Guide to the USU Photographic Services Collection

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Overview of the Collection

Creator: Utah State University. Photographic Services.
Title: USU Photographic Services Collection.
Dates: 1943-1984 ( inclusive )
Quantity: (78 boxes) (71 linear feet)
Collection Number: USU_P0376
Summary: Collection consists of 4x5, 70mm, and 35mm black and white negatives mostly taken by USU photographer Ted Hansen from the 1950s to the 1990s.
Repository: Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives Division
Contact Information: Special Collections and Archives
Merrill-Cazier Library
Utah State University
Logan, UT
Telephone: 435-797-2663
Fax: 435-797-2880
Languages: Material in English 
Sponsor: Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grant, 2007-2008

Biographical Note

Utah State University Photographic Services Department was officially created in 1963 with Arlen "Ted" Hansen as director and university photographer. Hansen remained in this position until 1998, at which point the position was taken over by Donna Barry. The department was cut in 2003, however, the position of university photographer remained.

Content Description

Consists of photographs from USU Photographic Services mostly taken by Arlen (Ted) Hansen, but also by John Stewart and Bert Allen. Included are images of USU athletics (football, wrestling, basketball, track, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, boxing), buildings, club sports, faculty and staff, class-room scenes, student clubs and activities, cheerleading, student publications, theater productions, graduation, libraries, international students especially from Iran and Bolivia, Agathon, military and ROTC, USU dairy, homecoming, experiments and testing, winter sports, administration and officials, the President's office, award ceremonies, aerial views of campus and Logan, Greek organizations, and agricultural programs.

Use of the Collection

Restrictions on Access :  

No restrictions on use, except: not available through interlibrary loan.

Restrictions on Use :  

It is the responsibility of the researcher to obtain any necessary copyright clearances.

Permission to publish material from the USU Photographic Services Collection must be obtained from the Special Collections Photograph Curator and/or the Special Collections Department Head.

Preferred Citation :  

Initial Citation: USU_P0376; USU Photographic Services Collection; Photograph Collections, Special Collections and Archives. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library. Logan, Utah.

Following Citations:USU_P0376, USUSCA.

Administrative Information

Arrangement :

The original photographic services numbering system was retained. Each number usually consist of several negatives.

Location of Originals :  

Some deteriorating acetate negatives are located in cold storage.

Processing Note :  

Processed in 2010-2011.

Acquisition Information :  

Transferred from University photographer Donna Barry in 2006.

Custodial History :  

Collection was maintained by Ted Hansen and USU Photographic Services and then USU Photographer Donna Barry before coming to Special Collections in 2006.

