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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Gilfillan, F. A. (Francois Archibald), 1893-1983.
Title: F. A. Gilfillan Papers
Dates: 1894-1984 ( inclusive )
1921-1978 ( bulk )
Quantity: 11 cubic feet including 75 photographic prints, 725 slides, 6 audiocasettes, and 1 16mm film (34 boxes including 1 oversize boxs)
Collection Number: MSS Gilfillan
Summary: The F. A. Gilfillan Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by Francois Archibald Gilfillan, Dean of the School of Science at OSU from 1939 to 1962. The collection includes professional and family correspondence, administrative documents from OSU and other educational organizations, and materials documenting Gilfillan’s work as a public school teacher, member of the U.S. Army Chemical Warfare Service, and Oregon State faculty member and administrator.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 

Historical Note

Francois Archibald Gilfillan was born in Ninnekah, a small town in central Oklahoma, in 1893. As a child, he and his family moved from Oklahoma to Bowie, Texas. In 1910, Gilfillan enrolled in the Polytechnic College of Texas (now Southern Methodist University). The following year, he visited an uncle in Washington and took a job teaching at a public high school. He later transferred to Coos River High School in Oregon. In 1915, Gilfillan left Coos Bay and enrolled at Oregon Agricultural College where he became Associate Editor of the OAC Barometer, President of the Pharmaceutical Association and a ROTC cadet captain. In 1918 he earned his bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy with first honors. After graduation he joined the U.S. Army and served briefly in the Chemical Warfare Service.

After the end of World War I, Gilfillan enrolled at Yale University and taught at the Milford Tutoring School. In 1920, he was awarded the Calco Chemical Company fellowship at Yale. The following year, he graduated with his doctorate in chemistry and worked briefly as a research chemist at Calco. In 1922 he accepted an assistant professorship in Pharmacy at Oregon Agricultural College, a position he left three years later in favor of work at the University of Florida. In 1927, Gilfillan returned to his alma mater at the behest of President William Jasper Kerr and was appointed Professor of Chemistry. The following year he married Violette Odekirk, a Portland native, with whom he would have four children: Mary Louise, Elizabeth Ellen, Nansie Jean, and Margaret Alice. In 1939 Gilfillan was promoted to Dean of Science. The following year, when President Frank L. Ballard fell ill, Gilfillan took on some of the duties of University President. In 1941 he was officially appointed Acting President of Oregon State College following the resignation of Ballard. He served in this position until October 1942 when A. L. Strand assumed the presidency. Gilfillan returned to his position as Dean of Science where he remained until his retirement in 1962.

Gilfillan did a great deal to further science education on both the local and national scale. He was instrumental in the formation and administration of the Junior Engineers’ and Scientists’ Summer Institute (JESSI), a founder of the OSU chapter of the Blue Key Honors Society, one of the five original incorporators of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), the Commissioner on Higher Education of the Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools from 1947 to 1957, Secretary of the Oregon Academy of Science, and Vice President for Scientists of Tomorrow, Inc. for the latter half of the 1950s.

In addition to his professional duties, Gilfillan also maintained an active extracurricular life. He was a Rotarian, a Master Mason, and active member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. He spoke German, Russian, French, Italian and Chinook and could read Latin, Greek, Chinese, and Spanish. He also collected antique British silver, cultivated an authentic Japanese garden and amassed an impressive collection of rare books—many of which were donated to the Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center.

“Doc” Gilfillan passed away in 1983. In tribute to his service to the OSU community, the F.A. Gilfillan Memorial Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Science has been awarded annually since 1984.

Content Description

The F. A. Gilfillan Papers are comprised of materials generated and assembled by Francois Archibald Gilfillan, Dean of the OSU School of Science from 1939 to 1962. The collection contains extensive correspondence with colleagues, family members, and friends including photographer Margaret Bourke-White and author Antonina Riasanovksy. The collection also contains records from education and research-oriented organizations including Scientists of Tomorrow, the Oregon Academy of Science, the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), the National Teacher Training program, and the Junior Engineers’ and Scientists’ Summer Institute (JESSI). Some OSU School of Science administrative documents including budget sheets, reports from the registrar, and memoranda are available. Correspondence and documentation of Gilfillan’s involvement in professional and social organizations including the Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, and Phi Sigma honors societies, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, the OSU Order of the Spoon faculty club, and the Corvallis Rotary Club are also present.

