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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Wilson, E. E. (Eddy Elbridge), 1869-1961.
Title: E. E. Wilson Papers
Dates: 1838-1961 ( inclusive )
1850-1961 ( bulk )
Quantity: 41 cubic feet
Collection Number: Consult repository.
Summary: The E. E. Wilson Papers include Wilson's personal and professional papers and document his education, family, work as an attorney, and public service activities.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
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Biographical Note

Both of E. E. Wilson's parents were Oregon pioneers. Rozella Jane Russell was born in Missouri on January 19, 1850. The Russell family left Missouri and arrived in Oregon in 1851 and took a donation land claim in Benton County located four miles northeast of the future site of Corvallis. Lewis Fenton Wilson was born in Illinois in 1836 and moved to Missouri when three years old. In his teens his family traveled by wagon with Captain Meeker on the Oregon Trail where Lewis' father died after crossing the Rocky Mountains in Idaho. The Wilson family arrived in Oregon in 1852 and Lewis' mother took a donation land claim near Bellfountain (Corvallis Gazette-Times, Feb. 14, 1927, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives).

Rose Russell attended Corvallis College (later Oregon State University) and Lewis went to college in McMinnville for a year. They married in December 1868, and their only child, Eddy Elbridge Wilson, was born in October 1869. The family moved to Prineville in 1877 where Lewis worked in the mercantile business, returning to Benton County in 1879 (Corvallis Gazette-Times, April 23, 1938, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives). Both parents then remained in Corvallis for the rest of their lives.

Lewis Wilson was the first brick maker in Benton County and supplied materials for local buildings, such as Philomath College, the original Oregon Agricultural College administration building (now Benton Hall), and for the Benton County Courthouse. For 26 years the family lived in a home which was located immediately north of the present site of OSU's Waldo Hall, moving to a Monroe Street location around 1910. Lewis was a member of the Masonic Lodge for 48 years, and had been active in the Corvallis Fire Department (Corvallis Gazette-Times, Feb. 14, 1927, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives). Rose was credited with being a leader in the preservation of pioneer history through her affiliation with Masonic organizations. She was founder of the local St. Mary's chapter of the Eastern Star and served in various official capacities throughout her life, including service as Grand Matron. She began a women's literary group when in Prineville, and was active in the establishment of a city library in Corvallis. In 1883 she organized and served as the first president of the Corvallis Firemen's Coffee Club, forerunner to the Corvallis Women's Club. She was also a charter member and second president of the College Folk Club (Corvallis Gazette-Times, April 23, 1938, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives).

Eddy Elbridge Wilson was born October 23, 1869, when Corvallis had only been incorporated for 12 years. Unlike his pioneer parents, E. E. Wilson never strayed far from Corvallis, where he lived most of his life and where he died in 1961 at the age of 92. Wilson began his college career at Corvallis College when it was located in downtown Corvallis. Before he graduated, the college had been renamed State Agricultural College of the State of Oregon and moved out of downtown to the present location of Benton Hall on the OSU campus. At this land grant institution, he was one of the first students to receive an education that combined science with classical subject matter. In 1889 at age 20, he completed a bachelor of science from the college, one of 14 people in the graduating class (1889 Commencement Program, OSU Archives).

After graduation, Wilson "fiddled around" for two years. He hoped to become a doctor, but could not finance the education. A job working for a year at the Benton County Courthouse led him to a career in law. He continued his education in 1891 at University of Oregon Law School, then located in Portland, receiving his degree in 1893. That same year Wilson set up a law practice in Corvallis. From the beginning of Wilson's career he was involved in local government. He twice served as Corvallis City Attorney, from 1910-1915, and 1917-1919, and a short term in 1913 as Benton County District Attorney. In his first term as city attorney, he drew up the city's first assessment procedures as Corvallis began approving paved streets and sewer installation.

In 1925 Wilson became president and then board member of the First National Bank of Corvallis. He worked with the bank until 1940 when it was sold to U. S. National Bank of Portland. Starting in 1940 he worked as the manager of Benton County Abstract Company, a firm he set up in 1918 with two other partners, until it was sold to Title and Trust & Company in 1946 (Corvallis Gazette-Times, October 23, 1959, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives). As an attorney who specialized in land acquisition and disposition, Wilson participated in many investment opportunities which led to the development of the local community. He was also involved with local, state and regional politics. Many letters addressed to Wilson indicate that he recommended people for elected and appointed positions within the Democratic Party and participating in poll watching activities. Included in his memorabilia is an invitation to lunch with the President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson in Portland in 1919, as well as an invitation to the inauguration of President John F. Kennedy in Washington, D.C. in 1961 (Personal/Family Records, E. E. Wilson Papers, OSU Archives).

Throughout his life he maintained close connections to the community, especially with his alma mater. Wilson twice served on the college's Board of Regents from 1906-1915 and 1924-1929; he served as the Board's Secretary from 1907-1915 and 1924-1929. He served on the college Memorial Union Board of Governors from 1925-1961. He was a charter member of the Corvallis Country Club, as well as a member of five Masonic organizations, including a short affiliation with the Native Sons of Oregon as a local organizer in 1900. He also served on the Corvallis Planning Commission from 1931-1941, the Corvallis Water Commission from 1932-1940, and was a member of the Corvallis Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he was active in the Izaak Walton League, the Corvallis Men's Garden Club, and the University Club in Portland.

Wilson is best known for his work on the State Game Commission from 1935-1949. He served when the Commission's activities expanded in response to growing numbers of hunters and fishers coupled with decreasing numbers of game. He worked to promote science in policy formation, and the inclusion of professional scientists on the staff during this expansion. He acted as a liaison between Oregon State College and the Commission, encouraging collaboration between Commission staff and OSC faculty on individual research projects, as well as encouraging joint support for the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit.

Expansion of services rendered by the Game Commission was affected by worldwide events: the Great Depression at the beginning of Wilson's service, and World War II at the end of his membership. These events led to restrictions on funds for building materials, gasoline, tires and personnel for fieldwork. At the same time, growing numbers of hunters and fishers called for increased availability of game. Wilson attempted to reconcile the Game Commission's mandate with scientific evidence, public demands, and political initiatives.

Wilson never married and had no children, but his work has been memorialized in three different manners. Before he died, Wilson set up an undergraduate scholarship at Oregon State University for Benton County residents; in 1954 the State Game Commission dedicated the E. E. Wilson Game Management Farm north of Corvallis to commemorate Wilson's work with wildlife issues; and Wilson Hall on the OSU campus was named after him in 1961. Excerpts from the plaque on Wilson Hall read, "Pioneer in Scientific Wildlife Management," "Respected and Noble," and "Gentleman of the Old School," (E. E. Wilson Memorabilia Collection, OSU Archives). E. E. Wilson and his parents are buried at Crystal Lake Cemetery, Corvallis, Oregon.

Content Description

Four boxes house Wilson's books, and three boxes hold his personal papers and early memorabilia. Included in the collection are three boxes of papers and memorabilia from other members of his family. Many items belonged to his mother, Rose Wilson, and a few from his father, Lewis Wilson. The bulk of the book series is from the mid 19th to the early 20th centuries.

Seven boxes hold material relating to Wilson's public service activities. Four boxes pertain to his 14-year connection with the Oregon State Game Commission from 1935-1949. One box includes material from his service on the Oregon Agricultural College Board of Regents in 1906-1915 and 1925-1929, and material from his service on the Oregon State College Memorial Union Board of Governors in 1925-1961. The Board of Regents materials include correspondence from 1907- 1912 with other regents, such as B. F. Irvine, Clara Waldo, Walter Pierce, and James K. Weatherford; and with state officials, such as Oswald West and Ben Olcott. Two boxes hold papers from Wilson's involvement with local development issues.

Ten boxes are real estate records, many from the Benton County Abstract Company, and comprise five series. One series consists of complete title abstracts; another contains title correspondence and search notes, arranged by city addition or township. Most of the real estate records cover the years 1901-1925 and are largely unprocessed.

The remainder of the collection, 17 boxes, consists of legal records from Wilson's law practice. All of these records are restricted until non-confidential materials are identified and processed.