Detailed Description of the Collection

Black & White Images
1 1:01a-k: Snow Men and Machines at Tony Grove Lake, Dr Clyde (George Dewey Clyde) included 1942-1988
1:03a-c: Industrial Office: Force and Wrecked Cars 1948
1:04a-b: Dr. Clyde giving plaque to Smith 1942-1988
1:05a-b: Small testing lab in the Engineering Building 1942-1988
1:06a-b: Aircraft display in a parade 1942-1988
1:07a: Making a drawing of USAC 1942-1988
1:08a-b: Girls Welding 1942-1988
1:09a-b: Sailors in barracks, Sailors eating at the campus Bluebird Café 1943
1:10a: Body and fender shop: Men sanding automobile 1942-1988
1:11a-b: Girl welding, Man welding 1942-1988
1:12a-c: Men putting airplane together, Man assembling the reduction gears, Man working on airplane wing 1942-1988
1:13a-b: Map made at CCC Camp 1942-1988
1:14a-f: Men and girls working with planes in the fieldhouse and at the airport. Copy of hydraulic drawing 1942-1988
1:15a-c: Navy recreation room in the basement of Main 1942-1988
1:16a-b: Class on instructing Ind Div 1942-1988
1:17a: Governor Herbert B. Maw, Bengen at the airport 1942-1988
1:18a-b: Student and Instructor getting in Waco airplane, Men standing by in a Cub plane 1942-1988
1:20a: Propeller shop 1942-1988
1:21a: Vaughn testing radio 1942-1988
1:22a: Tensile tester (testing welds) 1942-1988
1:23a-b: Allison engine class, Students balancing propeller 1942-1988
1:24a-b: Woman running lathe, Lady and man working on a wheel balancer 1942-1988
1:25a-c: Blacksmith shop power hammer, Blacksmith shop - starting hammerhead, Tempering pot 1942-1988
1:26a: Spot welder 1942-1988
1:27a-b: George Nelson and girl holding plaque 1942-1988
1:28a: Woodshop pattern 1942-1988
1:29a-b: Testing aircraft instruments, Aircraft carburetor test bench 1942-1988
1:30a: Lathes in machine shop 1942-1988
1:31a: Machine shop grinder 1942-1988
1:32a: Vaughn checking radio 1942-1988
1:33a: Propeller shop 1942-1988
1:34a-c: Machine shop 1942-1988
1:35a: Hydraulic machinery 1942-1988
1:36a-k: Agriculture: pictures of trees and men working in trees 1942-1988
1:36l-v: Agriculture: pictures of trees and men working in trees 1942-1988
1:36w-gg: Agriculture: pictures of trees and men working in trees 1942-1988
1:37a-b: Aeronautics Aeronca 1942-1988
1:38a: Surveying class 1942-1988
1:39a: Copy neg: chart showing "Manning's Formula 1942-1988
1:40a-b: Group in the Commons 1945 Summer
1:41a-h: Radio department charts 1942-1988
1:42a-h: Pocock: Iva Lou Smith 1942-1988
1:43a-b: Type class 1942-1988
1:44a-c: Home Economics: Girls doing upholstering 1942-1988
1:45a-b: Girls playing softball 1942-1988
1:46a-b: Group in outdoor theatre (amphitheater) 1942-1988
1:47a-b: Hydraulic demonstration, Table in Engineering 1942-1988
1:48a-d: Girl skiing on campus 1942-1988
1:49a-c: Industrial Arts Building 1942-1988
1:50a-c: Industrial Exhibit at the Cache County Fair 1942-1988
1:51a-h: Hydraulic Laboratory (Dr Lauritzen) 1942-1988
1:52a-f: Plant Industry Lab 1942-1988
1:53a: Celery Display 1942-1988
1:54a-b: Livestock: sheep 1942-1988
1:55a-d: Surveying class 1942-1988
1:56a: Entrance to Industrial Building 1942-1988
1:58a-e: Pocock: charts on housing program 1942-1988
1:59a-b: Aeronautics class sitting in front of the plan (Luscombe) Airplane alone on Quad 1942-1988
1:60a-c: Copy negatives: Radio charts 1942-1988
1:61a-g: Articles made from plastic by students from Granite High School 1942-1988
1:62a: Coe Cherry Tree 1942-1988
1:63a-e: Dance class on the Quad, 1945 1945
1:64a-e: Coe: Farmington cherries 1942-1988
1:65a-h: Summer class of Industrial Education 1942-1988
1:67a-b: Aeronautics Engine Class 1942-1988
1:68a-b: Students on the quad 1942-1988
1:69a: Farm Repair Shop 1942-1988
1:70a-b: Box Elder High School Repair Shop at Garland, Exterior of Box Elder High 1942-1988
1:71a: Girls Welding 1942-1988
1:72a-k: Snow sculpturing, 1943 1943
1:73a: Students on Quad, 10-16-45 1945
1:74a-d: Girls playing Tennis, 10-23-45 1945
1:75a-f: Welding shop student giving demonstrations 1942-1988
1:76a-d: Woodwork: Band saw, Girl inspecting work, Completed items 1942-1988
1:77a-d: Automotive: students receiving instruction 1942-1988
1:78a-h: Agriculture experiments in Lewiston and Nibley under direction of Thomas P Broadbent 1942-1988
1:79a-i: Caine Coulane, Dairy buildings in Cache County 1942-1988
1:80a-k: Turkey processing in Tremonton, 10-25-45 1945
1:81a-d: Prisoner of War camp in Box Elder County, Prisoners of War in beet fields 1942-1988
1:82a-h: Japanese beet toppers loading beets in Box Elder County 1942-1988
1:83a-h: Copies of charts for Jacobson 1942-1988
1:83i-o: Copies of charts for Jacobson 1942-1988
1:84a-g: Home Economics: practice house 1942-1988
1:85a-i: Home economics meeting and awards, 10-13-45 1945
1:86a-i: Inauguration of President Franklin Harris 1945
1:86j-q: Inauguration of President Franklin Harris 1945
1:87a-c: Aeronautics students working on airplanes 1942-1988
1:88a-c: Radio: students working with radios and recording machines 1942-1988
1:89a-e: Snow scenes on the campus, Dec 1942-1988
1:90a-f: Egg processing plant Portrait of C Draper of the Poultry Department 1942-1988
1:91a-b: County Agent meeting 1942-1988
1:92a-e: Tractor school 1942-1988
1:93a-f: USAC Dairy, 12-14-45 1945
1:94a-c: Dean Brown and students decorating Christmas tree 1942-1988
1:95a-b: County Agents 1942-1988
1:96a-f: Hunsaker sitting at desk in the Athletic Department Group photo of students 1942-1988
1:97a-: Woman officers in Rural Arts 1942-1988
1:98a: Students singing Christmas carols 1942-1988
1:99a-h: Miss Philips 1942-1988
1:100a: Students making up bunks in the fieldhouse 1942-1988
1:101a: Walker at his desk, 1-3-46 1946
1:102a-f: Assembly Anniversary of Statehood 1942-1988
1:104a-j: Ice on campus, 4-25-50 1950
1:105a: Man Ice skating 1942-1988
1:233a-b: Dean Turner, Forestry 1942-1988
1:391a: Food line 1942-1988
1:392a: Dance 1942-1988
1:393a: Dance 1942-1988
1:394a: Students talking at a dance 1942-1988
1:395a: Students eating and dancing 1942-1988
1:396a: Group photo at dance 1942-1988
1:397a: Food line 1942-1988
1:398a: Students gathered at a signing 1942-1988
1:399a: Edward D Cox, certificate of service, Marine Corps 1946
1:400a: Royal N Allred, certificate of service, Marine Corps 1945
1:402a: Students gathered at a signing 1942-1988
1:403a: Students studying, professors look on 1942-1988
1:404a: Students studying, professors look on 1942-1988
1:405a: Man signing 1942-1988
1:406a: Dean Ione Bennion and two girls 1950
1:407a-b: Little girl and horse 1942-1988
1:408a: Two men working on machinery 1942-1988
1:409a: Two men working on machinery 1942-1988
1:410a-b: Women group photo 1942-1988
1:411a: Women small group photo 1942-1988
1:412a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:413a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:414a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:415a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:416a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:417a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
01:418a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:419a: Women sitting at a table 1942-1988
1:420a: Skiiers posed on campus 1942-1988
1:421a: Skiiers posed on campus 1942-1988
1:422a: Skiiers posed on campus 1942-1988
1:423a: Cattle grazing 1942-1988
1:424a: Cattle grazing 1942-1988
1:425a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:426a: Man with cow 1942-1988
1:427a: Man and woman with cow 1942-1988
1:428a: Two men with cow 1942-1988
1:429a: Man and woman with cow 1942-1988
1:430a: Man with machine 1942-1988
1:431a: Man and woman with machine 1942-1988
1:432a: Resistance charts 1942-1988
1:433a: Two GIs and three girls in Old Main Hall 1946
1:434a: Three men and a girl at the bookstore 1942-1988
1:435a: Men talking through a window 1942-1988
1:436a: Two women in a lab 1942-1988
1:437a: Woman in a lab 1942-1988
1:438a-b: Man portrait 1942-1988
1:439a: Man with dog and suitcase 1942-1988
1:440a: Man with dog and suitcase 1942-1988
1:441a: Man with dog 1942-1988
1:442a: Logan River map 1942-1988
1:444a: Snowshoeing in front of Old Main 1942-1988
1:445a: Skiiers on Old Main hill 1942-1988
1:446a: Man and woman taking an X-ray 1942-1988
1:447a: Women taking an X-ray 1942-1988
1:448a: Man and woman taking an X-ray 1942-1988
1:449a: Women lined up for an X-ray 1942-1988
1:450a-b: Kay L Nelson, honorable discharge, US Army 1945
1:451a: Man at desk 1942-1988
1:452a-b: Men looking at a map 1942-1988
1:453a: Three men consulting a notepad 1942-1988
1:454a: Three men consulting a notepad 1942-1988
1:455a: Farming presentation 1942-1988
1:456a: Men looking at farming display 1942-1988
1:457a: Farm labor display 1942-1988
1:458a: Badminton game Agathon? 1942-1988
1:459a: Pi Kappa Alpha group shot Agathon? 1942-1988
1:460a: Badminton game Agathon? 1942-1988
1:461a: Graduate School group shot Agathon? 1942-1988
1:462a: Potato pyramid Agathon? 1942-1988
1:463a: Women lined up in the fieldhouse Agathon? 1942-1988
1:464a: Pyramid Agathon? 1942-1988
1:465a: Women lined up in the fieldhouse Agathon? 1942-1988
1:466a: Pyramid Agathon? 1942-1988
1:467a: Women group shot 1942-1988
1:468a: Wrestling Agathon? 1942-1988
1:469a: Weight lifting Agathon? 1942-1988
1:470a: Weight lifting Agathon? 1942-1988
1:471a: Wrestling Agathon? 1942-1988
1:472a: Gymnastics Agathon? 1942-1988
1:473a: Weight lifting Agathon? 1942-1988
1:474a: Man scaling rope mesh Agathon? 1942-1988
1:475a: Push-ups Agathon? 1942-1988
1:476a: Head tug-of-war Agathon? 1942-1988
1:477a: Obstacle course Agathon? 1942-1988
1:478a: Tire contest Agathon? 1942-1988
1:479a: Box contest Agathon? 1942-1988
1:480a: Tire contest Agathon? 1942-1988
1:481a: Salute to the flag Agathon? 1942-1988
1:482a: Salute to the flag Agathon? 1942-1988
1:483a: Ring swing Agathon? 1942-1988
1:484a-b: Women lined up for X-ray 1942-1988
1:485a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:486a: Women with a dog in a trailer 1942-1988
1:487a: Student family in their trailer 1942-1988
1:488a: Student family in their trailer 1942-1988
1:489a: Student family outside of their trailer 1942-1988
1:490a: Trailers 1942-1988
1:491a: Trailers 1942-1988
1:492a: Two women working a machine 1942-1988
1:493a: Woman working a machine 1942-1988
1:494a-b: Three men 1942-1988
1:495a: Pallets 1942-1988
1:496a: Four women in bathing suits by a pool 1942-1988
1:497a: Four women in a pool 1942-1988
1:498a-c: Man with bull 1942-1988
1:499a: Bull 1942-1988
1:501a: Bull 1942-1988
1:504a: Drawing of Casa Alvarado gardens 1942-1988
1:505a: Snowy field 1942-1988
1:506a: Snowy field 1942-1988
1:507a: Man and tree in snowy field 1942-1988
1:509a: Man pointing in snowy field 1942-1988
1:510a: Man pointing in snowy field 1942-1988
1:511a: Man with trees 1942-1988
1:512a: Trees 1942-1988
1:513a: Man with trees 1942-1988
1:514a-c: Mountain and three fir trees covered with snow 1942-1988
1:515a-b: Elk (Bert Allen) 1942-1988
1:516a: Elk (Bert Allen) 1942-1988
1:517a-d: Elk (Bert Allen) 1942-1988
1:518a: Man in field 1942-1988
1:519a: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:520a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:521a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:522a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:523a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:525a: Skater 1942-1988
1:526a-c: Skater (girl) 1942-1988
1:528a: Embracing couple 1942-1988
1:529a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:530a-b: Queens in Group 1942-1988
1:531a-e: Lucy Watts 1942-1988
1:532a-f: LaVonne Bailey 1942-1988
1:533a-d: Joan Richards 1942-1988
1:534a-b: Melba Stevenson 1942-1988
1:535-b: Beverley Neilson 1942-1988
1:536a-b: Doris Ann Johnson 1942-1988
1:537a-b: Lorraine Manwaring 1942-1988
1:538a: Hung painting 1942-1988
1:539a: Hung painting 1942-1988
1:540a: Hung painting 1942-1988
1:541a: Man appraising paintings 1942-1988
1:542a: Hung painting 1942-1988
1:543a: Hung painting 1942-1988
1:544a: Women group shot 1942-1988
1:545a: Three women in front of music stage 1942-1988
1:546a: Three women dancers posed 1942-1988
1:547a: Two ice skaters with onlookers 1942-1988
1:548a: Ice skaters 1942-1988
1:549a: Ice skater with onlookers 1942-1988
1:550a: Two ice skaters with onlookers 1942-1988
1:551a: Ice skater at a jump 1942-1988
1:552a: Ice skating tricks 1942-1988
1:553a: "Modern Irrigation 1942-1988
1:554a-b: Student family 1942-1988
0555a-b: Woman portrait 1942-1988
1:556a-b: A Basketball 1942-1988
1:557a-b: Basketball team, posed 1942-1988
1:558a: Basketball player dribbling ball 1942-1988
1:559a: Basketball player with ball 1942-1988
1:560a: Basketball player with ball 1942-1988
1:561a-c: Basketball team holding up giant basketball (cut and paste) 1942-1988
1:562a: Drawing of Casa Alvarado gardens 1942-1988
1:563a: Ice skater 1942-1988
1:564a: Ice skater 1942-1988
1:565a: Ice skater 1942-1988
1:567a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:568a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:569a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:570a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:571a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:572a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:573a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:574a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:575a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:576a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:577a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:578a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:579a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:580a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:581a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:582a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:583a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:584a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:585a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:586a: Chi Omega Formal 1942-1988
1:588a: Woman and man at desk 1942-1988
1:589a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:590a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:591a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:592a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:593a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:594a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:595a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:596a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:597a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:598a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:599a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:600a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:601a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:602a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:603a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:604a: Claudia 1942-1988
1:605a: Dr Seymonds 1942-1988
1:606a: Dr Seymonds 1942-1988
1:607a: Smith girls 1942-1988
1:608a: Smith girls 1942-1988
1:609a: Dairy butter block 1942-1988
1:610a: Dairy butter block 1942-1988
1:611a: Two girls with bat 1942-1988
1:612a: Two girls with bat 1942-1988
1:613a: Plaque: Agricultural Irrigation 1942-1988
1:614a-b: Geology Major, 3-5-46 1946
1:615a: Debating teams, 3-9-46 1946
1:616a: Col Blair and two students 1942-1988
1:617a-b: Chi Omega group in Commons Building, 3-15-46 1946
1:618a-b: Miss Musselman and Reg, Bull, 3-19-46 1946
1:619a: Group in practice house, 3-16-46 1946
1:620a-f: Mr Lyman 1942-1988
1:621a: Blueprint of milk house (Green, Ext Div) 1942-1988
1:622a: Copy of Dairy Drawing (Green, Ext) 1942-1988
1:623a-b: Milk house (Green) 1942-1988
1:624a: Four girls in Scribble Office 1942-1988
1:625a-b: Fifth Ward Mutual 1942-1988
1:626a-c: Gamma Tau Sorority 1942-1988
1:627a-b: Charlene Tweedie, Gamma Tau 1942-1988
1:628a: General Cannon, Alumni Association 1914
1:629a-f: General's Banquet Group 1942-1988
1:631a: Freak Turkey, Piece of Intestine 1942-1988
1:632a: Freak Turkey, Inside 1942-1988
1:633a: Freak Turkey 1942-1988
1:634a: Students on Quad 1942-1988
1:635a-b: Forester Queen Candidates 1942-1988
1:636a: Foresters and Engineers Flag Race 1942-1988
1:637a: Foresters and Engineers Flag Race 1942-1988
1:638a: Foresters and Engineers Flag Race 1942-1988
1:639a-c: Foresters Paul Bunyan Engineers 1942-1988
1:640a: Airplane 1942-1988
1:641a: Aerial of Hatch farm and Campus 1942-1988
1:642a-c: Aerial of Campus 1946 March
1:643a: O W Israelson, Copy of Group 1942-1988
1:644a: Sorenson (copy) 1942-1988
1:645a-b: Feed Racks in Valley 1942-1988
1:646a-b: Copies of Football Squads (Gene Cannon) 1942-1988
1:647a: Composite of Sheep (Madsen) 1942-1988
1:648a: Student receiving award (Wanlan) 1942-1988
1:649a-b: Twins playing piano, 4-9-46 1946
2 2:650a-l: Future Farmers of America 1946 April
2:651a-b: Farmer receiving Wheat Trophy 1942-1988
2:652a: Student Life 1942-1988
2:653a: Junior Prom 1942-1988
2:654a: Hay Manger 1942-1988
2:655a: KVNU 1942-1988
2:656a: Eldon Stock Chart, 4-23-46 1946
2:657a-b: Christiansen and Poznaski, 4-23-46 1946
2:658a: Vet Science students, 4-23-46 1946
2:659a-b: Veterinary Science students, 4-23-46 1946
2:660a: Veterinary Science Building 1942-1988
2:661a-g: Intramurals 1942-1988
2:662a-c: Mrs Sans 1942-1988
2:663a-b: Athletic Group 1942-1988
2:665a-b: "A" Day Officials 1942-1988
2:667a: Women’s Athletic Room 1942-1988
2:668a: Boy Scouts in front of Commons 1942-1988
2:669a: White Rats 1942-1988
2:670a: St Pres with baby for Student Lies 1942-1988
2:671a-b: KDs for Student Lies 1942-1988
2:672a-c: Buzzer models in Commons, 5-3-46 1946
2:673a: Buzzer, Romney P Squad, 5-1-46 1946
2:674a: Buzzer, Women's Instructor, 5-1-46 1946
2:675a-d: Ball Players 1942-1988
2:676a-d: Poultry Department, Chicken De-beaking, Chicken de-beaking chart 1942-1988
2:677a-i: "A" Day 1946 May
2:677j-q: "A" Day 1946 May
2:678a-c: Fashion Show 1942-1988
2:680a: Vet Science, Cows Head 1942-1988
2:681a-c: Practice House, Dean Brown 1946 May
2:682a-b: Chicken, Steer (copies for Rulon Hansen) 1942-1988
2:683a-b: Boy with Scooter Car 1942-1988
2:684a-b: Fashion show, Co-Ed Day 1942-1988
2:685a: Col E W Timberlake 1942-1988
2:686a: Kay Barton 1942-1988
2:687a-d: Girls, Horse, and Award (Shirley Stevenson) 1942-1988
2:688a: Tennis Team 1942-1988
2:689a-b: Cafeteria Waitress 1942-1988
2:690a-b: Senior Day 1942-1988
2:691a: Home Econ: White Rats, Miss Wilcox testing, 1946 1946
2:692a: Track Team 1942-1988
2:693a-d: Aerial Shots 1946 May
2:694a: Mountain Scene in Logan Canyon 1942-1988
2:695a-c: Copies for Green, Extension Division 1942-1988
2:696a-g: Col of ROTC with Captain, Majors, etc 1942-1988
2:697a-b: Student receiving award for Dean Culmsee 1942-1988
2:698a-b: Intramural Banquet 1942-1988
2:699a-b: Refrigeration Banquet 1942-1988
2:700a-j: Mrs Skeelas Nursery School 1946
2:701a-c: Manure Loaders 1942-1988
2:702a-d: Miss Tweedy 1942-1988
2:703a-b: Gamma Tau, five fellows 1942-1988
2:705a-c: Home Economics: Home furnishings, Chair upholstery 1946
2:706a-d: Airplane wreck 1942-1988
2:707a-c: Sig Chis White Rose Ceremony 1942-1988
2:708a-b: Dean Clyde (George Dewey Clyde) 1942-1988
2:709a-b: Green 1942-1988
2:710a-b: Intramural 1942-1988
2:711a-b: Dr Wilcox 1942-1988
2:712a: Group shot at Third Dam 1942-1988
2:713a-c: Dan Ludlow and family 1942-1988
2:714a: Father and daughter, cap and gown 1946 June
2:715a-e: Esplin sheep 1946 June
2:716a: Bonnie, Bob Shaw, B V Allen?, Plane 1946 June
2:717a-b: Speaker from California 1946 June
2:718a-e: Landscape Architectural Class, 6-6-46 1946
2:719a-b: Eight Co-eds in car Eight co-eds on "A" 1946 June
2:721a-b: Home Economics, Miss Vermillion, kitchen, 1946 1946
2:722a-b: Home Economics, Furniture Building 1942-1988
2:723a-b: Class of '96, 6-8-46 1946
2:724a-b: Kent Christensen 1942-1988
2:725a: Dr Preston close-up 1946
2:726a-c: Dr Osborne 1946
2:727a-b: Education Dean Jacobsen and group 1946
2:728a-b: Corey McWilliams, Writer's Conference 1946
2:729a-b: Dean Chase and three Persian students 1946
2:730a-b: World War II Plaque 1946
2:731a: Industrial Arts Dinner 1946 Summer
2:732a-c: Football 1946
2:733a-b: Basketball 1942-1988
2:734a-d: Hunsaker, fishing bridge at Yellowstone 1946
2:735a-e: Home Economics, Miss Johnson, Fabric Testing and Draping form, for bulletin 1946
2:736a-c: Home Economics, High school sewing 1946
2:737a-c: Home Economics, 4 Students of Miss Page at table 1946
2:738a-d: Horse and Buggy Breakdown,(Allen) 1946
2:739a-b: Tingley and group of Engineers 1942-1988
2:740a-j: Football players, 9-30-46 1946
2:741a-b: Quansit Houses 1942-1988
2:742a-e: Dean Chase, shot of vet housing 1942-1988
2:743a-b: Home Economics Kitchen, Miss Page 1942-1988
2:744a-g: Bushnell, 9-30-46 1946
2:745a-d: Bushnell Kitchen 1942-1988
2:746a-b: Engineers Group on campus 1942-1988
2:747a-b: Home Economics, Cherry Canning 1942-1988
2:748a: Persian family 1942-1988
2:749a-d: ROTC without uniforms 1942-1988
2:750a-e: President Harris, Col Timberlake, ROTC, Sponsers, 10-25-46 1946
2:751a-b: "Bull and Ram" Culmsee, 10-17-46 1946
2:752a-c: Trailer in fair grounds, 9-20-46 1946
2:753a-e: ROTC, Sponsers, Rifle Team 1942-1988
2:754a-d: Class at airport, 10-23-46 1946
2:755a-b: Photos of President and two students, 9-27-46 1946
2:756a-b: Wallace Gibson, 10-1-46 1946
2:757a: Service man, wife and daughter with Registrar, 9-20-46 1946
2:758a-b: 2 Film Players, boy who was injured in Logan plunge 1942-1988
2:760a: Dr Madson, 10-28-45 1945
2:761a-b: Inside Quansit Houses 1942-1988
2:762a-b: Air shots of mountains for Geology 1942-1988
2:763a-e: Air shots of Quansit Houses 1942-1988
2:764a-j: Dr Thorne slides, 35 mm 1942-1988
2:765a-q: Kelley charts, 35 mm 1942-1988
2:766a: Dr Kelley soil sampler charts 1942-1988
2:767a-j: Dr Kelley soil sampler charts 1942-1988
2:768a: 4-H with Cattle 1942-1988
2:769a-c: Three Coaches: Linford, Bell, Unknown 1942-1988
2:770a-b: ROTC Sponsers, 11-4-46 1946
2:771a-c: Campers (Hunsaker) 1942-1988
2:772a: Industrial Summer Students Dinner 1942-1988
2:773a-c: Animal Husbandry slides (Madson) 1942-1988
2:774a-b: ROTC and Sponsors 1942-1988
2:775a-e: Agronomy 35 mm slides (Evans) 1942-1988
2:776a-c: Girls at Practice House 1942-1988
2:777a-h: Housing Buildings 1942-1988
2:778a: Drawing Lab E-404 1942-1988
2:779a: Radio Lab 1942-1988
2:780a: Automotive Lab 1942-1988
2:781a: Aircraft Lab 1942-1988
2:782a-d: Animal Husbandry Charts by Maukisch (Madsen) 1942-1988
2:783a-h: Aircraft Shop 1942-1988
2:784a: Aircraft Shop 1942-1988
2:785a-b: Military Science Building, piles of Furniture 1942-1988
2:786a-b: Main Hall, students in Auditorium Doorway 1942-1988
2:787a-b: Col Timberlake and wife 1942-1988
2:788a-d: ROTC truck 1942-1988
2:789-b: Sponsors, Culmsee Reception room 1942-1988
2:790a: ROTC Sponsors in gym 1942-1988
2:791a-c: ROTC Rifle Team, 1-12-47 1947
2:792a-e: ROTC Sponsors 1942-1988
2:793a: Copy News Items, SLT, 1-30-47 1947
2:794a-b: TUB/Union Building, 1-29-47 1947
2:795a-b: Play 1942-1988
2:796a-g: Aircraft, 61, Student Work 1942-1988
2:797a-b: Canadian and wife in Logan trailer town 1942-1988
2:798a-o: Poultry Department chickens and turkeys 1942-1988
2:799a-c: Welding, 2-10-47 1947
2:800a-b: Sick chickens 1942-1988
2:801a-c: Dancers, Smart Gym, 1-13-47 1947
2:802a-e: Aircraft 1942-1988
2:803a-e: Woodwork shop 1942-1988
2:804a-d: Dr Morris Dairy 1942-1988
2:805a-e: Home Economics Kitchen 1942-1988
2:806a-b: Dean Bennion with group 1942-1988
2:807a-b: Lingey and Allen with large picture 1942-1988
2:808a-b: Centennial Queens 1942-1988
2:809a-d: President Harris Arabian Costume 1942-1988
2:810a-b: Practice House, Mrs Brown 1942-1988
2:811a-b: Military Science group by desk 1942-1988
2:812a-g: Cattle, copies of 35mm slides 1942-1988
2:813a-c: Animal Husbandry sheep pictures 1942-1988
2:814a: Dr Lungley? 1942-1988
2:815a-c: Madson slides 1942-1988
2:816a: Farm Labor Executive 1942-1988
2:817a: Physical Education, 4 wrestlers 1942-1988
2:818a-b: Dairy Experiment, Holstein Cow 1942-1988
2:819a-b: Dr Wilcox, 1-30-47 1947
2:821a-e: Eggs 1942-1988
2:822a-c: Boxing 1947 January
2:823a: Beans (copy for Mrs Harrison) 1942-1988
2:824a-c: Dramian and Culmsee's secretary 1942-1988
2:825a-e: Snow Sculpturing 1947
2:826a-f: Intramural Wrestlers and Swim Team 1942-1988
2:827a-b : Nursery 1942-1988
2:828a-d: Agronomy Boyle and Richards 1942-1988
2:829a: Arthur Holmgren 1942-1988
2:830a-b: Lorin Harris 1942-1988
2:831a-b: Professors Welti, 2-12-47 1947
2:832a: Vaughn 1942-1988
2:833a-c: Charts (Lauritzen) 1942-1988
2:834a-c: Elk 1942-1988
2:835a-e: Mt Scene and Brigham 1942-1988
2:836a-b: Haddock Portraits 1942-1988
2:837a-c: Radio group (Culmsee flash pictures), 2-19-47 1947
2:838a-k: Engineering slides (Christiansen), 2-20-47 1947
2:839a-f: Open House, 2-1-47 1947
2:842a-g: Military Ball, 2-21-47 1947
2:843a: President Harris at table in Arabia 1942-1988
2:844a-b: President Harris and Mrs Judd Daughter of President Heber J. Grant 1942-1988
2:845a-f: Little Theater, 2-26-47 1947
2:846a-c: M A Madsen group shots, in studio, 2-27-47 1947
2:847a-h: Betty Jean Wight, 2-27-47 1947
2:848a-c: Dairy students 1942-1988
2:849a: Engineer's Luncheon, 2-24-47 1947
2:850a: Dr Frischknecht in front of charts, 2-28-47 1947
2:852a-b: 4-H, Fifth Ward 1942-1988
2:853a-g: Assembly Theta U 1942-1988
2:854a: Professors Welti and L B Gates 1942-1988
2:855a-h: Tractor School 1942-1988
2:856a: Alfalfa plants on card 1942-1988
2:857a-d: Student pictures, 3-13-47 1947
2:859a: Engineer's Transit 1942-1988
2:860a-c: Assembly, Alpha Chi, 3-13-47 1947
2:862a-d: Holstein Cows (Caine) 1942-1988
2:863a-b: Bens Creep 1942-1988
2:864a-b: Foreign students, Culmsee's office 1942-1988
2:865a-j: Dr Kelly, 3-15-47 1947
2:866a-c: Student body office, flashes at 7th Ward, 3-15-47 1947
2:867a-h: Art Department paintings, 3-15-47 1947
2:867i-n: Art Department paintings, 3-15-47 1947
2:868a-f: Theta U Formal, 3-15-47 1947
2:869a-f: Gamma Tau Bulletin, 3-15-47 1947
2:870a-b: Practice House, 5-21-47 1947
2:872a: Marble players, Miss Stringham included 1942-1988
2:873a: Sheet metal class, 3-17-47 1947
2:874a-h: Aircraft at Hillcrest, 3-6-47 1947
2:875a: Project cattle and owners (County Ag Agent Guymon), 3-4-47 1947
2:876a-b: Home Economics, Dean Culmsee, 3-19-47 1947
2:879a-e: 3rd Ward Green and Gold Ball, 2-25-47 1947
2:880a-c: 3rd Ward Green and Gold Ball, 5th Ward Green and Gold Ball 1942-1988
2:882a-c: Dance Contest 1947 March
2:883a-b: Commerce Department, 3-27-47 1947
2:884a-b: Agronomy (Pederson), 3-28-47 1947
2:885a: Portrait (Alumni Office) 1947 March
2:886a-b: Art Department 1942-1988
2:887a-b: Forestry Trophy, 4-1-47 1947
2:888a: Lambda Delta, 4-7-47 1947
2:889a-b: Military Department Publications, 4-7-47 1947
2:890a-c: Hothouse and Plowing scenes, 4-2-47 1947
2:891a-e: Spurs, 4-2-47 1947
2:892a-g: Horse pictures, 4-8-47 1947
2:892h-n: Horse pictures, 4-8-47 1947
2:893a-m: Crazy Hat and Tie, Lambda Delta, 4-6-47 1947
2:894a-k: Intramurals (Hunsaker), 4-9-47 1947
2:895a-b: Hydraulics Lab (Vaughan Hansen), 4-9-47 1947
2:896a-c: Paul Bunyan Map (copy), 4-8-47 1947
2:897a: Dairy Group in Institute, 3-15-47 1947
2:898a: Alumni Association, Mrs Muns, 4-8-47 1947
2:899a-b: Foresters vs 1942-1988
2:900a-d: Horse picture, 4-14-47 1947
2:901a-b: Dairy student, 4-10-47 1947
2:902a-d: Students voting, 4-10-47 1947
2:903a-b: Towmotor, Roy Frances, 4-15-47 1947
2:904a-c: New Beat planting process (Pittman), 4-21-47 1947
2:905a-g: Bear River High School prom decorations Student pictures, 4-14-47 1947
2:906a-b: Home Economics shots, 4-21-47 1947