In addition, the collection contains examples of Gilfillan’s coursework from OAC and Yale and employment records and materials from his time as a public school teacher, member of the Chemical Warfare Service, employee at Calco Chemical Company, and professor at University of Florida. The Gilfillan collection also includes papers and speeches delivered by Gilfillan and notebooks containing notes, schedules, and meeting agendas. Also included in the collection are newspaper clippings relating to Gilfillan, biographical sketches, results of a survey of extant volumes of the Nuremberg Chronicle, songs, poetry, and drawings generated and collected by Gilfillan, family holiday cards, numerous honors and awards, photographs, slides, and several scrapbooks.

Absent from the collection are substantive records relating to Gilfillan’s duties as Dean of OSU’s School of Science and materials from his tenure as interim University President.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Audio recordings and related transcripts of Violette Gilfillan found in Series IV are restricted indefinitely.

Preferred Citation :  

F. A. Gilfillan Papers (MSS Gilfillan), Oregon State University Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The F. A. Gilfillan Papers are arranged into five series: Series I: Correspondence, 1894-1984; Series II: Professional Records, 1912-1975; Series III: Biographical Materials, 1915-1984; Series IV: Photographs, Slides, Audio Recordings and Motion Picture Film, 1921-1978; Series V: Artifacts and Ephemera, 1918-1978. Materials are arranged alphabetically, chronologically, and/or by subject.

Acquisition Information :  

The Oregon State University Archives accessioned materials into the F. A. Gillan Papers in 1985, 1993, and 2006. In 2007, the contents of the Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship Records were transferred to the F. A. Gilfillan Papers. The Gilfillan Papers now reside in the OSU Libraries Special Collections & Archives Research Center.

Related Materials :  Related Materials

Records from F. A. Gilfillan's service as Dean and interim President of Oregon State University can be found in the President's Office Records (RG 013), oral histories featuring F. A. Gilfillan and Violette Gilfillan in the Oregon Pioneers Oral History Collection (OH 01), and the Chemistry Department Records (RG 098). Materials related to the School of Science at OSU can be found in the College of Science Records (RG 024). Additionally, rare books donated by F. A. Gilfillan and the Gilfillan family are available in the McDonald and History of Science Rare Book Collections.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Series I:  Correspondence, 1894-1984

Series I is comprised of correspondence to and from F. A. Gilfillan and other members of the extended Gilfillan family generated between 1894 and 1984. The series includes correspondence with members of Gilfillan's immediate and extended family, extensive records relating to Gilfillan's personal interests (British silver, Japanese gardens, rare books, and Gilfillan family geneaology), correspondence with friends and colleagues, and communications with the many professional organizations Gilfillan participated in.

