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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Parker, Jamieson, 1895-1939
Title: Jamieson Parker papers
Dates: 1908-1977 ( inclusive )
1924-1939 ( bulk )
Quantity: 50 cubic feet (5 document cases, 1 oversize folder, 153 sets of architectural plans)
Collection Number: Mss 3000
Summary: Correspondence, specifications, and architectural plans from the office of Jamieson Parker, architect of Portland, Oregon. The collection consists primarily of specifications for residential projects and correspondence with clients, including the First Unitarian Church of Portland. A large collection of architectural plans is also included.
Repository: Oregon Historical Society
Research Library

1200 SW Park Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97205
Phone: 503-306-5240
Fax: 503-219-2040

Languages: Materials in the collection are inEnglish 

Biographical Note

Architect Jamieson Kirkwood Parker was born in Portland, Oregon, in 1895. He was educated at the Portland Academy and at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received a degree in architecture in 1912. He worked in the office of Portland architect A. E. Doyle and later with New York City architect H. Van Buren Magonigle. After serving in World War I he returned to Portland, where he worked again for Doyle and later for Folger Johnson. Starting his own practice in 1921, Parker came to be known for his residential and church architecture. Among his most notable projects were the First Unitarian Church (1924) and St. Mark's Episcopal Church (1925), both in Portland.

With the onset of the Great Depression in the early 1930s, Parker's practice dwindled. In 1934 he served as the regional director of the Historic American Building Survey, and after the program's elmination he took the post of State Director of the Federal Housing Administraion in 1935. He died in 1939 after a period of ill health. He was survived by his wife, Margaret Biddle Parker, whom he had married in 1923, and by three children.

Content Description

The Jamieson Parker papers consist of correspondene, specifications, and architectural plans. The correspondence is primarily with clients, vendors, and contractors. Of particular interest are the files on Portland's First Unitarian Church (1923-1925), the Portland Art Association (later the Portland Art Museum), and on the D. O. Williams store in Klamath Falls, Oregon (1926). Also included is correspondence regarding the Oregon State Planning Council (filed under "Public works"), the Historic American Building Survey (1933-1934) and the preservation of Portland's Pioneer Court House. Architectural drawings cover the entire range of Parker's projects, including residential and commercial structures.

Other Descriptive Information

Office records were separated from Mss 1525

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

The collection is open to the public.

Restrictions on Use :  

The Oregon Historical Society is the owner of the materials in the Research Library and makes available reproductions for research, publication, and other uses. Written permission must be obtained from the Research Library prior to any use of reproductions. The Society does not necessarily hold copyright to all the materials in the collections. In some cases, permission for use of reproductions may require seeking additional authorization from the copyright holders.

Preferred Citation :  

Jamieson Parker Papers, Mss 3000, Oregon Historical Society Research Library

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The collection is arranged in the following series:

  • Series A: Specifications and other project files
  • Series B: General files
  • Series C: Architectural plans

Acquisition Information :  

Acquired 1973-1974, Library Accessions 12450 and 12946.

Bibliography :  

    Richard Ellison Ritz, Architects of Oregon : a biographical dictionary of architects deceased -- 19th and 20th centuries (Portland, Or. : Lair Hill Publishing, 2002), 307-308.

Additional Reference Guides :  

An index to all architectural plans is available in the Manuscript Card Catalog, Oregon Historical Society Research Library.

Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection.

Series A:  Specifications and other project files, 1923-1931, undated

All files contain specifications unless otherwise noted. Most files correspond to sets of architectural plans in Series C.

