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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Del Valle, Pedro A. (Pedro Augusto), 1893-1978
Title: Pedro Del Valle papers
Dates: 1949-1978 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 9.0 linear feet (7 containers)
Collection Number: Coll 126
Summary: Pedro A. Del Valle (1893-1978) was a Lieutenant General in the United States Marine Corps and commanded the 1st Marine Division in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. After the war he became Inspector General for the Marine Corps and Director of Personnel until his retirement. The collection includes incoming and outgoing correspondence, articles written by Del Valle, Speeches by Del Valle, Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated, miscellaneous materials and the book he wrote, Semper Fidelis.
Repository: University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.
Contact Information: UO Libraries--SPC, 1299
University of Oregon
Eugene OR
Telephone: 541-346-3068
Fax: 541-346-3485
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
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Historical Note

Pedro Augusto Del Valle was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico on August28, 1893. He was educated at public schools in the city of Baltimore and graduate from the Mercersburg Academy at Mercersburg, Pennsylvania in 1910. Del Valle entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis and graduated with a B.S. degree in 1915, the same year in which he married Katherine Marchand Nelson. His professional training after his graduation for the Naval Academy included attendance at the Marine Corps School in 1928-1929, and the Army War College during 1937-1938.

Del Valle's career was in the United States Marine Corps where he rose to the rank of Lieutenant General and commanded the 1st Marine Division in the Pacific Theater of Operations during World War II. After the war, in 1946, he became Inspector General of the Marine Corps and Director of Personnel until his retirement in January 1948. Following his military service, Del Valle accepted a position as vice-president of International Telephone and Telegraph, and traveled, with Mrs. Del Valle, to twenty-six countries with periods of residence in Italy, Spain, and Argentina. In 1952, he retired from ITT in order to devote his energies to a defense of his beliefs in American ideals. The following year, in 1953, Del Valle, working closely with Colonel Matthew O. McKeon, Gordon Small, and Josephine Powell Beaty, organized the Defenders of the American Constitution (DAC).

Chartered in Washington, D.C. and dedicated to defend the ideals of patriotism, constitutionalism, and Christian society, the DAC was a non-profit, educational organization. Under its auspices, Del Valle produced two publications, Task Force and Alert. The former was a regular paper, which carried articles about national security, and constitutional matters, while the latter publication, usually a single sheet, attempted to clarify the specific context of actions by governmental agencies.

In addition to his work on behalf of DAC, Del Valle game active support to other conservative organizations such as the National Economic Council, Christian Crusade, National Youth Alliance, the Committee to Restore the Constitution, and Liberty Lobby. He died in 1978.

Content Description

The collection consists primarily of correspondence. Since Del Valle received the majority of all correspondence of the Defenders of the American Constitution, it has been organized under his name without separate major working files for the organization itself. Also the correspondence had been divided into an outgoing section, organized chronologically and an incoming section, organized alphabetically. Deficiencies in the outgoing files occur in the periods 1952-1953, 1968-1969, 1971, and 1974. Those need to be remedied by reference to the papers of other officers of the DAC.

Incoming files of note include those from C. B. Baker of Youth Action; Sally Ballard of Citizens for America Committee; Josephine Powell Beaty of the DAC and other organizations; Ted Billings of the National Constitution; Olga Butterworth; Frank Capell of the Herald for Freedom; Willis Carto and Curtis Dall of Liberty Lobby; Imogene Cashmore; Richard Cotton of Conservative Viewpoint; M. Hendrix Davis, Jr., of the Texas Committee for the Constitution; Schuyler Ferris; Theodore Jackman; Charles P. Krause; Archibald Roberts of the Committee to Restore the Constitution; various directors of the Nations Economic Council; Thomas P. Serpico; and John C. Williams of the Texas Voters for the Constitution. The letters are inventoried as direct letters, copies, third part letters, and miscellaneous enclosures.

Articles and speeches by Del Valle and publication by the DAC, which are very incomplete, are organized at the end of the collection. Also included is a copy of Del Valle's autobiography, Semper Fidelis with an introduction by Curtis Dall.

The collection includes four portraits of officers, identified, and four images from a social gathering in a tropical location by Estudio Eldorado, 1940s. The military portraits are accompanied by a letter to General del Valle by Norman H. Jenkins, 1968, referencing political concerns.

Use of the Collection

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If a researcher finds sensitive personal information in a collection, please bring it to the attention of the reading room staff.

Preferred Citation :  

[Identification of item], Pedro A. Del Valle Papers, Coll 126, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Collection is organized into the following series:

Series: Correspondence Outgoing

Series: Correspondence Incoming

Series: Articles Written by Del Valle

Series: Speeches by Del Valle

Series: Defender of the American Constitution, Incorporated

Series: Miscellaneous

Series: Semper Fidelis by Del Valle

Series: Photographs

Acquisition Information :  

Gift of Pedro Del Valle in 1970.

Processing Note :  

Collection processed by processing staff, May 1979.