More detailed descriptions of selected subgroups and series are included within the collection inventory.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

E. E. Wilson Papers, Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into 6 subgroups: 1. Personal/Family Records; 2. OSU Work; 3. Local Development Issues; 4. Game Commission; 5. Business/Real Estate Records; and 6. Legal Records.

Custodial History :  

The OSU Library acquired Wilson's papers after his death, and they were transferred to the Archives in 1979.

Related Materials :  

The E. E. Wilson Memorabilia Collection file and the E. E. Wilson Photograph Collection (P 101) complement Wilson's papers. The papers of Roland E. Dimick and William L. Finley dovetail with many of Wilson's conservation work. The institutional records of the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit (OCWRU), included as part of the Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. Records (RG 190), expand on the OCWRU materials in the Wilson Papers. Other related records include the records of the Board of Regents (RG 8), the Office of the President (RG 13), and the Memorial Union Records (RG 99). Records of the State Game Commission are located at the Oregon State Archives in Salem.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Subgroup 1:  Personal/Family Records, 1838-1961
Series I: Personal, 1880-1961
1 School Notes & Reports, 1882-1884
1 College Notes & Reports, 1886-1900
Law School Records, 1891-1893
1 Correspondence, 1891-1893
2 folders
1 Questions and answers on lectures, 1891-1893
5 folders
1 Other notes, 1891-1892
1 Exams and assignments, 1892-1893
1 Oregon Supreme Court documents, 1892-1893
1 Law Practice Recognition, 1893-1959
1 Correspondence, 1898-1961
3 folders
Democratic Party materials, 1894-1918
1 Correspondence, 1894
1 Lists, 1894 & 1914
1 Poll Book, 1906
1 Political literature, 1918
1 City Attorney Petitions, 1917
1 Oswald West newspaper articles, correspondence, booklets, 1935-1953
1 Kennedy Inaugural Invitation, 1961 and 1919
Invitation for Luncheon with the President and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson.
1 Speeches & Presentations, 1889-1914
1 Speech by Robert Ingersoll sent to Wilson, undated
2 Corvallis Land Settlement History (article by Wilson), undated
2 Gene Simpson Pheasant Material, 1908-1935
2 Pheasant File, 1904-1907
2 Clark Family Search, 1895-1896
2 Parker Stadium Contributions, 1951-1954
2 Benton-Lincoln Electric Cooperative, 1937-1953
2 Izaak Walton League, 1922-1958
2 Men's Garden Club of Corvallis, 1943-1960
2 Portland University Club, 1937-1960
2 Fraternal Mystic Circle, 1907-1917
2 Insurance & Tax Statements, 1912-1917
2 Other Memorabilia programs, invitations, booklets, 1893-1961
Native Sons of Oregon organizational materials
2 Informational flyers and recruitment letters, ca. 1900
2 Constitution (mounted inside leather document pouch), 1899
Thos. H. Benton Cabin No. 21 records, 1900:
2 List of members (bound inside leather document pouch)
2 New member notices
2 Secretary's record book
2 Receipt books
2 Letter from Grand President, Feb. 1900
2 Supplies list
2 Extra supplies, song sheets, constitutions, membership blanks
2 Autograph album, 1880-1884
2 Bank books, statements, canceled checks, 1909-1924
2 Calendars and memoranda books, 1891-1900
2 Miscellaneous calenders and appointment books (not used), 1907-1947
2 Address book, undated
2 Wilson's funeral memorial book, 1961
2 Newspaper clippings about E.E. Wilson, 1914-1949 & undated
2 James R. Haddock letters, envelopes, 1884-1889
7 Oswald West Retrospective, Oregonian Magazine, October 3-October 31, 1937
apx 20x24 in.
7 Two U.S. flags, ca. 1900
apx 20x24 in.
4 Scrapbook, Corvallis newspaper clippings (some written by Wilson?), 1891-1892
apx 12x17 in.
Series II: Family, 1866-1959
5 Obituaries, biographies (Lewis and Rose Wilson), 1927 & 1938
5 Sympathy correspondence, 1927 & 1938
2 folders
5 Correspondence, general, 1884-1937
5 Correspondence, from Rose's sister, Mahala Shearer, Yakima, WA, 1908-1909
5 Organizational documents Women's Club, Literary Society, Sunday School, undated
5 OSC Women's Day, 1928-1929
5 Speeches/Presentations, 1893-1898
5 School papers, undated
5 Daughters of the American Revolution, Russell genealogy, 1917-1929
5 Letter from P.B. Hayden to Lewis Wilson, 1866
5 Negro Puppets, undated
5 Legal documents, tax receipts, insurance policies, 1902-1921
5 Birthday, Valentine, calling cards, 1868-1919
5 Postcards, 1901-1934
5 Wedding invitations, 1893-1932
5 Inspirational booklets, undated
5 " Miladi" article, Woman and her daily life, undated
5 Crochet instructions, undated
5 Other materials programs, lists, invitations, dance cards, 1883-1930
Newspaper and magazine articles
5 Corvallis society news (articles mentioning Rose Wilson), 1930-1937
5 Lessons in French, Oregonian, 1900
5 " Pioneer Mother" articles, 1927
5 Poetry and stories, 1879-1961, most undated
3 folders
5 Pathfinder magazine issues, March 1934
Plans for alterations and additions to E.E. Wilson's home, drawn by Bennes & Herzog, architects, 1930
5 Specifications and supplies lists
Map Case
* Elevation drawings and floor plans
Map Case
* Detail drawing of pergola and porch columns
Map Case
* Rand-McNally vest-pocket map of Oregon, 1895
7 Yakima Signal and Yakima Record, January 5, 1884
apx 20x24 in.
Contain obituaries of Rose Wilson's mother.
7 Corvallis Gazette-Times newspaper, selected issues, 1889-1959
apx 20x24 in.
7 The Modern Priscilla, 1893-1903
apx 20x24 in.
7 Oregon Union newspaper, April 15, 1898-May 6, 1898
apx 20x24 in.
7 The Idaho Republican newspaper, July 27, 1906
apx 20x24 in.
7 Yaquina Bay News-Reporter, Dec. 9, 1909
apx 20x24 in.
7 Yaquina Bay News, Sept. 21, 1933
apx 20x24 in.
7 Crochet instructions, undated
apx 20x24 in.
7 Office floor plans, undated
apx 20x24 in.
Series III: Personal Books, 1838-1918
Listed below in chronological order of publication dates are personal books from Wilson's collection. Many of the books appear to have been originally owned by someone other than E.E. Wilson; inscriptions are noted. Some books appear to have been Rose Wilson's from when she attended college. When a book could be confirmed as a Corvallis College text, it is noted by an asterisk (*). In addition, a list of Wilson's books no longer available through the Archives is included in the first box of books.
9 The Young Ladies' Class BookBoston: Gould, Kendall and Lincoln (1838)
Bailey, Ebenezer (author)
4 The Holy Bible; Containing the Old and New TestamentsNew York: Methodist Episcopal Church (1839)
apx 12x17 in.
9 Letters to an Anxious Inquirer, Designed to Relieve the Difficulties of a Friend under Serious ImpressionsPhiladelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication (1840). Signed by Rosella Russell (1840)
Henry, T. Charles (author)
9 Sanders' Spelling Book Designed to Teach the Orthography and Orthoepy of Dr. WebsterNew York: Ivison & Phinney (1846). Signed by Wm. Thornton.
Sanders, Charles W. (author)
9 Notes on the Gospels, Critical and ExplanatoryPhiladelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication (1848). Signed by Alma Knight.
Jacobus, Melancthon W. (author)
9 The Life of John Wycliffe, D.D., Father of the English ReformationColumbus: Isaac N. Whiting (1849)
Coxe, Margaret (author)
9 The Sacred MelodeonCincinnati (1849)
Hayden, A.S. (author)
9 The Fulfilling of the Scripture for Confirming Believers and Convincing Believers(abridged from the 3rd edition), Philadelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication (ca. 1850). Signed by Wm. E. Thornton Goodrich, S.G.
Fleming, Robert (author)
9 A Pictorial History of Greece; Ancient and ModernNew York: Huntington and Savage (1850). Signed by Wilson.
9 The Mirage of LifeNew York: Lane & Scott (1850)
Kidder, D.P. (author)