1/1 Anderson, W. H., residence, Portland, undated
1/2 Andrus, Lester, residence, Lake Oswego (Or.), undated
1/3 Aragon, R. F., residence, Eastmorland (Portland), undated
1/4 Beach, V. D., residence, Portland, undated
1/5 Bisaillow, Marr, residence, St. Francis Hill (Portland), undated
1/6 Black, George, residence, Portland, undated
1/7 Britts, W. H., residence, Portland, undated
1/8 Coan, Ralph A., residence, Forest Hills, undated
1/9 Cross, Curtis B., residence, Salem (Or.), undated
1/10 Episcopal rectory, Toldedo (Or.), undated
1/11 Failing, E. J., residence, Portland, undated
1/12 First Presbyterian Church, Phoenix (Or.)--Specifications, undated
1/13 First Presbyterian Church, Phoenix (Or.)--Correspondence, 1926-1928
1/14 First Unitarian Church, Portland--Specifications, 1923
1/15-1/16 First Unitarian Church, Portland--Correspondence, 1923-1925
1/17 Flanders, Misses, residence, Portland, undated
1/18 Frohman, A. S., residence, Riverwood (Or.), undated
1/19 Fry, Daniel J., Jr., residence, Salem (Or.), undated
1/20 Gile, Misses, residence, Portland, undated
1/21 Fillison, James, residence, Waverly Heights, Portland, undated
1/22 Glisan, R. L., residence, Portland, undated
1/23 Greenwood, Frederick, residence, Portland, undated
1/24 Gregory, L. H., residence, Eastmorland, Portland, undated
2/1 Hamilton, L. M., residence, Arleta Park (Portland), undated
2/2 Hanley, Frank C., residence, Westover Terraces (Portland), undated
2/3 Haseltine, William W., residence, Portland, undated
2/4 Hayes, Edmund, residence, Portland, undated
2/5 Heitkemper, Frank, store fixtures--Specifications, undated
2/6 Kingsley, E. D., residence, Portland, undated
2/7 Kummel, J. F., residence, Portland, undated
2/8 Ladd School basement for Portland Art Association, undated
2/9 Linthicum, S. B., Mrs., residence, Portland, undated
2/10 Markewitz, Milton, residence, Portland, undated
2/11 McGraw, Don, residence, Abernethy Heights (Portland), undated
2/12 Mears, S.M., residence, Portland, undated
2/13 Mersereu, R. W., residence, Portland, undated
2/14 Mills, Lewis H., residence, Portland, undated
2/15 Montague, John R., residence, Portland, undated
2/16 Moore, Robert L., residence, Walla Walla (Wash.), undated
2/17 Moores, Chester A., residence, The Highlands, undated
See also Architectural Plans series below.
2/18 Moores, Chester A., residence, Eastmorland (Portland), undated
2/19 Morden, Whitney, residence, Portland, undated
2/20 Mowrey, Dent, residence, Portland, undated
2/21 Nelson, Carl E., residence, Portland, undated
2/22 Nichols, Mrs. E. P., residence, Portland, undated
2/23 Piper, Edgard E., residence, Eastmorland (Portland), undated
2/24 Pooley, E. F., residence, Victoria, B.C.--Specifications, undated
2/25-2/26 Pooley, E. G., residence, Victoria, B.C.--correspondence, 1927-1929
2/27 Pooley, E. R., residence, Hood River Valley (Or.), undated
3/1-3/2 Portland Art Association (future Portland Art Museum)--Correspondence, 1930-1931
3/3 Richardson, John Y., residence, Portland, undated
3/4 Roberts, H. A., residence, Oak Grove (Or.), undated
3/5 Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Portland, undated
3/6 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church, Oregon City (Or.), undated
3/7 Schram, C. A., residence, Eastmorland, Portland, undated
3/8 Seaman, Emily, residence, Portland, undated
3/9 Seeley, Boudinot, residence, Portland, undated
3/10 Schoemaker, Carl D., residence, Eastmorland, Portland, undated
3/11 Shuler, J. W., residence, Portland, undated
3/12 Spaulding Building, Portland--Alterations specifications, undated
3/13 Splid, Waldemar, residence, Portland, undated
3/14 Strong, Curtis, residence, Montgomery Drive (Portland), undated
3/15 Vincent, Fred W., residence, Portland, undated
3/16 Wellington, R. H., residence, Portland, undated
3/17 Wessinger, Mrs. Paul, residence, Portland, undated
3/18 Weston, J. Roland, residence, Portland, undated
3/19 Wheeler, Lawrence R., residence, Portland--Specifications, undated
3/20 Wheeler, L. R., residence--Correspondence and bathroom fixtures, 1926-1927
Williams, D. O., store, Klamath Falls (Or.)
3/21 Specifications, undated
3/22 Correspondence, 1926
4/1-4/3 Correspondence, 1926-1931
Oversize folder Blueprints and drawings, circa 1926-1931
4/4 Williams, T. V., residence, Medford (Or.)--Addition specifcations, undated
4/5 Zischke, Herman A., residence, Portland, undated
4/6 Unidentified project--Notes, undated