2:907a-b: FFA Group, 4-14-47 1947
2:908a-c: Agronomy graphs (Kelley), 4-16-47 1947
2:909a-f: Snow tractor, 4-18-47 1947
2:910a-c: Home Economics: sewing, etc 1942-1988
2:911a-m: Kelley charts, 5-1-47 1947
2:915a-b: Humphreys group pictures 1942-1988
2:916a-f: Spur Formal, 4-19-47 1947
2:918a-b: President Harris and 2 students, 5-6-47 1947
2:919a-b: Co-ed Day (Clyde), 5-9-47 1947
2:920a: Pruett paintings and sketches 1947
2:921a-f: Physics lab (Gardner), 5-21-47 1947
2:922a-b: Timberlake 1942-1988
2:923a: Myers (speech department) 1942-1988
2:924a-d: Pruett drawings and paintings 1942-1988
2:925a-c: Charts, 5-8-47 1947
2:929a-e: Welti and group of girls, 5-14-47 1947
2:931a-c: Cosmopolitan club, 5-7-47 1947
2:932a-i: Horse Show, 5-24-47 1947
2:933a-i: Junior High School, 5-21-47 1947
2:934a-b: Ag Club: Draft Horse with four Faculty members, 5-20-47 1947
2:935a-d: Senior Class painting "47," 5-17-47 1947
2:936a: Institute, 5-20-47 1947
2:937a-b: Library shots 1942-1988
2:938a: Iranian Sisters 1942-1988
2:939a: Art Department line drawing (copy) 1942-1988
3 3:940a-b: Alumni Shots 1942-1988
3:941a-b: Women covering chairs Ext Work 1942-1988
3:942a-b: Pioneers, taken at the same time as Temple Light ceremony 1942-1988
3:943a-c: Temple shots 1942-1988
3:944a: Seniors getting caps and gowns 1942-1988
3:945a-c: Soil sampler and line diagram (copy) 1942-1988
3:946a-c: Landscape Architecture: shots of entrance gate 1942-1988
3:947a: Col Timberlake Harnessing Horse 1942-1988
3:948a-d: White rats for slides 1942-1988
3:949a-d: Physics charts (Gardner) 1942-1988
3:951a-b: Agronomy (Holmgren) 1942-1988
3:953a-e: Harnessing contest, 5-24-47 1947
3:954a-k: Irrigation charts (Lauritzen), 6-2-47 1947
3:954l-p: Irrigation charts (Lauritzen), 6-2-47 1947
3:955a-g: Bac Graduates, 6-1-47 1947
3:955h-t: Bac Graduates, 6-1-47 1947
3:956a-d: Assembly, 6-3-47 1947
3:957a-g: Children by Amphitheater 1942-1988
3:957h-k: Children by Amphitheater 1942-1988
3:958a: Parade, Centennial Celebration 1942-1988
3:959a-b: Senior Class Candle Group 1942-1988
3:960a-b: Senior Ball Posters 1942-1988
3:962a-l: Culmsee Bulletin 1942-1988
3:964a-k: Extension Service: Dairy Cattle 1942-1988
3:964l-t: Extension Service: Dairy Cattle 1942-1988
3:965a-b: Extension Service: Farm Labor Class, 6-13-47 1947
3:967a-c: Pitman Weeder 1942-1988
3:968a-b: Publications: Three new officers 1942-1988
3:969a-i: Alfalfa Worms 1942-1988
3:970a: Landscape Architecture: Map (Laval Morris) 1942-1988
3:971a-b: Aerial of fields (Lorin Harris) 1942-1988
3:972a: Radio 1942-1988
3:973a-b: Humphreys and two men 1942-1988
3:974a-b: Tile junction (Israelson's copy) 1942-1988
3:975a-c: Church Interior (Ruth) 1942-1988
3:976-b: Veterinary Service: Group at Meeting, 7-1-47 1947
3:977a-b: Soil Sampler (Dr Kelley) 1942-1988
3:978a-b: Alumni Office: two girls at file cabinet 1942-1988
3:979a: Lund hall 1942-1988
3:980a-c: Cadets on Campus 1943
3:981a: Library 1942-1988
3:982a: Temple from Campus 1942-1988
3:983a: Girl reclining in front of fireplace with magazine 1942-1988
3:984a-c: Diving in pool, Spring 1947 1947
3:985a-h: Campus shots and athletics (Culmsee copies for bulletin) 1942-1988
3:986a-c: Picture of group packing for Wind River Hike (Culmsee), 7-30-47 1947
3:987a-b: Kirk W Lund's small son in Prefab 213 1942-1988
3:988a-k: Landscape Architecture (Morris) 1942-1988
3:990a-d: Snow plow 1942-1988
3:991a-j: Agronomy: Pictures of experimental crops of Onions and carrots, (Kelley) 7-20-47 1947
3:992a-c: Agronomy: Aerial of beet field near Garland (Kelley) 1942-1988
3:993a-f: Student 1942-1988
3:995a-b: Aerial of campus (copy of Lingey print), Spring 1947 1947
3:996a-g: Aircraft Copies of building plans 1942-1988
3:997a: Engineering Building: Irrigation Lab 1942-1988
3:998a-b: Crosley Car: people from New York 1942-1988
3:999a-g: United Eng 1942-1988
3:1000a-b: Onions 1942-1988
3:1002a-b: Aerial of North Logan (Kelley) 1942-1988
3:1003a-b: Group taken by John Stewart (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1004a-b: Joan Richards at rental home (Alumni Association) 1942-1988
3:1005a-b: Group on steps of West entrance to Main (Seymons) 1942-1988
3:1006a: Utah poultry ad (copy) 1942-1988
3:1007a-b: Chase and two students (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1008a-c: Item and diagrams 1942-1988
3:1010a-h: Photos of Prefab (Culmsee), 7-15-47 1947
3:1011a: Automotive pictures 1942-1988
3:1013a-f: Livestock on campus 1942-1988
3:1014a: Norma by Bullock 1942-1988
3:1015a-b: Girl knocking on door, 7-8-47 1947
3:1016a-d: Eccles Dormitory, 7-8-47 1947
3:1017a-c: Tabernacle lighting ceremony 1942-1988
3:1018a: Leadville B-T-13 450 hp 1942-1988
3:1020a-d: John Stewart wife and child 1942-1988
3:1021a-b: Agronomy seed group, 7-21-47 1947
3:1022a-b: Agronomy: Mr Hawthorne and units at back of library 1942-1988
3:1023a: Aerial of canal near Bear River, Box Elder County (A W Israelsen) 1942-1988
3:1024a-b: Publications: ceremony by Ind Building, 9-8-47 1947
3:1025a-c: Football Players 1942-1988
3:1026a: Three girls 1942-1988
3:1028a-g: Group around new housing 1942-1988
3:1029a-b: Nahum Sweedloff diploma, Hebrew Secondary School in Jerusalem 1942-1988
3:1030a-b: Tests on frozen melons (Pollard and Wilcox) 1942-1988
3:1031-g: DDT bug control (Lieberman) Plant Quarantine Entomology (USDA) 1942-1988
3:1032a-f: Registrar's Office: Discharge of Raymond Wendel 1942-1988
3:1033a-g: Agronomy charts (Haddock) 1942-1988
3:1034a-h: Temporary Buildings, United Engineers 1942-1988
3:1035a-c: Girl Veterinary (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1036a-c: Aerial shot of beet field (Haddock) 1942-1988
3:1037a-e: Home Economics Department (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1038a-b: Range Management: Wheat (Cook) 1942-1988
3:1039a: Man with map (Walker) 1942-1988
3:1040a-b: I K (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1042a-c: Harvest Ball Committee 1942-1988
3:1043a: Homecoming Committee (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1044a-b: Three Iranians (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1046a-c: Nancy Musselman composite 1942-1988
3:1047a-h: Agronomy (Haddock) 1942-1988
3:1048a-i: Baby pictures for Woman's Magazine 1942-1988
3:1049a-j: Boy Scout Campsite aerial photos 1942-1988
3:1050a-b: Iranian student and mandolin (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1051a-b: Harvest Ball Officers, Ag Club 1942-1988
3:1052a-b: Dr Knowlton and group 1942-1988
3:1053a-b: W Will in classroom (Smith) 1942-1988
3:1054a: Daines Saddlehorse (Jerry Ashdown) 1942-1988
3:1055a-b: W Smith in class (Hunsaker) 1942-1988
3:1056a-c: Vet Major on steer 1942-1988
3:1057a-b: Radio station (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1058a-c: Health Council Dr Preston, Nurse and student (Hunsaker) 1942-1988
3:1059a-e: Animal Husbandry group around heifers 1942-1988
3:1060a-b: Romney and group in stadium (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1061a: Home Economics Department sampling ice cream 1942-1988
3:1062a-b: Football player and dad (John Worley) 1942-1988
3:1063a-b: Scene from play "Out of the Frying Pan 1942-1988
3:1064a-b: LDS Decorating for Halloween Party 1942-1988
3:1065a-b: Students with hammer and nails outside rural arts 1942-1988
3:1066a-e: Tumblers 1942-1988
3:1067a-q: ROTC Sponsors, 10-23-47 1942-1988
3:1068a-d: Health Council (Hunsaker) 1942-1988
3:1069a: 4-H Brothers in beet field 1942-1988
3:1071a-b: Group in Alumni Office (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1072a-b: Weather code and Trig chart 1942-1988
3:1073a-c: Vet that won farm in Oregon 1942-1988
3:1074a-k: ROTC Col Timberlake plaque 1942-1988
3:1075a-b: Girls around table discussing use of toys 1942-1988
3:1076a-c: Practice House (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1078a-b: Walker awarding certificate to student 1942-1988
3:1079a: 2 Col out HJ ??? military photos 1942-1988
3:1080a: Home Economics group 1942-1988
3:1081a-b: Health Council (Hunsaker) 1942-1988
3:1082a-c: Home Economics (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1083a-i: "Joan of Lorraine" 1942-1988
3:1084a-f: Graphs (Lorrin Harris) 1942-1988
3:1085a-c: Edith: boy student 1942-1988
3:1086a-b: Dean Walker, new professor 1942-1988
3:1087a-b: Dr Myers and students 1942-1988
3:1088a-k: Home Economics Dean Greaves 1942-1988
3:1089a-c: Jeppson saying goodbye 1942-1988
3:1090a-b: Mexican sculptor 1942-1988
3:1091a-d: Recreational room in Prefab district 1942-1988
3:1092a-b: Committee Group in Institute (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1093a-e: Building in Canyon (Williams) 1942-1988
3:1094a: Dr Snell in office, Institute LDS USAC 1942-1988
3:1095a: Welti and three students around piano 1942-1988
3:1096a-b: Beehive (John Stewart) 1942-1988
3:1098a-c: Spurs decorating Main, Christmas 1947 1947
3:1099a-b: Five brothers and sisters attending college at the same time 1942-1988
3:1100a-b: Spur pinning pin on pledge 1942-1988
3:1103a-b: Woman and child in kitchen in USAC homes 1942-1988
3:1104a: 4500th student to register in winter 1947-1948
3:1105a-b: Student leaving shaking hands with two teachers 1942-1988
3:1106a-g: Play "Long Ago," group listening to phonograph 1942-1988
3:1107a-d: Speed Typist 1942-1988
3:1108a-f: Jeppsen 1942-1988
3:1109a: Radar Equipment (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1110a-b: Judging team sent to Denver 1942-1988
3:1111a-h: Opera Cast (Welti) 1942-1988
3:1112a-c: Wildlife Management charts 1942-1988
3:1113a-c: Professor Low, Wildlife Management 1942-1988
3:1114a-c: Girls in house by nursery 1942-1988
3:1115a-b: 35mm charts (Smith) 1942-1988
3:1116a-c: Bull (KC-MO) 1942-1988
3:1117a: US Flat held by ROTC 1942-1988
3:1118a-h: Girl's gym Badminton Basketball Swimming, 1-18-48 1948
3:1119a-b: Sponsors putting up sign and box for Europe cloth drive 1942-1988
3:1120a-c: Wrestling, 1-21-48 1948
3:1121a-b: Boxing in Men's gym, 1-18-48 1948
3:1122a: Industrial Building Sketch (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1123a-i: Opera cast in costume, basement of Main 1942-1988
3:1123j--r: Opera cast in costume, basement of Main 1942-1988
3:1125a: Page with tree and leaves 1942-1988
3:1126a: Sketch of plans for new I E building (Culmsee) 1942-1988
3:1127a-b: Montage of girl on diving board 1942-1988
3:1128a-b: Student skiing, 1-21-48 1948
3:1129a-b: Five musicians in house on Blvd 1942-1988
3:1130a-h: Home Economics shots 1942-1988
3:1131a-b: Group of Spurs 1942-1988
3:1134a-c: Co-op house by Nursery 1942-1988
3:1135a-b: Group (Madsen) 1942-1988
3:1136a-b: History of Scribble 1942-1988
3:1137a-c: Home Economics, Textiles Education 1942-1988
3:1139a-j: Players rehearsing for Blithe Spirit 1942-1988
3:1140a-b: College Bulls, 1-13-48 1948
3:1141a-b: Drawing, 11"X14 1942-1988
3:1143a-b: Girl at Smart Pool, 2-4-48 1948
3:1144a-c: Band shots 1942-1988
3:1145a-b: Three at a piano (Welti) 1942-1988
3:1146a: Group of men (Madsen) 1942-1988
3:1147a-m: Open house, 1948 1948
3:1148:a: Occupants of Woodruff Dorm 1942-1988
3:1150a: Copy 1942-1988
3:1151a: Four musicians in Tuxedos 1942-1988
3:1152a-f: Home Economics: cakes, clothes, etc 1942-1988
3:1153a-b: Home Economics: men’s cooking class 1942-1988
3:1154a-b: E Shephard and crew selling Scribbler in Main 1942-1988
3:1155a: Hansuker and Doc Smith in Gym office "signing" scout 1942-1988
3:1156a-b: Men’s cooking class at table 1942-1988
3:1157a: Tabernacle 1948
3:1158a-i: Veterans Housing 1942-1988
3:1159a-b: 4-H Group in Institute, 3-1-48 1948
3:1160a-b: S W Edgecomb, Agronomy 1942-1988
3:1161a-e: Portrait for Military Dept 1942-1988
3:1162a: Musicians in top of Main 1942-1988
3:1163a-b: Landscape Architecture, 3-12-48 1948
3:1164a-c: Cheese testing, 3-13-48 1948
3:1165a-c: President Harris Culmsee and professors in conference 1942-1988
3:1166a-g: Photo lab 1948
3:1167a-d: Publications class 1942-1988
3:1168a-g: Skiing shots (Donna Crookston) 1942-1988
3:1171a-d: Teenage Box Elder basketball and awards 1942-1988
3:1172a-g: Play "Death Takes a Holiday," 3-16-48 1948
3:1173a-c: Engineers in Building One with the Dean 1942-1988
3:1174a-e: Engineers pulling match, 3-17-48 1948
3:1175a-c: Pig cut open, Doc Binns, Vet Science, 3-15-48 1948
3:1176a-b: Parked cars in snow 1948
3:1177a: Adney by gifts 1948 March
3:1178a-b: Potz and string ensemble 1948 March
3:1179a-b: Trailer town committee 1948 March
3:1180a: Debating team 1942-1988
3:1181a-h: Art Department 1948 March
3:1181i-m: Art Department 1948 March
3:1182a-b: Practice House 1942-1988
3:1183a: Three people in cafeteria looking at cake 1942-1988
3:1184a-i: Spurs decorating, 3-23-48 1948
3:1185a-c: Kappa Alfa Mu, Omicron Chapter, Four first members 1942-1988
3:1186a-b: Sig Chi Professional Fraternity 1942-1988
3:1187a-b: Hunsaker getting pin from National commander of the "Health Frat" around group 1942-1988
3:1188a-d: Dancing picture of gals at Smart Gym 1948 March
3:1189a-d: Snow and ski pictures taken in Logan Canyon 1948 March
3:1190a: Ag Club Committee for the Horse Show 1948 March
3:1191a-d: Engineers dig for new aero building 1948 March
3:1192a-c: Gerber? 1942-1988
3:1193a-b: Heslop and sheep, April 1948 1948
3:1194a-c: Lady giving books to library 1948 April
3:1195a-f: Play "Julius Caesar" 1948 April
3:1196a-b: AWS Preference Ball 1942-1988
3:1197a-b: New executive members voted into the "Foreign Club" 1948 March
3:1198a-b: Architect "doing" the Union Building taken in President Harris' office 1948
3:1199a-b: Committee arranging for National roundup at USAC for IKs 1948 March
3:1200a-e: Kodalith (Haddock) 1942-1988
3:1201a: Montage of news articles for "Flying Farmers 1942-1988
3:1202a-e: Training Car 1942-1988
3:1203a-b: New Brass 1948 May
3:1204a-c: ROTC Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
3:1204d-e: ROTC Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
3:1205a-b: Freshman in Main Hall 1948 May
3:1206a: Wildlife chart 1942-1988
3:1207a-k: Engineering Industrial arts Summer Bulletin 1942-1988
3:1207l-x: Engineering Industrial arts Summer Bulletin 1942-1988
3:1208a-b: Pheasant's windpipe with worms 1948 May
3:1209a-c: President Harris and two Buzzer students looking over the 1948 issues 1948 May
3:1210a-b: Fellow to start camp in south Utah 1942-1988
3:1211a-f: Trade school kids in Logan 1948
3:1212a-c: "Funny" Dress Dance at Institute 1948 April
3:1213a-d: Dress rehearsal, J Cash 1948 April
3:1214a-e: Fashion show 1948 May
3:1215a: BAC Student Body Exchange 1948 April
3:1216a: John Hughes clarinets 1942-1988
3:1217a-b: ROTC rifle team in circle 1948 April
3:1218a: Dean Culmsee and English group 1948 April
3:1219a: Junior prom workers in field house, April 1948 1948
4 4:1220a-c: "A" Day cleanup, April 1948 1948
4:1221a-c: Puckett and students in Journalism showing proper news makeup 1948 May
4:1222a-f: Wildlife shots 1942-1988
4:1223a-c: Helen Coburn home study, 4-23-48 1948
4:1224a-b: Art Exhibit 1948 April
4:1225a-d: Cornoby in Art Department 1948 May
4:1226a: Kam 1948
4:1227a-d: Boy Scouts award 1948 May
4:1228a-b: Girls rifle team 1948 May
4:1229a-c: Three Girl softball players, in studio 1942-1988
4:1230a-b: Speech Department (Culmsee), 4-14-48 1948
4:1231a-c: President Harris with couple and baby 1942-1988
4:1232a-b: Brite with two men 1942-1988
4:1233a-k: "A" Day 1948
4:1233l-m: "A" Day. Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1233n-p: "A" Day. Cold Storage 1948
4:1234a-b: Veteran and family (Culmsee), 4-14-48 1948
4:1235a-d: Students receiving award and committee 1948 May
4:1236a-c: Girls Ball. Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
4:1237a-f: Charts of Utah 1942-1988
4:1238a-c: Children's play at Amphitheater. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 May
4:1238d-j: Children's play at Amphitheater 1948 May
4:1239a: Slide (Dr Smith, Bact) 1942-1988
4:1240a-c: Nuefet?, Art Department, 5-25-48 1948
4:1242a-b: Group of alumni committee 1948 May
4:1243a: Child's teeth (Dr Greenwood) 1948 May
4:1244a-b: Sixteen girls in Economics 1948
4:1245a-b: Scribble 1948
4:1246a-b: Refrigeration? group 1948
4:1247a-d: Triplets 1942-1988
4:1248a-c: Class of 1912 1948 May
4:1249a-c: Graduation, Mother and Daughter, taken in library 1948
4:1250a-i: Baccalaureate 1942-1988
4:1251a-h: Airport shots for Holliday 1942-1988
4:1252a-c: President Harris and composer with Christiansen and Polz 1942-1988
4:1253a-f: Exploder Scout Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
4:1255a-f: Graduation Exercises 1948
4:1255g-p: Graduation Exercises 1948
4:1256a: Dean Clyde and four men at Irrigation Convention, 6-8-48 1948
4:1257a-b: Poet (Culmsee) 1942-1988
4:1258a-b: Home Economics pictures from Cornell University 1942-1988
4:1259a-b: 4-H three boys and cow 1948 June
4:1260a: Chemist (Culmsee) 1948 June
4:1261a-b: Farm Montage 1948 June
4:1262a-k: Photographs of paintings 1942-1988
4:1263a: Aerial of campus shot from west - Quad and buildings around edge 1948
4:1264a-b: Professor Heyward 1948 June
4:1265a-b: Child Development Officers 1948 June
4:1266a-f: Twirlers 1948 June
4:1267a-f: Commerce statistician N Dairy Music Conference Library, Adney picture 1948
4:1268a-b: New Industrial Building, Harris and Christensen 1942-1988
4:1269a-g: Farm Scenes 1948 June
4:1270a-b: Diseased Turkey Liver 1948 June
4:1271a: Domino-Bull Neck Operation 1948 June
4:1272a-c: President Harris in office 1948 June
4:1273a: Humphreys and Officers 1948 June
4:1274a-e: Professor Heyward and Iris 1942-1988
4:1275a-c: Bus for Music Encampment 1948 June
4:1276a-f: Band and Orchestra Encampment Group 1948 June
4:1277a-b: Ag Officers 1948 June
4:1278a-h: Civic Banquet (Chase) 1948 June
4:1279a-e: Eng and Ind Div 1942-1988
4:1280a-c: Writers Conference 1948 June
4:1281a-d: Drivers Training 1948 June
4:1284a-c: Home Economics teachers 1948 June
4:1286a-e: Rotary Luncheon Carlisle in library 1948 July
4:1286f: Rotary Luncheon Carlisle in library. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 July
4:1287a-d: John Stewart, Professor of Chemistry 1942-1988
4:1288a-b: Madsen, White Hereford Bull 1942-1988
4:1289a-b: Radio Antenna, 8-4-48 1948
4:1290a-b: Foresters, 8-26-48 1948
4:1292a-f: Falling Chimney. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 August
4:1292g-n: Falling Chimney. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 August
4:1293a-f: Student Nurses, 8-25-48 1948
4:1294a-b: McDonald, King Hendricks, Glenn blazer, 8-17-48 1948
4:1295a: President Harris (Franklin S. Harris), Dean Culmsee plaque, 8-17-48 1948
4:1296a-d: Chemistry Lab, 8-17-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1297a-d: McDonald and girl student, 8-17-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1298a-b: McDonald's office girl and two students, 8-20-48 1948
4:1300a-b: John Stewart 4-H group 1942-1988
4:1301a-b: President Harris, Culmsee, Meyers, etc on state, 8-29-48 1948
4:1302a-i: Killing fish in pond 1948 August
4:1303a-f: Counting fish, Logan Canyon, 8-13-48 1948
4:1303g-e: Counting fish, Logan Canyon, 8-13-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1304a-b: Home Economics convention 1942-1988
4:1307a-b: Nurses Convention, 9-10-48 1948
4:1310a-f: Forestry camp at Tony Grove, 8-10-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1310g-l: Forestry camp at Tony Grove, 8-10-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1312a-b: Pig pictures (Madson), August 1948 1948
4:1313a: Plaque for newspaper 1948 August
4:1314a-b: Stewart Williams Home 1948 September
4:1315a-g: Water skiing Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
4:1316a-c: Picture of Institute Activities 1948 September
4:1317a: Girls Chorus in North Logan 1948 September
4:1318a-c: Jessie Larsen's art pictures 1948 September
4:1319a-c: Roy Harris and wife 1948 September
4:1320a-b: Psychology Testing Machine. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 September
4:1322a-e: Animal Husbandry and Agronomy (Dena Richards Catalog) 1948 Spring Quarter
4:1323a-b: Family of Seven attending College 1948 September
4:1324a-b: Homecoming: Pocook, Bullen, Robbins 1948 September
4:1325a-b: Pictures in TUB, 10-2-48 1948
4:1327a-b: Bernston and Erickson, 10-5-48 1948
4:1329a-c: Play 1948 October
4:1330a-d: Mrs Roy Harris' hands 1948 October
4:1331a: Bert V. Allen, scenic views in Sardine Pass 1948 October
4:1332a-d: Slides (Dr Smith, Bacteriology), 10-8-48 1948
4:1334a-c: Foresters, 10-8-48 1948
4:1335a-d: Apple Cider Press Apple packing 1948 October
4:1336a-d: Alumni Group, Breakfast at Prefab, 10-14-48 1948
4:1337a-f: Dancers, Class Whitney 1948 October
4:1338a-b: Dr Roskelly's Horse 1948 October
4:1339a-k: 4-H Girls (John Stewart). Cold Storage Box 45 1948 October
4:1340a-j: Colonel Blair and boy AWS Preference ball Robbins and Chase, Union Building (Publicity) 1948 October
4:1341a-k: Homecoming Parade, 10-23-48 1948
4:1341l-p: Homecoming Parade, 10-23-48 1948
4:1342a-d: "The Male Animal" Cast 1948 October
4:1343a-i: Homecoming 1948 October
4:1344a-b: WAA Officers 1948-1949
4:1345a-b: Forestry Breakfast Homecoming 1948 October
4:1346a-b: Harvest Ball Committee 1948 October
4:1347a-k: AWS Preference Ball 1948 October
4:1347l-w: AWS Preference Ball 1948 October
4:1348a-h: LDS Institute 1948
4:1348i-n: LDS Institute 1948
4:1349a-b: Scribble Officers 1948 October
4:1350a-b: Lambda Delta Sigma Halloween Ball 1948 October
4:1351a-b: Camera Stand showing broken parts, Saltzman Company 1948 October
4:1352a-f: Extension Service Classes redecorating chairs (John Stewart) 1948 October
4:1353a-d: Nursery school at Prefabs 1948 November
4:1355a-d: Poultry Houses, 11-1-48 1948
4:1356a: Forensic Tournament 1948 November
4:1357a-e: Photo Lab new equipment (Bert and Douglas Johnson) 1942-1988
4:1359a-b: WAA Winning Volleyball team, Rockets 1948 November
4:1360a-b: Thorpe's painting 1948 November
4:1361a-d: Swollen eye of man after eating honey, 11-10-48 1948
4:1362a-g: Organs of Diseased Cow, 11-10-48 1948
4:1363a-b: Receiving check from Alumni Association, 11-13-48 1948
4:1364a-d: Musical Department Heads: Mrs Harris, Christiansen, Welti, Potts, 11-15-48 1948
4:1365a-e: Spurs planning Thanksgiving Celebration, 11-16-48 1948
4:1366a-p: Harvest Ball Queen Contestants 1948 November
4:1368a-b: Play Winter set 1942-1988
4:1369a-c: Chicken Houses and Dairy Building 1948 November
4:1370a-c: Jones Speech class 1947
4:1371a-c: Cheerleaders and IK 's preparing for thanksgiving game, November 1948 1948 November
4:1372a: Speech correction clinicians 1948 November
4:1374a: Athletic Group planning Thanksgiving game 1948 November
4:1375a-b: "Little Women" 1948 November
4:1376a: President Harris with play properties 1948 November
4:1377a-b: Home Economics Convention 1948 November
4:1379a-e: Cafeteria and Home Economics practice house 1948 December
4:1383a-d: 4-H leaders 1948 November
4:1385a-j: Sigma Pi Fraternity "Paris Party," 12-3-48 1948
4:1385k-q: Sigma Pi Fraternity "Paris Party," 12-3-48 1948
4:1386a-f: Machines in new Industrial Building, 12-7-48 Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1387a-b: Music group (Welti), 12-3-48 1948
4:1388a-h: Army surplus equipment used on campus, 12-3-48 1948
4:1390a-b: Ag Club Officers, 12-7-48 1948
4:1391a-d: Sigma Pi Fraternity, 12-7-48 1948
4:1393a-j: Canyon Heights Relief Society Bazaar, 12-3-48 1948
4:1394a-d: Relief Society at Canyon Heights (Prefabs) 1948
4:1395a-b: Intramurals - PE Basketball (Hunsaker), 12-1-48 1948
4:1397a-i: Geology Cave, Green River 1948 December
4:1399a-e: Widstoe Banquet 1948 December
4:1400a-i: Art Department Activities 1948 December
4:1401a-b: Spurs and IK's going to BAC 1948 December
4:1402a-b: Christmas Tree for Assembly 1948 December
4:1403a-f: Corn Rust, Iranian Student Cold Storage Box 45 1948
4:1404a-h: Harris's home, 12-30-48 1948
4:1406a-d: Snow Scenes 1948 December
4:1408a-b: Animal Husbandry: Registered Thoroughbred 1948 December
4:1409a-b: Industrial Division: Frame Straightening Rack. Cold Storage Box 45 1948 December
4:1410a-b: Spurs and IKs books for BAC 1948 December
4:1411a-d: Practice House (Home Economics) 1948 December
4:1412a-b: Extension Officials 1948 December
4:1413a-b: Elis School 1948 December
4:1414a-b: Refrigerator Equipment 1948 December
4:1415a-b: Spur Presidents, 12-10-48 1948
4:1417a-b: Dairy Judging Team, Oregon Trip 1948 October
4:1418a: Shutter Chart 1942-1988
4:1420a: News Conference 1949 January
4:1421a-e: Purchasing Department, Banquet at Old Juniper 1949 January
4:1422a-b: Miles family at Prefabs, 1-10-49 Taken by ED Johnson (EDJ) 1949
4:1423a-b: Dr King Hendricks and manuscript library, 1-10-49 EDJ 1949
4:1424a-c: Dr and Johanna Harris, 1-6-49 1949
4:1425a-b: Press Conference 1949 January
4:1426a-b: Spurs at Lund Hall before BYU Game, 1-15-49 EDJ 1949
4:1428a-j: Slides (Stewart) 1942-1988
4:1428k-q: Slides (Stewart) 1942-1988
4:1429a-c: Dr Culmsee and Stewart, 1-12-49 EDJ 1949
5 5:1430a-b: Dr Culmsee in meeting at cafeteria, 1-14-49 EDJ 1949
5:1432a-b: Dean Chase's Office, 1-19-49 1949
5:1433a-b: Foresters on Snow Shoes, 1-12-49 EDJ 1949
5:1434a-e: Skiing shots (Vanderhoff), 1-24-49 EDJ 1949
5:1435a-b: IK Initiation, 1-24-49 EDJ 1949
5:1436a-h: Skiing shots: ski lift (Culmsee), 1-20-49 EDJ 1949
5:1437a-b: Home Economics men trying on suits (Miss Johnson), 1-20-49 EDJ 1949
5:1439a-c: Girl basketball players Girls demonstrating 1942-1988
5:1440a-e: Play "George Washington Slept Here," 1-20-49 EDJ 1949
5:1442a-b: Dale Nelson skiers, 1-26-49 EDJ 1949
5:1443a-d: Practice House, 1-27-49 1949
5:1444a-c: Jeppsen's Residence 1942-1988
5:1446a-e: Dean Greaves 1942-1988
5:1449a-b: Landscape Architecture 1942-1988
5:1450a-c: Polio Drive EDJ 1942-1988
5:1451a-d: Fly tying and casting, 1-27-49 EDJ 1949
5:1452a-b: Stoddard, Madsen, USU President Harris, 2-2-49 1949
5:1453a-b: Spurs 1949 January
5:1454a-d: Nursery at Veteran Housing, 2-3-49 EDJ 1949
5:1456a-b: Chemistry set-up, 2-2-49 EDJ 1949
5:1457a-b: Refrigeration Group (Sharp) 1942-1988
5:1458a-g: PE Swinging on bars, Fencing 1949 February
5:1459a: Snow Scenes 1942-1988
5:1461a-b: Cache Stake Gold and Green Queens 1942-1988
5:1462a-b: Dr Harris' picture of Lincoln 1942-1988
5:1463a-c: Johanna Harris 1942-1988
5:1464a-b: Indian picture (Bob Crompton) 1942-1988
5:1465a-b: Ailene Broby, Stan Anderson news clippings 1942-1988
5:1466a-f: Open House Candidate Lambda Delta Sigma 1949 February
5:1467a-b: Pictures showing face with correct and incorrect lighting and hair styles (Mrs Stewart) 1942-1988
5:1468a-i: Snow Scenes 1949 February
5:1471a-e: Stab Legislature ADB 1949 February
5:1472a-b: Doug in Darkroom 1942-1988
5:1473a-d: Speech Department sound effects, 2-18-49 EDJ 1949
5:1474a-c: Student Play in Little Theater, 2-19-49 EDJ 1949
5:1476a-b: Glenn Olsen's Discharge 1949 February
5:1477a-e: Helen De Graffenreid's art collection 1949 February
5:1478a-c: Open House Queens 1949 (Hunsaker and Dale Nelson) 1949
5:1480a-c: Play "Dear Brutus 1942-1988
5:1481a-b: Scribble 1949 March
5:1483a-b: President Harris, foreign students, Colonel Timberlake, 3-8-49 EDJ 1949
5:1484a-b: Sponsors - Old and New 1942-1988
5:1486a-c: Arabian student in Costume (Bert Stickles), 3-3-49 1949
5:1487a-c: 4-H Leaders, Logan, 2-28-49. Cold Storage Box 45 1949
5:1489a-h: Opera, 3-7-49 1949
5:1490a: Hearing Correction, 3-11-49 EDJ 1949
5:1491a-c: Art in Main Building, 3-11-49 EDJ 1949
5:1493a-h: Intramural Boxing, 3-11-49 Cold Storage Box 45. 1949
5:1493i-m: Intramural Boxing, 3-11-49 1949
5:1494a-b: Mrs Irons in her office 1942-1988
5:1495a-c: Spurs, 3-24-49 EDJ 1949
5:1496a-f: New Coach, 3-25-49 EDJ 1949
5:1497a-b: WAA Committee, 3-28-49 EDJ 1949
5:1499a-e: Welding Demonstration, 3-25-49 EDJ 1949
