lumber
Kreaner, H. Dewayne; Freeman, Orville L
Imports; West Coast Softwood Lumber Industry; S.3517 Lumber
85 14 Lumber
Cliff, Edward P.
Tariff Commission; Forest Industries Yearbook, 1962
85 15 Lumber
Freeman, Orville L.; Magnuson, Warren G.
86 1 Lumber 1962
86 2 Lumber 1962
86 3 Lumber
S.2737 Use of American Flag Vessels; S.957 Tariff Act of 1930
86 4 Lumber
Freeman, Orville L.; Mansfield, Mike; Metcalf, Lee
86 5 Lumber
Freeman, Orville L.
86 6 Lumber 1963
86 7 Lumber 1963
86 8 Lumber
Hodges, Luther H.
Lumber; Softwood Standards
86 9 Lumber
Idaho Lumber Industry
86 10 Lumber
O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Magnuson, Warren G.
Special File On Hearings In Lewiston
86 11 Lumber
Desilet, Phillip E.
Special File On Hearings In Lewiston; Testimony To Lumber Committee
86 12 Lumber
Andrus, Cecil D.; Rettig, Edwin C.
Special File On Hearings In Lewiston; Testimony To Lumber Committee
86 13 Lumber
Magnuson, Warren G.
Special File On Hearings In Lewiston; Testimony To Lumber Committee
86 14 Lumber
Bonner County
86 15 Lumber
Lumber Standards
86 16 Mail Seizure & Maritime Industry
Long, Edward V.; Morse, Wayne; Jackson, Henry M.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Kefauver, Estes; Door, Thomas J.
S.1597 Bureau of Submarines; Cargo Preference Act; S.1886 Opening of Mail By The IRS; S.1983 Liability In The Case of A Sea Disaster; Maritime Giveaway Scandal; Proportionment of Government Shipbuilding; S.2096 Pilotage
86 17 Maritime Fisheries
Fisheries Conservation Act of 1974 S.1988; Fisheries Conservation Act S.961/H.R.200; 200 Mile Territorial Limit; Law of The Sea; Ocean Law Treaty
86 18 Maritime Fisheries
Maw, Carlyle E.; Gravel, Mike; Kissinger, Henry A.; Levering, Samuel R.
International Commission for The Northwest Atlantic Fisheries; Law of The Sea; 200 Mi. Fishing Zone H.R.200; S.961 Emergency Marine Fisheries Act; Oceans and International Environment
86 19 Maritime Industries
Curran, Joseph
Maritime Industry; S.3192 The Consumer Communications Reform Act of 1976; Crisis In Sea Power
1968; 1976
86 20 Medical Care
Kennedy, John F.; McNamara, Pat; Bonn, Ernest J.; Cohen, Wilbur J.
Bill of Rights for Older Citizens; P.L.85-908 White House Conference On Aging; Retire Persons Medical Act; Social Security Admendments On Aging; "Financing Health Care for The Aged: The Role of Voluntary Insurance"
87 1 Medical Care
McNamara, Pat; Campbell, Rita R.; Campbell, W. Glenn; Corey, James B.
Social Security Bill H.R.12580; Health Insurance In The U.S.; "The Aged In Mental Hospitals"; Social Security Amendments of 1960; Problems of The Aged and The Aging
87 2 Medical Care
Aged and The Aging; H.R.4700 Social Security
1960 August
87 3 Medical Care
McNamara, Pat; Byrd, Robert C.
"Aging Americans: Their Views and Living Conditions"; 62 Year Old Retirement; Report: "Comparision of Current Health Insurance Proposals for Older Persons"; Report: "Health Needs of The Aged"; Report: "The Condition of Americans Nursing Homes"; S.404 Re
87 4 Medical Care
Aged and Aging In The United States
87 5 Medical Care
Javits, Jacob K.
AFL-CIO; Report: "Health Care Insurance for The Aged"
87 6 Medical Care
Aging; Social Security P.L.86-788
87 7 Medical Care
S.909/H.R.4222 Medicare
87 8 Medical Care
McNamara, Pat; Kerr, Robert S.
Health Proposals for Older Persons; Medicare S.909
87 9 Medical Care
H.R.4222 King/Anderson; Medicare S.909
87 10 Medical Care
Medicare S.909; State Finances and Medical Care Programs for The Aged
87 11 Medical Care
H.R.4222; State Finances and Medical Care Programs for The Aged; Special Staff On Aging; P.L. 86-778 1960 Social Security Amendments
87 12 Medical Care
Report: Performance of The States; H.R.4222
87 13 Medical Care
S.880 Social Security Hospital and Related Services; S.909; H.R.4222
88 1 Medical Care
Javits, Jacob K.
Federal Health Insurance for The Aged; Guaranteed Lifetime Health Insurance; Aging
88 2 Medical Care
Cohen, Wilbur J.
Aged; Aging; H.R.4222 Health Insurance Benefits Act of 1961; P.L.86-788 Kerr-Mills; Cohen, Wilbur, "Senior Citizens and How They Live"; Health Care Through Social Security
88 3 Medical Care
Humphrey, Hubert H.
Message of The President On S.880; Committee On Aging
88 4 Medical Schools
Faulkner, James M.
S.595 Medical School Grants, Student Loans, and Scholarships; H.R3140 Public Health Service Act; H.R.11631 Medical Schools; H.R.9096 V.A. Medical School Contracts; S.596 Public Health Service Act; H.R.3041; Opportunity for Medical Education In Idaho; Ida
88 5 Medicare
Medical Care for The Elderly; Hospital Insurance Act of 1963; Aging; Social Security
88 6 Medicare
H.R.11687 Social Security Amendments; Aging
1964 January-August
88 7 Medicare
Social Security; Medicare; Aging
1964 August-December
88 8 Medicare
Javits, Jacob K.; Kolouch, Fred T.
Medicare; H.R.3920 King-Anderson Medicare; H.R.3727 Eldercare; Aging; Social Security
88 9 Medicare
O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Ribicoff, Abraham
Eldercare H.R.3727; Medicare H.R.1; H.R.6675 Medicare; Health Insurance and Related Provisions of Public Law 89-97; Social Security Amendments of 1965; Aging
88 10 Medicare
Optometry Amendment To Medicare Bill H.R.6675; Aging; Social Security
88 11 Medicare
Smathers, George A.
Social Security; Aging
88 12 Medicare
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
H.R.1 Medicare; H.R.3727 Eldercare; Social Security; Aging
88 13 Medicare
Aging; Social Security
88 14 Medicare
Dodd, Thomas J.; Hartke, Vance; Metcalf, Lee; Ribicoff, Abraham; Harris, Fred R.; Kennedy, Edward M.
Chiropractors; Osteopaths; Social Security; Aging
89 1 Medicare
Murphy, George; Scott, Hugh; Carlova, John
Chiropractic Care; Medicare for Coal Miners; Carlova, John, National Health Insurance; H.R.17550 Social Security and Medicare Reform Act of 1970; Aging
89 2 Medicare
Gurney, Edward J.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Cooper, John Sherman; Saxbe, William B.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Montoya, Joseph M.
American Nursing Home Association; Health Security Act of 1971; S.3333 Household Aid Under Medicare; Chiropractors; Optometrists; Social Security Prescription Drugs S.936; Aging
89 3 Medicare
Hartke, Vance; Stevenson, Adlai E. III; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Canton, Sam; Montoya, Joseph M.; Mondale, Walter F.; Ribicoff, Abraham
H.R.3153 Lifetime Reserve and Company Insurance Rate; Petition of Commendation and Encouragement; S.631 Out-of-Hospital Medications; H.R.1 Rehabilitation; Optometrists; S.174 Drugs; Ribicoff Amendment To Include Medications; Aging; Social Secur
89 4 Medicare
Bayh, Birch; Ribicoff, Abraham; Domenici, Pete V.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Talmadge, Herman E.
S.2958 Professional Standards Review Orgainizations; S.994 Kidney Transplant Act of 1973; Dominici Bill for Annual Check-Ups; S.1906 Nursing Differetial; S.3036 Chiropractic; Social Security; Aging
89 5 Medicare
Inouye, Daniel K.; Stafford, Robert T.; Clark, Dick; Leahy, Patrick J.; Dole, Robert; Bumpers, Dale; Matsunaga, Spark M.
S.1008 Medicare; H.R.4444 Health Maintenance Organizations; S.489 Medicare Home Health Care Amendments of 1979; Optometrists; Community Mental Health Centers; Nursing Differential; Social Security; Aging
89 6 Medicare
Social Security; Aging; Community Mental Health Centers
89 7 Memorials
Symington, Stuart; Muskie, Edmund S.; Allott, Gordon; Hennings, Thomas C., Jr.; Neuberger, Richard L.; Burns, John A.; Arnold, Elta M.
S.1381 Ozark Rivers National Monument; Freedom Memorial Act of 1960; Hennings, Thomas C., Proceedings At The Unvieling of The Portraits of Five Outstanding Senators; Cowboy Hall of Fame; S.2363 National Monument To Democracy; Pacific War Memorial USS Ari
89 8 Memorials
Kennedy, John F.; Johnson, Walter; Wilson, Woodrow; Bible, Alan; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
S.J.Res.51 Memorial To The Memory of Woodrow Wilson
89 9 Memorials
State Memorials
89 10 Meteorology -- Metrics 1957
89 11 Military
Alsop, Joseph; Smylie, Robert E.; Small, Milton
Fort Sill; National Guard; Cottonwood Butte Radar Station; Surplus Sales; Pay Scales; Department of The Army, Reactivate The Congressional Training Unit; H.R.8240 Military Construction Bill
89 12 Military
Farrel, Paul V.; Ammer, Dean S.; Hershey, Lewis B.; Morrison, H.W. Harry; Douglas, Paul H.
Cordiner Recommendations; Farrel, Paul V. and Dean S. Ammer, "The Truth About Military Buying; Bonners Ferry Armory; H.R.11470 Armed Forces Pay Bill; Boise High School Rotc; Reserve Reorganization
1957 September
89 13 Military
Goldwater, Barry M.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Long, Russell B.
S.401 Retirement Recomputation; H.R.11318 Committee Reports
89 14 Military
Morse, Wayne; Symington, Stuart; Russell, Richard B.; Moss, Frank E.
Boise High School Rotc; National Defense Cadet Corps
89 15 Military
McGovern, George; Stone, Jeremy
H.R.14088 Hospitalization Insurance for Retired Personel; H.R.14622 Specialty Pay for Dentists; H.R.16646 Discharge Rehabilitation; Stone, Jeremy, "The Case Against Missile Defenses", Institute for Strategic Studies, London, April, 1968
89 16 Military
S.2546 Troop Reductions and Limitations; Nelson-Goodell Amendments; Chemical and Biological Warfare; The F14 Billion Monument To The Past?
89 16 Military
Pell, Claiborne; Hatfield, Mark O.; Hartke, Vance; Case, Clifford P.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Symington, Stuart; Mondale, Walter F.; Brooke, Edward W.; Dodd, Thomas J.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Cook, Marlow W.; Percy, Charles H.; Moss, Frank E.; Nelson, Gaylord
Hartke Amendments; Mondale-Case Amendment On Aircraft Carriers; ABM; Air Force Base Closures and Effectiveness; S.2546 Military Appropriations; S.2674 Special Pay for Lawyers In Services and Tax Exemptions During Service In Korea
89 17 Military
Laird, Melvin D.; Fulbright, J.W.
Presidio Case, San Francisco; Pay Scales
90 1 Military
McCarthy, Richard D.; Proxmire, William; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Hartke, Vance; McGovern, George; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Cooper, John Sherman; Hart, Philip A.; Tydings, Joseph D.; Cook, Marlow W.; Bayh, Birch; Eagleton, Thomas F.
Chemical and Biological Warfare; Military Sales Fund; University of Idaho, ABM Forum; Aircraft Carriers; S.2546 Military Procurement Authorization; Doubts About The F-14 At The Pentagon; Civilian Review Commission
90 2 Military
Packwood, Bob; Elmindorf, Armin; Cranston, Alan; Bennett, Wallace F.; Gravel, Mike; Muskie, Edmund S.; Joiner, Truman; Miller, B.G.; Bellmon, Henry; Thurmond, Strom; Cooper, John Sherman; Bayh, Birch; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
Coast Guard Reserve; Military Use of Herbicides; S.3302 Defense Production Act of 1950; Sole Source Procurement Dd963's; S.4056 Fiscal Stabilization Act of 1970; Reserve Training for Members of Congress; Hart/Cooper Amendment; S.4191 Uniform Code of Mili
1970 January-August
90 3 Military
Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; McCarthy, Eugene J.; Muskie, Edmund S.
1970 August-December
90 4 Military
Inouye, Daniel K.; Tower, John G.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Thurmond, Strom; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Melman, Seymour
S.1127 Military Justice; Judge Advocates Pay; S.377 Military Retirement Pay; S.325 Survivors Benefits; S.4191 Military Justice Act of 1970; H.R.6531 Military Pay and Allowance; S.2247 Discharge Procedures Act of 1971; S.Res.151 Nuclear Freeze; S.93
90 4 Military
"Limits of Military Power for National Security, and The Path To Disarmament" By Seymour Melman
90 5 Military
Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
Retirement Compensation; Amnesty; S.3750 Martial Law Restriction; Military Housing
90 6 Military
Gannon, E.J.
Amnesty Cards and Tally; Newsweek Gallup Poll; "Military Pay: The Proposed Salary System" By E.J. Gannon
90 7 Military
Tunney, John V.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Tower, John G.; Hartke, Vance; Thurmond, Strom; Kennedy, Edward M.; Pell, Claiborne; Richardson, Elliot L.
S.330 Reserve Retirement; Amnesty; Army National Guard; Air National Guard; Reservists Committee To Stop The War Vs. Elliot Richardson; P.L.92-171, P.L.92-481, P.L.92-198; S.1548 Military Installation Closing Commission
1973 January-July
90 8 Military
McClellan, John L.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.; Proxmire, William; Bentsen, Lloyd; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Hartke, Vance
Retirement Recomputation S.1336
1973 September-December
90 9 Military
Taft, Robert, Jr.; Pell, Claiborne; Hartke, Vance
S.2832 Earned Immunity Act of 1974; Recomputation; S.1835 Srvicemen's Group Life for Weekend Warriors
90 10 Military
Hart, Philip A.; Bayh, Birch; Thurmond, Strom; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Taft, Robert, Jr.; Symington, Stuart; Dole, Robert
Recomputation of Retirement; Amnesty; Military Commissary Stores; Awacs Amendments; Military Procurement Ceiling; Naval Reserves
90 11 Military
McGovern, George; Hartke, Vance; Stone, Richard; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
George Washington Peace Academy; Retirement; Idaho Nuclear Sportsmans Club; Commissaries; S.1745 McGovern/Mathias Military-Civilian Adjustment Act
90 12 Military
Ford, Wendell H.; Proxmire, William; Scott, Hugh; Bumpers, Dale; Thurmond, Strom
Amnesty; H.R.12384 Military Procurement, Construction and Authorization; Commissaries; Unionization of Armed Forces; Congressional Amnesty Conference; Widow's Equity Bill H.R.1166 and S.2108
1976 January-August
90 13 Military 1976 August-December
90 14 Military
Bayh, Birch; Matsunaga, Spark M.; Inouye, Daniel K.; Thurmond, Strom; Proxmire, William; Ford, Wendell H.; Johnston, J. Bennett
Amnesty; Industrially Funded Personel; Pearl Harbor Survivors; Retirement-Annuities; Conflict of Interest; S.274 Military Unionization
1977 January-June
91 1 Military
Chiles, Lawton; Stafford, Robert T.; Stevens, Ted
Nuetron Bombs; S.274 Unions and Military; H.R.7847 Reserves
1977 July-December
91 2 Military
Feld, Bernard T.; McGovern, George; Morgan, Robert; Thurmond, Strom; Roth, William V., Jr.; Mcintyre, Thomas J.
S.2856 and S.623 Survivor's Benefits; M.X. Missile; Arms Control; Panama Canal Zone
91 3 Military
Hollings, Ernest F.; Packwood, Bob; Domenici, Pete V.; Schmitt, Harrison; Thurmond, Strom; Heinz, H. John III; Hart, Gary; McCloskey, Paul N.; Riegle, Donald W., Jr.; Tower, John G.; Bellmon, Henry; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.; Cochran, Thad
Retirement; Uranium Miner's Compensation Act of 1979; Military Manpower Study Act of 1979; Excess Profits; Civil Defense
91 4 Military
Armstrong, William L.; Chiles, Lawton; Stone, Richard; Roth, William V., Jr.; Pryor, David
Recruiting; Military Pay Ceiling
91 5 Military
Warner, John W.; Nunn, Sam; Pell, Claiborne; Humphrey, Gordon J.; Pressler, Larry; Bayh, Birch; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Thurmond, Strom; Deconcini, Dennis; Ackerman, Philip M.
Compensation; S.91 Survivor Benefits; Defense Appropriations
1980 January-August
91 6 Military
Armstrong, William L.
Compensation; Retirement
1980 September-December
91 7 Military -- Guard and Reserves
Walsh, John E.; Bible, Alan; Byrd, Robert C.
Armory Construction In Idaho; Boise Schools Rotc; Guard Army and Air Technician Retirement; Accident Involving 25 Idaho Air National Guard Personel
91 8 Military -- Guard and Reserves
McGowan, D.W.
Annual Report Chief National Guard Bureau; 116th National Guard Location In Vietnam
91 9 Military -- Missiles
Friendly, Alfred; Jackson, Henry M.; Thurmond, Strom; Smylie, Robert E.; Alsop, Stewart
Polaris Fleet Ballistic Missile; Disarmament; "How Can We Catch Up" By Stewart Alsop, Saturday Evening Post, December 14, 1957
91 10 Military -- Missing In Action
Montgomery, G.V.; Thurmond, Strom; Hollings, Ernest F.
Missing Persons In Southeast Asia; H.R.2669, S.474, H.R.1638, and S.624 Status Changes for Mia's; S.Res.5 Presidential Council On Mia's; H.Res.81 Presidential Task Force; S.Res.48 and H.Res.131 Sense of The Senate and House That All Parties To Paris Agre
91 11 Military -- Pay and Allowances
Yarborough, Ralph W.
Cold War GI Bill; Pay; Allowances
91 12 Military -- Pay and Allowances
Inouye, Daniel K.
91 13 Military -- Space Communications
Kefauver, Estes; Yarborough, Ralph W.
S.2890 Public Corporation for Our Communications Space Satellite System; Communications Satellite Authority Act
91 14 National Advisory Commission On Interstate Crime 1963
91 15 National Advisory Council for International Medical Research
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Hill, Lister
91 16 National Building Museum
91 17 National Environmental Policy Act of 1969
The New Conservation" Idaho Parks and Recreation Convention, April 22, 1969
91 18 National Foundation On The Arts and Humanities
Bikel, Theodore
91 19 National Foundation On The Arts and Humanities
Brourman, Jacques; Moe, Henry Allen; Smylie, Robert E.; Hansberger, Robert V.; Stevens, Roger L.; Davis, William E.
1966 January-October
91 20 National Foundation On The Arts and Humanities
Stevens, Roger L.
1966 November-December
92 1 National Foundation On The Arts and Humanities
Hansberger, Robert V.; Moss, Frank E.; Stevens, Roger L.
92 2 National Housing Act
Foreign Lumber; S.782
92 3 National Parks & Recreation Act of 1978
92 Stat.3467
92 4 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Cape Cod National Seashore Park 1960
92 5 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Channel Islands National Park 1979
92 6 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- City of Rocks National Monument
McClure, James A.
1961; 1973-1974
92 7 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- City of Rocks National Monument
Jackson, Henry M.
92 8 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- City of Rocks National Monument 1973-1979
92 9 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore 1959; 1965; 1976
92 10 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Lehman Caves, Wheeler Peak Area
S.3587 Establishing National Park In Wheeler Peak, Lehman Caves Area, Snake Range, Eastern Nevada
92 11 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Nez Perce National Park
Woodworth, John R.
Nez Perce National Historical Park
"Introduction of S.2326", To Create The Nez Perce National Historical Park; Church Statement Before Senate Public Lands Subcommittee On S.2326; "Idaho's Case for The Nez Perce National Historical Park", In Senate, September 2, 1964
92 12 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Nez Perce National Park
Jewett, George Frederick, Jr.; Woodworth, John R.; Bianco, Joseph; Baker, Howard W.
Nez Perce National Historical Park
Church Introduction of S.60, To Establish Nez Perce National Historical Park
92 13 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- O'Mahoney Lake Recreation Area
McGee, Gale
O'Mahoney Lake and Recreation Area
92 14 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Oregon Dunes National Seashore 1959-1960
92 15 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Ozark Rivers National Monument 1960
92 16 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Redwood National Park
Kuchel, Thomas H.
1966; 1968; 1977-1978
92 17 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Saugus Iron Works 1966-1968
92 18 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park 1959
92 19 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Adams, W.E.; Frederickson, Don G.
1960 January
92 20 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Hoff, Theodore, Jr.; Cooper, Fred M.; Donahue, Dennis
1960 February
92 21 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park 1960 February
92 22 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Day, Henry L.; Willock, Westerman
1960 February
92 23 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Cook, E.F.; Frederickson, Don G.
1960 March
92 24 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Sawtooth National Park Opinion Cards
1960 March
92 25 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Obee, D.J.; Amestoy, Art M.; Brower, David R.; McCourt, P.L.; Adkins, Earl J.; Ester, Lee
1960 April-May
93 1 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
S.3353 To Study The Advisability of Establishing A Sawtooth National Park
Church Statement Regarding Feasibility Study for Sawtooth Wilderness National Park
1960 January-September
93 2 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Wells, Merle W.
1960 May-September
93 3 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park 1960 January-December
93 4 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park 1960
93 5 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Carver, John A., Jr.
93 6 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Jordan, Len B.
1963 January-July
93 7 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Raynolds, Kenneth B.; Smylie, Robert E.; Jordan, Len B.
Sawtooth National Park; S.2188 Establish A Sawtooth Wilderness National Park, Idaho
Church Statement At Forest Service Hearings On Proposed Sawtooth Wilderness Designation; Introduces S.2188-Establish A Sawtooth Wilderness National Park, Idaho
1963 August-September
93 8 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Shepard, Allan G.; Ester, Lee; Engelking, D.F.
1963 October-December
93 9 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Baker, Howard W.; Nelson, M.M.; Boardman, Walter S.; Scott, John A.
Sawtooth National Park; S.913 Establish Sawtooth Wilderness National Park
Church Introduction of S.913 To Establish Sawtooth Wilderness National Park
93 10 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Cliff, Edward P.
Sawtooth National Park
Introducing Two Bills In Senate: S.3294 Create A Sawtooth National Park, S.3295 To Establish A Sawtooth National Recreation Area, April 28, 1966
93 11 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
Jordan, Len B.
S.1407 Establish Sawtooth National Recreation Area; Mining Laws
Introduction of S.1267 Establish Sawtooth National Recreation Area, March 14, 1967; Introduction of Amendment To S.853 Sawtooth Recreation Area Bill, February 4, 1969
1967; 1969-1971
93 12 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sawtooth National Park
H.R.6957 Establish Sawtooth National Recreation Area; Mining Laws; S.791 Appropriations for Acquisitions Within Sawtooth National Recreation Area
Statement Before Committee On Interior and Insular Affairs On Sawtooth National Recreation Area Legislation, April 12, 1972
1972; 1975-1978
93 13 National Parks & Recreation Areas -- Sleeping Bear Dunes Lakeshore
Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore, Michigan
National Service Corps - No fault insurance
The bulk of these files pertain to natural resources and are a good illustration of Church's ability to find compromise and balance both the economic and the aesthetic interests of his constituents and the nation. While the minerals and mining legislation for Church's first three terms is almost exclusively pro-mining, his work at the same time to create national parks and forests and to preserve habitats for fish and wildlife led to his being named Conservationist of the Year in 1965. Water resources were an important Idaho issue and this material fills over two boxes. It shows Senator Church's concern for the people of Idaho and their water rights.
93 14 National Service Corps 1963
93 15 National Trails 1976-1978
93 16 National Trails -- Continental Divide Trail
Andrus, Cecil D.