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Series B:  General files, 1908-1977
4/7 Harvey W. Scott statue--Correspondence, 1930-1933
4/8-4/9 Historic American Buildings Survey--Historical data and correspondence, 1933-1934
Oversize folder Certificates of Jamieson Parker from Mt. Tabor Elementary School and Oregon State Planning Board, 1908; , 1935
4/10-4/11 Portland Pioneer Post Office (later Pioneer Court House)--Correspondence re: preservation of the building, 1927-1939
4/12 Public Works (including Oregon State Planning Council)--Correspondence, 1933-1935
5/1-5/2 Roadside Protection Committee--Reports and correspondence, 1935-1939
5/3 Silver Creek Recreation Camp--Correspondence, 1937-1938
5/4 Stairway theory--Article by Parker and correspondence, 1932-1936
5/5 University of Pennsylvania Club, Portland--Correspondence, 1932-1934
5/6 General materials, including list of books given to the Oregon Historical Society, 1924-1977

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Series C:  Architectural Plans
3000-1 Farm house for Mr. M. W. Lorenz, 1937 August
place unknown
3000-2 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Chester A. Moores (6229 SW 30th Ave.), Portland, Or., 1922 December 21
3000-3 House for Mr. Herman Zischke [Portland, Or.], 1929 May and July
3000-4 House for Mr. and Mrs. Dent Mowrey [1062 SW Douglas Place, Portland, Or.], 1928 April - June
3000-5 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Milton Markewitz (2165 SW Main St.] Portland, Or., 1923 Feb. 8 and Jun3 13.
3000-6 House for Mr. and Mrs. Rex F. Arragon [6123 SE Reed College Place, Portland, Or.], 1931 July 10
3000-7 Garage for Mr. Rex F. Arragon [6123 SE Reed College Place, Portland, Or.], 1931 October
3000-8 House for Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wessinger [12550 SW Edgecliff R., Portland Or.], 1928 March - May
3000-9 Alterations to house of Mrs. T. Harris Bartlett, 1931 November 7
3000-10 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Philip L Jackson [11522 SW Riverwood R., Portland, Or.], 1926 August to 1927 August
3000-11 House for Mr. and Mrs. Roland W. Mersereau [01960 SW Military Rd., Portland, Or.], undated
3000-12 House for Mrs. S.B. Linthicum [2605 SW Buena Vista Place] Portland, Or., undated
3000-13 House for Mr. and Mrs. Erskine Wood [13125 SE Evergreen Hwy., Vancouver], Clarke County, Washington., undated
3000-14 House #1 for Macleay Estate., undated
Unknown place
3000-15 House for Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Wheeler [11710 SW Summerville Rd., Portland, Or.], 1926 June 11-16, 1927 January
3000-16 House for Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Kingsley [2132 SW Montgomery Dr., Portland, Or.], 1926
3000-17 House for Alfred F. and Jamieson Parker [3017 SE Tolman St.] Portland, Or., undated
3000-18 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Mears [1717 SW Montgomery Dr.] Portland, Or. , undated
3000-19 House for Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Pooley, Victoria, British Columbia., 1927 - 1928
3000-20 House and servant's cabin for Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Pooley, Hood River Valley, Or., 1926 to 1928
3000-21 House for Edmund Hayes [01911 SW Military Rd., Portland, Or.], 1930
3000-22 House for Mrs. Paul Wessinger [12457 SW Edgecliff Rd., Portland, Or.], 1928 October - 1929 March
3000-23 House for Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Greenwood [248 SW Kingston Ave.] Portland, Or., 1929 March, July - August
3000-24 House for Mr. A. D. Thrane [3404 NE Bryce St., Portland, Or.], 1921 November 10
3000-25 House for Mr. and Mrs. Boudinot Seeley, 740 Patton Road [now 2755 SW Old Orchard Rd., Portland, Or.], 1927 April
3000-26 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Andersen [12555 SE Edgecliffe Rd.] Portland, Or., undated
3000-27 [Details of] house for Varnel D. C. Beach, The Highlands [Portland, Or.], 1929 October to December.
3000-28 Alterations to porch [at] residence of Mr. Frederick Strong, King St., Portland, Or., undated
3000-29 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Varnel D. C. Beach [240 SW Tryon Hill Rd., Portland, Or.], 1926 November.
