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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. Alumni Association.
Title: Alumni Association Records
Dates: 1888-2008 ( inclusive )
1910-1998 ( bulk )
Quantity: 12.5 cubic feet, including 1000 photographs (19 boxes, including 6 oversize boxes)
13 microfilm reels
Collection Number: RG 035
Summary: The Alumni Association Records document the alumni of Oregon State University and the Association's administration, programs and activities, and publications. An alumni organization was established at Corvallis College (now Oregon State University) in 1873.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 

Historical Note

The Alumni Association was founded in February 1873 and the first permananent officers were chosen in June of that year: Hugh M. Finley, President; George F. Burkhart, Vice President; W.F. Herrin, Secretary; and Oscar L. Ison, Treasurer. A list of "Alumni et Alumnae" and current addresses was included in each edition of the college catalogue. In 1914 a formal constitution was adopted that provided for a five-member board. E.B. Lemon became the first regular alumni secretary in 1915 and started the alumni magazine, the OAC Alumnus. In 1926, the alumni magazine became the Oregon State Monthly; it was renamed the Oregon Stater in 1940 and has retained that title since.

In 1929, the alumni office was moved from the Commerce Building to the newly completed Memorial Union. The CH2M Hill Alumni Center was completed on campus in 1997; it was built as a conference and meeting center and as the home of OSU Alumni Association events and administrative offices.

The Alumni Association has been lead by several Alumni Secretaries and Executive Directors, including Godfrey Hoerner, 1919-1921; Zelta Feike Rodenwold, 1921-1926; E.C. Allworth, 1926-1936; George T. Scott, 1936-1938; Warren Reid, 1938-1943; Eunice Courtright, 1943-1946; John Fenner, 1946-1948; Robert Knoll, 1948-1961; Crawford H. ("Scram") Graham, 1961-1978; Donald S. Wirth, 1978-1999; Stephen Smith, 1999-2000; Dwayne Foley, 2000-2004; and Jeffrey S. Todd, beginning in 2004.

Content Description

The Alumni Association Records document the alumni of Oregon State University and the Association's administration and activities, and publications. The collection includes the records of individual graduating classes documenting activities during their student years as well as reunions and other special events after graduation. Lists of alumni and alumni directories are part of the collection. Subject files pertaining to notable alumni; faculty, staff, and friends of OSU; special events; and other university-related topics comprise a large component of the collection. The records of special events such as homecoming, class reunions, and the centennial of Oregon State University as well as fundraising for special projects such as a new football stadium and the carillon for the Memorial Union are included in the records. The collection includes extensive materials documenting the Association's publications - the alumni magazine, the Orange and Black, alumni directories, and sets of sound recordings of Oregon State songs. The collection also includes sound recordings by Bob Eberhard of Oregon State basketball games (in about 1957); a speech by Fred Shideler about the value of OSU to the Corvallis community; and an interview with Dan Poling about Corvallis and Oregon State College during World War II.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation :  

Alumni Association Records (RG 035), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The records are arrange in four subgroups: 1. Class Files, 1897-2002; 2. Administrative Files, 1914-2008; 3. Publications, 1929-2005; and 4. Microfilmed Records, 1888-1964.

Subgroup 1 (Class Files) consists of three series: I. Class Records, 1897-1966; Class Reunions, 1923-2002; and III. Alumni Register, June 1923 - June 1932.

Subgroup 2 (Administrative Files) consists of 17 series: I. Constitution and Bylaws, 1914-1990; II. Annual and Biennial Reports, 1938-1972; III. Board Meetings Records, 1941-1995; IV. OSU Federation Meeting Minutes, 1950-1976; V. Homecoming Records, 1948-1968; VI. Portland Information Center Files, 1945-1952; VII. School Songs, 1922-1952; VIII. Special Projects, 1945-1961; IX. OSU Centennial Celebration, 1965-1974; X. Alumni Leader's Manual, circa 1953; XI. OSU Fund, 1960-1978; XII. Correspondence, 1927-1975; XIII. Fiscal Records, 1926-1977; XIV. Sound Recordings, 1949-1991; XV. Scrapbook, 1950-1951; XVI. List of Alumni, undated; and XVII. Academy of Lifelong Learning, 2008.

Subgroup 3 (Publications) consists of four series: I. Alumni Magazine, 1929-1998; II. OSU Scope, 1966-1971; III. Orange and Black, 1938; IV. Alumni Directories, 1910-2005.

The microfilmed records (Subgroup 4) consist of 15 series: I. Class Reunion Files, 1891-1959; III. Reunion Weekends, 1939-1942; IV. Class Financial Records, 1924-1934; V. Reunion Lists, 1923-1925; VI. Reunion Letters, 1905; VII. Alumni Mailing List, 1935; VIII. Reunion Banquets, 1916-1946; XI. Alumni Association, 1942; XII. Class Lists, 1926-1945; XIII. Mailing Lists of Alumni, 1940-1941; XIV. Golden Jubilee Lists and Correspondence, 1888-1964; XV. Stadium Fund, 1951-1953; XVI. Correspondence, 1938-1953; XVIII. General Files, 1935-1950; and XIX. Memorial Chapel and Carillon Information, 1944-1959. There are no series II, IX, X, or XVII.