93 17 National Trails -- Desert, Lewis and Clark, Mormon Pioneer Trails
Andrus, Cecil D.
Desert Trail; Lewis and Clark Trail; Mormon Pioneer Trail
1963; 1976-1978
93 18 National Trails -- National Historic Trails
Zorinsky, Edward
H.R.6900 National Historic Trails Act of 1978; H.R.6900 Oregon Trail - Historic Trail Bill; Remarks By Bethine Church At The Nauvoo Monument To Women, Nauvoo, Illinois, June 27, 1978
Opening Statement On S.2974 National Historic Trails Within The National Trails System, July 24, 1978; Mormon Pioneer Day Statement, July 24, 1978; Statement At Parks and Recreation Subcommittee Historic Trails Hearings, May 1, 1978
93 19 National Trails -- National Historic Trails
S.2659 National Trails System; Oregon Trail; S.2664 Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Act of 1978; S.2705 Mormon Pioneer National Historic Trail; S.929 Iditarod National Historic Trail
94 1 National Trails -- Nez Perce Trail
S.Res.196 Commemorating The 100th Anniversary of The Nez Perce War of 1877; Nez Perce Trail
Introduction of S.3273 Nee-Me-Poo Trail As A National Scenic Trail, April 8, 1976
94 2 National Trails -- Oregon Trail 1977
94 3 Natural Disaster Act
O'Brien, Lawrence F.
94 4 Natural Resources
Kulp, Mark R.; Brown, Edmund G., Sr.; Ankeny, Marling J.; Crookham, George L., Jr.; Swift, Ernest
Water; Mining; Opening of Reclamation Sites To Mining
94 5 Natural Resources
Hardyn, Royce A.; Follis, R.G.
Water; Mining; Humane Trapping of Animials; S.3686 Public Works On Rivers and Harbors for Navigation and Flood Control; S.3458 Lands In Boise and Payette National Forests
94 6 Natural Resources
Clark, John; Douglas, Paul H.; Johnson, Frank E.; Randolph, Jennings; Byrd, Robert C.; Clark, Allen F., Jr.
Water; Mining; H.J.Res.534 Relief of The Burnham Chemical Company, A Nevada Corporation
94 7 Natural Resources
Randall, L.J.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Murray, James E.; Schwab, Charles E.; Seaton, Fred A.
Water; Mining; S.Res.162 Domestic Lead and Zinc Industries; S.2858 National Mines Preservation Act of 1960
1960 January-July
94 8 Natural Resources
Heath, Thomas; Chavez, Dennis; Moss, Frank E.
Water; Mining; S.474 Mineral Rights
1960 August-December
94 9 Natural Resources
Lyddan, R.H.; Curtis, Carl T.; Fumich, George, Jr.
Water; Mining; S.1279 Discovery of New Minerals
94 10 Natural Resources
Hartke, Vance; Scott, Hugh
Water; Mining; Conservation
94 11 Natural Resources
Woodworth, John R.
Water; Mining
94 12 Natural Resources
Water; Mining
94 13 Natural Resources
Moss, Frank E.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Stevens, Ted
Water; Mining; S.4050 U.S. Conservation Savings Bonds
94 14 Natural Resources
Muskie, Edmund S.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Salter, Robert L.; Jayne, Gerald A.
Environment; Environmental Protection; Pesticides; Pollution
94 15 Natural Resources
Thomas, Robert G.; Bly, Steven W.
Wilderness; Conservation; Environment; Federal Pesticide Control Act of 1972 H.R.10729
94 16 Natural Resources
Bly, Steven W.; McGovern, George; Hart, Philip A.; Jayne, Gerald A.; Tibbitts, Wayne E.; Taft, Robert, Jr.
Land and Water Conservation Fund; Environment; Idaho Primitive Areas; Wilderness; S.- Working Draft of Environmental Protection Act of 1973; S.1162 National Energy Resource Development Act of 1973
94 17 Natural Resources
Andrus, Cecil D.; Bly, Steven W.
S.J.Res. Earth Week; Land and Water Conservation Fund Monies S.3413; Non-Returnable Beverage Containers S.2062
94 18 Natural Resources
Symington, Stuart; Brock, William E.; Cole, Bert L.
H.Con.Res.316 Federal Offshore Oil Leases Off The California Coast
95 1 Natural Resources
Toxic Substances; Idaho Wilderness; Conservation; S.- Authorize Additional Appropriations for Lands Acquisition Within Sawtooth National Recreation Area
95 2 Natural Resources
Christiansen, Dale R.; Evans, John V.; Starr, Ernest E.
S.2303 Resources and Conservation Act of 1978; Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
95 3 Natural Resources
Purdy, Leonard N.; Cranston, Alan; Nunn, Sam; Stevens, Ted; Whalen, William J.
S.2270 Delaware River As Wild River and Scenic; S.2306 National Reserves System Act of 1977; S.- National Trails System Act; S.- National Park System
1978 January-March
95 4 Natural Resources
Thomas, Lowell, Jr.; Stevens, Ted; Hansen, Clifford P.; Byrne, Brendan T.; Hall, Paul
S.1829 Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Reserve, Louisiana; S.2821 Grant To Guam for The Construction of Public Facilities; S.2822 Bnikini Atoll, Trust Territory, Pacific Islands
1978 April 1st-19th
95 5 Natural Resources
Lands Resources Development Funding
1978 April 20th-30th
95 6 Natural Resources
Stevens, Ted; Gravel, Mike; Byrd, Robert C.; Cranston, Alan
S.2876 Developing Ceiling Increases
1978 May
95 7 Natural Resources
Durkin, John A.; Cranston, Alan; Simpkins, Talmage E.; Hansen, Clifford P.; Johnston, J. Bennett; Gravel, Mike; Stevens, Ted; Byrd, Harry F., Jr.; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Laxalt, Paul
S.88 King Valley In Sequoia National Park
1978 June-July
95 8 Natural Resources
Andrus, Cecil D.; Purdy, Leonard N.; Laxalt, Paul; Stevens, Ted
1978 August
95 9 Natural Resources
Dees, Bowen C.; Cranston, Alan; Hayakawa, S.I.; Greenley, Joseph C.; Evans, John V.; Hall, Paul
Heyburn State Park; S.3207/H.R.13253 Benjamin Franklin National Memorial Assistance Act
1978 September
95 10 Natural Resources
Hunter, Celia; Carrier, W. Dean; Christiansen, Dale R.; Purdy, Leonard N.; Stahr, Elvis J.
Jackson Hole Scenic Area, Wyoming; St, Joe Wild and Scenic River S.3052; Blm Organic Act; Alaska National Interest Lands
1978 October-December
95 11 Natural Resources
Carter, Jimmy
Environment; S.Res.71 Department of Agriculture;
1974; 1977-1979
95 12 Natural Resources
Turnage, William A.; Laxalt, Paul; Cannon, Howard W.; Guerrero, Lorenzo I.; Manglona, Benjamin T.; Rasa, Oscar C.
S.490/H.R.1825 Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979; Rare II; Alaska National Interest Lands; Public Rangelands Improvement Act; Reorganization
1979 January-March
95 13 Natural Resources
Evans, John V.; Peterson, Russell W.; Green, Thomas J.
S.490 Archaeological Resources Act of 1979; Forest Service; National Park Snowmobile Policy
1979 April-June
95 14 Natural Resources
Byrd, Robert C.; Domenici, Pete V.; Bumpers, Dale; Anderson, Paul B.
Archaeological Resources Protection Act of 1979 S.490; Tellico Dam Construction; S.- Range Improvement
Speech: "Snowmobiling", [Recreation Colloquy], [June 7, 1979]
1979 July-December
95 15 Natural Resources
Little, Walter E.; Wells, Merle W.; Green, Thomas J.; Melcher, John
Animal Damage Control Policy; National Heritage Policy Act S.1842; Historic Presevation Act of 1966
96 1 Natural Resources -- Evaluation for Land and Water Projects 1957-1958
96 2 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Leonard, Ross; Callison, Charles; Leffler, Ross; Swift, Ernest; Brower, David R.
Humane Methods of Trapping Animals and Birds S.2489; Arctic Wildlife
96 3 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Marr, J.T.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Murray, James E.; Leonard, Ross
S.1240 Migratory Fish and Game; S.2167 Humane Treatment; S.2566 Andromromous Fishes
1958-1961; 1974
96 4 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Leonard, Ross; Bartlett, E.L.; Carver, John A., Jr.; Woodworth, John R.
Waterfowl Wetlands Bill H.R.7391/S.2175; Golden Eagle Under The Bald Eagle Act S.105; Yellowstone National Park Elk Herds; H.R.9882 Hunting of Morning Doves
96 5 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Woodworth, John R.; Theophilus, D.R.; Hayden, Carl; Udall, Stewart L.; Bartlett, E.L.; Garrison, Lemuel A.; Hart, Philip A.
Kooskia/Clearwater Fish Hatchery Project; Yellowstone National Park Elk Herd Reductions; Jackrabbit Control Research Program
96 6 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Woodworth, John R.; Hayden, Carl; Hart, Philip A.; Moss, Frank E.; Yarborough, Ralph W.
Wild Animals for Commercial Purposes; S.- Fish Resources; S.335 Importation of Endangered Species
96 7 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Burdick, Quentin N.; Woodworth, John R.
S.1238 Donations of Surplus Personal Property; Predator Control Dingle Bill
96 8 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Nitrogen Supersaturation; Nitrogen Bubble Disease; Lower Granite Dam; Rabbit Drives
96 9 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Moss, Frank E.; Greenley, Joseph C.; Stevens, Ted
S.522 Fish Disease Control Act; S.961 Fisheries Management and Conservation Act; S.- Funds for Fish and Wildlife Mitigation At Teton Project, Idaho
96 10 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
S.Res.4 Committee System of The Senate; State Jurisdiction In Fish and Wildlife Issues S.2951; S.3212 National Fish and Wildlife Act; S.- Federal Aid In Non-Game Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act
"The Issue of Wilderness Jurisdiction", January 1977
1977 January-May
96 11 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Stevens, Ted
Improvement of Fish and Wildlife Habitat With Funds From Sikes Act; International Whaling Commission "Zero Take" Decision Regarding Bowhead Whales
1977 June-December
96 12 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Endangered Species Act; S.Res. Marine Mammal Protection; Ban Importation of Products Obtained From Illegally Killed African Wildlife; Non-Game Fish and Wildlife Habitat Improvement H.R.10255/S.1140; Slaughter of Wild Horses By Federal Land Management Age
1978 January-June
96 13 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Scott, William L.; Stennis, John C.; Nelson, Gaylord; Greenley, Joseph C.
Endangered Species Act of 1978 S.2899; H.R.12919 Fishery Conservation and Management Act of 1976; Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council; Section 7 of Wild, Free Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971; Gospel-Hump Fish and Game Research Program; Fede
1978 July-December
96 14 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Greenley, Joseph C.
Report: "The Convention On The Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals"
1979 January-May
97 1 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Greenley, Joseph C.; Meiners, William R.
S.1667 Dworshak Elk Mitigation
Introduction: "Elk Mitigation At The Dworshak Dam", In Senate, June 3, 1979; Introduction: "Idaho Anadromous Fish Habitat Resoration Act", In Senate, June 2, 1979
1979 June-August
97 2 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Greenley, Joseph C.; Meiners, William R.; Clemm, Lester; Mclaughlin, Marguerite
Elk Mitigation Dworshak Dam S.1667; Use of Leg-Hold Traps On Animals; Enlargement of The Snake River Birds of Prey Conservation Area
1979 September-December
97 3 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife
Salter, Robert L.; Meiners, William R.; Schwarz, Richard A.; Leroy, David H.; Conley, Jerry M.
Expansion of The Birds of Prey Along Snake River, Idaho; Humane Methods Act H.R.282; Research Modernization Act H.R.4805; Fish Restoration S.1631; Snake River Omitted Lands As Wildlife Habitat; Elk Range Mitigation At Dworshak Dam Project; Restoration of
1980 January-June
97 4 Natural Resources -- Fish and Wildlife 1980 July-December
97 5 Natural Resources -- Fuel
Scott, W. Kerr; Anderson, Clinton P.; Hansen, Victor R.; Randolph, Jennings; Byrd, Robert C.
Harris-O'hara Natural Gas Bill; Gasoline and Oil Price Increases; Gasoline Tax; Oil Depletion Allowance; National Fuels Study S.Res.73
97 6 Natural Resources -- Fuel
Byrd, Robert C.; Randolph, Jennings; Saltonstall, Leverett; Douglas, Paul H.
S.Res.73 National Fuels Study; Quotas On Risidual Oil; Right of Eminent Domain To Carriers of Coal By Pipeline S.3044; S.- Petroleum Distribution Act of 1963
97 7 Natural Resources -- Fuel
Cook, Marlow W.; Hansen, Clifford P.; Macfarlane, Robert W.; Pedersen, R.K.; Boyd, Howard; Magnuson, Warren G.; Tower, John G.
El Paso Natural Gas Co.; Pacific Northwest Pipeline Corporation; Oil Pipeline From The Alaskan North Slope To Valdez; S.1846 Coal Gasification Development Corporation; S.- Natural Gas Act; Oil Imports Quota Vs. Tariff System of Control
97 8 Natural Resources -- Fuel
Hall, Paul
National Fuels and Energy Policy; Crude Oil Supplies H.R.13324 and S.3404
97 9 Natural Resources -- Fuel - National Fuels Study
Randolph, Jennings; Dunn, Stephen F.
S.Res4 National Fuels Study; S.Res.105 Establish A Special Committee On A National Fuels Study
97 10 Natural Resources -- Land
Douglas, Paul H.; Little, Andrew D.; Simpson, Milward L.; Clyde, George
Grazing; S.3471 New Mexico Land Exchange; S.2517 Public Land Statutes; H.R.10223 Fort Knox Land; S.846 Inventory of Public Land; S.4028 Wilderness; Bureau of Reclamation;
97 10 Natural Resources -- Land
H.R.5538 Military Public Land Withdrawals; Carey Act; H.R.3378 Grazing Boards, H.R.527 Public Land Withdrawals, H.R.2771 and 2781 Soil Bank To Include Grazing Land; National Wildlife Federation
97 11 Natural Resources -- Land
Stewart L. Udall On Grazing Reform; Farm Bureau Statements On Grazing Fees; Central Idaho Range Rights Protective Association
97 11 Natural Resources -- Land
Rostvold, G.N.; Carver, John A., Jr.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Udall, Stewart L.
H.R.106 Rhodes; H.R.7157 Livestock Grazing; S.859 User Fees, Land and Water Conservation Fund; S.1709; Western States Land Commissioners Association; Anderson's In Lieu Lands Bill; S.2517, H.R.11127, P.L.85771, S.992 In Lieu Lands Bill; Grazing Fees; Min
97 12 Natural Resources -- Land
Ashe, Victor; Campbell, Jack M.; Gurney, Edward J.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Case, Clifford P.; Packwood, Bob; Jackson, Henry M.; McGovern, George; Gravel, Mike
S.447 New Mexico National Forest Boundaries; Federation of Rocky Mountain States; Alaska Native Claims; Alaska Federation of Natives; Junked Motor Vehicles; National Coastal and Estuarine Management; Alaskan Oil Pipeline; Geothermal Exploration and Development
97 12 Natural Resources -- Land
S.527 Land for Wildlife; S.632 National Land Use Policy; S.992
97 13 Natural Resources -- Land
Fannin, Paul J.; Hansen, Clifford P.; Borbridge, John, Jr.; Langford, George
Taylor Grazing Act; S.866 French Pete Creek; S.3792 Eastern Wilderness; H.R.7211 Mining; AFL-CIO; Federal Environmental Pesticides Act; S.527; S.1463 Public Land for Wildlife; S.216 Quiet Title Bill; Tlingit and Haida Indians of Alaska; S.2390 Upper Selw
1971 November
97 13 Natural Resources -- Land
S.992 Land Use Policy; Federation of Rocky Mountain States; H.R.14146 Coastal Zone Management; Omitted Lands
1971 November
98 1 Natural Resources -- Land
S.2401 National Resource Lands Management Act of 1972; S.316 Eastern Wilderness Act
1972 September-1973 May
98 1 Natural Resources -- Land
Goldwater, Barry M.; Frizzell, Kent; Celler, Emanuel; Jackson, Henry M.; Greenley, Joseph C.
Grand Canyon; H.R.15998 Act To Provide Admission of Idaho Into The Union; S.424 Blm Organic Act; American Farm Bureau Federation On S.268; S.630 Surface Mining Reclamation Act of 1972; Committee Report On S.216; S.866 French Pete; S.268 Land Use Policy A
"The Wilderness Act Applies To The East" January, 1973
1972 September-1973 May
98 2 Natural Resources -- Land
Andrus, Cecil D.; Stevens, Ted; Helms, Jesse
Environmental and Land Use Planning Conference; Cecil D. Andrus, "Need for Land Use Planning"; S.268 Land Use Planning and Policy Assistance Act; Sierra Club Resolution; National Coastal Zone Management; S.1638 Eastern Wilderness Bill; S.424 National Res
1973 May-November
98 2 Natural Resources -- Land
Diamond International S.1111; S.2343 Quitclaim Bills
1973 May-November
98 3 Natural Resources -- Land
Bishop, Robert M.; Murphy, Jack; Udall, Stewart L.
In Lieu Lands; Idaho Cattlemens Association Resolution; National Resource Land Management; S.424, S.1041 Blm Organic Act; H.R.10294 Udall Bill; Cattlemens Association Statement On H.R.5441; Wilderness; Roadless Study Provisions; S.268 Land Use and Planni
1973 December-1974 May
98 4 Natural Resources -- Land
Udall, Stewart L.; McClure, James A.
H.R.10294 Land Use Planning Assistance; S.424 Blm Organic Act; McClure Amendment; H.R.15858 Casey; S.3057 Tennessee Valley Authority Pollution Control Financing Act; S.3839 Land and Water Conservation Act
1974 May-December
98 5 Natural Resources -- Land
S.507 National Resources Land Use Planning; H.R.3510 Land Use; S.1293 National Wildlife Ranges
98 5 Natural Resources -- Land
S.567 Blm Organic Act; National Lumber and Building Materials Dealers Association Statement On S.984; Strip Mining; Carey Act; S.1293 Wildlife Refuges; Grazing; Land; Erosion and Sedimentation; League of Women Voters; South Bingham Soil Conservatio
98 6 Natural Resources -- Land
Interior; Wilderness; Water; Land; S.507 Blm Organic Act; Wood River Resource Area; Pacific Northwest Conservation Council; Snake and Clearwater Barge Permits; Scotchman's Bluff; Culverts and Bridges; S.255 National Rangeland Rehabilitation and Protectio
98 7 Natural Resources -- Land
Land; S.507 Conference Committee Recommendations
98 8 Natural Resources -- Land
Laxalt, Paul; Stevens, Ted; McClure, James A.; Abourezk, James S.
Off-Raod Vehicle Ban; Expansion of Redwoods National Park; H.R.2380 Clean Air Act of 1970; S.657 Earth Resources and Environmental Information System; Blm Organic Act; Bear River Resource Conservation and Development Project; Alaska National Interest Lan
1977 January-May
98 8 Natural Resources -- Land
Executive Order 116444 Motorized Recreational Vehicles On Public Lands; In Lieu of Grazing; Land From INEL To Teton Flood Victims; Department of Agriculture Budget; S.1183 Provide for Rangeland Improvement By Permitting Work In Lieu of Payment for Grazin
1977 January-May
98 9 Natural Resources -- Land
Chance, Don; Gurnsey, Vern; Hart, Gary; Udall, Morris K.; Bergland, Bob; Stevens, Ted; Keppler, William J.; Johnson, James; Hansen, Clifford P.
Off Road Vehicles; Payments In Lieu of Taxes; Public Land Withdrawals; Teton Flood Transfers; Reclamation Law Reform; Aluetian Pribilof Islands; Alaskan Lands; H.R.5306 Grand Teton National Park; Conservation Funds; Blm Organic Act; Redwoods National Par
1977 May-August
98 9 Natural Resources -- Land
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act; H.R.6900 National Trails System; S.242 Productive Potential of Irrigatable Lands
1977 May-August
98 10 Natural Resources -- Land
Andrus, Cecil D.
Grazing Permits; S.1976 Redwoods National Park; H.R.9110 Tall Grass Prairie National Park; H.R.8803 Appalachian Trail
1977 September-December
98 11 Natural Resources -- Land
Bergland, Bob; Larsen, Allan F.
Grazing Fee Moratorium; 1902 Reclamation Act Revisions S.2818; Public Grazing Lands Improvement Act; Larson, Allen, "S.E. Idaho Phosphate"; S.2642 Transfer Lands To Nez Perce Tribe
98 12 Natural Resources -- Land and Water Conservation Fund
Udall, Stewart L.; Jackson, Henry M.
National Recreation Area System; National Recreation Areas
98 13 Natural Resources -- Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
Udall, Stewart L.; Prendergast, Joseph; Dominick, Peter H.
Dominick Bill S.1709; Pacific Mineral Society; Public Land Law
99 1 Natural Resources -- Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
Smylie, Robert E.; Cliff, Edward P.; Udall, Stewart L.; Freeman, Orville L.
Statements On H.R.3846
99 2 Natural Resources -- Land and Water Conservation Fund Act
Committee On Energy and Natural Resources; H.R.5306 Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965
"To Amend The Land and Water Conservation Fund", In Senate, [1969]
99 3 Natural Resources -- Land Law Review Commission
Plair, Theodore B.; Curtis, Albert B.
99 4 Natural Resources -- Minerals
Smylie, Robert E.
International Union of Mine Mill and Smelter Workers; S.J.Res.16 Long Range Mineral Proposal
99 5 Natural Resources -- Minerals
Magnuson, Harry F.; Montoya, Joseph M.; McClure, James A.; Tunney, John V.; Metcalf, Lee
Strategic Stockpiles; Rocky Mountain Petroleum Council; Surface Mining Reclamation Act of 1972; Deep Seabed Resources Act
99 6 Natural Resources -- Minerals
Bureau of Mines Commodity Data Summaries
99 7 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Antimony
Priester, Alma Dorothy; Groseclose, Elgin
99 8 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Beryllium, Cobalt
S.4146 Critical Minerals; Calera Mining Co., Cobalt, Idaho
99 9 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Copper
Goldwater, Barry M.
S.2998 Copper Import Tariff; S.Res.101 Release of Copper Supply; 1968 Strike
99 10 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Fluorspar
S.1285 Protection; H.R.11696 Suspend Duties On Fluorspar
99 11 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Jordan, George Racey; Murray, James E.; Pfost, Gracie; Huelsdonk, L.L.
S.325 Trafficking In Gold; S.J.Res.16 Gold Mining Industry; S.Con.Res.27 Gold Standard; S.2166; Double Cross of Gold; S.590 Gold Standard; H.R.3057 Free Market for Gold; Russian Gold; Can American Congress Meet The Challenge of Gold
99 12 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Bartlett, E.L.
S.1123 National Wilderness System; Sunshine Mine; S.Con.Res.27 Gold Mining Industry; H.R.10638 Free Market Gold; Gold Production Declining
Statement:for S.Con.Res.27, [May] 1959
99 13 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Kennedy, John F.; Day, Henry L.; Butler, Earl; Shoup, Merrill E.; Udall, Stewart L.
S.J.Res.44 Encourage Discovery, Development, and Production of Domestic Gold
99 14 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Gruening, Ernest
S.J.Res.44 Domestic Gold
99 15 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Gruening, Ernest; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley
S.100 Domestic Gold Mining Industry; H.R.4550/S.1273 Gold Procurement and Sales Agency; Gold Shortages
99 16 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Gruening, Ernest; Day, Henry L.; Fascell, Dante B.; O'Brien, Lawrence F.
Gold Mine Assistance Act of 1965
100 1 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Ryan, J. Patrick; Gruening, Ernest; Hines, Pierre R.; Goldstein, Simeon H.F.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Day, Henry L.
S.1377 Gold Mine Revitalization Act of 1966; Gold Prices; S.2562 Gold Mines Assistance Act of 1965
100 2 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Gruening, Ernest; Pecora, William T.; Day, Henry L.; Butler, Ernest; McClean, A.M.A.
