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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Chublarian, Rouben, -1975
Title: Rouben Chublarian papers
Dates: 1949-1974 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 2.25 linear feet (2 containers)
Collection Number: Coll 130
Summary: Rouben Chublarian (d. 1975) was an Armenian writer who entered the United States in 1950 after having fled from Russia to Germany during World War II. The Collection includes outgoing and incoming correspondence, unidentified letters, articles, manuscripts, and miscellaneous items such as newspaper clippings.
Repository: University of Oregon Libraries, Special Collections and University Archives.
Contact Information: UO Libraries--SPC, 1299
University of Oregon
Eugene OR
Telephone: 541-346-3068
Fax: 541-346-3485
Languages: Collection materials are in English. 
Sponsor: Funding for encoding this finding aid was provided through a grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Historical Note

Rouben Chublarian, an Armenian writer, entered the United States as a displaced person in 1950 under the aegis of the American Committee to Aid Homeless Armenians and the Armenian Relief Society. He had fled Stalinist-controlled Russia to Germany during World War II, where, in his view, Nazi mistreatment was preferable to the policies of Stalin. Once in the United States, he took up residence in Philadelphia, where he remained until his death from cancer in 1975.

Chublarian became a naturalized citizen in 1955, and in 1961 received the George Washington Honor Award Medal from the Freedoms Foundation for his essay, "Khruschev's Appeal." He was also an honorary member of the International Mark Twain Society, and a regular contributor to The Hairenik Weekly, a Boston newspaper printed in English for Armenian and Russian ethnic groups. His novels, short stories, and essays published by vanity presses bear the dominant theme of the struggle against totalitarian structures. His aim was "to take some bricks form the ugly foundation of communism." (new release, United community Campaign, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 25, 1955).

Content Description

The collection is compromised of the remainder of the author's works that survived water damage to the family apartment. It consists of correspondence; manuscripts of five books; unidentified manuscripts and manuscript fragments; short stories, essays, and speeches in English, German, Russian and Armenian; and, newspaper clippings.

Chublarian's writings focus on the war against communism, the plight of displaced persons, and what he perceived to be the weakness in American policies toward communism. It was his contention that American attitudes and policies abetted the spread of communism in all parts of the world. In a series of open letters to such notable people as Lord Bertrand Russell and the Most Reverend John J. Krol, Archbishop of Philadelphia, he presents his view of communism, its perpetrators and sympathizers, and methods of effective resistance. Believing that the press could not be relied upon to disseminate the ideas of anti-communists, Chublarian sent his writings to factories, the offices of mayors, prominent politicians and their wives, foreign dignitaries, educators, student associations of colleges and universities, and various other organizations requesting members to distribute the material.

Some items of interest within the collection are Chublarian's open letter to Lord Bertrand Russell, dated September 1966, which attacks Lord Russell's appeal to Moscow during the escalation of the Vietnam war; a manuscript for a historical novel, City of Oil, published in 1953 and considered "the first full-size English-language work printed by an Armenian author formerly a ædisplaced person'" (The Hairenik Weekly, December 17, 1953); and, a manuscript for a short story, "Hasideh, Fasideh and Asideh: A Tale of Ancient Buhkara", translated by Chublarian and Bo Ingerman, complete with eleven pen and ink drawings.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

Collection is open to the public.

Collection must be used in Special Collections & University Archives Reading Room.

Restrictions on Use :  

Property rights reside with Special Collections & University Archives. Copyright resides with the creators of the documents or their heirs. All requests for permission to publish collection materials must be submitted to Special Collections & University Archives. The reader must also obtain permission of the copyright holder.

Archival material may contain materials with sensitive or confidential information that is protected under federal and/or state right to privacy laws and other regulations.

Researchers are advised that the disclosure of certain information pertaining to identifiable living individuals represented in this collection without the consent of those individuals may have legal ramifications (e.g. a cause of action for invasion of privacy may arise if facts concerning an individual's private life are published that would be deemed highly offensive to a reasonable person) for which the University of Oregon assumes no responsibility.