3000-30 House for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Coan [1244 SW North Shore Rd., Lake Oswego, Or.], 1932 October - December and 1933 February.
3000-31 Bungalow for Miss Emily Seaman., Not date.
Unknown location
3000-32 House for Miss Emily Seaman, Lot 1 Block 9, Arlington Heights [Portland, Or.], undated
3000-33 Garage and alterations to house of Dr. and Mrs. John E. Weeks. [12642 SW Edgecliff Rd., Portland, Or.], 1926
3000-34 House for the Misses Flanders [2421 SW] Arden Rd., [Portland, Or.], 1926 March - August.
3000-35 House for Mr. D. S. Baker, Walla Walla, Wa., 1924 February
3000-36 Details of house for Jamieson Parker 9911 SE Cambridge Lane, Milwaukie, Or.], undated
3000-37 House and garage for Mr. and Mrs. J. Roland Weston [6224 SE 29th Ave.] Portland, Or., undated
3000-38 Residence for Misses Gile [2300 SW 18th Ave.] Portland, Or., undated
3000-39 House for Mr. and Mrs. Carlos D. Shoemaker [8026 SE 29th Ave. Portland, Or.], 1922 June 5-8
3000-40 House for Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Hanley, 2832 NW Cumberland Rd., Portland, Or., undated
3000-41 House for Mr. Waldemar Spliid, [2623 SW Park Pl., Portland, Or.]., 1922 May 16
3000-42 House for Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Moore, Walla Walla, Wa., undated
3000-43 Proposed house for R. M. Boykin, Seattle, Wa., undated
3000-44 House for Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Morden [11125 SW Riverwood Rd., Portland, Or.], 1933 May
3000-45 House for D. O. Williams, Yamsay Ranch, Oregon., 1927 September 1
3000-46 House and additions for Mr. and Mrs. George Black, 3366 SW Talbot, Portland, Or., 1929 - 1930
3000-47 Alterations to house for Dr. and Mrs. John H. Fitzgibbon, Waverly Heights [Portland, Or.], 1933 September 6
3000-48 House and garage for Mr. and Mrs. William A. Haseltine [3231 NE U.S. Grant Place] Portland, Or., 1935 April - September
3000-49 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Vincent [229 SW Wright Ave.] Portland, Or., undated
3000-50 Garage for Mr. Philip Buehner, Portland, Or., 1929 October
3000-51 House for Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McCrey., undated
Unknown location
3000-52 House, shed, and garage for Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Roberts [15115 SE Woodland Way] Oak Grove, Or., 1927 - 1927 and 1930 - 1931
3000-53 House for Dr. and Mrs. R. H. Wellington [3415 SW Brentwood Dr.] Portland, Or., 1928 May
3000-54 Addition and alterations to house of Judge J. Hunt Hendrickson, Upper Drive, Portland, Or., 1927 August - September
3000-55 House for Mr. and Mrs. A. Lester Andrus [SW North Shore Rd.] Lake Oswego, Or., 1927 November - 1928 March
3000-56 House for Rodney L. Glisan, [2624] SW Talbot Road, Portland, Or., 1927 December
3000-57 Cottage for Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nelson, Neskowin, Or., 1928 February - April
3000-58 House for Mrs. Curtis [C.] Strong [2271 SW] Mongomery Drive, Portland, Or., 1924 July
3000-59 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Nelson, Salem, Or., undated
3000-60 House for Dr. and Mrs. John R. Montague [1831 SW Edgewood Rd] Portland, Or., undated
3000-61 Garage and alterations to house of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Strong, 653 Montgomery Drive [Portland, Or.]., 1926 January 21 and 1926 May 12
3000-62 House for Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Frohman [11748 SW Riverwood Rd.] Portland, Or., 1924 March
3000-63 House for Dr. and Mrs. Marr Bisaillon, 282 NW Macleay Blvd., Portland, Or., undated
3000-64 House for Mr. Aubrey W. Miller [660 SE St. Andrews Dr., Portland, Or.], undated
3000-65 House for Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Britts [3896 NE Alameda, Portland, Or.], 1926 June 15
3000-66 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Schram [3039 SE Tolman St.] Portland, Or., 1932 March
3000-67 House for Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jones., 1929 August
Unknown location
3000-68 House for Mr. and Mrs. Morris Jones., undated
Unknown location