Gold Mining S.49; H.J.M.#5 Idaho Legislative Assistance Payments; Federal Registration of Mining Claims S.1615; S.2857 Gold Reserve Requirements; Newmonts Carlin Gold Project, Mining Congress Journal
100 3 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Gold
Hatfield, Mark O.; Helms, Jesse
Gold Ownership H.R.17782; S.359/S.413 Gold Ownership; S.2665 International Development Assoc.; S.1712 Gold Coin for Bicentennial; S.79 Contract Payments In Gold
100 4 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Seaton, Fred A.; Magnuson, Harry F.
S.2376 Lead and Zinc Tariff; Zinc Metals Policy; Development of U.S. Mineral Resources
1957 January-June
100 5 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Priester, Alma Dorothy; Day, Henry L.; Magnuson, Harry F.
S.2376 Lead and Zinc Tariffs
Statement: [Lead and Zinc Mining Industry], Before Senate Finance Committee, July 22, 1957
1957 June-December
100 6 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Seaton, Fred A.
S.4036 Production of Copper, Lead, Zinc; Domestic Mines; Lead and Zinc Tariffs
Statement Concerning Lead and Zinc Tariffs
100 7 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Magnuson, Harry F.; Smylie, Robert E.; Schwab, Charles E.
S.3420 Barter; Stabilize Production of Lead and Zinc
100 8 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Murray, James E.; Day, Henry L.; Randall, L.J.; Schwab, Charles E.; Allott, Gordon; Magnuson, Harry F.; Bennett, Wallace F
S.Res.162 Domestic Lead and Zinc Industries; S.2169 Internal Revenue Code Adjusting Lead and Zinc Duties; S.1537 National Mining and Minerals Policy; S.Con.Res.63 Mining Industry; S.J.Res.107 National Minerals Policy; S.1538 Stabilize Domestic Lead & Zin
100 9 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Murray, James E.; Clark, John; Day, Henry L.
S.2601 Stabilize The Mining of Lead and Zinc; H.R.8860 Amendments To S.2601
100 10 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Day, Henry L.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Wilson, Clark L.
S.1747/H.R.3416 Lead and Zinc Act of 1961; H.R.8860 Stabilize The Mining of Lead and Zinc; H.R.84/S.115 Lead and Zinc Subsidies: S.1316/H.R.5193 Tariff On Lead and Zinc
1961 January-July
100 11 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Kelly, John M.; Day, Henry L.; Schwab, Charles E.; Wilson, Clark L.; Carroll, John A.; Magnuson, Harry F.
Lead and Zinc Depletion Allowances S.2249; Lead and Zinc Act of 1961 S.1747
1961 July-November
100 12 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Wilson, Clark L.; Magnuson, Harry F.
S.2747 Lead and Zinc Act of 1961; Lead and Zinc Tariff
100 13 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Magnuson, Harry F.; Schwab, Charles E.; Wilson, Clark L.; Anderson, Clinton P.
S.1534 Lead and Zinc Stabilization Act of 1963
1963 January-April
100 14 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Schwab, Charles E.; Conover, Julian D.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Anderson, Clinton P.
S.1534/H.R.3845 Lead and Zinc Flexible Quota
1963 May-December
101 1 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Anderson, Clinton P.; Wilson, Clark L.; Schweiker, Richard S.
S.1534 Lead and Zinc Act of 1963
101 2 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Lead and Zinc
Wilson, Clark L.
Emergency Lead/Zinc Committee S.564
101 3 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Mica and Petrified Wood
S.1147 National Forest Roads and Trails
1957; 1963-1964
101 4 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Mineral Programs
Watkins, Arthur V.; Bennett, Wallace F.
S.2376 Import Taxes On Lead and Zinc; S.2375 Development of Mineral Resources
101 5 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
S.334 Development of Phosphate In The Public Domain
Statement On Phosphate Development To Interior Committee
101 6 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Ivan, Bloch
"Analysis of The Influence of Power Costs On The Phosphate Fertilizer An Phosphorus Industries of Idaho" By Ivan Bloch; Map of Phosphate Holdings
101 7 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Haight, Lloyd E.; Metcalf, Lee; Burnet, F.E.; Harding, Ralph R.; Teske, A.J.
S.2500 Phosphate Leases On Public Land
101 8 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Phosphate Lands Conference With BLM, August 11, 1966
101 9 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Phosphate Lands; Monsanto Company, Annual Report; Bureau of Mines Report On Investigations; Meade Peak, Idaho Phosphate Samples
101 10 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Land Reclamation Regulations
101 11 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Power, O.A.; Emigh, G. Donald; Abanor, Joseph S.; Olsen, Dennis M.; Teske, A.J.; Udall, Stewart L.; Siehl, George H.
Mined Lands Conservation Act of 1968 S.3126; Surface Mining Reclamation Act of 1968 S.3132, S.217; Statement of Phosphate Lands Conference Pertaining To S.3126 and S.3132
101 12 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Phosphate
Emigh, G. Donald; Olsen, Dennis M.; Watson, Ralph
Statement of Phosphate Land Conference Pertaining To S.77, S.630, S.993, S.2455, and S.1498
101 13 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Press Releases
Day, Henry L; Teske, A.J.; Randall, A.J.; Eisenhower, Dwight D.
Titanium; Phosphate Lease Acreage Limit; Domestic Mineral Program; Mines As Natural Resources; Assessment Work Moratorium; Couer d'Alene District Unemployment; Foreign Imports of Mercury; Lead and Zinc Stockpiling; Quotas On Lead and Zinc Imports
Domestic Mineral Program Appropriations Speech
101 13 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Press Releases
Tariff Commission; Lead and Zinc; Cobalt; Congo; Cuba; The Calera Mine; Silver; Emergency Powers; S.J.Res.44 Incentive Payments for Gold; Treasury Silver Sales Halt; Tariff Legislation
101 14 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Bradley, John D.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.
101 15 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Feathers, D.L.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Day, Henry L.; Selby, John A.
1961 January-June
101 16 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Symington, Stuart; Teske, A.J.; Fowler, Henry H.; Selby, John A.; Dillon, Douglas; Lynch, John B.; O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Feathers, D.L.; Day, Henry L.
"Selling By Treasury of Silver" June 29, 1961, Protesting Silver Sales
1961 July-December
101 17 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Day, Henry L.; Teske, A.J.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Magnuson, Warren G.
Trade Expansion Act H.R.9900; S.2885 Repeal of Silver Purchase Act
101 18 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Magnuson, Warren G.; Day, Henry L.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Dominick, Peter H.; Mangan, Robert M.; Byrd, Harry F., Sr.
H.R.5389 Silver Transaction Tax S.397; H.R.5389 Hearings
101 19 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Babcock, Tim; Randall, L.J.; Magnuson, Harry F.; White, Compton I., Jr.
H.R.10559 Sale of Silver Bullion By Treasury; H.R.10560 Price of Silver
102 1 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Magnuson, Harry F.
Silver Content of Dollars; Coinage Act of 1965; S.2671; S.2080; Minerals
Statement In Support of S.2671; Statement Before The Senate Banking and Currency Committee On Saving Our Silver Coinage, Introduction To S.1297
102 1 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Smylie, Robert E.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Strauss, Simon D.; Teske, A.J.
Silver Content of Dollars S.2671; Coinage Act of 1965 S.2080
Statement In Support of S.2671, Before Senate Banking Committee, No Date; Introduction of S.1297, No Date
102 2 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Metcalf, Lee; Magnuson, Harry F.; Gruening, Ernest; Day, Henry L.
S.338 Tax Deductions for Exploration; H.R.4665; Silver and Coinage; Minerals
102 3 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver 1967
102 4 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Schwab, Charles E.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Mundt, Karl E.; Day, Henry L.; Dominick, Peter H.
S.2582 Silver Eisenhower Dollar; S.J.R.158; H.R.12744; Hecla Mining; Nonessential Government Expenditures
102 5 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Lindstrom, Philip; Nixon, Richard M.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Day, Henry L.; Teske, A.J.
102 6 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Silver
Lindstrom, Philip; Day, Henry L.; Teske, A.J.; McClure, James A.
H.R.9408 Bicentennial Coins; S.1927 Bicentennial Coins; S.1928
1973; 1975-1976
102 7 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Thorium 1957-1961; 1963; 1965-1966
102 8 Natural Resources -- Minerals - Tungsten-Uranium
Day, Henry L.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Marsh, Harry W.
Tariff On Tungsten S.2692; P.L.733 Purchase of Tungsten; Expansion of The Tungsten Supply
Statement To Senate Appropriations Committee On Tungsten, 3 Drafts
102 9 Natural Resources -- Mining
Day, Henry L.; Randall, L.J.; Mcnichols, Steve; Marsh, Harry W.; Morse, Wayne
Hecla Mining; Idaho Mining Association; Mining Patents; Mineral Rights; S.1004 Mining Claims Restoration; Mining On Public Lands
102 10 Natural Resources -- Mining
Neuberger, Richard L.; Bible, Alan; O'Mahoney, Joseph C.; Priester, Alma Dorothy; Seaton, Fred A.; Byrd, Harry F., Sr.; Bradley, John D.
Depletion Allowances; Coal; Oil; Gas; Chrome; Mica; Beryl; Mercury Imports; Mineral Leasing Regulations; Timber; Mineral Rights; American Anti-Mining Committee; Bunker Hill; Mercury
1958 January-May
102 11 Natural Resources -- Mining
Mineral Leasing Act S.3764; Manganes Program S.3537; Coal
1958 May-December
102 12 Natural Resources -- Mining
Proxmire, William; Marsh, Harry W.; Murray, James E.; Teske, A.J.; O'mahoney, Joseph C.; Dodd, Thomas J.
Surface Managment Under P.L.167; Mineral Explortion Loan; Helium; Gasoline Tax; Mineral Lease Rate Changes S.2181; Coal Research and Development S.4248/H.R.6596; Mining
Introduction of Teske Correspondence Into Record
1959 January-September
102 13 Natural Resources -- Mining
Teske, A.J.; Conover, Julian D.
Uranium Processing; Mineral Lease Rules On Federal Wildlife Lands; Depletion Allowances; Coal; Euxenite; Bureau of Mines; Water Requirements of Idaho's Mining Industry
1959 September-December
102 14 Natural Resources -- Mining
Teske, A.J.; Cook, E.F.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.; Day, Henry L.; Randall, L.J.; Smylie, Robert E.
Mining; Mineral Exploration; S.2259 Stimulate Mining; Idaho Bureau of Mines; Law of Discovery; Idaho's Mining Industry
102 15 Natural Resources -- Mining
Teske, A.J.; Cook, E.F.; Hardy, Robert M., Jr.
Gold S.T.R.44
102 16 Natural Resources -- Mining
Teske, A.J.; Day, Henry L.; Cook, E.F.; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Haight, Lloyd E.
Petrified Wood H.R.10540/P.L.87-868; Mining Law Modernization H.R.935; Strip Mining H.R.1013; Exploration and Discovery S.1279; H.R.4415 The Clean Air Act; American Institute of Mining, Metalurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
102 17 Natural Resources -- Mining
Day, Henry L.; Lindstrom, Philip; Magnuson, Harry F.
Mine Safety S.1949; Petrified Wood; Phosphate Development S.2500; Mining Claim Marketability; Unpatented Mining Claims
103 1 Natural Resources -- Mining
Anderson, Clinton P.; Teske, A.J.; Farmin, Rollin; Randall, L.J.; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Griner, Carl; Mckiethen, John J.
Lead and Zinc Import Quotas; Gold; Exploration; Oil
103 2 Natural Resources -- Mining
Fowler, Henry H.; Teske, A.J.; Cook, Marlow W.; Boyle, W.A.; Hanson, O.T.
Coal Mine Safety S.2917; Whiteclouds
103 3 Natural Resources -- Mining
Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Kilbourne, Grant; Teske, A.J.; Randall, L.J.
Mining; S.993 Mined Area Protection Act of 1971; S.1240 Prospecting; S.1120 Surface Mining; Idaho Legislature; Domain Land Organic Act of 1971 S.921
103 4 Natural Resources -- Mining
Day, Henry L.; Teske, A.J.; Harris, Fred R.; Smith, S. Frank; Griner, Carl; Lindstrom, Philip; Cooper, John Sherman; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Randall, L.J.; Woodruff, Frank G.; Bible, Alan
Mineral Leasing Act of 1971 H.R.11696/S.2726; Surface Mining Act of 1972 S.630/H.R. 6482; Coal Mine Area Protection Act of 1972 H.R.6482; Mine Safety Standards S.2415; Mineral-Mining Policy Act S.653/H.R.6788
103 5 Natural Resources -- Mining
Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Metcalf, Lee; Day, Henry L.; Love, W.H.; Macfarlane, Robert W.; Bondurant, Bill; Symms, Steve; Schweiker, Richard S.; Scott, Hugh; McClary, James D.
Deep Seabed Hard Minerals Resources Act; Surface Mining Reclamation Act S.425/H.R.549/S.1040/S.1041; Smelting of Copper Sulfure Concentrate; Bureau of Mines Report S.7705
103 6 Natural Resources -- Mining
Teske, A.J.; Domenici, Pete V.; Chase, M.C.; Morton, Rogers C.B.
Mining Act of 1970 H.R.10294/H.R.11325/H.R.11390/S.3467
103 7 Natural Resources -- Mining
Domenici, Pete V.; Metcalf, Lee; Lindstrom, Philip; Allen, Robert H.; Packer, Paul
Phosphate; Rollover Protection Structures; Packer, Paul, "Rehabiliation Potentials and Limitations of Surface Mined Land In The Northern Great Plains", January 14, 1974; Mining
1975 January-March
103 8 Natural Resources -- Mining
Lindstrom, Philip; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Teske, A.J.
Stripmining; National Surface Mining and Reclamation Act of 1975; Minimum Mining and Reclamation Standards
1975 March-May
103 9 Natural Resources -- Mining
Lindstrom, Philip; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Hansen, Clifford P.; Calnoyn, W.M.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Strauss, Simon D.; Teske, A.J.; Domenici, Pete V.
Coal Leasing S.391; S.1550 Treasury Sales of Gold; Federal Coal Safety and Health Act; Phosphate; Mineral Leasing Act of 1975 H.R.8435; Mine Safety H.R.9318/S.1302; Mining On Park Lands S.2371
1975 May-December
103 10 Natural Resources -- Mining
Calhoun, W.M.; Teske, A.J.; Helms, Jesse
Mineral Leasing Act; H.R.8435; Toxic Substances Control Act S.776; Mining In National Parks S.2371; Coal Leasing S.391; Black Lung Act S.3183; Phosphate; Mine Safety and Health Amendments S.1302; St. Joe River Area
103 11 Natural Resources -- Mining
Garn, Jake; Lindstrom, Philip; Calhoun, W.M.; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Knopf, Rick; Magnuson, Harry F.; Hunt, Bunker; Metcalf, Lee
H.R.2/S.7 Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act; Federal Mine Safety and Health Amendments S.717
1977 January-May
103 12 Natural Resources -- Mining
Metcalf, Lee; Calhoun, W.M.
Federal Land Mining Act of 1977 S.1245; Mining Law Reform; H.R.5806; H.R.5831; S.1248; Revision of 1872 Mining Law
1977 June-December
103 13 Natural Resources -- Mining
Magnuson, Harry F.; Helms, Jesse; Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Smith, Norman M.; Richardson, Elliot L.; Proxmire, William; Heinz, H. John III; Symms, Steve
Mining Law Reform H.R.9292; Lead and Zinc Import Relief; Mining In The Parks Act; S.7 Stripmining; Trade Adjustment Assistance Program H.R.11711; Hells Canyon; Crooks Corral
103 14 Natural Resources -- Mining
Magnuson, Harry F.; Proxmire, William; Miller, Maynard; McClure, James A.; Melcher, John; Muskie, Edmund S.; Griffith, W.A.
Cobalt In Blackbird Region; Gravel Pit Safety S.625; Own Plus Hold Gold S.30; Surface Mining S.1403; Mine Safety and Health Act; Gold Coins; Superfund; Small Company Exemption; S.1692; S.1055; S.1341; S.1480; H.R.5790
104 1 Natural Resources -- Mining
Kellogg, Herbert H.
Gold; Mine Safety and Health Act; Gravel Pits S.625
1979 November-December
104 2 Natural Resources -- Mining
Overton, J. Allen, Jr.; Magnuson, Harry F.; Laxalt, Paul; Andrus, Cecil D.; Peterson, Jack
Gold S.30; Noranda Cobalt; S.2112 Surface Mining Act; S.2112; Federal Mines Safety and Health Act of 1977 H.R.1197
104 3 Natural Resources -- Mining - Assessment Moratorium
S.3199 Mining Claims Assessment; S.3313 Suspend Assessment for 1958; S.3315 Mining Claims Assessment S.3199
Remarks To House Committee On Interior and Insular Affairs
104 4 Natural Resources -- Mining - Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act
Mining; Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act S.2053
104 5 Natural Resources -- Mining - Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act
Metcalf, Lee; Matsunaga, Spark M.; Jackson, Henry M.; Sparkman, John J.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Biemiller, Andrew J.; Dolgan, David; Richardson, Elliot L.; Raymond, Nicolas
Committee On Energy and Natural Resources; Declaration of Congressional Intent International Agreement Sec.201-S.2053/H.R.3350; Raymond, Nicolas, "Sealaw: The Unpleasant Options" Ocean World, January 1978; House Committee On International Relations;
104 5 Natural Resources -- Mining - Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act
House Committee On International Relations; H.R.3350; U.N. Conference On Law of The Sea; Interior and Insular Affairs Committee; S.1134; Mining; Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act-S.2053/H.R.3350
104 6 Natural Resources -- Mining - Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act
Jackson, Henry M.; Matsunaga, Spark M.; Welling, Conrad G.
Mining; Deep Seabed Mineral Resources Act S.2053/S.493; Welling, Conrad G., "Ocean Mining Systems" Mining Congress Journal, September, 1976; UN Conference On Law of The Sea;
104 7 Natural Resources -- Mining - Surface Mining Control Act of 1977
Mining; Surface Mining Control Act of 1977; Energy Committee Report
104 8 Natural Resources -- Mining - Surface Mining Control Act of 1977
Jackson, Henry M.; Hart, Gary; Metcalf, Lee; Metzenbaum, D.; Culver, John C.; Percy, Charles H.; Melcher, John
S.7 Star Print; Coal Pipeline; Interior Department Views: "Strip Mining In The Corn Belt" Environmental Policy Institute
104 9 Natural Resources -- Mining - Surface Mining Control Act of 1977
Griffin, Douglas C.; Nichols, Michael J.; Bond, H.E.; Parker, B.B.; Austin, T.L., Jr.; Gregory, Daniel W.
Energy and Economic Impacts of H.R.13950; Coal Banks S.7;
104 10 Natural Resources -- Mining - Unpatented Mining Claims
Carver, John A., Jr.; Burdick, Quentin N.
P.L.87-851; H.R.10773 Occupied Unpatented Claims In California; H.R.12761; Interior and Insular Affairs Agriculture Department; Interior Department; S.3451; Unpatented Mining Claims S.3451
104 11 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Hartung, A.F.
Parks and Forests; S.840 Forest Products; S.841 Forest Products
1957 January-May
104 12 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Scoyen, E.T.
Parks and Forests; S.4096 Recreational Use of National Forests; National Wilderness Preservation Bill S.1176
1957 June-December
104 13 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Murray, James E.; Peterson, E.L.; Neuberger, Richard L.
Parks and Forests; S.- Wilderness Preservation System; S.3247 Mining Claims On National Forests Lands; Idaho Lumber Indusry; Timber Access Roads; Meridian Mill; Dinosaur National Park S.2577
104 14 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Bennett, Wallace F.; Murray, James E.
Parks and Forests; S.1436 Amend 68 Stat. 173, 43 Usc 869; S.1797 National Forest Lands
1959 January-May
104 15 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Murray, James E.; Mansfield, Mike; Douglas, Paul H.; Stennis, John C.
Parks and Forests; National Forests; Wilderness Preservation System S.1123; H.R.5412 Acreage Limitations In National Forest Act of 1926; S.1001 Indiana Dunes National Monument; S.- Preservation of Shoreline Areas; Forestry Programs
1959 June-August
105 1 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Kennedy, John F.
S.2636 Cape Cod National Seashore; Tree Nurseries; Reseeding Forests; Timber Harvesting; Knudson/Vandenberg Act of 1930
1959 September-December
105 2 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Murray, James E.; Gruening, Ernest; Smylie, Robert E.
Forestry; Reforestation S.J.Res.95; Multiple Use of National Forests H.R.10572; S.2460 Shoreline Preservation; Indiana Dunes Park
1960 January-April
105 3 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Brower, David R.; Green, Theodore Francis; Johnson, Lyndon B.
H.R.11944 National Forest Multiple Use Bill; H.R.10572 National Forest Multiple Use Bill; S.1123 National Wilderness Preservation System; S.3830 Roger Williams National Monument; S.3044 National Forest Multiple Use
Speech: "Statement On S.3044", Draft "Proposed Statement On S.3044", June 1, 1960
1960 May-December
105 4 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Jackson, Henry M.
S.3104/S.1522e State Use of Timber Sales Proceeds From National Forests for Public Schools and Roads
Speech: "Utilization By The States of Proceeds From National Forests", In Senate, Feburary 26, 1960 (Introduction for S.3104)
105 5 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Tilden, Paul M.; Leonard, Ross; Douglas, Paul H.; O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Muskie, Edmund S.
S.2164 First World Conference On National Parks; Lands Across The Potomac From Mount Vernon S.J.Res.97; S.2563 State Forestry Work
105 6 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Douglas, Paul H.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Moss, Frank E.
Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore S.1797; Mountain Pine Beatle; H.R.12688 Forestry Research
105 7 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Metcalf, Lee
105 8 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Grand Canyon River Running; Alaska D-2 Lands
105 9 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Stevens, Ted; Gravel, Mike; Jackson, Henry M.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Little, Walter E.; Christiansen, Dale R.
S.1176 Antiquities and Federal Land Policy and Management Acts; Alaska Public Lands Issues D-2 Lands; Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1979 H.R.39; Senate Alaska Bills S.9/S.222/S.1176; Sawtooth National Recreation Area Land Acquisition
105 9 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Land and Water Conservation Fund; Channel Island National Park, California S.1104/H.R.3757
105 10 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Merritt, Clifton R.; Peterson, Russell W.; Little, Walter E.; Heinz, H. John III; Andrus, Cecil D.; Christiansen, Dale R.
Alaska National Interest Lands; D-2 Lands; Tsongas-Roth Substitute; S.- Grand Teton National Park; National Wild and Scenic Rivers System; Bruneau River; Jarbridge River; Owyhee River; Lower Salmon River
1980 January-June
105 11 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests
Peterson, Russell W.; Hayakawa, S.I.; Fischer, Michael L.; Duke, Angier Biddle
Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act H.R.39; Flooding On The Stanislaus River By New Melones Dam, California H.R.4223; Big Sur Coast National Scenic Area Act H.R.7380; Burton Omnibus Wild River Bill; Orange Coast National Urban Park Bill S.289
1980 July-December
105 12 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Alaska National
Amory, Cleveland; Pritchard, Ralph W.; Carter, Jimmy; Bergland, Bob; Nelson, Gaylord
Alaska Lands Bill-S.9/H.R.39; Tsongas-Roth Substitute; Various Amendments To The Alaska Lands Bill; Conservation Issues Connected With Bills
1980 July
105 13 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Boise & Payette National
Nock, Harry L.
S.1748/S.3458 Caribou and Targhee National Forests; S.287/H.R.2497 Boise and Payette National Forests; Cascade Reservoir; Warm Lake Landmark Road
1958-1960; 1978
105 14 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Clearwater & St. Joe National
Clearwater and St. Joes National Forests
105 15 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Fees
S.20 Related To Outdoor Recreation; Golden Eagle Program
1963; 1969; 1970; 1979
106 1 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Gifford Pinchot National 1957
106 2 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Heyburn State Park
S.1152 Patent From The U.S. Dated June 29, 1911 Granting Certain Lands To The State of Idaho
106 3 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Policies 1979
106 4 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Selway/Bitteroot
Randall, L.J.
