Guide to the Westminster College Student Folklore Collection,

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Title: Westminster College Student Folklore Collection
Dates: 1992-2003 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 5 boxes (2.4 linear feet)
Collection Number: USU_FOLK COLL 43
Summary: The Westminster College Student Folklore Collection consists of Westminster College student folklore projects from 1992 to 2003.
Repository: Utah State University. Merrill-Cazier Library. Special Collections and Archives.
Fife Folklore Archives

Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
3000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-3000
Phone: 435 797-2663
Fax: 435 797-2880

Languages: Material in English 

Content Description

The materials in this collection include a copy of each student report. Photographs, cassette recordings and video recordings were used in some of the projects, and are included. Projects are arranged in alphabetical order by the student's last name. Different genres of folklore used in each project are noted.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Use :  

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

Permission to publish material from the The Westminster College Student Folklore Collection must be obtained from the Curator of the Fife Folklore Archives and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

Preferred Citation :  

The Westminster College Student Folklore Collection, 1992-2003. (FOLK COLL 43). Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives Department.

Administrative Information

Processing Note :  

Processed in January of 2010

Acquisition Information :  

The Westminster College Student Folklore Collection is comprised of folklore projects created by Westminster College students enrolled in Professor David Stanley's folklore courses from 1992 to 2003. Because Westminster College lacks a Folklore Archive, in 2009 Professor Stanley donated the student projects to Utah State University to be housed in the Fife Folklore Archives.

Separated Materials :  

Release Forms have been removed and stored separatly.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Adams - Dignam, 1992-2003
12 Folders

Box 1 is composed of student projects by Suzanne Adams, Matthew M. Beard, Tamra Benson, Ryan M. Black, Brett Boberg, Nicole Boyd, Sherri Lyn Burleson, Sara Clay, Kerri Cook, Kim Cordova and Sean Ross, and Toshiko Dignam.

1 1 Suzanne Adams, "Family Narratives Project."
Legends: Personal Experience Narrative, Supernatural Religious, LDS.
1 2 Matthew M. Beard, "Ghost Stories."
Legends: Contemporary Legends, Horror Stories.
1 3 Tamra Benson, "Modern Dance Clubs."
Customs: Group/Social Customs, Dances.
1995 May 30
1 4 Ryan M. Black, "The Folklore of Medicine."
Customs: Group/Social Customs, Occupational.
1 5 Brett Boberg, "The Superstitions of Baseball Players."
Belief: Leisure Activies, Baseball.
1995 May 30
1 6 Nicole Boyd, "Folklore of a Handbell Choir."
Folk Speech: Naming; Material Culture: Bells.
1 7 Sherri Lyn Burleson, "Decorative Mailboxes."
Material Culture: Yard Art, Mailboxes.
1 8 DeeLayna Carter, "Feminist Xeroxlore."
E-lore: Xerox.
1 9 Sara Clay, "Renaissance Faires and LARPers."
Customs: Group/Social Customs.
1 10 Keri Cook, "Hawaiian Leis."
Material Culture: Leis.
1995 May 30
1 11 Kim Cordova and Sean Ross, "The Anton Family Lebanese Traditions."
Customs: Group/Social Customs, Lebanese, Music.
1 12 Toshiko Dignam, "The Folklore of Bridal Showers."
Customs: Rites of Passage, Weddings, Bridal Showers.
1999 June 01

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Dunford - Howcroft, 1992-2003
12 Folders

Box 2 is composed of student projects by Colby Dunford, Annette Eastman, Bennett Eddie, Benjamin Erwin, Aimee Evans, Kirsten Allen Foutz, Tanya Girouard, Jessie Lynn Gravatt, Brandi Gutke, Janice Hansen, Dannielle Holder, and Brent M. Howcroft.

2 1 Colby Dunford, "The Lawn Mower Story."
Family Narrative.
2 2 Annette Eastman, "Occupational Folklore: Truck Drivers."
Customs: Group/Social, Occupational, Nicknames and Sayings.
1995 May 30
2 3 Bennett Eddie, "Family Histories/Yugoslavians in Park City."
Customs: Group/Social, Yugoslavians; Family Narratives.
2 4 Benjamin Erwin, "The Japanese point of view on the American Experience."
Belief: Ethnic.
1999 June 01
2 5 Aimee Evans, "Beliefs of a Hispanic Folk Group from Colorado."
Belief: Ethnic, Good Fortune, Bad Luck, Evil Spirits, Health.
1999 May 26
2 6 Kirsten Allen Foutz, "July 24th in Lund, Nevada: A Utah Holiday Crosses the Border."
Customs: Holidays, Community Celebrations, Parades.
1999 May 27
2 7 Tanya Girouard, "Folklore and Narratives."
Legends: Crime, Jail and Prison Legends.
2 8 Jessie Lynn Gravatt, "Water, Water Everywhere, But Can You Find It?."
Belief: Divination, Water Witching.
2003 April 21
2 9 Brandi Gutke, "Quilting - A Family Tradition."
Material Culture: Quilting.
2 10 Janice Hansen, "Library Folklore."
Customs: Group/Social, Occupation, Libraries.
1995 May 28
2 11 Dannielle Holder, "Cvar Family Folk Tradition: Making Clabosa Sausages."
Customs: Group/Social, Ethnic, Yugoslavian, Foodways.
1997 June 02
2 12 Brent M. Howcroft, "Family Celebrations/Outings: Mushrooming in Little Cottonwood Creek Valley."
Customs: Group/Social, Extended Family Activites, Mushrooming.
1992 May 25