3000-69 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. James Gillison [1710 SE Waverley Rd., Lake Oswego, Or.], 1922 July and 1929
3000-70 Addition to house of Mr. and Mrs. T. V. Williams, Medford, Or., 1924 April
3000-71 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Chester Morres [4514 SW Highland Rd.] Portland, Or., 1931 April - June
3000-72 House for Mr. Edgar E. Piper [6418 SE 30th Ave., Portland, Or.], 1922 February 24
3000-73 House #q for Mr. Donald M. Drake [2724 SW Old Orchard Rd., Portland, Or.], 1921 November
3000-74 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Conover, Lot 91, Dunthorpe, Portland, Or., undated
3000-75 House for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Cake., 1937 May 12
Unknown location
3000-76 House for Dr. and Mrs. W. H. Bueermann., undated
3000-77 House for Miss Ruby Archambeau [11235 SW Riverwood Rd., Portland, Or.], undated
3000-78 House for Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Housman, SW Highland Dr. [Portland, Or.], 1934 October 15 , 29
3000-79 Alterations to house of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wertgen, Parkdale, Oregon., 1930 July
3000-80 House for Miss Mary Mallory, Oak Grove [Or.], 1929 October-1930 May
3000-81 House #1 for the Gile Estate, Lot 8, Block 60, Alameda Park [Portland, Or.], Jamieson Parker and C.H. Wallwork, Associated Architects, 1921 April 18
3000-82 House #3 for Gile Estate, Lot 10, Block 59, Alameda Park [Portland, Or.], Jamieson Parker and C.H. Wallwork, Associated Architects, 1921 April 22
3000-83 House for Mrs. E. P. Nichols [2318 SW 18th Ave.], Portland, Or., 1924 August
3000-84 House for Mr. L.M. Hamilton, Lot 13 and N. 1/2 Lot 12, Arleta Park, No. 2, Portland, Or., 1932 August - November
3000-75 Alterations to small west room in house of Mr. L.B. Menefee [Terwilliger Blvd., Portland, Or.]., undated
3000-86 Servant's quarters, house of Mr. L.B. Menefee, Terwilliger Blvd., Portland, Or., undated
3000-87 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. Curtis B. Cross, Fairmount Hill, Salem, Or., 1924 April 26.
3000-88 House for Mr. and Mrs. Don McGraw [01845 SW Military Rd.] Portland, Or., 1931
3000-89 Cabin, pumphouse and garage for Mr. H.W. Sharp, near Rhodendron, Or. May 13, 1927., 1927 May 13
3000-90 House for M. H.D. Baker, Walla Walla, Wa., 1924 February
3000-91 Alterations to house of Mr. M.H. Hartwell, Dunthorpe [Portland, Or.]., undated
3000-92 House and alterations for Mr. and Mrs. W.D. Fraley, Gearhart, Or., 1927 September and 1928 February - March
3000-93 House for Mr. and Mrs. Wade Newbegin. Location not recorded., undated
3000-94 Library for and alterations ot house of Mr. William H. Ehrman, Portland, Or., 1929 June - July
3000-95 House for Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Fry, Jr., [565 Lefelle St.] Salem, Or., 1929 December and 1930 May - July
3000-96 House for Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Failing [1889 SW Montgomery Place] Portland, Or., 1928 December and 1929 March.
3000-97 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Gregory, Lot 11, Block 13, Portland, Or., undated
3000-98 Residence for Mr. and Mrs. John W. Shuler [6303 SE 30th Ave.] Portlad, Or., 1922 November
3000-99 House for Mr. and Mrs. John Y. Richardson [2659 SW Georgian Place] Portland, Or., 1929 January - April
3000-100 Garage for Mr. and Mrs. David L. Davies, 524 Chapman St., Portland, Or., 1932 December 6
3000-101 Porch for Dr. and Mrs. L.J. Fitzpatrick, 782 The Alameda, Portland, Or., 1927 July
3000-102 Alterations for Mr. and Mrs. Van W. Anderson, Portland, Or., 1934 February 3
3000-103 Sleetping porch for Mr. Reade Ireland. Location not recorded., undated
3000-104 Alterations to house of Mr. R.W. Montague. Location not recorded., 1932 March.
3000-105 Alterations to house of Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Noyes, Dunthorpe, Or., 1928 July 29
3000-106 Proposed house, Portland, Or. Client ame and proposed location not recorded., undated
3000-107 St. Mark's Episcopal Church [1025 NW 21 Ave.] Portland, Or., 1925 May 27
3000-108 First Presbyterian Church, Phoenix, Oregon., 1927 July 13 - 1928 February