Parks; Forests; Selway/Bitteroot
106 5 Natural Resources -- Parks & Forests - Targhee National
S.1748 Caribou and Targhee National Forests; H.R.3682 Small Tracts Act
106 6 Natural Resources -- Water
Neuberger, Richard L.; Engle, Clair
Columbia River Compact; S.Res.- Columbia River Basin Development; Middle Snake River
106 7 Natural Resources -- Water
Saline Water Conversion; California Water Plan Projects, Stanford Research Center
106 8 Natural Resources -- Water
Bible, Alan
S.Res.48 Water Resources; Burns Creek Project, Idaho
Statement for The Hearing Record On S.Res.48
1959 January-June
106 8 Natural Resources -- Water
S.48 Water Resources Activities; S.Res.48 Saline Water Conversion; S.863 Western Water Rights Settlement Act of 1957; Supreme Court Decisions Pertinent To The Proposed Western Water Rights Settlement Act
1959 January-June
106 9 Natural Resources -- Water
Kerr, Robert S.; Chaffee, Eugene B.
Southwest Idaho Water Plan; Water Resources
1959 July-December
106 10 Natural Resources -- Water
Allott, Gordon
Saline Water; Colorado River Basin; S.Res.48 Future Needs for Navigation; Water Pollution
106 11 Natural Resources -- Water
Metcalf, Lee; Ellender, Allen J.
S.650 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act; Columbia Interstate Compact; Water Resource Planning Act of 1961; S.1617 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act; Guffey, Long Tom, and Hillcrest Units, Mountain Home Division, Snake River Projec
106 12 Natural Resources -- Water
Hayden, Carl; Udall, Stewart L.
Water Rights
106 13 Natural Resources -- Water
Jordan, Len B.
Pacific Southwest Water Plan, Statement By Len B. Jordan; Water Pollution; Rivers and Harbors; Saline Water
106 14 Natural Resources -- Water
Moss, Frank E.
Water Rights; S.21 The Water Resources Act; H.R.1111 The Water Resources Act; Diversion of Idaho Water To The Southwest; Utah Small Reclamation Act
106 15 Natural Resources -- Water
Walenta, Thomas R.
National Rivers and Harbors Congress; S.22 Water Research; Thomas R. Walenta, Summary Report On High Water Mark Bill
106 16 Natural Resources -- Water 1967
106 17 Natural Resources -- Water 1968
106 18 Natural Resources -- Water
Moss, Frank E.; Jordan, Len B.; McCann, Wilber
Water Rights Act of 1969; Southwest Idaho Water Plan S.944; S.3058 Water Resources Planning Act, 1968; P.L.89-80, 79 Stat. 244, The Water Resources Planning Act; Diversion of Idaho Water To The Southwest; Land and Water Conservation Fund; Dams On The Mid
106 18 Natural Resources -- Water
Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
107 1 Natural Resources -- Water
Moratorium On Middle Snake S.940; Wild and Scenic Rivers; Uinversity of Idaho Water Resource Institute
Statement Before Subcommittee On Water and Power Resources Re S.940, February 16, 1970
107 2 Natural Resources -- Water
Kennedy, Edward M.; Packwood, Bob; Morton, Rogers C.B.; Welsh, Thomas L.
Hells Canyon Snake River Moratorium; Water Pollution; Fisheries
1971 January-June
107 3 Natural Resources -- Water
Middle Snake River; Hells Canyon; Water and Power Resources S.940; Middle Snake River Moratorium
1971 July-August
107 4 Natural Resources -- Water
Randolph, Jennings
Moratorium On Middle Snake River S.488/H.3920; Hells Canyon Snake National River Hearing S.717; Wild Rivers
1971 September-October
107 5 Natural Resources -- Water
Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Randolph, Jennings; Eagleton, Thomas F.; Watts, Fred J.
Water Pollution S.2770; Moratorium Middle Snake River Hells Canyon S.488; Children's Dental Health Act; Floridation of Water; Wild and Scenic Rivers; Water Quality; Water Resources
1971 November-December
107 6 Natural Resources -- Water
Bible, Alan
Swan Falls Dam; Guffy Project; Western States Water Plan Study; Salmon Falls Division Project
107 7 Natural Resources -- Water
Magnuson, Warren G.; Hart, Philip A.; Tunney, John V.
Anadromous Fisheries; S.433 Safe Drinking Water Act of 1973; National Water Commission; Salmon Falls
Statement On Senate Floor, February 26, 1973, Hearings On National Water Commission
1973 January-March
107 8 Natural Resources -- Water
National Water Commission; U.S. Water Policy"; Western U.S. Water Plan
1973 April-June
107 9 Natural Resources -- Water
Middle Snake River; National Water Commission Report
Opening Statement for A Hearing On The Report of The National Water Commission, July 17, 1973; "A Lurking Threat To Idaho Water", The National Water Commission Report, On The Senate Floor, September 25, 1973
1973 July-December
107 10 Natural Resources -- Water
Magnuson, Warren G.; Eastland, James O.; Hollings, Ernest F.; Andrus, Cecil D.
S.2797 International Joint Commission; Water Resources Development Act of 1974; National Ocean Policy Study; P.L.93-251 Water Resources Development; Boise City Council; Waste Water Treatment Projects
1974 January-October
107 10 Natural Resources -- Water
Middle Snake River Hells Canyon; Deepwater Port Act of 1974 S.4076; Diversion of Idaho Water To The Southwest
1974 January-October
107 11 Natural Resources -- Water
Anadromous Fisheries; Indian Fishing Rights; Pacific Northwest River Basins Commission; Test Drillings and Ground Water Investigations of The Snake River Plain Aquifer, Southeastern Idaho; Land Use Plan Bear Valley; Boise and Challis National Forests
1974 November-December
107 12 Natural Resources -- Water
Water; Hells Canyon; Wild and Scenic Rivers; Anadromous Fisheries; Moyie River; Priest River; Clearwater River; Emergency Marine Fisheries Protection Act S.1988; Indian Fishing Rights
1975 January-May
107 13 Natural Resources -- Water
Bellmon, Henry; Bartlett, Dewey F.; McGee, Gale; Kneip, Richard F.
Federal and Indian Water Rights; Water Resources Planning Act; Deep Creek Bridge, Boundary County, Idaho
"Bridge Over Deep Creek, Idaho", Statement On Senate Floor, November 20, 1975
1975 June-December
107 14 Natural Resources -- Water
McGovern, George
1976 January-April
108 1 Natural Resources -- Water
Wildlife Water and Fishes Act S.3425
1976 May-December
108 2 Natural Resources -- Water
Curtis, Carl T.; Link, Arthur A.
Diversion of Water To California; Water; Jones Act: River Rafts; S.- Reclamation Lands Family Farm Act; S.186 The Water Resources Research Act of 1964
"The Jones Act and Rubber River Rafts", Senate Floor, March, 1977
1977 January-June
108 3 Natural Resources -- Water
Metcalf, Lee; Curtis, Carl T.; Randolph, Jennings
Federal Water Project; 160 Acre Limit; Recreation Act
1977 July-December
108 4 Natural Resources -- Water
Johnson, Oscar
S.1791/H.R.8336 Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area, Ga; White Water Running Boats; American Falls Dam Safety Bill S.2820; Farm Water Act of 1978 S.2818; Oscar Johnson Reservoir
"S.2818-Farm Water Act of 1978", Introduction, Statement On Senate Floor, April 3, 1978
1978 January-May
108 5 Natural Resources -- Water
Reclamation Reform Act of 1978 S.2606; Farm Water Act of 1978 H.R.13350; Dam Safety Bill S.2820; S.J.Res.39 Reclamation Laws
1978 June-December
108 6 Natural Resources -- Water
Reclamation Reform Act of 1979 S.14; Bear River Drainage Area S.1489; S.14
"The Reclamation Reform Act of 1979", No Place, No Date
108 7 Natural Resources -- Water
Hatfield, Mark O.; Stennis, John C.; Cranston, Alan; Gravel, Mike
Water; Omnibus Geothermal Energy Development Act of 1979; Reclamation Reform Act of 1979 S.14
108 8 Natural Resources -- Water - American Falls
Allen, Joe F.
Federal Power Projects; Electric Utilities
1957; 1967-1968; 1972
108 9 Natural Resources -- Water - American Falls
American Falls Replacement Plan; Upper Snake River Project, Idaho; Environmental Statement
Statement of Introduction of Bills To Authorize The Replacement of American Falls Dam In Idaho; Replacement of The American Falls Dam, Opening Statement At The Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Water and Power Resources On S.1528 and S.1529, May 1973
108 9 Natural Resources -- Water - American Falls
American Falls Replacement Dam; Upper Snake River Basin Project, Idaho
108 10 Natural Resources -- Water - American Falls
Statement At The Hearing Before The Subcommittee On Water and Power Resources On S.1152, July 24, 1975
108 11 Natural Resources -- Water - American Falls
American Falls Project
108 12 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Morse, Wayne; Neuberger, Richard L.
Public Works; Construction of Hells Canyon Dam; Hells Canyon Bill S.555
"Idaho's Case for Hell's Canyon Dam", June 19, 1957
108 13 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Andrus, Cecil D.
Hells Canyon Middle Snake Moratorium; Private Land Acquisition
1972 January-June
108 14 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Wild and Scenic Rivers; Conservation; Interior; Private Land Acquisition
1972 July-December
108 15 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Jordan, Len B.
Wild and Scenic Rivers; Conservation; Interior; Private Land Acquisition; Federal Water Project Recreation Act; High Mountain Sheep Dam S.2233; Seven Devils; Idaho State Legislature House Joint Memorial 7
109 1 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Private Lands; Hells Canyon Recreation Area
Speech: "Legislation To Create The Hells Canyon Recreation Area", In Senate, July 23, 1973
1973 July-September
109 2 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Andrus, Cecil D.
Water Resources
1973 October-December
109 3 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon
Andrus, Cecil D.
Committee Report S.2233; Report: Water Availability Snake River From Swan Falls Hells Canyon Dam, Idaho Water Resources
109 4 Natural Resources -- Water - Hells Canyon 1975
109 5 Natural Resources -- Water - Saline Water
S.3557/S.109 Saline Water Research and Development
109 6 Natural Resources -- Water - 1000 Springs/Box Canyon 1971-1972
109 7 Natural Resources -- Water - 1000 Springs/Box Canyon
Bible, Alan
1000 Springs/Box Canyon National Monument
Speech: "Preserving The Box Canyon-Thousand Springs Area Near Hagerman, ID.", In Senate, June 21, 1973
109 8 Natural Resources -- Water - 1000 Springs/Box Canyon
Clear Springs Trout Company; Fauna Sites and Springs of The Hagerman Valley National Park Service; Water Resources; 1000 Springs; Box Canyon
1973 July- December
109 9 Natural Resources -- Water - Water Diversion
S.1275 Stream Waste Water; Snake River Water Diversion
Speech: "Diversion of Water From The Snake River To Southern California", No Date
109 10 Natural Resources -- Water - Water Rights
Corker, Charles E.
Western Water Rights Settlement Bill of 1957
109 11 Natural Resources -- Water - Water Rights
H.R.5078 Water Rights; H.R.151 Water Rights Within State Boundries; S.211 Water Laws West of The 98th Meridian; S.- Water Rights On Reservations of Public Lands
109 12 Natural Resources -- Water - Water Rights - Special File
S.1275 Water Rights; Western Water Law Symposium 1963
109 13 Natural Resources -- Water - Water Rights - Special File
S.1275 Water Rights
109 14 Natural Resources -- Water - Watershed
Smylie, Robert E.
Snake River; California; Land and Water Conservation Fund S.859/H.R.3846; Ionics; Fresh Water Fish From Saline Sources; Water Resource Bill S.2; Water Resource Planning Act S.1111; Water Pollution Control Act S.649
109 15 Natural Resources -- Water - Watershed
Smylie, Robert E.; Moss, Frank E.
Snake River; California; Water Pollution; Teton Basin Project Re: S.1123; Snow Surveys
Statement At Hearing On S.1123, No Date
1964 January-June
109 16 Natural Resources -- Water - Watershed
S.1766; Water Resources Research Institute At The University of Idaho
109 17 Neighborhood Youth Corps 1974
109 18 No Fault Insurance 1973
109 19 No Fault Insurance
S.354 National No Fault Insurance Act
109 20 No Fault Insurance
S.354 National No Fault Insurance Act
Speech: "The Time Has Come for The Congress To Act On No-Fault Automobile Insurance", March 31, 1976
1975-1976; 1978
OSHA - Population
The Occupational Safety and Health Act is also found in the Labor and Agriculture files. Most of the Population files are concerned with abortion. Because Church felt that legislation affecting personal matters should be considered at the most local level possible, he opposed federal laws and constitutional amendments banning abortion. Personally opposed to abortion, he sponsored the successful "Conscience Clause" amendment to the Social Security Act of 1973, which allowed hospitals receiving Medicare or Medicaid funding to refuse to perform abortions.
110 1 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Occupationa Sefety and Health Act S.976; Small Business S.1147/S.1249; S.3203 National Labor Relations Act of 1974
"Statement In Opposition To Exempting Certain Employers From O.S.H.A. Laws", [1974]; "Testimony Submitted To Labor Subcommittee of The Senate Labor and Public Welfare Committee", [1974]; "Introduction of Legislation To Amend The O.S.H.A. Act", Two Drafts
110 2 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Occupational Sefety and Health Administration; H.R.12929 Appropriations for Departments of Labor and Health Education and Welfare for FY 1978
Statements: "O.S.H.A. Amendments To The HEW-Labor Appropriations Bill", August 25, 1976; Speech: "O.S.H.A.: Still More Must Be Done", May 20, 1977
110 3 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Eizenstat, Stuart E.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Statement: "The Case for Exempting Small Business From O.S.H.A.", August 2, 1978
110 4 Occupational Safety and Health Administration 1979 January-April
110 5 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Javits, Jacob K.; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
S.1486/S.918 Family Farms; H.R.4389 Appropriations for Departments of Labor and Health Education and Welfare FY 1980; S.- O.S.H.A. Enforcement; Small Business; H.R.4389 Non-Hazardous Small Business; Farm Exemption From O.S.H.A.
"Exempting Family Farms and Non-Hazardous Small Business From O.S.H.A.", [June 21, 1979]; Intro. of Amendment #409-"Exempt Non- Hazardous...From O.S.H.A.", July 20, 1979; "Amending The O.S.H.A. Act", December 19, 1979; "O.S.H.A. Bill Testimony" Re: S.148
1979 May-December
110 6 Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Trowbridge, Alexander B.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Gude, Gilbert; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
S.2153 Occupational Safety and Health Improvements Act of 1980; S.- Small Business; O.S.H.A.
"O.S.H.A. Testimony", Before Senate Committee On Labor and Human Resources, April 16, 1980 Seven Versions of The Speech
110 7 Oceans
Andrus, Cecil D.
U.N. Conference On The Law of The Sea; S.2119 Georges Bank Protection Act; Fisheries
110 8 Off-Road Vehicles 1977
110 9 Pacific Northwest Account S.1388
Speech: "Statement In Support of S.1388", March 12, 1959 Various Drafts With Annotations
1957; 1959-1960
110 10 Pay Raise
Morrison Pay Bill; Raises for Government Employees H.R.-
Speech: "Introduce Amendment for Adjustment of Compensation of Certain Federal Officers and Employees", June 17, 1960; "On Pay Increases for Federal Employees", July 1, 1964
1960; 1964
110 11 Pay Raise
H.R. Establish Federal Salary Review Commission
Speech: "Disclosure of Income and Assets By Frank Church", In Senate, May 4, 1967
110 12 Pay Raise 1969 January-Feburary
110 13 Pay Raise
Salary Reform for Top Officials
Speech: "Salary Recommendations Ill Timed", In Senate, Feburary 4, 1969
110 14 Pay Raise
S.Res.293 Rates of Pay for Members of Congress; Taxes Paid; Disclosure
"Voluntary Disclosure of Income, Assets, and Taxes Paid", In Senate, Feburary 11, 1974; "Stop The Pay Raise", In Senate, Feburary 4, 1974; Argument Against Pay Increases for Top Federal Officials", In Senate, March 4, 1974
1973-1974 January-March 8
110 15 Pay Raise
Taft, Robert, Jr.
S.2022 Flexible Hours Employment Bill
1974 March 9th-December
110 16 Pay Raise 1975
111 1 Pay Raise
H.R.14238 Appropriations for The Legislative Branch for FY 1977
111 2 Pay Raise
Byrd, Robert C.
"Why I Oppose Major Pay Increases At This Time", In Senate, Feburary 2, 1977; "Violation of The Cost-of-Living Principle", In Senate, After Feburary 2, 1977; "Another No On Congressional and Executive Pay Raises", In Senate, 1977
1977; 1979
111 3 Peace Corps Medal
Scott, Hugh
S.289 Peace Corps Medal
111 4 Pesticide Laws 1971-1973; 1975
111 5 Pollution
Yarborough, Ralph W.; Mcfarland, Ron; Muskie, Edmund S.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Hugh, Scott; Nelson, Gaylord
S.Res.- Cancer; S.- Small Business; Environmental Contamination; S.3388 Environmental Quality Administration; S.3484 Marine Environment and Pollution Control Act of 1970; S.- Motor Vehicle Disposal Act
111 6 Pollution
Hart, Philip A.; Randolph, Jennings; Magnuson, Warren G.; Smith, Ralph Tyler; Burns, David A.
S.- Fuels and Energy
111 7 Pollution
Dingell, John D.; Bormann, Herbert F.
Introduce Government Auto Purchases Bill, To The Senate, March 9, 1970
111 8 Pollution
Proxmire, William; Gilbert, Fredricka; Magnuson, Warren G.; Woodruff, Frank G.; Day, Henry L.
111 9 Pollution
Magnuson, Warren G.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Percy, Charles H.; Hayes, G.J.; Feathers, John E.; Worthen, Paul
111 10 Pollution
Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.; Reynolds, Earl C.; Crocker, Arthur M.; Nelson, Gaylord
111 11 Pollution
Andrus, Cecil D.; Hatfield, Mark O.
111 12 Pollution
Schmidt, J.E.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Hart, Philip A.; Spong, William B., Jr.; Nelson, Gaylord; Cranston, Alan; Fletcher, Katherine; Scott, William L.; Hatfield, Mark O.
S.- Non-Returnable Beverage Containers
111 13 Pollution -- Air 1956-1957
111 14 Pollution -- Air
Baker, John H.; Ribicoff, Abraham
S.3122 Air Rescue Service In The United States Air Force
111 15 Pollution -- Air
Nelson, Gaylord; Proxmire, William; Kennedy, Edward M.; Jones, Dale R.; Hartke, Vance
H.R.14753 Environmental Issues and Policies
111 16 Pollution -- Air
Marck, Charles T.
S.3219 Clean Air Act
112 1 Pollution -- Air
Andrus, Cecil D.; Halley, James H.
1976 January-March
112 2 Pollution -- Air
Lesher, Richard L.; Scott, William L.; Otter, Butch G.L.
S.3219 Clean Air Act
1976 March-April
112 3 Pollution -- Air
Love, W.H.
1976 June
112 4 Pollution -- Air
Brown, Edmund G., Jr.; Jones, Dale R.; Randolph, Jennings
1976 July-December
112 5 Pollution -- Air 1977
112 6 Pollution -- Air
Woodcock, Leonard
Clean Air Act
112 7 Pollution -- Air - Clean Air Act
Riegle, Donald W., Jr.; Stafford, Robert T.; Muskie, Edmund S.; Haskell, Floyd K.
Clean Air Act S.252
112 8 Pollution -- Air
Hatfield, Paul
112 9 Pollution -- Water 1961-1965
112 10 Pollution -- Water
Muskie, Edmund S.; Church, Bethine
Speech By Bethine Church On Conservation and Water Pollution, 1969
112 11 Pollution -- Water
Andrus, Cecil D.; Randolph, Jennings
Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1971 & 1972; Water Pollution Control Legislation S.2770
112 12 Pollution -- Water 1973-1975
112 13 Pollution -- Water 1976
112 14 Pollution -- Water
Barker, John M.
1977 January-August
112 15 Pollution -- Water
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves; Reynolds, Earl C.
1970 September-December
112 16 Pollution -- Water
Nelson, Gaylord; Hatfield, Dan
112 17 Pollution -- Water - Clean Water Act of 1977
Muskie, Edmund S.
S.1952 Federal Water Pollution Control Act
Colloquy: Frank Church Versus Edmund Muskie
112 18 Population -- Abortion 1970
112 19 Population -- Abortion
Packwood, Bob; Draper, William
112 20 Population -- Abortion 1972
112 21 Population -- Abortion 1973 January-February
112 22 Population -- Abortion 1973 February
113 1 Population -- Abortion 1973 March
113 2 Population -- Abortion 1973 April
113 3 Population -- Abortion 1973 April
113 4 Population -- Abortion 1973 April
113 5 Population -- Abortion
Abortion; H.R.3153 Social Security Act; S.1136 Language Change
1973 May
113 6 Population -- Abortion 1973 July-September
113 7 Population -- Abortion 1973 November-December
113 8 Population -- Abortion
Mitchell, Mike P.
1974 January-February
113 9 Population -- Abortion 1974 March-April
113 10 Population -- Abortion 1974 May-July
113 11 Population -- Abortion 1974 August-December
113 12 Population -- Abortion 1975 January-July
113 13 Population -- Abortion
Burdick, Quentin N.; Buckley, James L.
S.J.Res.10/S.J.Res.11 Protection of Unborn Children
1975 August-December
113 14 Population -- Abortion
Helms, Jesse
1976 January-June
113 15 Population -- Abortion 1976 July-December
113 16 Population -- Abortion 1977 January-June
113 17 Population -- Abortion 1977 July-December
113 18 Population -- Abortion 1978 January-February
114 1 Population -- Abortion 1978 Feburary
114 2 Population -- Abortion 1978 Feburary-March
114 3 Population -- Abortion
H.R.7555 Appropriations for Department of Labor and Health Education and Welfare for FY 1978
1978 April-August
114 4 Population -- Abortion 1978 September-December
114 5 Population -- Abortion 1979 January-March
114 6 Population -- Abortion
Lundy, Phoebe
1979 April-July
114 7 Population -- Abortion
Hatfield, Mark O.
1979 August-December
114 8 Population -- Abortion 1980 January-December
114 9 Population -- Census
1969 Census
Pornography - Public lands
Omitted lands was an important area of concern for Senator Church and his constituents. These lands are often held without title and obtaining title to them presented problems which Church was asked to resolve. Omitted lands, as a topic, can be found throughout the collection.
114 10 Pornography
Scott, Hugh
S.2562 Criminal Penalties for Transporting Obscene Matter
1960; 1966
114 11 Pornography
Tydings, Joseph D.
S.2057 Restrict Sexually Provocative Mail; S.2381 Mailing of Pandering Advertisements To Deceased; S.1077 Criminal Actions Involving Obscenity
114 12 Pornography
Goldwater, Barry M.; Murphy, George
S.1077 Anti-Pornography Bill
114 13 Postal Affairs
Increase In Annuities of Retired Federal Employees H.R.4
114 14 Postal Affairs 1958
114 15 Postal Affairs
Bridges, Styles; Johnston, Olin D.; Morton, Thruston B.; Summerfield, Arthur E.
S.4191 Postage Rates On Publications Mailed In The County of Publication; S.3960 Transpotation of Mail By Motor Vehicle Carriers
114 16 Postal Affairs
Blount, Winton M.
Postal Affairs
1958 June-July
114 17 Postal Affairs
Bartlett, E.L.; Rhodes, George M.
H.R.8433 Publishers' Second Class Subsidies
114 18 Postal Affairs
Summerfield, Arthur E.
S.2402 Expeditious, Efficient, and Economical Transportation of Mail; H.R.9488 Transportation of Airmail
114 19 Postal Affairs
Summerfield, Arthur E.
H.R.9488/S.3214 Transportation of Airmail; H.R.540 Compensation and Rights of Postal Field Employees
1960 January-March
114 20 Postal Affairs
H.R.9488 Transportation of Airmail
1960 April
114 21 Postal Affairs
Holland, Spessard L.