Acquisition Information :  

Transferred from the Alumni Association and the Alumni Relations Office in numerous accessions from the 1960s through 2008.

Future Additions :  

Additions to the collection are expected.

Related Materials :  

Additional photographs are available in the Alumni Association Photographs (P 017) and the Oregon Stater Photographs (P 195); motion picture films and videotapes are available in the Alumni Association Motion Picture Films and Videotapes (FV P 017). The OSU Archives includes many collections assembled and donated by individual alumni as well as the records of other alumni organizations such as the OSU Home Economics Alumni Association Records and the Oregon State University Women's Club Records. Materials pertaining to the Oregon State Forestry Alumni Association are part of the Les Lloyd Papers. The Academy for Lifelong Learning Records provide more detailed information about that affiliated organization.

The Oregon State Yank Collection documents the activities of Oregon State alumni during World War II.

The papers of several individuals who served as Director or Executive Secretary of the Association, edited the alumni magazine, or were significantly involved with alumni matters are part of the Archives' holdings: Edward C. Allworth, Chuck Boice, Ted Carlson, Crawford Henderson ("Scram") Graham, E.B. Lemon, and Edwin T. Reed. The George Edmonston Collection includes a variety of materials pertaining to OSU and regional history as well as his role as Editor of the Oregon Stater from 1986 until his retirement in 2005. The alumni magazine is available in the Archives as a separate collection; the Memorabilia Collection includes extensive materials about OSU alumni and a variety of ephemeral items documenting Alumni Association activities.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Subgroup 1:  Class Files, 1897-2002

Subgroup 1, Class Files, document activities by class year before graduation and reunion events after graduation. They provide biographical information about alumni as well as document student activities, reunions, and special events.

Series I: Class Records, 1897-1966
The Class Records include constitutions and bylaws, meeting minutes, class wills and prophesies, financial records, lists of members, and scrapbooks for individual classes from the Class of 1902 through the Class of 1967. The Class of 1922 records include eight lapel pins donated by Claude F. Palmer. Of special note are the two scrapbooks for the Class of 1902.
Class of 1902, 1897-1952
1 Minutes, 1898-1902
8 Scrapbooks, 1897-1952
Two volumes assembled by Gertrude Ewing McElfresh include ephemera and memorabilia from student years of the Class of 1902 as well as reunions; clippings; lists of class members; obituaries; correspondence and 38 photographs. The photographs are primarily of reunion groups and activities and class members after graduation.
Class of 1910, circa 1908-1910
1 Minutes, 1908-1910
1 Constitution, circa 1908
1 List of class members
Class of 1911, 1907-1911
1 Class of 1912 Fiscal Ledger, 1909-1912
Class of 1913, 1913
1 Constitution and By-Laws
1 Class Trip Expenses, 1913
Class of 1914, 1910-1914
1 Minutes, 1910-1914
Also includes minutes from 5th, 25th and 40th class reunions.
1 Constitution and By-Laws
1 Class Prophecy
1 Class Will
1 Class of 1915 Minutes, 1911-1915
Class of 1918, 1914-1918
1 Constitution and By-Laws
1 Minutes, 1914-1918
1 Financial Reports
1 Class Elections Ballots
Class of 1919, 1915-1919
1 Constitution, 1916
1 Class Will
1 Minutes, 1915-1919
1 Class of 1920 Letter to Dean Bexell, November 20, 1919
Class of 1922, 1919-1922
1 Minutes, 1919-1922
1 Lapel Pins
Pins have the following lettering, OAC, OAC Alumni, 22, and Orange Owl.
Class of 1924, 1919-1924
1 Minutes, 1920-1924
1 Scrapbook Materials, 1919-1922
Mounted in Minutes Book.
1 Constitution
Artifacts from time capsule dug up in 1949, 1919-1922
1 Last Will and Prophecy of the Class of 1924
1 Dance Program, June 7, 1924
1 List of Graduates, 1924
1 Contract between Class of 1924 and J. Leo Fairbanks for painting of mural
1 Class of 1925 Last Will and Testament, June 1925
Class of 1926, 1922-1926
1 Cash Ledgers, 1922-1926
Artifacts from time capsule dug up in 1951
1 Class Will
1 Class Prophecy
1 Commencement and Convocation Programs
Class of 1928, 1924-1928
1 Minutes, 1924-1928
1 Class History, 1928
1 Class of 1932 Bank Account Book, 1929-1932
1 Class of 1933 Minutes, 1929-1933
1 Class of 1934 Minutes, 1930-1934
Class of 1936, 1932-1996
1 Minutes, 1932-1961
1 Rosters and Reunions, 1981-1996
Class of 1941, 1938-1941
1 Minutes, 1938-1941
1 Account Book, 1941
1 Class of 1942 Minutes, 1938-1942
Class of 1944, 1940-1944
1 Minutes, 1940-1944
1 Correspondence Class Funds, 1944
9 Class of 1952 Scrapbook of Activities, 1948-1952
Clippings of activities of class members and other campus events; includes 9 photographs (portraits) of class members and officers.
10 Class of 1967 Scrapbook of Activities, 1966
Predominantly clippings and one photograph.
Series II: Class Reunions, 1923-2002
Series II documents class reunions for the Class of 1888 through the Class of 1967. Most of the records pertain to reunions from the 1920s through 1970s. The records include correspondence, newspaper clippings, postcards, brochures, and photographs, primarily of reunion groups. These materials document the activities of Oregon State alumni after their graduation.
2 Class of 1888, 1926
2 Class of 1889, 1925
2 Class of 1890, 1925-1934
2 Class of 1891, 1925-1941
2 Class of 1892, 1925-1952
2 Class of 1893, 1923-1943
2 Class of 1894, 1923-1944
2 Class of 1895, 1923-1945
2 Class of 1896, 1923-1946
2 Class of 1897, 1937-1947
2 Class of 1898, 1923-1946
2 Class of 1899, 1923-1949
2 Class of 1900, 1923-1970
2 Class of 1901, 1925-1951
2 Class of 1902, 1926-1952
2 Class of 1903, 1930-1953
2 Class of 1904, 1926-1955
2 Class of 1905, 1929-1955
2 Class of 1906, 1925-1956
2 Class of 1907, 1938-1959
2 Class of 1908, 1924-1958
2 Class of 1909, 1924-1969
2 Class of 1910, 1924-1970
2 Class of 1911, 1924-1970
2 Class of 1912, 1923-1963
2 Class of 1913, 1924-1973
2 Class of 1914, 1923-1969
2 Class of 1915, 1925-1966
2 Class of 1916, 1937-1971
2 Class of 1917, 1942-1967
2 Class of 1918, 1923-1968
3 Class of 1919, 1931-1969
3 Class of 1920, 1937-1970
3 Class of 1924, 1969
3 Class of 1925, 1950
3 Class of 1926, 1951
3 Class of 1927, 1952
3 Class of 1927, 1952-1987
3 folders
3 Class of 1928, 1953
3 Class of 1929, 1954-1969
2 folders
3 Class of 1938, 1939
3 Class of 1967, 1977
3 Golden Jubilee Records, 1941-1971
3 Class of 1952 Golden Jubilee Reunion Memory Book, 2002
The book includes a program from the reunion, biographical information compiled from questionnaires completed by class members about their student activities and life after graduation, and a list of deceased class members.
3 Class Reunion Files, 1931-1996
23 folders
The files include photographs, brochures, newspaper clippings, and ribbons pertaining to class reunions. Files for the Classes of 1912-1916, 1918, 1921-1932, 1934-1937, 1939, and 1946 are included. Files include 350 photographs (prints and negatives), most of which are reunion groups
12 Series III: Alumni Register, June 1923-June 1932
The Alumni Register served as a guestbook for alumni who visited campus and includes the date of their visit; name; class year and college; present occupation; home and business addresses; marriage date; number of children; and, for women, maiden name and husband's initials. The entries are chronological by date of visit.