This finding aid may be updated periodically to account for new acquisitions to the collection and/or revisions in arrangement and description.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Correspondence, Outgoing
1 Correspondence 1949-1950
1 Correspondence 1951
1 Correspondence 1954-1962
1 Correspondence 1963
1 Correspondence 1964
1 Correspondence 1965
1 Correspondence 1966
1 Correspondence January 1967-June 1967
1 Correspondence July 196-December 1967
1 Correspondence 1968
1 Correspondence January 1970-April 1970
1 Correspondence May 1970-August 1970
1 Correspondence September 1970-December 1970
1 Correspondence 1971
1 Correspondence January 1972-February 1972
1 Correspondence March 1972-May 1972
1 Correspondence June 1972-July 1972
1 Correspondence August 1972-September 1972
1 Correspondence October 1972-December 1972
1 Correspondence January 1973-February 1973
1 Correspondence March 1973-April 1973
1 Correspondence May 1973-June 1973
1 Correspondence July 1973-August 1973
1 Correspondence September 1973-December 1973
2 Correspondence 1974
2 Correspondence January 1975-March 1975
2 Correspondence April 1975-June 1975
2 Correspondence July 1975-September 1975
2 Correspondence October 1975-December 1975
2 Correspondence January 1976-March 1976
2 Correspondence April 1976-June 1976
2 Correspondence July 1976-September 1976
2 Correspondence October 1976-December 1976
2 Correspondence January 1977-March 1977
2 Correspondence April 1977-June 1977
2 Correspondence July 1977-September 1977
2 Correspondence October 1977-December 1977
2 Correspondence 1978
2 Correspondence undated