Subseries 1: General Correspondence, 1921-1981
Subseries 1 is comprised of materials relating to F. A. Gilfillan's work at Oregon State College, his association with rare book and silver dealers, correspondence with friends and colleagues, his involvement in professional organizations, and miscellaneous professional and personal business.
1.1 Correspondence, 1921
1.2 Correspondence, 1922
1.3 Correspondence, 1923
1.4 Correspondence, 1924
1.5 Correspondence, 1925
1.6 Correspondence, 1925
1.7 Correspondence, 1925
2.1 Correspondence, 1926
2.2 Correspondence, 1926
2.3 Correspondence, 1926
2.4 Correspondence, 1926
2.5 Correspondence, 1926
3.1 Correspondence, 1926
3.2 Correspondence, 1927
3.3 Correspondence, 1927
3.4 Correspondence, 1927
3.5 Correspondence, 1927
3.6 Correspondence, 1928
4.1 Correspondence, 1928
4.2 Correspondence, 1929
4.3 Correspondence, 1929
4.4 Correspondence, 1930
4.5 Correspondence, 1930
4.6 Correspondence, 1930
4.7 Correspondence, 1931
5.1 Correspondence, 1932
5.2 Correspondence, 1933
5.3 Correspondence, 1934
5.4 Correspondence, 1935
5.5 Correspondence, 1936
5.6 Correspondence, 1937
5.7 Correspondence, 1938
5.8 Correspondence, 1939
5.9 Correspondence, 1940
5.10 Correspondence, 1941
5.11 Correspondence, 1942
5.12 Correspondence, 1942
6.1 Correspondence, 1943
6.2 Correspondence, 1944
6.3 Correspondence, 1945
6.4 Correspondence, 1946
6.5 Correspondence, 1947
6.6 Correspondence, 1948
6.7 Correspondence, 1949
6.8 Correspondence, 1950
6.9 Correspondence, 1951
6.10 Correspondence, 1952
6.11 Correspondence, 1953
6.12 Correspondence, 1954
6.13 Correspondence, 1955
6.14 Correspondence, 1956
6.15 Correspondence, 1957
6.16 Correspondence, 1958
6.17 Correspondence, 1958
7.1 Correspondence, 1959
7.2 Correspondence, 1960
7.3 Correspondence, 1961
7.4 Correspondence, 1962
7.5 Correspondence, 1963
8.1 Correspondence, 1963
8.2 Correspondence, 1964
8.3 Correspondence, 1965
8.4 Correspondence, 1966
8.5 Correspondence, 1967
8.6 Correspondence, 1968
9.1 Correspondence, 1969
9.2 Correspondence, 1970
9.3 Correspondence, 1971
9.4 Correspondence, 1972
9.5 Correspondence, 1973
9.6 Correspondence, 1974
9.7 Correspondence, 1975
9.8 Correspondence, 1976
9.9 Correspondence, 1977
9.10 Correspondence, 1979-1981, undated
Subseries 2: Individual Correspondence, 1894-1984
Subseries 2 includes correspondence with F. A. Gilfillan's mother, father, and siblings, his four daughters (Mary Louise Simon, Elizabeth Ellen Johnson, Nansie Jean Jensen, and Margaret Alic Doty) and their families, members of his extended family, and several penpals. Notably, the collection includes correspondence with Margaret Bourke-White, a world-renowned documentary photographer, and Antonina Riasanovsky, a critically-acclaimed author who wrote under the pen name Nina Fedorova. Also included is correspondence to and from Violette Gilfillan, much of it relating to the death of F. A. Gilfillan in 1983.
10.1 Margaret Bourke-White, 1925-1953
10.2 Gordon A. Gilfillan, 1942-1969
10.3 Herbert A. Gilfillan, 1928-1943
10.4 Homer Gilfillan, 1925-1973
10.5 J. Lawrence Gilfillan, 1926-1960
10.6 Jack D. Gilfillan, 1894-1944
10.7 Jack D. Gilfillan, Jr., 1926-1943
10.8 Jean L. Gilfillan, 1929-1978
10.9 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1925
10.10 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1926
10.11 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1927
10.12 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1928
10.13 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1929
11.1 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1930
11.2 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1931-1941
11.3 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1942
11.4 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1943
11.5 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1944
11.6 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1945
11.7 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1946
11.8 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1947
11.9 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1948
11.10 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1949
11.11 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1950-1959
11.12 Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1960-1964
12.1 Violette Gilfillan, 1928-1984, undated
12.2 Micellaneous Family Correspondence, 1926-1976
12.3 Julia V. Herman, 1942
12.4 Julia V. Herman, 1943
12.5 Julia V. Herman, 1944
12.6 Julia V. Herman, 1945
13.1 Julia V. Herman, 1946
13.2 Jensen Family Correspondence, 1957-1975
13.3 Johnson Family Correspondence, 1957-1975
13.4 Lamont Family Correspondence, 1907, 1928-1977
13.5 Odekirk Family Correspondence, 1928-1960
13.6 V. A. Riasanovsky, 1943-1948
13.7 Simon Family Correspondence, 1958-1977
13.8 Brinton H. Stone, 1946-1949
13.9 Chieko Urakami, 1942-1951
13.10 Greeting Cards & Invitiations, 1940-1961, undated

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Series II:  Professional Records, 1912-1975

Series II is comprised of materials from F. A. Gilfillan's career as a scientist, educator, and university administrator. It includes employment records, teaching materials, administrative documents from Oregon State University, records from his engagement in numerous professional and academic groups, papers and speeches produced by Gilfillan, and nearly thirty notebooks containing records of his activities at OSU.