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Subgroup 2:  Administrative Files, 1914-2008

The Administrative Files document the organization and management of the Association as well as major programs and activities including the annual homecoming events; special projects such as the carillon in the Memorial Union; commemoration of the Oregon State University centennial in 1968-1969; recordings of special events and Oregon State songs; and fundraising through the OSU Fund.

3 Series I: Constitution and Bylaws, 1914-1990
Series I includes constitutions and bylaws for the Association dated 1914, 1934, 1941, and 1990.
3 Series II: Annual and Biennial Reports, 1938-1972
The Annual and Biennial Reports include annual reports for 1938-1939 through 1941-1942 with related materials and a biennial report for 1970-1972.
Series III: Board Meetings Records, 1941-1995
Series III consists of records of the Association Board of Directors, the Executive Committee, and other committees. The materials are from various years and do not represent a continuous or complete record.
3 Minutes, 1941-1942
3 Committee Reports, March 2, 1951
3 Board and Executive Committee Agendas and Minutes, 1977
3 Meeting Minutes and Agendas, 1978
3 Board and Executive Committee Meeting Materials, 1994-1995
3 Board Member Directory for 1986-87, 1986
3 Long Range Plan, 1986
Report of Long Range Planning Committee to the Board of Directors with draft proposal of long-range plan.
3 Series IV: OSU Federation Meeting Minutes, 1950-1976
Series IV includes meeting minutes, draft constitution, correspondence, and related materials of the Federation, which was established in 1950 to coordinate, implement, and encourage activities of various members groups on behalf of Oregon State and its students. It includes representatives of the Mothers and Dads Clubs, the Alumni Association, the Associated Students (ASOSU), and Century Club.
Series V: Homecoming Records, 1948-1968
The homecoming records consist of detailed annual reports of the homecoming weekend activities and programs that include clippings and ephemera. Scrapbooks documenting the 1961, 1962, and 1964 homecoming weekends are also included in the series.
Reports, 1948-1968
3 1948-1961
4 1962-1968
Includes centennial homecoming in 1968.
Scrapbooks, 1961-1964
11 1961-1962
Two volumes include primarily clippings with some ephemera, correspondence, and forms; no photographs.
10 1964
Two identical scrapbooks with the same clippings; no photographs.
Series VI: Portland Information Center Files, 1945-1952
Series VI consists of reports, correspondence, clippings, and ephemera documenting the Portland Information Center and its activities for current Oregon State student, prospective students, alumni, and friends. The Center participated in recruitment activities and provided information and activities to incoming students the summer before they enrolled at Oregon State.
4 Reports, 1945-1952
4 Correspondence, 1948-1949
Series VII: School Songs, 1922-1952
Series VII includes correspondence, clippings, and related materials pertaining to the alma mater, fight song, and other school songs. The clippings primarily document the publication of song books by the Alumni Association in the 1920s.
4 Correspondence on Status of Copyrights, 1936-1952
4 General Correspondence, 1922-1942
2 folders
4 Clippings, 1922-1924
Series VIII: Special Projects, 1945-1961
Series VIII consists of materials documenting several special projects of the Alumni Association including fundraising for a new football stadium, proposals for a World War II memorial chapel, and materials pertaining to the carillon bell system in the Memorial Union, which was installed in 1959. This carillon was dismantled in the mid 1990s and replaced by a digital sound system.
4 Stadium Fund, 1950
World War II Memorial Chapel, 1945-1954
4 Correspondence with other universities, 1947-1954
4 Committee By-Laws and other organizing documents, 1949-1950
4 Committee Correspondence, 1945-1950
4 Publicity
Carillon, 1955-1976
4 Board of Directors File, 1955-1959
4 Schulmerich Correspondence and Information, 1955-1959
4 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1955-1959
4 Money, 1955-1959
4 Roberts, Thomas, letter, 1955-1959
4 Spokane Trip, 1959
4 Y Round Table, 1955
4 Publicity, 1956-1959
4 Notes, 1955-1959
16 Carillonic Bell Music Rolls, 1959-1976
Four carollonic bell music rolls for hourly chimes at the Memorial Union. The rolls inclue the OSU fight song, "Hail to Old OSC", the alma mater, and secular and religious Christmas holiday selections. One of the rolls is a "word roll" with printed words to the alma mater and fight song.
16 Certificate, 1959
States that Schulmerich Carillons, Inc. installed a "3-octave, 86-bell Americana Carillon" in the Memorial Union on October 20, 1959.
Series IX: OSU Centennial Celebration, 1965-1974