H.R.9883 Officers and Employees of The Federal Government; Postal Affairs
1960 May-June
115 1 Postal Affairs 1960 July-September
115 2 Postal Affairs
Burdick, Quentin N.
H.R.6418 Postal Rates; Publication: "Cuba Socialista", 1961; Publication: "The Case Against Higher Third Class Postal Rates", 1961
115 3 Postal Affairs 1962
115 4 Postal Affairs 1962
115 5 Postal Affairs
Communist Literature
115 6 Postal Affairs 1962
115 7 Postal Affairs
H.R.7552 Federal Government Employees
1963; 1964
115 8 Postal Affairs
Mundt, Karl E.
115 9 Postal Affairs 1966
115 10 Postal Affairs 1967
115 11 Postal Affairs 1967
115 12 Postal Affairs 1968
115 13 Postal Affairs
Stanley Post Office
115 14 Postal Affairs 1970 January-April
115 15 Postal Affairs
Blount, Winton M.
1970 January-May
115 16 Postal Affairs
O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Yarborough, Ralph W.
1970 June-August
115 17 Postal Affairs
Tower, John G.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Goldwater, Barry M.; Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Biden, Joseph R., Jr.; Gravel, Mike; McGee, Gale
Postal Affairs; S.2143 Annual Authorization of Appropriations To The Usps
115 18 Postal Affairs
Inouye, Daniel K.
H.R.5665 Labor Disputes US Postal Service; H.R2445 Financial Matters of US Postal Service and Postal Rate Commission
115 19 Postal Affairs
McGee, Gale; Fong, Hiram L.
S.872 Conservation Publications; Second Class Postage; H.R.10786 Payment of Overtime for Department of Agriculture Inspection Service
116 1 Postal Affairs 1977
116 2 Postal Affairs
Simon, Paul; Glenn, John; Stevens, Ted; Ford, Wendell H.; Magnuson, Harry F.
H.R.7700 State of The Union; Postal Affairs
1978 January-October
116 3 Postal Affairs
Culver, John C.; Javits, Jacob K.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Stevens, Ted; Stone, Richard
Church Amendment To H.R.7700 Parcel Post Subsidies/United Parcel Service
1978 September-October
116 4 Postal Affairs
Glenn, John
Church Amendment To H.R.7700 Parcel Post Subsidies/United Parcel Service; H.R.7700 Continuation of Public Service Performed By The US Postal Service
Introducing Amendment To H.R.7700-Postal Service Amendments, Before Senate, September, 1978
1978 October
116 5 Postal Affairs
Magnuson, Harry F.; Chadband, J.F.
1978 October-December
116 6 Postal Affairs
Eagleton, Thomas F.; Sasser, Jim; Levin, Carl
U.S. Supreme Court Brief In Opposition for Respondent, National Association of Greeting Card Publishers
116 7 Postal Affairs 1980
116 8 Postal Affairs -- Commemorative Issues 1957-1961
116 9 Practical Nurse Training Law
S.278 Practical Nurse Training Law
116 10 Presidential Authority
Campisi, Dominic J.
"Honored In The Breech: Presidential Authority To Execute The Laws With Military Force" By Dominic J. Campisi
116 11 Presidential Messages
Nixon, Richard M.
Inaugral Address; Reorganization Plan; Budget Message; Economic Report; Injunction of Secrecy Removed; Vietnam Reconstruction; State of The Union; Environment; Economy; Economic Stabilization; Community Development; Manpower; Drug Laws; Stockpiles; Energ
116 11 Presidential Messages
Agricultural Exports; Emergency Medical Systems; Financial Institutions; Refusal To Yield Tapes; Housing; Small Business; International Economics; Education; Transportation; Economic Adjustment; Health; Military Cash Awards; Campaign Reform; Foreign Aid
116 12 Presidential Succession
Bayh, Birch; Simpson, Milward L.; McClellan, John L.; Long, Edward V.; Keating, Kenneth B.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Dodd, Thomas J.; Hart, Philip A.; Feerick, John D.; Mcnemer, Leslie C.
Presidential Succession S.Res.111; Presidential Inability and Vice Presidential Vacancy, A National Forum Sponsored By The American Bar Association; The Vice-Presidency and The Problems of Presidential Succession and Inability By John D. Feerick;
116 12 Presidential Succession
"The Problems Inherent In Establishing The Line of Succession To The Presidency of The U.S. and The Solution" By Leslie C. Mcnemer; 25th Amendment To The Constitution
116 13 Presidential Succession
Hansen, Orval
Presidential Inability and Vice Presidential Vacancies; S.J.Res.13, S.J.Res.28, S.J.Res.35, S.J.Res.84, S.J.Res.138, S.J.Res.139, S.J.Res.140, S.J.Res.143, S.J.Res.147
116 14 Private Bills
Thomas, Mary F.; Gunnell, E.L.; Johnson, Deloy F.; Winchester, Donald J.
Naval Guard's Overtime Pay S.1700
116 15 President's Commission On The Blind
Jernigan, Kenneth
H.R.5243/S.2077 Commission On The Blind; Disability Insurance for The Blind H.R.3782; A Record By Kenneth Jernigan, President of The National Federation of The Blind
1959; 1969
116 16 Priorities -- Friends Committee On National Legislation 1973
116 17 Proposed Legislation
Basque Sheepherders; S.129/S.1006 Amend Immigration Act of 1954
116 18 Public Lands
Bartlett, E.L.; Gruening, Ernest
H.R.7004 Public Land Administration Act; Management of Public Lands and Forests S.3044; Public Lands for Recreational Use S.2757/H.R.9750; S.873 Disposal of Federal Property In Rupert, Idaho
116 19 Public Lands
Bennett, Wallace F.
S.205; Sand and Gravel On Public Lands; Range Appraisal; Forest Service and Blm
1962; 1964
116 20 Public Lands
Schmitt, Harrison; Hatch, Orrin G.
S.- Earth Resources Information Corporation Act of 1979; Heyburn State Park; S.14 Reclamation Reform Act of 1979; Rangelands Improvement Act of 1978; Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area; Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act S.1403;
116 20 Public Lands
S.4055 Lands Held Under Color of Title; "The World Through A Space Window" By Harrison Schmitt
117 1 Public Lands
McClure, James A.; Starnes, Richard; Trueblood, Ted
Sagebrush Rebellion; Snake River Omitted Lands; Heyburn State Park; "They're Fixing To Steal Your Land" By Ted Trueblood; "The Sagebrush Rebellion" By Richard Starnes
117 2 Public Lands -- Appeals Board 1962
117 3 Public Lands -- Carey Act 1977-1978
117 4 Public Lands -- Dworshak 1978
117 5 Public Lands -- Heyburn State Park
Leroy, David H.
S.J.Res.114 Patent for Heyburn State Park, June 29, 1911; H.R.3933 Define and Clarify Terms Used In Patent From U.S., June 29, 1911, Granted To Idaho; Coeur d'Alene Indian Tribe
117 6 Public Lands -- Idaho Youth Ranch
S.J.Res.172 Idaho Youth Ranch Land
117 7 Public Lands -- Lake Lowell
S.3443 Land Adjacent To Lake Lowell Along Lake Shore Drive
117 8 Public Lands -- Omitted Lands
S.1485/H.R.9097 Riparian Lands Along The Snake River, Idaho (Dworshak Bill)
117 9 Public Lands -- Omitted Lands
Andrus, Cecil D.
Omitted Lands H.R.7971; P.L. 87-469 Omitted Lands; H.R.3757 Channel Island National Park; S.- Omitted Lands Along Snake River, Idaho
" Omitted Lands In Idaho" In Senate, October 12, 1978
117 10 Public Lands -- Omitted Lands
Williams, James D.
Granting Certain Lands To Idaho S.1152; Omitted Lands S.1534; Wildlife Habitat and Dworshak Dam S.1667; The Omitted Lands Problem On The Snake River By James D. Williams
"The Snake River Omitted Lands Problem" In Senate; Statement Before The Parks and Recreation Subcommittee Re S.1534
117 11 Public Lands -- Omitted Lands
Omnibus Parks Bill H.R.3757; Omitted Public Lands Along The Snake River
117 12 Public Lands -- Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978
Andrus, Cecil D.
H.R.10587 Public Range Lands Improvement Act of 1978; S.2475 Public Lands Improvement Act of 1978; S.2555 National Range Lands Policy Act of 1976
"Public Grazing Lands Improvement Act of 1978" In Senate, February 2, 1978
117 13 Public Lands -- Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978
Andrus, Cecil D.; Goldwater, Barry M.
S.2475; H.R.10587; Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978
Opening Statement At The Hearings of The Subcommittee On Public Lands and Resources of The Committee On Energy and Natural Resources, August 9, 1978; Public Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978, Statement On The Senate Floor
117 14 Public Lands -- Rangeland Improvement Act of 1978
Wild Horses and Burros Act; American Horse Protection Association and Humane Society of The U.S.; Rangeland Imporovement Act of 1978
117 15 Public Lands -- Rangeland Management
Herbst, John R., Report of Range Sub-Project, Water Resource Institute, University of Idaho, Moscow, Idaho, 1973; Water Resources; Wild and Scenic Rivers
"Prudent Management of The Public Range", Keynote Address At Convention of The International Society of Range Management, Boise, Idaho, February 5, 1973
117 16 Public Lands -- Rangeland Management
Challis Stewardship
117 17 Public Lands -- Rangeland Management
Yates, Sidney R.; Byrd, Robert C.
Challis Stewardship; Range Funding; Grazing; H.R.96-604 Appropriations for The Department of Interior
117 18 Public Lands -- Rangeland Management
Challis Stewardship
117 19 Public Lands -- Repair of State Capitol Buildings
Smylie, Robert E.
S.677/H.R.5149/S.1396/S.1794 Public Lands Granted for Repair of State Buildings; Idaho; North Dakota; South Dakota; Montana; Washington; Wyoming
117 20 Public Lands -- Silver City 1976
117 21 Public Lands -- State Selection Lands 1967
117 22 Public Lands -- Subcommittee On Public Lands
Cannon, Howard W.; Jackson, Henry M.; Moss, Frank E.
Public Domain; Oregon; Public Land Law
117 23 Public Lands -- Targhee National Forest Amendment
Targhee National Forest Amendment To H.R.7971
Statement On Senate Floor On The Targhee National Forest Amendment, October 12, 1978
Public works
For Church, public works meant water projects proposed and sometimes constructed by the Corps of Engineers and the Bureau of Reclamation for flood control, irrigation, or other purposes. Most of the Columbia Basin projects have their own subject files; the rest of the country is consolidated in General. The Public Works files are closely related to Water Resources issues, as well as Fish and Wildlife.
117 24
West, Herbert G.; Crookham, George L., Jr.; Murray, James E.; Mansfield, Mike
Public Use of Reservoirs S.410; Water Resource Development H.R.965/S.J.R.281; Missouri Basin Commission S.1107; Community Facilities Act S.3497; Alabama-Coosa River System; S.Res.299 Accelerated Reclamation Construction
117 25
National Reclamation Association
117 26
West, Herbert G.; Schoeppel, Andrew F.; Carlson, Frank; Proxmire, William; Hart, Philip A.; Wiley, Alexander
The Alabama-Coosa River System; Garrison Diversion; Lake Michigan Diversion Bill H.R.1; Duncan Ferry Dam; Water Policy; National Reclamation Association
117 27
West, Herbert G.; Morgenthau, Hans J.
S.2060 Federal Cost Sharing for Flood Control; Morgenthau, Hans J., Our Thwarted Republic
117 28
California Water Plan; Bureau of Reclamation
118 1
West, Herbert G.
Fish Passage Problem; S.195 Employment Act of 1961; Utah Historical Quarterly, Colorado: River of The West, July 1960
118 2
Smylie, Robert E.; Allott, Gordon; Ullman, Allen
Frying Pan, Arkansas; Knowles Project; Program of The Bureau of Reclamation for The Pacific Northwest for Fiscal Year 1962
118 3
Moss, Frank E.; West, Herbert G.
Roseworth Project, Twin Falls; Dixie Project, Utah S.26/S.655; S.283/S.46 Small Projects Act of 1956; King Hill Irrigation District; Garrison Diversion S.178/S.230; Warm River Dam; Small Reclamation Projects; Water Resource Development By The Corps of E
118 4
Collins, Leroy
Riverside Water Project, Clearwater County; Army Corps of Engineers, Budget for Civil Works
118 5
Indiana Dunes; Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Budget; Floods Walla Walla District
118 6
Douglas, Paul H.
H.R.4851/S.602 Small Projects Act
118 7 Public Works : Alaska
Gruening, Ernest
Rampart Dam; Alaska Earthquake; Albeni Falls; Alta Project
118 8 Public Works : Alta Project 1964
118 9 Public Works : Bear River Compact
Smylie, Robert E.
S.1086 Bear River Compact
118 10 Public Works : Bear River Project 1963
118 11 Public Works : Bear River Project
Smylie, Robert E.; Budge, Reed; Dominy, Floyd
Bear River Project; Onieda Dam
118 12 Public Works : Bear River Project 1964-1966
118 13 Public Works : Big Wood River 1953-1965
118 14 Public Works : Blackfoot Flood Control 1957-1958
118 15 Public Works : Boise
Smylie, Robert E.; Day, Bob
Boise River Flood Control; P.L.984-84 Congress; Lucky Peak Fire; Small Watershed Projects Under The Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act U.S.D.A. P.A.392; Flood Control District Statutes, Idaho Code, 42-3101 To 42-3124
118 16 Public Works : Bonners Ferry
Smylie, Robert E.
Bonners Ferry Flood Control
118 17 Public Works : Bonneville
Murray, James E.
Bonneville; S.2195 Dalles Project: Pacific Northwest (Bonneville) California Intertie; Columbia Basin
119 1 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
Omnibus Public Works Bill S.497
119 2 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
Neuberger, Richard L.; Magnuson, Warren G.
119 3 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
S.497 Omnibus Rivers and Harbors; Anadromous Fish
119 4 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
White, Compton I., Jr.
S.41 Public Lands; H.R.1235 Burns Creek Authorization; S.R.850 Bruces Eddy/Dworshak Land Exchange S.41
119 5 Public Works : Bruces Eddy 1961
119 6 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
S.497 Omnibus River and Harbor Bill; Wildlife; Salmon; Steelhead; River and Harbor, Beach Erosion Control and Flood Control Projects
119 7 Public Works : Bruces Eddy
Udall, Stewart L.; Cooper, John Sherman
119 8 Public Works : Bully Creek
Bully Creek Authorization S.528/S.639
119 9 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn; Johnson, Lyndon B.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Stinson, Howard
S.145/S.2089 Burns Creek Authorization Bills; Burns Creek Authorization Bill-S.2757; Palisades Project, Idaho
1957 January-August
119 10 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn; Budge, Hamer H.; Aspinall, Wayne N.; Leonard, Ross
Burns Creek Authorization S.2757
119 11 Public Works : Burns Creek
S.281 Burns Creek Authorization; Utah Power and Light Co.; Minidoka Project
119 12 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn; Aspinall, Wayne N.; Douglas, Paul H.; West, Herbert G.; Anderson, Clinton P.; Neuberger, Richard L.; Dorman, Darrell H.; Moss, Frank E.; Allott, Gordon
Burns Creek Authorization
Statement To House Interior Committee, No Date
119 13 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn; Roach, T.E. Tom; O'mahoney, Joseph C.; Nelson, Harold T.
Burns Creek Authorization S.281; Irrigation and Reclamation
119 14 Public Works : Burns Creek
Burns Creek Authorization S.281
Speech: "Burns Creek Authorization", In Senate, No Date (Two Versions); Statement: "Supplimental Statement On Burns Creek Authorization-S.281", No Date
119 15 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn
S.66/H.R.1235 Burns Creek Authorization
119 16 Public Works : Burns Creek
Carver, John A., Jr.; Roach, T.E. Tom; Udall, Stewart L.; O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Bennett, Wallace F.; Moss, Frank E.
S.66/H.R.36/H.R.378 Burns Creek Authorization
Speech: "Introduction To S.66", January 5, 1961
119 17 Public Works : Burns Creek
Metcalf, Lee
Burns Creek Authorization S.66; Omnibus Public Works Bill S.3773
119 18 Public Works : Burns Creek
Udall, Stewart L.
Burns Creek Authorization S.66/S.107
120 1 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn
S.66 Burns Creek Authorization; Burns Creek $50, 000, 000 White Elephant, Utah Power and Light Report
Speech: "Introduction of Bureau of Reclamation Views Into The Record", In The Senate, March 21, 1961
120 2 Public Works : Burns Creek
Committee On Public Works; Corps of Engineers; Jackson Lake Recreation
120 3 Public Works : Burns Creek
Crandall, Lynn; McGee, Gale; Simpson, Milward L.; Harding, Ralph R.
H.R.6016 Omnibus Public Works Bill
Back Ground Speeches, In Senate, July 24, 1959 and March 21, 1961; Speech: "Burns Creek Authorization", In Senate, July, 30, 1963
120 4 Public Works : Burns Creek
Udall, Stewart L.
Burns Creek Dam To Lynn Crandall Dam
Statement Before The House Public Works Committee, 1964
120 5 Public Works : Cassia Creek
Holum, Kenneth; Moss, Frank E.
Cassia Creek Reservoir
120 6 Public Works : Central Arizona Project
S.2670/S.1658 Central Arizona Project
120 7 Public Works : Challis Project 1964
120 8 Public Works : Colorado River Project
Udall, Stewart L.
Glen Canyon Dam; Colorado River Transmission Grids
120 9 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Morse, Wayne; Anderson, Jack Z.; Murray, James E.
S.1388 Pacific Northwest Account; S.3114 Bonneville Project; S.- Columbia River Development Corp Act 1959; Hydro-Power Projects In Columbia River Basin
120 10 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Neuberger, Richard L.; Day, Henry L.
S.3114 Columbia Basic Regional Corporation Bill; Bonneville Project Act
120 11 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Neuberger, Richard L.; Murray, James E.
Columbia Basic Regional Corporation Bill S.3114; Bonneville Project Act; International Joint Commission
1959 January-May
120 12 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Kerr, Robert S.; Murray, James E.
Columbia Basic Regional Corporation Bill S.3114; Columbia Basin Interagency Committee
1959 June-December
120 13 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Columbia Basin Compact Commission; Columbia-Bonniville Power Administration Central Valley International; Cooperative Development of The Columbia River Basin By The U.S. and Canada"
120 14 Public Works : Columbia River Basin
Chavez, Dennis
Columbia Basin Interagency Committee; S.1761 Grand Coulee
120 15 Public Works : Daniels Dam
St. John Irrigation Co.
120 16 Public Works : Dworshak Dam
Cancell, Benton R.
S.850 Bruces Eddy Dam Changes To Dworshak Dam; H.R.10625 Storage and Transportation On Flood Control Projects
121 1 Public Works : Dworshak Dam
"Dam Job Underway", Appeared In "Spokane Review", October 10, 1965
121 2 Public Works : Enaville Dam
Day, Henry L.
121 3 Public Works : Freemont-Madison Dam 1962-1964
121 4 Public Works : Frying Pan, Arkansas Project
Allott, Gordon; Carroll, John A.
Arkansas Project S.60
121 5 Public Works : Garden Valley
Morrison, H.W. Harry
Morrison Backs Garden Valley, Caldwell Times, December 24, 1958; Snake River Project
121 6 Public Works : Guffy Project
Wetherell, R.M.; Dworshak, Henry C.
S.- Guffy Project
121 7 Public Works : Guffy Project
Wetherell, R.M.; Williams, Arnold
121 8 Public Works : Hayden Lake
Anderson, Clinton P.
S.923/H.R.4458 Avondale, Dalton Gardens, and Hayden Lake Irrigation Districts
121 9 Public Works : High Mountain Sheep
Kuykendall, Jerome K.; Robinson, Kinsey M.; Burk, John L.; Bowler, Bruce
High Mountain Sheep Dam; Conservation of Salmon and Steelhead; Pacific Northwest Power Co.
"The Sawtooths of Idaho", In Senate, April 28, 1966
121 10 Public Works : High Mountain Sheep
Bowler, Bruce
Oregon Water Resources; Labor; Pacific Northwest Conservation Council
121 11 Public Works : Hillcrest Project 1956-1957
121 12 Public Works : Hillcrest Project
Gavin, Parke P.
Hillcrest Irrigation District; Boise-Meridian Irrigation District; Hillcrest Unit, Mountain Home Division, Snake River Project
121 13 Public Works : Ice Harbor 1962
121 14 Public Works : John Day Dam
Magnuson, Warren G.
H.R.5789 John Day Dam; Inland Empires Waterways Association
121 15 Public Works : Knowles Project
Knowles, Bill
Bill Knowles Project S.1226
121 16 Public Works : Lake Michigan Diversion
Douglas, Paul H.; Potter, Charles E.
Withdrawls From Lake Michigan H.R.2/ S.1123; Chicago's Water Diversion From The Great Lakes
121 17 Public Works : Lenore Dam 1969-1970
121 18 Public Works : Lewiston Bridge
Gravel, Mike; Randolph, Jennings
S.439 Lewiston Bridge
A Statement Before Water Resources Subcommittee, [October, 1974]; "Second Bridge for Lewiston", In Senate, No Date
121 19 Public Works : Libby Dam
Mansfield, Mike; Murray, James E.; Magnuson, Warren G.
S.2784/S.682 Libby Dam
121 20 Public Works : Little Weiser Dam
Chance, Don; Carver, John A., Jr.
121 21 Public Works : Lower Colorado River Storage Project
Marble Canyon Dam; Bridge Canyon Dam
121 22 Public Works : Lower Granite Dam
West, Herbert G.
Lower Granite Lock and Dam; Asotin
121 23 Public Works : Lower Snake River Navigation
Johnson, Emmett; West, Herbert G.; Lorenz, E.V.; Udall, Stewart L.; Hodges, Luther H.; O'Donnell, Kenneth; Symbol, Paul H.
Port of Lewiston; Lower Monumental Dam
122 1 Public Works : Lucky Peak
Bowler, Bruce; Leonard, Ross; Chavez, Dennis; Schlender, R.W.
Lucky Peak Shutdowns; Power Generation Facilities
122 2 Public Works : Mann Creek
Browning, Lloyd L.; Gunn, Everett; Anderson, Andy; Norwood, Gus; Anderson, Clinton P.
S.405 Mann Creek Project
1958; 1959; 1960; 1961; 1962; 1965
122 3 Public Works : Michaud Flats
Potvin, Gregg R.; Clark, D. Worth
S.1582 Michaud Flats
1957; 1963
122 4 Public Works : Middle Snake River
Bowler, Bruce
High Mountain Sheep; Nez Perce; S.35 Middle Snake Navigation
122 5 Public Works : Minidoka Project, Montpelier Creek Watershed
Morgan, Lee T.; Sneddon, Bennet; Stock, W.C.
S.873 Property Sales In Rupert, Idaho, Block 67; Irrigation District
1957-1060; 1964
122 6 Public Works : Nez Perce - Hells Canyon
Norwood, Gus; Corker, Charles E.; Bowler, Bruce; George, John M.; Day, Henry L.; Hurd, Owen W.; Hobart, Lawrence; Trueblood, Ted; Cleveland, Vincent M.; Day, Ernie; Day, Ernest E.
Idaho Wildlife Federation; Nez Perce Site
122 7 Public Works : Nez Perce
Hurd, Owen W.; Bowler, Bruce; Samuelson, Don; Wackburg, Ralph
Idaho Wildlife Federation; Nez Perce
122 8 Public Works : Niagra River
Clark, Joseph S.; Klaussen, Bjarne; Kaul, Andrew; Kellet, W.R.
S.1823 Niagra River; Committee On Public Works
122 9 Public Works : North Fremont Gravity Pressure Irrigation
H.R.7590 Public Work Appropriations Bill
Introducing An Amendment To Allow North Fremont Gravity Pressure Irrigation Project
122 10 Public Works : Pacific Northwest Account
Crookham, George L., Jr.; Murray, James E.