9 The People of PersiaNew York: Lane & Scott (1850)
Kidder, D.P. (author)
9 General French and English DictionaryParis: Baudry, Librairie Europeenne (1853)
Spiers, A. (author)
9 Die BibelNew York (1856). Pages of writing in German on the front and back pages.
9 Sanders' Series. The School ReaderFourth Book, New York: Ivison & Phinney (1856)
Sanders, Charles W. (author)
9 Weld's English Grammar, Illustrated by Exercises in Composition, Analyzing and Parsing, SanbornBoston: Carter and Bazin (1856)
Weld, Allen H. (author)
9 Abridged History of the United States; Republic of AmericaNew York: A.S. Barnes & Co. (1857)
Williard, Emma (author)
9 The Science of the English Language, A Practical GrammarNew York: A.S. Barnes & Co. (1858). Signed by Miss R. Russell.
Clark, S.W. (author)
9 Science of the English Language. First Lessons in English Grammar. National Series.New York: A.S. Barnes & Burr (1860). Signed by Mahala A. Russell and William Thornton. (Mahala Russell, the sister to Rose Wilson (Russell) attended Corvallis College with Rose in 1866 as a preparatory student.)
Clark, S.W. (author)
9 Discoverers and Pioneers of AmericaNew York: Derby & Jackson (1860). Signed by William Thornton and Wilson.
Parker, H.F. (author)
9 Jenkin's Vest-Pocket LexiconPhiladelphia: J.B. Lippincott Company (1861)
Jenkins, Jabez (author)
9 The Principles of Latin GrammarNew York: Sheldon and Company (1862)
Bullions, Rev. Peter (author)
9 Sanders' New Speller, Definer and AnalyzerNew York: Ivison, Phinney & Company, 1863
Sanders, Charles W. (author)
2 copies; 1 partial
10 The New TestamentNew York: American Bible Society (1866). Signed by Mrs. E.A. Knight.
10 New Elementary Algebra: Embracing the First Principles of ScienceNew York: A.S. Barnes & Co. (1866). Signed by Rosella Russell, Corvallis College, Sept. 10, 1866.
Davies, Charles (author)
Rose Russell, Wilson's mother, attended Corvallis College in 1866 as a preparatory student.*
10 New Rudiments of Arithmetic Combining Mental and Slate ExercisesNew York: Clark & Maynard, Publishers (1872)
Thomson, James B. (author)
10 Pronouncing Handbook of Words Often Mispronounced and of Words as to which a Choice of Pronunciation is AllowedBoston: Lee & Shepard (1873)
Soule, Richard (author)
Loomis J. Campbell (author)
10 Spencerian System of Penmanship, American Educational Series, Book Four, Ivison, BlakemanNew York & Chicago: Taylor Co. (1873). Signed by Wilson.*
Spencer, P.R. (author)
10 The Pacific Coast First ReaderSan Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Company (1874 & 1877 editions). Both signed by Wilson.
Patterson, A.W. (author)
10 Song Evangelinscribed: The Calvary Sabbath School (1875)
10 Independent Fourth ReaderA.S. Barnes & Company (1876). Signed by Wilson.
Watson, J. Madison (author)
10 Beadle's Dime Speaker Series, The Dime Select SpeakerNew York: Beadle and Adams, Publishers, (1877)
10 The Aeneid of Virgil(edited with explanatory notes), Philadelphia: Eldredge & Brother (1877)
Chase, Thomas (ed.) (author)
10 Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and InductiveNew York: MacMillan and Co. (1877). Signed by Alma Knight.
Jevons, W. Stanley (author)
10 Methodical Text Book to Round Writing for Self-Instruction and for Use in Schools(Ninth Edition), New York, NY: Keuffel Esser Co. (1877)
Soennecken, F. (author)
10 The Elements of Political EconomyNew York: Sheldon & Company (1878). Signed by Alma A. Knight.*
Wayland, Francis (author)
10 The First Lines of English GrammarNew York: William Wood & Co. (1879 & 1882 editions; latter signed by Wilson)
Brown, Goold (author)
10 A Latin ReaderNew York: University Publishing (1880).*
Gildersleeve, B.L. (author)
10 A Brief History of the United StatesNew York: A.S. Barnes & Company (1880). Signed by Wilson.
10 Paradise Lost, ca. 1880
John Milton (author)
Front cover missing. Includes discussion and criticism. Signed by Rose J. Wilson.
10 The Normal Elementary ArithmeticPhiladelphia: Sower & Potts & Co. (1881). Signed by Wilson.
Brooks, Edward (author)
10 Illustrated Science for Boys and GirlsBoston: D. Lothrop & Company (1881). Signed by Wilson.
10 The History of Landholding in EnglandNew York: The Humboldt Publishing Company (1882)
Fisher, Joseph (author)
10 HypatiaNew York: John W. Lovell Company (1883)
Kingsley, Rev. Charles (author)
3 Architectural Studies, Twelve Designs for Low-Cost HomesNew York: William T. Comstock (1885)
apx 12x17 in.
3 Architectural Studies, Interior WoodworkNew York: William T. Comstock (1886)
apx 12x17 in.
10 Vathek, An Arabian TaleNew York: John B. Alden, Publisher (1887)
Beckford, William (author)
10 The Pilgrim Handbook on the International Lessons of 1887Boston and Chicago: Congregational Sunday-School and Publishing Society (1887). Signed by Wilson.
Hazard, M.C. (author)
10 The Student's ManualJohn B. Alden, Publisher (1887). Signed by Wilson.
Todd, Rev. John (author)
10 The People's Song and Dance AlbumBoston: Warren Richardson (1887)
10 Chronicles of the Schooenberg-Cotta FamilyNew York: John R. Alden Publisher (1888)
Charles, Elizabeth (author)
10 City of Corvallis CharterPortland, OR: Lincoln-McCord, Co. (1888)
10 Thoughts for a Young ManNew York: John B. Alden, Publisher (1890)
Mann, Horace (author)
10 Old Homestead Songs: A Collection of Standard and Popular Old SongsNew York: Richard A. Saalfield (ca 1892). Signed and dated by Wilson, Portland, Oregon, Jan. 23, 1892.
10 Social EvolutionNew York: MacMillan and Co. (1895). Signed by Rose J. Wilson, Oct. 14 (1895.
Kidd, Benjamin (author)
10 Four-Part Songs for Women's VoicesBoston: Oliver Ditson Company (1896). Signed by Mrs. Lewis J. Wilson.
Perkins, W.O. (author)
10 The Choral Class BookPhiladelphia: Theodore Presser (1898). Signed by Rose J. Wilson.
Leason, L.S. (author)
H.H. McGranahan (author)
10 An Examination of the Scheme for Engrafting the Colonial System of Government upon the United States ConstitutionBoston: George E. Ellis (1900)
Brooks, Francis A. (author)
10 Gems of Song for Eastern Star ChaptersChicago: Lorraine J. Pittkin and Jennie E. Matthews (1900)
10 The Biennial Report of the Board of Trustees of the Agricultural College of Utah for the Years 1905, 1906Salt Lake City: The Deseret News (1907)
10 Proposed New City of Corvallis Charter(1909)
11 Yearbook of the United States Department of Agriculture1912, Washington: Government Printing Office (1913)
11 A Reference Book for Speakers, Win the WarNew York: League to Enforce Peace (ca. 1917)
11 Speech Stuff: Second War Fund DriveWash., D.C.: American Red Cross (1918)
11 Oregon Law ReviewEugene, OR: University of Oregon (December 1924)
11 Normal Written Arithmetic, ca. 1877
Partial book.
11 Book of Alphabets, Designed for the use of Painters, Sign Writers, Draughtsmen, Etc.New York: Excelsior Publishing House.
11 Captain Fremont's Narrative(ca. 1848; partial book)
11 The Temperance Manualthe New York: American Tract Society
Edwards, Rev Justin (author)
11 The Spiritual GardenPhiladelphia: Presbyterian Board of Publication
Hamilton, Burder (author)
M'Cheyne (author)
11 Handbook of Croquet
11 Reasons for Not Embracing the DoctrineNew York: The American Tract Society.
Hawes, Rev. Joel (author)
11 How to Conduct a Debate(partial book)
11 Speaking Instructions(partial book)
11 Lessons in Elementary Physics
Includes a letter, " Don't destroy this paper for on it depends my life, liberty + happiness guaranteed to every American citizen..."
11 One Hundred Choice Selections(partial book)
11 The AlphabetSan Francisco: A.L. Bancroft & Company.
11 Sanders' New Series of Readers, Second Reader, Ivison & Phinney
Sanders, Charles W. (author)
11 Chemical Problems and KeySigned by Wilson.
Thorpe (author)
11 Universal History, About the Different Peoples of the World(partial book)
11 Fife and Drum Folio
Walston, E.C. (author)
11 Watkins, SongbookWinona, MN: The J.R. Watkins Company.