The Centennial Celebration records include agendas, minutes, and memoranda of the university-wide Centennial Committee as well as materials pertaining to selection of the Alumni Centennial Award recipients.
4 Centennial Committee, 1965-1974
2 folders
4 Alumni Centennial Award, 1968-1969
5 Series X: Alumni Leader's Manual, circa 1953
The Alumni Leader's Manual was prepared for the officers and representatives of the Association and includes the constitution and by-laws; policies and procedures; and information about the organization of the Association and its activities, programs, and services.
Series XI: OSU Fund, 1960-1978
Series XI includes the first annual report of the Oregon State University Fund, which was established by the Alumni Association in 1959 to receive annual tax-deductible contributions from alumni and friends of OSU. The Comparison Report provides information about the number of donors and dollars received in 1976-1977 and 1977-1978.
5 Annual Report, 1960-1961
5 Comparison Report, September 1978
Series XII: Correspondence, 1927-1975
Series XII consists of several pieces of correspondence, primarily incoming, written by or about alumni. Some of the correspondence addresses positions of the Alumni Association on issues at Oregon State.
5 Miscellaneous Correspondence, 1939-1975
5 McKay, J.D., Letter to E.C. Allworth, 1927
Regarding the controversy between Oregon Agricultural College and the University of Oregon.
Series XIII: Fiscal Records, 1926-1977
The Fiscal Records include a few items documenting the income of the organization in the 1920s and 1930s and the Association budgets in the mid-1970s.
5 Deposit Book, 1926-1930
5 Saving Account Book, 1935-1938
5 Insurance Policy, 1930
5 Budget, 1976-1977
Series XIV: Sound Recordings, 1949-1991
The sound recordings include 18 vinyl sound disks, 12 reel-to-reel tapes, and 1 cassette tape. Of special note are recordings of the 1949 OSC vs University of Oregon football game; an OSC vs University or Oregon basketball game in about 1957; a speech by Fred Shideler; an interview with Dean of Men Emeritus Dan Poling in 1991 about Oregon State College and Corvallis during World War II; and two sets of recordings of Oregon State songs produced by the Alumni Association in the early 1950s.
6 Tape, Class of 1940, 1965?
25th Reunion
6 Tape Interview, January 30, 1991
Interview with Dan Poling about Corvallis and Oregon State College during World War II by George Edmonston.
Recordings by Bob Eberhard, circa 1957
Tapes (4) made by Bob Eberhard (Class of 1957) while student broadcaster on campus radio station.
6 Basketball games
vs. Oregon and Univ. of Washington
6 Tau Kappa Epsilon pledges who stole "O" from Skinner's Butte in Eugene,
6 Interview with campus spirit chairman
6 Heckart Lodge Trio (3 songs)
6 OSC vs. University of Oregon football game, 1949
4 reel-to-reel tapes
6 1915 football team reunion, 1965
Also includes recreation of play-by-play for OAC vs Michigan Aggies 1915 football game; 2 reel-to-reel tapes.
6 What is Good About OSU, 1970
Speech by Fred Shideler to the Chamber of Commerce Forum; reel-to-reel tape.
6 Join the Orange Forces, 1981
Two copies of a 45 rpm sound disk of the football fight song. Lyrics are printed on the dust jacket.
6 Songs of Oregon State College, circa 1950
Two sets of two 78 rpm sound disks produced by the Oregon State College Alumni Association, the Music Department and the KOAC radio station. It includes a recording of the Oregon State Creed with words by E.T. Reed and music by Joseph Brye, sung by the Oregon State College A Cappella Choir (directed by Robert Walls). The set also includes Hail to Old OSC sung by the Oregon State College Choir Men and the Alma Mater sung by the Oregon State College Choir. Listening copy available on CD and on online in Best of the Archives digital collection.
7 Songs at Oregon State College - Within a Vale of Western Mountains, circa 1953
Four sets of three 78 rpm sound disks produced by the Oregon State College Alumni Association include recordings of the Oregon State College Band and Glee Club performing the OSC Medley, Indiana State Band (March), the Alma Mater, Roadways, Mighty Beavers, Storm King, Hail to Old OSC, Toast to the Team, and March of the Spanish Soldiery. A 33 1/3 rpm edition (1 disk) is also included. Listening copy available on CD and online in Best of the Archives digital collection.
13 Series XV: Scrapbook, 1950-1951
Alumni Association publicity and promotional projects, clippings about activities, direct mail efforts, and other projects for the period June 1950 through June 1951. Includes clippings; ephemera; copies of mailings; and issues of the alumni magazine.
5 Series XVI: List of Alumni, undated
Typewritten list of alumni by class year for Classes of 1870 through 1925; indicates if individual is deceased. The list is undated but may have been prepared in the 1950s or early 1960s.
5 Series XVII: Academy of Lifelong Learning, 2008
Schedule of classes for spring 2008.