Northwest Public Power Association; Columbia River Basin
122 11 Public Works : Palisades Project - Palouse River, Idaho
Palisades Project; Palouse River, Idaho
122 12 Public Works : Paradise Dam, Montana
Paradise Dam, Montana S.1226
122 13 Public Works : Placer Creek - Penny Cliffs - Payette River 1957-1959
122 14 Public Works : Pleasant Valley
Seaton, Fred A.
Licenseing; Federal Power Commission
122 15 Public Works : Pleasant Valley
Long, Russell B.; Cooper, John Sherman; Langer, William K.; Morse, Wayne; Russell, Richard B.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Leonard, Ross; Bowler, Bruce; Cannon, Clarence; Norwood, Gus
Middle Snake River Freeze; Omnibus Rivers and Harbors Act S.497
Opinion and Order Granting License
122 16 Public Works : Ririe Dam - Idaho Falls - Willow Creek
Robertson, A. Willis; Kuchel, Thomas H.
Ririe Dam; Water; Public Works
122 16 Public Works : Ririe Dam - Idaho Falls - Willow Creek
Pedersen, S. Eddie; Ellender, Allen J.; Tappan, Carl E.; Holm, Russell; Hayden, Carl; Proxmire, William; Young, Milton R.; Mundt, Karl E.; Jordan, Len B.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Monroney, A.S. Mike; Mansfield, Mike; Byrd, Robert C.; Bibl
Ririe Dam; Idaho Falls
Joint Frank Church-Len Jordan Statement To Senate Committee
122 17 Public Works : Salmon River - Salmon Falls
Hayden, Carl; Murray, James E.
Salmon River; Small Projects
122 18 Public Works : Small Projects
Small Projects; Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956; Salmon Falls Tract; St. John Irrigation Company; Crystal Springs Irrigation Company
122 19 Public Works : Snake River Diversion
Garden Valley Diversion
122 20 Public Works : Snake River Recharge Project 1962-1964
122 21 Public Works : Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
Ravenscroft, Vernon F.; Nelson, Harold T.; Van Slyke, D.A.
122 22 Public Works : Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
Crookham, George L., Jr.; White, Compton I., Jr.; Cancell, Benton R.; Ravenscroft, Vernon F.; Wetherell, Mike; McClary, James D.
S.3128 Southwest Idaho Water Development Project; Columbia Basin Interstate Water Resource Board
Introductory Remarks To The Senate On The Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
1966 January-March
123 1 Public Works : Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
Nelson, Harold T.
S.J.M.1 Snake River Development
Statement To Subcommittee On Irrigation and Reclamation, September 9, 1966
1966 March-August
123 2 Public Works : Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
Crookham, George L., Jr.; Gotsh, Carl H.
Southwest Idaho Water Development Project S.697; Swan Falls; Guffey; Idaho Water Resource Board
1966 September-1971 February
123 3 Public Works : Southwest Idaho Water Development Project
Lee, Robert R.; Striet, John
Swan Falls; Guffey Project
123 4 Public Works : Tennessee Valley Authority
Morrison, H.W. Harry; Martin, Edward
Tennessee Valley Authority Expansion Funds S.1869; H.R.3236 Revenue Bonding
123 5 Public Works : Teton Basin
Ellender, Allen J.; Hollist, W.D.
Teton River; Flood Control
123 6 Public Works : Teton Basin
Lower Teton Reclamation Project, Senate Floor, March 19, 1963
123 7 Public Works : Teton Basin
Jackson, Henry M.; Eagle, H.C.; Ball, R.F.; Moss, Frank E.; Webb, William; Udall, Stewart L.
Lower Teton Division S.1123; H.R.2337 Construction of Lower Teton Division
Statement On Lower Teton Project
123 8 Public Works : Teton Basin
Byrd, Robert C.; Hansen, George V.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Hill, Lister; Bible, Alan; Monroney, A.S. Mike; Young, Milton R.; McGee, Gale; Allott, Gordon; Holland, Spessard L.; Jordan, Len B.
Statement To The Subcommittee On Public Works...Lower Teton Project, September 13, 1965; Joint Statement of Frank Church and Senator Len B. Jordan To The Senate Appropriations Committee, June 14, 1966
123 9 Public Works : Teton Basin
Jayne, Gerald A.; Bible, Alan
Wildlife Mitigation; Teton Failure-Flood; H.R.3160 Confidentiality; S.1202 Land Sales and Transfer; Bureau of Reclamation
Statement On Teton Dam Relief Assistance Program, June 15, 1976, Teton Dam Disaster Assistance Act Disclosure Amendments
123 10 Public Works : Teton Basin
Evans, John V.
P.L.94-400 S.3542 Compensation for Damages; P.L.93-423 Economic Development Administration; P.L.94-355 Public Works and Energy Act; Teton Disaster Recovery Organization; East-Central Idaho Planning and Development Association Incorporation
Teton Disaster Recovery Organization, In Senate, No Date
123 11 Public Works : Teton Reclamation Project
Crandall, D.L.; Rigby, Rapley; Young, Cy
S.2643 Lower Teton Reclamation Project; Flood Control; S.2060
123 12 Public Works : Trinity River
Crandall, Lynn
123 13 Public Works : Upper Snake River
Southwest Idaho Water Project; Burns Creek Dam; American Falls Dam
123 14 Public Works : Wieser River
Wieser River Flood Control
Radiation Hazards Act - Surplus property
Frank Church was especially concerned with the senior citizens within his constituency. This concern is reflected in the Social Security files which also deal with retirement of railway workers and civil servants. In 1972, the northern Idaho mining industry was stunned by the disaster at the Sunshine Mine in Kellogg. Church's efforts to send relief to the area are documented within these files.
123 15 Radiation Hazards Act
S.1628 Radiation Hazards Act of 1959
123 16 Radiation Workers Compensation Act
Price-Zalenko Bill
123 17 Reapportionment
Frederickson, Don G.; Williams, Arnold
Idaho State Senate Joint Memorial No.1
Reapportionment, Dirksen/Rider, On Senate Floor, September 10, 1964; Civil Service Pay Raise, Senate Floor, July 1, 1964
123 18 Reapportionment
Cenarrusa, Pete T.; Brocke, George F.; Brassey, Vern; Ryan, Harold L.; Winkler, Charles; Ravenscroft, Vernon F.
123 19 Reapportionment
Williams, Arnold; Bayh, Birch; Smith, E.B.; Huntley, Robert C., Jr.
Idaho State Senate Joint Memorial No. 1; Apportionment of State Legislatures
Reapportionment, Announcing Introduction of Resolution, Interview Script, February, 1965; Proposed Amendments To Constitution Relating To Apportionment, Senate Floor, February 2, 1965; Statement Before The Constitutional Subcommittee, Judiciary Committee
1965 January-March
123 20 Reapportionment
Harris, Fred R.
1965 April-December
123 21 Reapportionment
Dirksen, Everett Mckinley; Hirschi, Frank W.
S.J.Res.103; Committee for Government of The People; Reapportionment Dirksen Reapportionment Amendment
Statement On Reapportionment, A Draft
124 1 Reapportionment
Harn, H.R.; Wolf, Peter H.
S.J.Res.103 Reapportionment; H.R.2 Idaho House of Representatives; Reapportionment; Wolf, Peter H., "An Antireapportionment Amendment: Can It Be Legally Ratified", American Bar Association Journal, April, 1966
124 2 Reapportionment 1967
124 3 Recreation 1957-1960
124 4 Religion
Bayh, Birch; Dirksen, Everett Mckinley
Prayer and Bible Reading In Public Schools; Education; Legal; Dirksen Prayer Amendment; Bahais
124 5 Retirement
Johnston, Olin D.
Railroad Retirement S.1313
124 6 Retirement
Moore, Carl C.
S.266 Railroad Retirement Act of 1937; Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act; S.173 Alaska Railroad Payment of Overtime; Keogh-Simpson Self-Employed Retirement Bill H.R.10; Forand Bill; Social Security Law; Insurance
1959 January-April
124 7 Retirement
McNamara, Pat
Insurance; Self-Employed Individuals Retirement Act of 1959 H.R.10; Railroad Retirement Bill S.226/H.R.5610
1959 May-December
124 8 Retirement
Hart, Philip A.
Self-Employed Individual Retirement Bill H.R.10; Morrison Postal Federal Pay Bill; Medical Care for The Aged; Tax Treatment of Voluntary Retirement Plans Covering The Self-Employed; Insurance
124 9 Retirement
Civil Service Retirement System H.R.2090/S.188; Railroad Retirement
124 10 Retirement
Railroad Retirement; Early Retirement for Hazardous Industries H.R.11155; Railroad Retirement H.R.628
1962-1964; 1966
124 11 Retirement
Montoya, Joseph M.
Insurance; Aged and Aging; Civil Service S.436; Civil Service Retirement S.421/S.422/S.423/S.437/S.438; Railroad Retirement Supplemental Annuities H.R.11607; Federal Retirement System S.2326/H.R.9825; Railroad Retirement Annuities Equal Treatment of Men
124 12 Retirement
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
Railroad Retirees Supplement Pension Bill H.R.13300; Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association In The College Retirement Equities Fund; Public Employee Retirement System H.R.1269/S.2
124 13 Revenue Sharing
McBreen, Maureen
Federal Revenue Sharing
124 14 Revenue Sharing
Duncombe, Sydney
124 15 Revenue Sharing
H.R.13367 State and Local Fiscal Assistance Act of 1972
"The Use of Revenue Sharing Funds By Local Governments In Idaho", Senate Floor, September 13, 1976
124 16 Revenue Sharing 1980
124 17 Roosevelt (Eleanor) Foundation
Humphrey, Hubert H.
S.171 Eleanor Roosevelt Foundation
124 18 Salaries -- General and Federal
Young, Milton R.
124 19 Salaries -- Federal Employees
Ryan, William H.; Johnston, Olin D.; Campbell, James A.
S.195 Government Employees; H.R.65 Allowances and Benefits To Veterans' Administration Personnel In The Philippines; S.213/H.R.3034 Customs Officers Claims
124 19 Salaries -- Federal Employees
S.1 Federal Employees Health Insurance; S.734 Reclassification Act of 1957; S.1326 Scientific and Professional Classification Act; S.1683 Number of Government Employees
124 20 Salaries -- Federal Employees
Doherty, William C.
Pay Rate of U.S. Marshalls S.3169; Salary Increase for Federal Employees S.734
124 21 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
S.27 Postal Field Service Compensation Act of 1955
1956; 1957 January-March
124 22 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Pay Bill S.27; Retirement Benefits for Civil Servants S.72
1957 January-March
124 23 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Pay Rate S.27
1957 February
124 24 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Pay Rate S.27; Retirement Benefits for Civil Service Employees H.R.4/S.72
1957 March
125 1 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Pay Rate S.27; Retirement Benefits for Civil Service Employees H.R.4/S.72
1957 March-December
125 2 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Pay Raise S.27
1957 April-December
125 3 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
S.27/S.386 Postal Pay Raise; S.194 Organization Postal and Federal Employees
125 4 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Lyons, Eugene J.; Owen, Vaux
Pay Increase for Postal Employees S.27; Equipment Maintainance Allowance for Rural Carriers S.3050
125 5 Salaries -- Federal Employees - Postal
Postal Employees Salary Act H.R.9531/S.3029; Federal Reform Act of 1962 H.R.10480
125 6 Salaries -- Minimum Wage
Fair Labor Standard Act S.1135
125 7 Scouts -- Boy Scouts Jamboree
Shadduck, Louise; Roderick, C.R.; Smylie, Robert E.
H.R.12270 Boy Scouts World Jamboree
125 8 Scouts -- Boy Scouts Jamboree
Samuelson, Don; Thompson, Frank, Jr.; Jordan, Len B.; Jackson, Henry M.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Shadduck, Louise; Long, Edward V.; Edmonds, E.W., Jr.; O'Brien, Lawrence F.; Johnson, Harold T.; Scatterfield, David E. III
World Jamboree
125 9 Scouts -- Boy Scouts War On Litter 1970
125 10 Scouts -- Girl Scouts Annual Report 1962
125 11 Scouts -- Girl Scouts Senior Round-Up
Shadduck, Louise; Jordan, Len B.; Russell, Richard B.; Carpenter, Elizabeth
S.2425 Girl Scout Senior Round-Up
1963; 1964; 1965; 1966
125 12 Selective Service 1959; 1963; 1965; 1966 January-November
125 13 Selective Service 1966 December; 1967 January-February
125 14 Selective Service
Darden, William H.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Dodd, Thomas J.
1967 March-December
125 15 Senate Building, New 1979
125 16 Senate -- Reorganization
Hatfield, Mark O.
Testimony Before The Committee On Committees [Re: Consolidation of for. Relations and Armed Services Committees], No Date
125 17 Senate -- Reorganization
Hartung, Ernest W.
S.Res.39 Radio and Tv Coverage of Senate Chambers
125 18 Senate -- Reorganization - Indians 1977
125 19 Senate -- Reorganization - Postal
McGovern, George; Dole, Robert; Cannon, Howard W.; McClennan, W. Howard; Burdick, Quentin N.
Nutrition/Postal; McGovern-Dole Amendment To S.Res.4
125 20 Senate -- Reorganization - Veterans 1976-1977
125 21 Senate -- Reorganization - Small Business
Mckevitt, James D.
Haskell-Laxalt-Mcintyre Amendment
126 1 Senate -- Reorganization - Small Business 1977
126 2 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22 1951
126 3 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22 1952-1953; 1958
126 4 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Morse, Wayne; Neuberger, Richard L.; Douglas, Paul H.; Murray, James E.; McNamara, Pat; Reuther, Walter P.; Lehman, Herbert H.; Wilkins, Roy; Hayden, Carl; Talmadge, Herman E.; Javits, Jacob K.; West, Langdon
Democratic Declaration of 1957; Continuous Body Argument; Senate Rules
126 5 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Douglas, Paul H.; Lehman, Herbert H.; Javits, Jacob K.; Langer, William K.; Hennings, Thomas C., Jr.
Draft Cloture Speech, No Date
126 6 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
Clark, Joseph S.; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Javits, Jacob K.; O'mahoney, Joseph C.; Bennett, Charles E.; Burleson, Omar
H.Con.Res.15 Ethics for Government Service; S, 1797 Easements Over National Forest Lands
126 7 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
Douglas, Paul H.; Clark, Joseph S.; Harrison, Gordon F.
126 8 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
"A Modest Change In The Cloture", In Senate, [January 1971]
1963-1964; 1967-1971
126 8 Senate -- Rules - Cloture/Rule 22
Symington, Stuart; Anderson, Clinton P.; Ervin, Sam J., Jr.; Cranston, Alan
Senate Rules; Cloture; Rule 22; S.Res.11 Amend Rule 22
"Cloture Petition", In Senate, September 10, 1964; "Attempts To Modify Rule 22 Within Existing Rules", In Senate, [January 1969]; Motion To Amend Rule 22 In Senate, [January 1969]; "The Case of The Three-Fifths Rule", In Senate, January 10, 1969
1963-1964; 1967-1971
126 9 Senate -- Rules - Reorganization 1963
126 10 Senate -- Rules and Procedures
Pastore, John O.; Mansfield, Mike; Fulbright, J.W.; Jordan, B. Everett; Hayden, Carl; Inouye, Daniel K.
S.Res.89 Germaneness of Debate; S.Con.Res.1 Study Organization and Operations of The Congress and Recommend Improvements; S.Res.78 Admitting Former Presidents To Sit In The Senate; S.Res.111 Rule 25 Relative To Meetings of Committee
"S.Res.89-An Amendment of Rule 8", In Senate, [January 1963]; Statement Related To S.Res.111, In Senate, January 1964; Statement Related To Constitutional Amendment for Filling Vacancies In The Office of The Vice President, In Senate, January 22, 1964
126 11 Silver City, Idaho
Historic Preservation of Properties In Silver City, Idaho
126 12 Small Business Committee
Prouty, Winston L.
S.Res.30 Small Business
126 13 Skiflation -- Haskell Bill
S.1338 Commercial Outdoor Recreation Facilities On Public Lands
126 14 Small Reclamation Projects Act
S.283 Small Reclamation Projects Act of 1956
126 15 Smoking
Neuberger, Maurine B.
Cigarette Labeling; Neuberger S.559
"Smoking" Senate Floor, November, 1963
1963-1965; 1967-1968
126 16 Smoking
Moss, Frank E.; Brooke, Edward W.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Gurney, Edward J.; Javits, Jacob K.
Mailing of Unsolicited Cigarette Samples; Transportation; Some Seating Capacity for Non-Smokers; National Health Research and Development Act of 1976
1969-1976; 1978; 1980
126 17 Social Security 1957
126 18 Social Security 1958 January-June
126 19 Social Security 1958 July-December
126 20 Social Security
Hartke, Vance
126 21 Social Security 1961 January-July
126 22 Social Security 1961 July-December
126 23 Social Security
Ribicoff, Abraham
1962 January-August
126 24 Social Security 1963
127 1 Social Security
Hartke, Vance
H.R.11865 Social Security Amendments of 1964
127 2 Social Security 1965 January-June
127 3 Social Security
Hartke, Vance
Social Security Tax On Tips and Other Gratuities
1965 July-December
127 4 Social Security 1966
127 5 Social Security 1967 January-March
127 6 Social Security
Ball, Robert M.; Moss, Frank E.
1967 April-June
127 7 Social Security
Samuelson, Don
1967 July-September
127 8 Social Security
Ball, Robert M.; Kennedy, Robert F.; Williams, John L.
1967 October-December
127 9 Social Security
Kennedy, Robert F.; Harris, Fred R.
127 10 Social Security
Hansen, George V.; Metcalf, Lee
1969 January-September
127 11 Social Security 1969 October
127 12 Social Security
H.R.14430 Social Security Act
1969 October-December
127 13 Social Security
Ball, Robert M.; Samuelson, Don
1970 January-July
127 14 Social Security
Richardson, Elliot L.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Saxbe, William B.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.
1970 September-December
127 15 Social Security
Metcalf, Lee; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.
1971 January-February
127 16 Social Security
Andrus, Cecil D.
1971 March-April
127 17 Social Security
Kennedy, Edward M.
1971 May-June
127 18 Social Security
Long, Russell B.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Nelson, Gaylord
1971 July-December
127 19 Social Security 1972 January-March
127 20 Social Security 1972 April
127 21 Social Security 1972 May
127 22 Social Security 1972 June-July
127 23 Social Security 1972 August-December
128 1 Social Security
Inouye, Daniel K.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Humphrey, Hubert H.; Roth, William V., Jr.; Scott, Hugh; Schweiker, Richard S.
128 2 Social Security
Pell, Claiborne
S.3369 Social Security Act of 1954
"A Fact Book On Social Security, A Manuscript, By Frank Church
128 3 Social Security 1975
128 4 Social Security 1976
128 5 Social Security
Califano, Joseph A., Jr.; Williams, Joe R.
S.76 Social Security Act To Include Chiropractic Services
128 6 Social Security 1978
128 7 Social Security 1979
128 8 Social Security
S.2722/H.R.7555/H.R.5610/S.2877 Social Security Act To Prevent Inmates From Receiving Benefits
1980 January-June
128 9 Social Security 1980 July-December
128 10 Sunshine Mine Disaster
Whitaker, John C.
H.R.15692 Disaster Relief To Sunshine Mine Disaster
128 11 Sunshine Mine Disaster 1972
128 12 Sunshine Mine Disaster 1972
128 13 Supersonic Transport 1970-1972
128 14 Surplus Property 1965
A government funds its activity through taxation and Senator Church's efforts to reply to the concerns of his constituents about taxation are reflected in this material.
128 15 1957
128 16 1957
128 17 1958
128 18 1958
128 19 1958
128 20
Expense Accounts
128 21
129 1 1959
129 2 1959
129 3 1959
129 4 1960
129 5 1961
129 6 1961
129 7 1961
129 8 1962
129 9 1962
129 10 1962
129 11 1963
129 12 1963
129 13 1963
129 14 1963
129 15 1964
129 16 1964
129 17 1965
129 18 1966
130 1 1967
130 2 1967
130 3 1968
130 4 1969
130 5 1969
130 6 1969
130 7 1969
130 8 1969
130 9 1969
130 10 1970
130 11 1971
130 12 1971
130 13 1971
130 14 1971
130 15 1972
130 16 1972
130 17 1972
131 1 1973
131 2 1973
131 3 1973
131 4
131 5 1974
131 6 1974
131 7 1974
131 8 1974
131 9 1974
131 10 1974
131 11 1975
131 12 1975
131 13 1975
131 14 1975
131 15 1975
131 16 1975
131 17 1976
131 18 1976
131 19 1976
132 1 1976
132 2 1976
132 3 1976
132 4 1977
132 5 1977
132 6 1977
132 7 1977
132 8 1977
132 9 1978
132 10
Kennedy, Edward M.
132 11 1978
132 12 1978
132 13 1978
132 14 1978
132 15 1978
132 16 1979 January-April
132 17 1979 May-June
133 1 1979 July-August
133 2 1979 September
133 3 1979 October-December
133 4 1980 January-March
133 5 1979 April-June
133 6 1980 July-August
133 7 1980 September-December
133 8 Taxes : Capital Gains 1978
133 9 Taxes : Composers, Authors, and Artists 1971
133 10 Taxes : Deductible Contributions for Federal Elective Offices 1963
133 11 Taxes : Cooperatives 1958-1969
133 12 Taxes : Documentary Stamp Tax
133 13 Taxes : Deductions of Mining and Exploration Costs 1964-1965
133 14 Taxes : Dividends 1961-1962
133 15 Taxes : Dividends 1962
133 16 Taxes : Dividends 1962-1964
133 17 Taxes : Education Deductions 1957-1958
133 18 Taxes : Estate Tax 1974-1976
133 19 Taxes : Excise Tax 1964-1965
133 20 Taxes : Excise Tax 1965-1966
133 21 Taxes : Independent Contractors
Independent Contractor Status; Real Estate Agents S.3007/S.3037
1978 March-October
133 22 Taxes : Income Tax Repeal 1958-1961
133 23 Taxes : Income Tax Repeal 1962-1964
133 24 Taxes : Interstate Taxation 1959
133 25 Taxes : Jenkins-Keogh 1958
133 26 Taxes : Jobs Tax Credit 1971-1978
133 27 Taxes : Poll Tax 1960
134 1 Taxes : Priority of Federal Tax Liens 1959-1961
134 2 Taxes : Repeal Tax On Silver 1963
134 3 Taxes : Revenue Sharing 1963
134 4 Taxes : Rubber
Johnson, Lyndon B.
Excise and Fuel Taxes
134 5 Taxes : Self Employed 1962
134 6 Taxes : Small Business Tax 1958; 1961; 1963; 1980
134 7 Taxes : Small Business Tax 1961
134 8 Taxes : Tax Bill Amendments 1976
134 9 Taxes : Tax Bill Amendments 1976 July
134 10 Taxes : Tax Bill Amendments 1976 August
134 11 Taxes : Tax Dodge Farming 1968-1969
134 12 Taxes : Tax Reform 1969
134 13 Taxes : Tax Reform 1969-1974
134 14 Taxes : Telephone 1959-1961
134 15 Taxes : Transportation, Excise 1958
134 16 Taxes : Truck and Bus 1965
134 17 Taxes : Tuition Tax Credit 1978
Technology assessment - Timber/Lumber
Idaho depends, in part, upon timber and lumber sales to support its economy. Church recognized this important area of concern and worked to maintain the economic viability of the wood pro ducts industry. He sought to balance these needs with the desire to preserve some of Idaho's scenic wild lands.
134 18 Technology Assessment Act of 1972 1972
134 19 Timber/Lumber
Special Timber Sales To Small Business
134 20 Timber/Lumber
Depressed Condition of The Idaho Timber Products Industry; Knutson-Vandenburg Act
1961 January-March
135 1 Timber/Lumber
Hart, Philip A.; Goldberg, Arthur J.; Samuelson, Don
Depressed Condition of The Idaho Timber Products Industry
1961 April-July
135 2 Timber/Lumber 1962
135 3 Timber/Lumber
Dutton, Frederick G.; Hartung, A.F.; Kennedy, John F.