If a researcher finds sensitive personal information in a collection, please bring it to the attention of the reading room staff.

Preferred Citation :  

[Identification of item], Rouben Chublarian Papers, Coll 130, Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Or.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Collection is organized into the following series:

Series: Outgoing Correspondence and Open Letters

Series: Incoming Correspondence

Series: Unidentified and Miscellaneous

Series: Manuscripts

Series: Miscellaneous

Acquisition Information :  

Gift of Rouben Chublarian.

Processing Note :  

Collection processed by processing staff, October 2006.

This finding aid may be updated periodically to account for new acquisitions to the collection and/or revisions in arrangement and description.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Outgoing Correspondence and Open letters
1 Outgoing correspondence and open letters

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Incoming correspondence
1 A-B
1 Abel, Elie
1 Abell, Bess (Social Secretary -- The White House)
1 Adenauer, Konrad (Office of Correspondence)
1 Ahern, Patrick V.
1 All-American Conference to Combat Communism
1 American-Asian Educational Exchange, Incorporated
1 American Association for Justice, Incorporated
1 American Baptist Convention
1 American Bar Association
1 American Broadcasting Company
1 American Challenge
1 American Christian College (Billy James Hargis)
1 American Committee for Liberation
1 American Conservative Union
1 The American Council for Judaism
1 American Council for Nationalities Service
1 American Crusade
1 American Farm Bureau Federation
1 American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
1 American Iron and Steel Institute
1 American Judaism
1 American-Korean Foundation
1 The American Legion
1 The American Lutheran Church
1 American Medical Association
1 American Mercury
1 American National Committee to Aid Homeless Armenians
1 American Security Council
1 American Stock Exchange, Incorporated
1 American Viewpoint, Incorporated
1 Approaches-Revue Trimestrielle
1 Archbishops Chancery Office (Philadelphia)
1 Archdiocese of Philadelphia
1 Archdiocese of Washington
1 Arens, Richard
1 The Armed Forces Writers' League, Incorporated
1 Armenian Information Bureau
1 Arutunoff, Armais
1 Assembly of Captive European Nations
1 Assistant Secretary of Defense (Office of)
1 Astor-Honor, Incorporated
1 Australia, Canberra (office of the Prime Minister)
1 Auburn University (Auburn Conference on International Affairs)
1 The Authors' League of America, Incorporated
1 Axel Springer Verlag GMBH, Hamburg
1 B&H Instrument Company, Incorporated
1 Bahr, H. Walter
1 Baker, Allen Langdon, Mrs.
1 Banco Interamericano del Desarrollo (Office of the President)
1 Barnett, A. Doak
1 Barsumian, Nazarah
1 Batts, C. W.
1 Baxter, R. R.
1 Beale-Minor, Isle
1 Bedian, Arthur A.
1 Beck, John
1 Belt, R. J., Mrs.
1 Bennett, D. V.
1 Berliner, Joseph S.
1 Berry, James M.
1 Bertin, Gerald A.
1 The Bertand Russell Peace Foundation, Ltd.
1 Bishop College (Office of the President)
1 Blanc, Victor H.
1 Boardman, George
1 Bob Jones University (Executive Offices)
1 Bodley, Don
1 Borowsky, Scott
1 Borsody, Stephen
1 Bouscaren, Anthony T.
1 Bowling Green State University (Office of the President)
1 Bradshaw, A.
1 Brandt, Willy (Office of the Mayor of Berlin)
1 Brevard College
1 Bryant, Ruth M.
1 Buckley, James L.
1 Bureau of the Budget (Office of the President)
1 C
1 California, State of (Department of Education)