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Subgroup 3:  Publications, 1929-2005

Subgroup 3 consists of records that document the major publications of the Association, the alumni magazine and the alumni directory, as well as the Orange and Black and OSU Scope. Copies of the Orange and Black and the alumni directories are included with these records. Copies of the alumni magazine and OSU Scope are maintained as separate collections.

Series I: Alumni Magazine, 1929-1998
The Alumni Magazine series consists of materials documenting the preparation and distribution of the Association's alumni magazine, the OAC Alumnus, Oregon State Monthly, and Oregon Stater. The records include extensive subject files on prominent alumni, faculty and staff, and special events; letters to the editor; and editorial materials for individual issues. The letters to the editor include letters and photocopies of diaries and family histories sent by alumni who are descendants of Oregon Trial pioneers. Information from the letters was used in a December 1992 Oregon Stater article commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Oregon Trail.
5 Indexes, 1929-1979
Includes indexes for the 1929-1933 and 1976-1979 issues of the alumni magazine.
Subject Files
5 Alumni, 1944-1993
4 folders
5 Andrus, Governor Cecil D., 1973-1981
5 "Books for Birmingham" campaign, 1989
5 Byrne, John V., 1981-1984
5 CH2M Hill, 1966-1986
5 Edwards, Webley, 1960-1977
5 Englebart, Douglas C., 1986-1987
5 Faculty, 1970-1986
5 Fagans, J. Kenneth, 1972-1975
5 Giustina, N.B. (Nat), 1983
5 Harris, Milton, 1970-1984
5 Homecoming, 1979-1985
5 Jackson, Glenn, 1977-1980
5 Johnson, Bill ('30), stories and reminiscences, ca. 1995
5 Lemon, E.B. Distinguished Alumni Award, 1978-1986
5 MacVicar, Robert W., 1970-1976
5 Obituaries, 1966-1986
5 Open Meetings Law, 1975-1981
5 Oregon Trail Project, 1992
5 Parker, Charles T., 1972-1977
5 Pauling, Linus, 1954-1986
5 Pauling Memorial Publication, 1994
5 Poling, Dan, 1998
5 Prefontaine and Ebba, 1997
Track athletes at University of Oregon and OSU.
5 Robertson, Bill ("Ropes"), 1980
5 Starker, T.J., 1962-1983
5 Stewart, L.L. "Stub", 1975-1976
5 Student Life in the Past, undated
5 Trysting Tree, 1983
Subject Files (Accession 2000:087), circa 1895-1984
Subject files compiled for research purposes by the staff of the Oregon Stater alumni magazine. The files pertain to OSU alumni, homecoming celebrations, commencement and graduation ceremonies, and reunions. The files include photographs, newspaper clippings, magazines (especially copies of the Stater), minutes, and correspondence.
17 A -- Important OSU Alumni
17 Baker, Harry
17 Baker, Terry Wayne
17 Bancroft, Vivian
17 Bandy, Orville
17 Barber, Rex
17 Barnes, John M.
17 Barratt, Jim
17 Bartel, Erv
17 Bartholomew, Frank
17 Batcheller, Oliver
17 Bates, Albert
17 Bates, Mercedes
17 Bauer, Albert
17 Bauer, Bruce
17 Bauer, Walter
17 Baughman, Fred
17 Baum, David
17 Baum, Robert
17 Beamer, Clarence
17 Bean, Bruce
17 Beck, Larry
17 Beck, James
17 Bell, John
17 Bell, Sam
17 Belton, Howard
17 Bennett, Ralph
17 Bennett, William
17 Benson, B.F.
17 Bertsch, Howard
17 Birkie, William
17 Blair, Dean
17 Blakely, Jud
17 Blakely, Mrs. Martin (Frieda Linder)
17 Blitz, William
17 Bohren, A.K.
17 Bothwell, Lindley
17 Brandis, John
17 Breese, Mel
17 Bregger, John
17 Briggs, John
17 Briggs, Mark
17 Brodie, Renton K.
17 Broten, George Arthur
17 Brown, Delmar
17 Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
17 Brown, Robert
17 Brumfield, Kirby
17 Bruns, George
17 Byrne, John "Jack"
17 Byrne, John V.
17 Carl, Irene
17 Carl, Marion
17 Carlson, John
17 Carpenter, Ken
17 Carter, Lloyd
17 Carter, M. Joe
17 Casey, Kathleen
17 Cheldelin, V.
17 Chiu, Arthur
17 Christiansen, C.C.
17 Clark, Herman
17 Clarke, Loyal
17 Class Reunions
17 Clement, Boyd
17 Cole, Leland
17 Coleman, Ralph
17 Collegemates (Collegemates Luncheon Gatherings)
17 Colvig, Vance DeBar (Pinto)
17 Conklin, Robert
17 Cook, John Earl
17 Cooper, Mrs. James A. (Grace Starr)
17 Corbett, O.W.
17 Cordial, Jim
17 Corso, Hope Chamberlin
17 Counts, Mel
17 Cowgill, Clara
17 Cowgill, Helen
17 Crandall, Cliff
17 Crawford, Thomas
17 Crimmins, Jerry
17 Cronemiller, Lynn F.
17 Cross Country (1961 NCAA Champions)
17 Cummings, Orville
17 Cutler, William
17 Davis, Donald
17 Davies, Henry
17 Day, Edgar Allen
17 Day, John
17 Dixon, James
17 DeBoest, Henry F.
17 Delzell, Thomas
17 Demith, Jimmy
17 DeSylvia, Tom
17 Dezendorf, Nelson
17 Dimick, Roland E.
17 Dodge, Ray
17 Dooley, Ed
17 Dorsey, Dean
17 Downie, Hal
17 Drew, Preston
17 Dudley, Darle W.