Subseries 1: Education & Employment Records, 1912-1969
Subseries 1 contains contracts and records of F. A. Gilfillan's work as a high school instructor in Washington and Oregon, a notebook and other documentation from his appointment in the Chemical Warfare Service, and employment records from Calco Chemical Company. The subseries also includes materials related to his employment as a Professor of Chemistry and Dean of the School of Science at OSU.
13.11 Secondary School Instruction, 1912-1917
13.12 Oregon Board of Pharmacy Registered Pharmacist Certificates, 1919-1969
13.13 Teacher's Contracts, Cowlitz County, Washington, 1912-1914
13.14 Teacher's Contract, Coos County, Oregon, 1914
13.15 Chemical Warfare Service, 1918
13.16 Calco Chemical Company Employment Records, 1919-1921
14.1 Oregon State University Employment Records, 1922-1967
14.2 OSU Personnel Forms, 1962-1965
14.3 OSU Travel Expense Reports, 1954-1960
Subseries 2: Administrative & Teaching Materials, 1924-1971
Subseries 2 is comprised of teaching and administrative materials dating from Gilfillan's employment at the University of Florida and Oregon State College. Included in the subseries are course materials, theses and dissertations, budgetary documents, reports from the OSC registrar, and materials generated by students and employees of the School of Science
14.4 "Specifications: Castings for Autoclave", 1925
34.3 High Pressure Autoclave Blueprints, 1925
14.5 Chemistry Course Materials, undated
14.6 Russian Course Materials, 1943-1944
14.7 Classics of Science Course Correspondence, 1950-1960
14.8 Course Lecture Notebook, 1924-1939
14.9 Course Lecture Notebook, undated
14.10 OSU Biology Colloquium Correspondence and Lecture Drafts, 1963
14.11 OSU School of Science Administrative Documents, 1938-1971
14.12 OSU School of Science Payscale Graphs, undated
14.13 Marine Biology Station Monthly Expense Reports, 1949-1951
15.1 Administrative and Graduate Council Notebook, 1937
15.2 OSU Directories, undated
15.3 Memorandum re: Meeting with Dr. Kleinsorge, 1941
15.4 "A Study of the Reactions of Students at Oregon State College to their Curricula and Instructions," Virginia Davolt, 1938
15.5 "Some Properties and Reactions of Umbellulone from the Leaf Oil of Coose Bay Myhtls, Umbellularia Californica," Leo Yukio Kiyohiro, 1938
15.6 "Andromedotoxin in Rhododendron Californicum," Chieko Otsuki, 1937
15.7 "A Chemical Garden," C. C. Pines, 1932
15.8 "The Role of State Financial Officers in Higher Education," A. L. Strand, 1960
15.9 W. A. deLaubenfels Zoology Research Materials, 1953-1958
15.10 Walter R. Stahl Biology Research Materials, 1960
15.11 Fred W. Decker Meteorological Research Materials, 1962
15.12 Bibliography on Peppermint Constituents, undated
15.13 Grade Reports from the OSU Registrar, 1924
15.14 Report of the Registrar to the Scholarship Committee, 1926-1931
15.15 "Scholastic Ratings of Schools, Classes, Honorary and Professional Scoieties, Living Organizations, and Other Groups", 1931-1933
Subseries 3: Professional Organizations, 1941-1977
Subseries 3 contains documentation of Gilfillan's work with various educational groups and enterprises including the Junior Engineers' and Scientists' Summer Institute (JESSI), the Oregon Academy of Science, the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, the National Teacher Training program, and Scientists of Tomorrow. His association with professional organizations including the Corvallis Rotary Club, the OSU Order of the Wooden Spoon, the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity, and the Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma, and Theta Delta Nu honors societies is also well documented here.
15.16 Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools Notebook, 1948
16.1 Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools / Specialized Professional Accredding Organizations, 1954
16.2 Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools Correspondence, 1961-1963
16.3 Report to the Higher Commission of the Northwest Association Covering a Cooperative Evaluation of the University of Idaho", 1954