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Correspondence, Incoming
3 Action Moral Standards
3 Adams, Leslie
3.0 letters
3 Adams, R. D. (Conservatives for a constitutional Convention)
3 Adams, Steven B.
3 Adamson, Lee J. (Liberty Line)
3 Agnew, Spiro T.; and aides
3 Ahearne, Michael
3 Albert, F. C., Mrs.
3 Aldinger, Albert H.
3 Alexander, William
3 Alkoto Magyar (Geza Korda, publisher and editor)
3 Allen, Robert S. (Noth American Newspaper Alliance)
3 Alton, Joseph W., Jr.
3 Amber, Richard D.
3 American Plus, Incorporated (Aldrich Blake, Irvin Borders)
3 The American Academy of Political and Social Science
3 American Association for Justice (John G. Crommelin; P. A. Del Valle; Marque O. Nelson; Clyde J. Watts)
See also: George Washington
3 American Challenge
See Marritt Newby
3 American Coalition of Patriotic Societies, Incorporated. (Milton M. Lory; Madalene D. Leetch; John B. Trevor, Jr.; Mrs. James H Williams)
3 American Defense Preparedness Association (Henry A. Miley, Jr.)
3 American Educational League (William T. Huston)
3 American Flag Committee (Henry W. MacFarland)
3 The American Legion (editorial offices)
3 The American Mercury (Russell Maguire)
3 The American Party (Tom Anderson; Mark Andrews)
3 American Security Council (John M. Fisher)
3 Americanism Educational League (William E. Fort, Jr. )
3 Americans Against Union Control of Government (Ralph de Toledano)
3 Americas Future, Incorporated (R. K. Scott)
3 Ancell, Robert M., Jr.
3 Anderson, Marvin H.
3 Andrews, John R.
3 Andor, Anton W.
3 Annapolis Maryland March for Victory (Mrs. R. R. van Dyck)
3 Anne Arundel Community College (Robert P. Ludlum, president)
3 Ansel, Eleanor
3 Aplington, Henry, II
3 App, Austin J. (Boniface Press, Maryland)
3 Armsby, Raymond
3 The Army and Navy Club (James C. Magee, Jr.)
3 Arroyo, Alfredo R.
3 Asbury Theological Seminary (Gilbert James)
3 Ashbrook, John M. (Conservative Victory Fund)
3 The Association for State Government (Mildred E. Brush)
3 The Augustan Society (Ronald W. Leggett, secretary)
3 Austin, Abe L.
3 Autuori, Vincent A.
3 Aviles, Jacinto
3 Aydt, Arthur E.
3 Bacon, David
3 Bailey, R. J.
3 Baker, David B.
3 Baker, Thomas L.
3 Ballard, Helen Eudora
3 Bardeche, M. (Defense de l'Occident)
3 Bare, Robert, Mrs.
3 Barlow, William E. (Vision)
3 Barrett, Richard (America's Victory Force)
3 Bart, Edward L.
3 Barthro, Alfred J.
3 Barton, Walter E.
3 Bauman, Robert E.
3 Bayh, Birch
3 Bearden, Clyde
3 Beazley, J. Willard
3 Becher, Walter
3 Behn, Sosthenes
3 Benitez R, Manuel F.
3 Benson, Al, Jr.
3 Benton, William
3 Berger, S. S.
3 Berry, James M.
3 Berry, Thomas E.
3 Beter, Peter (American Patriot's Committee)
3 Bibb, Eugene Sharp
3 Bird, Allan
3 Birk, William
3 Blake, Robert
3 Baker, C. B. (youth Action)
3 Ballard, Sally (Citizens for America Committee; Nitty Gritty)
3 Beall, J. Gleen, Jr. (MC)
3 Beaty, Josephine Powell
3 Billings, Ted (The National Constitution)
3 Boe, John Oliver (Everglades Publishing Company)
3 Bowdoin, George E.
3 Bracken, Jeffery
3 Brada, George
3 Brewster, Daniel B.
3 Bricker, John W.
3 Briden, Derrell C.
3 Bristow, Robert I., Mrs.
3 Brooksbank, H. B., Mrs.
3 Brown, Alexander H.
3 Brown, B. J.
3 Brown, B. Roy
3 Brown, Dan H., II
3 Brown, Dan H., II, Mrs.
3 Brown, Nat I. (Sherman Rogers; Brewster Morris; Veterans Christian Union)
3 Brown, William H. (Fisher and Beatty, Attorneys)
3 Brumback, Oscar (U.S. Voters)
3 Brunner, F. R.
3 Bugge, Jerry
3 Burgess, B. Edward
3 Burke, Thomas
3 Buster, Edna D.
3 Butterworth, Wally
3 Byrd, Harry F.
3 Byron, Goodloe E.
3 Brett, Homer (The Military Order of the World Wars; The Mermaid Tavern; The Bretwalda Corporation)
3 Burgess, Massie, October 3, 1958-December 14, 1975
3 Burgess, Massie, January 31, 1976-March 3, 1978
3 Butterworth, Olga
3 Byrd, Carl T.
3 Cannon, Curtis W.
3 Capital-Gazette Newspapers (Edward D. Casey)
3 Capital-Gazette Press, Incorporated (Elmer M. Jackson, Jr.)
3 Cardell, Carlton
3 Carden, Jeff
3 Carson, Robert P.
3 Catholic Traditional Movement, Incorporated (Gommar A. De Pauw)
3 Cavalry New Letter (John Monahan)
3 Cavanaugh, John Paul, Mrs.
3 Chakford, William C.
3 Chatten, Ruth M.
3 Chesterton, A. K. (Candour Publishing Company)
3 Chiego, Bernard
3 Chiera, Paul
3 Christian Educational Association (Katherine Littig)
3 Capell, Frank A. (The Herald of Freedom)
3 Cashmore, Imogene October 18, 1971-December 22, 1975
3 Cashmore, Imogene January 7, 1976-March 17, 1978
3 The Christianform (Nicholas T. Nonnenmacher)
3 Christie, Brian D.
3 Christiansen, Bernice
3 Chublarian, Rouben
3 Chruchman, Felicity
3 Churilov, N.
3 The Citizens Civic Committee, Incorporated (Louis G. Marton, counsel)
3 Citizens for American Survival, Incorporated (Edward J. Hatfield, Jr.)
3 The Citizens National Bank of Alexandria (C. C. Brown, President)
3 The Civitan Club (J. Deemus)
3 Clapp, Lawerence C.