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Subgroup 2:  OSU Work, 1907-1960
Series I: Board of Regents, 1907-1924
Correspondence, 1907-1912
12 1907-1909
2 folders
12 1909-1910
2 folders
12 1911-1912
2 folders
12 Report on the Cooperative Managers Association of Corvallis, Ore. Prepared for the Board of Regents of Oregon Agricultural College, June 1924
Series II: Memorial Union Board of Governors, 1931-1960
12 Annual Program Reports, 1955-58
12 Yearly Financial Report, 1956-1960
12 Monthly Financial Statements, 1954-1960
12 Financial Audits, 1948-1955
12 Board Minutes and agendas, 1931-1960
12 Reports
12 Report of Study of Other Student Union Buildings and Activities as Compiled on Visiting Tour Authorized by Board of Governors at Meeting, March 20, 1948
12 A Look at the Memorial Union Activity Center, 1949-1950
12 Untitled report re: MU history from 1919-1943
12 Correspondence, 1945-1960
12 Budget Materials, 1948-1960
12 Lease, 1959
12 Securities lists, 1954-1960
12 Clippings, MU remodeling, 1955
12 Series III: Reports on the Oregon State College Dept. Of Buildings, 1933

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Subgroup 3:  Local Development Issues, 1863-1939

As an attorney who specialized in land acquisition and disposition, Wilson became involved in many local development issues. Wilson's interest in water usage began when he served as the city's attorney in the dispute between the Corvallis Water Company vs. the City of Corvallis from 1897-1901. Additionally, documents from 1913-1920 indicate he was actively involved in protecting the Mary's Peak watershed, the drainage that supplied the city's water. Wilson served on the Corvallis Water Commission from 1932-1940 and encountered a water shortage in 1938 which led to expansion of the city's reservoirs. The transportation series consists primarily of legal records documenting Wilson's representation of clients in actions involving railroads and other transportation companies.

Series I: Corvallis Water Company vs. the City of Corvallis, 1897-1901
12 Legal briefs, bill of costs, 1897-1899
12 Correspondence, 1899-1901
12 Notes
Series II: Corvallis Watershed Protection, 1913-1920
12 Correspondence with members of Oregon's congressional delegation, 1913-1920
12 Correspondence with U.S. Representative Willis C. Hawley, 1915-1919
12 Correspondence with Merritt C. Griswold, 1916-1917
12 Other correspondence, 1915-1920
12 Statement of W.C. Galloway, 1918
12 Notes, clippings, resolutions, 1916-1920
12 Maps, undated
7 Oversize maps, 1916 and undated
apx 20x24 in.
Series III: Corvallis Water Commission, 1905 & 1932-1939
13 Correspondence, 1932-1939
Reports, 1932-1939
13 City Water Works Report, 1932
13 Audit of City Water Works, 1933 & 1934
13 Municipal Water Works, Corvallis, Oregon: Specifications and Contract Documents for Furnishing Materials and Building Pipe Line and Appurtenances for the Rock Creek Water Supply, 1938
13 General Reports, 1932-1939
13 Corvallis water shortage, 1938, 1939
2 folders
13 Corvallis water rates, 1938-1939
13 Speeches, newspaper articles, notes, 1932-1939
13 Letterhead paper, City Water Works
7 Timber tracts maps, Corvallis watershed land
apx 20x24 in.
Map Case
* Map showing location of source of water supply, storage reservoirs, pipe lines for City of Corvallis and Philomath, undated
Map Case
* Map, watershed land, City Water Works, Corvallis, Ore., undated
Map Case
* Map showing ownership of land in Rock Creek water shed (from water shortage files), undated
Map Case
* General Map and Profile of Municipal Water Works, Corvallis Oregon (from water shortage files), August 1938
Map Case
* Map showing location of pipe line from south fork of Rock Creek to the City of Corvallis, Oregon (from water rates file), November 30, 1905
Series IV: Transportation Issues, 1863-1925
13 Materials pertaining to the Oregon Pacific Railroad; the Oregon & California Railroad; Willamette Valley & Coast Railroad; Coast Land & Livestock Company; Corvallis & Alsea River Railroad; Portland, Eugene & Eastern Railroad, 1884-1925
2 folders
13 Boehringer vs Oregon & California Railroad Company, 1905-1908
13 Yaquina Bay Wagon Road Company, 1863-1879
13 Articles of Incorporation, 1863-1872
13 Stock certificate book, 1871-1879
13 Correspondence, 1865-1875

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Subgroup 4:  Oregon State Game Commission, 1892-1959

E.E. Wilson served on the Oregon State Game Commission from 1935-1949, and was chair of the Commission from 1939 until his separation from the Commission in 1949. The Game Commission was charged with preserving wildlife in the state for hunters and fishers (the Oregon State Fish Commission protected and propagated fish for commercial purposes during these years). It operated fish hatcheries for the artificial propagation of trout and salmon, and game farms for the propagation of game birds. In addition, the group made policy regarding big, medium and small game animals.

His papers provide primary source documents from a variety of perspectives. The Commission's efforts are reflected in the radio broadcasts presented from 1941-1943, in Wilson's speeches and correspondence, and may also be found in Game Commission reports and in the minutes of monthly meetings. He personally researched topics relative to Game Commission issues and left an extensive group of reference material on wildlife practices from the late 19th century through the 1940s. Papers from his service on the Game Commission consist of 10 series:

Series I: Administration, 1929-1961
This series includes Game Commission biennial reports, minutes from monthly meetings, historical information, and the reports of the Legislative Interim Committee, the group that investigated the ability of the Game Commission to deal with the state's game problems in 1948.
Administrative Organization, 1932-1950
13 General Orders on Organization of the Oregon State Game Department
13 Adopted by the Oregon State Game Commission, April 11, 1932
13 Miscellaneous Information about Oregon Game Laws, Commissions, etc., April 14, 1932
13 Game Commission Flow Chart, undated
13 Duties of F.B. Wire, C.A. Lockwood, M.L. Ryckman, H.R. Mangold, undated
13 Notes on Oregon State Game Commission, undated
13 Sketch Outline, Oregon Game Department, undated
13 Outline of Game Commission Operations, undated
13 Oregon State Game Commission, General Policies, 1950
13 Annual Report, Game Division, 1956, 1960
13 Biennial Budget, State of Oregon, 1943-1945
13 Biennial Reports, Game Commission, 1929/30-1935/36, 1939/40-1941/42, 1945/46, 1957/58, draft of 1935/36, draft of ca. 1943
13 Bulletin, Game Commission, 1959-1961
13 Correspondence, 1936-1954
Fisheries & Wildlife Department, Oregon State College, 1940-1946
13 Progress Report of Wildlife Investigations and Services Rendered the Oregon State Game Commission by the Department of Fish and Game Management and Veterinary Medicine, R.S. Besse, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station, 1940
13 Memo on Budget Reductions and Possible Elimination of the Fish and Game Dept. to OSC Pres. F.A. Gilfillian, Frederick M. Hunter, Chancellor, Oregon State System of Higher Education, 1942
13 Report on Cooperative Assignments or Requests Made to Oregon State College, A.V. Myers, Oregon State Game Commission, 1945-1946
13 History of the Game Commission, F.B. Wire, The Oregon Democrat, Vol. VI, No. 12, 1938
13 Honeyman Building Purchase, 1943
13 Legal Documents, 1935-1948
Titles, Leases, Police Reports, Court Summons, Correspondence.
13 Notebook containing clipping, map of hatcheries, game farms and eggtaking stations, general orders on organization, and regulations, 1932 & undated
13 Pocket notebook containing various statistics on hatcheries, fishing, and hunting, 1945-1947
14 Minutes, Game Commission, 1935-1949
11 folders
14 General, 1941-1952
14 Rayner, Dr. H. John, 1942
14 Ryckman, Matt, funeral, 1943
14 Wallace, Lew, 1947
Reports, 1936-1957
3 folders
14 List of Miscellaneous Claims Vouchered and Submitted for Approval in 1938
14 May Payroll, ca. 1941
14 Audit Report, State of Oregon Game Commission, 1943-1944
14 Personnel Directory, Oregon State Game Commission, Regular Employees, March 1957
14 Oregon Farm Labor Service, Office Forms, (undated)
14 License Sales: Ten and Twenty Year Comparison, 1920-1940
14 Comparative Summary - Licenses Sold, 1940-1941
14 Summary of 1944, License Sales by County
14 License Sales by Watershed, 1946
14 Comparative Sales, 1948-1949
14 Analysis of Game License Sales for the Month of March, 1949 and Calendar Year to Date Showing Comparative Sales for the Same Period, 1948
14 Report of Departmental Activities, F.B. Wire, State Game Supervisor, Nov. 5, 1936
14 Monthly Report, C.A. Lockwood, April 1944
14 Monthly Report, Big Game Survey, John W. McKean, April 1944
14 Monthly Report, F.B. Wire, April 1944
14 Report of Receipts, 1939
14 Separation from the Game Commission
14 Correspondence & newspaper articles, 1947-1950
14 Reports, 1947-1949
14 Oregon's Wildlife Program (10 Year Plan adopted in 1931), Oregon State Game Commission, 1947
14 Game Commission Employees, 1947
14 Recommendations to Interim Committee for Investigation of Oregon State Game Commission, Benton County Wildlife Association, 1948
14 Report on the Study of the Oregon Game Commission to the Oregon Legislative Interim Committee, Ira N. Gabrielson, Wildlife Management Institute, ca. 1948
14 House Bill No. 217, Committee on Game, 1949
Map Case
* Map, Comprehensive Plan for the Development of the Columbia River Basin, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (includes attached note from Oswald West), 1948
Series II: Fisheries, 1929-1949
As increasing numbers of people emigrated to the state and fisheries declined, the propagation of trout and salmon became major projects for the Commission. This series includes files on the Commission's attempts to secure Eel Lake as a brood lake for coastal streams, the lake and stream survey detailing Oregon's inland water resources, records on the Rogue River Coordination Board and the effects of placer mining on fisheries, and reports on the Willamette Valley Project which promoted high dams and increased numbers of fish hatcheries on the tributaries of the Willamette River.
14 Correspondence, 1935-1947
14 Eel Lake, 1929-1947:
14 Correspondence, Mary Noble land, Russ Dunham land, Hugh Barclay, 1938-1941, 1947
14 Correspondence & legal documents, Dunham land acquisition, 1939-1940
14 Legal documents, including appraisal notes, 1929-1940
7 Maps, undated
apx 20x24 in.
14 Fish Hatchery Allegations, 1939
14 Hatcherymen's Short Course, 1937, 1941, 1946
Lake and Stream Survey, 1939-1942
14 Notes on the Natural Spawning of Cutthroat Trout in Oregon, Frederick K. Cramer, Oregon State College, 1939
14 General Work Plan for Stream and Lake Surveys Coordinated with Liberations, C.A. Lockwood, (undated)
14 A Biological Investigation of the Forty Lakes of the Upper Deschutes River Watershed in Oregon, Hugh Ross Newcomb, Oregon State Game Commission, 1940
14 A Program for Scientific Investigation of the Waters of Oregon, Hugh Ross Newcomb, Field Leader, Lake Survey Unit, Oregon State Game Commission, 1940
14 1940 Catch Record, R.C. Holloway, Assistant Biologist, 1940
14 Clackamas River Cooperative Fisheries Management Study, C.A. Lockwood, Oregon State Game Commission, 1940
14 First Annual Progress Report, Clackamas River Study, Reed S. Neilson, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Charles J. Campbell, Oregon State Game Commission, 1941
14 Stocking Recommendations for Forty Lakes in the Deschutes National Forest, Hugh Ross Newcomb, Oregon State Game Commission, 1941
14 A Preliminary Report of Investigation on the Rogue River and Tributaries, 1941, Hugh Ross Newcomb, Oregon State Game Commission, 1942
14 Progress Reports, June 1941
14 A Reconnaissance Survey of Oregon Coastal Streams, F.H. Sumner, Oregon State Game Commission, 1942
Reports, General, 1939-1949
14 Report on Fish Hatcheries, Fred Foster, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1939
14 Report on Fish Hatcheries, Dr. H.J. Davis, 1940 Fisheries Problems of the Rogue River with Suggestions for Future Investigations, H.S. Davis and P.R. Needham, 1940
14 Discussion with Dr. H.S. Davis and Dr. Paul Needham, 1940
14 Remarks by Fred J. Foster, 1940
14 Inspection of Fish Lake, Oregon, Reed S. Nielson and Charles A. Lockwood, 1942
14 Investigations at Cliff and Buckeye Lakes, R.C. Holloway and H.R. Newcomb, 1942
14 Summary of Work Plan, Fisheries Division, Paul Needham, 1947
14 1948 Fish Liberations by Watershed, 1949
14 Reports, Dr. Francis Griffiths, 1937-1942
14 Oregonian article, 1942
14 Description of Watersheds
14 General Notes and Other Recommendations
14 A Summary of the Relationships which Exist Between the State Game Commission and the Oregon State College with Respect to Work in Fisheries
14 A Proposal to Summarize and Systematize the Data Available on Oregon Lakes in Order to Facilitate the Allocation of Fish and the Proper Planting and Management of These Lakes
14 A Plan for the Establishment of Regional Biologist in Game Fisheries for the State of Oregon
14 Instructions for Treating Eggs to Prevent the Possibility of Disease Transfer
14 State of New York, Conservation Department, Albany, NY
14 Measuring Fish for Planting
14 A Comparative Study of Oregon Coastal Lakes from a Fishery Management Standpoint
14 Measurement of Fish for Liberation by Weighing, (undated)
14 Report of Preliminary Feeding Trial at Alsea Hatchery, 1937
14 A Proposal to Summarize and Systematize the Data Available on Oregon Lakes in Order to Facilitate the Allocation of Fish and the Proper Planting and Management of These Lakes: Report on Ten Mile Lake
14 Scale Study Report, by Donald R. Johnson, 1939
14 Molalla River Recommendations, 1939
14 The New York State Fish Hatchery Feeding Chart
14 A Summary of the Relationships which Exist Between the State Game Commission and the Oregon State College with Respect to Work in Fisheries
14 Report on Scientific Investigations of Conditions at Fall River, Rock Creek, Necanicum, Cedar Creek, Bandon, McKenzie, Willamette hatcheries and Round Lake, 1937
14 Letter from Arthur S. Einarsen, Associate Biologist, Bureau of Biological Survey, 1939
14 Letter from T.D. Schrunk, 1939
14 Considerations Affecting the Introduction and Distribution of Non-Native Fish in Oregon
14 Principal Fish Providing Sport Fishing in Oregon
14 Letter from Edwin T. Reed, Oregon State System of Higher Education, 1940
14 Reports, Monthly, Matt L. Ryckman, Superintendent, Bureau of Fisheries, 1940
14 Reports, Monthly, Dr. Paul Needham, Director of Fisheries, 1946-1948
Rogue River Coordination Board, 1939-1941:
15 Correspondence, 1939-1941
15 Turbidities of the Samples Taken by the Coordination Board, Earl K. Nixon, State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, April 1939
15 Rate of Settling of Muddy Water, Earl K. Nixon, May 1939
15 Turbidity Readings, L.A. Stanley, May 1939
15 Report on Examination of Rogue River and Tributaries, August 5-8, 1939, Francis P. Griffiths, Oregon State Game Commission, August 1939, 1939
15 Rogue River Water, Muddy, Oregon State Police, May 1940
15 Turbidity Readings, May 1940
15 Fisheries Problems of the Rogue River with Suggestions for Further Investigations, H.S. Davis and P.R. Needham, July 1940
15 Minutes, 1939-1941
15 Resolutions and notes, 1939-1940
West Coast Federal Fisheries Research Lab, 1940-1943:
15 Senate Bill 1644
15 Correspondence
15 Newspaper Articles
Willamette Valley Project
15 Correspondence, 1945-1951
Reports, 1947-1949:
15 List of Dams Proposed under the Willamette Valley Project and Weight and Number of Trout to be Reared at two Hatcheries and Planted in Connection with Each, Paul R. Needham, Oregon State Game Commission, 1947