Lumber Industry; Canadian Competition and Softwood Lumber Imports
135 4 Timber/Lumber
Canadian Lumber Imports; H.R.1979 National Housing Act
1963 January
135 5 Timber/Lumber
Dillon, Douglas; Jordan, Len B.
Softwood Lumber Industry and Canadian Imports; S.J.Res.50 Quota On All Imports of Softwood Lumber; S.921/H.R.3950 Lumber and Softwood Products As An Agricultural Commodity; S.922 Secretary for Forest Resources; S.923/S.782/H.R.3955 National Housing Act
1963 February
135 5 Timber/Lumber
S.924/H.R.4050 Marking of Lumber To Indicate Contry of Origin
1963 February
135 6 Timber/Lumber
Jordan, Len B.; Hjort, George V.
Canadian Lumber Imports
1963 March-December
135 7 Timber/Lumber
Lumber Standards
135 8 Timber/Lumber
Samuelson, Don
Canadian Lumber Imports
135 9 Timber/Lumber
Freeman, Orville L.; Gurnsey, Vern
Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation In White Pine Timber; Softwood Lumber Standards; Export of Timber To Japan
135 10 Timber/Lumber
Jordan, Len B.
Sale of Public Northwest Timber To Japan; Log Exports Amendment To The Foreign Aid Bill; Federal Timber Sales To Other Counties
"Statement At Log Export Hearings", July 19, 1968
135 11 Timber/Lumber
Prices of Lumber and Wood Products; National Timber Supply Act of 1969 H.R.12025; Timber Appraisals; Lumber and Plywood Markets
1969 January-July
135 12 Timber/Lumber
Timber Supply Act S.1832; Depressed Lumber Market; National Forest Timber Conservation and Management Act of 1969 H.R.12025
"Freight Rates and The Icc-Time for A Closer Look?", December 5, 1969
1969 August-December
135 13 Timber/Lumber
National Forest Timber Conservation and Management Act of 1969 S.1832
1970 January-August
135 14 Timber/Lumber
Hatfield, Mark O.
S.- American Forestry Act of 1971; Timber Supply Act of 1969 H.R.12025; Mountain Pine Beetle; Forest Service
1970 April-December
135 15 Timber/Lumber
Hatfield, Mark O.; Burdick, Quentin N.
S.350 American Forestry Act of 1971; Forestry Research; Mountain Pine Beetle; S.1592 Clear Cutting On Forest Service Lands; S.1734/H.R.7838 Forest Lands Restoration and Protection Act; Forest Service Payment Bonds for Log Sales
135 16 Timber/Lumber
Timber Management; Rumors of A Presidential Executive Order Banning Or Restricting Clearcutting On Public Lands; Funds for Forestry Research Programs
1972 January-April
135 17 Timber/Lumber
Korologos, Tom C.; Hatfield, Mark O.; Metcalf, Lee
Clearcutting On Public Lands; Funds for Forestry Reseach Programs; Forest Management and Budget
1972 May-December
135 18 Timber/Lumber
Packwood, Bob
S.1033 Control Export of Timber Out of U.S.; Reduction In Forest Service Budget; Timber Supply In North Idaho
"Exporting American Timber and Idaho Jobs", February 28, 1973
1973 January-March
136 1 Timber/Lumber
Tacke, E.H. Jack; Nixon, Richard M.
Cuts In Forest Service Budget; Forest Research Funds for University of Idaho; Timber Supply Shortage
1973 April
136 2 Timber/Lumber
S.1033 Export of Timber From U.S.; Dwindling Timber Supply In North Idaho; Allowable Timber Cuts; Forest Service Budget; Clearcutting Practices
1973 May-July
136 3 Timber/Lumber
Andrus, Cecil D.; Merlo, Harry A.; Packwood, Bob
Timber Export Bill S.1033; Tussock Moth Infestation
1973 August-October
136 4 Timber/Lumber
Douglas Fir Tossock Moth Infestation; DDT
1973 November-December
136 5 Timber/Lumber
Mitchell, Mike P.
Tussock Moth Infestation; Environmental Protection Agency; DDT
1974 January-March
136 6 Timber/Lumber
Pamplin, R.B.
Tussock Moth Infestation; DDT; Idaho Lumber Industry
1974 April-December
136 7 Timber/Lumber
McClure, James A.; Chase, Cyril C.; Steen, J. Wilson; Merrill, Israel; Ingram, Gary J.; McGee, Gale
S.364 Forest Service Timber Sales Involving Road Construction; Reforestation Programs; Forest Practices Act; Forestry Appropriations
136 8 Timber/Lumber
National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091; Monongahela and Tongas National Forests Organic Act of 1897; National Forest Timber Management Reform Act of 1976 S.2926; Timber Sales In Alaskan National Forests S.2851
1976 January-March
136 9 Timber/Lumber
Monongahela Decision; National Forest Timber Management Reform Act of 1976 S.2926; National Forest Managment Act of 1976 S.3091; Building Trades Industry; Public Works Projects
1976 April
136 10 Timber/Lumber
Chase, Cyril C.
National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091; National Forest Timber Management Reform Act of 1976 S.2926; Forestry
1976 May
136 11 Timber/Lumber
Forestry; National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091
1976 June
136 12 Timber/Lumber
Forestry; National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091
1976 June
136 13 Timber/Lumber
Packwood, Bob; Moll, Louis De
Forestry; National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091
1976 July-September
136 14 Timber/Lumber
Fery, John B.
Forestry; National Forest Management Act of 1976 S.3091
1976 October-December
Trade - Transportation
Trade issues which concerned Senator Church and his staff were the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, and legislation forbidding trade with an enemy. The Transportation files reflect Church's concern for proper construction and maintenance of roads into and within Idaho. During the early 1970s, railroad service to Idaho was drastically reduced. Much of the correspondence in these files shows the concern felt by Idahoans who depended upon the railroads for their livelihood or for transportation.
136 15 Trade -- Act for Freedom of Emigration In East/West Trade
H.R.1142 Freedom of Emigration In East/West Trade
136 16 Trade -- Fair Trade
S.1356 Meat Packing Industry; Unfair Competition; Small Businesses H.R.10527; National Fair Trade Bill H.R.1253/S.1083; Anti-Trust Legislation
137 1 Trade -- Fair Trade
S.J.Res.159/H.R.10385 Quality Stabilization Act; Truth In Packaging S.387; Fair Trade
137 2 Trade -- Fair Trade
Fair Trade; Quality Stabilization Bill; Fair Packaging and Labeling Act S.985
137 3 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Kearns, Henry; Thye, Edward J.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
Foreign Trade; Reciprocal Trade; New Zealand Feeder Cattle Tariff Concessions; Textile Fiber Products Indentification Act H.R.469
137 4 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Potvin, Gregg R.; Hodge, Walter I.M.; Hartung, A.F.; Keating, Kenneth B.; Manatos, Mike; Day, Henry L.
Trade Expansion Act of 1962; Reciprocal Trade Agreements; Foreign Trade;
137 5 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Magnuson, Warren G.; Hodges, Luther H.; Day, Henry L.; Dominick, Peter H.; Herter, Christian A.; Roth, William V., Jr.
Foreign Trade; Tariffs and Trade; Trade Expansion Act of 1962
137 6 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Hartke, Vance; Muskie, Edmund S.; Bennett, Wallace F.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Proxmire, William; Cotton, Norris
Foreign Trade; S.3218 Export-Import Bank; Balance of Payments; S.- Iron and Steal Mill Products; S.- Orderly Marketing Act of 1969; S.- Mink Trade; S.3363 East/West Trade Relations Act
137 6 Trade -- Foreign Trade
S.2696 Export Expansion and Regulation Act of 1969
137 7 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Moss, Frank E.; Baker, Howard H., Jr.; Scott, John W.
Textile and Apparel Imports; Foreign Trade; Emergency Loans for Mink Farmers S.3921
137 8 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Hartke, Vance; Scott, Hugh; Magnuson, Warren G.; Ribicoff, Abraham; Cooper, John Sherman; Timmons, William E.; Packwood, Bob; Malott, Robert H.
Foreign Trade; S.- Steel Trade Act of 1971; S.- East/West Trade Relations Act of 1971; Textile Imports; S.- Tarrif Duties On Synthetic Fish Nets; Hartke/Burke Foreign Trade and Investment Act S.2592
137 9 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Flanigan, Peter M.; Bedell, Catherine; Brock, William E.; Garland, Allen H.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Leonard, Will E.; Minchew, Daniel
Foreign Trade; Export of Petroleum Products; S.1486 Export Expansion Adctivies; Export/Import Bank; Trade Reform Act; Chrome Ore From Rhodesia
137 10 Trade -- Foreign Trade
Safire, William
S.Res.- Domestic Nonrubber Footwear Industry; Byrd Amendment; Importation of Honey; Trade Agreements Act of 1979; Safire, William, "Libya and Idaho", An Article, New York Times, February 15,
1976-1977; 1979
137 11 Trade -- Import/Export
Bell, George L.; Brossard, Edgar B.; Lausche, Frank J.; Neuberger, Richard L.; Kerns, Henry
Import/Export; Proposed National Trade Policy; Alien Property Bill Disposal of Enemy Assets S.600; Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act
137 12 Trade -- Import/Export 1959-1961
137 13 Trade -- Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1958
Import/Export; Trade Agreements Extension Act of 1958
137 14 Trade -- Trade Expansion Act of 1962
Hodges, Luther H.
H.R.11970 Trade Expansion Act of 1962; Foreign Trade; American Enterprise Association
1962 January-July
137 15 Trade -- Trade Expansion Act of 1962
Muskie, Edmund S.; Hodges, Luther H.; Fulbright, J.W.
Trade Expansion Act of 1962 H.R.11970
Trade Bill, Senate Floor, 1962
1962 August-December
138 1 Trade -- Trade Expansion Act of 1962
Hodges, Luther H.
Trade Expansion Act of 1962; Cherry Exports H.R.9900
1962; 1973
138 2 Trade -- Trade Reform Act of 1973 1973
138 3 Trade -- Trading With The Enemy 1957-1959
138 4 Trade -- Trading With The Enemy 1973
138 5 Transportation
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Dodd, Thomas J.; Monroney, A.S. Mike
Mass Transit; Motor Vehicles; Motor Carriers; Motor Cycles; Automobiles; Freight Forwarding S.684
138 6 Transportation
Proxmire, William; Hart, Philip A.; Gurney, Edward J.; Randolph, Jennings; Baker, Howard H., Jr.
1970 January-May
138 7 Transportation
Randolph, Jennings; Proxmire, William; Magnuson, Warren G.
S.3960 Mass Transportation Financing Act; S.- Federal Aid Highway Act of 1970; Supersonic Transport
138 8 Transportation
Andrus, Cecil D.
Rail Preferential Rate H.R.6242/H.R.7986/H.R.3822/S.1896; Washington DC Transportation System
138 9 Transportation -- Air 1966
138 10 Transportation -- Air
Supersonic Transport Pollution
138 11 Transportation -- Air
Byrd, Robert C.; Proxmire, William; Bayh, Birch
Supersonic Transport; Pollution; Lockhead Loan
1971 January-March
138 12 Transportation -- Air
Moss, Frank E.; Bayh, Birch
Air Transportation; S.4266 Amend Federal Aviation Act of 1958; Supersonic Transport
1971 April
138 13 Transportation -- Air
Humphrey, Hubert H.; Packwood, Bob; Proxmire, William; Stevenson, Adlai E. III; Carter, Jimmy; Baker, Howard H., Jr.
Air Transportation; Supersonic Transport
1971 May-December
138 14 Transportation -- Air
Hartke, Vance
138 15 Transportation -- Air
Magnuson, Warren G.; Andrus, Cecil D.; Gravel, Mike; Moss, Frank E.
138 16 Transportation -- Air
Andrus, Cecil D.
138 17 Transportation -- Air
Gravel, Mike; Bayh, Birch; Case, Clifford P.; Proxmire, William; Walton, William B.
Fair Competitive Practices Act H.R.14266/S.3481; Concord Supersonic Transport; Sst H.R.8365; Walton, William B., "Good Enough for Yesterday Is Not Enough Today"
1975 January-May
138 18 Transportation -- Air 1975 June-December
138 19 Transportation -- Air
Deregulation of Air Transport Industry
138 20 Transportation -- Air
Cannon, Howard W.
1976 January-June
139 1 Transportation -- Air
S.3364 Air Transportation Act of 1976; H.R.14623 Federal Aviation Act of 1958; Federal Express
1976 July-December
139 2 Transportation -- Air
Kennedy, Edward M.; Kimball, Spencer W.; Tanner, N. Eldon; Romney, Marion G.; Evans, John V.
S.- Federal Aviation Act Amendment; Reduced Fares; Senior Citizens; Children
139 3 Transportation -- Air
Riegle, Donald W., Jr.
139 4 Transportation -- Freight Cars
Magnuson, Warren G.
Freight Cars; S.3223 Interstate Commerce Act
139 5 Transportation -- Freight Cars 1970 March-December
139 6 Transportation -- Land
Randolph, Jennings; Cooper, John Sherman; Byrd, Robert C.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Allott, Gordon; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Case, Clifford P.
Land Transportation; S.- Appalachian Regional Development Act Amendments of 1971; Highways; S.- Preservation of Historical and Archeological Sites; S.- Highway Safety Act
139 7 Transportation -- Public
S.2720 Federal Public Transportation Act of 1980; Transportation for The Handicapped
139 8 Transportation -- Railroads
Railroad Transportation; S.3897/H.R.12071 Interstate Commerce Act
1958 May
139 9 Transportation -- Railroads
Smathers, Bill
1958 June
139 10 Transportation -- Railroads 1958 June
139 11 Transportation -- Railroads 1958 June
139 12 Transportation -- Railroads 1958 June
139 13 Transportation -- Railroads 1958 June
139 14 Transportation -- Railroads
S.1964 Common Carriers Interstate Commerce Commission; S.1232 Railroad Safety; S.2302 Railroad Car Maintenance
139 15 Transportation -- Railroads
Kefauver, Estes
139 16 Transportation -- Railroads
S.Res.136 Interstate Railways; Railroad Rates S.1061; Financial Postions of The Railroads S.1138
140 1 Transportation -- Railroads 1964-1966
140 2 Transportation -- Railroads
Railpax Act; Passenger Train Service In Idaho; S.4463/S.4464 Railroad Equipment Obligations Insurance Act
1971 January-February
140 3 Transportation -- Railroads
Railpax Act; Passenger Train Service In Idaho
1971 February
140 4 Transportation -- Railroads
Railpax Act; Passenger Train Service In Idaho
1971 March
140 5 Transportation -- Railroads
Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Magnuson, Warren G.
Railpax Act; Passenger Train Service In Idaho; Passenger Rail Service
1971 March
140 6 Transportation -- Railroads
Taft, Robert, Jr.; Young, Milton R.
Railpax Act; Passenger Train Service In Idaho
1971 April
140 7 Transportation -- Railroads
Pell, Claiborne
S.- Rail Passenger Service Act
1971 May-December
140 8 Transportation -- Railroads
140 9 Transportation -- Railroads
Tunney, John V.; Oswald, Robert L.; Dunn, Lloyd C.; Hartke, Vance
Amtrak Service To Idaho; Public Law 91-169 Railroad Safety Limiting Hours of Employee Service; Railroad Land Grants
"No More Idaho Tax Dallors for Amtrak", In Senate, April 27, 1972
140 10 Transportation -- Railroads
Beall, J. Glenn, Jr.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Rice, Edward W.; Saxbe, William B.
140 11 Transportation -- Railroads
Andrus, Cecil D.; Simon, Norton
1974 January-May
140 12 Transportation -- Railroads
Andrus, Cecil D.
Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970 S.3569
Statement Made On The Senate Floor Submitting An Amendment To S.3569 "The Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970", No Date
1974 June-September
140 13 Transportation -- Railroads
Nock, Harry L.; Rice, Edward W.
1974 October-December
140 14 Transportation -- Railroads 1974
140 15 Transportation -- Railroads
S.1436 Rail Transportation Improvement and Employment Act of 1975
"The Amtrak Improvement Act of 1975", In Senate, No Date
1975 January-April
140 16 Transportation -- Railroads
Committee On Public Works; Omnibus Rail Act of 1975 S.1801
1975 May-June
140 17 Transportation -- Railroads
Huddleston, Walter D.; Taft, Robert, Jr.
Ownership and Operation of Railroads S.2027; S.1879 Abandoned Right-of-Way Act; Taxes Owed By Railroads; S.2459 Rehabilitation of The Nation's Railroads
1975 July-December
141 1 Transportation -- Railroads
Amtrak-Experimental Route From Portland, Ore. To Ogden, UT.
141 2 Transportation -- Railroads
Train Route To Helena To Butte To Portland; Portland Rose; Regional Reorganization Act of 1973 S.2099
141 3 Transportation -- Railroads 1978
141 4 Transportation -- Railroads
Leahy, Patrick J.; Cannon, Howard W.
Idaho Senate Joint Res.105 Pioneer Route An Amendment To S.712 Amtrak Operations
"Amrak Improvement Act of 1979-S.712", In Senate, June 1979
1979 January-June
141 5 Transportation -- Railroads
Reorganization of A Railroad; Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul, and Pacific Railroad
1979 July-September
141 6 Transportation -- Railroads
Rail Transportation of Hazardous Materials
1979 October-December
141 7 Transportation -- Railroads
Goldschmidt, Neil
1980 January-February
141 8 Transportation -- Railroads
Amtrak; New Milwaukee Lines; Amtrak Reimbursment for Railroad Employees Riding Trains
1980 March-December
141 9 Transportation -- Roads
141 10 Transportation -- Roads
Gaffney, Ernest; Garry, Joseph R.; Chavez, Dennis
Public Works Committee; S.1136 Federal Highway Act Re: Forest and Roads; S.J.Res.10 Highway Traffic; Hells Canyon Road; St. Joes River Road
141 11 Transportation -- Roads
H.R.9821 Federal Aid To Highways; S.3220/S.3033 Federal Aid To Highways Act of 1956; Idaho Interstate Highway System
Statement To Introduce S.3455 In Senate, No Date
1958 January-March
141 11 Transportation -- Roads
Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Mansfield, Mike; Allott, Gordon
George Washington Memorial Parkway; Advertising Along Highways S.963/S.3041/S.3218; Subcommittee On Public Works; S.3414 Federal Aid Highway Act; S.2939 Federal Highway Act of 1956
1958 January-March
141 12 Transportation -- Roads
Murray, James E.; Smylie, Robert E.; Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Kaufman, Sam; Neuberger, Richard L.
Billboards In Federal Highway Act of 1958; H.R.7870 Inter-American Highway
1958 April-December
141 13 Transportation -- Roads
Idaho Department of Highways
1959 January-March
141 14 Transportation -- Roads
Randolph, Jennings; Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Baring, Walter S.
Granger-McCammon Cut Off; Federal Road Program; Alaska Highway; Yellowstone Park Exit Via Bechler River Canyon
1959 April-December
141 15 Transportation -- Roads
Gruening, Ernest; Smylie, Robert E.
S.- Public Law 86-70 Alaska Omnibus Act; Highways In Alaska; H.R.10495 Federal Highways Act of 1960
"H.R.10495-The Federal Highway Act of 1960 [Forest Roads]", In Senate, June 27, 1960
141 16 Transportation -- Roads
Whitworth, Herbert K.; Kennedy, John F.
Federal Pay-As-You-Go Highway Plan
142 1 Transportation -- Roads
Piggy-Backing; Federal Aid Highway Act of 1961 H.R.6713
142 2 Transportation -- Roads
Bartlett, E.L.; Randolph, Jennings
Federal Aid Highway Act of 1962 H.R.12135; H.R.3846 Land and Water Conservation Act of 1963; Federal Aid for Construction Engineering
142 3 Transportation -- Roads
Highway Beautification Act of 1965
142 4 Transportation -- Roads
Burdick, Quentin N.
Automotive Safety Standards; Highway Beautification Act of 1965; S. 1811 U.S. Highway No. 2; Maximum Dimensions and Weights of Motor Vehicles
142 5 Transportation -- Roads
Randolph, Jennings
Federal Aid Highway Act of 1970
142 6 Transportation -- Roads
Weicker, Lowell P., Jr.; Cooper, John Sherman; Andrus, Cecil D.
Federal Aid Highway Act of 1972 S.3939/H.R.16656; Highway and Related Transportation Systems Improvement Act of 1972; Kennedy/Weiker Amendment; Highway Beautification; Sign Removal
142 7 Transportation -- Roads
Bellmon, Henry
Bicycle Trails; Highway Trust Fund
142 8 Transportation -- Roads
Hartke, Vance; Jackson, Larry
Kendig Variable Venturi Carburetor; Truck Axle Weights; Unified Transportation Assistance Program (Utap); Seat Belt Restrictions
142 9 Transportation -- Roads
Gas Tax
142 10 Transportation -- Roads
Moss, Frank E.
Interstate Commerce Act S.3470; S.J.Res.- National Car Care Month; Federal Aid Highway Act of 1975; Highway Trust Fund; H.J.Res.726 National Bicentennial Highway Safety Year
142 11 Transportation -- Roads 1975
142 12 Transportation -- Roads
Motorcycle Helmet Laws; 55 Mph Speed Limit (P.L. 93-643); Highway Trust Fund S.1300, Kennedy Wiecker Plan; S.1300 Title 23 U.S. Code Revision; Lewiston Bridge; Trucking Deregulation; Motor Vehicle Occupant Crash Protection
142 13 Transportation -- Roads
Ford, Henry II; Adams, Brock; Ford, Wendell H.
Trucking Deregulation; Mass Transportation Act To Increase Minority Employment Opportunities; Air Bags; Federal Aid Highway Act Bridges
142 14 Transportation -- Roads
Diesel Fuel Taxes H.R.8309; Truck Safety Act of 1978 S.2970; Federal Aid Highway Act of 1978 S.3073; Kootenai River Bridge
142 15 Transportation -- Roads
Urban Transportation Systems
142 16 Transportation -- Roads
Bergland, Bob; Carter, Jimmy; Eardley, Richard R.; Goldschmidt, Neil
Fuel Economy Standards; Trucking Deregulations
142 17 Transportation -- Roads - Alaska Highway
Neuberger, Richard L
S.1125 Alaska Highway Act
142 18 Transportation -- Roads - Billboards
Weeks, Sinclair
Public Roads
142 19 Transportation -- Roads - Billboards
Outdoor Advertising S.3414
142 20 Transportation -- Roads - Billboards
Federal Aid Highway Act of 1961 H.R.6713; "The Outdoor Story" Outdoor Advertising Association of America
142 21 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Morse, Wayne
S.1136 Timber Access Roads
142 22 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
S.3088 Construction; Federal Aid Highway Act; S.1136; P.L.85-381 Federal Aid Road Act; Interior Department; S.3220 Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956
Statement Re Forest Highway Funds
143 1 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Nybroten, Norman; Andrews, Wade H.
H.R.3682 Caribou and Targhee National Forests; S.2240 Timber Access Roads; Forest Highways
143 2 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Cooper, John Sherman
S.3791 Forest Development, Roads and Trails
143 3 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Magnuson, Warren G.; Morse, Wayne
Forest Access Roads; S.1151 Easements and Road Right-of-Ways Over National Forest Lands
143 4 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Hayden, Carl; Smylie, Robert E.
S.1522 Forest Roads; Forest Access Roads S.2936/H.R.9725
143 5 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads
Andrus, Cecil D.
143 6 Transportation -- Roads - Forest Access Roads 1974
143 7 Transportation -- Roads - Highway 51
Hodges, Luther H.; Joslyn, A.W.; Smylie, Robert E.
143 8 Transportation -- Roads - Highway 51 1962
143 9 Transportation -- Roads - Highway 51
Joslyn, A.W.; Sawyer, Grant
143 10 Transportation -- Roads - Highway 20
McGee, Gale
S.Res.- Highway 20
143 11 Transportation -- Roads - Idaho
Federal Aid Highway Program
143 12 Transportation -- Roads - Idaho
Williams, Arnold
House Joint Memorial No. 2, Idaho State Legislature
143 13 Transportation -- Roads - Idaho
Highway Location; Idaho Falls; St. Anthony; Rexburg
143 14 Transportation -- Roads - Idaho 1967-1978
143 15 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Young, James H.; Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Chavez, Dennis; Smylie, Robert E.
