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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Van Vliet, Antone C.
Title: Tony Van Vliet Papers
Dates: 1946-1995 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 6.25 cubic feet
Collection Number: Consult repository.
Summary: The Van Vliet Papers document the ten terms (1975-1995) that Tony Van Vliet served in the Oregon Legislative Assembly representing House District 35 in Benton County as well as his forestry research and other administrative activities at Oregon State University.
Repository: Oregon State University Libraries, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
Contact Information: Special Collections & Archives Research Center
121 The Valley Library
Oregon State University
Corvallis OR
Telephone: 541-737-2075
Fax: 541-737-8674
Languages: Materials in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Biographical Note

Tony Van Vliet was born in San Francisco, California, in January 1930. He received a B.S. in forest products in 1952 and an M.S. in wood science in 1958, both from Oregon State. He received a Ph.D. in forest products from Michigan State University in 1970. Van Vliet taught in OSU's School of Forestry from 1955 to 1990, and from 1963-1971 was also a forest products extension specialist. He served as associate director of the Career Planning and Placement Center from 1971-1978, and was director of the center from 1978 until his retirement from OSU in 1990.

Van Vliet was first elected to the Oregon Legislative Assembly in the fall of 1974, and was subsequently re-elected to nine two year terms. He declined to seek re-election in 1994 and retired from the legislature in January 1995. Van Vliet served on the Joint Ways and Means Committee from the 1979 session through the 1993 session; he was co-chair of the committee in 1991. He also served on the Emergency Board (1977 through 1991 sessions); the Governor's Public Lands Advisory Committee (1979 through 1993 sessions); and the Joint Data Processing Committee (1977 through 1991 sessions).

Content Description

The first group of papers pertains to his work on the OSU College of Forestry faculty, on university committees and other activities, and with the university's Career Planning and Placement Center. College of Forestry records (1949-1976) include correspondence and meeting minutes relating to the planning and construction of Peavy Hall; research records pertaining to Douglas fir, plywood, and the balsam woolly aphid; historical information on the School, the Forestry Club, and McDonald Forest; and a consultant report on the Drain Plywood Company.

Committee records include the Ad Hoc Committee on General Education, 1971-1973; and the Faculty Reviews and Appeals Committee, 1974-1976. Records of other activities include the third student-faculty conference in January and February 1969. Career Planning and Placement Center materials (1975-1990) include correspondence; a 1990 recruiter evaluation of the center; and materials for a managerial course given to a private sector company.

The second group of papers documents the ten terms Van Vliet served in the Oregon Legislative Assembly representing House District 35 in Benton County (1975-1995). Most of the materials in this group are closed until January 1, 2006. Closed records include correspondence; speeches, statements, and editorials; legislative and gubernatorial committee, council and task force records; bills files; and information files on significant issues. Records that are open in this group include legislative directories, guides and handbooks; campaign and election materials; constituent surveys; published reports; and newspaper clippings about the 1993 session.

The third group of papers pertains to other organizations and activities that Van Vliet has been involved with. Included are materials pertaining to Corvallis Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., the ARC of Benton County, and the Republican Party. This group also contains a hand-tinted photograph of a lumber mill.

Use of the Collection

Preferred Citation :  

Tony Van Vliet Papers, Oregon State University Archives, Corvallis, Oregon.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Organized into 3 groups: 1. Oregon State University; 2. Oregon Legislative Assembly; and 3. Other Materials.

Related Materials :  

Other materials pertaining to Van Vliet's forestry work can be found in the Forestry Extension Records (RG 103), the College of Forestry Records (RG 139), and the Agricultural Experiment Station Records (RG 25). A copy of his 1970 Ph.D. dissertation, "The Sawmill Manager: His Nature and His Time" (Michigan State University) can be found in the Extension Service Records (RG 111). See also the Memorabilia Collection file for additional information on Tony Van Vliet.

Photographs of Van Vliet can be found in the Alumni Association Photographic Collection (P 17:7023); the News and Communication Services Photographic Collection (P 57:4279-4280); the Robert Henderson Photographic Collection (P 98:1201); and the College of Home Economics Photographic Collection (P 44 - acc. 93:050).