15 Report on 1946 Coordination Act, Clarence Cottam, Fish and Wildlife Service, 1947
15 Report on Colonel Walsh Speech, Paul R. Needham, Oregon State Game Commission, 1948
15 Response to Report of the Oregon State Fish and Game Commissions on Review of Survey Report, Willamette River and Tributaries, Oregon, O.E. Walsh, Corps of Engineers, 1948
15 Some Comments on the Detroit and Meridian Dams Report, E.E. Wilson, Chair, Oregon State Game Commission, (draft), undated
15 Letter to Colonel O. C. Walsh, U.S. Corp of Engineers, subject-Report and Recommendations with Reference to the Willamette River Project Involving the Construction of Dams on the Willamette River and Tributaries, E.E. Wilson, Chair, Oregon State Game Commission, undated
15 A Report on Fish and Wildlife Resources in Relation to the Water Development Program of the Willamette River Basin, Oregon, Dr. Frederic F. Fish and Ralph Imler, Fish and Wildlife, Department of the Interior (draft), 1948
Series III: Game Birds, 1936-1954
Loss of habitat, pollution and other human perturbations challenged Oregon's bird populations as well as fish populations. The Game Commission ran farms to support artificial and natural propagation programs to supply game birds for hunters. This series documents the establishment of a game farm on Camp Adair, a former World War II training camp (which has been dedicated to and named after Wilson), documentation of the Sauvies Island project, history of the introduction of the Ring-Necked China Pheasant, and two book manuscripts by 'Gene Simpson, the Game Commission's first Superintendent of Game Farms.
Camp Adair, 1942-1954
15 Correspondence
15 Wilson Dedication
15 Newspaper Articles
15 Senate Bills
15 Legal Documents
Map Case
* Ownership map of Camp Adair, U.S. War Dept., February 1942
15 Pheasants, correspondence, 1936-1947
Pheasant Reports, 1936-1947
15 Eliza Island Project, Other
(History) Introduction of the China Pheasant, Oregon State G Commission, undated
15 What the Oregon Game Farms are Doing, 'Gene M. Simpson, Superintendent of Game Farms, Oregon State Game Commission, 1936
15 Directions for Raising Chinese Pheasants by 4-H Club Members, 'Gene M. Simpson, Oregon State Game Commission, 1936
15 Brooding Incubator Pheasants, (chapter from Game Birds), 'Gene M. Simpson, Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners Conference, Denver, Colorado, 1937
15 Suggestions for Ring-Necked Pheasant Management for 1940 in the Willamette Valley, Arthur S. Einarsen, Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1940
15 Malheur County Pheasant Inventories, 1943-1944, Arthur S. Einarsen, Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Pheasant Statistics, Oregon State Game Commission, 1946-1947
2 folders
15 1946 Pheasant Allocation, 1944-1946
15 Field-Rearing of Ring-necked Pheasants on Refuge Areas; A Practical Procedure, Arthur S. Einarsen, Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1947
15 A Sketch Outline of the Research Problem at Eliza Island, Washington, Arthur S. Einarsen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1947
15 Summary of the Eliza Island Pheasant Study, Robert F. Scott, 1947
15 Pheasant Liberations, (undated)
15 Sauvies Island Waterfowl Area report, William B. Morse, Senior Biologist, ca. 1946
Map Case
* Maps
15 Simpson, Gene M., manuscripts on game birds and State Game Farms, undated
Series IV: Big Game, 1939-1945
Documents from this series illustrate the conflicts between deer and elk hunters contrasted with the interests of ranchers who herd cattle and sheep in Eastern Oregon. The Game Commission became involved in the long standing conflict during World War II by attempting to mitigate issues of grazing interests, forest service practices and hunting regulations.
Murderers Creek-grazing issues, 1939-1945
15 Correspondence, 1939-1945
15 Report of Grant County Antlerless Deer - 1939 Season
15 Eastern Oregon Elk Hunt - 1939 Season, A.V. Myers, Oregon State Game Commission, 1940
15 1940 Elk and Deer Population Survey, Ukiah District and Areas Immediately Adjacent, A.V. Myers, Oregon State Game Commission, Harold Dobyns, U.S. Biological Survey, Carl Ewing, Umatilla National Forest, 194
15 Transcript of Testimony...Relative to the Effect of the 1939 Antlerless Deer Season in Grant County, Oregon State Game Commission, 1940
15 Forest Service Statement of Modoc-Fremont Rocky Mountain Mule Deer Problem, L.H. Douglas, U.S. Forest Service, 1940
15 Report on Grazing Conditions in Umatilla Forest, Arthur S. Einarsen, Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1940
15 Range Management Includes Big Game, G.D. Pickford, Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station, 1943
15 Winter Range Conditions Affecting Deer in the Ochoco National Forest and Adjacent Areas, Arthur S. Einarsen, 1942
15 Annual Wildlife Report, Region Six, 1943, L.H. Douglas, Assistant Regional Forester, 1944
15 Annual Wildlife Report, Region Six, 1944, L.H. Douglas, Assistant Regional Forester, 1945
15 Some Federal Functions in Wildlife and Forest Management, Lyle F. Watts, U.S. Forest Service, 1944
15 Big Game on National Forests, L.H. Douglas, Oregon Wildlife Federation, undated
15 Progress Report of the Committee on Administration of Big Game, James O. Beck and A.B. Hatch, undated
Series V: Radio Broadcasts, 1940-1944
Starting in 1941 the Game Commission produced 15 minute radio spots broadcast bi-monthly over KOAC, the local public broadcasting radio station. These spots utilized members of the Game Commission and the staff as spokespeople who highlighted projects and issues the Commission addressed. The spots continued until 1944 when the Commission suspended the broadcasts due to a lack of materials and personnel that had been devoted to the war effort.
15 Radio Broadcasts, Preliminary Proposal, 1941
Radio Scripts, 1940-1943
3 folders
15 " Introduction of Game Commission Broadcasts" , E.E. Wilson, Frank Wire, James Olson, Nov. 20, 1940
15 " Game Commission Goals" , E.E. Wilson, Jan. 1, 1941
15 " Trout Liberation" , Charles Lockwood, Jan 10, 1941
15 " The Sportsmen of Tomorrow" , Merrill Rose, Game Commission member, Feb. 5, 1941
15 " Stream and Lake Survey" , Charles Lockwood, Feb.19, 1941
15 " Pittman-Robertson Projects" , Ralph Rittenour, Director, Pittman-Robertson projects in Oregon, March 5, 1941
15 " Conservation, A New Trend in Our Daily Lives" , Arthur S. Einarsen, Leader of Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, member of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, March 19, 1941
15 " Oregon Game Commission's Educational Program" , James D. Olson, Director of Information, Oregon Game Commission, April 2, 1941
15 " Fishing in Oregon in 1941" , Frank Wire, State Game Supervisor, April 16, 1941
15 " Cooperation of Sportsmen with the State Game Commission" , Merrill Rose, Game Commission member, May 7, 1941
15 " Game Law Enforcement" , Captain Charles McClees, Oregon State Police, May 21, 1941
15 " Fish Liberation" , James D. Olson, Director of Information, June 4, 1941
15 " 4-H Club Summer School Broadcast" , E.E. Wilson, Chair Game Commission; H.C. Seymour, State 4-H Club Leader; Wayne Harding, Marion County Club Agent; E.A. Britton , Dougla s County Club Agent, June 18, 1941
15 " 1941 Hunting Regulations" , Frank Wire, State Game Supervisor, July 2, 1941
15 " Unusual Discoveries Made by Game Commission Field Men" , Ralph Rittenour, Aug. 6, 1941
15 " Diseases of Game Fish" , Dr. Francis Griffiths, Oct. 15, 1941
15 " Care of Sick Fish" , Dr. Francis Griffiths, Nov. 5, 1941
15 " 40 Years of Fish Hatchery Experience in Oregon" , Matt Ryckman, Nov. 19, 1941
15 " Refuges for Upland Game Birds in Western Oregon" , Irving Hazeltine, Field Leader, Oregon State Game Commission, Feb. 18, 1942
15 " Upland Bird Game Management and Studies in Western Oregon" , Irving Hazeltine, March 18, 1942
15 " Big Game Surveys in Oregon" , Irving Hazeltine, April 1, 1942
15 " 1942 Angling Regulations" , Frank Wire, State Game Supervisor, April 15, 1942
15 " Fish Hatchery Operations, No. 1" (no speaker listed), May 6, 1942
15 " Browse Plants; Their Importance on Eastern Oregon Winter Ranges" , Irving Hazeltine, May 6, 1942
15 " Fish Hatchery Operations, No. 2" (no speaker listed), May 20, 1942
15 " Fish Hatchery Practices" , E.E. Wilson, May 20, 1942
15 " Fish Hatchery Practices" , E.E. Wilson, June 3, 1942
15 " 1942 Hunting Regulations" , Frank Wire, July 1, 1942
15 " Fish Allocation" , Charles Lockwood, Assistant Game Supervisor, July 15, 1942
15 " Upland Bird Studies in Eastern Oregon" , Irving Hazeltine, Sept. 6, 1942
15 " Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits" , CharlesLockwood, Sept. 16, 1942
15 " Oregon Elk Herds" , A.V. Meyers, Oct. 7, 1942
15 " Oregon's Fisheries Resources as seen by a Newcomer" , H.J. Rayner, Chief Aquatic Biologist, Oregon Game Commission, Oct. 21, 1942
15 " Waterfowl Surveys and Management in Oregon" , Irving B. Hazeltine, Nov. 18, 1942
15 " This Year's Work in Fisheries" , Charles Lockwood, Dec. 2, 1942
15 " Resume of Game Activities for 1942" , Charles Lockwood, Dec. 16, 1942
15 " Some Natural Enemies of Upland Game Birds" , Irving B. Hazeltine, Jan. 6, 1943
15 " How the War is Affecting the Game Commission's Program" , C.J. Campbell, Jan. 20, 1943
15 " 1943 Angling Regulations" , Frank B. Wire, Feb. 3, 1943
15 " A Design for Fishing" , H.J. Rayner, Feb. 19, 1943
15 " Results of Investigations on Artificially Propagated Pheasants Released for Study Programs" , Irving B. Hazeltine, March 3, 1943
15 " 1943 Hunting Regulations" , P.W. Schneider, June 16, 1943
15 " 1943 Hunting Season in Oregon" , Charles Lockwood, Dec. 1, 1943
15 Correspondence, Game Commission suspends radio broadcasts until the war is over, Jan. 18, 1944
Broadcasts not aired
15 " Lake and Stream Surveys" , Charles Lockwood
15 " Fish Allocation" , Charles Lockwood
15 " Western Oregon Pheasant Liberations" , John McKean
15 " Introduction of Exotic Game Birds in Oregon" , John McKean
15 " Suggestions for Prevention of Crop Damage by Wildlife" , Arthur S. Einarsen, U.S. Fish and Wildlife