17 Durden, Don
17 Dybuik, Russell
17 Dyer, Joseph M.
17 Eaton, Robert
17 Ebeling, Dick W.
17 Eckman, Don
17 Edwards, M. Lowell (Wife-Margaret Watt)
17 Edwards, Webley
17 Eggers, Johnny
17 Elder, Terry B.
17 Eldredge, Don
17 Eldredge, Kenneth R.
17 Ellison, Vern
17 Emmett, Paul
17 Erickson, Minton
17 Ewalt, Robert
17 Exley, Jerry
17 Fenner, John
17 Finlay, Gordon
17 Fisher, Jim
17 Floberg, Ralph
17 Forde, Diane Lund
17 Foster, Lyle W.
17 Francis, Joe
17 Fugate, Raymond
17 Funk, Arnold
17 Gabrielson, Ira
17 Garland, Charles
17 Geary, Edward A.
17 Gellatly, John
17 General
17 Getty, Leonard C.
17 Gianella, Vincent P.
17 Gilkey, Richard
17 Gill, Amory
17 Gill, Harold
17 Gill, Slats
17 Gillet, Ira
17 Gillette, Dean
17 Gilley, R. Stevens
17 Giustina, N.B.
17 Godman, John
17 Goodall, Mrs. Kenneth (Mary Homes)
17 Gotta, Jack
17 Graduation Class Photos, circa 1890s
17 Graham, C.H.
17 Graham, Jackson
17 Gray, Gene
17 Gray, John
17 Grayson, Mark
17 Griffen (Dr.)
17 Griffen, Z. Wayne
17 Gross, Calvin E.
17 Grosz, Walter
17 Groves, Frank
17 Hageman, Leo
17 Hall, John H.
17 Halverson, William
17 Hamill, Robert
17 Hansen, Julia Butler
17 Hardie, Stewart
17 Harris, Milton
17 Hart, Frederick
17 Harvey, Morris
17 Hatfield Mark O. (U.S. Senator)
17 Hathaway, Mark
17 Hattan, Elton
17 Hawley, Norman
17 Hayes, Dalebert Edward
17 Hayner, C.T.
17 Hays, Donald
17 Head, J. Al
17 Head, S. Conrad
17 Hedges, Frank Robert
17 Helmer, Oscar M.
17 Henniger, Jean Floyd
17 Heywood, Eunice
17 Hildebrandt, Lou
17 Hill, D.D.
17 Hill, Fred
17 Hirstel, Bob
17 Hoffman, E. Neil
17 Hogan, Brooks
17 Holcomb, Glenn
17 Hollandsworth, Helen
17 Hollingsworth, Guilford
17 Holt, Mrs. Curtis (Isabella Downs)
17 Holt, Howard
17 Homecoming Materials, 1955-1969
17 Hood, Gordon
17 Houghton, E.W.
17 Howie, George
17 Huggins, M.M.
17 Hughes, Henry
17 Hulsman, Helen (Mrs. Walter Kelly)
17 Humphrey, Lloyd
17 Hurd, Owen
17 Jackson, Glenn
17 Jarvis, Joe
17 Jenkins, Gay Harding
17 Jensen, James H.
17 Jewett, Leonard G.
17 Johnson, Alton
17 Johnson, Dick
17 Johnson, Hilbert
17 Johnson, Wilfred
17 Joy, Barnard
17 Joy, Clifford
17 Kallander, R.M.
17 Keema, Bud
17 Keene, Roy S.
17 Keep, Barney
17 Kerr, Robert Todd
17 Kerr, William Jasper
17 Kiefer, Harry J.
17 King, Jean
17 Kipper, Louis
17 Kirk, William
17 Kirkpatrick, H.L.
17 Kleinschmidt, Arthur
17 Knoll, Robert
17 Kofoid, Marvin
17 Lafferty, Chester
17 Lange, Kenneth
17 Laythe, Leo
17 Lear, Gene
17 Leihy, Charles Willard
17 Lemon, E.B.
17 Lewis, Ed
17 Lieuallen, Roy Elwayne
17 Lincoln, Richard
17 Lowden, Merle
17 Lowe, Paul
17 Lowry, Hugh R.
17 Lumm, Marjorie
17 Lundeen, Robert
17 Lundstron, A.A.
17 McCallister/Finley (5-generations at OSU)
17 McCollum, Charles
17 McCullough, John Price
17 McCullogh, Walter
17 McDaniel, Hobart
17 McKay, Douglas
17 McMicken, Craig
17 McMurdo, Scott
17 MacVicar, Robert
17 Madden, Sally
17 Mann, Dave
17 Maple, Howard
17 Maris, Homer
17 Maser, Clifford
17 Meechan, Charles
18 Meek, Fred
18 Memorial Union
18 Merryfield, Fred
18 Miller, Helen
18 Miller, Mark
18 Miller, Richard A.
18 Moeller, Therald
18 Moir, David
18 Moore, Harriet
18 Moore, Spencer
18 Morris, Homer
18 Morris, James
18 Morris, Walter
18 Mosby, David Clayton
18 Mulligan, Joe
18 Munford, Ken
18 Murphy, Donald
18 Nance, Donald
18 Narver, John
18 Narver, Ursel
18 North, William
18 Oakes, Charles Ernest
18 Odell, Norman
18 Orell, Bernard
18 Ossey, B.A.
18 Ott, Walter
18 Palmer, Claude
18 Pape, Dean
18 Paulson, Norris
18 Penrose, George
18 Perry, Grant W.
18 Pierson, Lenn
18 Pierce, Robert
18 Pihas, John
18 Pine, W.D.
18 Pittam, William
18 Poling, Dan
18 Powell, George "Gap"
18 Powell, James
18 Powell, Virgil A.A.
18 Prahl, Charles
18 Proppe, William
18 Proudfit, Arthur
18 Prusinski, Robert
18 Ramsey, Frank
18 Ramsey, Fred
18 Rau, Robert
18 Rave, W.J.
18 Reed, Claude
18 Reed, Robin
18 Reed, Steve and Mary
18 Reynolds, Charles
18 Reynolds, Jay
18 Reynolds, Jean Hall
18 Rice, Edna
18 Rieke, Forrest and Mary
18 Riley, Earl
18 Robertson, Bill (Ropesole)
18 Rocha, Ephriam
18 Rodgers, Fred
18 Roe, Robert
18 Rogers, Emsley
18 Roll, Leslie
18 Root, Robert
18 Roth, Vincent
18 Ruegg, Robert
18 Rumbaugh, Harold
18 Rushing, Robert
18 Rutherford, Harry
18 Salishan
18 Salser, Carl W.
18 Sabin, Lynn
18 Sarna, S.S.
18 Saubert, Jean
18 Saylor, Ralph
18 Schissler, Paul
18 Schmidt, Adolph
18 Schoth, Harry
18 Schulein, Joesph
18 Schmulmerich, Wes
18 Scott, George
18 Sears, Ernest
18 Sears, Vic
18 Seiler, Don
18 Severson, Win
18 Sewell, Elain Kollins
18 Shaw, Clayton
18 Shideler, Fred
18 Shy, G. Milton
18 Sidor, Ed
18 Siegrist, Ron
18 Slater, Jack