3000-109 Alterations to Ladd School basement for the Portland Art Association., 1930 November
3000-110 Proposed alterations to the old Federal Building, Portland, Or., for the Oregon Historical and Natural History Museum., Not date.
3000-111 Store building for D.O. Williams, Klamath Falls, Or., 1926
3000-112 Store Building for D.O. Williams, Klamath Falls, Or., 1930 - 1932
3000-113 Alterations and additions to St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Oregon City, Or., 1923 April - July
3000-114 Proposes site for Harvey W. Scott statue in Mr. Tabor Park, Portland, Or., designed by Gutzom Borglum, sculptor. Drawings made in office of Jamieson Parker, architect., 1931 - 1932
3000-115 Sketch of proposed development of property of the Episcopal Church, Toledo, Or., 1926 January
3000-116 [Proposed plans for the Portland Art Museum, Portland, Or.], 1930 August
3000-117 Office for Norris, Beggs & Base, Wilcox Building, Portland, Or., 1933 August - September
3000-118 New offices for Jamieson Parker, Architect, 804 Spalding Bldg., Portland, Or., 1929 September
3000-119 Proposed hotel building, 8th and Main Streets, Klamath Falls, Or., undated
3000-120 Sketch of proposed addition to Atkinson Memorial Congregational Church. Location not recorded., undated
3000-121 Alterations to entrance and lobby, Spalding Bldg., Portland, Or. Also second floor alterations., 1934 June - September.
3000-122 Proposed office and store building, Klamath Falls, Or., 1927 September
3000-123 Office for Mecklem and Parker, 319 Oak St., Portland, Or., 1930 September
3000-124 Proposed alterations to Fleischner-Mayer Building [Portland, Or.]., undated
3000-125 Rose and Garden Club Show, Laurelhurst Park [Portland, Or.]., 1934
3000-126 [Proposed World War I memorial at U.S. Post Office, Fifth St., Portland, Or.]., 1921 April
3000-127 Public Library, Belmont - Hawthorne Branch, E. 39th and Taylor St., Portland, Or., 1923 July
3000-128 A drinking fountain, Atelier Portland Architectural Club, Portland, Or., undated
3000-129 Custom house for Custome House competition Atelier Portland Architectural Club, Portland, Or., undated
3000-130 A public comfort building, Atelier Portland Architectural Club, Portland, Or., 1913
3000-131 An Arcade in a Court. Atelier Portland Architectural Club, Portland, Or., 1913
3000-132 Store building for Mann and Mann, Furriers [Portland, Or.]., 1929 September
3000-133 Church of Our Father (Unitarian), Portland, Or., 1923 September
3000-134 Perkins Hotel [Portland, Or.]., 1934
3000-135 McCormick Electric Home Equipment [Perkins Hotel Building, Portland, Or.]., 1934 June 1
3000-136 New front for Bossio's Restaurant, Perkins Hotel Building, Portland, Or., 1934 August
3000-137 Real estate office for the Ladd Estate Company, Eastmoreland [Portland, Or.]., 1922 May 2
3000-138 Building for the Ladd Estate Company, 12th and Morrison Sts., Portland, Or., undated
3000-139 [Proposed Eastmoreland stores and house sites.], undated
3000-140 Portland Riding Academy, Portland, Or., 1932 October 7
3000-141 Proposed store front for Frank A. Heitkemper, Jeweler, A.E. Doyle and Assoc., Architects, Portland, Or., 1930 March 14.
3000-142 Mazama shelter cabin, Twin Bridges, Or., undated
3000-43 Girl's dormitory, YMCA summer camp, Gearhart, Or., 1929 February.
3000-144 Proposed development at Hillsboro, Oregon for Puget Sound Power and Light Company., undated
3000-145 [Ballroom in palazzo]. No location recorded., 1914 October 31
3000-146 A prison. No location recorded., 1915 October 26
3000-147 [Clubhouses]. No location recorded., undated
3000-148 Competition for a drinking fountain, Lownsdale Square, Portland, Or., 1914
3000-149 A doorway in an arcade. No recorded location., 1914 December 23
3000-150 [A clock]. No location recorded., 1914 November 7
3000-151 Porch and dormer details of house for Lewis H. Mills [01350 SW Military Rd., Portland, Or.]., undated
3000-152 Unidentified church. Location not recorded., undated
3000-153 Unidentified residences, monuments, storefronts, etc., Various.
3000-154 House for Mr. and Mrs. V.D.C. Beach, Highlands, Portland, Oregon., 1929 September.

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