5:1500a-c: Play Rehearsal, 3-25-49 EDJ 1949
5:1501a-d: Archers 1949 March
5:1502a-c: Artists for Play, "Glass Menagerie 1942-1988
5:1503a-d: East Cache Stake Gold and Green Ball 1949 March
5:1505a-d: Charts copied for Color Class: spectrum, tone scale, value and intensity, log scale 1942-1988
5:1506a-i: Relief Society at Prefabs 1942-1988
5:1507a: Dean Greaves and Morris, 3-31-49 EDJ 1949
5:1509a-b: Forrester Queen, 4-5-49 EDJ 1949
5:1510a-f: Shocking and fish planting machines for Nels Thorsen's thesis 1949 April
5:1513a-c: P E Volleyball 1942-1988
5:1514a-c: Play rehearsal "Taming of the Shrew," 4-20-49 EDJ. Cold Storage Box 45 1949
5:1515a-b: Blind student, 4-20-49 EDJ. Cold Storage Box 45 1949
5:1516a-b: Relief Society at Prefabs 1949 April
5:1517a-d: Kennecott Copper Representative giving $50,000 to College 1949 April
5:1519a-d: Chicken Experiments 1942-1988
5:1520a: Campus File: Widstoe Hall 1942-1988
5:1521a-g: Valedictorian Pierson, 4-22-49 EDJ. Cold Storage Box 45. 1949
5:1522a-b: Foresters leaving on field trip, 4-23-49 EDJ 1949
5:1523a-b: Miss Vermillion and group in Commons, 4-20-49 EDJ 1949
5:1525a-b: Drama Group, 4-26-49 1949
5:1526a-b: Play cast "Taming of the Shrew 1942-1988
5:1527a-b: Industrial Education Dinner 1949 April
5:1529a-b: Daniels, Forestry 1942-1988
5:1530a-d: Poetry Contest 1949 April
5:1531a-b: Vickers and Pierson 1949 May
5:1532a-h: Electric Fence Controllers, Mr Embry's thesis 1942-1988
5:1533a-b: Student and family at Prefabs 1942-1988
5:1534a-b: Three girls and violin 1942-1988
5:1536a-d: Breaking ground for Union Building, A-Day 1949
5:1537a: Dr John R Nichols commissioner of Indian Affairs, US Department of Interior - commencement speaker. Cold Storage Box 45 1949 May
5:1538a-b: Chemistry slides, 5-17, 49 1949
5:1540a-d: Dancing in the gym 1949 May
5:1542a-h: Drivers Training 1949 June
5:1543a-c: Spring cantata (Welti) 1949 May
5:1544a-c: Melodrama "Faithful Footman 1942-1988
5:1545a-c: Check Presentation on patio, 5-20-49. Cold Storage Box 45. 1949
5:1546a-g: Hugh Richens in photo lab 1949 May
5:1547a-b: PE Staff 1949-50, 5-23-49 1949
5:1548a-d: PE Frat Banquet 1949 May
5:1549a-c: WAA Officers 1949 May
5:1550a-c: Hill Family 1942-1988
5:1551a-l: Commencement 1949
5:1552a-c: Officials at Graduation, 6-3-49 1949
5:1553a-c: During Graduation Service, 6-3-49 1949
5:1554a-b: Scout Troop from 10th Ward 1949 June
5:1555a-e: Erosion at Farm in Preston, Idaho (H Maughan) 1949 May
5:1556a-g: High School Home Economics Demonstrations and Food Preparation 1949 June
5:1556h-l: High School Home Economics Demonstrations and Food Preparation 1949 June
5:1557a-d: Weaving and Upholstery classes 1949 June
5:1558a-g: Ben Mare 1949 June
5:1559a-b: Nevada Student winning music scholarship with Harris 1949 June
5:1560a-l: Music festival 1949 June
5:1561a-c: Alpha Chi Omega convention delegates 1949 June
5:1562a-b: Extension Groups (John Stewart) 1949 June
5:1564a-b: "The Miser" 1949 June
5:1565a-f: Harris and Vinting Musicians 1949 June
5:1566a-f: Play 1949 July
5:1567a-b: Upholstered Chair, Home Economics 1949 July
5:1568a-d: Poultry Farm 1949 July
5:1569a-d: Poultry 1942-1988
5:1570a-b: Draper with Poultry 1942-1988
5:1571a-b: Bertha Johnson 1942-1988
5:1572a-b: Athletics on Wind River Hike 1942-1988
5:1573a-d: Junior High School Home Economics: Textiles Lab photos, 8-5-49 1949
5:1574a-b: Bell and girl with new machine 1942-1988
5:1575a-f: Poultry Farm, 7-23-49 1949
5:1577a-b: Aerial of North Logan farm (Haddock) 1949 August
5:1578a-b: President Harris, Mr Rasmussen, Dean Walker, 8-17-49 1949
5:1579a: K Shrozawo, Landscape Architect 1949 August
5:1581a-d: McBride and Office Girls, 8-29-49 1949
5:1582a-b: Miero film, 8-30-49 1949
5:1583a-d: New Heating Plant (Culmsee), 8-30-49 1949
5:1584a: Two men hanging a door (Culmsee), 8-30-49 1949
5:1585a-b: Speech Department (Culmsee) 1949 September
5:1586a-f: Hanging curtains in Rural Arts Building, 9-1-49 Taken by Allen 1949
5:1587a-b: Dr Richards and students, 9-8-49 1949
5:1588a: Dean Jacobsen, speaker from California, 9-9-49 1949
5:1589a-e: Drama shots (Culmsee), 9-16-49 1949
5:1590a: Drama Club, 9-16-49 1949
5:1591a-b: Timberlake Military Department registration day 1942-1988
5:1592a-e: Captain Twitty, Military Personal 1949 September
5:1593a-i: Freshman coming to AC on registration day (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1594a-b: Queen Prospects, 9-27-49 1949
5:1595a-b: Three Queen Prospects, 9-28-49 1949
5:1596a-f: From 35mm Slides (Culmsee). Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
5:1597a: Agronomy Aerial (Haddock) 1949 September
5:1598a-b: McDonald, Alumni Office 1949 September
5:1599a-b: N W Christensen, Music Department on Stadium 1949 September
5:1600a-b: Coach Melinbovich 1949 September
5:1601a-c: Students on "A," 9-30-49 1949
5:1602a-b: Thorpe's art picture (Culmsee), 9-28-49 1949
5:1605a-c: Military Department: Doctor listening to heart General group President Harris 1942-1988
5:1606a-b: Iran fellow talking to girl (Culmsee), 9-29-49 1949
5:1607a-b: Spurs girl’s dorm 1942-1988
5:1608a-d: Fur shot and Johnson (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1609a-c: English Fellow (Culmsee), 9-29-49 1949
5:1610a-b: Homecoming at Campus (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1611a-b: Forestry shots at Bluebird 1942-1988
5:1612a-b: Old books (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1613a-b: High school students (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1614a-b: IKs (Thompson, Student Life) 1942-1988
5:1615a-b: President Harris (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1616a: CAP 1942-1988
5:1617a-b: WAA Group (Dona Fae Nielson) 1942-1988
5:1618a: "Combine" with boy on horse in foreground 1942-1988
5:1619a-l: Junior Class at Melodee Ranch, 10-14-49 1949
5:1620a-b: Judging Team, 10-10-49 1949
5:1621a: Military Department 1949 October
5:1622a-d: Stock Judging Team (Culmsee) 1949 October
5:1623a: Four military men looking at aerial maze, 10-19-49 1949
5:1624a-f: Scorpion (Culmsee), 10-21-49 1949
5:1625a-c: Play Rehearsal, 10-24-49 EDJ 1949
5:1626a-d: Calf donated by Kiwanis, Providence, 10-25-49 EDJ 1949
5:1627a-b: Halloween (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1628a-b: Prospective Harvest Queens, 10-26-49 1949
5:1629a-g: Majorettes (Christensen) 1942-1988
5:1629h-o: Majorettes (Christensen) 1942-1988
5:1630a-b: Geology Pictures (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1631a-c: Men digging flowers (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1632a-c: New Spur Officers (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1633a-c: Prospective Harvest Queens 1942-1988
5:1634a: Group (Humphrey) 1942-1988
5:1636a-d: Teeth (Dr Greenwood, Chemistry) 1942-1988
5:1637a-c: Alfalfa (Dr Greenwood) 1942-1988
5:1638a-c: Chemistry students 1942-1988
5:1640a: Old Photograph copy (Humphreys) 1942-1988
5:1641a-c: Graduation Students (Humphreys) 1949 October
5:1643a-c: Prospective Delta Phi Queens, 10-31-49 1949
5:1644a: Wendell Anderson and group looking at globe (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1645a: Aerial (Haddock) 1942-1988
5:1646a-b: Nuclear Equipment slides (Dr Greenwood) 1942-1988
5:1647a-b: Physiology: turtle dissection (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1648a-c: Muskrat swamp Map (EV Sanders) 1942-1988
5:1649a-c: Dress Rehearsal, 11-1-49 1949
5:1651a-c: Greenhouse (Culmsee), 11-1-49 1949
5:1652a-b: Dean Danial in President's office, 11-3-49 1949
5:1653a-b: Apple sales in Hall 1942-1988
5:1655a-f: Math and Geology bulletin 1942-1988
5:1656a: Senator Thomas and Group of cadets with Sponsor 1942-1988
5:1658a: Dean Christensen talking to Dr King (Culmsee), November 1949 1949
5:1659a-e: Range Management. Cold Storage Box 45 1949 November
5:1660a-j: Ugly Mans Contest 1949 November
5:1661a-c: Ag Club Prospective Queen 1949 November
5:1662a-l: Sigma Pi (Carl Vaterlaus) 1949 November
5:1662m-x: Sigma Pi (Carl Vaterlaus) 1949 November
5:1663a-b: Agricultural students in Dr Walker's office 1949 November
5:1664a-d: Modern Dance Team 1949 November
5:1665a-c: Preference Ball Committee 1949 November
5:1666a-b: Speech Department, Dr Robinson 1949 November
5:1667a-g: Library plans and old buildings 1949 November
5:1668a-b: Sigma Pi Men ready for trip 1949 November
5:1669a-c: EU Thorpe painting of Governor Lee 1942-1988
5:1671a-b: Volleyball team 1942-1988
5:1672a-h: Rabbit (Greenwood) 1942-1988
5:1673a-b: 35mm test for transparencies. Cold Storage Box 45 1949
5:1674a-b: Welti music group 1949 November
5:1675a-b: Automotive electrical wiring system 1949 November
5:1676a: Tower operator 1949 November
5:1677a: John Canfield portrait 1949 November
5:1678a-h: Wrestling, 11-21-49 1949
5:1678i-q: Wrestling, 11-21-49. Cold Storage Box 45. 1949
5:1679a-b: Nursery (Culmsee) 1949 November
5:1680a-e: Alumni Group, Cashman Allen for title (Culmsee) 1949 November
5:1681a-b: Seed Cleaning machine 1942-1988
5:1682a-b: Dale Nelson 1942-1988
5:1683a-d: Cornaby, 11-4-49 1949
5:1685a: Animal Husbandry: made from sheep slide (Madson). Cold Storage Box 45 1949 December
5:1686a: Wilson and Sculpturing 1949 December
5:1687a-j: Play 1942-1988
5:1688a-e: Institute (Clark), 12-4-49 1949
5:1689a-b: Dale Nelson and beard 1949 December
5:1690a-b: Welti and Christensen 1949 December
5:1691a-b: Culmsee's office and a girl's leg 1942-1988
5:1692a-b: Domestic rotary and hermetic chair for student 1942-1988
5:1693a-c: Students baking cakes 1942-1988
5:1694a-b: Sociology meeting, 12-7-49 EDJ 1949
5:1695a-c: Students at Whittier School for pageant 1942-1988
5:1697a-d: Scribble publication at Smith printing shop, 12-9-49 and 12-12-49 1949
5:1698a-e: Genetic slides, Zoology, 12-8-49 EDJ 1949
5:1699a-c: Two students with painting 1942-1988
5:1700a-f: Wilson and wood sculpturing 1942-1988
5:1701a-d: Aggiettes, 12-9-49 1949
5:1702a: Temperature effect on Tumerous Headstock chart 1942-1988
5:1703a-c: Farm scenes OK 1949 December
5:1704a-b: New Driver training car 1949 December
5:1705a-c: Farm Scenes 1949 June
5:1707a-b: Students, 12-5-49 1949
5:1708a-e: "He Who Gets Slapped" 1949 December
5:1710a-d: Seismograph, Geology (Culmsee) 1949 December
5:1711a-e: Ultra centrifuge machine for Biology 1949 December
5:1712a-d: Foreign student with needle work, 12-12-49 1949
5:1713a-d: Chickens 1949 December
5:1714a-f: Military Christmas Party 1949 December
5:1716a-i: Industrial Arts plastic display 1949 December
5:1717a-c: John Stewart Portrait. Cold Storage Box 45 1949 December
5:1718a-b: Dr Pederson and group in Child's library room, Summer Class 1942-1988
5:1720a-f: Identification pictures for foreign students 1950 January
5:1721a-d: Ottoman for school play (Culmsee) 1942-1988
5:1722a-f: MS&T Regiment (B V Allen), 12-1-49 1949
5:1723a-j: Concert pianist, 12-7-49 1949
5:1724a-b: Military Department, 1-9-50 1950
5:1725a-c: Selling student directory, 1-13-50 1950
5:1727a-b: Student, 1-17-50 1950
5:1729a-b: Home Economics Display, 1-18-50 1950
5:1730a-d: Blind student, 1-18-50 1950
5:1731a-b: Dean Culmsee and John Stewart, 1-18-1950 1950
5:1732a-f: Swimming team, 1-20-50 1950
5:1733a-b: Girl making a rug (Culmsee), January 1950 1950
5:1734a-c: Dr Williams 1950 January
5:1736a-d: Geology Department 1950 January
5:1737a-d: New transmitter, Radio Shop 1950 January
5:1738a-e: Crushing Brick 1950 January
5:1739a-e: Kindergarten School (Mrs Porter) 1950 January
6 6:1740a-b: Identification Pictures 1942-1988
6:1741a-b: Bennili and the turkey he sent to President Truman 1942-1988
6:1744a-b: Hurdling. Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
6:1745a-h: Candidates for Snow Queen 1950 January
6:1746a-e: Recording room (Culmsee) 1950 January
6:1747a-c: Skiing (Culmsee) 1942-1988
6:1748a-c: Girl with Plaque, Culmsee 1942-1988
6:1749a-b: Student in Dr Office (Culmsee) 1942-1988
6:1750a-d: Square Dancers in action 1942-1988
6:1752a-h: Ski Queen 1942-1988
6:1753a-e: Physical Education: skier’s information 1942-1988
6:1754a-c: Debating team 1942-1988
6:1755a-f: Identification Pictures 1942-1988
6:1757a-d: Ski Queens (Culmsee) 1950 February
6:1758a-b: Creamery 1950 February
6:1759a-c: Student and instructor working on Jet Engine (B V A) 1942-1988
6:1760a-d: Howard Barron 1950 February
6:1761a-f: Play "The Man Who Came to Dinner" 1950 February
6:1762a-f: Swimming at the Smart Gym 1950 February
6:1763a-c: Zondavoo Lodge 1950 February
6:1765a-f: Landscape Architecture, Morris woodcarvings, 1-25-50 1950
6:1766a-b: Girl with "Y" Sweater, 2-1-50 1950
6:1767a-d: Snow sculpture, EDJ 1950 February
6:1768a-b: Debate Members, 2-3-50 1950
6:1769a-c: Woodcarving display, 2-7-50 1950
6:1770a: Aero Building Jet Engine, 2-7-50 EDJ 1950
6:1771a-b: IBM Machine, 2-7-50 EDJ 1950
6:1772a-d: Two chairs before and after refinishing, 2-8-50 EDJ 1950
6:1773a-h: Opera cast, 2-9-50 EDJ 1950
6:1774a-d: Candidates for Openhouse Queen, 2-13-50 EDJ 1950
6:1775a-b: Speech team leaving on trip, 2-13-50 EDJ 1950
6:1776a-j: Opera cast dress rehearsal, 2-14-50 EDJ 1950
6:1777a-b: Student identification 1942-1988
6:1778a: Sagebrush cutting machine, February 1950 1950
6:1780a-b: Col Timberlake 1942-1988
6:1781a-b: Summers Flying Club, February 1950 1950
6:1782a-f: Open House Committees, February 1950 1950
6:1784a-c: Spur group shot 1942-1988
6:1785a-d: Intramural Queens 1942-1988
6:1787a-e: Coruaby?, Art Department 1950 February
6:1788a-b: Student identification, Brown 1950 February; 1950
6:1790a-b: 4-H Group shot 1950 February
6:1791a-d: 4-H Convention 1950 February
6:1792a: Testing samples of milk all over the state of Utah (Culmsee) 1950 February
6:1794a-b: Phys Ed Group (Dona Fae Nielson) 1950 March
6:1795a-b: Students in the Psychology Department 1950 March
6:1796a-f: Camera pictures, class use 1950 March
6:1798a-c: Miss Carlson Portrait 1950 March
6:1799a-b: Painting Main Hall, 3-3-50 EDJ 1950
6:1800a-c: Speech Correction, Whittier School 1950 March
6:1801a-c: Children in Nursery, 3-7-50 EDJ 1950
6:1802a-d: Testing milk from all counties in Utah 1950 March
6:1803a-b: Painting, 3-9-50 EDJ 1950
6:1805a-d: President of Standard Oil Company Looking at some machinery with Harris and Peterson 1950 March
6:1806a-b: Pictures in Creamery (Extension), 3-15-50 1950
6:1807a-c: Engineering dinner at Bluebird, 3-17-50 1950
6:1808a-b: President Harris and Persian student with Persian Rug 1950 March
6:1809a-e: Dancing in TUB, 3-21-50 EDJ 1950
6:1810a-d: Committee for Round Table Discussion, 3-21-50 1950
6:1811a-i: Hospital Pictures 1950 March
6:1812a: 13 Ward Welfare Home 1950 March
6:1813a-h: Maisbitts House, 3-30-50 1950
6:1815a-b: Committee members pinning cards for identification, 3-22-50 1950
6:1816a-c: Soil Samples (Dr Jennings), 3-23-50 EDJ 1950
6:1817a-c: 4-H Group Rural Arts 1942-1988
6:1818a-e: Maurice Marshall 1942-1988
6:1819a-c: Working on set for Othello 1942-1988
6:1820a-d: Forestry Queen Candidates, 4-4-50 EDJ 1950
6:1821a-d: Mr Bell Registrar in office, 4-4-50 1950
6:1822a-e: Students at College House Project, 4-4-50 EDJ 1950
6:1823a-d: Psychology Tests in Radio Studio, 4-11-50 EDJ 1950
6:1824a-g: Band Trip 1950 April
6:1825a-g: "Othello," 4-17-50 1950
6:1826a-c: Leathercraft students, 4-11-50 EDJ 1950
6:1827a-d: Drama Club 1950 April
6:1828a-b: Beta Phi's hanging curtains at Institute, 4-28-50 1950
6:1829a-b: Alumni office 1950 April
6:1830a: Foreign students (Culmsee) 1950 April
6:1831a: Milk testing 1950 April
6:1832a-b: Professor Morgan making a miniature model set for a play (Culmsee) 1950 April
6:1833a-c: Christiansen and Plotz 1950 April
6:1834a-h: SAE Election stunt 1942-1988
6:1835a-f: Hugh Riebens (Culmsee) 1950 April
6:1836a-b: Morris at Landscape Arch (Culmsee) 1950 April
6:1837a-l: Homecoming 1949
6:1838a: Copied forms (Bell) 1942-1988
6:1839a-h: Intramural 1942-1988
6:1840a-g: Fashion show committee, 4-21-50 EDJ 1950
6:1842a-e: Scribble (Sorenson) 1950 April
6:1843a: Group with Hereford Heifers (President Harris, Madsen) 1942-1988
6:1844a-d: Group shot of State Contest winner 1950 April
6:1845a-c: Group shot of Hyrum 2nd Ward 1950 April
6:1846a-f: Radio Station Organist 4-1-50 1950
6:1847a-d: Students on South Steps (Culmsee), 3-15-50 1950
6:1848a-b: Bert V Allen, 5-1-50 1950
6:1849a-c: Bert V Allen, 5-1-50 1950
6:1850a: Bert V Allen, retouch by taking off beard, 5-1-50 1950
6:1851a-b: Student Identification, 3-1-50 1950
6:1852a-j: Student Identifications, 5-1-50 1950
6:1853a-d: Identification, 5-1-50 1950
6:1854a: Identification, 5-1-50 1950
6:1855a-j: Opera, retouch as marked, 1-30-50 1950
6:1856a-b: President's office, copied from a picture of President Harris 1942-1988
6:1857a-b: Lyman Rich, Sweden 1942-1988
6:1858a-c: Education Group 1942-1988
6:1859a-b: Alpha Chi Sorority breaking ground for sorority house, 5-6-50 1950
6:1860a-e: Play, 5-6-50 1950
6:1861a-c: Soccer game, 5-6-50 1950
6:1862a-h: Grasshoppers 1950 May
6:1862i-p: Grasshoppers 1950 May
6:1863a-g: Grasshoppers 1950 May
6:1863h-n: Grasshoppers 1950 May
6:1864a-f: IK Dance at Dansante, 4-28-50 1950
6:1865a-i: Military shots, 5-11-50 1950
6:1866a-d: A-Day Students visiting 1942-1988
6:1867a-h: Dance practice 1942-1988
6:1868a-b: Archibald Family Graduating 1950
6:1869a-b: Student Life officers 1942-1988
6:1870a-c: Group in Pocock's office, 5-3-50 1950
6:1872a-d: Joe Whitesides Office (Alumni), 4-26-50 1950
6:1873a-b: Graduation committee, 5-9-50 EDJ 1950
6:1875a-c: Col Blair and granddaughter, 5-12-50 1950
6:1876a-c: Range management (Cook), 5-12-50 1950
6:1877a-i: Aircraft 1942-1988
6:1878a-b: Students looking at Cup 1942-1988
6:1879a-b: President Harris 1942-1988
6:1880a-c: Group shot: President Harris, President Petersen, Dr Walker, Dean Christiansen 1942-1988
6:1881a-c: Davis High School stork judging group, 5-6-50 1950
6:1882a-b: Dr looking at uranium ore 1942-1988
6:1884a-c: Utah map (Mortgage Loan Co) 1942-1988
6:1885a-c: Aircraft, 5-12-50 1950
6:1887a-c: Engineering field trip 1942-1988
6:1888a-b: Fellows at airport, 5-18-50 1950
6:1889a-b: Tingey and Burma boy, 5-18-50 1950
6:1891a-c: Welti and Christiansen, Music Department (Culmsee) 1942-1988
6:1892a-b: Alumni Association (McDonald) 1942-1988
6:1893a-c: People looking at 1950 Buzzer, 5-22-50 1950
6:1894a-d: WAA Officers 1942-1988
6:1895a-f: Gardner with father, son, and daughter-in-law 1942-1988
6:1896a-b: Vickers 1942-1988
6:1897a-d: President Harris 1942-1988
6:1898a-b: Gladys Jensen and group 1942-1988
6:1899a-b: Captain Richardson, ROTC 1942-1988
6:1900a-d: German VIC Buzz Bomb, 5-16-50 1950
6:1901a-c: Boy in a melon patch 1942-1988
6:1902a-i: Sigma Pi (Carl Vaterlaus), 5-19-50 1950
6:1903a-b: Intramural (Nelson) 1942-1988
6:1904a-b: Aut Department 1942-1988
6:1905a-d: Sigma Pi (Zanavoo) 1942-1988
6:1906a-b: NW Christensen, Music Department 1942-1988
6:1907a-b: ROTC Major identification 1942-1988
6:1908a-b: Poultry: egg candleing 1942-1988
6:1909a-b: Maps (Culmsee), 5-20-50 1950
6:1910a-c: Lens elements 1942-1988
6:1911a-b: Identification, Downs 1942-1988
6:1912a-d: Sorority group Theta U, 4-26-50 1950
6:1913a-b: Honoring President Harris, 5-26-50 1950
6:1914a-b: President Harris and Isaacson 1950 May
6:1915a-d: Sheep judging, Short horn and owner 1950 May
6:1916a-b: Dairy Judging, Walker and Grourat, 5-6-50 1950
6:1917a: Belgian Student 1950 May
6:1918a-k: Baccalaureate, 5-28-50 1950
6:1919a-e: Baccalaureate service, 5-28-50 1950
6:1920a-c: Oscar winners 1950 May
6:1921a-g: Dairy Judging, 5-6-50 1950
6:1922a-k: Dance contest, Physical Education, 5-6-50 1950
6:1922l-z: Dance contest, Physical Education, 5-6-50 1950
6:1922aa-mm: Dance contest, Physical Education, 5-6-50 1950
6:1924a-b: WAA Officers, 5-1-50 1950
6:1925a-d: Sheep holdings, map of Utah 1950 May
6:1926a-b: Engineers at Industrial Building 1950 May
6:1927a-d: President Madsen, 5-28-50 1950
6:1928a-f: Madsen family, 5-28-50 1950
6:1929a-b: Mrs McBride (Pryor) 1950 May
6:1930a-b: Elderly couple (Gladys Jensen) 1942-1988
6:1931a-c: Henderson family 1942-1988
6:1932a-k: Baccalaureatte graduation, 6-2-50 1950
6:1933a: Steer (Madsen) 1950 June
6:1935a-c: Swing Sing 1950 May
6:1936a: Irrigation Chart (Fuhriman) 1950 June
6:1937a-f: Art Department, 6-9-50 1950
6:1938a: Chemistry, Greenwood 1950 June
6:1939a-b: PTA Group at Practice House 1950 June
6:1940a-c: Intramural Officers 1950 June
6:1941a-c: Sorenson and two students distributing Scribble (Culmsee) 1950 June
6:1942a-b: Cotter and Sorenson aircraft 1950 June
6:1943a-g: Tabernacle (Harris) 1942-1988
6:1944a-b: President in Cafeteria 1950 June
6:1945a: Building and grounds 1950 June
6:1946a-b: BL Richards (Culmsee) 1950 June
6:1948a-c: Dual lamps (Hardman) 1950 June
6:1951a: Display stand (Wadsworth) 1950 June
6:1952a-c: Cafeteria pictures 1950 June
6:1954a-n: Extension services Clothing Models, 3-27-50 to 4-1-50 1950
6:1955a-l: Bread Making, Extension Services (Stewart) 1950
6:1955m-aa: Bread Making, Extension Services (Stewart) 1942-1988
6:1956a: Gardner and group 1942-1988
6:1957a-m: Range Management (Cook) 1942-1988
6:1958a-l: Marjorie Bennion, Home Economics 1942-1988
6:1959a-e: Three Presidents 1942-1988
6:1960a-b: Alumni Father and daughter 1942-1988
6:1961a-d: Play (Culmsee) 1942-1988
6:1963a-f: Alumni Dinner 1942-1988
6:1963g-o: Alumni Dinner 1942-1988
6:1965a-c: Irrigation System, Agronomy (Pittman) 1942-1988
6:1967a-e: Students and self-made musical instruments, Summer School 1942-1988
6:1968a-f: President Harris leaving campus 1942-1988
6:1970a-b: Stock judging winners, Animal Husbandry (Madsen) 1942-1988
6:1971a-g: Alumni 1942-1988
6:1972a-e: Dressmaking (Theta Johnson) 1942-1988
6:1974a: Than-Myint, man in lab 1942-1988
6:1976a: Engineer graduates 1950
6:1977a-c: Animal Husbandry and Dairying Officers, Rural Arts, 7-10-50 1950
6:1978a-b: Group in Dean Walker's Office 1942-1988
6:1979a-d: Stage Play, 7-10-50 1950
6:1980a-e: Child Development, 7-7-50 1950
6:1981a-b: Miss Porter, Home Economics, 7-14-50 1950
6:1982a-b: Dr Low portrait, 7-18-50 1950
6:1983a-c: Physical Education: preparing for Wind River Hike, 7-18-50 1950
6:1984a-b: Forestry, 7-21-50 1950
6:1985a-c: Grass and Range Management, 7-31-50 1950
6:1986a-b: In library, 7-31-50 1950
6:1987a-j: Students in Fire Department Building 1942-1988
6:1988a-c: Chart of Bacteria, Agriculture (Harrison) 1942-1988
6:1989a-b: French Rep , 8-9-50 1950
6:1990a-h: Foresters at Tony Grove, 7-19-50 1950
6:1992a-b: Sculpturing (Wilson) 1950 August
6:1993a-e: Governor Lee, President Madsen, Dean Walker, 8-12-50 1950
6:1994a: Rock and Culmsee, 8-8-50 Taken by John Stewart 1950
6:1995a-c: PC Major 1950 August
6:1996a-d: Bennet 1950 September
6:1997a: Deer 1950 September
6:1998a-e: Dean Turner 1950 September
6:1999a-e: Experiment of Haddock, 9-11-50 1950
6:2000a-l: Old Forestry 1942-1988
6:2001a-d: Animal Husbandry Building, 9-11-50 1950
6:2003a-c: Lorin Harris looking at a sheep, 9-11-50 1950
6:2005a-d: Lauritzen, 9-28-50 1950
6:2006a-b: Students registering at Field House (Culmsee), 9-29-50 1950
6:2007a-b: Selling apples on Registration Day (Culmsee), 9-29-50 1950
6:2008a-f: Boy shooting rifles 1950 June
6:2009a-c: Pictures in pool, 7-28-50 1950
6:2010a-h: Foresters Tony Grove Camp, 8-17-50 1950
6:2011a-b: Dr Morris (Culmsee), 8-12-50 1950
6:2012a-i: Main Building 1950
6:2013a-b: President Madsen and Chinese student 1942-1988
6:2014a-b: Rasmussen giving a check to President Madsen 1942-1988
6:2015a-c: OW Israelson and rugs, 10-3-50 1950
6:2016a-d: Alumni, 10-30-50 1950
6:2017a-b: Sigma Kappa, 10-3-50 1950
6:2018a: Artillery M S Building, 10-3-50 1950
6:2019a-b: Buzzer and Student Life, 10-5-50 1950
7 7:2020a-g: Military Personnel (Culmsee) 1942-1988
7:2021a-b: Registrar: Class Card forms (Bell) 1942-1988
7:2023a-c: Temporary Union Building, 1950 1950
7:2024a: Training Report (Wilson) 1942-1988
7:2025a: Map of college property 1942-1988
7:2026a-b: Freshman Beanies 1942-1988
7:2027a-b: Three students (Alumni) 1950 October
7:2028a: Chemistry Lab. Cold Storage Box 45. 1950 October
7:2029a-b: Gateway of Utah State Ag construction plan; Lavel Morris as landscape architect 1942-1988
7:2030a-c: Whittier School 1950 October
7:2031a-b: Dean Greives and two other women 1950 October
7:2032a-b: McDonald in his office (Alumni) 1950 October
7:2033a-b: Nursery School 1950 October
7:2036a-b: George Harding tagging cars, 10-6-50 1950
7:2037a: Bookstore shot (Culmsee), 10-8-50 1950
7:2038a: Selling Froshie beanies, 10-9-50 1950
7:2039a-c: Parking lot, 10-12-50 1950
7:2040a-f: Intramurals on the Quad, 10-13-50 1950
7:2041a-c: Cheerleaders (Culmsee), 10-14-50 1950
7:2042a-b: Student Activities booths at Homecoming Event, 10-14-50 1950
7:2043a-r: Homecoming Parade, 10-14-50 1950
7:2045a: Sampling cheese in dairy (Culmsee), 10-16-50 1950
7:2046a-c: President Madsen, 10-17-50 1950
7:2048a-d: Library Pictures, 10-18-50 1950
7:2049a-l: Radioactive Lab, Dr Mann and Biddoph?, 10-18-50 1950
7:2050a-i: Poor buildings on USAC Campus, 10-20-50 1950
7:2050j-s: Poor buildings on USAC Campus, 10-20-50 1950
7:2050Aa: Judging Pavilion on campus 1942-1988
7:2050Ba: Forestry equipment sheds on campus 1942-1988
7:2050Ca: Barns - on campus until 1954 1954
7:2051Aa-c: Woodruff Hall exterior, Woodruff Hall interior, 5-19-50 1950
7:2051Ba-b: Photo lab and parking area between lab and Rural Arts Building. Cold Storage Box 45 1950
7:2051Ca-b: Temporary Buildings B, C, D, H, G - all temporary buildings located between Ag Science and Rural Arts Buildings, 1950 1950
7:2052a-k: Poor buildings on USAC campus, 10-20-50 1950
7:2053a-b: Halloween Committee, LDS Institute, 10-20-50 1950
7:2054a: Digging bulbs in front of Main (Culmsee), 10-20-50 1950
7:2055a-b: Coaching staff (Culmsee), 10-20-50 1950
7:2056a-b: Group looking at Main tower (Culmsee), 10-20-50 1950
7:2057a-e: Modern Dance (Culmsee), 10-24-50 1950
7:2058a-b: Hydrographs of Beaver River (Fuhriman) 1950
7:2059a-b: Home Economics Club, 10-26-50 1950
7:2060a-b: Women looking at old yearbook (Culmsee), 10-26-50 1950
7:2061a-d: Group with Centerpiece (Extension), 10-26-50 1950
7:2062a-b: Three men, Purdue (Extension), 10-26-50 1950
7:2063a-b: USAC Radio Station 1950
7:2066a-b: Electron Microscope, 10-26-50 1950
7:2067a-k: Union Building interior and facilities 1950 October
7:2068a-b: Relief map of Utah, 10-26-50 1950
7:2069a-b: Dean Chase and Secretary, 10-26-50 1950
7:2070a-d: Delta Phi street meeting, 11-2-50 1950
7:2071a-d: Dinner at Bluebird, 11-2-50 1950
7:2072a-g: Inaugural Assembly, 10-31-50 1950
7:2073a-d: Symposium (President Madsen) 1950
7:2074a-b: President Madsen in TUB 1942-1988
7:2075a-d: President Madsen at house in cap and gown 1942-1988
7:2076a-d: Dinner in cafeteria with President Madsen, 11-3-50 1950
7:2077a-h: Speakers at Inaugural, 11-3-50 1950
7:2077i-o: Speakers at Inaugural, 11-3-50 1950
7:2078a-k: Parade, 11-3-50 1950
7:2079a-c: President Madsen banquet at Zanavoo 1942-1988
7:2080a-b: Madsen, Peterson, and Widstoe, 11-3-50 1950
7:2081a-d: President Madsen inauguration parade committees, 11-3-50 1950
7:2082a-b: Student life Committee (John Carlisle) 1942-1988
7:2083a-b: Representation from Portugal, France, and Scotland, 11-6-50 1950
7:2084a-d: Play (Lilliom) 1942-1988
7:2085a-b: Institute committee 1942-1988
7:2086a-b: Classroom scene 1942-1988
7:2087a-h: Portraits 1942-1988
7:2088a-d: PE Intramural touch football 1942-1988
7:2090a-b: Wrestling Department 1942-1988
7:2091a: President Madsen awarding intramural touch football trophy 1942-1988
7:2092a: Dean Daniels 1942-1988
7:2093a-e: Preference ball 1942-1988
7:2094a-b: Beta Pi, Mother Goose Dance 1942-1988
7:2097a-b: Clyde and Irrigation Rep at dinner in cafeteria 1942-1988
7:2098a-b: Engineering Symposium 1942-1988
