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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. School of Education.
Title: School of Education Records
Dates: 1939-1986 ( inclusive )
1966-1975 ( bulk )
Quantity: 4.6 cubic feet (5 boxes)
1 microfilm reel
Collection Number: RG 184
Summary: The School of Education Records document the academic and research programs of the School of Education at Oregon State University in elementary and secondary teacher education as well as vocational and adult education. Teacher education began at OSU in 1909 under the department of Industrial Education and culminated with the merger of the College of Education with Western Oregon College (now Western Oregon University) from 1982 to 1989.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials inEnglish. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The offering of coursework in teacher education at OSU began in 1909 under the direction of the Department of Industrial Pedagogy. Initially, only classes in the preparation of public school teachers in the topics of Elementary Agriculture, Domestic Science and Art, and Manual Training were offered by the Department. By 1914, however, programs for the instruction of Commerce and Extension Methods were added to the curriculum. In 1918, OSU was designated by the State Board of Vocational Education to serve as a center for the preparation of teachers in vocational subjects and was organized into six areas of instruction: Agricultural Education, Commercial Education, Education, Home Economics Education, Industrial Education, and Psychology.

In 1932, an administrative reorganization changed OSU's teaching program from the School of Vocational Education to the School of Education and expanded the focus of the School to include instruction in preparing students to teach in the Biological and Physical Sciences, Agriculture, Mathematics, Home Economics, Industrial Arts, Secretarial Science, or for educational and vocational guidance. Expanding to include courses in physical education and a department for science education in 1942, the School began to offer a four-year degree course in Elementary Education in 1954 and later received national ten-year accreditation in elementary and secondary education and counseling. In 1962, a Doctorate of Philosophy in Education was first offered by the School. By the early 1970's, teacher preparation courses became largely field- based, with the School placing students in public schools early in their program.

In 1982, responding to budget cutbacks, the State Chancellor of Higher Education merged the OSU School of Education with that of Western Oregon State College (now WOU). Despite creating the largest School of Education in Oregon and the region, the merger dissolved in 1989 due to logistical complications. That same year, classes in teaching program fell under the direction of the OSU College of Education. Due to further budget reductions after the passage of ballot Measure 5 in 1990, the College of Education was merged with the College of Home Economics in 1991 to form the College of Home Economics and Education.

Content Description

Given differences in the series designations between the paper and microfilm records in this collection, the microfilm is described separately below and in the inventory.

The paper records of the School of Education are organized into 6 series. Series I consists primarily of correspondence and memoranda relating to grant-funded research projects and programs, curriculum development, student-faculty relations, education committee work, and admission policies and programs. Series II pertains to research proposals and projects and includes budgetary materials, correspondence, annual reports, field reports, handbooks, newspaper clippings, and completed applications for grant funds. These materials are arranged in rough chronological order.

Series III are meeting minutes from School of Education committees including the Educational Council, Teacher Education Committee, Graduate Advisory Committee, Commission on Missions, and the Computer Education Advisory Committee. Minutes from periodic meetings of the School of Education Division Directors, Dean, and Faculty can also be found in this series.

Series IV contains reports and studies generated primarily by the School of Education, OSU, and the State of Oregon regarding administrative policies and regulations, adult education programs, the OSU/WOSC merger, vocational education, the role and growth of community colleges in the state, and OSU's International Educational Development Program.

Series V are newsletters generated by the School of Education and students in the Education program covering the years 1969 to 1975. Series VI is a packet of photocopied correspondence, newspaper clippings, and reports organized to offer a historical overview on the merger of the OSU and WOSC (Western Oregon State College-now WOU) Schools of Education.

The microfilm records consist of one series: I. General Subject File, 1963-1968. This series includes bylaws, correspondence, memoranda, minutes, reports, and research proposals. These records pertain to the administrative structure of the School, research projects and programs, coursework and enrollment, committees, and the Oregon Education Association.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is open for research.

Preferred Citation :  

School of Education Records (RG 184), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The paper records are organized into 6 series: I. Correspondence; II. Research Proposals/Projects; III. Minutes; IV. Reports/Studies; V. Newsletters; and VI. Historical Review. The microfilm records consist of one series: I. General Subject File.

