Inventory of the Italian archives

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Overview of the Collection

Collector: Borla, Walter L.
Title: Italian archives
Dates: 1897-1978 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 1 linear foot
Collection Number: Ms0230
Summary: The Italian archives (1897-1978) includes ledgers, minute books, and financial records dealing with the Italian fraternal organizations in Utah. Most of the material is focused on the Stella d' America Lodge No.77 in Helper, Utah and the Societa Italiana Cristoforo Colombo organizations.
Repository: University of Utah Libraries, Special Collections.
Contact Information: Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library
University of Utah
295 South 1500 East
Salt Lake City, UT
Telephone: 801-581-8863
Languages: Materials are in English and Italian.    

Content Description

The Italian archives (1897-1978) are a collection of material primarily dealing with Italian fraternal organizations in Utah, particularly in Salt Lake City and Carbon County. The material here includes ledgers, minute books and financial records of these lodges, and an odd assortment of paraphenalia usually related in some way.

By far the most material is found on the Stella d'America Lodge No.77 in Helper, Utah and is fairly complete, containing detailed minute books of lodge meetings and other, usually financial, affairs from 1920 to 1970. The financial records of the lodge are nearly complete for the period between 1920 and 1970, and the collection also contains two early copies of the "Statuto E Regolamento".

A second collection revolves around a few of the Societa Italiana Cristoforo Colombo organizations that existed in Utah around the turn of the century. Most of the items appear to be from such societies in Sunnyside, Utah, but there is one extensive record book from a society in Salt Lake City, and a medal from another in Bingham Canyon.

These societies sprang up a quasi-relief organizations for Italian members, other Italians, and in some cases, other workers. Most of them reflect the intent found behind the letterhead of one society found in this collection: "Societa Italiana de Mutuo Soccorso Benneficia Cristoforo Colombo".

The Columbian Federation grew out of a coalition of these societies, and for that reason, the financial records of that organization from 1974 to 1977 are included in this collection.

A third collection involves the parish of Notre Dame de Lourdes in Price, Utah, and the monsignor of that church in the 1920s and 1930s, Alfredo F. Giovanni. Programs from the church's golden anniversary and the Monsignor's silver jubilee and investiture as Cameriere Segreto are included along with Italian copies of mass and inspiration.

A fourth portion is concerned with the trial of Charles Demolli, a United Mine Workers strike organizer in Price in 1903, who was charged with writing obscene articles in Colorado in 1904. This collection includes copies of the trial documents (complaints, affidavits and verdicts, etc.), and copies of the newspaper Il Lavoratore Italiano, published in Trinidad, Colorado.

The final portion is that of the National Italian-American Civic League in Utah; a later organization designed to promote patriotism to the United States and camraderie between Italian-Americans. The items here are rather sketchy, and the gist of the collection is given over to a sampling of programs from the All-State Italian Day from 1934 to 1974. Also included in the collection are two Italian newspapers from different parts of the country with articles relating to business conducted by the Salt Lake City chapter of the League.

Much of this material is written in Italian. The dividing line between records kept in the language of the old country and records kept in English seems to be around 1945 to 1950. The early records in Italian appear to be very legible, but a working knowledge of the Italian language is needed.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Materials must be used on-site; advanced noticed suggested. Access to parts of this collection may be restricted under provisions of state or federal law.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The Italian Archives (1897-1978) has been set up primarily according to priority of value to the researcher. Subjects have been grouped according to similarities. Within each subject collection, series of documents relating to one another, where found, are in chronological order. Miscellaneous items are found at the end of each portion, or, if they can be dated, are set in with the order of the collection. Where possible, the development of the subject of each collection, in terms of growth, events, or history, has been recognized in the organization. The scattered nature of the collection prevents any really consistant chronology or tight organizational pattern, however.

Acquisition Information :  

Donated by Walter E. Borla in 1965 and 1978.

