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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Oregon State University. Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.
Title: Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records
Dates: 1934-1983 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 7 cubic ft.
1 microfilm reel.
Collection Number: RG 190
Summary: The Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records primarily document research conducted by the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit at Oregon State College from 1934 until 1960. These research project records include field notes, maps, reports, and correspondence.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

The Fish, Game and Fur Animal Management Department was created in 1935 under the jurisdiction of the School of Agriculture. Roland E. Dimick was the first department chair, a position he held until 1963. The department operated the OSC Experimental Fur Farm from 1937 to 1957 and also established field stations on Protection and Eliza Islands in Puget Sound and a fisheries lab at Yaquina, Oregon. The department's name was changed to Fish and Game Management in 1936, and in 1964 was renamed Fisheries and Wildlife. Subsequent department chairs have included Thomas G. Scott (1963-1972), Richard A. Tubb (1975-1993), and Erik K. Fritzell (1994-present).

The Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit was established in 1935 as a cooperative venture between the U.S. Biological Survey, the American Wildlife Institute, the Oregon State Game Commission, and Oregon State College. Arthur Einarson, U.S. Biological Survey research biologist, served as Unit Leader from 1935 to 1957, directing its graduate training and research programs. The unit was discontinued in 1961.

Content Description

In Subgroup 1, series one consists of printouts from the department's computer catalog of mammals on deposit in the Mammal Collection (1983). Series two contains records of the Big Game Field Trips, an annual (beginning in 1947) wildlife observation trip (1942-1969) led by Lee Kuhn. Students visited national forests, ranches, game preserves and fish hatcheries around the state, such as the Malheur and Hart Mountain Wildlife Refuges, the Deschutes National Forest, and the Wizard Falls Hatchery. Series three includes research reports pertaining to weed control in coastal lakes (1947-48) and a fishery management survey of the Colville Indian Reservation in Washington (1965). Series four consists of faculty member Andy Landforce's Muddy Creek (Finley) Wildlife Refuge Committee records (1963). Series five is a departmental faculty publications list from 1963. Series six consists of Extension specialists reports from 1952-1972.

In Subgroup 2, series one consists of OSC graduate student theses and reports (1937-1959) based upon research done for the Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit. Many of the theses and reports are illustrated with photographs. Series two consists of the Unit's research project records, dating from 1934 to 1960. Original project file numbers have been retained in the inventory. Major research projects included studies and inventories of pronghorn antelope; pheasants, quail, ducks, and other birds; beaver; mule deer; and various species of fish. Project records include field notes, maps, charts, weekly and project reports, and correspondence.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Fisheries and Wildlife Department Records (RG 190), Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Records are organized into 2 subgroups: 1. Departmental Records; and 2. Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Records. Subgroup 1 consists of 6 series: I. Catalog of Departmental Mammal Collection; II. Special Events Records; III. Research Records; IV. Muddy Creek Wildlife Refuge Committee; V. Faculty Publications List; and VI. Extension Specialists Reports. Subgroup 2 consists of 2 series: I. Theses and Reports; and II. Research Projects.

Related Materials :  

See the Fisheries and Wildlife Department Photographs (P 179) and Harriet's Collection #s 952, 984, and 2731 for photographs pertaining to the department. The University Publications Photographs (P 94) include photos from Arthur Einarson's 1956 monograph, Determination of Some Predator Species by Field Signs (Studies in Zoology no. 10). Related Manuscripts Collections include the Roland E. Dimick Papers and the Carl E. Bond Papers. See also MC-Fisheries and Wildlife Dept. and MC-Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit.