Related Materials :  

In addition to photographs from the School of Education (P108), other records pertaining to this department can be found in the records of the Vocational and Technical Education Department (RG 146). Documentation after the merger in 1991 with the College of Home Economics is in the records and photographs of the College of Home Economics and Education (RG 141, and P44). Materials regarding the joint OSU/WOSC Program can be found in the records of the Academic Affairs Office (RG 22). The holdings of the Archives also include papers of former School of Education faculty members E. Wayne Courtney and Dale Parnell.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Correspondence, 1963-1984
1 Associated Students of OSU, 1973
1 Black Student Union/Fred Milton Protest, 1969
1 Camp Adair Buildings, 1970
1 College Student Personnel Administration Graduate Program, 1968-1972
1 Commission on Missions, 1972-1973
1 Curriculum Council, 1964-1967
1 Curriculum Development, 1970
1 Field Advisory Committee, 1968-1969
1 Foreign Educator Visits and Programs, 1963-1964
1 General, 1964-1977
1 John Adams High School Teacher Preparation Program and the Portland Urban Teacher Education Program, 1969-1970
1 OSU-WOSC School of Education Merger, 1983-1984
1 Student/Faculty Forum Meeting, 1973
1 Three Percent Admission Program, 1969-1971
1 Upward Bound Program, 1967-1970
1 Vocational Education, 1971-1972