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Hy Tang - Moretti, 1992-2003
15 Folders

Box 3 is composed of student projects by Seng Hy Tang, Karen Johnson, Lissa Johnson, M. Jonassen, Nikki Jorgensen, Bryn Kaelin, Susie M. Kelly, Angie Larson, Meredith J. Llewellyn, Linda L. Lujan, Lisa McDonald, Amie Miller, Kathryn L. Miller, Malinda Mills, and Angie Moretti.

3 1 Seng Hy Tang, "Traditional Cambodian Wedding of Ngim and Da Lim."
Customs: Rites of Passage, Wedding, Ethnic, Cambodian; Material Culture: Clothing.
1992 May 29
3 2 Karen Johnson, "Chipman Family Thanksgiving Traditions."
Customs: Holidays, Thanksgiving: Food, Art Lanterns, Placemats, Family Heritage.
1993 May 24
3 3 Lissa Johnson, "Quilting: Passing the Tradition On."
Material Culture: Quilting, Quilting Bees, and Quilt Design.
1993 May 26
3 4 M. Jonassen, "Group Folklore."
Folk Speech: Vocabulary, Slang.
3 5 Nikki Jorgensen, "Pregnancy Prediction Tests and Methods."
Belief: Pregnancy, Birth and Infancy, Gender of Baby and Number of Babies.
1999 May 24
3 6 Bryn Kaelin, "Occupational Folklore: Beauty Parlor."
Customs: Group/Social, Occupational; Narrative.
1999 May 28
3 7 Susie M. Kelly, "Celebrating the Birth of Sint Nicolaas: Insight on the Dutch Tradition."
Customs: Holiday, St. Nicolas' Day.
1992 May 21
3 8 Angie Larson, "Italian Cooking Traditions."
Customs: Group/Socal, Ethnic, Italian Foodways.
1995 May 30
3 9 Meredith L. Llewellyn, "Personal Narratives of Markay Allred Hufman."
Personal Family Narratives.
1995 May 29
3 10 Linda L. Lujan, "Lujan Family Traditional Foods."
Customs: Ethnic, Mexican Foodways.
1993 May 28
3 11 Lisa McDonald, "The Cookie Bake: A Tradition of Family Folklore."
Customs: Holidays, Christmas, Foodways.
1997 May 29
3 12 Amie Miller, "T. G. I. Friday's Folklore."
Customs: Occupational Folklore, Foodways.
1995 May 31
3 13 Kathryn L. Miller, "Seasonal Vestments and Their Stories."
Material Cutlure: Textile/Clothing, Religious Vestments.
1992 May 31
3 14 Malinda Mills, "Folklore Surrounding the Historical Structures of and around Moab, Utah."
Regional Folklore: Moab, Utah; Legends: Supernatural Hauntings.
1995 May 25
3 15 Angie Moretti, "Family Stories."
Family Narratives and Legends.

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Naylor - Player, 1992-2003
8 Folders

Box 4 is composed of student projects by Shirley Naylor, M. Nelson, Steve Nelson, Mike Nielsen, Sarah Pace, Mike Packer, Rachel Phomsouvanh and Elizabeth Player.

4 1 Shirley Naylor, "German Immigration Stories of the Goeckeritz Family."
Family Folklore, Ethnic, German.
1999 June 01
4 2 M. Nelson, "Menarche and Women's Folklore."
Customs: Rites of Passage, Maturation, Female Coming of Age, Menstruation.
4 3 Steve Nelson, "The Bear Lake Monster."
Regional Legends: Supernatural Non-Religious, Water and Swamp Creatures.
1997 May 29
4 4 Mike Nielsen, "Drum Circles in American Society."
Material Culture: Drums, Customs: Group/Social.
4 5 Sarah Pace, "Norooz A Muslim Celebration."
Customs: Holiday, New Years, Ethnic Celebration.
1995 May 28
4 6 Mike Packer, "What's Your Name? 1. Some Nicknames 2. What's the point?."
Folk Speech: Naming.
4 7 Rachel Phomsouvanh, "The Kennedy Girls."
Customs: Group/Social, School.
4 8 Elizabeth Player, "Occupational Folklore."
Customs: Group/Social, Occupational, Movie Theater Employees; Folk Speech: Naming.

