Guide to the Montana Historical Society Pioneers Reminiscences

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Montana Historical Society
Title: Montana Historical Society Pioneers Reminiscences
Dates: - ( inclusive )
Quantity: .5 linear feet of shelf space
Collection Number: MC 64
Summary: This collection consists of reminiscences (1884-1943) of Montana pioneers describing their travel to Montana Territory, encounters with Indians, mining camp life, homesteading, etc. [Compiled by Montana Historical Society.]
Repository: Montana Historical Society, Research Center Archives
Contact Information: Montana Historical Society Research Center Archives
225 North Roberts
PO Box 201201
Helena MT
Telephone: 406-444-2681
Fax: 406-444-5297
Languages: English  
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

Throughout its existence, the Montana Historical Society has solicited from pioneers reminiscences about their experiences. A collection of such writings was destroyed in the January 1874 fire that swept downtown Helena. the Society immediately resumed collecting with the aim for replacing many of the destroyed reminiscences. By 1876 enough writings had been collected to publish the first volume of Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana. During the 1880s the Montana Territorial Legislature appropriated money for the collection of memoirs.

Content Description

This collection contains reminiscences of pioneers collected by the Montana Historical Society over a period of many years. The reminiscences describe travel across the plains, encounters with Indians, life in the mining camps, homesteading, etc. The reminiscences were sent to the Society by the writers.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

by series

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Detailed Description of the Collection

The following section contains a detailed listing of the materials in the collection

Biographical Material
1 / 1 Reminiscences: A (Gerhard Albers, M.W. Alderson, Mrs. W.D. Alexander, John Allen, H.D. Arkwright) n.d.
1 / 2 Reminiscences: B (H.H. Barnes, Alice Cook Barrett, Martin Barrett, Rosa Barker Beall, William J. Beall, George Beatty, Jordan Binza, John F. Bishop, John M. Bozeman, James S. Brewer, Patrick Brogan, James J. Brown) 1886-1920, n.d.
1 / 3 Reminiscences: C (J.A. Campbell, John B., Catlin, D.S. Chamberlain, Horatio L. Clark, Mrs. R.W. Clarke, John E. Clutter, John Coburn, Robert Coburn, Wallace D. Coburn, John Thomas Conner, Craig Cornell, Thomas Couch, Mrs. Frank N. Cowan, George W. Cullison, Thomas Curry, John H. Curtis) 1902-1943, n.d.
1 / 4 Reminiscences: D (George R. Davis, Frank Day, Walter W. DeLacy, George Detwiler, J.E. Dickey) 1892-1917, n.d.
1 / 5 Reminiscences: E (Anna Hackshaw Epperson) 1892-1917, n.d.
1 / 6 Reminiscences: F (James D. Farrow, L.A. Fenner, Charles French) 1902, 1904, n.d.
1 / 7 Reminiscences: G (Michael Lewis Geary, John R.C. Gerdts) 1904, 1937
1 / 8 Reminiscences: H (Howell Harris, John A. Harris, Jake Hoover, James Hubbell, William B. Hundley, H.W. Hutchison) 1892-1924
1 / 9 Reminiscences: J (Robert P. Jackson, Richard S. Jones, Harrison Jordan) 1904
1 / 10 Reminiscences: K (Herman Kaiser, John Kaiser, H.L. Keene) 1904, 1910
1 / 11 Reminiscences: L (John Largent, Robert Lawrence, Peter Levengood, Edward A. Lewis, George W. Lovell, James H. Lowell) 1902-1924, n.d.
1 / 12 Reminiscences: M (P.W. McAdow, James P. McClosky, Thomas McGirl, Maranda McKoin, Thomas Eli McKoin, William Isaac Marshall) 1904-1934
1 / 13 Reminiscences: N (Washington Nyhart) 1905
1 / 14 Reminiscences: O (Ignatius D. O'Donnell) 1904, 1933
1 / 15 Reminiscences: P (James Madison Page, S.L. Peck, Philip H. Poindexter) 1904, n.d.
1 / 16 Reminiscences: R (William Chiles Riddle, S.I. Ritchey, Almon C. Robinson, William Roe, Merton L. Rowley, Hannah Smith Underhill Rumsey, William Ashley Rumsey) 1903, 1904, n.d.
1 / 17 Reminiscences: S (Reuben Sabolsky, S.J. Sangwin, Jacob Schmidt, Jacob Sieben, Ella F. Levengood Smith, Green Clay Smith, William W. Sowder, Cora Levengood Sparrow, Almon Spencer, Morgan Spencer, Robert Nelson Sutherlin, John Swing) 1884-1909, n.d.
1 / 18 Reminiscences: T (George Thexton, George H. Town, Phebe P. Train, John Minar Tubbs) 1902-1907, n.d.
1 / 19 Reminiscences: V (John Vanderbilt, Timothy Vicars, G.C. Vinyard) 1902-1903, n.d.
1 / 20 Reminiscences: W (George Wallwork, Christopher H. Waterman, D.B. Weaver, John Barrett Williams, Robert T. Wing, John Wesley Winslett, Noah S. Wood) 1902-1908, n.d.

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  • Alder Gulch (Mont.)--Biography
  • Bannack (Mont.)--Biography
  • Bitterroot River Valley (Mont.)--Biography
  • Bozeman (Mont.)--Biography
  • Fort Owen (Mont.)
  • Frontier and pioneer life
  • Gallatin City (Mont.)--Biography
  • Hays (Mont.)--Biography
  • Helena (Mont.)--Biography
  • Horse Prairie (Mont.)--Biography
  • Maiden (Mont.)--Biography
  • Overland journeys to Montana
  • Virginia City (Mont.)--Biography
  • Women pioneers
  • Ywllowstone River Valley--Biography

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