15 " The Table Use of Game" , Arthur S. Einarsen
15 " Bait Fishing in Oregon" , H.J. Rayner
15 " Beaver Management in Oregon" , Frank B. Wire
Series VI: Speeches, 1937-1948 & undated
4 folders
Over 20 speeches, mostly given by Wilson from 1937-1948, that address topics such as " Science and the Commission" to the " Post-War Program of the Game Commission" , are included in this series. He addressed local groups, like the Eugene Chamber of Commerce, as well as made formal presentations at conferences such as the Western Association of Fish and Game Commissioners.
15 Subject-raising of pheasants and fish, Salem Rotary, Nov. 17, 1937
15 Talk to hatcherymen, Oregon Game Commission's Fish Hatcherymen's Workshop, Dec. 6, 1937
15 " The Objective of the Oregon Game Farms - Quality not Quantity" , Western Association of Game Commissioners (Wilson did not attend; speech sent to be read), Aug. 29, 1938
15 Program of the Oregon Game Commission Oregon Wildlife Conference, Fourth Annual Meeting, Dec. 8, 9, 1939
15 Subject- Science and the Oregon Game Commission, Izaak Walton League, Jan. 19, 1940
15 Subject- fish propagation: artificial vs. natural, Izaak Walton League, Coos County, April 5, 1940
15 Subject-the Game Commission as a commercial enterprise, East Side Commercial Club, May 22, 1940
15 Subject-the Alsea Hatchery and fish culture, Science Club at Alsea Hatchery, May 25, 1940
15 Subject- the importance of the abstract of titles, Rotarians, Sept., 1940
15 Talk to hatcherymen, Oregon Game Commission's Fish Hatcherymen's Workshop, Dec., 1940
15 Subject-pheasant and fish propagation, Salem Hunters & Anglers ("not followed" - note from Wilson on manuscript), Jan 9, 1941
15 " All Farms Are Private Game Preserves" , Salt Lake, UT, June 6, 1941
15 Talk to hatcherymen, Oregon Game Commission's Fish Hatcherymen's Workshop, Dec. 3, 1941
15 Subject-hunting on farms/private property, Klamath Falls Rotary, June 30, 1942
15 Subject- Game Commission presentation: use of surplus funds to emphasize natural over artificial fish Propagation, 1942
15 " Pheasant Decline" , Izaak Walton League, 1946
15 Subject-defense of the Game Commission's methods, Izaak Walton League, Bend, Oregon, June 21, 1946
15 " Post-War Program of Game Commission" , Izaak Walton League, Sept. 20, 1946
15 " Oregon's Fish and Game: What are the Problems?" , Eugene Chamber of Commerce, June 1, 1948
15 " Need of Scientific Research in Fish Culture in Oregon" , ca. 1945
15 Subject-Improving the Game Commission's Fish Hatcheriesca. Oregon Game Commission's Fish Hatcherymen's Workshop, ca. 1940
15 Subject-damage by big game, Baker Grange, ca. 1941
15 Subject-China pheasants
15 Subject-meeting with Washington Game Commission
15 Subject-cold storage for fish food, ca. 1936
15 Subject-pheasants
15 Subject-role of the Game Commission, ca. 1937
15 Subject-work of the Game Commission
15 Subject-wildlife and farm life
15 Notes and partial speeches, 1941 & undated
Series VII: Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1935-1959
The Game Commission was one of four groups that contributed to the establishment of the Unit in 1935 to address practical field problems and basic research in game management. This series documents the Unit's planning and implementation, and includes various quarterly reports from 1940-1959.
Reports, 1935-1945
15 Oregon Research Unit: Plans, 1935
15 A Resume and Evaluation of its History, Organization and Accomplishments, Arthur S. Einarsen, Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit, 1945
15 Quarterly Reports, 1940-1944
16 Quarterly Reports, 1945-1959
2 folders
Series VIII: Conferences, 1936-1950
The annual meetings of the Oregon Wildlife Conference and the Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners are documented with this series, as well as various other meetings Game Commission staff attended. Programs and some proceedings are included from 1936-1949.The Oregon Wildlife Conference was held yearly on the Oregon State College campus.
16 Oregon Wildlife Federation, programs, correspondence, proceedings (held annually in Corvallis at Oregon State College), 1936-1949
16 Izaak Walton League, 1941 & 1947-1948
16 American Wildlife Institute, 1937-1950
16 Others, 1941-1942
Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners, 1939-1949:
16 Programs, 1940-1949
16 Resolutions, 1941-1942
16 Correspondence, 1939 & 1943
16 " The Game Specialist and the Public" , speech by George Aiken, 1940
Series IX: Issues and Activities, 1936-1950
This series includes documentation regarding the Game Commission's participation with the federal Pittman-Robertson wildlife restoration projects in Oregon from 1939-1947, the Kueny Land donation which involved a 28,600 acre private land grant in SE Oregon, and the Post-War Readjustment Program.
16 Kueny Land Donation
16 Correspondence, 1948-1950
16 Notes, clippings, resolution, drafts of correspondence, 1950 and undated
Map Case
* Section map, ca. 1950
16 Pittman-Robertson Wildlife Restoration Projects, General, 1939-1947:
16 Information on Approved Federal Aid Projects in Other States, 1939
16 Pittman-Robertson Projects in Oregon, Ralph C. Rittenour, State Director of Projects, ca. 1942
Summer Lake Project, 1941-1947
16 Correspondence, 1941-1947
16 Preliminary project statement, 1946
Map Case
* Maps, 1941 & undated
Post War Readjustment, 1943-1946
16 Correspondence, 1943
16 Reports
16 Oregon State Game Commission Post War Program, 1946
16 Progress Report of Survey of Wildlife Resources in Oregon, 1946
16 The Sportsmen's Guide for Preparing Plans (Prospectuses) for Post-War Public Works Projects in Fish and Wildlife Restoration for Oregon, Frank Wire, Oregon State Game Commission, (undated)
16 Post War Lake and Stream Survey, (undated)
Sanitary Stream Survey, ca. 1943-1945:
16 Correspondence, 1944-1945
16 Resolution for Postwar Development, ca. 1943
16 Proposed Outline: Stream Pollution Studies in Oregon, 1944
16 Stream pollution studies - 1944, Fred Merryfield, Oregon State College, 1945
16 Regulations-Hunting/Fishing, correspondence, newspaper articles, 1936-1947
Series X: Reference Materials, 1892-1947
Wilson collected professional articles and books, as well as conservation magazines from different states to educate himself on the science of wildlife management from the late nineteenth century to the 1940s. This material covers game fish, birds and animals, and includes some classic works like David Starr Jordan's, " Salmon and Trout of the Pacific Coast" .
Game Birds
16 " The Flight of Woodcocks" The Pennsylvania Game News, Vol. 13, No. 12, March 1943
Bennett, Logan J. (author)
P.F. English (author)
16 " The Liberation of Pheasants in Relation to Reports of Pheasants Killed in Connecticut" Game Management Circular No. 5, ca. 1936
Connecticut State Board of Fisheries and Game Management (author)
16 " Sex and Age Determination of Wild Turkeys" The Pennsylvania Game News, Vol XIV, No. 8, November 1943.
Keiser, Leon P. (author)
Edward L. Kozicky (author)
16 " Food Habits of Foxes in Wild Turkey Territory" The Pennsylvania Game News, Vol. 14, No. 4, July 1943.
Kozicky, Edward L. (author)
16 " Artificial Propagation of Pheasants, Progress Report" Agriculture Experiment Station Circular No. 102, Oregon State College, August 1934.
Lunn, A.G. (author)
16 " What Grouse Eat During the Winter Season" The Pennsylvania Game News, Vol. 13, No. 11, February 1943.
Merritts, Helen V. (author)
16 " The Relation of Science to the Conservation and Increase of National Wild Life Outlined" Radio address given over the NBC-WJZ network during the National Farm and Home Hour, New York, NY, 1936.
Osborne, Lithgow, New York State Conservation Commissioner (author)
16 " Where Did the Turkey Go?" The Pennsylvania Game News, Vol. 13, No. 9, December 1942.
Smith, Orrie (author)
Edward L. Kozicky (author)
16 " Dry Skim Milk In Ring-Necked Pheasant Chick Rations" GAME Breeder & Sportsman, Vol. 46, No. 6, Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station, June 1941
Stadelman, W.J. (author)
R.R. Murphy (author)
E.W. Callenbach (author)
R.V. Boucher (author)
16 " Satisfactory War- Time Rations for Pheasant Chicks" The Journal of Wildlife Management, Vol. 8, No. 1, January 1944.
Stadelman, W.J. (author)
R.R. Murphy (author)
E.W. Callenbach (author)
R.V. Boucher (author)
7 folders
16 Pacific Salmon FisheriesDepartment of Commerce, Bureau of Fisheries Document No. 839, 1917.
Cobb, John N. (author)
16 Care and Diseases of TroutU.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Fisheries, Investigational Report No. 22, Volume 1, 1934.
Davis, H.S. (author)
16 Care and Diseases of TroutUnited States Department of the Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Research Report No. 12, (revised), 1946.
Davis, H.S. (author)
16 " A Comparison of the Value of Certain Fish Foods" undated.
Donaldson, Lauren R., University of Washington (author)
Fred J. Foster, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (author)
16 Stocking Interior Waters of the United StatesU.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Fisheries, Fishery Circular No. 8, 1931.
Fearnow, E.C. (author)
M.C. James (author)
16 " Common Fishes of the Waters of Oregon" undated
Gill, John (author)
2 copies
16 " A Comparative Study of Oregon Coastal Lakes from a Fish-Management Standpoint" Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station Technical Paper No. 316, ca. 1940.
Griffiths, Francis P. (author)
Elden D. Yoeman (author)
16 " Salmon of the Pacific Coast" copy of the original 1893 manuscript typed by Louise Lewis, Secretary, Fisheries Department, 1947.
Hume, R.D. (author)
16 Salmon and Trout of the Pacific CoastBoard of Fish Commissioners, State of California, Sacramento, CA, 1892. (2 copies, signed and dated by Wilson)
Jordan, David Starr (author)
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2 copies
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Periodicals, 1937-1948
4 folders
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2 copies
Includes Wilson's article, " The Objective on the Oregon Game Farms Quality, Not Quantity" Spring Issue, Baltimore, MD., 1947.
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16 The Saturday Evening Post(partial), November 11, 1944