7:3000a-b: Stock Judging Trophy 1942-1988
7:3001a-b: Celery at the cafeteria, Home Economics 1942-1988
7:3002a-b: Men testing a hearing aid in the Speech Department 1942-1988
7:3003a-b: Lewis Farr 1942-1988
7:3004a-d: Identification: J Casgrove and Betros 1942-1988
7:3005a: Kitchen Crew in TUB during inaugural 1942-1988
7:3006a: Waitress in cafeteria 1942-1988
7:3007a-b: SAE Fraternity, group of pledges 1942-1988
7:3008a-b: Bennit Brother 1942-1988
7:3009a-c: Portraits (Culmsee) 1942-1988
7:3010a-c: Civil Council, Prefab Area, 11-17-50 1950
7:3011a-j: Wrestlers 1942-1988
7:3012a-e: Scribble: Lanney brothers group shot 1942-1988
7:3013a-b: KVSC in football stadium 1942-1988
7:3014a-c: Quarter Master Colonel, 11-27-50 1950
7:3015a-b: Apple Shed (J Stewart), 11-30-50 1950
7:3016a-h: Foreign Irrigation student's experiment in Engineering Basement 1942-1988
7:3017a-b: KVSC (Beck), 11-28-50 1950
7:3018a-i: Drawing of neighborhood school plans 1942-1988
7:3019a-b: Spur Group, 12-2-50 1950
7:3020a-g: Joseph Smith Memorial Program, Institute, 12-3-50 1950
7:3021a-c: Freshmen candidates for 1950 election 1950
7:3022a-e: Play 1942-1988
7:3023a: Composite of Military picture 1942-1988
7:3024a-i: Open House 1948
7:3024j-m: Open House. Cold Storage Box 45 1948
7:3025a-g: Identification pictures Cold Storage 1942-1988
7:3026a-b: Inaugural: Board Meeting in cafeteria 1942-1988
7:3027a: Inaugural: serving table in Commons 1942-1988
7:3028a-b: Smorgasbord cheese samples 1942-1988
7:3029a-c: Scribble 1942-1988
7:3030a-c: State Map 1942-1988
7:3031a-e: High school students in TUB (President Madsen) 1942-1988
7:3032a-f: Inter Coll Knights 1942-1988
7:3035a: News Articles 1942-1988
7:3036a: Jesse Larson painting 1942-1988
7:3037a-d: Engineer Shots (Culmsee), December 1950 1950
7:3038a-c: President Madsen in reception line Commons dancing Dansante 1942-1988
7:3039a-d: Library pictures showing the need of a new building 1942-1988
7:3040a-d: LDS Institute Christmas Decorations, 1950 1950
7:3041a-c: Play (Culmsee) 1942-1988
7:3043a-c: President Madsen, 1-9-51 1951
7:3044a-l: Snow Conservation Survey (Pearson) 1942-1988
7:3045a-c: PE Skiers on Campus, 1-25-51 1951
7:3046a-h: OW Israelsen 1942-1988
7:3047a-d: Tensiometer Moisture Bridge 1942-1988
7:3049a-b: Couples practicing for Gold and Green Ball, Institute, 1-11-51 1950
7:3050a-b: Davenport clair potato display 1942-1988
7:3051a-d: Fashion Shots, Home Economics (Miss Schick). Cold Storage Box 45
7:3051e-h: Fashion Shots, Home Economics (Miss Schick) Cold Storage Box 45 1942-1988
7:3052a-d: Home Economics: salads and kitchen 1942-1988
7:3053a-e: Home Economics tables (Dean Greaves) 1942-1988
7:3054a-b: Nursery school children playing in yard 1942-1988
7:3055a-f: Opera (Culmsee), 2-7-51 1951
7:3056a-b: Jay Murray, student 1942-1988
7:3057a-d: Home Economics: Textile and Clothing (Johnson) 1942-1988
7:3058a-c: Nursery (Porter) 1942-1988
7:3059a-d: Home Economics: food and kitchens (Miss Vermillion) 1942-1988
7:3060a: Swiss cheese block, Dairy Department 1942-1988
7:3061a-c: Delta Phi 1942-1988
7:3062a-b: High school (Culmsee) 1942-1988
7:3063a-b: Radio Lab, Home Economics 1942-1988
7:3064a-f: Whittier School (Culmsee), 1-30-51 1951
7:3065a-d: Poison Plant, Range Management (Stoddard), 1-11-51 1951
7:3066a-b: Culmsee and art pictures 1942-1988
7:3067a-b: Work with Cerebral Palsy, Speech Department (Culmsee) 1942-1988
7:3068a-b: Home Economics (Greaves) 1942-1988
7:3069a-b: Stock Judging Team, 2-8-51 1951
7:3070a-b: President and Daughter, Extension Services (Dave Sharp) 1942-1988
7:3071a: Alpha Chi Omega Sorority 1942-1988
7:3072a-c: Fleece count, Agriculture, 2-5-51 1951
7:3073a-c: Tomato Experiment, Agriculture, 2-6-51 1951
7:3074a-b: Gwenever Allen practice teaching 1942-1988
7:3075a-b: Gwenever Allen receiving mail on contest 1942-1988
7:3076a-c: Snow sculpture, 1951 1951
7:3077a-b: Debate Team 1942-1988
7:3078a-b: Industrial Arts plastic display 1942-1988
7:3079a-f: Snow sculpture, 1951 1951
7:3080a-b: Pigs, Agricultural Department (Margaret) 1942-1988
7:3081a-b: Young Farmers group, 1-25-51 1951
7:3082a-b: Landscape Architecture pictures in Hall 1942-1988
7:3083a-c: Dr Tingy in greenhouse 1942-1988
7:3084a-d: Experimental Kitchen 1942-1988
7:3087a-b: Seismograph 1942-1988
7:3088a-e: Farrin Mangelson, Chemistry 1942-1988
7:3089a-d: Shearing sheep 1942-1988
7:3090a-c: Cook 1942-1988
7:3091a-b: Junior Hymas 1942-1988
7:3092a: Duck cleaning at Brigham preserve 1942-1988
7:3094a-h: Dr Lauritzen 1942-1988
7:3095a-b: Landscape architecture designs for gateway of college 1942-1988
7:3096a-c: Weavers (Bert V Allen) 1942-1988
7:3097a-f: Landscape Architecture maps, LaVal Morris, 1-30-51 1951
7:3098a-b: Forestry group planning trip (Kekler) 1942-1988
7:3099a-b: Dr Christensen and students looking over music before opera, 2-24-51 1951
7:3100a-d: Athletic Department trophies 1942-1988
7:3101a-d: USAC tunnel heating system and boiler house, 1951 1951
7:3102a-d: 1951 Rifle Team 1951
7:3104a-b: Butterfly (John Stewart), 2-14-51 1951
7:3105a-d: Delta Phi street meeting 1942-1988
7:3106a-b: Young Farmers fielding Utah (Theo Richards) 1942-1988
7:3108a-g: Opera, 1951 1951
7:3109a-f: Fitzgerald Twins 1942-1988
7:3111a-c: Valentine Queens 1942-1988
7:3112a-b: Whittier School 1942-1988
7:3113a-g: Machine Shop, 2-15-51 1951
7:3114a-g: Forging Lab, 2-15-51 1951
7:3115a-d: Home Economics (Mrs Wilcox) 1942-1988
7:3116a-b: Home Economics food 1942-1988
7:3117a-e: Christensen, D S 1942-1988
7:3118a-c: Ken Lyons 1942-1988
7:3119a-c: Military Department identification 1942-1988
7:3120a: Janitor 1942-1988
7:3121a-c: Winning Rifle Team 1942-1988
7:3122a-b: Christiansen and Orchestra 1942-1988
7:3123a-c: Home Economics, Mrs Merkley, 1-24-51 Cold Storage 1951
7:3123d-g: Home Economics, Mrs Merkley, 1-24-51 Cold Storage Box 45 1951
7:3124a-b: Stradivarious engraving, 3-13-59 1959
7:3125a: Biddulph in lab, March 1951 1951
7:3126a-b: President Madsen and Rawley holding a plaque, 3-5-51 1951
7:3127a-h: Modern dance, Binelus 1942-1988
7:3128a-b: Composite of 4-H Group 1942-1988
7:3129a-b: 4-H Group 1942-1988
7:3130a-f: 4-H Group, 3-3-51 1951
7:3131a-b: Foreign students with Dean Chase 1942-1988
7:3132a-c: B R Stevens and student in Plant Ind Building, 3-13-51 EDJ 1951
7:3133a-b: Normal Long, student 1942-1988
7:3135a-d: Mr Dorst 1942-1988
7:3136a-b: Registration day pictures (Stewart) 1942-1988
7:3137a-b: Preator identification 1942-1988
7:3138a-b: JoAnne Latuier 1942-1988
7:3139a-b: Preator drill jig 1942-1988
7:3141a-c: Dr Smith in Plant Ind Lab, 3-12-51 1951
7:3142a-c: Debate students going to California, 3-12-51 EDJ 1951
7:3143a-e: Dean Chase and students in office, 3-5-51 1951
7:3144a-c: Girls inviting freshman students, 3-8-51 1951
7:3145a-c: Mrs Johnson and wood sculpture 1942-1988
7:3146a-f: Old picture copies, 3-6-51 1951
7:3147a-e: Home Economics (Bennion) 1942-1988
7:3148a-k: 4-H Project for Mrs Gardner
7:3148l-u: 4-H Project for Mrs Gardner 1942-1988
7:3149a-f: Miscellaneous 1942-1988
7:3151a-g: Children playing on Adams Playground, 3-24-51 1951
7:3152a-c: Dr Edgecomb pruning trees in orchard, 3-24-51 1951
7:3153a-b: Preator presenting student with paper, 3-24-51 1951
7:3154a-d: Dr Miner working on chickens 1942-1988
7:3156a-b: Spring formal committee, LDS 1942-1988
7:3159a-c: A-Day Committee, Dean Chase, 1951 1951
7:3160a-b: Foster Sorensen, LDS identification 1942-1988
7:3161a-c: Bull (Dr Caine) 1942-1988
7:3163a-b: Clyde Muir identification 1942-1988
7:3164a-l: Field crops (John Carlson) 1942-1988
7:3165a-d: The Swentsen at woodwork shop (John Stewart), April 1951 1951
7:3166a-b: "The Pinch" (George Harding), April 1951 1951
7:3167a-c: Kappa Delta Sorority, April 1951 1951
7:3168a-c: Military cover piece 1942-1988
7:3169a: Twins (Culmsee), April 1951 1951
7:3170a-b: Institute group leaving for Conference, 4-5-51 1951
7:3171a-e: K. Barton's drills 1942-1988
7:3172a-c: Student studying on steps of Old Main with baby in buggy Student (same as in previous picture) graduating 1942-1988
7:3173a-d: Cow montage (Dr Caine) 1942-1988
7:3174a-b: New Recording studio, 4-9-51 1951
7:3175a-b: Meeting in Aero Building, 4-9-51 1951
7:3177a-j: 1951 Forestry Week Tug of War, Spitting contest,Snowshoe Race 1951
7:3178a: Charles J Hymas identification, 1-25-51 1951
7:3180a-d: Planting carrots, 4-10-51 1951
7:3182a-g: Log Burling, Foresters, 1951 1951
7:3183a-c: Shotput and Baseball throw, 4-11-51 1951
7:3184a-c: Military Bulletin 1942-1988
7:3185a-b: Beta Phi officers, 1951 1951
7:3186a-b: Field House, April 1951 1951
7:3187a-c: Technology Building, 1951 1951
7:3188a-c: Engineer Convention, 4-16-51 1951
7:3189a-c: Radio controlled car 1942-1988
7:3190a-d: Men with plants in greenhouses, April 1951 1951
7:3191a-e: Valedictorians, 1951 1951
7:3193a-c: Forestry 1942-1988
7:3196a-c: Identification 1942-1988
7:3197a-f: Play, 4-18-51 1951
7:3198a-c: Treatment of Chickens (Dean Walker) 1942-1988
7:3199a-d: Professor Morris and plants for landscape architecture, 4-10-51 1951
8 8:3200a-f: "Hamlet" in costume, 4-20-50 1950
8:3201a-c: Dairy judging team 1942-1988
8:3202a-f: Dr Richards Professor Campbell 1942-1988
8:3203a-b: A-Day Tractor Display, 4-20-51 1951
8:3204a-c: Mr Buntine and students around jet engine 1942-1988
8:3205a-h: Coed Maralyn Purser being interviewed Maralyn Purser in Home Economics work lab 1942-1988
8:3206a-b: Institute Spring Formal Committee 1942-1988
8:3207a-i: The Board, 4-16-51 1951
8:3208a: A-Day committee 1942-1988
8:3209a: A-Day Art display 1942-1988
8:3210a: A-Day photo display, April 1951 1951
8:3211a-c: Co-ed in nursery (Margaret) 1942-1988
8:3212a-e: Fly-casting class (Hunsaker), April 1951 1951
8:3213a-b: Wendell Baker 1942-1988
8:3214a-e: Prefabs, College housing 1942-1988
8:3215a-e: Trips to the "arches 1942-1988
8:3216a-d: Identification 1942-1988
8:3217a: Identification 1942-1988
8:3218a-b: Claron McGhie 1942-1988
8:3219a-b: Geology field trip, 1951 1951
8:3220a-b: A-Day chicken display 1942-1988
8:3221a-c: A-Day military Review 1942-1988
8:3222a-d: KVSC New studio, A-Day 1942-1988
8:3223a-d: Hearing testing apparatus, April 1951 1951
8:3224a-b: Student hearing being tested 1942-1988
8:3225a-c: Lima Bean Experiment (Margret) 1942-1988
8:3227a-d: Chi Omega Sorority groundbreaking 1942-1988
8:3228a-b: Institute Graduates, 1951 1951
8:3229a-c: PE 1942-1988
8:3230a: Sketch of Joseph Smith 1942-1988
8:3231a-b: Ronald Blotter 1942-1988
8:3232a-e: Baseball game, Athletic Department 1942-1988
8:3235a-b: Alpha Theta Alpha, Chapter Symbol, 4-28-51 1951
8:3236a-b: Remo J Polidori, 5-15-51 1951
8:3237a-b: Whitney Floyd (Alumni) 1942-1988
8:3238a-b: Delta Phi new house (Marber) 1942-1988
8:3240a-b: Intramural photo 1942-1988
8:3241a-d: Welti chorus, 5-16-51 1951
8:3242a-b: DW Thorne, 5-16-51 1951
8:3243a-b: Old Gent (Alumni), 5-17-51 1951
8:3244a-b: McLoughlin, May 1951 1951
8:3245a-b: WH Gheen, 5-18-51 1951
8:3246a-b: Buzzer staff, May 1951 1951
8:3247a-b: Dr Richards and A-Day exhibit, 5-1-51 1951
8:3248a: Dance contest committee, 5-1-51 1951
8:3249a-c: Ramona Stephens, new Sponsor Col , May 1951 1951
8:3251a-e: Meeting for Extension at Rural Arts (Lorin Harris) 1942-1988
8:3252a-d: Monte Nyuman, Darwin Woodburry in baseball uniforms May 1951 1951
8:3253a-b: Baseball team, May 1951 1951
8:3254a: Intramural staff managers (Art Mendini) 1942-1988
8:3255a: Athletic jacket, May 1951 1951
8:3256a-d: Pershing Rifle, May 1951 1951
8:3257a-b: Pole-vaulter Jim Brownell 1942-1988
8:3258a-c: Chi Omega sorority at Bluebird 1942-1988
8:3259a-b: Earl Allred 1942-1988
8:3261a: Geo Nelson, 4-8-51 1951
8:3263a-b: Soccer Team 1942-1988
8:3264a-b: WAA Officers, 5-30-51 1951
8:3265a-c: Alumni in McDonald's office 1942-1988
8:3266a-c: Welding Class (Tony Kemp), 5-30-51 1951
8:3267a-b: Jack E Howard, Sgt in Military Department 1942-1988
8:3268a-b: Student and white rats 1942-1988
8:3269a-f: Shots of 61-A students testing overexposure and underexposure, Spring 1951 1951
8:3272a-b: Officers in Engineering and Technology club 1942-1988
8:3273a-d: Display in Board Room 1942-1988
8:3274a-c: Art Department looking at paintings 1942-1988
8:3275a-h: Gheeri? in cap and gown, 5-31-51 1951
8:3276a: LeRoy Brown in classroom, May 1951 1951
8:3277a-b: Harold Jones 1942-1988
8:3278a-d: Piece of equipment (Preater) 1942-1988
8:3279a-h: ROTC Review, April 1951 1951
8:3280a-j: 1951 MS Inspection Awards Taken by Beck and Tuma 1951
8:3280k-w: 1951 MS Inspection Awards Taken by Beck and Tuma 1951
8:3281a-o: 1951 Military Inspection Cold Storage Box 45 1951
8:3282a-l: Military Review, from top of Main Building, 5-11-51 1951
8:3283a-b: Fifty year Alumni, 6-2-51 1951
8:3284a-d: Gardner's Widow, 6-2-51 1951
8:3285a-b: Frat House (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3286a-b: News Bureau (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3287a-e: Automotive driver training (Beecher) 1942-1988
8:3288a-b: President Madsen and two Ph.D. students 1942-1988
8:3289a-h: TUB (Temporary Union Building) 1942-1988
8:3290a-c: Experiment Station 1942-1988
8:3291a-l: Graduation Ex
8:3291m-x: Graduation Ex 1942-1988
8:3292a-b: Harry Walker 1942-1988
8:3293a-d: Zoology Gardner 1942-1988
8:3294a-b: Representatives at soil conservation meeting, 6-12-51 1951
8:3295a-d: "Arsenic and Old Lace" (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3296a-g: Sponsor Col Marrian Gibbons, 6-1-51 1951
8:3297a-b: Student 1942-1988
8:3298a: Three Richards 1942-1988
8:3299a-d: Poultry Farm 1942-1988
8:3301a-b: Irrigation Aerials of soil erosion 1942-1988
8:3303a-g: Freshman Day department displays, Industrial Div , Main Hall 1942-1988
8:3304a-b: Southwest Gate of college, 6-15-51 1951
8:3305a-b: Agricultural Economy, 6-15-51 1951
8:3306a-b: Alfalfa (Greenwood) 1942-1988
8:3308a-f: Rural Arts agricultural clinic, 6-21-51 1951
8:3309a-e: JC Penne, school architect, 6-19-51 1951
8:3310a-b: Family group Alumni, 6-21-51 1951
8:3311a: Allen Harris, 6-21-51 1951
8:3312a-b: Military Group: Col Densley, Lt Col Sealy, Major Hanahlin?, Major Zuma?, Major Silley, Capt Hart, Capt Stanford, Capt Stanley, 6-21-51 1942-1988
8:3313a-e: Areas near and off Old Main Hill, 1951 1951
8:3314a-g: Sponsor Captain Greer 1942-1988
8:3315a-b: Captain Greer 1942-1988
8:3316a-e: Mrs Merrill (Alumni) 1942-1988
8:3317a-b: Culmsee, 6-25-51 1951
8:3318a-b: Coffin picture from "Arsenic and Old Lace" (Student Life) 1942-1988
8:3319a-f: Charlene Tweedy Dancers, 6-23-51 1951
8:3320a-b: President, two men, and a map 1942-1988
8:3321a-b: President and three girl Staters with scholarships 1942-1988
8:3322a-b: President and two men with maps 1942-1988
8:3323a-h: Old Main with students in foreground, July 1951
8:3323i-o: Old Main with students in foreground, July 1951 1951
8:3324a-g: Doc Nelson, July 1951 1951
8:3325a-b: Identification 1942-1988
8:3326a-d: Piano contest (Dean Chase) 1942-1988
8:3327a-b: Culmsee and Timberlake Three men consulting a paper 1942-1988
8:3328a-g: Practice House Agriculture 1942-1988
8:3329a-e: Hydraulic Tests (Vaughn Hansen), 7-27-51 1951
8:3330a-b: Group of children in arts and crafts (Dean Chase) 1942-1988
8:3331a-d: Turkeys (Walker), 7-26-51 1951
8:3332a-b: Group by bus (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3333a-b: Dean Chase and family 1942-1988
8:3334a: Soils testing 1942-1988
8:3335a-d: Agronomy: potatoes, etc 1942-1988
8:3336a-b: Sample bundles of wheat, Agriculture (Harrison) 1942-1988
8:3337a-e: Agronomy (Peterson) 1942-1988
8:3339a-b: President Madsen with man, 8-14-51 1951
8:3340a-c: Dave Sharp pointing to calendar Dave Sharp seated at his desk 1942-1988
8:3341a-c: President Madsen and Champ, 8-13-51 1951
8:3342a: Landscaping of campus, 8-14-51 1951
8:3343a: BAC Building, (Chase) 8-14-51 1951
8:3344a-b: Radioactive Wheat plot 1942-1988
8:3346a-i: Dr and Dean Jon Daniel 1942-1988
8:3348a-b: Mrs Klinenson 1942-1988
8:3349a: Three girls and letter (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3350a-b: President Madsen, Chase, Christensen, woman at organ, 8-16-51 1951
8:3352a-b: Chase, Madsen, Culmsee 1942-1988
8:3353a-b: Dr Gardner typing, Agriculture 1942-1988
8:3354a-b: Home Economics (Wilcox) 1942-1988
8:3361a-i: TUB Interiors (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3363a-b: Extension Presentation (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3364a-e: Pruning 1942-1988
8:3365a-b: Merrill Shaw, Carl Summers, Preaton 1942-1988
8:3366a-d: John Stewart, IBM Room 1942-1988
8:3367a-c: Sorority House 1942-1988
8:3368a-b: Two fellows and a girl with Dr Walker (John Stewart), 9-21-51 1951
8:3369a-c: Group of students (Stewart), 9-21-51 1951
8:3370a-b: Merrill Shaw and drawing equipment and invention, 9-21-51 1951
8:3371a-c: Journalism group - Bert Allen in two scenes (Culmsee), 9-21-51 1951
8:3372a-k: Extension Classes 1942-1988
8:3373a-b: Japanese girl and two men (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3374a-e: Home Economics: rats (Greaves) 1942-1988
8:3375a: Roskelly family 1942-1988
8:3376a-b: Englishman and wife 1942-1988
8:3377a-d: Corn (HB Peterson) 1942-1988
8:3378a-d: Families going to Iran (Culmsee, Walker) 1942-1988
8:3379a-e: Engineering group (Christiansen), 9-22-51 1951
8:3380a-f: Veg Group (Pollard) 1942-1988
8:3381a-d: Engineering pictures (Culmsee), 10-1-51 1951
8:3382a-b: Agricultural Experiment Station (Dr Walker), 10-1-51 1951
8:3384a-e: Chi Omega fashion show (Stewart), 10-1-51 1951
8:3385a-c: Creamery (Stewart), 10-2-51 1951
8:3386a-b: Dean Christensen and Gary Jensen (Culmsee), 10-3-51 1951
8:3387a: Professor Mortimer and son (Stewart), 10-3-51 1951
8:3388a-f: Poultry Farm, aerial view, 10-3-51 1951
8:3389a-d: Man with chicken and man with machine, 10-3-51 1951
8:3390a-e: Sommers and students in metalwork (Culmsee), 10-9-51 1951
8:3391a-g: Two girls in kitchen and on stairs 1942-1988
8:3392a-f: Dean Turner with his hobby (Stewart), 10-11-51 1951
8:3393a-b: John Paul 1942-1988
8:3395a-b: Unknown, 10-11-51 1951
8:3396a-b: Old Main Dance Color shot of Dean Turner?, 10-11-51 1951
8:3397a-b: Home Economics workshop (Daniel), 10-15-51 1951
8:3398a-b: Agriculture, 10-15-51 1951
8:3399a-b: Lavell A Griffiths, 10-15-51 1951
8:3400a-b: News Bureau, Russian Class, 10-15-51 1951
8:3401a-c: Experiment station, Walker (Margret) 1942-1988
8:3402a-e: Military brigade (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3403a-b: Radar (Neilson), 10-15-51 1951
8:3404a-e: Apple shed (John Stewart), 10-15-51 1951
8:3405a-b: Girl and boy (Stewart), 10-22-51 1951
8:3406a-b: President Madsen and four boys (Stewart), 10-22-51 1951
8:3407a-c: President Madsen and boy (Stewart), 10-22-51 1951
8:3408a-c: Girls in Practice House (Fjelstedt), 10-22-51 1951
8:3411a-q: Mining? 1942-1988
8:3412a-b: Thorpe and girl in Hall (Stewart), 11-14-51 1951
8:3413a-b: Preference Ball girls with sign (BV Allen), 11-14-51 1951
8:3414a-b: Dean Symons Family group (Culmsee) 10-29-51 1951
8:3415a-b: Two men, a woman, and supplies at Adam's School 1951
8:3416a-c: Men and Machinery (Pederson), 10-19-51 1951
8:3417a-c: President Madsen, two men, a map, and a girl (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3418a-f: Weight lifters, Wrestlers, Handspring, Boxing, Muscle study in classroom with live model (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3420a-b: Symons and students (Stewart) 1942-1988
8:3421a-c: Foreign students 1942-1988
8:3422a-d: Students and Dr Anderson looking at globe (Nielsen) 1942-1988
8:3424a-c: Aerials (Knowlton) 1942-1988
8:3425a-d: Turkey measurement (Fjelstedt) 1942-1988
8:3426a-k: Black and white and color of Rotation Experiment (Haddock) 1942-1988
8:3427a-b: Identification 1942-1988
8:3428a-b: Navy officer (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3431a-b: Deer checking station (Stewart) 1942-1988
8:3432a-b: Three girls with game equipment (Stewart) 1942-1988
8:3435a-c: Book bindery (Stewart) 1942-1988
8:3436a-c: Classroom shot (Fjelstedt) 1942-1988
8:3438a: Two coeds with a workman at the Union Building construction 1942-1988
8:3439a-b: Girl and boy looking at yearbook (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3440a-b: Golden Larsen 1942-1988
8:3441a-b: FC Pearson 1942-1988
8:3442a-b: Home Economics Club 1942-1988
8:3444a-b: Girls making recording 1942-1988
8:3445a-c: Men working on new Union Building (Stewart) 1942-1988
8:3446a-d: Band members identification, November 1951 1951
8:3447a-b: Agronomy group shots, November 1951 1951
8:3448a-b: Two boys wadding (Scribble), November 1951 1951
8:3449a-d: Girl (NW Christensen, Music), November 1951 1951
8:3450a-f: Characters in "Pride and Prejudice" (Culmsee), November 1951 1951
8:3451a-b: Man by piano and man with trumpet (Christensen), November 1951 1951
8:3452a-b: River and dams (Lauritzen), November 1951 1951
8:3454a-b: Whittier School children packing clothes to send to Korea (Stewart), December 1951 1951
8:3455a-b: Two girls looking at Scribble (Culmsee), December 1951 1951
8:3456a-b: Check being presented by banker (Dr Walker), December 1951 1951
8:3457a: LDS Institute news story shots, December 1951 1951
8:3458a-b: Naomi Elliot, Naomi Elliot's father December 1951 PERSONAL 1951
8:3459a: Girl in formal with cheese Boy with cheese (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3460a-c: Decorating tree outside LDS Institute (Stewart), December 1951 1951
8:3461a-b: Picture of portrait of mother or grandmother (Plantz), December 1951 PERSONAL 1951
8:3463a-d: Lucille Smith, Shirley Davis Identification for Placement Bureau, December 1951 PERSONAL 1951
8:3464a-d: Two little girls (Hill), December 1951 PERSONAL 1951
8:3465a-b: Albert Johnson (Christensen, Music), December 1951 1951
8:3466a-b: Sorority cake sale (Stewart), December 1951 1951
8:3467a-c: Girls volleyball teams (WAA), December 1951 1951
8:3468a-b: Thorpe with paintings (Culmsee) 1942-1988
8:3469a-e: Max Grunig, strong man (Culmsee), December 1951 1951
8:3470a: Lois Bellamy identification for Placement Bureau, December 1951 PERSONAL 1951
8:3471a-e: Rams Head Boy holding ram (Bennetts, Animal Husbandry), December 1951 1951
8:3472a-k: Bert C Despain, December 1951 1951
8:3473a-c: First Sweepstake at Utah State Fair in 1909 (Frischnecht, Extension Service), December 1951 1951
8:3474a-c: Plants showing roots (Pederson), December 1951 1951
8:3475a-b: Publications, John Stewart. Artists painting. December 1951. 1951
8:3476a-b: Three men standing by flag (Culmsee), December 1951 1951
8:3477a-c: Man with cages, Man with bugs (Knowlton, Entomology), December 1951 1951
8:3479a-f: Nursery of Dr Gardners home for children (Margaret) 1942-1988
8:3480a-b: Five sheep (Bennett, Animal Husbandry), December 1951 1951
8:3481a-e: Aerial shots of mountain West Run, December 1951 1951
8:3481Aa-d: East Run 1942-1988
8:3481Ba-f: Center Run 1942-1988
8:3481Ca-f: West Run #2 1942-1988
8:3481Da-e: East Run #2 1942-1988
8:3482a: Girl majoring in Animal Husbandry (Stewarts), December 1951 1951
8:3483a-c: Fellows judging wool (Stewart), December 1951 1951
8:3484a-b: Brigadier General Fitch (Herald Journal) 1952 January
8:3485a-b: Dean Symons Professor Egbert (Stewart) 1952 January
8:3487a-e: Forestry Homecoming Queen. Taken by BV Allen Cold Storage 1952 January
8:3489a-b: Textile charts Patches on cards (Lauritsen) 1952 January
9 9:3490a-b: Donald Stilson, PERSONAL 1952 January
9:3491a-b: General Fitch and President Madson (Sawyer) 1952 January
9:3492a-c: Two sheep held by Dr Bennett and Drake (Drake) 1952 January
9:3495a-b: Kappa Delta officers 1952 January
9:3496a-c: Pre-sheared sheep, Half-sheared sheep Sheared sheep (Dr Bennett) 1952 January
9:3497a-b: Fellow being interviewed by Margaret 1952 January
9:3499a-d: Dr Paul Fitzgerald working with animals and microscope (Margaret) 1952 January
9:3500a-d: Lattice work (Stan Naisbitt), PERSONAL 1952 January
9:3501a-b: Carl Wankir, PERSONAL 1952 January
9:3502a: Weeds (Stoddard, Range Management) 1952 January
9:3503a-c: Gardner military identification 1952 January
9:3504a-b: Group planning poultry party (Drake) 1952 January
9:3505a-b: Max Grunig standing by statue 1952 January
9:3506a-b: Institute Gold and Green Ball committee (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3507a-f: "Oedipus the King" directed by Dr Hansen, characters in costume (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3508a-b: Dean Culmsee and John Stewart looking at newspaper (Culmsee) 1952 January
9:3509a-b: Mark L Newberger portrait (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3510a-b: Ski team 1952 January
9:3512a-d: Officers of Veteran's Housing College Branch of the LDS Church (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3513a-b: William E Carroll portrait (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3514a-b: Group of Home Economics girls going out as student teachers (Culmsee) 1952 January
9:3515a-c: Dale Haas, PERSONAL 1952 January
9:3516a-l: Modern Dancers action picture, directed by Miss Witney (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3517a-f: Deer on campus (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3518a-b: Group discussing ROTC Band 1952 January
9:3519a: Swimming Party Committee wearing bathing suits and in the water (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3520a-e: Alvin A Cabreilson, PERSONAL 1952 January
9:3521a-d: Fellow from India talking to student body secretary and looking at yearbook (Culmsee) 1952 January
9:3522a-f: Four people measuring snow Winter Carnival King and Queen skiing (Hayes) 1952 February
9:3524a-b: French girl identification for Placement Bureau 1952 February
9:3525a-l: Aerials of Logan 1951 Fall
9:3527a-d: Charts of a private school for boys (Shiozuoa) 1952 February
9:3528a-d: Snow sculpturing - Jonah and the Whale, the Madonna (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3529a-b: Jesse Larson's Rug Exhibit (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3530a-b: IK 's shining shoes on their initiation day (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3531a-b: Chart of the "Plan of Eternal Progression" (Vaughn Hansen), PERSONAL 1952 February
9:3532a-k: House plans (Kenji Shiozawa, Landscape Architecture) 1952 February
9:3533a-f: Snow shoe races Winners of snowshoe races 1952 February
9:3533g-k: Snow shoe races Winners of snowshoe races 1952 February
9:3534a-f: Snow sculpturing for winter carnival 1952
9:3534g-n: Snow sculpturing for winter carnival 1952
9:3535a-c: Dr C J Myers and his hobby (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3536a-i: Valentine montage for College Valentine's greeting (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3537Aa-b: Mary Belle Haight, PERSONAL 1952 February
9:3537Ba: Rex Robison and debaters (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3538a-c: Welti and Opera staff practicing around piano (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3539a-d: Girl and fellow working with a microscope Dr Gardner and fellow (Knowlton) 1952 February
9:3540a: Group shot of band on assembly in the auditorium (Dolby), March 1952 1952 March
9:3540Aa-h: Band members Pat Jensen, February 1952 1952 February
9:3541a-f: Pig liver (Greenwood, Chemistry project 374) 1942-1988
9:3542a-c: Opera under direction of Professor Welti (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3543a-c: Students in class, Ross Holland lecturing 1952 February
9:3544a: Girl skiers (Stewart) 1942-1988
9:3545a-c: Jay W Call identification for Placement Bureau 1952 February
9:3546a-b: Children and practice teachers in Nursery (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3547a-c: Helen Janeen Chamberlain identification for Placement Bureau 1952 February