1 California State College, Long Beach (Office of Associated Students)
1 Campaign to Check the Population Exposion
1 Carpenter, William S.
1 Carpenter, William S., Mrs.
1 Casebolt, Jane
1 Catholic Association for International Peace
1 Catholic Schools (Diocese of Providence)
1 Center for the Study of Democratic Instutions
Chiang Kai-shek
See Kai-shek, Chiang
1 Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia
1 Chamber of Commerce of the New Orleans Area
1 Chamber of Commerce of the United States
1 The Charleston Gazette
1 The Chase Manhattan Bank
1 Chacvhavadze, Paul
1 Chenu, Roselyne
1 Chinese Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
1 Chinese Information Service
1 Christian Anti-Communist Crusade
1 Christian Crusade (Gerald S. Pope, editor)
1 Christian Educational Association (Fred Farrel)
1 Christian Herald Magazine
1 The Christian Science Monitor
1 Christianity Today
1 The Christophers
1 Church of the Nazarene-International Headquaters
1 Citizens Exchange Corps Field Service
1 Citizens for American Survival (Edward J. Hatfield, Jr.)
1 Clark, Joseph S.
1 Clergyman's Committee on China, Incorporated
1 Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, Incorporated
1 The Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company
1 Cole, Beatrice L.
1 Columbia, Bogota (Office of the President of the Republic)
1 Colorado State College (Greeley)
1 Colorado State University (Ft. Collins)
1 The Committee for a Free China
1 Committee to Restore the Constitution (Arch E. Roberts)
1 Commonsense Publications (Carl Martin)
1 Conforti, Joseph M.
1 Confederation of British Industry
1 Conservative Bookclub
1 Conservative Research Department (Notes on Current Politics)
1 Conservative and Unionist Central Office
1 Conservative Viewpoint (Richard Cotton)
1 Cottle, Thomas J.
1 Council Against Communist Aggression (Marx Lewis)
1 The Council for Citizenship Education (American Viewpoint, Incorporated)
1 Council on Foreign Relations (John Temple Swing)
1 Council for Statehood (Mary M. Davison)
1 Cressman, Margaret
1 Cronkite, Walter
1 Crossbow (Bow Publications, Ltd.)
1 Cypurs, Nicosia (Office of the President)
1 D-F
1 Daily Mail
1 Davidson, Ann
1 Davis, Sydney
1 Dayton Daily News
1 De Mayo, Dick
1 Defenders of the American Constitution, Incorporated (Pedro A. del Valle)
1 Democratic National Committee
1 Department of the Army
1 Department of Defense
1 Department of the Navy
1 Department of State
1 Dirkson, Everett McKinley
1 Dodd, Thomas J.
1 Dominick, Peter H.
1 Drummond, Roscoe (New York Herald Tribune)
1 Duggan, Ken
1 Dulles, John Foster, Mrs.
1 Edgar Gail
1 Edgar, Joseph
1 Editorship "Obosrenie"
1 The Educator (Jim Townsend)
1 Edwards, Francis L., Miss
1 Emhart Manufacturing Company
1 Engelmann, Hugo C.
1 Enriquez, Delio M.
1 European Commission on Human Rights
1 Evans, Daniel J.
1 Executive Council of the Episcopal Church
1 Fawcett, Novice G.
1 F. C. I.
1 Fellowship
1 The Fellowship Reconciliation
1 Fenton, Francis
1 Ferguson, Clarence Clyde, Jr.
1 Fernandez, James W.
1 Fletcher Free Library
1 Flick-Reedy Educational Enterprises
1 Florida, State of (Department of Education)
1 Foothill College
1 Ford, Gerald R.
1 Ford Motor Company
1 Foreign Policy Association
1 Frank, Jerome D.
1 Fraser, Donald M.
1 The Free Library of Philadelphia
1 The Free Society Association
1 Freedom' s Foundation at Valley Forge
1 Freedom Fund, Incorporated
1 Freedom House (New York, New York)
1 The Freedom Leadership Foundation
1 Friends Peace Committee
1 Fulbright, J. W.
1 Fulbright, J. W., Mrs.
1 G-L