Idaho State Senate Joint Memorial #3; Lewis and Clark National Tourway S.J.Res.88; Forest Access Roads S.1136; S.2157; P.L. 627 Federal Highway Act of 1956
143 16 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Gore, Albert A., Sr.; Chavez, Dennis
Public Roads
Statement To Subcommittee On Public Roads In Lewiston, Idaho, December 13, 1957
143 17 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Morse, Wayne; Weeks, Sinclair
S.3088 Federal Aid Highway Act; S.2939 Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956; S.J.Res.88 Lewis and Clark National Tourway; S.3414 Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956; H.R.9821 Federal Aid Road Act
Memo To Public Works Committee, March 11, 1958
143 18 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway 1959
143 19 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway 1960
143 20 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Magnuson, Warren G.
S.J.Res.40 Lewis and Clark National Tourway
143 21 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Gore, Albert A., Sr.
Dedication of Lewis and Clark Highway; Commemorative Issue of Lewiston Morning Tribune
"Pathway To Empire" Undated Drafts
143 22 Transportation -- Roads - Lewis and Clark Highway
Jackson, Henry M.
Lewis and Clark Trail S.Res.13
143 23 Transportation -- Roads - Lowman/Stanley
Federal Aid Highway Act of 1958
143 24 Transportation -- Roads - Lowman/Stanley
State Highway 21
143 25 Transportation -- Roads - Lowman/Stanley
Shellworth, E.W.
143 26 Transportation -- Roads - St. Joe River Road
Murphy, Arthur P.
Highway 50
143 27 Transportation -- Roads - St. Joe River Road
Avery By-Pass
143 28 Transportation -- Water
Domenici, Pete V.; Harbors, Bill; Adams, Brock; Sager, Karol-Heinz; Hudson, Richard
Water; Locks and Dam At Alton, IL; Waterway User Fees S.790/ H.R.8309; East/West Shipping Relations; Law of The Sea; Ocean Mining
Truth in lending - Utilities
The Senator's staff filed a variety of subjects under the heading Utilities. These files concern regulation of public services by the federal government. Idaho issues addressed in these files are the Bonneville Power Administration, hydroelectric projects and the shipment of power generated in Idaho to California. During Church's early years in the Senate, regulation of the railroads was also filed under Utilities.
143 29 Truth In Lending
Finance Charge Disclosure Bill; S.1740 Truth In Lending Act; Economics and Finance
143 30 Truth In Lending
Truth In Lending S.1740
143 31 Truth In Lending
Truth In Lending S.1740
143 32 Truth In Lending
Truth In Lending S.5
143 33 Truth In Lending
Truth In Lending S.5
144 1 Tussock Moth Reports
Packwood, Bob
S.- Use of DDT To Control The Tussock Moth; Environmental Protection Agency
"Coming To Grips With The Tussock Moth", In Senate, November 7, 1973
144 2 Tussock Moth Reports
Statement To The EPA On The "Danger of The Tussock Moth To Idaho Timber", On Or Before February 7, 1974
144 3 Tussock Moth Reports 1974
144 4 Unemployment Compensation
Pucinski, Roman C.
S.791 Unemployment Insurance; Insurance and Retirement S.791/H.R.3547
144 5 Unemployment Compensation
Comstock, Ralph J., Jr.; Day, Henry L.
H.R.8282 Unemployment Compensation; H.R.15119
144 6 United Way -- USO 1974
144 7 Upper Priest Lake 1963
144 8 Upper Priest Lake
Smylie, Robert E.; Soderblom, Jon E.; Hayden, Carl; Samuelson, Don
1964 January-May
144 9 Upper Priest Lake
Jackson, Henry M.; Theophilus, D.R.; Smylie, Robert E.
Kaniksu National Forest S.3067
1964 June-December
144 9 Upper Priest Lake
Public Lands; Upper Priest Lake, Idaho S.3067
1964 June-December
144 10 Upper Priest Lake
Trueblood, Ted; Manley, Art
S.435 Kaniksu National Forest
144 11 U.S.S. Utah -- American Flag
Moss, Frank E.
S.703 U.S.S. Utah
144 12 Utilities
Harrison, George M.
Daylight Savings Time; H.R.3323 Transmission of Electric; S.1883 Transmission of Electric Power; Hanford S.2043
144 13 Utilities
Right-of-Way Across Public Land for Electric Transmission Lines
144 14 Utilities
Overcharges By Thirty-Eight Major Electric Utilities
144 15 Utilities -- Communications - Equal Time
Bernstone, Arthur H.; Fulbright, J.W.
Television Violence; Juvenile Delinqency; S.1741 Transmitting Apparatus; S.1801 Community Antenna Television Systems; H.R.6676 Hours of Operation
144 16 Utilities -- Communications - Pay Television
Langer, William K.; Pfost, Gracie; Magnuson, Warren G.; Shanks, Carrol M.
H.R.586 Paid Television; Television/Radio Advertising; National Radio Month
Statement To The Subcommittee On Communications, Interstate and Foreign Commerce, June 30, 1959
144 17 Utilities -- Communications - Telephone
H.R.7317 General Telephone Service
144 18 Utilities -- Power
Chudoff, Earl; Magnuson, Warren G.
Tennessee Valley Authority Financing Bill S.1896/H.R.4266; Federal Power Act; Propaganda and Political Expenditures Bill; Rapid Amortization Bills
144 19 Utilities -- Power
Magnuson, Warren G.
S.2847 Federal Power Commission To License Only Projects Which Will Improve Or Develop Water Resources of A River Basin; S.584 Federal Power Act
144 20 Utilities -- Power
Murray, James E.; Borah, William E.
Hells Canyon; Middle Snake; Columbia River Development; Excess Capacity Act; Tennessee Valley Authority; Nationwide Power Transmission Grid; Pacific Northwest Bonneville-California Intertie; Headwater Benefits Legislation S.1782; Borah, William E., "W
144 20 Utilities -- Power
Columbia River Power System
144 21 Utilities -- Power
Udall, Stewart L.
California Intertie; Pacific Northwest Interregional Transmission Interties S.3153/H.R.11264/H.R.11265; H.R.1989 Virgin Islands General Obligation Bonds
144 22 Utilities -- Power
High Mountain Sheep; Hells Canyon
145 1 Utilities -- Power - Bonneville Power Administration
High Hells Canyon Dam; Rural Electric Association; Brownlee Project; Idaho Power; Bonneville Reorganization Act of 1959 S.1927/S.3114
145 2 Utilities -- Power - Bonneville Power Administration/Harney Electric Co-Op 1958
145 3 Utilities -- Power - Bonneville Power Administration/Idaho Power Company
Hells Canyon
145 4 Utilities -- Power - Bonneville Power Administration/Idaho Power Company 1958 May
145 5 Utilities -- Power - California Intertie
"Short Form Report On Audit of Columbia River Power System and Related Activities Fiscal Year 1958", Comptroller General of The U.S., December 1958
145 6 Utilities -- Power - Idaho Power
Randall, Fred G.
Brownlee Dam; Oxbow Dam
145 7 Utilities -- Power - Natural Gas 1959; 1964
145 8 Utilities -- Power - Niagara Power
Niagara Power Bill S.512
145 9 Utilities -- Power - Rural Electric Associations
Humphrey-Price Bill S.144; Tennessee Valley Authority; Interest Rates S.1926; Wheeling Bill; Rural Electric Associations Cooperatives
145 10 Utilities -- Power - Rural Electric Associations 1960-1964
145 11 Utilities -- Power - Rural Electric Associations
All About Northern Lights Inc.
145 12 Utilities -- Power - Tennessee Valley Authority
Tennessee Valley Authority S.931/H.R.3460
145 13 Utilities -- Power - Wheeling
Moss, John E.
Transmission of Electric Power S.1883; S.Res.- Facilitation Electric Power Transmission
"The Facilitation of The Transmission of Electric Power", In Senate, May 7, 1959
145 14 Utilities -- Power - Yellowstone Power 1959
145 15 Utilities -- Transportation
Young, James K.; Shadduck, Louise; Williams, Harrison A., Jr.; Monroney, A.S. Mike
Idaho State J.Res.6 Interstate Transportation; Railroad Freight Cars S.1789; California Assembly J.Res.3 Construction of Ships H.R.8093/H.R.9899; Office of International Travel and Tourism S.3102; Mass Transit S.3615/S.3126; Motorcarriers S.320; Interst
145 16 Utilities -- Transportation - Motorcarriers
Naegle, A.W.; Pieper, Don
H.R.5523/H.R.11583/S.3243 Interstate Commerce Act; Freight Rates H.R.3233/S.939; Railroad Transportation S.2553; Motor Vehicle Carrier Mail
145 17 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Neuberger, Richard L.
Railroad Passenger Service; Union Pacific; Northern Pacific; Camus Prairie; Train Brakes S.1386/H.R.5124; S.1386 Power Or Train Brakes; Freight Rates H.R.5523
145 18 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Railroad Retirement Act S.1313; Power Or Train Brakes S.1386; Freight Rates S.3778
145 19 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
McCoy, Harold D.
Railroad Freight Rates S.2553
1958 March-April
145 20 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Railroad Freight Rates S.2553
1958 May-June
145 21 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Freight Rates S.3778/S.2553
1958 May-June
145 22 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Loomis, Daniel P.
S.996 Safety On Common Carriers
145 23 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Byrd, Robert C.
S.3020 Passenger Train Service Act of 1960; S.1425 Track Motorcars
145 24 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Kefauver, Estes
S.996 Safety On Common Carriers; S.320 Interstate Commerce Act; Railroad Mergers S.3097; H.J.Res.374 Railroad Properties; S.Res.150 Railroad Mergers
Statement In Support of S.3097 Before Senate Subcommittee On Anti-Trust and Monopolies, June 12, 1961
145 25 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Piggy-Back Service of Railroads
146 1 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Murphy, William J.; Prather, Watt E.; Barron, Lloyd F.; Stebbins, Naomi E.
Piggy-Back Service of Railroads; S.1089/S.1197
146 2 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Piggy-Back Service of Railroads; S.1097 Ratemaking; Transportation Act of 1958
146 3 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Kefauver, Estes
Transportation Act of 1958 S.1197; Railroad Mergers S.3097
146 4 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Railway Express Agency H.R.2525/H.R.5795/S.433; Railroad Mergers and Financing S.942/S.1138/S.Res.136
146 5 Utilities -- Transportation - Railroads
Railroad Deregulation Bill S.1946
146 6 Utilities -- Transportation - Water
Waterway To Lewiston, Idaho
Veterans - Welfare
Church was interested in the well-being of the men and women who had served their country in the armed services and of the less fortunate members of his constituency. These files reflect the attention their problems received from the Senator and his staff.
146 7 Veterans
Pfost, Gracie
1954 And 1956
146 8 Veterans
Humphrey, Hubert H.
World War I Veterans S.1407; Spanish American War Widows H.R.358; H.R.52 Disability Compensation; S.1134 Veterans Education Act of 1957; S.667 Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952; S.726 Veterans Loans; S.714 Veterans Readjustment Assistance
1957 January-June
146 9 Veterans
World War I Veterans S.1407; H.R.52 Disability Compensation Act of 1957; H.R.3630 Aid To Amputies
1957 July-December
146 10 Veterans
Beall, J. Glenn, Sr.
World War I Veterans S.1407
146 11 Veterans
Byrd, Harry F., Sr.
Spanish War Veteran's Benefits; S.Res.68 Senate Rule Xxv; S.2966 Widow's Pensions; World War II; Korea; World War I; S.40 Pensions To War Widows; H.J.Res.- Veterans of Philippine Insurrection; H.R.11369 Pensions of World War I Veterans
1958 March-May
146 11 Veterans
Veterans Affairs
1958 March-May
146 12 Veterans
Morse, Wayne
Veterans Benefits
1958 June-December
146 13 Veterans
Goldwater, Barry M.; Mahan, John W.
Veterans Committee S.Res.19; S.541 Veterens Benefits
1959 January-February
146 14 Veterans
Long, Russell B.
World War I Veterans Benefits H.1181; S.1113/H.R.11382 Veterans National Service Life Insurance
1959 March-May
146 15 Veterans
Veterans Pensions H.R.7650; Pension Programs for Veterans, Widows and Children
1959 June
146 16 Veterans
S.1138 Readjustment Assistance To Veterans
1959 July
146 17 Veterans
Long, Russell B.; Moore, Preston J.
Gi Bill S.1138; H.R.7650 Veterans Pension Act of 1959
1959 August--December
147 1 Veterans
S.1460 Pensions for World War I Veterans; H.R.113 Service Connected Disability; H.R.278; H.R3308 Equalize Certain Rates of Wartime Disability Compensation; H.R.9590 Veterans Administration Regulations and Ratings; H.R.9591 U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals
1960 January-June
147 1 Veterans
H.R.9594; H.R.283 Compensation To Veterans for An Eye Or Limb; S.2290 Paralyzed Veterans; H.R.9948 World War I Pension Act of 1960; S.907 Veterans Benefits Act of 1957
1960 January-June
147 2 Veterans
Optometric Outpatient Care for Veterans; S.2675 Veterans National Service Life Insurance; H.R.7965 Outpatient Treatment for Veterans
1960 June-December
147 3 Veterans
Cannon, Howard W.
H.R.858 Salaries of Directors of VA Hospitals; S.3088 Pay for Enlisted Men; S.Res.134 Veterans Affairs Committee
147 4 Veterans
Cooper, William O.; Hansen, Robert E.
National Service Life Insurance; Veterans Disability Compensation
147 5 Veterans
Committee On Veterans Affairs; Cold War Veterans Readjustment Bill S.1011
1963 January-June
147 6 Veterans
Smylie, Robert E.
World War I Veterans Pensions S.1918
1963 July-December
147 7 Veterans
Nursing Home Care for Veterans S.8009
147 8 Veterans
Yarborough, Ralph W.
Veterans Administration Hospitals; Domiciliaries
1965 January-February
147 9 Veterans
Veterans Administration Hospitals; Cold War GI Education Bill S.9; Disability Compensation H.R.168
1965 April-December
147 10 Veterans
Bass, Ross
Veterns Administration Hospitals; Pensions for World War I Veterans; Cold War GI Bill; Closing of Boise VA Hospital
1965 March-April
147 11 Veterans
Montoya, Joseph M.
Burial Expenses of Veterans; H.R.6277 Foreign Service Act of 1946
147 12 Veterans
Fry, Leslie M.
147 13 Veterans
Doyle, William C.
Veterans Affairs Committee; World War I Benefits; H.R.3289 Career Compensation Act of 1949
147 14 Veterans
Scott, Hugh; Hartke, Vance; Montoya, Joseph M.
Gi Bill; Prisoner of War Benefits; S.338 Educational Assistance
147 15 Veterans
Pensions for World War I Veterans S.2658
1970 January-March
147 16 Veterans
Rainwater, H.R.; Cranston, Alan
Educational Benefits for Vietnam Veterans; Veterans Adminstration Medical and Hospital Care Funding
1970 April-December
148 1 Veterans
Pearson, James B.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Hartke, Vance; Rainwater, H.R.
Veterans Education Benefits; Vo-Tech Students and The Gi Bill; S.1593 Loans To Veterans; H.R.3344 Direct Loans To Veterans; S.1814
148 2 Veterans
Vo-Tech Education for Veterans; Change Veterans Day
148 3 Veterans
Carr, Patrick E.
Social Security; Veterans Pensions
1973 January-February
148 4 Veterans
Social Security; Veterans Pensions
1973 March
148 5 Veterans
McGovern, George
Vo-Tech Education and The GI Bill
1973 April
148 6 Veterans
Social Security; Veterans Benefits; Civilian Prisoners of War; H.R.3125 National Guard Service During World War I
1973 May-August
148 7 Veterans
Proxmire, William
Social Security; Veterans Benefits; GI Bill Eligibility
1973 September-December
148 8 Veterans
Montoya, Joseph M.; Hartke, Vance; Abourezk, James S.; Soden, Ray R.
Social Security; Veterans Benefits; Gi Bill Eligibility; Disabled Veterans Compensation S.2710; Veterans Day
1974 January-April
148 9 Veterans
Johnson, Donald E.
World War I Veterans Benefits; Time Extension for Gi Bill
1974 May-June
148 10 Veterans
Gi Bill for Vietnam Veterans
1974 July-September
148 11 Veterans
Wagonseller, James M.; Stang, John J.
Tax Treatment of Veterans Benefits
1974 October-December
148 12 Veterans
Inouye, Daniel K.
S.858 State Veterans Cemetaries; S.4139 Eligibility Period for Gi Bill
1975 January-June
148 13 Veterans 1975 July-December
148 14 Veterans
Veterans and Survivors Pension Reform Act S.2635
1976 January-June
149 1 Veterans
Randazzo, Frank; Smith, R.D.; Griffin, Robert P.
Veterans Affairs Committee; Poppy Program
1976 July-December
149 2 Veterans
Hansen, Clifford P.
1977 January-June
149 3 Veterans
Veterans Education Benefits
1977 July-December
149 4 Veterans
Javits, Jacob K.
Veterans Benefits To Survivors H.R.11890
149 5 Veterans
Humphrey, Gordon J.; Magnuson, Warren G.; Proxmire, William
Gi Bill Amendments; S.1523 Veteran Senior Citizen Health Care Act of 1979
149 6 Veterans
Armstrong, William L.
Vietnam Memorial
149 7 Veterans -- H.R.1181 World War I Veterans Pension Bill 1959 June
149 8 Veterans -- H.R.7650 Non-Service Connected Pensions
Widows; Children
1959 July
149 9 Veterans -- Loans
Long, Russell B.; Johnson, Lyndon B.
S.726 Home Loans and Loan Entitlement From National Service Life Insurance Fund; S.3067/S.1088 National Service Life Insurance;
149 10 WAMI -- Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho Program
S.3585 Health Manpower and Shortage Area Assistance Act of 1974; WAMI Program
149 11 WAMI -- Washington, Alaska, Montana, Idaho Program
Mondale, Walter F.
WAMI Program
149 12 Welfare 1962-1964
149 13 Welfare
Medical Education; Health Facilities
149 14 Welfare
win Falls County Food Stamps; Abundant Program
149 15 Welfare
Harris, Fred R.; Javits, Jacob K.; Eagleton, Thomas F.; McGovern, George; Saxbe, William B.
Welfare; Minimum Annual Income for Poor Families H.R.16311; Public Assistance Programs
1970 January-July
149 16 Welfare
Harris, Fred R.; Mathias, Charles McC., Jr.; Javits, Jacob K.; Kennedy, Edward M.; Yarborough, Ralph W.; Cooper, John Sherman; Saxbe, William B.; Treinen, Sylvester
Health Security Act; H.R.16311 Welfare Reform Bill
1970 August-December
149 17 Welfare 1971 January-May
149 18 Welfare
Nelson, Gaylord; Cooper, John Sherman; Case, Clifford P.
Job Corps; Guaranteed Income for Poor People; Office of Economic Opportunity; Day Care Legislation
1971 June-September
150 1 Welfare
Mondale, Walter F.; Harris, Fred R.; Chiles, Lawton; Ribicoff, Abraham; Hartke, Vance; Kennedy, Edward M.; Javits, Jacob K.; Brooke, Edward W.; Stafford, Robert T.; Bellmon, Henry
Guaranteed Income for Poor People; Day Care Programs S.2007
1971 October-December
150 2 Welfare
Gurney, Edward J.; Tunney, John V.
Abolishing The Office of Equal Opportunity; Child Care Legislation; Day Care
1972 January-June
150 3 Welfare
Welfare Reform; Day Care Legislation
1972 July-December
150 4 Welfare
Weinberger, Casper; Brock, William E.; Helms, Jesse
Welfare; Child Development Legislation; Dismantling The Office of Economic Opportunity
1973 January-March
150 5 Welfare
Long, Russell B.; Nunn, Sam
1973 April-December
150 6 Welfare
Vocational Rehabilitation; Youth Camp Safety Legislation S.3639; Follow-Through Program; Legal Services for The Poor; S.2871 Food Program
150 7 Welfare
Taft, Robert, Jr.
Day Care Legislation; Food Stamp Program Reform
1975 January-June
150 8 Welfare
Food Stamp Reform Act S.2369
1975 July-December
150 9 Welfare
Food Stamps; S.2905 Commodity Supplemental Food Program Act of 1976
1976 January-April
150 10 Welfare
Nelson, Gaylord
Food Stamps Reform; Day Care Legislation; Community Action Agencies
1976 May-December
150 11 Welfare
Evans, John V.; Leahy, Patrick J.; Roth, William V., Jr.
Food Stamps; School Lunches
1977 January-July
150 12 Welfare
Food Stamps; School Lunches
1977 August-December
150 13 Welfare
Evans, John V.
Aid To Dependent Children; Child Care Legislation H.R.2505; Displaced Homemakers; S.2360 Social Service Claims; Day Care
151 1 Welfare
Jepsen, Roger W.
Health Research Programs; Cystic Fibrosis); 1979 Child Care Act; School Lunch Program; International Year of The Child; Day Care
1979 January-June
151 2 Welfare
Evans, John V.; Schweiker, Richard S.; Boren, David L.
Economic Opportunity Office; Child Care H.R.3434/S.4; International Year of The Child
1979 July-September
151 3 Welfare
Schweiker, Richard S.
Child Welfare Legislation H.R.3434
1979 October-December
151 4 Welfare
Evans, John V.
Food Stamps; School Lunch Programs; Aid To Dependent Children Program; Welfare Reform S.1382; Family Protection Act S.1808
1980 January-May
151 5 Welfare
Food Stamps; Legal Services; Day Care Services H.R.3434; Homemaker Services H.R.3434; Family Protection Act
1980 June-October
151 6 Welfare -- War On Poverty
Shriver, R. Sargent, Jr.
Welfare; Job Corps; Economic Opportunities Act; Poverty Bill; Appalachia
151 7 Welfare -- War On Poverty
Javits, Jacob K.; Percy, Charles H.; Scott, Hugh; McGovern, George
War On Poverty; S.- Health, Nutrition, and Human Needs Act; H.R.11400 Supplemental Appropriations
Western Conference bills - Wilderness
Senator Church worked on the Endangered Wilderness Act and the Wild and Scenic Rivers System throughout much of his Senate career. The Wilderness files illustrate the evolution of these bills and the many changes made to achieve an agreement with which both sides of the controversy could live.
151 8 Western Conference Bills
H.R.4289 Hunting Wild Horses Or Burrows On Public Lands; H.R.4377 Domestic Cobalt Industry; S.1123 National Wilderness Preservation System
151 9 Wilderness
H.R.500/H.R.1960/S.1176 National Wilderness Preservation System
151 10 Wilderness
Murray, James E.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
S.4028/H.R.1929/S.3809 National Wilderness Preservation System; S.1223 Wilderness Preservation Act
151 11 Wilderness 1958
151 12 Wilderness
Murray, James E.; Humphrey, Hubert H.
151 13 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.1123
151 14 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.1123
151 15 Wilderness 1960
151 16 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.1123
151 17 Wilderness
Gruening, Ernest
S.174 Primitive Areas Amendment
Statement On Revised Primitive Areas Amendment, In The Senate, June 8, 1961
151 18 Wilderness
Morse, Wayne
S.174 Primitive Areas Amendment
151 19 Wilderness
S.174 Wilderness Bill
Opening Statement Before The Senate, September 5, 1961 Re: The Wilderness Bill-S.174
151 20 Wilderness 1961
152 1 Wilderness 1961
152 2 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 3 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 4 Wilderness
Bible, Alan; Jackson, Henry M.
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 5 Wilderness
Stebbins, Naomi E.; Dworshak, Henry C.
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 6 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 7 Wilderness
Anderson, Clinton P.; Allott, Gordon; French, Stewart
Wilderness Bill S.174
Statement In The Senate, March 28, 1961 Re: The Wilderness Bill-S.174
152 8 Wilderness
Wilderness Bill S.174
152 9 Wilderness
Metcalf, Lee; Verkler, Jerry T.; Anderson, Jack Z.
Wilderness Bill S.174/H.R.776