Other collections relating to wildlife conservation include the Herman T. Bohlman Photograph Collection (P 202); the William L. Finley Papers; and the E. E. Wilson Papers.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Subgroup 1:  Departmental Records, 1942-1983
Series I: Catalog of Departmental Mammal Collection, 1983
1 Key to the Computer Catalog
1 Catalog of Mammals on Deposit in the Mammal Collection
Series II: Special Events Records
1 Big Game Field Trips, 1942 & 1947-1969
3 folders
See P 179 for additional photographs
Series III: Research Records
1 Weed Control in Coastal Lakes (State Game Commission project), 1947-1949
1 Fishery Management Survey of Lakes and Streams, Colville Indian Reservation, Washington, report of investigations, March 1965
1 Series IV: Muddy Creek Wildlife Refuge Committee, 1963
1 Series V: Faculty Publications List, 1963
Series VI: Extension Specialists Reports, 1952-1972
1 Conservation Specialist annual reports, 1952-1953 & 1954-1955
1 Wildlife Management Specialist
1 Annual reports, 1953-1972
1 Annual report preparation materials, 1968-1970

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Subgroup 2:  Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit Records, 1934-1960
Series I: Theses and Reports, 1937-1959
2 " Nocturnal Activities of the Columbian Black-Tailed Deer, Odocoileus hemionus columbianus Richardson, Affecting Spotlight Census Results in the Oregon Coast Range" , 1959
Anderson, Carl F. (author)
2 " Factors Influencing the Seaward Migration of Smolt Steelhead Trout, Salmo gairdnerii gairdnerii Richardson, in the Alsea River, Oregon" , Oct. 1958
Andrews, Rupert Earle (author)
2 " Scale Analyses of Steelhead Trout, Salmo gairdnerii gairdnerii Richardson, from various Coastal Watersheds of Oregon" , July 1958
Bali, John Merton (author)
2 " Use of Salt in Managing Mule Deer and Domestic Animals on Range Lands of Central Oregon" , June 1953
Barron, William D. (author)
2 " An Evaluation of the Use of Salt in the Management of Big Game Animals in Northeastern Oregon" , June 1957
Batchelor, Ronald F. (author)
2 " Salt Use by Mule Deer in the Deschutes National Forest of Central Oregon" , June 1955
Black, Hugh Clark (author)
2 " The Survival of Juvenile Ring-necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington, During 1952" , June 1955
Bohl, Wayne H. (author)
2 " Factors Affecting Survival of Ring-Necked Pheasants on the Deschutes Irrigation Project of Oregon" , June 1952
Carter, Glen David (author)
2 " Studies of Age, Growth, and Migration of Steelhead Trout, Salmo gairdneri gairdneri, in the Alsea River, Oregon" , June 1957
Chapman, Donald W. (author)
2 " A Trial Introduction of the European Partridge of Danish Stock into the Willamette Valley" , June 1951
Coats, James L. (author)
2 " The Effects of Predation on Pronghorn Antelope Numbers in South Central Oregon" , June 1958
Compton, Horace O. (author)
2 " Comparative Winter Survival of Wild and Game Farm Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1950
Corthell, Robert A. (author)
2 " A Study of the Food Habits of the Waterfowl of the Willamette Valley, Oregon" , June 1938
Crawford, Eugene E. (author)
2 " An Analyses of Farmer-Sportsmen Relationships as a Guide to Upland Game Management in the Willamette Valley, Oregon" , May 1939
Danielson, Ephraim A. (author)
2 " The Influences of Logging Practices on Columbian Black-Tailed Deer in the Blue River Area of Oregon" , 1959
Dealy, John Edward (author)
2 " Techniques in Marking Pronghorn Antelope for Field Identification" , 1958
Dinges, Willie R. (author)
2 " Ecological and Mortality Factors Affecting the Nesting State of the Chinese Pheasant in the Willamette Valley, Oregon" , 1937
Eklund, Carl R. (author)