18 Slinger, Robert
18 Smith, Lawrence
18 Sowers, Philip
18 Spaur, George
18 Stanley, Edwin
18 Starker, Thurman
18 Starr, Eugene
18 Strand, A.L.
18 Swan, L.L.
18 Swan, Robert G.
18 Sweeney, Pat
18 Tartar, Herman Vance
18 Taylor, Ray
18 Thelan, Marilyn (Stout)
18 Thieleman, R.H.
18 Thomas, Dale
18 Thompson, Robert
18 Torrey, Dan
18 Turner, Art
18 Turner, Hester
18 Tuthill, Lewis
18 Unidentified Photos
18 Valley, Wayne
18 Valenti, Paul
18 Vincent, George
18 Vinyard, Harold
18 Wallace, Albert
18 Wardell, George
18 Warren, Charles
18 Wallace, Edwin
18 Wann, Harry
18 Weartherford, Mark
18 Weber, B.W.
18 Wei, C.K. Jui
18 Weimar, Virginia
18 Wellman, Harry
18 Wenstrom, Chuck
18 Werner, Richard
18 West, Flavius
18 White, George
18 White, Robert
18 Whiteside, Harold
18 Wiesner, Sue
18 Wilbur, Marvin
18 Williamson, Clyde
18 Wilkinson, Ron
18 Withycombe, James
18 Wood, Lavelle
18 Woodford, William
18 Yadon, John
18 Yerian, Ted
18 Young, Roy
18 Zarosinski, Donald
14 Letters to the Editor, 1987-1999
10 folders
14 Letters to the Editor - Oregon Trail Project, 1992
7 folders
14 General Correspondence, 1952-1994
3 folders
14 Photo Contest, 1973-1974
14 Press Releases, 1964-1982
14 Costs, 1962-1984
2 folders
14 Student Publications Committee, 1976
14 Tom Bennett Manuscripts for World War II Stories, 1991
1 Sample mock-up and galley proof, 1964
For the September/October issue.
14 "The House the Thrill Kids Built" manuscript by Alex Petersen, 2000
Oregon Stater Article Files, 1987-1998
Materials generated and collection by the Oregon Stater staff in the course of writing and editing the alumni magazine. The files include transcripts of interviews, article drafts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, photographs, press releases, and publications. Most of the files are for a particular magazine issue; others are for specific topics.
18 February 1988 issue
18 October 1988 issue
18 December 1988 issue
18 September 1989 issue
18 December 1989 issue
18 September 1990 issue
18 February 1991 issue (World War II)
18 April 1991 issue
18 June 1991 issue
18 September 1991 issue
18 October 1991 issue
18 April 1992 issue
18 April 1994 issue
18 December 1994 issue
18 February 1995 issue
18 April 1995 issue
18 June 1995 issue
18 September 1995 issue
18 OSU connections with the U.S. Civil War (1861-1865), 1994
18 Draft articles from Tom Bennett, 1995-1996
18 History of the Beaver yearbook, 1994
18 Awards and Alumni Fellows (J.W. "Bud" Forrester), 1991
18 History of the OSU Alumni Association, 1990
19 William Jasper Kerr, 1995
19 Various Interviews, 1990
19 General, 1987-1998
3 folders
19 Series II: OSU Scope, 1966-1971
2 folders
Series II consists of correspondence, memos, notes, and mock-ups pertaining to this quarterly newsletter for alumni and friends of OSU that was published by the Department of Information.
15 Series III: Orange and Black, 1938
Four copies of the Orange and Black, a pictorial history of Oregon State College published by the Alumni Association in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of OSC. Edited by Richard Charles (Dick) Gearhart, it includes a narrative history and photographs of the campus, student activities and traditions, athletics, and living organizations. According to the title-page inscription, it is "A record of the first seventy years in the life of Oregon State College -- the illustrated story of her growth to the 'major industry in the State', complete with the changing life and activity of her students and alumni." Promotional materials for the Orange and Black are available in the Memorabilia Collection. The E.T. Reed Papers include materials pertaining to a substantial revision of the publication that Reed worked on from 1938 until his death; it was never published. Additional information about the preparation, publication, and distribution is available in the microfilmed records (Series XVIII. General Files). The Orange and Black is available online.
Series IV: Alumni Directories, 1910-2005
Series IV consists of alumni directories published by the Association. During the 1940s and 1950s, alumni directories were published as part of the Oregon Stater alumni magazine. Other lists of alumni are available in Subgroup 1 (Series III. Alumni Register) and Subgroup 2 (Series XVI. List of Alumni).
19 1910
19 1913
3 copies
19 1917
3 copies
19 1922
19 1925
3 copies
19 Class of 1965, 1967
19 2005
Includes published volume and CD with electronic version of alumni membership. The published directory includes lists by name, school (or college), class year, and current location.