Detailed Description of the Collection

Subgroup 1:  Oregon State University
Series I: School of Forestry Records, 1949-1976
1 New Forestry Building, 1958-1972
2 folders
1 Characteristics of Second Growth Douglas-fir, 1957-1958
1 Balsam Woolly Aphid, U.S. Forest Service, 1961-1964
1 Plywood Demand Study, Ag. Experiment Station, 1961-1965
1 Anatomical Study of Young Growth Douglas-fir that Reacted Abnormally in Tension Testing, Ag. Experiment Station, 1962
1 Historical information on the School of Forestry, the Forestry Club, and McDonald Forest, 1949-1961
1 Fernhopper banquet program, 1956
1 Study of wood wastes market and cost of delivery to markets, ca. 1958
1 INDEX: Industrial Extension for the Forest Products Industry (Forest Research Lab/Extension newsletter co-edited by Van Vliet), 1967-1970
1 " Forest Products Situation Statement" , prepared by R.O. McMahon and Van Vliet for use by County Extension Long-Range Planning Committees, Feb. 1967
1 Memos re: Identifying Oregon Driftwood, 1973-1975
1 Consultant report (by Van Vliet), " Report on the Drain Plywood Company, 1971-72"
1 Information for Comprehensive Review of Forest Products Research, Jan. 1976
Series II: Committees, 1971-1976
1 Ad Hoc Committee on General Education, 1971-1973
1 Faculty Review and Appeal Committee, 1974-1976
1 Series III: First Student - Faculty Conference, Salishan Lodge, January 31-February 1, 1969
Series IV: Career Planning and Placement Center, 1975-1991
1 Orientation Handbook for Agency Officials, 1975
1 Correspondence, 1982-1990
1 Recruiter evaluation of Placement Center, 1990-91
Managerial short course for Neptune Microfloc, 1975-1976:
1 Correspondence, course outlines, instructor profiles, handouts, company organizational charts, course evaluation
1 Employee profiles (confidential information; file closed for XX years)
Series V: Proceedings of the Conference on the Student as a Factor in His Education, July 12-13, 1946, Oregon State College

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Subgroup 2:  Oregon Legislative Assembly
Series I: Legislative Directories, Guides, and Handbooks, 1972-1994
1 Handbook on the Oregon Legislature, 1972
1 Rules of the House of Representatives, 1973-1978 & 1989/90
1 Administrative Rules and Procedures for Oregon's Conflict of Interest Law, 1975
1 Legislative Directory, 1977, 1979 & 1981
1 Oregon's Legislature and Legislative Process, 1983 & 1985
1 Joint Legislative Guide, 1977, 1983 & 1985
1 Legislator Handbook, January 1987
1 The Oregon Legislature, 1989
1 Oregon Legislative Guide, 1991 & 1993
1 Interim Directories, 1989/90 & 1993/94
1 Capitol Club membership roster, 1987/88 & 1993/94
1 House & Senate at-a-glance, 1993
Series II: Campaigns and Elections, 1974-1992
1 We the People, Sears, Roebuck & Co. guides to elections in Oregon, 1974-1980
1 Pacific Northwest Bell guides on using telephone communications in elections, 1980 & undated
1 Campaign school handbook, 1983/84
1 Campaign finance manuals, 1973-1982 & 1992
1 Summary Report of Campaign Contributions and Expenditures, primary and general elections, 1976
1 Candidates and Political Parties Manual, 1973/74, 1977/78 & 1980
1 " So You Want to Be a Candidate" , February 1974
1 Oregon Republican State Central Committee campaign manual, 1974?
1 " Get out the Vote: Guide to Republican Victories" , 1978
1 The Redbook: A Manual For Incumbent State Legislators, Republican National Committee, 1984? & 1990
1 Instructions for poll watchers, ca. 1974
1 Instapoll sales literature, 1976
1 Campaign activities list, ca. 1974
1 Endorsements, 1990
1 Vote analyses, 1974-1990
Van Vliet campaigns
1 Literature and memorabilia, 1981-1990
Map Case
* Corvallis voting precinct/city council ward map, 1980
Series III: Constituents, 1975-1979
1 Surveys and Questionnaires, ca. 1975 & 1979
1 "Speakout 79" public forum, May 12, 1979
Series IV: Published Reports, 1979-1993
2 Oregon Restaurant & Beverage Association, legislative special report, 1979
2 Association of Oregon Counties, legislative summaries, 1979 & 1981
2 Oregon Voter Digest, 1981 legislative review, September 1981
2 Oregon Education Association evaluations of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, 1979, 1981 & 1983
2 Oregon School Boards Association/Confederation of Oregon School Administrators, legislative reports, 1979, 1981 & 1983
2 League of Oregon Cities, summary of bills passed during legislative session, 1981
2 State Rep. Paul A. Hanneman, highlights of the 1981 regular and 1982 special sessions
2 Oregon League of Conservation Voters, legislative reports, 1983, 1991 & 1993
Executive Department
2 Adopted budgets, 1985/87 & 1987/89
2 Budget in Brief, 1993/95
2 Governor's Office
2 Inaugural Address of Victor Atiyeh, Jan. 10, 1983
2 State-of-the-State Address to the 65th Legislative Assembly, Jan. 9, 1989
2 General Services Department, Capitol construction budget summary, 1989/91
Secretary of State, Audits Division
2 Children's Services Division: Opportunities to Increase Federal Funds and Improve Services for Children, March 1992
2 A Review of the Process Leading to the Construction of the Archives Building, March 1992
2 Oregon Progress Board, Oregon Benchmarks: Standards for Measuring Statewide Progress and Government Performance (report to the 1993 Legislature), December 1992
2 Education Department, Oregon Report Card, Fall 1993
2 Transportation Department, State Parks & Recreation Branch, Willamette River Greenway Program, 1977
2 Oregon Business Council, Oregon Values & Beliefs - Summary, May 1993
2 Joint Legislative Committee on Trade and Economic Development, staff report, Reinventing Economic Development: Ten Ideas for Market-Driven Approaches to Promoting Industrial Competitiveness, October 1994
Series V: Correspondence, 1975-1994
Series is restricted until January 1,2006
3 Governor's Office, 1975-1993
3 Attorney General, 1977-1989
3 Secretary of State, 1985
3 Speaker of the House, 1976-1993
3 Other legislators, 1975-1993
3 General correspondence from constituents, organizations and associations, and others, 1979-1994
3 Series VI: Speeches, Statements and Editorials, 1975-1994
four folders
Series is restricted until January 1,2006
Series VII: Councils, Committees, and Task Forces, 1987-1995
Series is restricted until January 1,2006
3 Joint Ways and Means Committee, 1989-1993
3 Joint Data Processing Committee, 1983-1988
3 Joint Task Force on PERS, 1985-1986
3 Emergency Board, 1989-1995
4 Public Lands Advisory Committee, 1989-1993
4 Commission on Administrative Hearings, 1987-1989
4 Historic Properties Commission, 1990-1995
4 Governor's Commission on Psychiatric Inpatient Services, 1988
4 Task Force on Pregnancy & Substance Abuse, 1989-1990
4 Joint Legislative Task Force on Lottery Oversight, 1993-1994
4 Workforce Quality Council, 1993-1995
4 Kitzhaber Transition Executive Commitee, 1994
Series VIII: Bills Files, 1975-1993
Series is restricted until January 1,2006
4 General information and bills sponsored by Van Vliet, 1975-1993
5 Bills on topics over several legislative sessions
6 Bills on topics over several legislative sessions
Map Case
* Bill tracking charts, undated
Map Case
* Miscellaneous charts, undated
6 Series IX: General Information Files, 1982-1995
Series is restricted until January 1,2006
Series X: Clippings
2 Daily clippings about the 1993 regular session
2 Features on politicians and the legislative assembly
2 Series XI: Daily Schedule Cards, 1989 Legislative Session, January-July 1989
Series XII: Miscellaneous, 1974-1993
2 Capitol tour information, ca. 1974
2 House committees, 1977 session
2 Programs for Joint Sessions of Legislative Assembly, 1989 & 1991
2 Scripts for opening sessions of the House sessions, 1991 & 1993

