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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Atherton, George H. (George Harry), 1920-1987.
Title: George H. Atherton Papers
Dates: 1937-1979 ( inclusive )
1970-1979 ( bulk )
Quantity: 1.8 cubic feet, including 16 photos (2 boxes)
Collection Number: MSS Atherton
Summary: The George H. Atherton Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Atherton in his work as a forest products researcher and teacher. Atherton was a research engineer with the Oregon Forest Products Laboratory from 1950 to 1961, when he became a Forest Products professor at Oregon State University.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries
Special Collections & Archives Research Center

121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-4501
Phone: 541-737-2075

Languages: Materials in English. 

Biographical Note

George H. Atherton was a faculty member in Forest Products at Oregon State University from 1961 until his retirement in 1982; he was honored by the forestry students as an outstanding teacher with the Aufderheide Award. Atherton earned his BS (1950) and MS (1966) degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State. From 1950 until 1961, Atherton was a research engineer with the Oregon Forest Products Laboratory; he was in charge of milling and engineering for the laboratory in 1954-1961. His research specialties included heat transfer and timber mechanics.

As a Professor of Forest Products he taught upper-level courses, including Forest Products 321 and 422 on the mechanical properties of wood and wood products; supervised graduate students; participated in various short courses and seminars concerning veneer and lumber drying, as well as timber construction; and conducted research projects.

Content Description

The George H. Atherton Papers consist of materials created or assembled by Atherton in his work as a forest products researcher and teacher. These include student projects and reference files.

The student projects are papers written by students in Atherton's mechanical properties course (Forest Products 422) during the 1970s. A subject index and list of the papers is included with the collection. The papers represent substantive research projects and address the mechanical properties of solid wood, veneer, wood composites, laminates, and other wood products; interactions and effects between wood products and various fasteners, such as nails, staples, and screws; paper manufacture, include the effect of recycle pulp; and the effects of moisture, drying temperature, and chemical treatments on the mechanical properties of wood products.

The reference files pertain to Atherton's research on heat transfer and timber mechanics and include reports, reprints, and publications; correspondence; research data; testing equipment manuals; and related documentation.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation :  

George H. Atherton Papers, Oregon State University Special Collections & Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The George H. Atherton Papers are arranged in 2 series: I. Student Reports, 1970-1979 and II. Reference Materials, 1937-1976.

Processing Note :  

Evaluations and grades of student papers have been redacted.

Acquisition Information :  

The papers were transferred by the Forest Products Department to the Archives in 1999.

Related Materials :  

A biographical file for Atherton is available in the College of Forestry Records (RG 139). The Forest Products Department Records (RG 003) include extensive documentation of forest products research and teaching at Oregon State. The Archives' collections include the papers of several other forest products faculty, including S.E. Corder, Leif Espenas, Douglas W. Glennie, Robert. D. Graham, and James W. Johnson. The August Rauch Collection documents Rauch's wood products research.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Student Reports, 1970-1979

Contains student project reports from 1970-1979 from the Department of Forest Products at Oregon State University taught by George Atherton. Series is arranged alphabetically by author names and contains a bibliography and index for class reports.