9:3549a-c: Four fellows standing around desk Idaho Fish and Game Meeting (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3550a-b: Atomic Energy Exhibit (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3551a-c: Winter Woodcraft Fellows on snowshoes Fellows around campfire cooking (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3552a-b: Peory O Williams, PERSONAL 1952 February
9:3553a-k: Evening classes Group shots (McBride) 1952 February
9:3553l-y: Evening classes Group shots (McBride) 1952 February
9:3554a-f: Country around Industrial Building, taken for license application 1952 February
9:3555a-b: Ski Club group shots (Dale Nelson) 1952 February
9:3556a-b: Burton and Calby looking at music (Stewart) 1952 January
9:3557a-m: John Philip Dalby Mamie Rae Lewis, flute player Oboe player 1952 February
9:3558a-c: Sherwin Moeser 1952 February
9:3559a-g: Cosmopolitan Group 1952 February
9:3560a: President Madsen, Larry Cole and another fellow with microphone at the fieldhouse, Public Address System (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3561a-d: Art students drawing and looking at paintings (Scribble) 1952 February
9:3562a-d: President Madsen, Coach Roning and Whitesides shaking hands (Stewart) 1952 February
9:3563a-b: Soil Testing in Laboratory (Lauritzen) 1952 February
9:3564a-d: Girl with horse at fairgrounds, Animal Husbandry Major (Burgoyne) 1952 March
9:3565a-d: Opera rehearsal "Martha" directed by Welti 1952 March
9:3566a-b: Dr Siegler, Cope, and other members of Wildlife Management (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3567a-b: Professor Morris, Petty, and two ladies sitting at table looking at blueprints (Margaret) 1952 March
9:3568a-f: Forester and his wife with camping equipment Forester's wives Two foresters and one lady looking at maps (Margaret) 1952 March
9:3569a-b: Girl on snowshoes, taken in studio (Margaret) 1952 March
9:3571a-b: Professor Larry Cole and two students, taken in Industrial Arts Building (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3572a-f: Baby chicks, Chicken feet, Cow's head (Dr Minor) 1952 March
9:3573a-f: Valene Young, Shirley Bowman, Nada Joy Gardner March 1952 1952 March
9:3575a-l: Dr Chester J Myers, identification for publication 1952 March
9:3576a-c: Dean Turner, Pakistan student, Shranni, presenting Turner a volume of books (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3577a-b: Lauritzen with another fellow in the basement of the Engineering Building (Margaret) 1952 March
9:3579a-b: Colonel Johnson, another officer, and Dean Culmsee (Sawyer) 1952 March
9:3580a-c: Winnie Clark 1942-1988
9:3581a-b: Dr caring for sick duck, Men throwing dead ducks on truck (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3582a-d: New Crosley kitchen (Margaret) 1952 March
9:3583a-d: Carl Frischknecht 1952 March
9:3584a-b: Hunsaker and Scout Executives mapping plans for new Phys Ed Con (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3585a-c: Guitar Players Yvonne Geary and fellow (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3586a-b: President and Mrs Madsen and Gordon Porter, Alumni Secretary planning tour of alumni chapters (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3587a-b: Ralph Richards and phone girls (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3588a-d: Wendell W Smith, John M Dalton 1952 March
9:3589a-g: Scholarship Pictures Machines and students in the machine shop (Preator) 1952 March
9:3590a-b: Thorpe's painting (Culmsee) 1952 March
9:3591a-b: Warren Wilson in Ceramics Laboratory 1952 March
9:3592a-c: Turkeys hatching Incubators (Draper) 1952 March
9:3593a-b: Dr and Mrs Walker at dinner held for Dr Walker 1952 March
9:3595a-c: Morgan Pederson 1952 March
9:3596a-c: Everett Thorpe and his family, taken at the Thorpe Residence (Culmsee) 1952 March
9:3597a-b: Cow (Lorin Harris, Animal Husbandry) 1952 March
9:3599a-b: HB Hunsaker and Red Cross representatives (Phys Ed) 1952 March
9:3600a-g: Stock feeding: cattle, sheep (Greenwood, Chemistry Project 364) 1952 March
9:3601a-f: Annette Dean Pat Schofield Pat Grahm 1952 March
9:3603a: Drawing for Fletcher 1952 March
9:3604a-b: Jim Mortimer and Aleen Gibbons admiring new plaque for weekly newspaper 1952 March
9:3605a-b: Three Political Science scholarship winners with Judd Haman congratulating them 1952 March
9:3606a-b: "Death of a Salesman" rehearsals, directed by Harold I Hansen 1952 March
9:3607a-b: Valentine Sweethearts of Lambda Delta Sigma Sweetheart Ball, including Shirley Allen in the center 1952 February
9:3608a-b: Frederick Preator 1952 March
9:3610a: Student with respirator (Drake) 1952 March
9:3611a-j: Advertising for military ball 1952 March
9:3612a-b: Classroom shot (Major Sawyer) 1952 March
9:3613a-b: Leland Bangerter 1952 March
9:3614a-c: Agathon committee taken in the Engineering Auditorium 1952 March
9:3615a-d: Richard Stanley Arlo Frost 1952 March
9:3618a-k: Rocking Horse, Logan Wood Products (Naisbitt) 1952 March
9:3618l-g : Rocking Horse, Logan Wood Products (Naisbitt) 1952 March
9:3619a-b: Henry M Hjelm 1952 March
9:3620a-b: Dean Carlisle and secretary looking at new summer school bulletin 1952 March
9:3621a: Tribune scholarship judging committee, includes Vern Shipley, Stanley Richardson, and John Stewart 1952 March
9:3622a-b: Four men looking at an automobile engine, Automotive School 1952 April
9:3623a-d: Laconna Purser sitting on the floor holding baby chicks 1952 April
9:3624a-c: Earl Wagstaff 1952 April
9:3625a-d: Bridge over Delta Mendota Canal Slide on Delta Mendota Canal(Christensen) 1952 April
9:3626a-b: Agathon Act: Dean Hubbard and Jeannie Zollinger judging for talent show, Eleanor Knowles took charge 1952 March
9:3627a: "Romeo and Juliet," men fencing in practice for the play (Stewart) 1952 March
9:3628a-c: Don Stahlie holding sheep, taken in horse barn (Stewart), March 1952 1952 March
9:3629a-e: Milo Hadlock George Hallewell 1952 April
9:3630a-b: Fellows working in air conditioning lab, taken for Agathon booklet 1952 April
9:3631a-b: Fellows working in the shop, Agathon, 4-9-52 1952
9:3632a-j: Anna Marie Heyrend Deon Hubbard (Pictures used as campaign material in 1952 elections) 1952 April
9:3633a-h: Roland Jensen Rita Maurretzus 1952 April
9:3634a-b: Square Dance Club in action 1952 April
9:3635a-b: Group shots of Association of Western Forestry Clubs (Stewart), April 1952 1952
9:3636a-e: Fellows bound for West Point with President Madsen and Timberlake (Sawyer) 1952 April
9:3638a-c: School children modeling figures from clay (Shaw) 1952 April
9:3639a-b: Agathon exhibit for FFA ordered for Eldon Drake Fellows with seed samples (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3640a-d: Dance Contestants taken at the sorority house (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3641a-b: Vet Science (Drake) 1952 April
9:3642a-b: Jeanette Pulley 1952 April
9:3643a-c: Co-operative League (Fredrickson) 1952 April
9:3645a-c: Radar equipment in Radio Lab (Cole) 1952 April
9:3646a-d: Helen Funk 1952 April
9:3647a-b: ROTC men gazing at the New Union Building in the background (Sawyer) 1952 April
9:3648a-f: Miscellaneous pictures (Stan Anderson) 1952 April
9:3649a-k: Alfalfa in Calcareous soil (Hansen) 1952 April
9:3650a-c: John Findley 1952 April
9:3651a-c: Lauree Davis 1952 April
9:3653a-b: Earl E Hansen 1952 April
9:3654a-b: LDS Institute 1952 April
9:3656a-b: Agathon Landscape Architecture exhibit arranged by Eldon Drake (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3657a-h: Richard Shaw's botany exhibit of insect-eating plants (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3658a-d: Camera, microphone, Student Life, Scribble, Buzzer, and a college bulletin arranged on a table (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3660a-e: Acts for the talent show, Agathon (Elenor Knowles) 1952 April
9:3661a-h: Girls vying for Miss Utah State (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3662a-d: Jay Cullimore 1952 April
9:3663a: Clair Theurer 1952 April
9:3666a-i: Announcing the opening of Logan Wood Products Stan Naisbett personal portraits 1952 April
9:3666j-p: Announcing the opening of Logan Wood Products Stan Naisbett personal portraits 1952 April
9:3667a-b: Fletcher giving painting to Whittier School (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3669a-d: Agathon Exhibit of Drafting table and student Charles Roland working 1952 April
9:3670a-d: Open-face Columbia Face (Drake) 1952 April
9:3671a-b: Debate team with trophies, including Hamblin, Robson, Allen, and Croshaw standing, Robinson and Thurgood sitting 1952 April
9:3672a-b: Students buying ice cream at the dairy, Agathon 1952 April
9:3674a-b: Calvin McBride 1952 May
9:3675a-b: Woodruff and Roland standing by a cooler or deep-freeze 1952 April
9:3677a-c: Mary Belle Haight, valedictorian, and her husband (Stewart) 1952 April
9:3678a-b: CD Bristol, 3-10-52 1952
9:3679a-e: Agathon Display 1952 May
9:3680a-b: Exterior of new Scientific Research Foundation from two angles 1952 March
9:3681a: Springtime activities: softball, tennis 1952 May
9:3682a-d: Joy Alleman 1952 May
9:3684a-c: Anker C Pederson 1952 May
9:3685a-e: Tree Blossoms on the campus 1952 May
9:3686a-b: Foreign students giving blood 1952 May
9:3687a-b: Publications Officers of Intercollegiate Knights for advertisement for their "Beno Creep" 1952 May
9:3689a-d: Don Tarter 1952 May
9:3690a-b: President Madsen pinning a medal on an ROTC officer President Madsen and ROTC officer shaking hands 1952 May
9:3691a: Paul A Bonifas 1952 May
9:3693Aa-d: Architectural drawings of Student Union 1942-1988
9:3693Ba-b: Student Union Building 1942-1988
9:3693Ca-c: Interior of Main Ball Room 1942-1988
9:3693Da-g: Union Building 1942-1988
9:3694a-b: Soccer Team with trophy, taken on Quad 1952 May
9:3695a-g: Experimental plots showing effects of treatments (Carlson) 1952 May
9:3696a-b: George Tanner holding drawing of set for "Mr Angel" 1952 May
9:3697a-h: Agathon displays for Industrial Education 1952 May
9:3697i-n: Agathon displays for Industrial Education 1952 May
9:3698a-e: Agathon Engineering 1942-1988
9:3699a-c: Officers of the "Cooperative League" 1952 May
9:3700a-c: Librarian Mary Tapper looking at book with shelves of books in background 1952 May
9:3701a-b: Dr E Wilcox nutrition research 1952 May
9:3702a-b: Richards, Longhurst, Thurgood, and Harris planning Institute graduation 1952 May
9:3703a-b: Edgecombe, a lady, and two gentlemen standing in front of Rural Arts 1952 May
9:3706a-f: Water weighing apparatus (Lauritzen) 1952 May
9:3707a: Ed Rawley 1952 May
9:3708a-b: Three fellows in the Institute choir 1952 May
9:3709a-b: Play rehearsals for "Mr Angel," including Morgan White, Leslie Wanlass, Sally Nash, and Carma Croshaw 1952 May
9:3710a-b: Student Body Officers (Margaret) 1952 May
9:3711a-b: Le Grande Rowley 1952 May
9:3712Aa-c: President's Home 1952
9:3712Ba-f: Smart Gym 1952
9:3712Ca-c: Widstoe Hall 1952
9:3712Da: Coop House 1952
9:3712Ea-d: Rural Arts 1971
9:3712Fa-b: Rural Arts 1942-1988
9:3712Ga: Music Building 1942-1988
9:3723Ha: Judging pavilion horse barn 1942-1988
9:3712Ia-b: Co-op house in its new location 1942-1988
9:3712Ja: Temporary I Chemistry classrooms 1942-1988
9:3713a-b: Mary Jane Hardy and two or three kids with speech testing apparatus 1952 March
9:3714a-d: President Madsen receiving a check at his desk, three fellows in background 1952 May
9:3715a-b: Phi U window display 1952 May
9:3718a-d: Tennis Team group shots Team photo for Deseret News 1952 May
9:3719a-b: Group shot of PE majors in formal dress 1952 May
9:3720a-k: Cattle photos for publication (Caine) 1952 May
9:3721a-b: Chong-Hung Zee 1952 May
9:3722a-b: One normal chicken, one with almost no feathers 1952 May
9:3723a-o: Dance contest of 1952 - Independents won 1952 May
9:3723p-ee: Dance contest of 1952 - Independents won 1952 May
9:3724a-c: Richard Motta intramural identification 1952 May
9:3725a-b: Group shot of Chi Omega girls in the Bluebird 1952 May
9:3726a-c: Band seated on stage of Main Auditorium (Dalby) 1952 May
9:3727a-b: Officers of WAA sitting on the steps of Smart Gym (Lois Downs) 1952 May
9:3728a-b: Dr Richards and three other fellows at Institute graduation (Richards) 1952 May
9:3729a-g: Carol Watkins "Miss Utah" and calf 1952 June
9:3731a-c: Painting of David O McKay by Thorpe 1952 May
9:3732a-e: Ears and irregular baldness (Gardner), 5-27-52 1952
9:3735a-b: Driver's Training course group shot 1952 June
9:3736a-l: Commissioning exercises in the amphitheater 1952 June
9:3737a-d: Sigma Kappa, 5-25-52 1952
9:3738a-b: Foreign man and wife (Margaret) 1952 June
9:3739a-d: Stevens, Bacteriology department 1952 June
9:3740a-d: Baccalaureate, 6-8-52 1952
9:3741a-f: Fletcher family 1952 June
9:3742a-c: Fifty year Alumni group, 6-9-52 1952
9:3743a-e: Hyrum B Hunsaker 1952 May
9:3744a-b: Automotive driver's training, 6-6-52 1952
9:3745a-l: Commencement exercises, 6-9-52 1952
9:3746a-e: Graduates receiving diplomas, 6-9-52 1952
9:3748a-b: Ed Rawley 1952 June
9:3750a: Food demonstrator giving demonstration to a large group of ladies in cafeteria 1952 June
9:3751a-b: Students standing looking at a globe Students at a table looking at a map - summer school classroom shots to publicize AFROTC 1952 June
9:3752a-j: Union Building interior (Margaret) 1952 June
9:3754a-c: Criminology Conference 1952 June
9:3755a-b: Criminology conference, includes Don Carter, Capt Knowles, and Dr Kelly 1952 June
9:3757a-b: Youth Conference taken in the Institute, includes Dr Kelly, Bunny Reese, and Deon Hubbard 1952 June
9:3758a: Smorgasbord: girls in cafeteria setting tables 1952 June
9:3759a-b: Major Avery C Bruce congratulating Major Robert L Howard, recently promoted 1952 June
9:3761a-b: Men in wheat field 1952 June
9:3763a: Speech clinic: children listening to teachers (Carlisle) 1952 October
9:3764a-c: Play rehearsal "The Lady's not for Burning" including Vosce Call and Consuella Young 1952 July
9:3765a-b: Dr Minor and tongueless bull 1952 July
9:3766a-b: Music camp instructors including Christensen, Dalby, and Welti 1952 July
9:3767a-b: Automotive Shop 1942-1988
9:3768a-d: Deformed pheasant just out of shell with four legs and four wings (Dr J Low) 1952 October
9:3769a-c: Dr Caine showing the Experiment Sheds 1952 October
10 10:3770a-e: Field Day at the Experiment Farm, group pictures (Drake) 1952 July
10:3771a-b: View of USAC Campus in its younger days 1942-1988
10:3773a-b: Reuben Hansen 1952 July
10:3774a-b: Neil Holbrook 1952 July
10:3775a-c: Christensen and Simon looking at music 1952 July
10:3776a-g: Dairy Field Day (Drake) 1952 July
10:3777a-b: People holding hooked rugs, includes Donna Johnson, J Stewart's secretary, and another lady 1952 July
10:3778a-c: Mr Milne and two other fellows (Margaret) 1952 July
10:3779a-c: Ranger Hike 1952 July
10:3780a: Leah Farr, new Dean of Women 1952 July
10:3781a-c: Japanese lady in the Home Economics Department 1952 July
10:3783Aa-c: Fellows in field Girls in Home Economics kitchen (Drake) 1952 July
10:3783Ba-k: Leslie R Hawthorne, Vegetable Crops Department 1952 July
10:3786a-c: Bonifas making pottery in the ceramics lab 1952 August
10:3787a-b: Pakistan students 1952 August
10:3788a-c: Three men at desk, Three men standing by a chart, Group shots in fields 1952 August
10:3790a-d: Lloyd Patterson on a corn cultivator in a corn field Two fellows getting samples of soils 1952 August
10:3791a-d: Extension Home Demonstration for Amy Kearsley 1952 August
10:3795a-d: Three bugs Fellow with a crop duster (Knowlton) 1952 August
10:3797a-b: President Madsen and Persian Senator (Burgoyne) 1952 August
10:3798a-i: Jones Stuart Stuart's baby daughter 1952 August
10:3799a-c: Fred Axelgard 1952 August
10:3800a-c: Professor Broadbent in group shot (Drake) 1952 August
10:3801a-e: Art Plates for Jaylen C Hansen 1942-1988
10:3802a-h: President Madsen 1952 August
10:3803a-f: Art Plates for Ruth Sorenson 1952 August
10:3803g-o: Art Plates for Ruth Sorenson 1952 August
10:3804a-k: Poultry Convention 1952 August
10:3805a-e: CW Lauritzen 1952 August
10:3807a-f: Old Main 1952 August
10:3808a: Eugene Gardner 1952 September
10:3809a-c: Irrigation and Engineering pictures used in a bulletin 1952 Summer
10:3810Ba-g: Aerials of mountains 1942-1988
10:3810Ca-e: Aerial of mountain area, 10-19-51 1951
10;3811a-c: "Spur" in Post Office Students in bookstore Fellows in Frat House 1942-1988
10:3812a: Fellow checking trees (Moore) 1942-1988
10:3813a-b: Spurs seated around a table 1942-1988
10:3814a-d: Stalks of grain (Woodward) 1952 September
10:3815a-c: Drawings of pioneers 1952 September
10:3816a-d: Utah State Fair Display 1952 September
10:3817a-b: Old Engineering Building by Quad 1952
10:3818a-d: Tool Engineering (Preator) 1952 September
10:3819a-e: Apparatus for carbon-dioxide extraction of soil, taken in studio (Thorne) 1952 September
10:3820a-k: Offices throughout Logan, arranged by Dr ML Neilsen 1952 September
10:3820l-u: Offices throughout Logan, arranged by Dr ML Neilsen 1952 September
10:3821a-c: Glenn Blaser 1952 September
10:3822a-c: LDS Institute showing the new walk 1952 September
10:3823a-b: Journalism students registering 1952 September
10:3824a-f: Thorne's secretary working in his lab 1952 September
10:3825a-b: President Madsen and President Harris in front of the new Union Building 1952 September
10:3826a-c: Plants in the greenhouse 1952 September
10:3827a-b: Dean Symons, Dean Farr, and Skidmore seated at a desk 1952 September
10:3829a-b: Group of women, Home Economics 1952 July
10:3830a-b: Joe Bullif 1952 September
10:3831a-b: Surveying class sitting on the front steps of the Engineering Building 1952 September
10:3833a-c: Men in seed lab Seed demonstration 1952 September
10:3834a-b: Registration for Fall Quarter 1952 September
10:3835a: Lower Gate and Lower Tower, 10-1-52 1952
10:3836a-e: Dr Stokes, Wildlife Management 1952 October
10:3837a-f: Surveying class at work Engineering drawing class at work (Tingey) 1952 October
10:3838a-b: Group of Extension workers 1952 October
10:3839a-b: Vance Tingey and Miss Thorndike warmly greeting each other in Tingey's office 1952 October
10:3840a-b: Dr R M Bullock 1952 October
10:3842a-b: Chester Myers with his European trophies, taken at his home 1952 October
10:3843a-d: Livestock Judging Team 1952 October
10:3844a-b: Kenneth P Deline 1952 October
10:3845a-f: Burke identification, taken for Alumni 1952 October
10:3846a-e: Professor Cornaby's home 1952 October
10:3847a-g: Landscape plans 1952 October
10:3849a-c: Two boys playing golf 1952 October
10:3850a-b: Mary Jane Hardy and Dr Richard Perry posed with girl with speech-correction apparatus 1952 October
10:3851a-k: Judy Barker, 10-8-52 1952
10:3851l-v: Judy Barker, 10-8-52 1952
10:3852a-g: E Joan Wilson portrait 1952 October
10:3853a-n: Marylyn Crawford 1952 October
10:3854a-j: Joe Ann Forgren portrait 1952 October
10:3855a-k: Sandra Lee Richards 1952 October
10:3856a-b: Judy Barker 1952 October
10:3857a-j: Marilyn Stohl 1952 October
10:3858a-g: Leola Hunsaker 1952 October
10:3859a-d: Warren W Rasmussen, identity unsure 1942-1988
10:3860a-d: Jaws and teeth of cows (Greenwood) 1952 October
10:3861a-b: Lewis Edwards in football suit on the field, identification for Homecoming 1952 October
10:3862a: Jet Engine (Margaret) 1952 October
10:3863a-b: David Carson 1952 October
10:3864a-f: Elmer Clark 1952 October
10:3865a-d: Food display for "Farm and Home Science," main dish is lima beans 1952 October
10:3867a-b: Dutch girl looking at Student Life Dutch girl showing Holland on a globe 1952 October
10:3868a-c: Richard Johnson 1952 October
10:3870a-e: 1952 Homecoming Queen Candidates 1952
10:3871a-e: Institute Priesthood Presidency, includes Newell Warr, Keith Anderson, and Gordon Stock 1952 October
10:3872a-b: Dr Eugene Gardner identification painting 1952 October
10:3873a: Don Stahlie, Don Olsen, and Don Ray Larson (American Farmers) 1952 October
10:3874a-d: Drum Major and Majorette on football field 1942-1988
10:3875a-c: Margaret Fjelsted Cold Storage 1942-1988
10:3876a-b: Cornaby's Home 1952 October
10:3877a-c: Martin F Brann, Cold Storage 1952 October
10:3878a-b: Vern Bailey 1952 October
10:3880a-b: Jim Harris, Merlin Jones, Andy Hayes in front of Union building 1952 November
10:3881a-l: Sheep in sheep barns 1952 November
10:3882a-c: Vegetable crops: corn, etc 1952 November
10:3883a-b: Dr Kelly in the President's Office 1952 November
10:3884a-b: Major Howard and Sponsors Alice Welti and Judy 1952 November
10:3886a-d: Rototiller in a field 1952 November
10:3887a-g: Fertilizer Distributor (Hardman) 1952 November
10:3888a-f: Ricks Spring 1952 November
10:3889a-g: Engineering Maps (Dale H Ogden) 1952 November
10:3890a-c: "Dairy Fieldman's Short Course," three men standing with model cows, November 1952 1952
10:3891a-b: Dalby and another fellow looking over plans for the Marching Band 1952 November
10:3892a-c: Milk Barn Models Don Olsen and waitresses in the creamery 1942-1988
10:3893a: Fertilizer Co Plant (Drake)Cold Storage 1952 November
10:3894a: Cows with barns and mountain in the background, taken to test the camera 1942-1988
10:3896a-g: Pauline Tate portrait 1942-1988
10:3897a-d: Dean's Board Meeting / Dean's Council 1952 November
10:3898a-b: Advertisement for the Pi Kappa Alpha Bowery Ball: boys with beards standing around a piano giving toasts and singing 1952 November
10:3899a-b: Three men seated around a table, directed by Hunsaker 1952 November
10:3900a-c: John Stewart and office girl looking at a paper 1952 November
10:3901a-b: Liver (Harris) 1952 November
10:3902a-b: Institute Roadshow includes Brigham Young and square dancers and ballet dancers 1952 November
10:3903a-g: Miscellaneous Pictures for Dr Hill 1942-1988
10:3904a-c: BL Embry, Ag Engineering 1942-1988
10:3905a-c: Cast of Teeth carved by Joseph Chastain 1952 November
10:3906a-c: Bill Casper 1952 November
10:3907a-c: Plans for Joseph Smith Memorial, Institute 1952 November
10:3908a-b: Basketball players group shot 1952 November
10:3909a-b: Messiah Soloists 1952 November
10:3910a-b: Durham Family 1952 November
10:3912a-b: Dairy Judging Team with Professor Kane and Professor Hunsaker 1952 November
10:3913a-e: Miscellaneous pictures (Barnes, Extension Services) 1952 November
10:3914a-b: Dr Broadbent and Lorin E Harris looking at a map of Utah with another fellow (Drake) 1942-1988
10:3915a-c: Turkey liver (Greenwood) 1952 December
10:3916a-d: Women looking at projector. Men looking at a trophy. Neil, Betty, and someone else at typewriter 1952 December
10:3917a-c: President Madsen with Frischknecht and Dr Carpenter (Holbrook) 1952 December
10:3918a-d: Gordon Hammer 1942-1988
10:3919a-b: Wrestling Team (Waters) 1952 December
10:3920a-b: Union Building Board, includes Dean Farr, Dean Symons, Deon Hubbard, Mr McBride, and Harold Dance, Dance 1952
10:3921a-j: Evening School Classes 1952 December
10:3921k-q: Evening School Classes 1952 December
10:3922a-b: Animal Husbandry major Carolyn Lowe Beaver posed with sheep in the sheep barn 1952 December
10:3923a-c: Joseph Smith Memorial: visitor, speakers, and choir 1952 December
10:3924a-e: Soulier and Beird holding and looking at charts in the studio 1942-1988
10:3925a-f: JE Christiansen and his wife in their childhood Historic studio photograph 1942-1988
10:3926a-c: Basketball Team (Alumni) 1952 December
10:3928a-b: Poster (Hollbrook) 1952 December
10:3929a-d: "The Corn is Green" 1952 December
10:3932a-d: Group shots at the Extension Conference (Hollbrook) 1952 December
10:3933a-d: Two group shots of Extension Conference (Hollbrook) 1952 December
10:3934a-d: President Madsen conferring with man 1952 December
10:3935a-f: Mrs Lewis Turner in the Student Cooperative Nursery with children 1952 December
10:3937a-b: Doall Representative Tool Engineering Club 1952 December
10:3938a-b: Tap Dancers 1952 December
10:3939a-b: Gary Richardson being presented with a check 1952 December
10:3940a-b: Dr Clyde Biddulph in operating laboratory 1952 December
10:3941a-d: Mrs. Nettie B Lund 1952 December
10:3943a-d: People playing the chimes in Old Main 1952 December
10:3944a-f: Historical Society 1942-1988
10:3945a-b: G T Caine 1952 December
10:3946a-i: Dean Christiansen 1952 December
10:3947a-f: Lynn Thompson 1952 December
10:3948a-e: Mrs George Tanner 1952 December
10:3949a-e: Trailers (Greenwood) 1952 December
10:3951a-f: Mary Jane Hardy and small girl with hearing equipment 1952 December
10:3952a-d: Students working on LDS paper Students decorating the ball room 1942-1988
10:3954a-e: Publicity on Presentation of Demon Runyon Check 1953 January
10:3956a-c: Student Life staff in new office 1952 January
10:3957a-d: James R Barker 1953 January
10:3959a-b: Judging team, includes Terry, Don, Smith, Doyle, Stock, and Rasmussen 1953 January
10:3960a-s: W Whitney Smith, head of Bacteriology and Public Health Alice and Whitney Smith 1953 January
10:3960t-ii: W Whitney Smith, head of Bacteriology and Public Health Alice and Whitney Smith 1953 January
10:3961a-h: TW Daniels, Forestry 1942-1988
10:3961i-p: TW Daniels, Forestry 1942-1988
10:3963a-k: Snow scenes on campus 1942-1988
10:3966a-d: Judging team being presented with a trophy of a horse 1953 January
10:3968a-b: Television set in the Union Building 1953 January
10:3969a-b: Eye study of Kunz boy (Zoology) 1942-1988
10:3970a-c: Fellows testing eggs (Draper) 1953 January
10:3972a-b: Group shot in the Fire Hall of the Logan City Fire Department, Evening School 1953 January
10:3973a-i: Antenna on Mechanical Arts Building 1953 January
10:3974a-b: Agathon Committee 1953 January
10:3978a-h: Military Science, includes General Holbrook, 1-27-53 1953
10:3979a: Two fellows working with lab equipment, taken in classroom (Gardner) 1942-1988
10:3980a-c: Gordon Bailey and paintings 1953 January
10:3981a-g: Rehearsal of Annual Dance Review 1953 January
10:3982a-b: IBM Room, 1-27-53 1953
10:3983a-b: General Holbrook and President Madsen, 1-27-53 1953
10:3984a-b: Aeronautics Lab, 1-27-53 1953
10:3987a-f: Play Rehearsal "I Remember Mamma" 1953 January
10:3988a-b: Colonel Frank, taken by Military Department 1942-1988
10:3989a-b: Walter H Wilde 1953 February
10:3990a-d: Miss Rea Gardner washing blankets in an automatic washer Miss Rea Gardner showing proper methods of drying 1942-1988
10:3991a-b: Phi Kappa Phi group shot 1942-1988
10:3993a-c: Andrew M Dougherty 1953 February
10:3994a-e: Industrial Education 1953 February
10:3995a-b: Group of Intercollegiate Knights in used book store Three IKs by bus stop on the corner by the Tabernacle 1953 February
10:3996a-c: Lieutenant in Military Science Department 1953 February
10:3997a-b: Walker and Foreign Representative 1953 February
10:3998a-d: Gordon Bailey's art plates 1953 February
10:3999a-h: Dress Rehearsal of opera "Romeo and Juliet" 1953 February
10:4000a-d: Geo D Clyde, 12-22-52 1952
10:4001a-b: Gardner and another fellow working in the Zoology Lab 1942-1988
10:4002a: Girl playing tennis 1942-1988
10:4003a-l: Pictures of staff members 1953 February
10:4005a-b: Potted plants in the greenhouse (Dr Thorne) 1942-1988
11 11:4006a-b: Dr. Stone, Rex Ashdown, and another fellow with the new manuals and records in the Sociology Department 1953 February
11:4007a-e: Unclaimed Commercial Recreation Project landscaping plans 1953
11:4008a-h: Swiss Cheese showing differences in kinds 1953
11:4009a: Special Study Area for American Pintail, map 1953
11:4010a-d: People who won Citation for Outstanding services to 4-H (Holbrook) 1953
11:4011a-c: Classroom at Whittier School 1953
11:4013a-c: 4-H Group of two hundred workers 1953 February