3 The Clarion Call (Faye Brice)
3 Clark, Samuel G., Mrs.
3 Clavey, Lynn M.
3 Claxton, Martin Lewis
3 Clay, William L.
3 Clindaniel, Ruth
3 Clopton, Sally Harbough
3 Close, B. E.
3 Close, Forrest
3 Close, Forrest, Mrs. (Kitty)
3 Clow, Ester V., Mrs.
3 Colver, Jay C.
3 Combact Pilots Association (Bill Cooke)
3 Committee of Pan American Policy (Harold Lord Varney)
3 Compania Perunana de Telefonos Limitada (P. J. Quinn)
3 Congress of the Christian States of America (William Roy Bean)
3 Congress of Freedom
3 Constitution Party (Joan van Poperin)
3 The Constitution Party of the State of Washington (W. Frank Horne)
3 Constitution Party, U.S.A. (Fred T. Spangler)
3 The Constitutionalist Assembly of Florida (Donald Webb)
3 Cooperative Building and Loan Association (W. A. Carrington; Thomas T. Pugh, III)
3 Cordon, Guy
3 Council for Statehood (Mrs. Earl Cunningham)
3 Craig, Edith S.
3 Craighead, R. A., II
3 Creel Richard H.
3 Cress, Cronelia van Ness (American Taxpayers Union, Incorporated)
3 Crommelin, John G.
See also American Association for Justice
3 Crowhurst, Norman H.
3 Cuban-American League for Freedom (Tony Solar)
3 Cuffelin, Laurence E.
3 Cunningham, Charles R.
3 Cotton, Richard B. (Conservative Viewpoint; National Documentation Institute)
3 Darlington, Gilbert
3 Davis, Etta Mae
3 Davis, Fred M.
3 Davis, M., Mrs.
3 Davis, Mary
3 Davis, Nord, Jr. (Pardon Me But...)
3 Davis, Virginia
3 Davison, Mary M. (Council for Statehood; Women for Constitutional Government)
3 De Courcy, Kenneth (Review of World Affairs)
3 De Leon, Kenneth R. (The Lebanon Bugle)
3 De Villegas, Diaz
3 Deakin, Hap
3 Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated (S. P. Bart; Eleanor S. Frazier; Leslie T. Hand
See also Gordon S. Small and Matthew McKeon
3 Deiteinger, Roberto
3 Del Valle, Aida
3 Del Valle, Edward M.
3 Del Valle, Manuel A.
3 Delgado, Erasmo
3 Denton, C. L.
3 Destiny: Editorial Letter Service (Howard B Rand)
3 Diem, Gordon Neal
3 Dinsmore, Herman H.
3 Dirksen, Everett McKinley
3 Dall, Curtis Bean (Liberty Lobby)
3 Davis, M. Hendrix, Jr.
3 Davis, M. Hendrix, Jr. (The Texas Committee for the Constitution, Incorporated)
3 De Rugh, Robert B. (Minutemen; Patriotic Party; Biolab Corporation; National Alliance to Keep and Bear Arms; Patriots Inter-Organizational Communication Center)
3 Donner, Robert
3 Doorstep Savannah, Incorporated (Mrs. C. W. Frame)
3 Douglas, Paul H.
3 Dow, Raymond
3 Dowdy, John
3 Dresser, Robert B.
3 Driscoll, H. A.
3 Drummond, Ted
3 Duncan, W. H., Mrs.
3 Dureau, Alines, Mrs.
3 Dureel, Edward
3 Dusenbury, Julian D.
3 Dyer, Leslie B.
3 Du Val, Miles
3 Easton, Glenn
3 Eddy, Ron N.
3 Eggleston, D. M.
3 Eisile, A.
3 Elliott, Roland L. (White House Director of Correspondence)
3 Ellis, Bert
3 Ellsworth, R. A.
3 Emergency Committee to Save the United States Canal Zone (William B. Collier)
3 Emhart, William
3 Engle, Clair
3 Epperson, Glenn Irving
3 Epstein, Julius (The Hoover Institution)
3 Erb, Ray L., Mrs.
3 Ervin, Sam J., Jr.
3 Erwin, Clark ("How-they-Vote")
3 Etter, Freddie Lou
3 Evans, Bill (Sydney Technical College)
3 Everingham, Harry T. (We the People)
4 Fagan, Myron (Cinema Educational Guild, Incorporated)
4 Fannin, Paul
4 Fauver, John W.
4 Feder, Joseph B. Mrs.
4 Federacion Mexicana Anticomunista (Augustin Velazco Garcia; Rafael Rodriguez Lopez)
4 Fennekohl, Arthur C.
4 Ferguson, F. W.
4 Figueroa, Juan Fermin
4 Fillo, Frank
4 Fischer, Marion
4 Fisher, Brenda (The Association for State Government)
4 Fitzpatrick, Billy M.
4 Flaig, Edwin
4 Flett, Austin T.
4 Fling, Carolynn L.
4 Flood, Daniel J.
4 The Florida Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America (George C. T. Remington)
4 Floyd, Andre
4 Ferris, Schuyler
4 Foerhler, Antonio and Edith
4 Folks, Warren H. (Conservatives Citizens Council)
4 Fondo Editorial Latino Americano (Ramon Rodriguez Lopez)
4 Ford, Gerald, R.
4 Foresyth, J. G.
4 Fort, William E.
See also American Educational League
4 Fortigh, William E.
4 Fossland, Art
4 The Foundation for Economic Education, Incorporated (Leonard E. Read)
4 Fowler, C. Lewis (Marantha Bible Seminary)
4 Fox, Bartholomew (Order of the Holy Sepulcher)
4 Fox, Jack
4 Frame, Ross
4 Fancis, Richard Lee
4 Frant, Mike
4 Frear, J. Allen, Jr.
4 Freear, Thomas E., Mrs.
4 The Freeman (Burt Lessen)
4 Freeman, Benjamin H.
4 Freudenberger, Donald C.
4 Friedel, Samuel N.
4 Friends of Senator Thurmond (William D, Clark)
4 French, Katherine
4 Frisbie, Granville K.
4 Fryer, Stanley R. M.
4 Fulbright, J. W.
4 Furr, LaVonne D. (The American Mercury; Washington Observer)
4 Gale, William P.
4 Galvani Lee, Jr. (Stand Up for Property Rights)
4 Gardiner, William
4 Garey, Eugene L.
4 Garland, Christopher, Mrs.
4 Garrity, Devin A. (Devin-Adair Company)
4 Gatta, Dominick
4 Gate, Allan
4 Gaver, Margaret Lee
4 Gayman, Dan (Church of Our Christian Heritage)
4 Gedhart, Gordon W.