1 Bibliography – Student Reports and Index through 1979, 1979
Cross-reference index for class reports.
1 Mark R. Arslan. An Evaluation of the Relationship between Torsional Modules of Rigidity and Modulus of Rupture in Bending for Douglas-Fir Dimension Lumber, 1978
1 Jon C. Atherton. Effect of Species, Load and Load Cycling on Slip in Nailed Wood Joints, 1979
1 Michael J. Bauman. Evaluation of Euler’s Formula for Predicting Critical Buckling Loads in Wood Columns, 1978
1 Kurt Barats. Direct Withdrawal Resistance of Screws in Medium Density Fiberboard, 1978
1 Jack W. Berka. The Effect of the Span-Depth Ratio on the Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Rigidity for Douglas-fir Box Beams, 1976
1 Bruce W. Bevard. Study of Density Variation in Hardboard Using X-Radiation, 1970
1 Philip R. Biencourt. Effect of Size and Location of Knots on the Bending Properties of Douglas-fir Studs, 1979
1 John Boothe. The Effect of Fumigants at Three Temperatures on the Stiffness and Bending Strength of Douglas-fir Heartwood, 1976
1 Wayne E. Borgersen. The Effect of Time on Interlayer Slip of Plywood by Two-by Four and Fiberboard to Two-by-Four Nailed Joints, 1976
1 Stephen D. Browning. Prediction of Strength and Stiffness of a Glued Laminated Beam from Properties of Cores Taken From the Laminations of the Beam, 1975
1 Nicholas E. Bush. Direct and Lateral Resistance of Power-Driven Nails and Staples in Clear Douglas-fir, 1971
1 Christopher S. Carter. Determination of Moduli of Elasticity, Rupture, and Rigidity for Insulation Board, 1974
1 John R. Cheeseman. Effect of Glueline Thickness on Shear and Tensile Properties of a Wood Composite, 1975
1 Jon Chrysler. Is there a Difference in Bending Strength between Heartwood and Sapwood of Douglas-fir Veneer?, 1970
1 Michael W. Clausen, Effect of Specimen Depth on Modulus of Elasticity in Clear Douglas-fir, 1973
1 Robert J. Colella. Evaluation of the Slip Moduli of Three Plywood-To-Wall Stud Fastening Systems, 1973
1 Joseph Coussens, Effects of Grade and Thickness Variations in Douglas-Fir Plywood on Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity and Shear Strength, 1976
1 Douglas L. Crandall. The Screw-Holding Strength of Particleboard, 1977
1 Gary A. Deeke. Accuracy of Euler's Formula in the Prediction of Critical Load on Axially-Loaded Slender Columns, 1970
1 Greg Dickson. Specific Gravity, Percent Summerwood, and Ring Count, as Predictors of Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Rupture, 1974
1 Edward C. Dierling. The Effect of Fomes Pini on the Bending Strength and Stiffness of Clear Douglas-fir, 1970
1 Mark C Dohrmann. Predicting Residual Strength and Stiffness of a Large Glued-Laminated Beam from Small Specimens Sawn from the Beam, 1975
1 Michael B. Donivan. Strength of Furniture Joint vs. Furniture Joint Design, 1975
1 Tom Eby. The Effect of Density, Thickness and Board Location on Bending Strength, Stiffness and Internal Bond Strength of Commercially Produced Particleboard, 1977
1 Jon E. Edens. The Effects of Nail Spacing, Nailing Angle, and Joints on Interlayer Slip, in Plywood Sheating—Two-By-Four Construction, 1975
1 Keith Ehrensing. The Effect of Screw Size on Direct Screw Withdrawal Strength of Particleboard, 1970
1 Bruce H. Erickson. Comparative Tests of Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Rupture Between Clear Wood Sapwood Produced Beyond an Occluded Knot and Clear Wood Sapwood Developed Between Nodes of a 27 Year Old Douglas-fir, 1970
1 Thomas C. Ewen. A Comparison of the Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity, Plywood Glue Line Shear Strength, and Percent Wood Failure on One Half Inch 3-Ply, 4-Ply, and 5-Ply Plywoods, 1971
1 Virgilio A. Fernandez. Effect of Fire-Retardant Treatments on the Strength and Stiffness of Small Douglas-fir Beams, undated
1 David F. Flaming. Effects of Specific Gravity, Depth of Penetration, and Grain Direction on the Direct Withdrawal Resistance of Nails, 1976