2 " A Plan for the Management of the Ring-Necked Pheasant in Western Washington Based on a Field Study" , June 1949
Galbreath, Donald S. (author)
2 copies
2 " Winter Foods of the Ringneck Pheasant on the Wilson Game Management Area" , June 1958
Gillam, Harry L. (author)
2 " Comparative Winter Survival of Wild and Game Farm Pheasants with Predator Control Practiced on Eliza Island, Washington" , April 1952
Hansen, Charles G. (author)
2 " Nesting Study of Ring-Necked Pheasants with Controlled Predation on Eliza Island, Washington" , 1953
Hansen, Charles G. (author)
2 " Survival of the Pronghorn Antelope in South Central Oregon During 1953 and 1954" , June 1955
Hansen, Edward Lee (author)
2 " The Comparative Survival of Nine Different Groups of Juvenile Ring-Necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1956
Hartwell, Harry Deane (author)
2 " A Pheasant Nesting Study with Controlled Predation on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1950
Hoffman, Russell R. (author)
2 " Some Physical and Mechanical Factors Important in Reducing Delayed Mortality of Hatchery-Reared Rainbow Trout" , June 1955
Horton, Howard F. (author)
2 " Delayed Mortality of Hatchery-Reared Rainbow Trout in Relation to Five Chemical Factors Encountered in Transporting Waters" , June 1955
Linn, DeVon W. (author)
2 " Landowners' Opinions on the Establishment of Pheasants on a New Central Oregon Irrigation Project" , June 1953
Madden, Elwood (author)
2 " An Analysis of Factors Influencing Road Kill of Pheasants in the Willamette Valley" , 1959
McCann, John A. (author)
2 " The Influence of Carbon Dioxide and pH on the Dissolved Oxygen Requirements of Some Fresh-Water Fish" , 1956
McNiel, William J. (author)
2 " Food Habits of Smolt Steelhead Trout, Salmo gairdneri gairdneri Richardson, in the Alsea River, Oregon" , 1958
Messersmith, James D. (author)
2 " A Survey of Internal Parasites of Poultry and Game Birds in Oregon" , June 1939
Morgan, Banner B. (author)
2 " The Mortality Factors of Winter Released Ring-Necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1949
Nelson, Daniel J. (author)
2 " A Field Study of the Sage Grouse in Southeastern Oregon with Special Reference to Reproduction and Survival" , June 1955
Nelson, Otto C. (author)
2 " Survival of Game Farm Juvenile Ring-Necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1954
Phillips, Richard E. (author)
2 " Survival and Increment of an Early Spring Release of Ring-Necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1949
Salter, Robert L. (author)
2 " A Preliminary Study of Certain Chemical Factors that May be Involved in the Delayed Mortality of Rainbow Trout Following Liberation" , June 1953
Saltzman, William O. (author)
3 " Results of a Ring-Necked Pheasant Liberation on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1948
Scott, Robert F. (author)
3 " Douglas's Ground Squirrel as Predator Uopn Upland Game Bird Nests on the Soap Creek Experimental Area in Oregon" , 1941
Stanton, Frank W. (author)
2 copies
3 " Notes Concerning the Western Canada Geese Group, Branta canadensis occidentalis (Baird). and Branta canadensis fulva Delacour" , April 1959
Trainer, Charles (author)
3 " Experimental Feeding of Ring-Necked Pheasants in the Willamette Valley, Oregon" , June 1947
Uhlig, Hansgerd (author)
3 " Results of a Controlled Shoot on the Soap Creek Experimental Pheasant Area, Corvallis, Oregon, October 1941" , May 1942
Vogtman, Donald B. (author)
3 " The Size and Location of Escape Ports for Bypassing Salmonid Fish at a Screened Diversion Canal" , April 1959
Wagner, Harry H. (author)
3 " The Winter Mortality and Movement of Wild and Game-Farm Ring-Necked Pheasants on Eliza Island, Washington" , June 1952
Wick, William Q. (author)