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Subgroup 3:  Other Materials
Series I: Organizations, 1979-1995
2 Corvallis Area Chamber of Commerce, community guide and membership directory, 1979
2 Republican National Committee, chairman's report, 1983
2 Re-Elect Senator Mark Hatfield Committee, Handbook for Key Campaign Volunteers, 1990
2 Smile Corvallis Certificate of Award, March 1990
2 Corvallis Neighborhood Housing Services, Inc., 1994-1995
2 Arc of Benton County, Housing and Community Supports Housing Options Proposal, 1994
2 Northwest Policy Center/U.S. Bank, The 1995 Portrait: Regional Economic Review and Outlook, 1995
Series II: Political Memorabilia, 1976-1992
7 Brochures, flyers and door hangers (various candidates), 1978-1980
apx 12x17 in.
7 Bumper stickers (various candidates, slogans, and causes), 1976-1992
apx 12x17 in.
7 Signs - Atiyeh for Governor, 1978, and Bush for President, 1992
apx 12x17 in.
7 State Democratic Party Platform, 1980
apx 12x17 in.
8 Series III: Photograph (hand-tinted) of Unidentified Lumber Mill, ca. 1950
apx 12x17 in.

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  • Corporate Names :
  • Drain Plywood Company.
  • Oregon State University. Forestry Club.
  • Oregon State University--Students.
  • Geographical Names :
  • Benton County (Or.)--Politics and government.
  • McDonald Forest (Or.)
  • Oregon--Politics and government--1951-
  • Subject Terms :
  • Aphididae.
  • College buildings--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Douglas fir.
  • Electioneering--Oregon.
  • Forest products.
  • Forestry schools and education--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Forests and forestry--Oregon.
  • Housing--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Lumber trade--Oregon--Corvallis.
  • Vocational guidance--Oregon.
  • Form or Genre Terms :
  • Photographs.
    • Other Creators :
    • ARC of Benton County.
    • Corvallis Neighborhood Housing Services.
    • Oregon Legislative Assembly. House of Representatives.
    • Oregon State College. School of Forestry.
    • Oregon State University. Career Planning & Placement Center.
    • Oregon State University. College of Forestry.
    • Oregon State University. School of Forestry.
    • Republican Party (Or.)

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