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Overview of the Collection

Title: Scrapbook of Liquor Related Articles from Rigby, Idaho
Dates: 1904-1935 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 1 box (.5 linear foot)
Collection Number: USU_COLL MSS 193
Summary: Scrapbook of newspaper articles pertaining to prohibition in Rigby, Idaho.
Repository: Utah State University. Special Collections and Archives
Manuscript Collection

Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
3000 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-3000
Phone: 435 797-2663
Fax: 435 797-2880

Languages: Material in English 

Content Description

Scrapbook consists of detached articles and typescript transcripts of articles taken from the Rigby Star, Rigby, Idaho, 1904-1935. Articles concern prohibition, liquor laws, alcohol-related crimes, and other liquor-related issues in Idaho.

Use of the Collection

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No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Use :  

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

Permission to publish material from the Scrapbook of Liquor Related Articles from Rigby, Idaho must be obtained from the Special Collections Manuscript Curator and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

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Initial Citation: Scrapbook of Liquor Related Articles from Rigby, Idaho USU_COLL MSS 193, Box [ ]. Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_COLL MSS 193, USUSCA.

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Processed in May of 2006.

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Acquisition information is unknown.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1 Scrapbook
“The W.C.T.U. Meetings,” Fremont County (F.C), 22 July 1904 “Attention WCTU Workers,” The Rigby Star (R.S.), 29 July 1904 “Liquor License Bill Passed,” R.S., 22 February 1907 “People’s Party Platform,” R.S., 24 March 1905 “Women Not Drink Experts,” R.S., 4 August 1906 “Going to Stop It: The Gamblers and a Few Saloon Men are Having Trouble,” Rexburg Standard, 19 March 1908 “Evidently an old Feud,” F.C., 13 February 1908 “New Brand of Booze,” R.S., 29 May 1913 “Found a Fuss,” R.S., 9 March 1906 “Cutting Case at Rexburg,” R.S., 2 March 1906 “The Saloon Question,” F.C., 27 February 1908 “The Saloon Fight In Idaho Saloon interests preparing for General Contest,” 12 August 1909 “Passed House Local Option Measure But Tea Votes Against the Bill When the Vote was taken in the House Tues.”, undated “Near Beer Knocked Out Judge Steel Declares It against the Law,” R.S., 23 June 1910 “Majority of State Favor Dry Local Option in Most of the Counties,” 29 July 1909 “The Local Option Election Fremont County Goes Dry by a Large Majority,” F.C., 23 September 1909 “Liquor Will Be Banished From Idaho,” R.S., 16 September 1915 “‘Jawn’ Leaves Us,” 30 December 1915 “Rigby High School Wins Championship/Basket Ball Boys Win from Mountain Home 14 to 18 Friday,” R.S., 25 March 1915 “Can Not Carry Booze through Idaho,” R.S., 20 January 1916 “The Three Party Platform,” R.S., 9 July 1914 “Repealists Open State Drive Soon,” R.S., 17 August 1933 “Reasons For Repeal,” R.S., 18 January 1934 “Wet or Dry,” 31 March 1932 “Idahoans Will Vote on Repeal,” R.S., 16 March 