1 Gah, Madivka
1 Gardiner, Margaret
1 General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists
1 General Electric Company
1 General Foundation of Women's Clubs
1 Germany, Federal Republic of, Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
1 Gibson, Jo Ann (Mrs. Carl)
1 Gibson, William
1 Goelte, Laura
1 Goldwater, Barry
1 Goldwater for Senator Committee
1 Goldwater, Peggy
1 Gonzaga University, Associated Students
1 Goodell, Charles E.
1 Goodell for Senator
1 Goodman, Elliot R.
1 Goodman, Mitchel
1 Goulden, Joseph G.
1 Greater Cleveland Young Americans for Freedom
1 Grede Foundries, Incorporated
1 Green, William J.
1 Grew, Joseph H.
1 Griffith, J.
1 Gruening Campaign Committee
1 Guttman, Norman
1 Hagen, Maye D.
1 Hairenik Association, Incorporated
1 Hall, Clarice
1 Hamilton, Grace, Mrs.
1 Handlin, Oscar
1 Harris, Fred R.
1 Harris, William E.
1 Hartke, Vance
1 Hatfield, Mark O.
1 Health, Education and Welfare, Office of
1 Hester, James M.
1 Hobart Brothers
1 Hoboe BPEMR
1 Hoffman, Robert L.
1 Hollyfield, Walter
1 Hook, Sidney
1 The Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
1 Horner, Howard F.
1 Houlez, J.
1 "How-they-vote"
1 Human Events
1 Humphrey, Hubert H.
1 Hunaty, Vaclav
1 The Independent Petroleum Monthly
1 Inkeles, Alex
1 Inland Steel Company
1 Israel, (Embassy, Washington, D.C.)
1 Israel, Consulate of
1 Israel, Office of the Minister of Defense
1 Israel, Permanent Mission to the United Nations
1 Israel, Prime Minister's Office
1 Institute for Advanced Study
1 International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
1 International Convention of Christian Churches
1 The International Mark Twain Society
1 Jackson, Henry M.
1 Javits, Jacob K.
1 Jewish War Veterans of the United States of America
1 The John Birch Society
1 Johnson, Lyndon B.
1 Johnston, Felton M.
1 Jordbrukarnas Forenisngsblad
1 Judd, Walter H.
1 Justus Karl B.
1 Kai-shek, Chiang, Madame (Secretariat of)
1 Kazmann, Raphael G.
1 Kennedy, Edward M.
1 Kennedy, John F.
1 Kennedy, Robert F.
1 Kethly, Anna
1 Kimberlin Heights Gazette
1 Kinch, John
1 Kingsley, James M.
1 Knight, Douglas M.
1 Korean Embassy (Washington, D.C.)
1 Kossuth Konyvkiado
1 Krieger, K. A.
1 Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, Alfried (Secretariat of)
1 Kulski, W. W.
1 Lawrence, David
1 Lawyers Committee of American Policy Towards Vietnam
1 Leary, Thomas J.
1 Lee, Brad
1 Lewis, C. R.
1 Liberty Lobby
1 Liberty of Congress
1 Life Line
1 Lincoln Public Schools
1 Lipmann, Fritz
1 Lippmann, Walter
1 Lockmiller, Davis A.
1 London, K. L.
1 Long, Howard M.
1 Look
1 L'Osservatore Romano
1 Lowenstein, Allard K.
1 Loyola College, Chaplain of Students
1 The Lutheran
1 M-N
1 McGovern, George
1 Macmurdo, Charles
1 Manchester Union Leader (William Loeb)
1 Marchi, John J.
1 Marcos, Ferdinand E.
1 Marine Corps Gazette
1 Marion College (Office of the President)
1 Marshall University (Student Government)
1 Marti, Edward
1 Martin, Edward
1 Martin, Margie M.
1 Mary Patricia, Sister (The College of Saint Mary)
1 Massachusetts Daughters of the American Revolution
1 Matteo, Pat
1 Matthews, Ruth S., Mrs.
1 May, Christine
1 May, Henri
1 Mead, Margaret
1 Mendel, Arthur P.
1 Meredith Press
1 The Methodist Church (Board of Education)
1 The Methodist Church-Arkansas Area
1 The Methodist Church-Jackson Area
1 Meyner, Robert B.
1 Michael, Franz
1 Mid-Atlantic Young Americans For Freedom
1 Mikulecky, D. C.
1 Miller, Arthur
1 Miller Donald L.
1 Mississippi, State of , Department of Education
1 Montana, Helena, State Department of Public Instruction