1 Charles Geissel. Effect of Depth in Small Clear Beams on Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity and Modulus of Rigidity, 1974
1 Mark A. Gillies. Work Done in FP 422 Mechanical Properties II, 1978
1 Dennis M. Golik. Dynamic Modulus of Elasticity Measured by Flexural Vibration as a Cantilever as a Predictor of Modulus of Rupture for Clear Western Hemlock, 1972
1 Stephen W. Griffith. Effect of Head Speed, Span, and Thickness on Strength and Stiffness of Hardboard, 1979
1 Mark Grube. The Comparison of the Strength Properties of Three Construction Panels, 1979
1 David Haas. Effect of Use of Recycled Pulp on the Properties of Bleached Douglas-fir Kraft Paper, 1979
1 Jim Hallstrom. Development of a Non-Destructive Testing Method for Unseasoned Douglas-fir Scaffold Plank, 1973
1 Kerry A. Hart. A Comparison of MOR and MOE of Dry Douglas-fir 2 x 4 Studs from Peeler Cores and Small Logs with Studs from the Outer Part of Larger Logs, undated
Includes 2 color prints
1 John H. Hatton. Effect of Long Term Water Soak on Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity in Particleboard Underlayment, 1970
1 Guy G. Helsing. The Effect of Three Fumigants on Stiffness and Strength of Douglas-fir Heartwood, 1973
1 Jim Herold. Direct Withdrawal Resistance of 1¼” Helically Grooved Nails Compared with 1¼” Flathead Screws in Douglas-Fir and White Oak, 1973
1 Mark Hollaender. Comparing Nails and Screws and Investigating the Effect of Load Levels and Load Cycling on Interlayer Slip, 1979
1 Robert K. Horton. The Effect of Beating and Sheet Weight on the Strength Properties of Kraft Paper, 1970
1 Bill Huff. Modulus of Elasticity Measured by Static and Dynamic Methods as Non-destructive Predictors of Modulus of Rupture, 1976
1 Bob Inwards. The Effect of Vapam (Sodium Methyl Dithiocarbamate) on the Stiffness and Bending Strength of Douglas-fir Heartwood, 1975
1 Gotzsche-Larsen Jens. Determination of Modulus of Rigidity and True Modulus of Elasticity for Three Sizes of Douglas-fir Beams, 1976
1 John A. Johnson. Effect of Machine Direction on Certain Properties of Particleboard Underlayment, 1976
1 David E. Jordan. The Effect of Load Application Direction with Respect to Grain Angle on the Shear Strength of Clear Douglas-fir, 1971
1 Stephen S. Kelly. The Modulus of Elasticity of Particleboard as Effected by Small Span/Depth Ratios, 1977
1 Nancy Klink. The Effects of Thickness, Frequency, and Sound Pressure Level on the Sound Transmission Loss of Three Materials Commonly Used in Building Construction, 1978
1 Chuck L. Kroeger. Comparison of Utility-Grade Englemann Spruce Two-By-Four Stud Strength Ratios Determined by Three Different Methods, 1973
1 David G. Langland. Effect of Beating Time, Basis Weight, and Test Span on Some Paper Properties, 1977
1 Daniel J. Lewis. The Mechanical Properties of Hardboard as Affected by Orzan, 1977
1 Gray S. Likins. Moduli of Elasticity Determined by Three Methods as a Predictor of Modulus of Rupture for Clear Douglas-fir Studs, 1977
1 Jim Lyman. Variation of Modu1us of Elasticity in ½" Plywood With Respect to Specimen Size, 1976
1 Edward J. McLaughlin Jr. Special Term Report on Activities in Mechanical Properties Tim Marcy, Moisture Content and How It Effects the Strength and Stiffness of Wood in Bending, 1974
Includes 4 b/w prints
1 Norman Marrs. Effect of Fiberglass Lamination on the Strength of Small Clear Wood Specimens, 1970
1 Greg W. Miller. Strength and Stiffness of Composite I Beams with Structural Particleboard Webs and Solid Wood Flanges, 1975
1 Arjen A. Morks. Effects of Accelerated Aging Methods on the Properties of Plywood, 1978
1 Michael E. Murphy. The Effect of Preservative Treatments on the Withdrawal Resistance of Three Nail Types in Douglas-fir, 1978
1 Scott Nebinger. Tension Strength and Stiffness of Nailed or Glued Truss Plate End-Joints, 1977
Includes 2 b/w prints
1 Bradley J. Nutting. Comparison of Bending Properties of Peeler Core-Cut and Log-Cut Studs, 1979
1 Jerry Obendorf. Creep and Recovery in Particleboard as Affected by Relative Humidity, 1970
