Business Administration College: Masters of Business Administration Special Projects Papers

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Overview of the Collection

Title: Business Administration College: Masters of Business Administration Special Projects Papers
Dates: 1961-1983 ( inclusive )
Quantity: approximate 57 items ( 1.5 linear feet) ( 2 containers)
Collection Number: Archives 187
Summary: Includes papers prepared by candidates as partial fulfillment of the requirements for masters degrees.
Repository: Washington State University Libraries, Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections.
Contact Information: Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections
Terrell Library 5610
Pullman WA
Telephone: 509-335-6691
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The Special Project Papers of the College of Business Administration are papers prepared by candidates as partial fullfillment of the requirements for masters degrees. Each special paper is based on independent study and research in accounting, finance, management. marketing, or quantitative methods. For more Masters of Business Administration Special Project Papers see: Archives 34 and Archives 63.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

The Collection is open for research use.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

All papers are ordered in one alphabetical sequence based on the names of the authors.

Acquisition Information :  

The Masters of Business Administration Special Project Papers were transfered to the University Archives, Washington State University, in October of 1984 (UA84-39).

Processing Note :  

The collection was processed in May of 1965 by Barbara Kovarik Gahl.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Special Projects Papers , 1961-1983
1 1 Development of a Diameter Increment Function for Ponderosa Pine in Northeastern Washington State. , 1982
Ballou, Douglas W. (author)
1 2 An Empirical Investigation Concerning the Predictive Validity of Multi-dimensional Scaling vs. Multi-Attribute Attitude Models , 1981
Beaudette, John Charles (author)
1 3 Guaranteed Annual Income: The Work Incentive Problem , 1969
Briscoe, Dennis R. (author)
1 4 The Use of PERT/CPM in Construction: A Case Study , 1981
Buxton, Paul (author)
1 5 Methods for Determining the Number of Cluster and Some Empirical Investigations , 1982
Chiang, Pei-I (author)
1 6 The Marketing of Small Commercial Banks: An Empirical Study , 1981
Feeney, Mark John (author)
1 7 The Salmon Canning Industry and Icicle Seafoods, Inc. , 1980
Ferluga, Christopher J. (author)
1 8 Initial Offerings in Sweden , 1982
Gejrot, Bengt Goran (author)
1 9 Empirical Tests on the Determinants of Corporate Leverage , 1981
Hon, Alan Wah-Ting (author)
1 10 Earnings Concepts for Service Potentials: A Valuation Discussion , 1981
Humphrey, Ban (author)
1 11 A Feasibility Analysis of Starting a Woodchipping Operation and a Shingle/Shake Mill on the Makah Indian Reservation , 1982
Kielbon, Edward P. (author)
1 12 A Systematic Approach to Direct Marketing , 1961
Kuipers, Mark A. (author)
1 13 Supplement "Use" versus "Abuse" , 1976
Latham, Patricia D. (author)
1 14 The Effect of Three Forms of Prior Notification on Mail Survey Response Rates , 1982
Lomax, James E. (author)
1 15 Multiple Time Series Models for Housing and Mortgage Rate , 1981
Ma, Hai-Ling (author)
1 16 Financial Information System for a Nonprofit Organization , 1981
Macy, Michael G. (author)
1 17 Intergroup Conflict in Organizations , 1981
Moffat, Arthur G. (author)
1 18 The Design and Presentation of Topism , 1973
Morgan, Chiron P. (author)
1 19 An Assessment of the Community Reinvestment Act , 1981
Hurries, Mohammed A. (author)
1 20 A Case Study: The University Bookstore , 1981
Nagata, Suanne S. (author)
1 21 Medicare and Medicaid Reimbursement for Long-Term Care In Washington State: Some Suggested Alternatives , 1981
Newbold, Mark M. (author)
1 22 Inflation's Effect on Earnings , 1980
Ng, John G. H. (author)
1 23 Japanese Management and Its Implications for United States Managers , 1985
Niazi, Khan A. (author)
1 24 A Comparison of Measurement in Selected Social Programs with Measurement in Accounting , 1974
Robinson, Michael James (author)
1 25 Inflation and the Individual Tax Structure , 1980
Russell, Kathryn S. (author)
1 26 An Investigation of the Internal and External Causes of Small Business Failure , 1977
Rusunen, Robert Lee (author)
1 27 A Research Design for the Marketing Research of Electronic Calculators. , 1981
Sate, Yuriko (author)
1 28 Production of Low-Cost Housing in the United States , 1970
Smith, Dale Lorne (author)
1 29 Washington State University Faculty Performance Appraisal: An Evaluation of the Current System with a Proposed Alternate Instrument of Appraisal , 1982
Steele, Joseph A. IV (author)
2 30 The Effects of Two Regional Shopping Malls upon the Shopping Habits and Buying Behavior of a Satellite Community: A Case Study. , 1981
Stewart, Matthew Dee (author)
2 31 Comparative Study of the Banking Systems of West Germany, Japan and the USA. , 1981
Stockschlaeder, Maria M. (author)
2 32 First Line Supervision: The Man in the Middle , 1961
Stoess, Alfred W. (author)
2 33 The Market for Architectural Graduates: A Case Study , 1983
Stone, Michael L. (author)
2 34 Risk Management for Hospitals , 1981
Temple, Jane (author)
2 35 The Role of a Consumer Affairs Department: A Case Study , 1982
Vaze, Sanjeev V. (author)
2 36 Comparing United States and Taiwan Old Age Income from Government , 1981
Wang, Shu-Hui (author)
2 37 Appraisal of Investing in a Restaurant: A Case Study , 1981
Yue, John David Tat-Yin (author)

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