1933 “Many Citizens Sign Petitions for Repeal Dry Law,” 22 June 1932 “Beer Petitions Are Heavily Signed,” R.S., 14 May 1933 “Legislature Must Decide Repeal Time,” R.S., 15 November 1934“Liquor Petitions Being Distributed,” R.S., 25 April 1935 “Idaho Repeal Vote on September 19th,” R.S., 22 June 1931 “Liquor Tariff,” R.S., 26 April 1934 R.S. Editorial, 14 March 1935 “Idaho ‘Dry’ Yet,” R.S. 9 November 1933 “Four Idaho Counties Voted For ‘Dries’”, 29 November 1934“Temperance Needed,” R.S., 4 October 1934R.S. Editorial, 22 June 1937 “The Dry Revolt Progresses,” R.S., 1 December 1932 “Jefferson County Voted ‘Wet’ 10, 7 Tuesday Election,” R.S., 21 September 1933“Prohibition Force Cease Work in Idaho,” R.S., 1 August 1933“Liquor in the Towns, Editorial,” 22 September 1932 “Democratic Plank on Liquor Issue,” R.S., 7 July 1932 “Wilson Predicts Idaho Vote Wet,” R.S., 7 September 1933 “Editor Parker Reviews Prohibition,” R.S., 7 January 1932“Repeal before 1934,” R.S., 22 June 1933R.S. Editorial, 21 August 1935 “Playing Into Hands of Bootleggers,” R.S., 26 October 1933 “Digest Claims 46 States Will Ratify Repeal Measure,” R.S., 9 March 1933“Though On the Liquor Question,” 21 September 1933“After Prohibition,” R.S., 2 November 1933 "No Quarter for Drunks,” R.S., 4 April 1935“A Letter to John,” R.S., 11 January 1934“Blow to Bootleggers,” R.S., 4 July 1935“Beer Ordinance Passed By Council Tuesday Night,” R.S., 19 June 1935 “Four Beer Licenses Issued in Rigby,” R.S., 13 July 1933 “$100 Beer License Now in Effect,” R.S., 2 January 1936 R.S., 14 September 1933 “Complete Returns, Jefferson County,” 10 November 1932“Idaho’s New Beer Law,” R.S., 19 June 1933 “Text of Beer Bill,” R.S., 19 June 1933 “Advisory Board Submits Plan For Liquor Control/ Governor Ross To Use Findings In Preparing His Message To Legislature Suggest Package Goods to Store,” R.S., 13 December 1934 “Liquor Group in Final Meet Soon,” R.S., 24 Nov 1934 “Taylor’s Liquor Bill Is for State Stores,” R.S., 17 January 1935 “State Favored Chairman Thornton,” R.S., 17 January 1935 “Liquor Bill Up at Boise Friday,” R.S., 31 January 1935 “Hill Gives Views On State Control,” R.S., 13 December 1934 “State Store Liquor Bill Now Up to Gov. Ross,” R.S., 21 February 1935 “Idaho to Have State Liquor Stores,” R.S., 21 February 1935 “First Liquor Stores Open in Two Weeks,” R.S., 28 March 1935 “Liquor Store Option Taken On George Bldg.,” R.S.(?), 4 April 1935 “Control Officers Close Site Leases,” R.S., 11 April 1935 “State Liquor Here In Three Weeks,” R.S., 9 May 1935 “Liquor Store Opens Friday,” R.S., 4 July 1935 “Liquor Commission Grants State Store For Rigby After County Delegation Protests,” R.S., 30 May 1935 “Rigby Drug Will Not Be State Dispensary,” R.S., 23 May 1935 “State Liquor Store Open Saturday,” R.S., 11 July 1935 “Brisk Demand Choice Liquor,” R.S., 18 July 1935 “Utah Jury Frees Driver Beer Truck,” R.S., 22 June 1933 “Prefer Hard Liquor,” 21 July 1932 “Dry Idaho Has 593 Liquor Dealers,” R.S., 20 September 1934 “Says Up to Counties to Enforce Laws,” R.S., 29 August 1935 “Yeaman Chairman Liquor Commission,” R.S., 15 July 1937 “Liquor Violation Case Delayed,” Idaho Edition of Salt Lake Tribune, 25 August 1937 R.S. Editorial, 21 February 1935 “North Idaho Liquor Case Hears Denial,” 29 December 1929 “Liquor Violations Cause Most