4 Genderman, Mildred
4 George Mason University
4 German, Milton J. L.
4 Gierut, Casimir F.
4 Gilbert, Benjamin D., Mrs.
4 Gilbert, Madeline
4 Gill, William J.
4 Gilliland, Virginia
4 Gluck, Arthur Mrs.
4 Goodridge, Luella I.
4 Goodwin, Janet S.
4 Graham, Jane Wedley, Mrs.
4 Graham, Paul G.
4 Grasset, Jorge
4 The Greater Nebraskan (George J. Thomas)
4 Green, Henry
4 Greenways, Jack
4 Gridley, William H.
4 Grieb, Conrad
4 Griffin, Robert P.
4 Grim, Francis
4 Grimer, William R., Jr.
4 Grob, Theodore
4 Guardabassi, Rosalind Woods
4 Guillaume, H.
4 Habig, Helen s. (Council for Statehood)
4 Hagan, J. Anderson
4 Hakes, L. E.
4 Haley, J. Evetts, Mrs.
4 Hall, Howard
4 Hammett, Eugene
4 Hanisch, Florence P.
4 Hardesty, Walter, Mrs.
4 Hargis, Billy James (American Christian College)
4 Haring, E. R.
4 Harkless, Pat (Conservative Viewpoint)
4 Harlan, Mildred
4 Harman, Phillip
4 Harn, Fannie
4 Harris, Frederick M. Mrs.
4 Harris, H. D.
4 Harris, Helen
4 Harris, Thomas J.
4 Harris, Van T., II
4 Harrison, D. T., Mrs.
4 Harrison, W. H.
4 Harvey, J. C.
4 Hasdorff. Christine
4 Hawthorne, Wilmer G.
4 Headden, Bill
4 Heath, Hubert H.
4 Hedeberg, L. Eugene
4 Hedengard, Lars-Goran
4 Heffernan, Paul
4 Heinsohn, A. G., Jr. (Cherokee Textile Mills)
4 Helms, Jesse
4 Helvestear, Frank III
4 Henderickson, Robert C.
4 Henning, John
4 Herold, Milton
4 Herrick, Michael
4 Herring, C. A.
4 Herrstrom, W. D.
4 Hess, Wolf Rudiger
4 Hevert, Charles
4 Hicks, Ronald J.
4 Hightower, Thom
4 Hill, Harry E., Jr.
4 Hillenketter, Raphea
4 Hindman, Jo
4 Historic Annapolis (Mrs. J. J. P. Wright)
4 Hitchings, John L.
4 Hoerner, M. Tischer
4 Hogaboom, Robert E.
4 Hogan, Lawrence J.
4 Holley, W. C.
4 Holloway, Bruce K.
4 Holmes, B. W.
4 Holmston, Arthuro
4 Honeywell, Donald G.
4 Honsowetz, R. E.
4 Hood, R. C., III
4 Hooker, West
4 Hoover, G. G. W.
4 Horton, Nolan, Jr.
4 Horton, Quinton F.
4 "How-they0Vote" (J. H. Glenn)
4 Howe, John S.
4 Hoy, Ralph L.
4 Hoyt, William V.
4 Hudson, Charles B.
4 Hunter, Edward (Tactics)
4 Hurst, C.
4 Huston, William T.
4 Hutcherson, J. Kenneth
4 Holt, Marjorie S.
4 Horton, T. David
4 Independent Americans (Jo Ann Washenko)
4 Infusino, Frank J., Jr.
4 International Telephone and Telegraph Company (William L. McAvey; Thomas D. Blake; Leonard Jacon II; Eleanor McGonagle)
4 Irwin, Donald J.
4 Jackson, Herb and Kerry
4 Jacobs, Walter Darnell
4 Jarrell, Albert
4 Jenkins, George M.
4 Jenkins, Jessie, W., Mrs.
4 Johansen, August E.
4 The John Birch Society, Incorporated (M. L. Robert)
4 Johnson, George F.
4 Johnson, Reba
4 Johnson, William T., Mrs.
4 Johnston, J. Edward, Sr.
4 Johnston, Marguerite (The Network of Patriotic Letter Writers)
4 Joint Chiefs of Staff (George S. Brown)
4 Jolley, Hugh M.
4 Jones, John Wesley
4 Jones, Peter
4 Joyce, Robert M.
4 Juergens, Robert J.
4 Jury, A. E.
4 Jackman, Theodore
4 Jackman, Theodore
4 Janney, John
4 KTTV Channel 11 (Hal Parets)
4 Kahn, J. Kesner
4 Kamens, David W.
4 Kamp, Joseph Peter
4 Kanter, V.
4 Kearse, G. Warren
4 Keating, Charles H., Jr.
4 Keller, James (The Christophers)
4 Keller, R. L.
4 Kelley, Dick
4 Kelley, Irene Lemas
4 Kennedy, Robert F.
4 Kerns, W. J.
4 Kersten, Charles J.
4 Kimbrough, J. M.
4 Kimmel, J. S., Sr.
4 King, K.
4 Klassen, Ben
4 Kloeris, Juanita
4 Klotz, Edwin F.
4 Knight, Beatrice S.
4 Knight, Granville F.
4 Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (Kenneth S. Parshall)
4 Knox, Gene
4 Knott, Walter
4 Knupffer, George
4 Kohly, Doris
4 Kohly, Mario Garcia (De Facto Government of Cuba)
4 Koleszar, Mark
4 Kramer, Eleanor
4 Kruger, Bettina
4 Krulak, Victor H.
4 Kuppers, Herman J., Mrs.
4 Krause, Charles P.
4 Lageman, Joseph A.
4 Laidlaw, Margine S.
4 Lamb, Allan Jackson
4 Lamb, David J.
4 Landmaker, Richard E.
4 Lane, Charles H.
4 Lane, Thomas A.
4 Langer, William
4 Langford, Richard E.
4 Lapham, John
4 Layton, Lee, Jr.
4 Leary, Thomas J.
4 Lee, Jerry
4 Leinster, Robert O.
4 Lange, Katheryn M.
4 Lemly, W. C.
4 Lepine, Ed E.
4 Leuthold, Gunther
4 Liberty Amendment Committee of the U.S.A., Maryland Branch (Helem M. Burton)
4 Liberty Lobby (June Main)
4 Life Line (Melvin T. Munn)
4 Lightburn, Joseph B.
4 Lighton, Merle
4 Lindsay, Franklin A.
4 Linnerson, Ernest F. (American United Council)
4 Lodge, Heny Cabot, Jr.
4 Loeb, William (Manchester Union Leader)
4 Long, Clarence D.
4 Long, W. H.
4 Look Magazine
4 Loose, William E.
4 Laughran, Clayton D.
4 Lowe, Thomas Bunter
4 Lowery, Bill H.
4 Lowry, K. Buckley, Mrs.
4 Lugar, Richard G.
4 Luthardrt, Charles, Sr.
4 Lyon, Robert W. (Tax Reformers United Endeavor)
4 Lucas, Marguerite
4 Macarthur Memorial (Robert H. Alexander)
4 Machen, Hervey G.
4 Mack, B. M.
4 Macklin, Tom
4 Macmurdo, Charles
4 Massow, Lester
4 Mahakian, Carl Karnig
4 Maher, Florence
4 Main, Glenn A.
4 Main, June
4 Makinney, W. Blair
4 Maleniecki, Ladislao Froelich
4 Malin, Harold S.
4 Manakian, Victor