1 Morgan, Gerald D.
1 Morgan, James Logan
1 Morris, Robert
1 Morse, J. Mitchell
1 Mowrer, Edgar Ansel
1 Moynihan, Daniel P.
1 Muchis, Ted
1 Murphy, Robert
1 Murray State College (Student Government)
1 Muskie, Edmund S.
1 Musmanno, Michael, A.
1 National Academy of Sciences
1 The National Advisory Board on Civil Disorders
1 National Aeronautics and Space Administration
1 National Bank Aktiengesellschaft
1 The National Constitution (Ted Billings)
1 National Council of the Young Men's Christian Associations
1 National Education Association
1 National Guard Bureau
1 National Honor Society
1 National Interfraternity Conference
1 National Review (William Buckley)
1 National Rifle Association of America
1 The National Right to Work Legal Defense and Education Foundation, Incorporated
1 The National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution
1 National State Rights Party
1 National University Extension Association
1 NBC News
1 The New Hungarian Quarterly
1 The New Jersey Society Sons of the American Revolution
1 New Mexico, Department of Education
1 New Statesmen
1 New York, The City of (Department of Public Events)
1 New York, State of (Banking Division)
1 The New York Public Library
1 The New York Times
1 The New York Times-London Bureau
1 The New York Times-Washington Bureau
1 Nixon, Richard
1 North Dakota (Department of Public Instruction)
1 Nobel Foundation
1 Norton, John
1 Nutter, G. Warren
1 O-S
1 Oakland Tribune
1 Office of Science and Technology
1 Oglethorpe College, Student Government
1 O'Neal, Frederick
1 Organization du Traite de L'Atlantique Nord
1 Owens, Don Benn, Jr.
1 Pantheon Books
1 Parker, Travis R.
1 Parry, Albert
1 Partito Communista Italiano
1 Patrick, William Penn.
1 Peace Keeping Ways and Means Committee, Incorporated (New York)
1 Peace Corps
1 Percy, Charles H.
1 Persons, Wilton B.
1 Philadelphia Regional Writer's Conference
1 Philippine Representative to the United States
1 Plummer, Wesley
1 Pontiac, Michigan School District
1 Portland State College
1 Poulson, Norris
1 Powell, Adam C.
1 Presbyterian Ministry at Harvard
1 Princeton University Library
1 Public Library of Cincinnati/Hamilton Company
1 Quinet, M.
1 Radio Liberty Committee
1 Rampart College
1 The Rand Corporation
1 Rarick, John R.
1 The Readers Digest
1 Redktion Zeitung "Echo"
1 Der Regierende Burgermeister von Berlin
1 Henry Regnery Company, Publishers
1 Retired Officers Association
1 Republic of China, Embassy of
1 Republic of China, Government Information Office
1 Republic of China, Office of the President
1 Republic of South Africa, State President's Office
1 Republic of Venezuela
1 La Revue de Paris
1 Rhodesia, Office of the Prime Minister
1 Rice, Charles E.
1 Robinson, Harve, Mrs.
1 Roell, C. E. B.
1 Romney, George
1 Rostow, W. W.
1 Rowe, David N.
1 Russell, Richard B.
1 Saint Leo College
1 Saint Louis Public Library
1 Saints Peter and Paul Ukranian Orthodox Church
1 Salvadori, M.
1 Sane (National Committee for Sane Nuclear Policy, Incorporated)
1 Saturday Review
1 Saturday Review Press
1 Schweiker, Richard S.
1 Schlesinger, Arthur, Jr.
1 Scientists and Engineers for McCarthy
1 Scott, Hugh
1 Scott, Paul J.
1 Scovill Manufacturing Company
1 Scripps-Howard Newspapers
1 Sedlak, Polly
1 Selleck, Charles
1 Serbian Cultural Club "St. Sava"
1 Shirley, Saroyan, Calvert & Peterson
1 Shriver, Robert Sargent, Jr.
1 Smith, Gerald, L. K.
1 Smith, Margaret Chase
1 Smith, Peggy J.
1 Society for Individual Freedom
1 Sofia University
1 Soustelle, Jacques
1 Southwest Missouri State College (Student Government Association)