16.4 Middle States Association for College and Secondary Schools Report, 1954
16.5 Accrediting Organization Materials, 1960-1962, undated
16.6 Blue Key Honor Society, 1949, 1974-1976
16.7 Corvallis Rotary Club, 1958
16.8 Order of the Wooden Spoon, 1933, 1954
16.9 Phi Gamma Delta, undated
16.10 Phi Kappa Phi Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1943-1950, 1964
16.11 Phi Kappa Phi Notebook, 1949-1959
16.12 Phi Kappa Phi Speeches, 1958-1965
16.13 Phi Sigma, 1939-1946
16.14 Theta Delta Nu, 1974-1977
17.1 Future Scientists of America Foundation Science Teachers Summer Institute, 1955-1959
17.2 JESSI Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1957-1969
17.3 JESSI Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1962-1963
17.4 JESSI Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1970-1971, undated
17.5 JESSI Scheduling Materials, 1956-1964
17.6 JESSI Exam Materials, 1964
17.7 JESSI Student Evaluations, 1956-1959
17.8 JESSI Speeches and Lectures, 1956-1971
17.9 Oregon Museum of Science and Industry Annual Budget Ledger Sheets, 1961-1962
17.10 Oregon Academy of Science Correspondence, 1972-1976
18.1 Oregon Academy of Science / American Association for the Advancement of Science Correspondence, 1950-1954
18.2 Oregon Academy of Science / American Association for the Advancement of Science Correspondence, 1955-1959
18.3 Oregon Academy of Science / American Association for the Advancement of Science Correspondence, 1960-1965
18.4 Oregon Academy of Science Administrative Documents, 1946-1977
18.5 Oregon Academy of Science High School Research Grants, 1957-1964
18.6 Oregon Academy of Science Newsletters, 1969-1976
18.7 Oregon Academy of Science Notebook, 1946-1948
18.8 Oregon Institute of Marine Biology Administrative Report, 1941
18.9 OSC High School Science Teachers Summer Research Assistantship Applications, 1955
18.10 Oregon Student Science Conference Administrative Documents, 1963
18.11 National Teacher Training Correspondencee and Administrative Documents, 1952-1955
19.1 National Teacher Training Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1952-1957
19.2 Scientists of Tomorrow Correspondence, 1963-1965
19.3 Scientists of Tomorrow Correspondence, 1964-1971
19.4 Scientists of Tomorrow Correspondence and Administrative Documents, 1961-1970
19.5 Scientists of Tomorrow Questionnaire, 1959-1970
19.6 Scientists of Tomorrow Financial Statements, 1967-1970
19.7 Scientists of Tomorrow Administrative Changes and Dissolution, 1971-1973
19.8 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1964
19.9 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Spring Meeting, 1965
19.10 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1965
19.11 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1966
20.1 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Spring Meeting, 1968
20.2 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1968
20.3 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Spring Meeting, 1969
20.4 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1969
20.5 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Spring Meeting, 1970
20.6 Scientists of Tomorrow Board of Trustees Annual Meeting, 1970
20.7 Scientists of Tomorrow Speech, City Club, 1957
20.8 Survey of Attendance for Unidentified Meeting, 1962
Subseries 4: Articles & Speeches, 1921-1975
This subseries is comprised of a doctoral dissertation, papers, articles, and speeches written by F. A. Gilfillan between 1921 and 1975.Topics include instruction in the sciences, science and humanities education, the history of printing, language learning, and the future of the sciences in industry and academia.
20 "A Catalytic Study of Some Dehydration and Addition Reactions of Ethyl Alcohol," F. A. Gilfillan, 1921
20.9 "The American College Fraternity System," F. A. Gilfillan, 1927
20.10 Article on Science Instruction, F. A. Gilfillan, 1959
20.11 "Science and Superstition," F. A. Gilfillan, 1962
20.12 Speech: "Ephedrin," American Chemical Society, 1932
20.13 Speech: "History of the Eastern Church", 1935
20.14 Speech" The Place of Science in Modern Education", 1939