Arrests,” R.S., 7 July 1932 “Drunk Driver Fined $100 Here Monday,” R.S., 24 October 1935 “Drunken Drivers to Get the Limit,” R.S., 31 October 1935 “Charged With Drunken Driving,” R.S., 24 December 1936 “Warning to Drunken Drivers,” R.S., 4 March 1937 “Fined $150 for Drunken Driving,” R.S., 25 February 1937“Fined $125 for Drunken Driving,” R.S., 31 December 1936“Drunken Drivers to Get Limit,” R.S., 19 April 1937 “Roosevelt’s Liquor Tax Theory,” 21 December 1933 “Liquor Profits,” R.S., 2 August 1934“Beer Tax Nets State $40,000,” R.S., 21 September 1933 “Idaho Beer Tax Totals $227,484”, undated “Malt and Beer Tax Brings in $200,000,” R.S., 4 October 1934 “Idaho Pays $200,000 for First Liquor,” R.S., 11 April 1935 “State Liquor Sales Shows Increase,” R.S., 12 September 1935 R.S. Editorial, 22 February 1936 “Liquor Sale Funds Return $6,001 Here,” 29 October 1936“Liquor Sales Return $18,474 to County,” 28 April 1938“Liquor Sales Net Jefferson $8,706,” R.S., 4 February 1937 “Liquor System Earned a Million,” R.S., 4 February 1937 “County Received $2,030 from Liquor,” R.S., 6 May 1937 “Liquor Control Nets $197,045 in 3 Months”, undated “Rigby Received $636 from Commission,” R.S., 28 October 1937 “County Gets $1,153 from Liquor Sales,” R.S., 29 July 1937 “Beer Ads Legal in Idaho Papers,” R.S., 13 April 1933“Liquor Ad Gives Advice,” R.S., 27 June 1935 “Papers and Radio Carry Liquor Ads,” R.S., 23 May 1935 “Beer As Advertised Must Be Full Strength,” R.S., 31 August 1933 “Alcohol Plant Wins United Action,” R.S., 14 January 1937 “Behold: Women Barflies,” R.S., 16 April 1936 “Miller Says Liquor Law is Big Farce,” R.S., 25 April 1935 “Sharp Questions Miller’s Motive,” R.S., 2 May 1935 “Files Injunction Against Liquor Law, R.S., 6 June 1935 “Clark Favors New Liquor Set, Up in State,” R.S., 2 January 1932 “Sale by Drink Law Sought By Legislator,” Idaho Edition of the Salt Lake Tribune, 26 August 1937 “Hot After Gas and Booze Mixers,” R.S., 26 April 1934 “Result of Blended Whiskey,” R.S., 29 March 1934 “2 Shots Fired at Revenue Officer When He Flags Car,” R.S., 19 April 1934 “Prohibition vs. Sane Teaching,” R.S., 1 December 1932 “Teach Temperance In Schools,” R.S., 21 December 1933“Along The Wine Trail Of The Strange Claim Made By A Physician In Regard To Alcoholic Drinks,” New York Sun, 3 July 1937“Girl Drinkers,” 3 July 1937 “The Way to Temperance,” R.S., Nov. 14, 1933“LDS Attack Fast Spending,” April 1935 “Heber J. Grant Opposes Liquor,” R.S., 11 October 1934 “History of Idaho by James H. Hawley”, undated “The Early Settlement of Rigby by George S. Hill,” R.S., 19 December 1907 “History of Idaho by Hiram T. French”, undated “Review of Early History of the Town of Rigby,” R.S., 12 March 1936 “Ten Tips Tell How to Avoid Going to Jail”, undated


    • Subject Terms :
    • Alcoholic beverages--Idaho--History--Sources.
    • Alcoholic beverages--Law and legislation--Idaho--History--Sources.
    • Alcoholism--Religious aspects--Mormon Church--History--Sources.
    • Prohibition--Idaho--Jefferson County--History--Sources.
    • Prohibition--Idaho--Rigby--History--Sources.
    • Temperance--Idaho--Rigby--History--Sources.
    • Geographical Names :
    • Rigby (Idaho)--History--Sources.
    • Form or Genre Terms :
    • Scrapbooks--Idaho.

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