1 Soviet Life
1 Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutshchlands (Bonn)
1 Spock, Benjamin
1 Steele, Peter
1 Stewart, James
1 Styron, William
1 Swearingen, Rodger
1 Sweden (Private Secretary to the King)
1 Syndicate and Fiction Marketing Agency
1 Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia
1 Szasz, Thomas S.
1 T-Z
1 Talmadge, Herman E.
1 Taylor, George E.
1 Thompson Claude
1 Thurmond, Strom
1 Tillman, Hoyt C.
1 Time
1 Tolstoy Foundation, Incorporated
1 Tolstoy, Alexandria L.
1 Tower, John G.
1 Trinity Church in the City of New York
1 The Truth About Cuba Committee, Incorporated
1 Tuchler, Dennis J.
1 Tuganova, Olga
1 Tydskif vir Letterkunde (Pretoria)
1 The Ukranian Quarterly
1 Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics, Embassy of
1 United Church Herald
1 United International Bureau for the Protection of Intellectual Property
1 United Nations
1 The United Presbyterian Church in the United States of America
1 United States of America, Embassy of (Saigon, Vietnam)
1 United States Army, The Chief of Staff
1 United States Department of Justice
1 United States Information Agency
1 United States March for Victory
1 United States Mission to the United States
1 United States National Student Association
1 USSR Writers' Union
1 University of California at Los Angeles, Associated Students of
1 University of California, Riverside, Associated Students of
1 University of Maryland, Student Government Association
1 University of Minnesota, Student Association
1 Valdes, Felipe Polo Martinez
1 Van der Hoeven, J.
1 Vasilew, Eugene
1 Veckans, Affarer
1 Veterans of Foreign wars of the United States
1 Vice President of the United States, Office of
1 Vietnam, Embassy of (Washington D.C.)
1 Voice of America (United States Information Agency)
1 Wald, George
1 Walker, Richard L.
1 Weiss, John
1 Wechsler, Marjorie
1 Wellek, Rene
1 Western Carolina College, Student Government
1 The Western Guard
1 Westmoreland, W. C.
1 Wiesner, Jerome B.
1 Wilkes College, Office of the President
1 The Williams-Frederick Press-Pamphlet Distributing Company, Incorporated
1 Williams, John J.
1 Williamson, Paul
1 World Association of World Federalists
1 The Wright Institution (Berkley)
1 Wyoming, The State of, Department of Education
1 Wyss, Maurice
1 Yale University Library
1 Yorty, Sam
1 Yost, Henry T., Jr.
1 Youth
1 Youth for Voluntary Prayer Amendment
1 Zais, Melvin
1 Zhukove, Yuri
1 Zionist Organization of America
1 Zoul, Louis

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Unidentified and Miscellaneous
1 Unidentified letters, articles and miscellaneous received

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1 Between Two Ways of Life - I
1 Between Two Ways of Life -- II
1 The City of Oil
1 The Noble Bukhara I
1 The Noble Bukhara II
1 Wounded Honor I
1 Wounded Honor II
1 Unidentified Manuscripts I
1 Unidentified Manuscripts II
2 Unidentified fragmentary manuscripts
2 Manuscripts Fragments I
2 Manuscripts Fragments II
2 Short Stories and Artcles
2 Writings in German: undated
2 Writings in German and Russian

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2 Newspaper Clippings 1948-1972

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  • Personal Names :
  • Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970
  • Subject Terms :
  • Anti-communist movements--United States
  • Authors, Armenian--United States
  • Conservatives--United States
  • Political refugees--United States

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