20.15 Speech: "Science in the Ancient World", 1939
20.16 Speech: "Meet the Sciences", 1939
20.17 Speech: "The School of Science in the Service of the State", 1939
20.18 Speech: "The Making of a Scientist", 1939
20.19 Speech: "The Scientific Career," Physics Honor Society, 1939
20.20 Speech: "Present Status and Needs of the School of Science," Oregon State College, 1940
20.21 Speech: "Members of the Class of '41," Oregon State College Commencement, 1941
20.22 Speech: "Members of the Class of '42," Oregon State College Commencement, 1942
20.23 Speech: "Education for the World of Tomorrow," Oregon College of Education Commencement, 1947
20.24 Speech: "Encouraging the Exceptional Student," Oregon State College, 1950
20.25 Speech: Lincoln Day Address, 1950
20.26 Speech: Provisions for the Superior Student," University of Oregon, 1951
20.27 Speech: "The Importance of College Language Programs in Landgrant Institutions," Denver, Colorado, 1957
20.28 Speech: "International Geophysical Year," Oregon Caves, 1957
20.29 Speech: "The Impact of Science on Society", 1958
21.1 Speech: "Thermodynamics," Lewis & Clark College, 1958
21.2 Speech: Untitled, Logan, Utah, 1958
21.3 Speech: "Semantics," Address to Freshman, Oregon State College, 1958
21.4 Speech: "Herbal Exhibit", 1959
21.5 Speech: Freshman Honors Groups, Oregon State College, 1960
21.6 Speech: Address at New Student Week, 1961
21.7 Speech: Farewell Dinner for Chancellor Richards, 1961
21.8 Speech: "Commissioning the 'Acona'," Portland, Oregon, 1961
21.9 Speech: "A Bluperint for Your Education" Honors Group, 1961
21.10 Speech: "The Three Keys," Nurses' Graduation, 1962
21.11 Speech: "Four Thousand Years of Books," George Fox College, 1962
21.12 Speech: "Education for All Americans", 1964
21.13 Speech: "Four Thousand Years of Books," Friends of the Library Banquet, 1966
21.14 Speech: Dean Dubach's Retirement Dinner, Lewis and Clark College, 1966
21.15 Speech: "Science and Literature", 1971
21.16 Speech: Light from the Lamps of China", undated
21.17 Speech: History of American Higher Education, undated
21.18 Speech: "The Dawn of Science or the Dawn of Civilization," Oregon Academy of Science Meeting, 1975
21.19 Speech: "The Invention of Printing", undated
21.20 Speech: "The Word Nobody Knows", undated
21.21 Speech: "I Believe", undated
21.22 Speech: Address to the 13th Biology Colloquium, Oregon State College, undated
21.23 Speech: "The School of Science", undated
21.24 Speech: "War-Time Science and Post-War Business," Condensation of a talk by Gerald Wendt, undated
21.25 Speech: "International Control of Atomic Energy", undated
21.26 Speech Notes, 1954-1965, undated
21.27 Interview: Japanese Culture, undated
21.28 Radio Broadcast Forum: The Nature and Purpose of UNESCO, 1948
Subseries 5: Notebooks, 1940-1974
Subseries 5 contains nearly thirty notebooks with meeting records, scheduling and travel information, and miscellaneous personal and professional notes spanning much of Gifillan's career at Oregon State University.
21.29 Notebook, December 1940 - January 1942
21.30 Notebook, March 1942 - October 1942
21.31 Notebook, January 1944 - March 1945
21.32 Notebook, July 1944 - April 1945
22.1 Notebook, March 1945 - June 1945
22.2 Notebook, July 1945 - June 1947
22.3 Notebook, June 1947 - July 1947
22.4 Notebook, June 1948 - November 1948
22.5 Notebook, September 1947 - September 1950
22.6 Notebook, September 1950 - November 1951
22.7 Notebook, November 1951 - November 1952
22.8 Notebook, November 1952 - May 1953
22.9 Notebook, May 1953 - May 1954
22.10 Notebook, May 1954 - September 1955
22.11 Notebook, September 1955 - September 1956
22.12 Notebook, September 1956 - September 1957
23.1 Notebook, September 1957 - November 1958
23.2 Notebook, November 1958 - December 1959
23.3 Notebook, January 1960 - November 1960
23.4 Notebook, November 1960 - February 1962
23.5 Notebook, February 1962 - October 1962
23.6 Notebook, October 1962 - February 1963
23.7 Notebook, February 1963 - March 1965
23.8/ Notebook, November 1963 - October 1966
23.9 Notebook, October 1967 - July 1976
23.10 Notebook, November 1973 - June 1974
23.11 Notebooks, undated