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Pope - Weaver, 1992-2003
12 Folders

Box 5 is composed of student projects by Danielle Pope, Jenn Poulson, Carrie Price, Forrest Pritchett, KT Rhodes, Machelle Rogers, Sarah McGinnis Rudd, Caludette Rush, Jamie Smith, Thomas Swenson, Jackie Tripp, and Diane Weaver.

5 1 Danielle Pope, "My Immigrant Family."
Family Narratives: Immigration Stories, Ethnic, Chinese; Customs: Food.
2003 April 19
5 2 Jenn Poulson, "Breakdancing as Folklore."
Customs: Group/Social, Dances.
5 3 Carrie Price, "Bird Hunting with Spaniels."
Customs: Group/Social, Family, Hunting.
1995 May 25
5 4 Forrest Pritchett, "Camplore: Campfire at Summer Camp."
Customs: Group/Social, Summer Camp.
5 5 KT Rhodes, "Folklore Project."
Material Culture: Textiles, Darning.
5 6 Machelle Rogers, "Folklore in the Family."
Customs: Group/Social, Immediate Family, Foodways.
5 7 Sarah McGinnis Rudd, "The Story of John Frum America."
Legends: Character Legends, John Frum.
1995 October 07
5 8 Claudette Rush, "Story Telling Style and the Personal Values Found in the Stories of Utah Snow-boarders."
Personal Narratives; Belief: Leisure Activity, Snowboarding.
1994 June 03
5 9 Jamie Smith, "Trefoil Ranch Quiet Songs."
Customs: Group/Social, Camps; Songs.
1999 June 01
5 10 Thomas Swenson, "Its 4:19, you got a minute?"
Belief: Times and Numbers.
1997 May 30
5 11 Jackie Tripp, "Psyches: Truth or a Good Con Artist."
Belief: Fortune Telling, Divination, Humans with Supernatural Power.
1995 May 24
5 12 Diane Weaver, "How We Met: Cultural Significance in Couples' Story-Telling."
Customs: Rites of Passage, Dating and Engagement; Personal Experience Narrative.

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Box 6 is composed of single folklore items that were collected on 5x8 cards for folklore classes. They are categorized below:

1.1- Proverbs
1.2- Riddles
1.3- Interplay
1.4- Magic Words
1.5- Dialect and Language
1.6- Greetings
1.7- Naming
1.8- Rhymes
1.9- Written Love
2.1- Myth
2.2- Epic
2.3.1- Historical Legend
2.3.2- Etiological Legend
2.3.3- Urban Legend
2.3.4- Christian Legend
2.3.5- Mormon Legend
2.3.6- Three Nephites
2.4- Folktale
2.5- Tall Tale
2.6- Histories
2.7- Personal Experience Narrative
2.8- Folk Poetry
2.9- Jokes
3.1- Instrumental Music
3.2- Ballad
3.3- Folk and Pop Songs
3.4- Religious Song
3.5- Ritual Song
3.6- Family Song
3.7- Student Songs
3.8- Children's Song
3.9- Blues
4.1- Folk Dance
4.2- Popular Dance
4.3- Native American Dance
4.4- Folk Drama
4.5- Puppetry
5.1- Magic
5.2- Folk Medicine
5.3- Occupational Practice
5.4- Games and Recreation
5.5- Gestures
5.6- Folk Religion
5.7- Science
6.1- Festivals
6.2- Holidays
6.3- Family Celebrations
6.4- Student Celebrations
6.5- Rites of Passage
6.6- Fertility Rites
6.7- Other Religion
6.8- Folk Events
7.1- Settlements
7.2- Farm/Ranch
7.3- Housing
7.4- Barns
7.5- Outbuildings
7.6- Commercial Buildings
7.7- Fences, Gates, Etc.
7.8- Parks, Streets, Towns
7.9- Yard Art
8.1.1- Quilts

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Box 7 is composed of single folklore items that were collected on 5x8 cards for folklore classes. They are categorized below:

8.1.2- Rugs
8.2- Paintings and Sculptures
8.3- Interior and Decor
8.4- Body adorn, Costumes
8.5- Metalwork
8.6- Woodworking
8.7- Ceramics, Baskets
8.8- Tools and Toys
8.9- Outdoor Gear
9.1-9.0- Foodways

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