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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Crum, Joan
Title: Joan Crum: Deer Lodge, Montana Genealogies
Dates: 1860-1990 ( inclusive )
Quantity: 2 boxes (1 linear foot)
Collection Number: USU_COLL MSS 157
Summary: A collection of Deer Lodge, Montana Valley genealogies between the years of 1860-1990.
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Material in English 

Historical Note

This collection focuses on the families of Neils Jessen, Jesse Miller, Charles Moreau, Peter Jessen and Nathan Miller. In 1862, the family of Neils and Maren Jensen immigrated to America from Denmark as converts to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. After arriving in Salt Lake City, they became disillusioned with the Church's practice of polygamy. The Jensens joined a small sect called the Morrisites, which had branched off the LDS Church. This church was founded by Joseph Morris. Morris had been an active member in the LDS Church but was opposed to many of the practices and traditions of the Church (e.g. polygamy). After being excommunicated twice from the LDS Church, Morris began the Church of the First Born (also known as the Morrisites).

Followers of Morris gathered in Weber County until a confrontation with the LDS Church called the Morrisite War in 1862. After Joseph Morris was killed in the Morrisite War, the sect dispersed into various areas of the West with many eventually settling in Deer Lodge, Montana. What drew the Morrisites to htis area was their belief that Jesus would return to Earth in Deer Lodge. However, internal divisions further split the Morrisites into two different sects. This division also split the Jensen family between the two sects. Over the years membership in the Morrisite Chruch never grew above eighty people. Following the deaths of two prominent church officials, Andrew Hendrickson and George Johnson, in the 1920s and 1930s the Morrisite movement perished as well.

One of the Jensen children, Alice Mary, was wed to Peter Jessen, who came to America from Prussia around the time of the American Civil War. Another child of Neils and Maren Jensen, Annie, married Jesse Miller. Jesse Miller was born in Iowa and then later moved to the Deer Lodge area. The Charles and Zepherina Moreau family came to America from Quebec. Nathan Miller, son of Jesse and Annie Miller, married Clara Rose, daughter of Charles and Zepherina Moreau. Joan Crum's father, Leo Miller, was the son of Nathan and Clara Miller.

Content Description

This collection consists of genealogies of families in the Deer Lodge, Montana valley area between the years of 1860-1990. This collection is of particular interest because of the presence of the Morrisite Church in this area of Montana. The collection has been put together in 45 sections. The sections are based upon the families of Neils Jensen, Jesse Miller, Charles Moreau, Peter Jessen, Sr., and Nate Miller. In addition to the numbered sections, an index to the families and individuals can be found in the collection. Each section has been placed in a separate folder, with the index and introduction placed in the first two folders.

Use of the Collection

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Permission to publish material from the Joan Crum: Deer Lodge, Montana Genealogies must be obtained from the Special Collections Manuscript Curator and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

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Initial Citation: Joan Crum: Deer Lodge, Montana Genealogies USU_COLL MSS 157, Box [ ]. Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_COLL MSS 157, USUSCA.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

Arranged by section.>

Processing Note :  

Processed in 2000 of March

Acquisition Information :  

Donated in 1990, the genealogical work was put together by Joan Crum of Helena, Montana, whose father grew up in the Deer Lodge area. (Her father's family hvae been residents of the region since 1865.) Joan Crum prepared the index and introduction in this collection.

Bibliography :  Sources
  • Anderson, C. LeRoy. For Christ Will Come Tomorrow: The Saga of the Morrisites 1981
  • Chase, Neal. Ezekiel's Temple in Montana , 1990
  • Cornelius, Don Mormonism in Montana, 1962

Detailed Description of the Collection

Introduction, Index, and Sections 1 - 29, Undated
1 1 Introduction to the collection Undated
1 2 Index Undated
1 3 Background information Undated
1 4 Jensen, Neils, Section 1 Undated
1 5 Jensen, Soren, Section 2 Undated
1 6 Jensen, Matte K., Section 3 Undated
1 7 Thomas, John Price, Section 4 Undated
1 8 Jensen, Neils, Section 5 Undated
1 9 Jense, James, Section 6 Undated
1 10 Jensen, Maries S., Section 7 Undated
1 11 Staffanson, Peter, Section 8 (click to view) Undated
1 12 Jensen, William, Section 9 Undated
1 13 Smith, Angus Donald, Section 10 Undated
1 14 Miller, Seymour, Section 11 Undated
1 15 Downing, George Clarence, Section 12 Undated
1 16 Cook, Alva, Section 13 Undated
1 17 Miller, James, Section 14 Undated
1 18 Miller, Edward, Section 15 Undated
1 19 Lawyer, Oscar L., Section 16 Undated
1 20 McLean, Arthur, Section 17 Undated
1 21 Cunningham, Tom W., Section 18 Undated
1 22 Gilmore, Tim, Section 19 Undated
1 23 St. Jean, Nagire/Joseph, Section 20 Undated
1 24 Conlon, Daniel B., Section 21 Undated
1 25 Miller, Charles Ezra, Section 22 Undated
1 26 Miller, Bernice, Section 23 Undated
1 27 Moreau, Charles, Section 25 Undated
1 28 Gannon, William H., Section 26 Undated
1 29 Bader, Primus Baden, Section 27 Undated
1 30 Baxter, Charles, Section 28 Undated
1 31 Knight, John B., Section 29 Undated

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Sections 30 - 45, Undated
2 1 Jessen, Peter, Section 30 Undated
2 2 McCleary, Frank B., Section 31 Undated
2 3 Jessen, Marion Neil, Section 32 Undated
2 4 Jessen, William M., Section 33 Undated
2 5 McCleery, William C., Section 34 Undated
2 6 Jessen, Peter, Section 35 Undated
2 7 White, Arthur Allen, Section 36 Undated
2 8 Brown, Floyd Harlan, Section 37 Undated
2 9 DuVal, Alvie, Section 38 Undated
2 10 Miller, Nathan Jessie, Section 39 Undated
2 11 Miller, Charles, Section 40 Undated
2 12 Miller, Richard Edward, Section 41 Undated
2 13 Miller, Cyril Ray, Section 42 Undated
2 14 Foot, Cora Bateman, Section 43 Undated
2 15 Kochman, George, Section 44 Undated
2 16 Shores, Kenneth, Section 45 Undated

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    • Personal Names :
    • Jensen, James.
    • Jensen, Marie S.
    • Jensen, Matte K.
    • Jensen, Neils.
    • Jensen, Soren.
    • Jensen, William.
    • Jessen, Marion Neil.
    • Jessen, Peter
    • Jessen, William M.D.
    • Miller, Bernice.
    • Miller, Charles Ezra.
    • Miller, Edward
    • Miller, Jesse.
    • Miller, Nate.
    • Miller, Sy
    • Moreau, Charles.
    • Geographical Names :
    • Deer Lodge (Mont.)--Genealogy.
    • Moreau family.

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