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Series II:  Research Proposals/Projects, 1962-1973
Teacher Corps Program, 1966-1971
1 Program Proposals, 1966-1969
1 Correspondence, 1966-1968
2 Correspondence, 1968-1971
Final Reports, 1968-1970
2 First/Second Cycles, 1968
2 Fourth Cycle, 1969
2 Sixth Cycle, 1970
2 Concept Paper, Sixth Cycle, 1971
2 Program Evaluation: Fourth Cycle, 1969-1971
2 Amendments: Second Cycle, 1968
2 Ammendents: Fourth Cycle, 1969
2 Guidelines for Submission of Proposals for, 1971-1973, 1970
2 Draft Budget Guidelines for 1968-1970 Programs, 1968
2 Provisional Guidelines, 1967
2 Models for School Programs, undated
2 Handbook for Team Leaders, 1968
2 National Program Directory, 1968-1970
2 Public Relations Handbook, 1969
2 Research and Evaluation Reports from the Field, 1969
2 Mid-year and Final Field Reports from Portland, 1968
(compiled by the Portland Region Program Supervisor Ingeborg MacHaffie)
2 Daily Log, undated
2 Guide for Interns, 1969
(Developed by OSU Teacher Corps Program interns)
2 Local Agency Proposal: Hood River County School District, 1966-1967
2 Newspaper Clippings, 1966-1969
2 Budgetary Materials, 1966-1971
2 General, 1967-1970
The Oregon Program, 1961-1966
3 The Oregon Program, 1962-1965
3 Draft Proposals, 1961
3 Annual Reports, 1963-1966
3 Office Manual, 1964
3 Conference to Develop In-Service Training Activities, 1964
3 Vocational Teacher Education Study, 1964-1965
3 Institute for State Vocational Guidance Supervisor Personnel: Vocational Theory Into Action Programs, 1966
3 NDEA (National Defense Education Act) Counseling and Guidance Institute, 1966-1968
3 Issues and Problems in Elementary School Administration, 1967
3 Evaluation of the Research Coordinating Unit Program, 1967
3 Interpretive Studies of Career-Choice Process Research, 1968
3 Institute for Advanced Study: Prepare Industrial Arts Teachers to Teach a Student-Centered Electronics Curriculum, 1968
3 An Institute for Junior College Student Personnel Specialists, 1968
3 Short Term Institute for Community College Personnel, 1968
3 Data-bank for Vocational Teacher Education, 1968
3 Project SOUL (Service Organization for Understanding Leadership), 1968
3 To Improve the Skills of Educational Administrators as Effective Leaders, 1968
3 Vocational Teacher Recruitment, 1968
3 Catholic Education/Archdiocese of Portland Study, 1968-1969
3 Training Program for Counselors/Educators, 1968-1970
3 In-Service Institute for Superintendents of Schools, 1968-1970
3 Institute to Prepare Support Personnel to Assist the Counselor in Disadvantaged Schools, 1968-1971
3 Improvement of Undergraduate Education, 1969
3 Cultural Pattern: Adult Education Advancement, 1969
3 Instructional Program with Individualized Instruction Learning Packages for the First Year Electronics Program at OSU, Oregon's 12 Community Colleges, and Oregon Technical Institute, 1969
3 Administrative Institute for the Study of the Moral Problems of Youth in American Society, 1969
3 Adult Education Graduate Teacher Education Program, 1969-1970
3 Hoover Elementary School (Corvallis) Project, 1969-1970
3 Upward Bound Program, 1969-1972
3 Professional Vocational Leadership Development Program, 1970
3 Career-Oriented Relevant Education (CORE), 1970
4 Clinical Vocational Teacher Education for the Disadvantaged, 1970
4 Individualized Continued Progress Curriculum for Undergraduate Vocational Teacher Education, 1970
4 Fellowship Program: Preparing Minority Groups as Counselors/Educators, 1970
4 A Proposal for a Career Information Center for Oregon, 1970
4 Cooperative Curricula Development Component (B-43), 1970-1972
4 Competency-Based Educational Programs, 1971
4 College Work-Study Teacher Internship Program, 1971
4 A Proposal for an Off-Campus Career Education Personnel Preparation Center, 1971
4 Portsmouth-Adams (Portland) Differentiated Staffing Project (School Personnel Utilization Program), 1971-1972
4 Portland Urban Teacher Education Project, 1972
4 Rural Development Act Title V Proposals, 1972
4 Short Term Training Program for State Directors of Guidance and State Supervisors of Employment Counselors, 1972
4 Exploratory Industrial Career Development Models, 1973
4 Competency-Based Training Program for Manpower Counselors, 1973
4 Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, 1973
4 Communications Media Occupations Cluster Continuation Project, 1973
4 Individualization of Instruction in the Health Occupations, 1973
4 Workshop: Teacher-Education Cadre Cooperative Work Experience, 1973
4 A Self Learning Approach to Career Education in Teacher Preparation Programs, 1973
4 Education Program Designed for Preparation and Utilization of Auxiliary Personnel for the Dental Health Team, 1973
4 A Continuation of the Project of Training Vocational Teachers from Business and Industry for Teaching in Secondary Schools and Community Colleges in Oregon, 1973
4 Using Curriculum Materials in Adult Education, 1973
4 A Proposed Mediated System for Instruction of Carpenter Apprentices
4 Computer Assisted Instruction and Its Application to Teaching Grade Ten Basic Electricity at Corvallis High School, undated
4 Rural Family Advisory Program: A Pilot Effort, undated
4 Columbia-Blue Mountain Economic Study, undated

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Series III:  Minutes, 1967-1984
4 Commission on Missions, 1972
4 Computer Education Advisory Committee, 1983
4 Dean's Cabinet Meetings, 1972-1973
4 Dean Search Committee, 1972-1975
4 Division Directors Meetings, 1969-1972
4 Educational Council, 1972-1976
4 Graduate Advisory Committee, 1970-1973
4 Liberal Arts Education Meetings, 1975
4 Migrant Labor Task Force, 1968
4 Professional Development Committee, 1983
4 School of Education Faculty Meetings, 1973, 1984
4 Teacher Education Committee, 1967-1968, 1979-1982
4 Testimony: Educational Coordinating Council-Committee on Community College Governance, 1967
4 Vocational Education/ Divisional Council Meetings, 1971-1972