11:4014a-b: Men gathered around papers 1953 February
11:4015a-g: N.W. Christiansen pictures. Cold Storage Box 45 1953 February
11:4015h-m: N.W. Christiansen pictures. Cold Storage Box 45 1953 February
11:4016a-b: Men examining soil, Experiment Station 1953 February
11:4017a-b: Founder's Day Committee (Alumni) 1953 February
11:4018a-k: Interior of Lund Hall with people 1953
11:4018l-u: Interior of Lund Hall with people 1953
11:4019a-b: Lund Hall girls inside and outside the dormitory 1953 February
11:4021a-c: Dr. Stone and new manuals and records 1953 March
11:4022a-b: President Madsen with two board members (Stewart) 1953 March
11:4024a-c: Main lounge of Union Building 1953
11:4024Aa-l: Union Building interior, includes main lounge. Union building exterior 1953 March
11:4025a-f: General Slaughter in a group shot 1953 March
11:4026a: R. LaMar Larsen 1953
11:4027a-c: Erle Reese 1953 March
11:4028a: Vaughn Gordon in the Physical Education Department 1953
11:4029a-b: Executive Committee of Boy Scouts 1953
11:4030a-b: U.S.A.C. Band 1953 March
11:4031a-d: Miscellaneous poses taken in the Forestry Building 1953 February
11:4032a-h: Miss Whittier 1953 March
11:4033a-f: Paintings formerly hanging in the Union Building 1953 March
11:4035a-b: Earl Sparks, W.F. Sigler, and Don Smith looking at mounted birds 1953 March
11:4036a-b: John Ray Wall 1953 March
11:4037a-b: Emil Von Almen and his wife, passport identification 1953 March
10:4038: Majors in PE in an outside shot. Taken for Hunsaker 1953 March
10:4039a-c: Dr. Black and Morian in the Sociology Dept. Cold Storage 1942-1988
10:4040a-b: Walter C Lichfield 1953 March
10:4041a-f: Whittier school children on their way to school and on the playground 1942-1988
10:4043a-f: Alvin Carter 1953 March
10:4044a-b: James Paxman 1953 March
10:4045a-b: Phillip Smith 1953 March
10:4045Aa-c: Carolyn Smith 1953 March
10:4045Ba-b: Mrs WW Smith 1953 April
10:4046a-b: Agathon landscape architecture displays 1953 March
10:4047a-c: Ag Econ display Industrial Arts plastic display - exhibited during Agathon 1953 April
10:4048a: Floyd, Stoddard, and Sigler with an award 1953 April
10:4049a: Charles E Bohler 1953 April
11:4050a-n: Cosmopolitan Club 1942-1988
11:4051a-d: Cosmopolitan Group 1953 March
11:4053a-g: Man on Horizontal Bars 1953 April
11:4053h-o: Man on Horizontal Bars 1953 April
11:4054a-b: KVSC Radio Station 1953 April
11:4055a-b: Hill Air Force Band. Cold Storage 1953 April
11:4056a-b: Mrs Fredrickson and another lady in the Sociology Department 1953 April
11:4057a-b: Utah Conservation Week Committee, includes Walter Smith, Lawrence Heald, and Earl Sparks 1953 April
11:4058a-b: Jerald Christiansen 1953 April
11:4060a-g: Dr. Joel Ricks 1953 April
11:4061a-m: Leslie B Winter 1942-1988
11:4062a-d: Jeanette Kunz 1953 April
11:4063a-b: Dr Burton 1953 April
11:4064a-l: Dance Contest 1953 April
11:4064m-z: Dance Contest 1953 April
11:4064aa-ll: Dance Contest 1953 April
11:4065a-b: Athletic Officials in Ronning's office 1953 April
11:4066a-b: Officials at the Physical Education Conference, taken in Union Building (Clark) 1953 April
11:4068a-e: Agathon Queen Candidates 1953 April
11:4069a-c: Agathon Dairy Displays 1942-1988
11:4070a-c: Agathon Chemistry Displays 1953 April
11:4072a-f: Agathon: Alpha chi's painters from the dance contest 1953 April
11:4073a-b: Agathon Variety Show numbers (Donna Quail) 1953 April
11:4074a-d: Business Administration 1953 April
11:4075a-d: Speech Choral Group 1953 April
11:4076a-b: Jesse Larsen's modern art 1953 April
11:4077a: Classroom shot (Sawyer) 1953 April
11:4078a-g: Military 1942-1988
11:4079a-b: Colonel Frank, Lieutenant Litz, a student officer, and Joe Whitesides 1953 April
11:4080a-e: Union Building dedication speakers 1953 May
11:4081a-c: Agathon trophy and displays 1942-1988
11:4082a-d: Military cutouts, includes Don Tuft receiving an award from President Madsen 1942-1988
11:4083a-d: Merrill G Shaw 1953 April
11:4084a-b: Grant Brown 1953 April
11:4085a-b: Agathon Dance Committee Meeting 1953 April
11:4086a-b: Making props for "Much to do About Nothing" 1953 April
11:4087a-i: In the kitchen Making toys Upholstery (Food and Nutrition 1953 April
11:4088a-b: Edgar Brogard 1953 April
11:4089a-b: Military man showing German sword to Dean Culmsee 1942-1988
11:4090a-c: Norene Jorgensen 1942-1988
11:4091a-e: Hilma Orton 1942-1988
11:4092a-f: Mr and Mrs Kunz 1953 May
11:4093a-d: President Peterson congratulating Don Tuft (Military) 1942-1988
11:4094a: Agathon Woodwork Display (Merkley) 1953 May
11:4096a-d: Wade Dewey, Valedictorian 1953 May
11:4097a-b: Alpha Tau Alpha members 1953 May
11:4098a-c: Fellows receiving Tool Engineering award 1953 May
11:4099a-f: College Hill Branch Relief Society 1953
11:4100a-h: "Her Husband's Wife" 1953 April
11:4101a-d: Elizabeth Page 1953 May
11:4102a-h: Engineers receiving awards, Dean Christiansen 1953 May
11:4103a-b: Broken furniture in Union 1942-1988
11:4104a-l: Broken furniture in Union 1953 May
11:4105a-b: Dr FD Farrell, commencement speaker 1953 May
11:4107a-b: Gary Richardson receiving an award 1953 May
11:4108a-c: Downtown rally for President Madsen 1953 April
11:4110a-e: Ardell Jeppsen 1953 May
11:4113a-b: Stan Johnson and two others in the Commerce Department 1953 May
11:4114a-c: Anthropology Club display, Agathon 1942-1988
11:4115a-c: Military group from Hill Air Force Base around a jet engine 1953 May
11:4116a-e: Caroly L Beaver 1953 May
11:4117a-c: Joe Reynolds, Intramural Student Manager 1953 May
11:4118a-c: Intramural staff 1942-1988
11:4119a-c: Summer School: Dean Carlisle, Professor Neuberger, Dean Greaves, and others in a group picture 1953 May
11:4120a-g: Student Body Rally 1953 May
11:4121a-f: Agathon Variety Show 1953 May
11:4122a-b: Dr Harris and Dr Cook receiving $25 checks 1953 May
11:4123a-d: Piano donated to Union Building at Agathon 1953 May
11:4124a-d: Musical and Dance group on stage of Union Building performing (Dalby) 1953 May
11:4125a-d: Group singing around piano - publicity for "Mass" (Welti) 1953 May
11:4126a-f: Rulena Odriscoll 1942-1988
11:4128a-c: Christiansen receiving Military award 1953 May
11:4129a-h: Mischa Poznanski 1953 May
11:4130a-b: Colonel Frank, Deon Hubbard, Glen Blazer, and others at UAC meetings 1942-1988
11:4131a-c: Commissioning Exercises (Military) 1953 May
11:4132a-i: Commissioning Exercises (Military) 1953 May
11:4133a-i: Rodeo Pictures 1953 May
11:4134a: Lyle F Watts 1942-1988
11:4135a-h: Reid Allred 1953 May
11:4136a-c: Clyde Kidmen 1953 May
11:4137a-d: AWS girls (Downs, Intramurals) 1953 May
11:4138a-b: Darrell Deem and Blazer looking over the new yearbook 1953 May
11:4139a-l: Military Review 1953
11:4141a-h: Joyce R Stevens 1953 May
11:4142a: "Doc" George Nelson sitting on lawn with two girls 1942-1988
11:4143a: WE Carroll 1953 May
11:4144a-b: Boyd Mathias 1953 June
11:4145a-d: Deon Hubbard in cap and gown 1953 June
11:4146a-m: Commencement 1953
11:4148a-b: Mrs. Shaw at Whittier School - photo of a painting 1953 May
11:4150a: Ross Covington receiving award at Commissioning Exercises 1953
11:4151a-c: Hill Air Force Band 1942-1988
11:4153a: Beth Olsen singing with Eugene Tueller, Commencement 1942-1988
11:4154a-b: Engineering teachers, graduate students, and secretaries 1942-1988
11:4156a-g: JB Low 1953 June
11:4157a-e: Farm Group in Union Building, 6-12-53 1953
11:4159a-b: Music Clinic (Knowles) 1953 June
11:4163a-d: Naval officers in the Union Building 1953 June
11:4164a-c: UVA men in President's Office 1953 June
11:4165a: Home Economics at Logan Junior High 1952 February
11:4166a-l: Union Interior Students dancing 1953
11:4167Aa-b: ROTC 1953
11:4167Ba-c: Plant Industry 1953
11:4168a-d: Band in the Stadium 1952-1953
11:4169a-c: Parking Areas on campus 1953
11:4170a-l: Fashion Show in Union Building lounge Individual models in Skyroom 1953 March
11:4170m- aa: Fashion Show in Union Building lounge Individual models in Skyroom 1953 March
11:4172a-b: School Lunch Program Officials 1942-1988
11:4175a-i: Alumni groups, including Engineering 1953 May
11:4176a-c: Home Economics Education Display Board (Cawley) 1953 June
11:4179a-d: Dr Silverman and group around the "Sno-Shu" (Culmsee) 1953 June
11:4180a-b: Speech Correction Group 1942-1988
11:4181a-b: Utah Power and Light Company of Logan 1942-1988
11:4183a-l: Music Clinic 1953
11:4183m-y: Music Clinic 1953
11:4184a-d: Dr Gardner and family at their home 1953 July
11:4185a-b: James Neil North 1953 July
11:4186a-d: Agronomy Field Day: Dean Walker and Group 1953 July
11:4187a-l: Summer School Plays 1953 July
11:4188Aa-d: Aerial of farm near Nephi, 6-14-53 1953
11:4188Ba-j: Aerial of west side of Wellsville Range, 6-20-53 1953
11:4188Ca-f: Aerial of North Logan farm plot, 6-14-53 1953
11:4188Da-j: Aerial of Geology near Payson and Nephi, 6-14-53 1953
11:4188Ea-m: Aerial of east side of Wellsville Range, 6-14-53 1953
11:4188Xa-m: Aerials of Cache Valley (Williams) 1954 September
11:4189a-d: Standard Oil Awards. Taken by BVA 1953 June
11:4191a-f: Writer's Association, includes Mrs Morgan, Dean Culmsee, Veneda Nelson, and Professor Rice (Culmsee) 1953 July
11:4192a-b: President Peterson and Bankers around the "Sno-Shu" 1953 July
11:4194a-b: John Mason Brown 1953 July
11:4195a-b: New charimen of the board, Isaacson and Bullen 1953 July
11:4197a-b: Bulletin Boards (Cawley) 1953 July
11:4202a-f: Home Economics bulletin boards 1953 July
11:4203a-c: Dean K Fuhriman 1953 July
11:4204a-k: Lilis Jeppsen 1953 July
11:4205a-b: Dean Walker and Morris pointing to sign of Agricultural Farm 1953 July
11:4206a-d: Dairy Experiment Farm Plans (Bateman) 1953 July
11:4209a-g: Rollo W Woodward 1953 July
11:4210a-g: Testing cement for Max Jensen 1953 June
11:4212a: Visiual Aids for elementary work shop 1953 July
11:4213a-l: Alice Welti in old-fashioned and modern Sponsor uniforms 1953 July
11:4214a-h: JW Cook 1953 July
11:4216a-b: Lieutenant Colonel J Peter Lacey 1953 August
11:4217a-f: Modern Art from Main Hall: temple, horses, rooster, musical 1953 August
11:4218a-b: President Dixon standing in front of Main with three people. Taken by J Stewart. 1953 August
11:4219a-c: RW Carruth 1953 August
11:4220a-l: Mr Grant Anderson, Mrs Grant Anderson, Grant Anderson family 1953 July
11:4220m-v: Mr Grant Anderson, Mrs Grant Anderson, Grant Anderson family 1953 July
11:4222a-m: OW Israelsen 1953 August
11:4223a-h: Fish Hatchery, August 1953 1953
11:4224a-m: President's Reception 1953 August
11:4224n-x: President's Reception 1953 August
11:4226a-j: Aerials (Gardner, Physics) 1953 August
11:4227a-i: President Dixon 1953 August
11:4228a-b: President Dixon receiving Sears Scholarship 1953 August
11:4229a-c: President Dixon, Pat, and Judy 1953 August
11:4231a-b: President Dixon, sketch by Thorpe 1953 September
11:4233a-d: Groundbreaking Ceremony for new Science building 1953 September
11:4237a-m: Union Building Bookstore 1953 September
11:4238a-c: Dean Walker, Crandle, and Burgoyne grouped around a desk 1953 September
11:4239a-e: The Terrace Home 1953 September
11:4240a-c: President Dixon and Ace Raymond 1953 September
11:4241a-c: Students in "Open Doors" 1953 September
11:4243a: AC Shelton 1953 September
11:4246a: Freshman Test Day 1953 September
11:4247a-b: Two girls standing under the clock in Old Main 1953 September
11:4248a-d: Homecoming Committee 1942-1988
11:4249a-b: President Dixon, Eileen Gibbons and another girl getting prepared for the Journalism Conference (Culmsee) 1953 September
11:4250a-d: President Dixon and a foreign student (Culmsee) 1953 September
11:4251a-f: Group at Evans Farm 1953 October
11:4252a-b: Dean Turner receiving a check, three other fellows in background 1942-1988
11:4253a-j: Chuckwagon Breakfast 1953 September
11:4253k-s: Chuckwagon Breakfast 1953 September
11:4254a-k: Drum Major and Majorette 1942-1988
11:4256a-d: Summer Surveying Group 1953 September
11:4257a-g: Summer Surveying Group in action 1953 September
11:4258a-b: Joe Nelson and another fellow measuring girls for Homecoming Queen Contest (Student Life) 1942-1988
11:4259a-b: Cheerleaders 1953
11:4260a: Picture of a picture being taken for the Buzzer in Buzzer office of the Union Building 1953 October
11:4261a-b: Publications Board Members 1953 October
11:4262a-d: Group at the Church Farm 1953 October
11:4263a-c: Girl Aeronautics Major in an airplane 1953
11:4264a-e: Student with the Old Wagon Wheel 1953 October
11:4265a-b: Gordon J Hopson 1953 October
11:4266a-d: Margaret Fjelsted 1953 October
11:4267a-g: King Hendricks 1953 October
11:4268a-g: Lynetta Kunz 1953 October
11:4269a-c: C Jay Skidmore 1942-1988
11:4270a-c: Ray Carling 1953 October
11:4271a-b: Harry Gibbons 1953 October
11:4272a-l: Helen Hyer 1953 October
11:4273a-f: Rozanne Pelkington 1953 October
11:4274a-i: Beverly Jeff 1953 October
11:4275a-l: Helen Bergeson 1953 October
11:4276a-i: Pat Parsons 1942-1988
11:4277a-p: Gloria Johnson 1953 October
11:4278a-f: Barbara Bates 1942-1988
11:4279a-i: Sue Simmons 1953 October
11:4280a-m: Janet Bates 1953 October
11:4281a-g: Elaine Larsen 1953 October
11:4282a-b: Homecoming Queens group shot 1953 October
11:4283a-h: Football players with Drum Majorette 1953 October
11:4284a-g: Old and Young Alumni for Homecoming 1953 October
11:4285a-j: Hatch Room in Library, people in costume 1953
11:4287a-b: Leadership group 1953 October
11:4288a-b: Agathon Chariman and Co-Chairman 1953 October
11:4290a-b: Chamber of Commerce 1953 October
11:4291a-d: Mary Ada Gardner and Sherm Bone interviewing a lady in the Home Economics office 1953 October
11:4292a-b: Burgoyne, Walker, Crandell, and another man seated at a desk; one is looking at a wall map 1953 October
11:4294a-b: Military cadets 1953 October
11:4295a-b: Stan Schank in military uniform 1953 October
11:4296a-b: Lazenby identification (Military) 1953 October
11:4297a-b: Burt identification (Military) 1953 October
11:4298a-b: Shreeve in military uniform 1953 October
11:4299a-b: James Mortimer 1953 October
11:4300a-b: Baugh identification (Military) 1953 October
11:4301a-b: Joe Nelson in military uniform 1953 October
11:4302a-b: Craig Bate in military uniform 1953 October
11:4303a-b: Sid Jones in military uniform 1953 October
11:4304a-b: Barbara Gaddie 1953 October
11:4305a-b: Vern Coleman 1953 October
11:4306a-b: Larry Wright 1953 October
11:4307a-k: Woodruff Schools 1953 October
11:4307l-v: Woodruff Schools 1953 October
11:4308a-e: "Hobson's Choice" 1953 October
11:4309a-f: Home Economics girls who received scholarships 1953 October
12 12:4310a-d: Dalby and four band members getting ready for Homecoming 1953 October
12:4311a-b: Invitation to Homecoming: Joe Nelson, LeRoy Blazer, and a girl 1953 October
12:4312a-e: Duane Richardson 1953 October
12:4313a-c: James Allen 1953 October
12:4315a-i: Individual floats in the Homecoming Parade 1953 October
12:4315j-t: Individual floats in the Homecoming Parade 1953 October
12:4316a-b: John McKenna (Military) 1953 October
12:4318a-b: Dean Greaves talking with a foreign student who is majoring in Home Economics 1953 November
12:4319a-f: NA Peterson in the Hatch Room of the library 1953 November
12:4320a-c: President Dixon sitting at his desk dictating into a dictaphone 1953 November
12:4321a-b: Delta Phi Dream Girl, JoeAnne Forsgren with Charles Tate and Kurt Olsen in the Kappa Delta house 1953 November
12:4322a-g: Rex Nelson and another fellow in a field 1953 November
12:4323a-f: Pigs and Feeders 1953 November
12:4324a-b: Engineer's Breakfast 1942-1988
12:4325a-f: Barbara Gibbons 1942-1988
12:4326a-c: ZCMI 1942-1988
12:4327a-o: Paintings 1953 November
12:4330a-h: Equipment and students 1953 November
12:4331a-k: Band Formations "Hi" and "A" 1953 November
12:4332a-f: Dream girl of Delta Phi and alternate 1953 November
12:4334a-f: Lawrence B Larsen 1953 November
12:4335a-c: Reynolds showing paintings by Ester Erika Paulsen 1953 November
12:4336a-g: Norman Angus 1953 November
12:4337a-g: George "Doc" Nelson 1953 November
12:4338a: Miss Welling, New Dean of Women 1953 November
12:4339a-i: Dean MR Merrill 1953 November
12:4340a-f: Lorraine Barker 1953 November
12:4341a-b: Darwin Browning, 5-3-50 1950
12:4342a-b: Hepworth 1950 May
12:4343a-b: Dale Cummings 1942-1988
12:4344a: Bill Wyatt 1942-1988
12:4345a-d: Miss Carlson 1942-1988
12:4346a-e: Wesley T Maughan 1942-1988
12:4347a-g: Culmsee 1942-1988
12:4348a-b: Stan Anderson 1942-1988
12:4349a-e: C Wayne Cook, Range Management, 11-28-50 1950
12:4350a-j: Bart Johnson 1953 November
12:4351a-b: Maurice Whitaker 1953 November
12:4352a-b: Cordell "Butch" Brown 1953 November
12:4353a-b: Ray Zingler 1953 November
12:4354a-b: Dr Greenwood working in the Chemistry Lab 1953 November
12:4355a: Dan Swenson Sr and his wife 1953 July
12:4356a: Lorin Harris, Animal Husbandry 1953
12:4357a-j: LeRoy Blaser 1953 December
12:4357k-bb: LeRoy Blaser 1953 December
12:4358a-f: Carol Ann Barlow 1953 December
12:4359a-g: Commons Building 1942-1988
12:4360a-c: Farms and Dairy Buildings 1942-1988
12:4361a-f: Professor Welti and Ann McDonald at a piano 1953 December
12:4362a-m: Dance Review 1953 December
12:4363a-b: Three fellows in the Rural Arts Building (Elwood Shaffer) 1953 November
12:4365a-b: Preferred Man and Runner-ups Pat Godfrey, Derral Firth, and Tom Vauterlaus with Fran Shoup 1953 November
12:4367a-b: Extension Group 1953 November
12:4368a-c: Somrgasboard for Extension Group held in the Union Building 1953 November
12:4369a-c: Classroom shot Officer checking out an ROTC uniform 1953 November
12:4370a-e: Ag Science building shots for campus chart 1942-1988
12:4371a-c: Smorgasboard 1942-1988
12:4373a-e: Action in the Commerce Department 1953 November
12:4375a-c: X-ray Apparatus 1953 December
12:4377a-j: Lieutenant Jacques 1953 December
12:4378a-d: Joan Iverson with her violin 1953 December
12:4380a-c: Joseph Smith Memorial, Institute 1953 December
12:4382a-e: W F Sigler and family, December 1953 1953 December
12:4383a-b: Dr Howard B Peterson, Robert Gardner, WT McGeorge, and Sterline R Olsen (E Drake) 1953 December
12:4384a-l: Dance Review 1953 December
12:4385a-b: Frank Montalbano 1953 December
12:4386a-d: "Utah Sings" publicity with Dean Culmsee, Moyle Q Rice, and Thelma 1953 December
12:4387a-b: Santa Clause in front of Union Building 1953 December
12:4389a-c: Alumni in President's Home 1953 December
12:4390a-f: Dick Kimball 1953 December
12:4391a-i: Ford family 1942-1988
12:4392a-b: Thorpe and students printing 1953 December
12:4393a-j: Robert Halverson 1942-1988
12:4394a-c: Scotsman in costume, John Grant 1953 December
12:4395a-g: Connie Sigard 1942-1988
12:4397a-f: Landscape Architecture Plans for Community Church 1953 December
12:4398a-j: NW Christiansen, Poznanski, and Plotz 1953 November
12:4399a-d: President Dixon and Salsbury 1953 December
12:4401a-b: Arnold Thayer 1954 January
12:4402a-b: Students registering in fieldhouse 1954 January
12:4403a-g: "Peer Gynt" 1954 January
12:4405a-d: Bonnie Hansen 1954 January
12:4406a-c: Don Reierson 1954 January
12:4407a-b: Wise Burroughs (LE Harris) 1954 January
12:4408a-e: Bryan Durham 1954 January
12:4409a-j: Agronomy charts on "Yields of Alfalfa Seed" (John W Carlson) 1954 January
12:4410a-c: Miss Mae Welling, Dean of Women, Marilyn Rich, and Fran Shoup in the Student Personel Office 1954 January
12:4411a-b: George Tanner and Floyd Morgan looking over plans for costumes for "Perr Gynt" 1954 January
12:4412a-b: Mark Young and Elenore Burnette looking at a map in the News Bureau 1954 January
12:4413a-b: Dean Williams, Dr Gardner, and another gentlman looking at collection in Zoology Laboratory 1954 January
12:4414a-d: University of Utah - Aggie basketball game in action 1954 January
12:4415a-b: Draper and another man examining a 400 ft reel of film 1942-1988
12:4416a-b: Physical Education campers sitting on a log at camping site 1954 January
12:4417a-j: Tea and Reception honoring "Miss Mae Welling" after her appointment as Dean of Women 1942-1988
12:4418a-c: Publicity for the Cooperative League of the United States of America 1953 January
12:4419a-b: Operation on a $15,000 Bull 1954 January
12:4420a-b: Aggiettes in fieldhouse 1954 January
12:4422a-c: Lorin E Harris and three others, taken in studio 1954 January
12:4423a-c: Art Display in Main Hall 1954 January
12:4424a-b: Dean Walker, Hawthorne, and another fellow in the Administrative Office 1954 January
12:4425a-c: Tool Engineering Equipment, drill press (Preator) 1954 January
12:4426a-b: Mary Jane Handy and Jimmy Carlson demonstrating speech equipment to a lady in a fur coat 1954 January
12:4428a-f: Dean Welling advising two girls on a career for a coed, Student Personnel Office 1954 January
12:4429a-b: Snow Carnival Committee in the Intramural Office 1954 January
12:4430a-c: Phi Kappa Phi banquet 1954 January
12:4431a-f: Open-faced Ewe and lamb Rambouillet 1954 January
12:4432a-n: Lieutenant Marion G Larsen's children 1954 January
12:4432o-x: Lieutenant Marion G Larsen's children 1954 January
12:4433a-b: Montage of President Dixon, Old Main, and an aerial view of the campus 1953 Fall
12:4434a-b: 1954 Snow Carnival Committee, includes Jerry Wallace and Lorna Mason 1954
12:4435a-h: Cows, taken at the slaughter house 1954 January
12:4436a-c: Junior Prom Queen 1954 January
12:4437a-h: Keith R Oakes 1954 January
12:4438a-b: Pepsi-Cola Manager and three sons presenting a check to the President for scholarship use 1954 January
12:4439a-c: Ira Liljenquist 1954 January
12:4440a-e: Dean Welling and a coed, taken in the studio 1954 January
12:4441a-l: Iris Godfrey 1954 January
12:4441m-u: Iris Godfrey 1954 January
12:4442a-e: Vaughn Hansen 1954 January
12:4443a-j: Carol Gustaveson 1954 February
12:4444a-d: MO Fawcett 1954 February
12:4445a-j: Kirk Lund and family, taken for passport use and family portrait 1954 February
12:4445k-h: Kirk Lund and family, taken for passport use and family portrait 1954 February
12:4446a-f: Mary May 1954 February
12:4447a-d: Norman Erikson 1954 February
12:4448a-f: Gene Palmer 1954 February
12:4449a-m: Pat Wallace 1954 February
12:4450a-f: Mark Young 1954 February
12:4451a-n: Jane Powell 1942-1988
12:4451o-z: Jane Powell 1942-1988
12:4452a-k: Carol Chaffin 1942-1988
12:4453a-n: LaConna Purser 1942-1988
12:4454a-h: Scott Jeffs 1942-1988
12:4455a-g: Harry Carlson 1954 February
12:4456a-h: Ray Jones 1954 February
12:4457a-d: Junior Prom Queen Candidate finalists LaConna Purser, Carol Chaffin, and Jane Powell 1954 February
12:4459a-f: Inside and outside the chicken house 1954 January
12:4461a-b: Beet Leaf Hoppers in the greenhouse 1954 February
12:4462a-b: Physics lab shot with students 1951 October
12:4463a-k: "Don Giovanni" opera 1954 January
12:4463l-u: "Don Giovanni" opera 1954 January
12:4464a-b: Livestock judging team, taken in Animal Husbandry Building 1954 February
12:4465a-g: Snow Sculptures 1954 February
12:4468a-d: Ronald Howell 1954 February
12:4469a-c: Lee Erickson 1954 February
12:4470a-b: Huan Yen Lao 1954 February
12:4471a-i: Charles V Stowell's daughter 1954
12:4473a-c: Orchestra publicity 1954 February
12:4474a-c: Charles Henry, Horticulture 1954 February
12:4475a-e: Sampling milk at the Dairy 1954 February
12:4476a-d: Pep Band Members in uniform playing instruments 1954 February
12:4477a-f: Pressure Cells 1954 February
12:4478a-b: President Dixon shining shoes for the campus chest 1954 February
12:4479a-e: Johnson and Larsen 1954 February
12:4480a-m: Evening school pictures, includes Welding, Woodwork, English, Engineering Drawing, Art, Shorthand, and Type and Management 1954 February
12:4482a-b: Two fellows looking at a landscaping plan, taken for publicity 1954 February
12:4483a: HR Reynolds looking at art display in Main Hall 1954 February
12:4484a-d: President Dixon looking at art display in Main Hall President Dixon sitting in the old chair reading "A History of Fifty Years" 1954 February
12:4485a-d: 4-H Leadership group 1954 February
12:4486a-b: Welti with a man and a girl, taken in studio, publicity for opera 1954 February
12:4487a: Thorpe's second sketch of President Dixon 1954 February
12:4488a-o: Ag Science building under construction 1942-1988
12:4489a: People leaving the Institute after the Joseph Smith Memorial Ceremony 1942-1988
12:4490a-k: Action shots at Open House (Intramurals) 1954 March
12:4491a-b: President Dixon and two other fellows in the President's Office, making a presentation 1954 March
12:4492a-i: Reea Peterson 1954 March
12:4492j-p: Reea Peterson 1954 March
12:4493a-b: Thorpe's sketch of President Dixon with Main Building in background 1954 March
12:4494a-d: Hydraulics Lab (Paul Ganby) 1954 February
12:4495a-d: Roger Rampton playing a marimba 1954 February
12:4496a-b: Gold pin belonging to Dr Shoup in the Vet Science department 1954 March
12:4497a-b: Eileen holding a plaque Culmsee and Dorothy McMurdie holding a plaque 1954 March
12:4498a: Foreign student with a map 1954 March
12:4499a-c: Large group in conference at the Experiment Station 1954 March
12:4500a-b: Student with painting of President McKay 1954 March
12:4501a-k: President's Inauguration 1954 March
12:4501l-v: President's Inauguration 1954 March
12:4501Aa-l: President's Inauguration 1954 March
12:4501Am-z: President's Inauguration 1954 March
12:4502a: Freshman Frolic advertisement 1942-1988
12:4503a-b: Fellows judging wool 1954 March
12:4504a-b: Insurance agents Lundall and Hickman giving two books to the library 1954 March
12:4505a-g: President's Reception after the Inauguration ceremony 1954 March
12:4506a: Map of the campus 1954 March
12:4507a-m: Plants growing through asphalt liners (Lauritzen) 1954 March
12:4507n-v: Plants growing through asphalt liners (Lauritzen) 1954 March
12:4508a-d: Gwendella Thornley, informal shot in the Speech Department 1954 March
12:4509a-b: KVSC Studio 1954 March
12:4510a-b: Navy men in the News Bureau 1954 March
12:4511a-d: "Family Portrait" 1954 March
12:4512a-b: Regional Soils Conference (Drake) 1954 March
12:4513a-c: Drill Chuck 1954 March
12:4515a-b: Dr Richards, Carl Wood, and Dr Barrett, Institute 1954 March
12:4516a-g: In the past office putting "Agathon" stamp on mail 1954 March
12:4517a-d: Old cushion covered, old cushion uncovered (Reah Gardner) 1942-1988
12:4518a-d: AWS Officers as they leave on a trip 1954 April
12:4519a-b: Gardner 1942-1988
12:4523a-b: Machines in the Registrar's Office 1954 March
12:4524a-b: Employees and foreign students in the Registrar's Office 1954 April
12:4525a-d: Israelsen in the hospital 1954 April
12:4526a-c: International Days 1954 April
12:4527a-e: International Days debate in the Union Building 1954 April
12:4528a-b: Refrigeration Display 1954 April
12:4529a-f: Two cadets and a sponsor in the gate of the military grounds 1954 April
12:4530a-f: GL Bailey 1942-1988
12:4531a-b: Orvil P Ball Jr 1954 April
12:4532a-c: Poznanski and his brother 1954 April
12:4533a-b: Montage of Main, temple, front gate, aerial of temple, and an aerial of the tabernacle and business district - all around a Buick convertible 1954 April
12:4534a-b: Cook and two other fellows from Range Management looking at some grass, taken in studio 1954 April
12:4535a-b: Miss Thornley, James Allen, and a girl with trophy for Speech festival 1954 April
12:4536a-c: Agathon Committee 1954 April
12:4537a-b: Sidney Reading and Van Dunn 1954 April
12:4538a-g: Experimental Sprayer 1954 April
12:4539a-b: Seismograph 1954 April
12:4540a-d: Fellows receiving scholarships 1954 April
12:4542a-b: Mary Jane Wright and two others 1954 April
12:4543a-b: Health Committee in Smart Gym, includes Nelson, Hunsaker, Stevens, and Carlisle 1954 April
12:4544a-b: Montage of ROTC on Quad and two cadets and a sponsor in the gate to the ROTC building 1942-1988