4 Mance, David T.
4 Manion, Clarence
4 Manning, A. G.
4 Maria, Raphael
4 Marian, Father
4 Marin, Luis Munoz
4 Marine Corps Association (C. B. Cass)
4 Marine Corps Gazette (John M. Bradley)
4 Marshall, Arch B.
4 Marshall, Preston
4 Martin, Clarence S.
4 Martin, Henry
4 Martin, James L.
4 Martin, Len (This is America)
4 Martin, Margie M.
4 Maryland Citizens' Association
4 Maryland Petition Committee, Incorporated for States Rights (Mrs. Linda L. Beilas)
4 Maryland, State of, Comptroller of the Treasury (Frank W. Forestall)
4 Maryland, State of, Department of Health (Anne Arundel Company; J. Howard Beard)
4 Maryland, State of, State Roads Commission (Robert O. Bonnell)
4 Maryland, State of, Department of Roads (George H. Rush, Jr.)
4 Maryland, State of, Department of Transportation (Anthony P. Palaigos)
4 Massachusetts Friends of Rhodesia (E. William Gaedtke)
4 Mathews, H. W.
4 Mathiesen, Anna
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Blakeney, Jane
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Busik, W. S.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Cates, C. B.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Chapman, Leonard F., Jr.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Christmas, G. R.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Cogswell, C. L.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Currin, M. S.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Cushman, R. E., Jr.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Forrestal, James (Secretary of Navy)
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Greene, Wallace M., Jr.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Hart, Franklin A.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Jannell, M. T.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Jerome, Clayton C.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Keene, W. C.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Lahue, F. C.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Laird, Melvin R.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Lewis, W. W.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Linscott, H. D.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Moran, George C.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Nickerson, H., Jr.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Pollack, E. A.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Shutler, Philip D.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Simmons, E. H.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Sullivan, John L. (Secretary of Navy)
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Simpson, Ormond R.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Walt, Lewis W.
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Zimolzak, Frank
4 Marine Corps (Department of the Navy)-- Unidentified
4 Mathias, Charles McC.
4 McAfeem, Marie G.
4 McCann, Irving G
4 McCarran, Margaret Patricia, M.
4 McCarran, Pat
4 McCarville, John R.
4 McClellan, John L.
4 McClure, James
4 McConnell, Widmer
4 McDonald, Lenore
4 McGarvey, Julia
4 McGinley, Conde (Common Sense; Christian Educational Association)
4 McGovern, Halsey
4 McIntire, Carl (International Council of Christian Churches)
4 McMahon, Brian
4 McReynolds, A. B. (Kiamichi Clinic)
4 Mends, David
4 Mercerburg Academy (Wilmarth I. Jacobs; Walter Burgin)
4 Maerkle, Robert W.
4 The Mermaid Tavern Club (Frank Stoutnburgh)
4 Merrill, Marie E.
4 Merveille, J. Guy
4 Metzger, H. A.
4 Meyer, George F.
4 Meyer, Gil and Rose
4 Michos, Ted ( The Continental Line)
4 Middleton, Herb
4 Militaria Archives (Margaret Pruter)
4 Military Order of the Carabo (Thomas G. Carney)
4 Military and Religious Order of Saint George, Incorporated (Alfred von Kupferberg)
4 Miler, Dorothea E., Mrs.
4 Miller, Ernest L. (The Truth Crusader)
4 Miller, Forrest O.
4 Miller, Manuel and Lucille
4 Miller, Walter E., Jr.
4 Mills, William O.
4 Mitchell, Parren J.
4 Mlot-Mroz, Jozef (Anti-Communist Confederation of Polish Freedom Fighters in U.S.A., Incorporated; New England Committee for Captive Nations)
4 Moncure, Jewett P.
4 Monetary Science Institute (Peter Cook)
4 Moran, George C.
4 Morse, Wayne
4 Morton, Rogers C., Jr.
4 Moseley, C. C.
4 Mothers Crusade for Victory over Communism (Mrs. C. Burt Johnson)
4 Mott, George Fox
4 Muncaster, Robert
4 Murphy, Pat
4 Murray, Edward, Jr.
4 Murray, Daniel M., Jr.
4 Murray, Henry C.
4 Murray, Norbert (The Revere Press)
4 Muskie, Edmund S.
5 McKeon, Matthew P. (Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated) November 13, 1963-September 1964
5 McKeon, Matthew P. (Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated) January 9, 1975-November 9, 1977
5 McMillin, George O. (Indiana Patriotic Publications)
5 Mosig, Carl (Mosaic Press)
5 Napoli, Antonio D.
5 National Alliance to Keep and Bear rms (Roberta Owens)