3 " Fox Populations and Food Habits in Relation to Game Birds in the Willamette Valley, Oregon" , June 1948
Wilcomb, Maxwell J. (author)
3 " A Preliminary Survey of the Influences of Controlled Logging on a Trout Stream in the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon" , June 1954
Wustenberg, Donald William (author)
3 " Observations on the Movements and Reproduction of the Cascade Form of Cutthroat Trout" , 1959
Wyatt, Bruce (author)
3 " Ecological Aspects of the Valley Quail in the Madras Area of Central Oregon" , June 1954
Yadon, Vernal L. (author)
3 " Factors Affecting the Mortality of Pronghorn Antelope in Oregon" , June 1957
Yoakum, James D. (author)
Series II: Research Projects, 1934-1960
3 Project 1.3: Einarsen -- project plan, 1935-1937
Project 12.5g: Antelope studies
3 A.V. Meyers daily log, field notes, reports, 1936-1938
3 folders
Also includes information on sage hen.
3 Albert Antrei daily log & field notes, 1938
3 Project 12.5h: Pheasant studies -- field reports (daily log), unknown researcher, 1938
3 Project 12.5j: Mule deer studies -- field reports (daily log), unknown researcher, 1937-1938
3 Project 12.6: Stomach contents, 1936-1948
3 Project 12.10: Murderer's Creek
3 Reports, 1936-1939
3 Project 12.10C: Deer carcasses located and examined, Sept.-Oct., 1936
3 Present concentration of deer on Murderer's Creek winter range, Oct. 6, 1936
3 Field reports, 1936-1937
3 Mule deer reports, Hendricks, 1936-1938
Project 12.10D: Second trip, Jan.-Feb. 1940
3 The grazing problem in Murderer's Creek Basin, Oregon, June 20, 1940
3 Correspondence, clippings, work plan, notes, 1936-1939
Map Case
8 * Maps, 1937-1938
3 Project 12.10G: Report, 1945
3 Project 12.10H: Deer trap notes, 1939
3 Project 12.11: Donaldson report, 1941
3 Project 12.12: Antelope reports, 1937-1955
Project 12.14: Flood control
3 Willamette Valley flood control work, 1941-1948
3 Project 12.14A: Drainage basin - flood reports, 1944-1946
3 Project 12.15: Waterfowl temperature records, 1939-1942
3 Project 12.16: Experimental spraying project, Seaside City Watershed, Necanicum, 1944-1948
3 Project 12.17: Island Research Center, 1945-1952
3 Project 12.18: Sugar Research Foundation, 1945-1946
4 Project 14.6: Big game diseases, 1936-1943
4 Project 14.9: Deer traps or trapping, 1940-1941
4 Project 14.10: Deer monograph, 1947-1956
4 Project 15A: Birds -- miscellaneous, 1950-1957
4 Project 15.1: Bird diseases, 1938-1952
4 Project 15.1a: Migratory waterfowl diseases, 1949
Project 15.2: Bird banding
4 Banding records, 1936-1939
4 Miscellaneous, 1935-1959
2 folders
4 Bands removed from birds at Eliza Island
4 Project 15.2b: Migratory waterfowl census, 1941-1947
4 Project 15.3: Ducks and geese, 1934-1956
4 Project 15.3: Duck foods, 1942
4 Project 15.4: Pheasants, quail and grouse, 1934-1952
3 folders
4 Project 15.4 (1): Pheasant inventory, Malheur County, 1943-1952
8 Maps and charts
apx 20x24 in.
4 Project 15.4 (2): Pheasant inventory, South Dakota, 1944-1954
4 Project 15.4 (3): Pheasant propagation experiment, Orting, Washington -- Upland Game Bird Committee, 1945-1948
4 Project 15.4(4): Pheasant study, Eastern Oregon, 1938
4 Project 15.4 (5): Pheasant notes, 1936-1937
4 Test plant of pheasant chicks on a rotating refuge (Harrisburg project), H.D. Kruse, 1947-1948
4 Project 15.4 (6): Pheasant rearing in the Madras area, 1948-1949
4 Project 15.4 (7): Nesting data, 1937-1938
4 Project 15.4 (8): Nesting data, 1941
4 Project 15.4 (9): Nest report, John H. Lewis, 1941
4 8 Project 15.4 (9): State game liberations, 1938
apx 20x24 in.
4 Various locations (primarily Clackamas, Washington & Multnomah Counties)
4 Benton County
4 Polk County
4 Yamhill County
4 Project 15.4 (b): State game liberations, 1939
4 Project 15.4 (10): Upland bird sight records, 1938-1939