Includes 5 b/w prints
1 Edward W. Olson. Effect of Redrying on the Bending Properties of Veneer, 1979
1 Gregg T. Perry. Effect of Moisture Contents Below Fiber Saturation Point on Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity in Two Specific Gravity Classes of Flat-Grain Western Hemlock, 1971
1 Larry Phillips. Accuracy of Eulers Formula in the Prediction of Critical Load on Axially Loaded Slender Columns, 1971
1 James L. Ployhar. The Effect of High Temperature on the Strength of Two Northwest Softwoods, 1979
1 Mark Powers. A Study of the Strength Properties of Hole-Incised Dimension Lumber, 1979
1 Jerry Premo. The Effect of Moisture Content on Direct Withdrawal of Common Wire Nails in Western Hemlock, 1971
1 Rod L. Remington. The Effect of Finger Joints on the Tensile Strength of Douglas-fir 2” x 4”, 1970
1 Stephen Renn. The Effects of Nail Size, Plywood Thickness, and Edge Distance on Nail Strength and Joint Slip of Plywood-Solid Wood Joints, 1976
1 Johan Rering. Flexural Properties of a Particleboard Wood-Veneer Composite, 1977
1 Eric R. Schild. The Strength of Nail, Screw, and Glue Joints Using Ponderosa Pine, Douglas-fir Plywood, and Particleboard, 1978
1 Glenn Schroeder. Relationships Between Specific Gravity, Hardness, Modulus of Elasticity, and Modulus of Rupture in Clear Douglas-fir, 1971
1 Randall Scott. Predicting Plywood Strength and Stiffness from Veneer Strength and Stiffness, 1970
1 Michael K. Seeds. A Comparison of Modulus of Rupture, Modulus of Elasticity, Shear Strength, and Percent Wood Failure of Three Different Types of One-Half Inch Exterior-Grade Douglas-fir Plywood, 1975
1 Thomas H. Sheffield. An Experiment to Examine the Effect of Freezing Temperatures on the Bending Properties of Solid Wood, 1979
1 Tom Shuford. Effect of Resin Impregnated Lead Holes on Direct Screw Withdrawal Resistance, 1970
Includes 3 b/w prints
1 Michael A. Sigman. Particleboard Properties as a Function of Location Within a Hot Press, 1978
1 Ray Slaughter. Evaluating the Effect of Drying Temperature of Rotary-Cut Veneers on Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity of 3/8" Douglas-Fir Plywood, 1971
1 Harry R. Sondag. A Comparison of Two Methods of Accelerated Aging of Particle Board by Means of Modulus of Rupture, 1971
1 Robert Neal Stephen. Comparison of Bending Strength, Stiffness and Internal Bond Strength for Two Types of Structural and One Industrial-Grade Particleboard, 1975
1 John W. Stermer. The Determination of True Modulus of Elasticity of Douglas-fir and Coast Hemlock 2x6's, 1979
1 Glenn Schroeder. Derivations Design, 1973
2 George R. Tietze. Effect of Stress Level of the Creep of Three Types of Composite Boards, 1979
2 Larry C. Tinker. Prediction of Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity of Small Clear Specimens from Properties of Increment Cores, 1974
2 Charles R. Turner. Correlation of Circular Saw Power Requirements with Wood Specific Gravity Variations and Saw Feed Rate, 1976
2 David Underriner. Specific Gravity, Ring Count, and Percent Summerwood as Indicators of Strength in Douglas-fir, 1979
2 James S. Vahrenwald. Analysis of Visual Strength Ratio, Actual Strength Ratio, Specific Gravity and Modulus of Elasticity as Predictors of Modulus of Rupture, 1976
2 Cle Wade. The Effect of Starch and Refining Time on Tensile Stretch, Tensile Energy Absorption, Bursting Strength and MOE in Bending of Paper, 1975
2 Brian A. Wagner. Thickness, Density and Machine Direction and Their Effects on Bending Properties, 1977
2 Tim Wall. Effect of Span Width, and Method of Loading on Modulus of Elasticity of Plywood, 1973
2 Mark Watson. The Effect of Stress Level and Thickness Upon the Creep Properties of Particleboard From Two Different Sources, 1978
2 Andrew F. Winkle. The Effect of Incising on Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity of Douglas-fir, 1971
2 Walter M. Wirfs. Effect of Impact on Modulus of Rupture and Modulus of Elasticity of Urea-formaldehyde Bonded Douglas-Fir Particle Board, 1973