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Series III:  Biographical Materials, 1915-1984

Series III is composed of biographical materials collected by F. A. Gilfillan and his wife, Violette. Included are biographical sketches and academic and employment records. Ephemera, including four scrapbooks detailing his life in the early 1900s, a 1925 trip to Europe, and his retirement from OSU and an extensive collection of newspaper clippings are also present. Honors and awards, a collection of songs and poetry by Gilfillan, documentation of his rare book and silver collections, records from the Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship, and the results of a survey conducted by Gilfillan on the Nuremberg Chronicle can also be found in this series. Also included are materials relating to Gilfillan's death and a short biography composed by Violette Gilfillan. The series also contains course notebooks and records dating from Gilfillan's time as a student at Oregon Agricultural College and Yale University, appointment books, car mileage records, and a series of family holiday cards designed by Gilfillan.

23.12 Biographical Sketches and Reports, 1933-1962
23.13 "The Story of F.A. Gilfillan," Violette Gilfillan, undated
24.1 Passport and Certificate of Citizenship, 1926, 1941
24.2 Academic Records, 1915-1918
24.3 Materials re: Retirement from Oregon State University, 1961-1962
24.4 Materials re: Death of F.A. Gilfillan, 1983
24.5 Memorial Booklet, circa 1983
24.6 F. A. Gilfillan Memorial Award, 1984
24.7 Newspaper Clippings, 1938-1983
34.1 "Autumn at Gilfillan's Farm," Sunday ROTO, Pittsburgh Press, 1960
30 Scrapbook, 1918-1925
31 Scrapbook: Trip to Europe, circa 1925
31 Scrapbook: "A Remarkable Man", 1962
31 Scrapbook: Holiday Greeting Cards, 1927-1974
24.8 Gilfillan Family Holiday Cards, 1959-1978
24.9 Inventory of Book Collection, 1925
24.10 Nuremberg Chronicle Survey and Correspondence, 1954-1955
24.11 Inventory of Silver Collection, 1958
24.12 Songs and Poetry, undated
24.13 Portland City Club Materials, 1944-1945
24.14 Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship Sermons and Records, 1953-1954
24.15 Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship News Bulletin, 1953-1954
24.16 The Christian Register, 1953-1954
24.17 Membership and Business Cards, undated
24.18 Honors, Awards, and Certificates, 1909-1974
34.5 Honors, Awards, and Certificates, 1910-1965, undated
25.1 Oregon State University Centennial Award, 1968
25.2 Oregon State University 25-Year Club Award, 1968
25.3 Violette Odekirk High School Diploma, 1920
25.4 Documents and Correspondence re: The last will and testament of Jessie H. Gilfillan, 1965-1970
25 Bound Notes: OAC Laboratory and Lectures Notes, 1916
25 Bound Notes: Yale Laboratory and Lecture Notes, 1918
26 Bound Notes: Yale Lecture Notes, 1919-1920
26 Notebook: Yale Synthetic Organic Chemistry Lecture Notes, circa 1920
26 Notebook: Yale Chemistry Lecture Notes, circa 1920
26 Notebook: Yale Chemistry Lecture Notes, circa 1920
26 Notebook: Yale Chemistry Lecture Notes, circa 1920
26 Notebook: Yale Laboratory Notes, circa 1920
27 Bound Notes: Yale Lecture Notes and Calco Chemical Company Records, 1920
27.1 Notebook: Chemistry Course Notes, undated
27.2 Notebook: Japanese Course Notes, 1971
27.3 Notebook: Car Mileage Records, August 1925 - September 1928
27.4 Notebook: Car Mileage Records, September 1928 - May 1930
27.5 Appointment Books, 1941, 1953
27.6 Desk Calendar, 1961

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Series IV:  Photographs, Slides, Audio Recordings and Motion Picture Film, 1921-1978

This series includes approximately 75 photographic prints featuring images from Gilfillan's time at the Chemical Warfare Service, Yale University, Oregon State University, and in retirement. Early photographs include Gifillan with his coworkers in the Chemical Warfare Service and graduating from Yale University. Other images include Gilfillan attending various OSU functions such as commencement, the OSU Centennial Celebration, and an ROTC summer camp at Hamilton Air Force Base. Other photographs capture Yale University staff, members of the OSU administration, School of Science Faculty, and JESSI attendees. Several photos feature the Gilfillan family, Violette Gilfillan, social events, and the Gilfillan silver collection and Japanese Garden.

Series IV also includes more than 450 commercially produced slides of historic and culturally significant sites in Europe and Canada, and 275 slides of photos taken by Gilfillan during a 1969 trip across Western Europe. The photographs by Gilfillan include images of major cities in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, and Denmark.

Additionally, this series contains six transcribed cassette tapes of Violette Gilfillan detailing biographical information about F. A. Gilfillan. Subjects discussed include Gilfillan's deanship and presidency, his education in pharmacy, Russian language instruction, and the Marine Science Station. These tapes and their transcripts are restricted indefinitely. The series also includes a short 16mm film titled "Institute of Marine Biology - Summer 1941". The film features a group of people walking on a beach and examining tide pools.