4 Project 15.4 (11): Upland bird sight and brood records, 1941
5 Project 15.4 (12): Nesting study, Benton County, 1942
5 Project 15.4 (14): Pheasant data, suspense, 1946-1948
5 Project 15.4 (15): Pheasant facts, 1938 and 1946-1953
5 History of the Chinese pheasant in Oregon, ca. 1935
5 Project 15.6: Black Brant (photographs only; see P 179)
5 Project 15.7: Incubation (pheasants), 1946
5 Project 15.8: Hungarian partridge, 1937-1950
5 Project 15.9: Pelee Island (Canada) Pheasant Demonstration Project, 1948-1952
5 Project 15.10: Food analysis, bobwhite quail, 1950
5 Mountain quail research project, W.W. Lahnum field notes, stomach content record, maps, miscellaneous thesis material, 1939-1941
2 folders
Map Case
* Maps
Project 19 A: Small Game in the Willamette Valley
5 Fossil pheasant study
5 Willard Jarvis field diary, banding records and weekly reports, 1937-1938
5 Donald McDermid field diary, weekly reports, and correspondence, 1938
5 Arock pheasant study, McDermid weekly reports, 1938
5 Small game in the Willamette Valley, reports and temperature charts, 1935-1936
5 Effects of weather on game birds, Willamette Valley, 1935-1939
5 Fall Upland Game Surveys of the Willamette Valley
5 Field notes, charts, and report, E.A. Danielson, 1939
8 Charts
apx 20x24 in.
5 Field notes and reports, John Vinson, 1940
5 Field notes, charts, and report, Paul J. Bonn, 1941
2 folders
5 Field notes and Miscellaneous data, Frank Stanton & James Lindzey, 1941
5 Summer Upland Game Bird Census of the Willamette Valley, field notes and charts, Nils Nilsson, 1940
8 Charts
apx 20x24 in.
5 Project 19 B: Oregon's Big Game Sex and Increase Ratio, 1936-1940
2 folders
8 Maps
apx 20x24 in.
Project 19 C: Antelope Study
5 Antelope correspondence, 1940-1955
5 Life history and management of Oregon antelope, 1940-1941
5 Antelope food study, 1942-1944
5 Antelope studies -- diary, field reports, and correspondence, M. Throckmorton, 1944-1945
5 C.4 Comments on antelope manuscript, 1946
Project 19 D: Game Management of the Willamette Valley
5 Proposals and work plans, 1935-1939
5 Soap Creek area reports and field notes (various authors), 1936
8 Map
apx 20x24
5 Soap Creek area reports and field diary, E. E. Crawford, 1937-1938
5 Soap Creek area reports, Nils Nilsson, 1938-1939
5 Soap Creek area reports and field diary, Frank Stanton, 1939-1940
6 Soap Creek reports, game census, 1940-1941 & 1946
6 East Farm area records, Carl Eklund, 1936-1937
6 East Farm area records, E. E. Crawford, 1937-1938
Project 19 G: Water and Beaver Survey of Oregon
6 Weekly reports, Fritz Cramer, August 1937
6 Survey report (by county) and daily field reports, July & August, 1937
Map Case
* Maps
6 Project 19 H: Quail, field notes, maps, charts, weekly reports, Philip Branson and Clifford O. Tingley, 1938-1939
8 Charts
apx 20x24 in.
Project 19 J: Grey Partridge Introductions into the Willamette Valley Hungarian partridge research
6 Hungarian partridge research, 1949-1950
6 J(1) Camp Adair Game Management Area, 1949-1950
6 J(2) Weekly reports, Roland Montagne, James Yoakum, 1956-1957
6 Project I(z): Cedar Creek deer project, proposal and correspondence, W.C. Lightfoot, 1958
6 Project O-14: Salting problem, weekly diary of Ron Batchelor, LaGrande, 1956
6 Project O-15: Salting problem, weekly diary and field diary of Alan Tolmsoff, LaGrande, 1956
6 Problem P: Antelope study -- proposals, outlines, correspondence, reports, 1953-1956
Map Case
* Map
6 Project P(A): Antelope study correspondence, 1953-1958
6 Antelope kid studies
6 Project P-1: Ralph R. Denney correspondence, 1953-1956
6 Project P-2: Ralph R. Denney field diary (weekly reports), 1953
6 Project P-3: Edward L. Hansen correspondence and report, 1953-1955
6 Project P-4: Edward L. Hansen diary (weekly reports), 1953-1956