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Series II:  Reference Materials, 1937-1976

Contains correspondence, research data, reports, testing equipment manuals and related documentation pertaining to forest products. The bulk of the items in this series are related documentation and testing equipment manuals.

2 Bark, Volume, and Specific Gravities (Lodewick), 1957
2 Bark Specific Gravity and Moisture Content, 1951
2 Barometer, 1937-1959
Related Documentation
2 Connectors, undated
Research Data
2 Combustion of Wood, 1958-1962
Related Documentation
2 Chips-Springfield Survey 20c, 1954
2 CO2 vs. XSAIR and Stack Temp VSXS, 1956
Related Documentation
2 Corrosion and Deterioration of Wood in Contact with Iron Plus Other Corrosion, 1962-1964
Research Data
2 Deflectometer – Test Mach. Specs., undated
Related Documentation
2 DIAPH. Test Apparatus 45KI, Redesign of, 1960
Research Data
2 ERROTC in DEFL. RDGS when Using 8” x 6 ½” WF Beam in Test Machine and New 15” Deep I-Beam, 1966
Research Data
2 High-Temp. Veneer Drying Apparatus, 1966
Research Data
2 Floor Test Apparatus, 1963
Research Data
2 Shrinkage Measurement Apparatus, 1963
Research Data
2 Cap Test Mold, 1959
Research Data
2 Diaphragm Test Apparatus, 1960
Research Data
2 Heat Pump, 1948-1960
Related Documentation
2 Ignition, Charring Temp., Wood, 1949-1967
2 Impregnator, 1952
Research Data
2 5/4 and 4/4 Joists, 1962
Research Data
2 Log Scale vs. FT3, Vol. of Stumps, 1953
Related Documentation
2 ALTEC – Microphone, 1954-1959
Testing Equipment Manual
2 MOE Calc. From Slope – 60,000 Test Mach., undated
Related Documentation
2 Reeves Drives, 1951
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Roots Blower, 1948
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Sanborn Recorder Schaevitz, Gages etc, 1963-1965
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Sanborn Recorder Manual, 1962-1964
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Shrinkage, Swelling, undated
Related Documentation
2 Steel Strength Variation, 1954
Related Documentation
2 Steel-Wood Joist-Stud, Cost Compare, 1972
Related Documentation
2 Strain Gages, 1960-1961
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Temp. Meas. Instr., 1949-1964
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Test Grips (Two Different Sets), 1964-1965
Research Data
2 Temp. Recorder Specs, GE-Also Range Change Kit, 1959-1967
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Thermal Expansion of Wood, 1960
Related Documentation
2 Thermal Properties of Wood (List of Duplications) USFPL, 1961
Related Documentation
2 Temperature Measurement, 1948-1951
Related Documentation
2 Veneer – Heated, 1960
Related Documentation
2 Vibration Insulators and Vibrators, 1954-1960
Related Documentation
2 Floor Vibration Meas., 1969-1974
Testing Equipment Manual
2 Weighing Devices, 1951-1952
Test Equipment Manual
2 Wood, Slabs, Cubic Vol. Rel., Also Bark on Slab, 1954
Related Documentation
2 INSTRON – Inst. Manuals, 1964-1971
Testing Equipment Manual
2 INSTRON – New Machines, 1976
Testing Equipment Manual

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    • Lumber--Drying.
    • Veneers and veneering.
    • Wood--Mechanical properties.
    • Wood--Testing.
    • Wood--Thermal properties.
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      • Oregon Forest Products Laboratory.
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      • Oregon State University. Forest Research Laboratory.

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