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Subgroup 5:  Business/Real Estate Records
18 19 Series I: Title Abstracts, Benton County Abstract Company and other companies, 1904-1925
19 Series II: Plat Maps of Benton County Towns and City Additions, undated
19 Series III: Financial Statements, Benton County Abstract Company, 1939-1946
20 Series IV: Abstract and Deed Correspondence, ca. 1901-1903
21-27 Series V: Mortgage Additions (title correspondence and search information arranged city addition or county township)

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Subgroup 6:  Legal Records



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  • Personal Names :
  • Wilson, Lewis Fenton, 1836-1927.
  • Wilson, Rose, 1850-1938.
  • Corporate Names :
  • Benton County Abstract Company (Or.)
  • Corvallis (Or.). Water Commission.
  • Oregon Agricultural College. Board of Regents.
  • Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit.
  • Oregon State College. Dept. of Fisheries & Wildlife.
  • Oregon State University. Memorial Union. Board of Governors.
  • Oregon Wildlife Federation.
  • Oregon. State Game Commission.
  • Western Association of State Game and Fish Commissioners (U.S.)
  • Willamette Valley Project.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Corvallis (Or.)--Charters.
  • Corvallis (Or.)--Commerce.
  • Corvallis (Or.)--Maps.
  • Willamette River Valley (Or.)
  • Subject Terms :
  • Elk--Oregon.
  • Fish hatcheries--Oregon.
  • Fishery management--Oregon.
  • Game and game-birds--Oregon.
  • Pheasants--Oregon.
  • Railroads--Oregon.
  • Watershed management--Oregon--Marys Peak.
  • Water-supply--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Wildlife conservation--Oregon.
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Plats.
  • Scrapbooks.
  • Subject Terms :
  • Fisheries and Wildlife

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