28.1 Photographic Prints, 1921-1978
34.6 Oversized Photographic Prints, 1940, undated
28.2 Photographic Slides by Gilfillan, 1969
28.3 Commercially Produced Photographic Slides, circa 1969
28.4 Commercially Produced Photographic Slides, circa 1969
32 Cassette Tape 1: "Gilfillan at Pharmacy School," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Cassette Tape 2: "1938 Deanship; Feeding Chickens; Secretary; Bert Christenson; 1938-1939 Chemistry," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Cassette Tape 3: "1939 Chemistry; Charleston Marine Station; Fall 1939 at OSU," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Cassette Tape 4: "Fall 1940 at OSU; John Byrne Inauguration," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Cassette Tape 5: "Russian Teaching at OSU (1943-1944); Academy of Science; OMSI," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Cassette Tape 6: "John Byrne Inauguration; Gilfillan Presidency; A. L. Strand Presidency," Violette Gilfillan., undated
32 Film: "Institute of Marine Biology - Summer 1941", 1941

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Series V:  Artifacts and Ephemera, 1918-1978

Series V is comprised of artifacts and ephemera collected by F. A. Gilfillan. This series includes a Polytechnic College yearbook, an assortment of OSU promotional materials and memorabilia including a Golden Jubilee medallion and several examples of beanies worn by OSU freshmen, a satirical drawing of OAC penned by Gilfillan, two engraved printers blocks featuring Gilfillan, a charcoal portrait, and miscellaneous programs and pamphlets.

29 "The Panther," Polytechnic College Yearbook, 1911
29.1 Oregon State University Brochures, Programs and Informational Materials, 1928-1958
29.2 Oregon State University Brochures, Programs, and Informational Materials, 1961-1966
29.3 Oregon Agricultural College Songbook, 1924
29.4 "Fight for Oregon State" Sheet Music, 1940
34.2 "Hail to Old OAC" Songbook, undated
34.4 Satirical Drawing of OAC, undated
32 OSU Memorial Union Fiftieth Anniversary Medal, 1978
32 OSU Golden Jubilee Medallion, circa 1968
32 OSU Commemorative Medallion, undated
32 Honorary OSU President's Club Gavel, undated
32 OAC Paperweight, undated
33 OSU Rook Lids, undated
29.5 Miscellaneous Programs and Pamphlets, 1928-1976
32 Phi Sigma Society Scholarship Award Medal, undated
32 Engraved Printer's Block featuring School of Science staff, 1940
32 Engraved Printer's Block featuring F. A. Gilfillan, undated
34.7 Charcoal Portrait, undated
32 Assorted OSU Building and Equipment Keys, undated

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    • Corporate Names :
    • Blue Key (Fraternity)
    • Future Scientists of America Foundation.
    • Junior Engineers' and Scientists' Summer Institute (Oregon State University)
    • Northwest Association of Secondary and Higher Schools.
    • Oregon Academy of Science.
    • Oregon Agricultural College. Department of Pharmacy.
    • Oregon Institute of Marine Biology.
    • Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
    • Oregon State College. School of Science.
    • Oregon State University.
    • Oregon State University. School of Science.
    • Phi Gamma Delta.
    • Phi Kappa Phi. Oregon State Chapter.
    • Scientists of Tomorrow.
    • Unitarian Church of the Larger Fellowship.
    • United States. Army. Chemical Warfare Service.
    • Yale University.
    • Subject Terms :
    • College administrators--Oregon--Corvallis.
    • College presidents--Oregon--Corvallis.
    • Language and languages--Study and teaching--Oregon--Corvallis.
    • Rare books.
    • Science museums--Oregon.
    • Science--Study and teaching (Higher)--Oregon.
    • Science--Study and teaching (Secondary)--Oregon.
    • Form or Genre Terms :
    • Audiocassettes.
    • Motion pictures (visual work)
    • Photograph albums.
    • Photographic prints.
    • Printed ephemera.
    • Scrapbooks.
    • Slides.
      • Other Creators :
      • Bourke-White, Margaret, 1904-1971.
      • Fedorova, Nina, 1895-1985.
      • Gilfillan, Violette.

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