6 Project P-5: Determining age classes of antelope, 1953
6 Project P-6: Interview report on methods of determining age classes of antelope, 1953
6 Project P-7: Chris Nelson correspondence, 1954-1955
6 Project P-8: Chris Nelson field diary and weekly reports, 1954-1955
6 Project P-9: James D. Yoakum correspondence and reports, 1954-1956
6 Project P-12: Harold Stice field diary (weekly reports), 1955
6 Project P-13: Harold Stice correspondence, 1955
6 Project P-14: Rodney Canutt field diary (weekly reports), 1955-1956
6 Project P-15: Rodney Canutt and Joseph O'Brien correspondence, 1955-1956
6 Antelope study problems
6 Project P-16: Census -- sex and age ratios, 1953-1957
6 Project P-17: Food habits, 1953-1957
6 Project P-17a: Nutrition studies, food and nutrition samples, Weswig and Schubert, 1956-1957
6 Project P-18: Hunting -- legal, illegal, 1954-1957
6 Project P-19: Four-State Antelope Meeting, 1950-1960
2 folders
6 Project P-20: Tagging, 1954-1957
6 Project P-21: Mil scale binocular, 1954-1956
6 Project P-22: Disease, 1953-1957
6 Project P-23: Predator studies, 1954-1957
Map Case
* Map
6 Project P-24: Sage grouse study, 1954-1956
6 Project P-24a: Bird banding records, Drake's Flat, 1956
6 Project P-25: Antelope study problem -- special reports, California, 1953-1958
6 Project P-26: Antelope kid study, Joseph O'Brien field diary (weekly reports) and reports, 1955
6 Project P-27: Antelope kid study, Robert Maben, correspondence, weekly reports, & note cards, 1956
7 Project P-28: Antelope census, Drake's Flat, Orville Compton, 1956-1957
7 Project P-29: Antelope study problem, Orville Compton field diary (weekly reports), 1956
7 Project P-30: Antelope kid study, Orville Compton correspondence and paper, 1956-1957
7 Project P-31: Antelope kid study, Ray Dinges field diary (weekly reports), 1956-1957
7 Project P-32: Antelope field study -- Ray Dinges correspondence, marking and dye tests experiments, 1956-1959
7 Fisheries projects
7 Problem 1-8: Delayed mortality of transported hatchery-reared trout, Howard F. Horton reports, field notes, and research data, 1955-1958
2 folders
7 Problem 1-9: Game fish delayed mortality, DeVon Linn weekly reports, 1953-1955
7 Problem 1-11: Rauwolfia study, research notes and reports, 1956
7 Studies of the scales of Umpqua River spring chinook salmon, Bill Saltzman, 1951
7 The use of preserved otoliths as a means of determining the age of mature chinook salmon, Bill Saltzman, March 1952
7 Herbarium specimens of Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge, Oregon, 1938
7 Deer food study, (Chatelain thesis), 1940-1941
7 Miscellaneous observations notes, 1938 & 1945

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    • Corporate Names :
    • Oregon State College. Dept. of Fish and Game Management.
    • Oregon State College. Dept. of Fish, Game, and Fur Animal Management.
    • Oregon State College. Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife.
    • Geographical Names :
    • Alsea River (Or.)
    • Colville Indian Reservation (Wash.)
    • Eliza Island (Wash.)
    • Willamette River Valley (Or.)
    • Subject Terms :
    • Elk--Oregon.
    • Fish hatcheries--Oregon.
    • Fisheries--Research--Oregon.
    • Fishery management--Oregon.
    • Game and game-birds--Oregon.
    • Pheasants--Oregon.
    • Pronghorn antelope--Oregon.
    • Wildlife conservation--Oregon.
    • Wildlife refuges--Oregon.
    • Form or Genre Terms :
    • Maps.
    • Photographic prints.
      • Other Creators :
      • Einarsen, Arthur S. (Arthur Skogman), 1897-
      • Oregon Cooperative Wildlife Research Unit.
      • Oregon State College. Federal Cooperative Extension Service.
      • Oregon State University. Cooperative Extension Service.

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