See Robert de Pugh
5 Nationl Documentation Institute (Lou Byers)
5 National Economic Council (McKay Twombly; Conrad Chapman; D. E. Denton; David Heaphy; Constance G. Hart; Mewwin K. Hart; Mark M. Jones)
5 National Justice Foundation of America (w. Brooks Woodward)
4 National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, Incorporated (Read Larson)
4 National Socialist White Peoples Party (Matt Koehl)
4 National Spotlight (James P. Tucker)
4 National States Rights Party (Dr. Edward R. Fields)
4 National Watergate Poll
4 National Youth Alliance (Patrick Tifer)
4 Nationalist Movement of California (john Rakus)
4 Nelson, Davis E. (World War II)
4 Nesbit, Owen
4 Nevins, Joseph H., Jr.
4 New Christian Crusade (James K. Warner)
4 New Christian Crusade Church (Thomas A. Wilkes)
4 New Orleans, City of (Office of the Mayor)
4 The New Patriot (Roger Pearson)
4 New York Trust Company (Donald E. Coyle)
4 Nicholas, Robert M.
4 Niles, Frank H.
4 Noble, E. L.
4 Norburn, Russell L.
4 Norsen, Irene Ward
4 Newby, Merritt (American Challenge)
4 O'Day C. C.
4 O'Grady, Bill (Catholic War Veterans)
4 Oldham, Gip D., Jr.
4 Oliver, Revilo P.
4 Orrell, R. W. (Our Country)
4 Orsay Books
4 Otepka, Otto F.
4 Oulton, George
4 Owens, C. W., Jr.
4 Oakes Robert
4 Olney, Robert C. (American Challenge)
4 Pace Foundation, Incorporated
4 Palestine Arab Delegation (Issa Nakhlen; Omas Azouni)
4 Palmer, E. E.
4 Palmer, Thomas
4 Parents for Freedom, Incorporated (Lowell, W. Hughes)
4 Patterson, Lawrence T.
4 Paul Revere Associated Yeomen, Incorporated (H. S. Riecke, Jr.)
4 Payne, Francis W.
4 Pease, Frank
4 Pederson, J.
4 Perian, Carl L.
4 Peterson, Mary F.
4 Peterson, W. F.
4 Phares, Robert
4 Phelen, James, II
4 Phillips, I. C.
4 Phillip, Leonard
4 Phillips, Lucas D.
4 Pigman, N. M.
4 Phillips, J. C. (Borger New Herald)
4 Pichel, Charles L. T. (International Committee for Monetary Reform; Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem)
4 Plettenberg, Graf Sixtus V.
4 Plumme, William Robert
4 Poage, W. R.
4 Pohune, Norman L
4 The Political Dictionary by C.O.D.E. (J. C. Caruthers)
4 Poltrack, Adeline
4 Pomeroy, Eugene C.
4 Ponder, Susan
4 Porth, A. J.
4 Powell, Leon R.
4 Prat, Ada Degado
4 Proskuriakow, Peter
4 Prussion, Karl
4 The Puget Sound National Bank (Reno Odlin)
4 Pulitzer, Paul (European Report)
4 Purinton, Frank
4 Putnam, Charles W.
4 Radomeske, Ernest
4 Ragland, M. Kirk
4 Rampart College (Robert LeFevre)
4 Ramsey, Frank H.
4 Rathbone, Fay
4 Ravanelli, J.
4 Rawlins, Fred
4 Rayes, Michael
4 Reagen, Ronals
4 Reber, James
4 Reder, Walter
4 Redmond, Margaret C. (American Legion)
4 Redwine, Elizabeth P.
4 Reese, Paul A.
4 Reguli, Kenneth P. (Americans First Party)
4 Reid, Ernest Nelson
4 Reinhardt, Robert D.
4 The Retired Officers Association (J. E. Glick)
4 The Retired Officers Magazine (Ronald P. H. Antayana)
4 Richards, Frederick G., Jr.
4 Richards, J. P.
4 Richardson, Charles, Jr.
4 Richardson, George S.
4 Riepe, Harry I., Jr.
4 Rieser, Isabelle, Mrs.
4 Rinehart, Al. F.
4 Risley, J. P.
4 Ritchie, Jess M.
4 Rivera, Bolivar
4 Rivers, Mendel
4 Robertson, A. Willis
4 Robertson, James T. (Christian Citizens International, Incorporated)
4 Robertson, Kenneth D., Jr.
4 Robinson, C. B.
4 Rockwell, George Lincoln (American Nazi Party)
4 Russian Anticommunist Center (Serge S. Balosselsy)
4 Rytten, J. E. (The Professional Forum)
4 Rarick, John R.
4 Roberts, Archibald E. (The Committee to Restore the Constitution, Incorporated)
4 Saldana de Julia, Maria L.
4 Salsgiver, Fred
4 Satonstall, Leverett
4 Sarbanes, Paul S.
4 Satz, Stephen B.
4 Saunders, John G.
4 Schaefer, August
4 Schaefer, William Donald
4 Scheyer, Bill
4 Schlesinger, Theodore (Allied Stores Corporation)
4 Schmid, Charles W.
4 Schmitz, John C.
4 Schoeneck, J. H.
4 Schoeppel, Andrew F.
4 Schrafft, E. Fredrick (The Whalers Association)
4 Schulz, Merlin G.
4 Schuyler, Patricia
4 Schwarzkopf, Chet
4 Schweiker, Richard S.
4 Scott, Frank D.
4 Scott, Rudolph W.
4 Seiler, Carl W.
4 Seiler, Margaret
4 Sharp, W. D.
4 Sheffey, John P.
4 Shepard, Lemuel
4 Sickles, Bill (Ku Klux Klan)
4 Sickles, Carlton R.
4 Signs of the Times (Arthur S. Maxwell)
4 Simmons, J. W.
4 Simonds, Katherine
4 Simpson, William G.
4 The Sixth World Anit-Communist League Conference (Raimondo Guerrero; Guillermo G. Olivas)
4 Slade, Linda F.
4 Slavin, George
4 Slaughter, John
4 Sacrison, Charles D.
4 Serpico, Thomas P. (Omni Publications; Christian Book Club of America)
4 Slingerland, Margaret C., Mrs.
4 Smith, C. A. M.
4 Smith, Edith
4 Smith, George L. K. (The Cross and the Flag)
4 Smith, Jo Therese
4 Smith, Peggy J., Mrs.
4 Smith, Raymond F.
4 Snedeker, Edward W.
4 Snell, J. W. M. (Office of the Prim Minister of Rhodesia)
4 Spagonola, Joseph Lev
4 Spencer, Helen K.
4 Small, Gordon E. (Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated; publications manager)