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Series IV:  Reports/Studies, 1939-1985
5 Adult Basic Education: Program Evaluation, 1970
5 Adult Education in Oregon's Public Schools and Community Colleges, 1969
5 Annual Reports of Supervised Teaching, 1939-1945
5 Electronics Instructors In-Service Institute Report, 1969
5 Evaluation Reports of the School of Education, 1976, 1978
5 Faculty Advising Handbook: Dept. of Elementary Education, 1968-1969
5 Governor's Task Force Report on Seasonal Agricultural Labor in Oregon, 1968
5 Increasing the Research Capacity of Schools of Education: A Policy Inquiry, 1981
5 Information and Procedures: For CSSA (College Student Services Administration program) Graduate Students, Faculty, and Advisors, 1983
5 In-Service Planning Conference for Teachers of Adults, Final Report, 1970
5 International Educational Development Program, 1960, 1966-1972
5 National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, 1970, 1980
5 OSU/WOSC School of Education Progress Reports, 1982/1983, 1985
5 Policy and Procedure Reports, 1968-1975
(Reports regarding grant terms for educational personnel development programs, academic advising, and the Graduate Committee)
5 The Position of the Faculty and Students of the School of Education, OSU Regarding: Function, Mission, Principles, Preparation of Education Personnel, 1972
5 Pre-Service and In-Service Education for Community College Personnel in Oregon Community Colleges, 1970
5 Pre-Service Summer Session Report: June 20-August 31, 1966
5 Proceedings: Fourth Annual National Voc-Technical Teacher Education Seminar, 1970
5 The Role of the Community College in Training the Disadvantaged, 1970
5 State Plan for Vocational Education, 1965
5 Study of Community Attitudes Toward the Siletz Schools, 1969

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Series V:  Newsletters, 1969-1975
5 The Link, 1970-1975
(Student School of Education Newsletter)
5 Notes and News, School of Education Newsletter, 1969-1970, 1973

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Series VI:  Historical Review, 1986
5 OSU/WOSC School of Education, 1986

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Microfilmed Records
Series I: General Subject File, 1963-1969
1 1 Dean's Advisory Committee, 1967-1968
1 2 Memorandum, 1967
1 3 Contract: Oregon State Board of Higher Education on behalf of OSU and Oregon State Board of Education, 1966
1 4 General Correspondence, 1967-1968
1 5 Bylaws, School of Education
1 6 Education Course: ED 310, School in American Life, 1963
1 7 Personnel/ASOSU Education Council, 1967-1968
1 8 Elementary Education, 1967-1968
1 9 Vocational Education-Planning, 1966-1968
1 10 Biennial Report, 1966-1968
1 11 OEA (Oregon Education Association) Research Reports, 1968
1 12 OEA Negotiations Conference, 1968
1 13 Course Enrollment Data, 1967-1968
1 14 Graduate Faculty, 1968
1 15 Counseling Programs, 1967
1 16 Community College Teaching Proposal, 1967-1968
1 17 EPDA (Education Professions Development Act) Goldhammer-Personnel Development Grant, 1968
1 18 I.B. Berkson: Symposium on the Philosophy of Education, undated
1 19 Upward Bound, 1967-1968
1 20 Operation PEP (Prepare Educational Planners), 1967-1968
1 21 Adult Education Committee, 1968
1 22 Community College Association, 1968
1 23 Educational Media, 1967-1968
1 24 Education 312-Planning, 1967-1968
1 25 Education 310, 1968-1969
1 26 The Experienced Teacher Fellowship Program, 1967
1 27 ES-70, 1965-1968
1 28 Honors Program, 1968
1 29 Ohio State University Visitation, 1968
1 30 Students for a Democratic Society, 1968
1 31 Oregon Educational Research Council, 1967-1968
1 32 State Department of Education, 1968-1969
1 33 Structure Committee, 1967-1968
1 34 Student Personnel Service and Procedures, 1968
1 35 Summer Session, 1967-1968
1 36 T-Group Committee, 1967-1968
1 37 Teacher Corps, 1968-1969
1 38 Title V Proposal, 1968
1 39 U.S. Office of Education, 1967-1968
1 40 Village Green Conference, 1968
1 41 Title III Advisory Committee, 1968

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  • Corporate Names :
  • National Teacher Corps (U.S.)
  • Oregon State College. School of Education.
  • Oregon State University. School of Education.
  • Western Oregon State College. School of Education.
  • Subject Terms :
  • Community colleges--Oregon.
  • Education--Study and teaching (Higher)--Oregon.
  • Teachers colleges--Oregon.
  • Teachers--Training of--Oregon.
  • Vocational education--Oregon.

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