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Subgroup 4:  Microfilmed Records, 1888-1964

Subgroup 4 consists of records that were microfilmed in 1969. There are no series II, IX, X, or XVII in this subgroup. Some of the documents on microfilm are available in paper form in other subgroups. The records document the full range of Association activities including class reunions and special events, publications, and fundraising. Most of the microfilm does not include folder targets.

Series I: Class Reunion Files, 1891-1959
1 1891-1906
2 1907-1926
3 1926-1959
3 Series III: Reunion Weekends, 1939-1942
3 Series IV: Class Financial Records, 1924-1934
3 Series V: Reunion Lists, 1923-1925
3 Series VI: Reunion Letters, 1905
4 Series VII: Alumni Mailing List, 1935
4 Series VIII: Reunion Banquets, 1916-1946
4 Series XI: Alumni Association, 1942
4 Series XII: Class Lists, 1926-1945
4 Series XIII: Mailing Lists of Alumni, 1940-1941
4 Series XIV: Golden Jubilee Lists and Correspondence, 1888-1964
4-6 Series XV: Stadium Fund, 1951-1953
6-9 Series XVI: Correspondence, 1938-1953
9-13 Series XVIII: General Files, 1935-1950
Series XVIII includes accounting and administrative records; materials pertaining to Association publications (the alumni magazine and Orange and Black; narrative reports; correspondence; and reports regarding controversies between Oregon State College and the University of Oregon.
13 Series XIX: Memorial Chapel and Carillon, 1944-1959
Series XIX includes materials pertaining to the proposed memorial chapel and the carillon for the Memorial Union. Correspondence with other universities regarding campus chapels and religious programs is part of this series.

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      • Shideler, Fred Merle.

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