4 Snow, John Howland (The Long House, Incorporated Publishers)
4 Spencer, Thomas K.
4 Stahl, Marie F., Mrs.
4 Stassen, Harold E. L.
4 Steiger, Sam
4 Stevens, Douglas, Bishop
4 Stojalowsky, Laszlo
4 Stoner, Henry
4 Storck, Henry F.
4 Strack, Marian M.
4 Stratemeyer, George E.
4 Strickland, Anne
4 Strother, Jennie Blair
4 Struble, A. D.
4 Suggs, Dick
4 Sullivan, Mike
4 Sulvert, Dick
4 Starr, Charlotte
4 Stillman, J. H.
4 Taber, Sophie (Women for Constitutional Government)
4 Taft, Robert A.
4 Talmadge, Herman E.
4 Tankersley, Garvin, Mrs.
4 Taussig, Joseph K., Jr., Mrs.
4 Tawes, J. Millard
4 Taylor, Leslie
4 Tenney, Jack B.
4 Terrell, Katherine
4 Tevis, Lansing
4 Thomas, Elmer
4 Thomas, John W. J.
4 Thomas, Peter
4 Thompson, Reba H.
4 Thompson, Richard
4 Thornton, Seth H. (Roll Call Newspaper)
4 Thurmond, Strom
4 Times Herald (Washington, D.C.) (Frank C. Waldrop)
4 Totten, H. W.
4 Tower, John G.
4 Townsend, Ralph
4 Trail-Smith, M. (Candour-The British Views-Letter)
4 Trigg, Ira L.
4 Troll, W. H.
4 Trompeter, E.
4 The Truth About Cuba Committee, Incorporated (Rafael Perez Doreste; Luis V. Manrara)
4 Tuck, Bill
4 Tucker, Oliver
4 Tydings, Joseph P.
4 United Mining Councils of America, Incorporated (Ron Chance)
4 United National Citizens (Joseph M. Salmon
4 United States Constitution Council (Laurence C. Smith)
4 United States, Government of, Board of Parole (Patricia L. Smith)
4 United States, Government of, Department of Justice (J. Edgar Hoover)
4 United States, Government of, Department of the Treasury (Arnold Intrater)
4 United States, Government of, Secretary of the Treasury (Palph M. Forbes)
4 University of Oregon (Edward Kemp)
4 Upton, Ross P.
4 Urbano, Steve
4 U.S. Marketing Service (Henry A. Brown)
5 U. S. Naval Academy Alumni Association (Annapolis, Maryland) (W. S. Busik)
5 U. S. News and World Report (John H Adams)
5 Utt, James B.
5 Vail, Myrl
5 Van Heerden, Peter McGowan
5 Van Hynning, Lyril Clark
5 Varani, R. P.
5 Vaughan, E. Stewart
5 Veneman, John G. (Office of the Vice-President)
5 Vetti, Henri
5 Viering, Peter B.
5 Villegas, Albelardo F.
5 Vinson, Carl
5 The Virginian (William Stephenson)
5 Von Brunn, James W.
5 Von Stahl, B. F. M. (Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem)
5 Von Trier. G. (The Military and Religious Order of Saint George, Incorporated; Out Western World)
5 Vanderbreggen, Cornelius, Jr. (The Reapers Fellowship)
5 Vennard, Wicklife, B. (Americans for America)
5 WSNJ (Paul J. Hunsberger)
5 Walker, Edwin A.
5 Wallace, B.
5 Wallace, George C.
5 Wallace, Lurleen B.
5 Wallace, Richard
5 Ward, C. O.
5 Ward, Peter
5 Warfield, C. C.
5 Warner, William E.
5 Warren, Hallie D., Sr. (Independent Conservative Coalition)
5 Washington, George (American Association for Justice, Incorporated)
5 Washington Legal Foundation (Daniel J. Popeo)
5 Wasko, Stephan
5 Watson, George M., Jr.
5 Waterhouse, J. W.
5 Watts, Clyde J.
5 Walworth, Reginald W.
5 Weaver, Robert H.
5 Webb, Lou
5 Webb, John C.
5 Wedemeyer, A. C.
5 Weidemeyer, C. Maurice
5 Welch, Robert (American Opinion; John Birch Society; Committee Against Summit Entanglements)
5 Wellman, Homer D.
5 Wells, Samuel I., Jr.
5 Weniger, Roman G.
5 Werdel, Thomas H.
5 Wentworth, T. C., Mrs.
5 Westerman, Kay
5 Whaley, Louis W.
5 The White Party (Karl R. Allen)
5 White, Walter, Jr.
5 Whitehouse, E. J.
5 Whitley, A.
5 Whittington, Dick
5 Williams, John Bell
5 Williams, Henry O., Sr. (John Hancock Phase)
5 Williams, Robert H. (Williams Publications)
5 Williams, Ross R.
5 Williams, William C.
5 Wilson, Louis H.
5 Wimmer, W. K.
5 Winchean, Arnold
5 Winegar, Jerome
5 Winter, Paul N. (Law Enforcement League of Pennsylvania; Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem)
5 Woodward, James G.
5 Woods, Jack
5 Woolfley, Francis A.
5 Wotherspoon, Alexander S.
5 Wren, Charles R.
5 Wright, John B.
5 Wright, Ermine, King, Mrs.
5 Wright, Norton E., Mrs.
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution)
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) II
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) III
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) IV
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) V
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) VI
5 Williams, John C. (Texas Voters for the Constitution) VII
5 Wuichet, West
5 Yearns, Ken and Ruth
5 Young, Glenn O. (The American Advisor)
5 Young, Milton R.
5 Young, Walter, Mrs.
5 Youth Action (Peter Reynolds)
See also C. B. Baker
5 Zoul, Louis
5 Zurn, Leo L.
5 Unidentified Incoming correspondence

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  • Dall, Curtis B.
  • Del Valle, Pedro A. (Pedro Augusto), 1893-1978
  • Ferris, Schuyler
  • Jackman, Theodore
  • Krause, Charles P.
  • McKeon, Matthew P.
  • Roberts, Archibald E.
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