Processing Note :  

Processed by Joseph Manzione and Marlene Lewis in 1980.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Inventories and Donations, Stella d' America Lodge No. 77, 1898-1970
1 Correspondence
Letters between Ralph Thompson, director of the University of Utah Archives, and Walter L. Borla, the Secretary of the Stella d' America Lodge No.77 in Helper, Utah. The letters are in regards to the donation of lodge materials and records to the archives.
2 Newspaper Article
"Italian Lodge Decries Article", in the newspaper, January 11, 1978, Price, Utah. The article relates to the decision of the Stella d'America Lodge in Helper, Utah to donate historical lodge records to the archives of the University of Utah.
3 Notarianni Inventory
Inventory sheets on materials collected by Phil Notarianni.
4 "Statuto E Regolamento"
Two copies from January 15, 1898, in Italian.
5 Membership and Application Forms
Filled out with member's names and vital information. Approximately thirty forms.
1 Minutes
Minutes of lodge meetings from February 22, 1920 to June 5, 1927. Entries are in Italian.
2 Minutes
Minutes of lodge meetings from July 3, 1927 to April 6, 1941. Entries are in Italian.
3 Minutes
Minutes of lodge meetings from May 4, 1941 to February 5, 1970. Entries until 1950 are in Italian, thereafter, entries are in English.
4 Member Accounts
Ledger of individual member accounts and dues.

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Stella d' America Lodge No. 77 and Societa Italiana Cristoforo Colombo, 1897-1977
1-2 Record Books
Records of the Financial Secretary and a general record book on subsidies paid to lodge members for illnesses or injuries from the Stella d' America Lodge.
3 Journal
Journal of financial activities which is an account of various special expenditures for lodge activities and projects for the Stella d' America Lodge.
1 Financial Statements
Income and expenditures for the lodge.
2 Cancelled Checks
Checks from F. Bertolino drawn on the Double Rock Store, to three members of the lodge.
3 Constituzione della Societa di Mutuo Soccorso
4 Ritual
Ritual of the Christopher Columbus Lodge and the Constituzione E Legge.
4 Minute Book
Minutes, in Italian, of the "Sailors of Columbus" in Sunnyside, Utah.
5 Record Book
Records and minutes of the Christopher Columbus lodge in Salt Lake City.

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Societa Italiana Cristoforo Colombo, Notre Dame de Lourdes, Carbon County Mine Strike of 1903, National Italian-American Civic League, 1904-1977
1 Columbian Federation
Post-convention report for the third quarter of 1974. A financial record of income and expenditures for the Salt Lake City and Utah chapters.
2 Columbian Federation
General Fund and Mortuary Fund income tabulations of assets and expenditures.
3 Medals
Societa Italiana de Cristoforo Columbus, Salt Lake City, Utah and Societa Italiana, Bingham Canyon, Utah.
4 Societa Italiana de Mutuo Soccorso Beneficia Cristoforo Colombo
This folder contains letterhead.
5 Fratellanza Minatori
Photocopy of a lodge badge from Sunnyside, Utah.
6 Golden Anniversary
Program for the anniversary of the Notre Dame de Lourdes parish, in Price, Utah.
7 Investiture
Program for the Investiture of Monsignor Alfredo F. Giovanni as Cameriere Segreto, in Salt Lake City.
8 Silver Jubilee
Program for the celebration of the Silver Jubilee of Monsignor Alfredo F. Giovanni.
9 Massime Eterne
10 Parole di Vita Eterne
11 Rosary
12 Complaint
Earl M. Evanston, United States District Attorney for Colorado: Sworn complaint pertaining to published articles allegedly written by Charles Demolli and two others. The complaint, of which two copies are included, had to do with obscenity.
13 "Exhibit 4"
The article allegedly authored by Demolli concerning the antics of a prostitute named "Polly Pry" and her betrayal of unionism. Cover sheet is labeled "Exhibit 1", not included.
14 Affidavit of Charles Demolli
Affidavit wherein Demolli offers defense against the charges brought against him.
15 Verdict
"United States vs John Simpson, et. al., First Count as to Charles Demolli"
16 Il Lavoratore Italiano
Copies of this Italian newspaper from Trinidad, Colorado, pertaining to the Demolli trial.
17 National Italian-American Civic League Name List 1935
18 Certificate of Participation
Certificate for the Utah "Days of '47 Parade" for the National Italian-American Civic League.
19-20 All-State Italian Day
These folders contain souvenir programs.
21 Newspapers
Italian-American newspapers containing articles pertaining to the Salt Lake City chapter of the National Italian-American Civic League.

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  • Corporate Names :
  • National Italian-American Civic League
  • Notre Dame de Lourdes (church : Price, Utah)
  • Societa Italiana Cristoforo Colombo
  • Stella d'America Lodge No.77 (Helper, Utah)
  • Subject Terms :
  • Italian American newspapers
  • Italian Americans--Utah--Societies, etc

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