12:4545a-k: Aerials of the Ogden Bay Area (Noland Nelson) 1954 April
12:4545l-s: Aerials of the Ogden Bay Area (Noland Nelson) 1954 April
12:4547a-g: Ross Allen 1954 April
12:4548a-d: Warren Ashton identificaton 1954 April
12:4549a-m: Mark Blackham 1954 April
13 13:4550a-d: Van Dunn 1954 April
13:4551a-h: Ray Maughn 1954 April
13:4552a-d: Farrell Wankier 1954 April
13:4553a-d: Mrs. David O. McKay 1954 April
13:4554a: Frederick Champ 1954 April
13:4555a-g: Professor Jennings, Professor Jennings's wife 1954 April
13:4556a-c: James R Barker 1954 May
13:4557a-b: Boyd Eddins and two others in Union Building, publicity for a fashion show 1954 April
13:4558a-b: Student receiving an award in Widstoe Hall 1954 April
13:4559a: Alumni 50 Year Group 1954 April
13:4560a-d: Montage of the President's Inauguration 1954 April
13:4561a: Song Festival, Institute 1954 April
13:4562a-b: Dr Rich and a National LDS Officer 1954 April
13:4564a-n: DK Salunke's thesis charts Potatoes 1942-1988
13:4565a-b: Clyde Hoth's fish 1954 April
13:4567a-h: Sigma Nu Convention 1954 May
13:4568a-f: ASCE Meeting 1954 April
13:4569a-b: Lambda Delta Sigma officers 1954-55
13:4570a: Grass plant - synthetic hybric (Boyle) 1954 April
13:4571a-c: Fellow standing outside the Aeronautics building (Dale Smith) 1954 April
13:4572a-o: LaRue Farnes, Miss Utah State 1954 May
13:4572p-w: LaRue Farnes, Miss Utah State 1954 May
13:4572w-ee: LaRue Farnes, Miss Utah State 1954 May
13:4573a-b: Preparing for Agathon Dance Contest - making costumes 1942-1988
13:4574a-b: Preparing for or publicity for Agathon fashion show 1942-1988
13:4575a-h: Montage of the "A" 1954 April
13:4576a-b: Nursery Display of toys 1954 April
13:4577a-d: Radio display 1954 April
13:4578a-b: Agathon woodwork 1954 April
13:4579a-b: Agathon Modern languages display - boy and girl in Austrian and Mexican costuming 1954 April
13:4580a-b: Agathon Queens Contestants 1954 April
13:4581a-b: Agathon special events: two boys with sports equipment on the lawn 1954 April
13:4582a-b: Agathon: fashion show publicity 1954 April
13:4583a-b: Agathon committee 1954 April
13:4584a-b: Agathon Commerce demonstration in the IBM room 1954 April
13:4585a-b: Agathon Forestry display 1954 May
13:4587a-c: Agathon Queen Candidates 1954 May
13:4588a-b: Agathon: Girls drinking milk 1954 May
13:4589a-f: Agathon plays in the Little Theatre 1954 May
13:4590a-e: Agathon Assembly 1954 April
13:4591a-l: Shirley Whiting 1954 May
13:4592a-l: Joanne Libby 1954 May
13:4593a-b: Miss Vermillion in the Crosley kitchen 1954 May
13:4594a-b: Girl in airplane, May 1954 1954
13:4595a-b: Delta Phi officers 1954 May
13:4596a: "Art In the Atomic Age" Agathon Display 1942-1988
13:4597a-b: Agathon high school Queen contest publicity 1942-1988
13:4598a-c: Agathon Hi Queens 1954 May
13:4599a: Pi Kap trophy 1954 May
13:4600a-b: Nelson and three fellows in Men's gym 1954 April
13:4601a-j: OW Israelsen and his wife, passport photos 1942-1988
13:4602a-c: Chi O's receiving the trophy for the dance contest 1954 May
13:4603a-b: Forestry Department receiving the Departmental Display trophy 1954 May
13:4604a-e: Gordon Hopson 1954 May
13:4605a-b: Vet Science class 1954 May
13:4606a-b: Student holding a modern art painting 1954 May
13:4607a-b: President Dixon, Phil Sorenson, and Vera Stevens 1954 May
13:4608a-d: Student body officers 1954
13:4609a-k: Awards banquet 1954 May
13:4610a: Coed Day Chairmen 1942-1988
13:4611a-b: Dean Walker giving an award to a student, May 1954 1954 May
13:4612Aa-i: Mice, Barley seedlings, Rabbit furs 1954 May
13:4612Ba-e: Birds (Zoology) 1942-1988
13:4613a-d: AWS Committee Officers Girls looking at place settings 1954 May
13:4614a-c: Wheat and barley 1954 May
13:4615a: Dillworth Young 1954 May
13:4616Aa-k: Dance contest 1954 May
13:4616Al-v: Dance contest 1954 May
13:4616Ba-k: Chi Omega winners of Dance Contest
13:4616Bl-r: Chi Omega winners of Dance Contest 1942-1988
13:4617a-b: Publicity for Chi O's car washing day 1942-1988
13:4618a-h: Clara Beth Winsor 1954 May
13:4619a-d: Glen Haddock 1954 May
13:4620a-b: Noel Cook 1954 May
13:4621a: Intramurals group shot 1942-1988
13:4622a-d: Jack Raymond 1942-1988
13:4623a-d: Donald C Dobson 1954 May
13:4624a-c: Drill team with Pershing Rifles 1954 May
13:4626a-c: Publicity for "Macbeth" 1954 May
13:4627a-d: Publicity for Sigma Alpha Epsilon formal 1954 May
13:4628a-b: Preator and TE award winners (Tool Engineering) 1954 May
13:4629a-d: Joyce Moffitt (John Roderick) 1954 May
13:4630a-f: Painting Sketch 5-18-54 1954
13:4631a: Miss Geneva Rich, from old yearbook (Dr Bogart) 1954 May
13:4632a-b: Beta Pi officers 1954 May
13:4633a: Dell Anderson diploma 1942-1988
13:4634a-c: President Dixon and others 1942-1988
13:4635a: Group shot of boys, Intramurals 1954 May
13:4636a-d: Potatoes (Alumni), 5-4-54 1954
13:4637a-b: 37 Eleanor Knowles and Pat Williams 1954 May
13:4638a-e: Kenji Shiozawa 1953 May
13:4639a-e: Dr Knowlton portrait PERSONAL 1954 May
13:4640a-c: Beta Pi banquet 1954 May
13:4641a-e: Square Dance Jamboree 1954 May
13:4642a-b: Men in caps and gowns 1954 May
13:4643a-c: Lester-Essic flannel board 1954 May
13:4644a-n: Deon Hubbard work records 1954 May
13:4644o-aa: Deon Hubbard work records 1954 May
13:4645a-b: Plants 1954 May
13:4646a-d: Summer School Registration 1954 May
13:4647a-b: Stan Marsh 1954 January
13:4648a: Sigma Chi Intramural champions 1942-1988
13:4649a-b: Water Basketball, Military lineup 1942-1988
13:4650a: Banquet 1954 Spring
13:4651a-b: Lion deer eating shrubs 1942-1988
13:4652a-f: Dairy club 1942-1988
13:4653a-c: Fontella Jackson 1942-1988
13:4655a: Wrestling Group at Colo A & M Taken by Doc Nelson 1942-1988
13:4656a-c: Utah map fish chart (Bennett) 1954 May
13:4657a-k: Graduation 1954 1954
13:4658a: Abdul Razzagh Manishi 1954 June
13:4659a: Paul Daine 1942-1988
13:4660a-b: Girls looking at Scribble 1954 May
13:4661a-b: LaJeen Anderson and son, 5-26-54 1954
13:4662a-h: Physical Education (Alumni) 1954 May
13:4663a-d: Grads receiving certificate 1954 May
13:4665a: Petersen, May 1954 1954
13:4666a-b: Tool Engineering Graduates (Preator) 1954 May
13:4667a-b: New Women's Org President 1954 June
13:4668a-d: Utah VoAg Teachers new officers 1954 June
13:4669a-d: President Dixon and Peterson (Drake) 1954 June
13:4671a-h: New Alumni Council Member 1942-1988
13:4673a-b: Holmgrear ready for trip 1954 June
13:4675a-d: E Gibbons and friends Fellow and girl John Stuart and Janet Hodsworth 1954 June
13:4676a-b: President Dixon with Dale Nelson looking at paper 1954 June
13:4677a-c: Christiansen, Welti, and Dalby 1954 June
13:4678a-d: Summer school board 1954 June
13:4679a-b: Professor Burton and Robert Mortimer 1954 June
13:4680a-b: 4-H boys with chickens from North Logan 1954 June
13:4681a-b: Automotive class (Owen Slaugh) 1954 June
13:4682a-d: Summer short course (Binns) 1954 June
13:4684a-l: Education conference for Public Relations / The Kellog Conference 1954 June
13:4685a-b: Mrs Dyer and speakers for Summer School lectures, Dr Bruce Gardner, Dr Skidmore, Dr Dyre, and Dr Lady 1954 June
13:4686a-c: Family of cows Sheep Bulldog (E Gardner, Zoology) 1954 June
13:4686d-f: Family of cows Sheep Bulldog (E Gardner, Zoology),Cold Storage 1954 June
13:4687a: Chromosome, from Science Magazine (E Gardner) 1954 June
13:4688a-d: Dwarf Hereford in comparison with normal calf (E Gardner) 1954 June
13:4690a: Dorothy Dyer, Assistant professor for Summer School 1954 June
13:4691a-d: Mice, Wheat in pan, Corn, Microscope 1954 June
13:4692a-c: Opera and summer school play 1954 June
13:4693a: Dr Hulhide 1954 June
13:4694a-b: Helen Burgison with Sponsor trophy and a man 1954 June
13:4696a-c: Dean Fuhriman and foreign students at Summer School 1954
13:4697a-b: String Quartet: Max Dalby, Mischa P, U Christiansen, Joanne Iverson, G Pahtz 1954 July
13:4698a-b: Male organs of bull diseased with veneral disease (Binns) 1954 July
13:4699a-e: Summer School Play 1954 July
13:4700a-b: HBennett, Bliss Crandall, and Geo Bateman 1954 July
13:4701a-d: Wool samples White turkey Farm Journal cover 1954 July
13:4702a-e: Summer Opera 1954 July
13:4703a-e: Summer High School Orchestra 1954 July
13:4704a-d: Halter Helti 1954 June
13:4705a: Companion of hormone spray for thinning fruit (Norton) 1954 July
13:4706a-b: Smutty barley vs good barley Fly picture from book (Gardner),Cold Storage 1954 July
13:4707a-b: Pages of history in Bible, Cold Storage 1954 July
13:4709a-c: Kaarlo Mustonen from Helsinki, Finland Orval Hansen from Logan 1954 July
13:4710a-c: Dean Greaves, Mae Welling, Margaret Merkley, Helen Cawley, and friend 1954 July
13:4711a-b: Dr Lorin Harris, RH Walker, and Dr Roy C Newton 1942-1988
13:4713a-b: Removal of old barns on campus 1954 July
13:4714Aa-e: Management Institute (McBride) 1954 July
13:4714Ba-i: Management Institute (McBride) 1954 July
13:4714Ca-e: Management Institute (McBride) 1954 July
13:4715a-d: Misses Gardner (dairy darling) and Yost, scholarship awards 1954 July
13:4716a-e: Jerry Sherratt work on thesis, Old Buildings 1954 July
13:4719a-c: Turner, G Harris, and Kelker 1954 July
13:4721a-b: Harris C. Grant and two boys in Forestry 1954 July
13:4723a-c: Dr Parley Newman 1954 July
13:4725a-c: First Security Bank representatives for Scholarships 1954 July
13:4726a-d: Marie Thorne Jessepen 1954 July
13:4727a-b: Lowell Summers 1954 July
13:4728a-e: Fish X-Ray 1954 July
13:4729a-b: Group discussion meeting (Crandall Bliss) 1954 July
13:4730Aa: Arizona FHA 1954
13:4730Ba: New Mexico 1942-1988
13:4730Ca: Wyoming FHA 1954
13:4730Da: Washington FHA, 1954 1954
13:4730Ea: California FHA, 1954 1954
13:4730Fa: Colorado FHA, 1954 1954
13:4730Ga-b: Utah FHA Officers, 1954 1954
13:4730Ha-b: Nevada FHA girls 1942-1988
13:4730Ia: Montana FHA, 1954 1954
13:4730Ja: Oregon FHA, 1954 1954
13:4730Ka: Idaho FHA girls, 1954 1954
13:4730La: Utah FHA girls 1954
13:4730Ma-b: Alaska and Hawaii FHA girls 1954
13:4730Na: New FHA Officers 1942-1988
13:4730Oa: New Officers for FHA, Teen Times 1942-1988
13:4730Pa: Girls around felt board, FHA Teen Times photos 1942-1988
13:4730Qa-b: Girls around Organ, FHA Teen Times 1942-1988
13:4730Ra-b: Discussion group, FHA Teen Times 1942-1988
13:4730Sa-g: FHA Convention, News Bureau 1954
13:4732a-b: Summer School Electrical School Display, 7-16-54 1954
13:4733a-c: Thyroid Glands of a Calf 1954 August
13:4734a-d: Dr Hart, Crandall, and two other fellows with office girls in IBM room (Drake) 1954 July
13:4735a-h: Dr Will Hide identification, June 1954 1954
13:4736a-b: Kiwanis Scholarship grant to school 1954 August
13:4737a: Experiment Station Sheep 1954 July
13:4738a-c: Employment Officers 1954 August
13:4739a-i: Union Building interior
13:4739j-p: Union Building interior 1942-1988
13:4740a-b: College and Town Planning Board 1954 August
13:4741a-f: President and Mrs Dixon 1954 June
13:4742a-c: Dean Hines 1954 August
13:4743a-b: Dr Brooksby and Dr Thorne, new appointees, with Dr Binns 1954 August
13:4744a-b: Roice Anderson and E Morrison 1954 August
13:4745a-b: Floyd E Rhodes 1954 August
13:4746a-d: Roice Anderson and T Blanch in onion field 1954 August
13:4747a-b: Rotary Scholarship: President Peterson, Dixon, and HB Hunsaker 1954 August
13:4748a-c: Pictures in Lebanon and Beirut (Drake) 1954 August
13:4749a-h: Barry Watkins 1954 August
13:4750a-c: Mary EK Knowles, Olive W Burt, Frank C Robertson, Martha MacMillin 1954 August
13:4751a-d: Jim Tano and guitar 1954 August
13:4752a: Richard Armour 1954 August
13:4754a-d: Dan Dunn and friend, Sigma Nu house 1942-1988
13:4756a-d: Jay Haddock and visitor on Greenville farm and Harvester device 1954 August
13:4757a-m: Florine in Utah Co (Dr Greenwood) 1954 August
13:4758a-c: President Dixon, Christensen, and F Preator 1954 August
13:4760a-f: Cows and horse (E Gardner) 1954 August
13:4761a-b: Picture of a woman (Rubin Hansen) 1954 August
13:4763a-c: Dean Culmsee and Miss Gibbons 1954 August
13:4764a-g: Dr Ellvert Himes 1954 August
13:4764h-o: Dr Ellvert Himes 1954 August
13:4766a: Colonel film of Calcanous soil and plants growing in pots 1942-1988
13:4767a-c: Square Dance Club 1954 Spring
13:4768a-j: Kiwanis Groups 1954 September
13:4769a-d: Sorotities 1942-1988
13:4771a-d: Onions 1942-1988
13:4772a-b: Lion's Club Scholarship Group 1954 September
13:4775a-d: Poenaby paintings 1954 Spring
13:4776a-f: Laura West from Baghdad Joyce Wadsworth 1954 September
13:4777a-j: Corn leaves, Fruit leaves,Florine (Greenwood) 1954 September
13:4778a-b: Old volumes in Documents Room of Main Library 1954 September
13:4781a-d: Dr Wiebe 1954 September
13:4782a-b: Dr Roskelly and Secretary 1954 September
13:4783a-f: Main Building from different angles 1954 Fall
13:4784a-f: Girls on A Sears Scholarship Presentation to President Dixon 1954 September
13:4785a-d: Faculty fall social - Chicken Barbeque by Poultry Department 1954
13:4786a: Noland Nelson 1954
13:4787a-i: Dr. Eldon Gardner: Men, Horse, Chickens, Bull 1954
13:4788a-d: Ralph Richards, 9-17-54 1954
13:4789a-d: Fall Registration 1954 September
13:4790a-k: Aerial of Logan Peak and Bear Lake Valley 1954 June
13:4790l-u: Aerial of Logan Peak and Bear Lake Valley 1954 June
13:4791a-e: Registration Day: Freshmen students in Main Auditorium (Blazer) 1954 September
13:4792a-l: Paul W Evans' wedding pictures 1954 June
13:4793a-b: NA Peterson in the Hatch Room Librarian reading book with NA Peterson 1954 September
13:4794a-g: Chuckwagon Breakfast 1942-1988
13:4795a-h: Faculty Salaries Charts 1942-1988
13:4796a-c: President Dixon and two FFA Boys 1942-1988
13:4797a-d: 1954 Fall Registration in Field House 1942-1988
13:4798a-i: Charts on tomatoes and beans (HB Peterson) 1954 October
13:4799a-b: Dr Richardson and two other men leaving for Kansas City 1954 October
13:4800a-b: Forelegs and hoofs of a cow, Vet Science florine project 1954 October
13:4801a-f: Ag Club Breakfast 1954 October
13:4802a-b: Paul Rouch's art display 1954 October
13:4803a-b: Livestock Judging Team 1954 October
13:4804a: Test Tubes of mold 1954 October
13:4805a-d: Group around a table looking at Tool Engineering Equipment 1954 October
13:4806a-g: Janis Bergeson 1954 October
13:4807a-k: Ethel Boyington 1954 October
13:4808a-i: Margie Bradley 1954 October
13:4809a-k: Julia Campbell 1954 October
14 14:4810a-f: Ginnie Dahl 1954 October
14:4811a-j: Mary Beth Hawkes 1954 October
14:4811k-s: Mary Beth Hawkes 1954 October
14:4812a-l: Caroline and Katherine Heise 1954 October
14:4813a-b: Dave Jeppson 1954 October
14:4814a-i: Irene Lagas 1954 October
14:4815a-i: Sarah Lu Lewis 1954 October
14:4816a-g: Mary Martin 1954 October
14:4817a-h: Pat Parson 1954 October
14:4818a-h: Pat Wallace 1954 October
14:4819a-m: Jane Powell 1942-1988
14:4820a-c: Homecoming Queen Candidates 1954 October
14:4821a-c: Homecoming Dance Committee 1954 October
14:4822a-b: Speech and Hearing Tests 1954 October
14:4823a: Judges and winners of Journalism Contest 1954 October
14:4824a-c: Dairy Products Judging Team 1954 October
14:4825a-b: Photo Journalism workshop 1954 October
14:4826a-g: Snow College Lecture: pictures demonstrate what shouldn't be done when taking a picture 1942-1988
14:4828a-b: New type of weed 1954 October
14:4829a-b: Group of Engineering students and Tingey 1954 October
14:4830a-g: Charts on Report - Economics of Sucrose by Hoss and Lamburn 1954 October
14:4832a-b: Pemm Club officers in office 1954 October
14:4833a-d: Howard Doyds at the dinner table 1954 October
14:4834a-b: WAA officers, includes Sandra Williams, Lorna Mason, and Shirley 1954 October
14:4836a-b: Sigma Nu group after Chapter dinner 1954 November
14:4837a-e: Gladiolas (Greenwood) 1942-1988
14:4838a: UB Conference Room 1954 October
14:4839a-j: Mold cultures 1954 November
14:4840a: Dr Walker from Experiment Station 1954 November
14:4841a: Group of children at Whittier School (Frandsen) 1954 November
14:4842a-b: Permeability Machine, soil testing 1954 October
14:4843a-j: Jerry Dunn 1954 November
14:4844a-h: Dr Jay L Haddock 1954 November
14:4845a-e: Clark Mortenson 1954 November
14:4846a-e: Janice Rouns, 11-4-54 1954
14:4847a-b: Mrs Weed's son, Jimmy Weed, with tooth of a prehistoric elephant 1954 November
14:4850a-g: Bone strength tests 1942-1988
14:4851a-b: Art display at the public library, includes E Thorpe and Jesse Larsen 1954 October
14:4852a-b: Albert E Jarvis 1954 November
14:4853a-b: Livestock Judging Team 1954 November
14:4854a-c: Fruit, (BL Richards) 1954 November
14:4856a-d: Poznanski, from Preston, and Platz admiring and trying out a violin 1954 December
14:4857a-f: Mr Markham lecturing at a tea in the Union Building 1954 October
14:4858a-k: Miscellaneous Agricultural Pictures 1954 November
14:4858l-u: Miscellaneous Agricultural Pictures 1954 November
14:4859a: String Quartet 1954 November
14:4860a-b: Students in workshop, classroom arrangement 1954 November
14:4861a-e: Plants of grain shot in studio (H B Peterson) 1954 November
14:4862a-e: Alfalfa or clover in a box (Davis) 1954 November
14:4864a-b: Don Becker 1954 December
14:4866a-e: Woodruff school children, class groups 1954 Spring
14:4867a-b: Bob Smith, Wildlife Department 1954 December
14:4868a-f: Student activity decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas carolers 1954 December
14:4869a-b: Senior football players receiving shoes 1942-1988
14:4871a-n: 1954 Intramural Boxing finals Intramural wrestling 1942-1988
14:4873a: Joseph Smith Memorial, LDS Institute 1954 December
14:4874a-b: Slides on pregnancy diagnosis of a cow 1954 December
14:4875a-k: Copied material on Ansco color products 1942-1988
14:4875l-z: Copied material on Ansco color products 1942-1988
14:4876a-d: Agronomy soil research groups, regional meetings 1954 December
14:4877a-c: Orchestra concert (N W Christiansen) 1954 December
14:4878a-b: Group of students from Turkey 1954 December
14:4879a-c: Group of children, boy and girl from each school grade, lined up on stage to show height 1954 December
14:4880a-d: Soil Conservation regional meetings 1942-1988
14:4881a: Dr Black and discussion group on The Great Religions of East and West 1954 December
14:4882a-d: Stomach of Dwarfed Hereford 1954 December
14:4883a-b: Electrical Engineering group, taken in the Union Building 1954 December
14:4884a-d: Tool Engineering equipment 1954 December
14:4885a-c: Art display in Main Hall 1954 December
14:4886a-i: Richard Readen 1954 December
14:4887a-d: Angus Q Woodruff 1954 December
14:4888a-c: Larry Wright 1954 December
14:4889a-m: Elenore Sabey 1954 December
14:4890a-e: Jay Hoth 1954 December
14:4891a-e: Eileen Gibbons 1954 November
14:4892a-f: Gary Hansen 1954 December
14:4893a-c: President Chase 1954 December
14:4894a-d: Dave Sharp, 12-20-54 1954
14:4895a-f: John Stewart's daughter 1954 December
14:4896a-d: Dr Jensen and anemometer at Widstoe Hall (Stewart) 1955 January
14:4897a-b: LE Harris, HB Peterson, and two other men (Publicity for Kennecott Copper Meetings) 1954 December
14:4898a-c: Seismograph at time of earthquake in Eureka, California 1954 December
14:4899a-b: President Chase and the Shaw's son 1955 January
14:4900a-c: Play Rehearsal 1955 January
14:4902a-f: Genital tissues of a bull (Johnson) 1954 December
14:4903a-q: Dairy farm 1954 December
14:4905a-c: Deer Pellets (for Robert Ferguson's Thesis) 1954 December
14:4906a-c: Group of Delta Phi's and Beta Pi's (Institute Publicity) 1954 December
14:4907a-g: Snow Scenes on campus 1955 January
14:4908a-j: Snow Scenes on campus 1955 January
14:4909a-b: New Studentbody officers 1955 January
14:4910a-d: Diary Farm 1955 January
14:4911a-h: Corrals at Dairy Farm 1955 January
14:4912a-c: Department of Agriculture judging team, January 1955 1955 January
14:4913a-c: Ramboullet portrait, Animal Husbandry 1955 January
14:4914a-c: Dress Rehearsal for "Telawney of the Wills" 1955 January
14:4915a-b: Dean Greaves and President Chase 1955 January
14:4916a-d: Campus Postoffice 1955 January
14:4917a-c: Campus Switchboard 1955 January
14:4918a-c: Winter Carnival Committee 1955 January
14:4919a-b: Joe LaBadie 1955 January
14:4920a-f: Ira Hayward 1955 January
14:4921a-e: Mr Hammer in college carpentry shop (taken to accompany a feature story) 1955 January
14:4922a-b: Dee A Broadbent at desk 1955 January
14:4924a-d: Boyd Mathias 1955 January
14:4925a-b: King Hendricks 1955 February
14:4926a-f: Carl Johnson, February 1955 1955 February
14:4927a-c: J Sam Bullen 1955 February
14:4928a-l: Lynetta Kunz 1955 January
14:4929a-b: Jeanette Winter 1942-1988
14:4930a-j: Ivan Huntsman 1942-1988
14:4931a-b: Thace Forestry foreign students 1955 January
14:4934a-c: Mary Beth Hawkes holding a half-sheered sheep 1955 January
14:4935a-j: Legislators 1955 January
14:4935k-n: Legislators 1955 January
14:4936a-d: Morris showing plan to landscape architecture students 1955 January
14:4937a-b: Talent show winners 1955 January
14:4938a-b: Crop improvement meetings in Rural Arts building 1955 February
14:4939a-b: Flowers in the Greenhouse 1955 February
14:4940a-c: Fletcher painting the mural in the Union Building 1955 January
14:4941a-b: Oil Painting 1955 February
14:4942a-c: Grinder, Agricultural Engineering 1942-1988
14:4943a-i: Winter Carnival advance activities 1955 February
14:4944a-b: Snow Carnival King and Queen candidates 1942-1988
14:4945a-d: Snow Sculptures 1955 February
14:4946a-b: Group of six sitting at a table for publicity 1955 February
14:4947a-b: Dr Porter and President Chase discussing a scholarship award 1955 February
14:4948a-c: Central Utah project map 1955 January
14:4949a-j: Aggiettes 1955 February
14:4950a-b: Buzzer staff from Ogden 1955 February
14:4951a-b: In the band room 1955 February
14:4953a-n: Teeth of sheep and cattle 1955 February
14:4954a-b: Elenore Burnett interviewing Dr Perry 1955 February
14:4955a-e: Action in the commerce department, large and small groups 1955 February
14:4956a-g: Groups of teachers and children in classrooms at the school 1955 February
14:4956h-o: Groups of teachers and children in classrooms at the school 1955 February
14:4957a: Action in a Physics Lab 1955 February
14:4958a-c: Students working in the Chemistry Lab, large and small groups 1955 February
14:4959a-h: Automotive Labs and Lectures in Action 1955 February
14:4961a-b: Debate Team 1955 February
14:4962a-k: Melvin J Greaves 1955 February
14:4963a-c: Owen Thompson 1955 February
14:4964a-c: Michel Hawie 1955 February
14:4965a-d: Mrs Larsen 1955 February
14:4966a-g: Richard Jones 1955 February
14:4967a-b: Norman Erekson 1955 February
14:4968a-i: Ivan Huntsman 1955 February
14:4969a-g: Ann Bues 1955 February
14:4970a-d: Kim Johnson 1955 February
14:4971a-b: N A Peterson dressed as Lincoln 1955 February
14:4972a-i: Wanda Oliverson 1942-1988
14:4973a-f: Cleve Milligan 1955 February
14:4974a-f: Rex E Robinson 1955 February
14:4975a-f: Stephen L Owens 1955 February
14:4976a-g: Pearl Budge 1955 February
14:4977a: William Edward Booker 1942-1988
14:4978a: Dennis Ecker 1955 February
14:4979a-k: Marilyn Jensen, 2-19-55 1955
14:4980a-i: Roma Neilson, 2-19-55 1955
14:4981a-k: Nancy Hansen, 2-19-55 1955
14:4981l-v: Nancy Hansen, 2-19-55 1955
14:4982a-b: Don Becker in opera costume 1942-1988
14:4983a-j: Junior Prom Queen contestants 1942-1988
14:4984a-c: Junior girls selling prom tickets to two boys 1955 February
14:4985a-c: Rawson Child and students in close-up action shots in the Tool Engineering Workshop 1955 February
14:4987a-f: Students and Mural at UB 1955 February
14:4990a-c: Winter Woodcraft class 1955 February
14:4992a-d: Opera Rehearsal "Hansel and Grettle" 1955 February
14:4993a-b: Loudspeakers over basketball floor 1955 March
14:4994a-b: Maps of USAC Campus 1955
14:4995a: Lambda Delta Sigma emblem 1955 March
14:4996a-f: Play Rehearsals "Guest in the House" (Theta Alpha Phi) 1955 February
14:4997a-c: Group of faculty members who hold LDS stake positions and bishoprics 1955 March
14:4998a-d: Rifle Team 1955 February
14:4999a-n: Openhouse Activities 1955 February
14:4999o-gg: Openhouse Activities 1955 February
14:5000a-d: Founders Day Alumni Assembly, Neuberger and W.G. Retirsonwere as principle speakers 1955 March
14:5001a-b: Small orchestra 1955 March
14:5002a-k: Opera publicity, Schicci 1942-1988
14:5002l-r: Opera publicity, Schicci 1942-1988
14:5003a-e: Fred Call 1955 February
14:5004a-b: Henry Middleton 1955 March
14:5005a-g: Paul Maeser 1955 February
14:5006a: Ozzie Cowles 1942-1988
14:5007a-b: Boyd Eddins 1955 March
14:5008a-l: Charles D Busch 1955 February
14:5009a-c: Ramond Peterson 1955 March
14:5010a-c: Kim Sedont 1955 March
14:5011a-f: Thelma Hatch 1955 March
14:5012a-d: Darwin Martell 1942-1988
14:5013a-b: Ronald E Gunther 1955 March
14:5014a-d: Jay Harrison 1955 March
14:5015a-e: Ivan Cornia 1955 March
14:5016a-h: Melcomian 1955 March
14:5017a-e: Nadine Roberts 1955 March
14:5018a-d: Shirley Allen 1955 March
14:5019a-b: Bert Allen examining a model lens made by Calvin Beck 1942-1988
14:5020a-c: KVSC Studio 1955 March
14:5021a-c: Chemistry students receiving awards 1955 May
14:5022a-b: Ted Karren presenting a scholarship award to Mary Lou Dalley from the Cache Chapter of the Alumni Association 1955 March
14:5023a-d: Paintings in the Main Hall 1955 March
14:5024a-b: Stokes and Smith studying some technical bulletins, taken in studio 1955 March
14:5025a-d: President Chase, Faunce, Baker, and Hunsaker posed in the fieldhouse with a football, basketball, etc, 1955 March
14:5027a-d: Kim Sedong (Korea), a skeleton, and Professor Linford Kim Sedong and a girl looking at a magazine 1955 March
14:5028a-e: Reese C Whitaker 1955 March
14:5029a-e: Joan Debloors 1942-1988
14:5030a-d: David Price 1955 March
14:5031a-f: George F Knowlton 1942-1988
14:5032a-h: Dorothy Lewis 1955 March
14:5032i-n: Dorothy Lewis 1955 March
14:5033a-d: Dorothy Ballif 1955 March
14:5034a-h: Glen Stringham 1955 March
14:5035a-d: Lorraine Christiansen 1955 March
14:5036a-h: Richard Beasley 1942-1988
14:5037a-h: Amelia Beecher 1955 April
14:5038a-e: JT Herrod 1955 April
14:5039a-d: Jim Erz 1955 April
14:5040a-d: Miss Una Vermillion at her desk 1942-1988
14:5041a-b: Elaine Schmutz 1955 April
14:5042a-b: Richard Magleby 1955 April
14:5043a-b: Vero Christensen 1955 March
14:5044a-b: George Tanner making costumes 1955 March
14:5045a-r: Marvin Green 1955 March
14:5046a-f: Ivan B Williamson, Brown, Hines, Meredith, Sams, Wahlquist (taken for summer school publicity) 1955 April
14:5047a-d: Helen Balls 1955 March
14:5048a-d: Dean S Arnold 1955 April
14:5049a-b: Eleanore Burnett interviewing Dr Gardner 1955 April
14:5050a-b: President Chase, Dan Turner, and two others transplanting a tree 1955 April
14:5051a-c: WAA Dance Contest publicity 1955 April
14:5052a-g: Agricultural Engineering meeting and banquet and officers 1955 April
14:5053a-c: Dr Vest, Dr Carlisle, and Dean Jacobson 1955 April
14:5054a-c: Distributing Senior Sweators in Old Main 1955 April
14:5055a-b: Two boys and girls with the Agathon Departmental Trophy 1955 April
14:5056a-b: Repairing tractors in the shop 1955 April
14:5057a-d: President Chase and Dean Carlisle visiting the Palmers 1955 March
14:5058a-c: Ed Rogers, Bert Bell, Dorothy Holmes, JoAnne Benson, and Shirl Knight in KVSC Studio 1955 April
15 15:5060a-m: Football players in action 1942-1988
15:5061a-m: Football players posed 1942-1988
15:5062a-k: Play Rehearsal "Hamlet" 1955 April
15:5063a-c: George Tanner and three girls in the Speech Department making plans for the Poetry Festival 1942-1988
15:5064a-b: Mrs Morgan and Tanner making costumes, 4-25-55 1955
15:5065a-c: Professor Elsworth and Mrs Stewart in the Hatch Room 1942-1988
15:5066a-c: Reimbursement Milk study at South Cache. Taken by Hoffman 1942-1988
15:5067a-c: Thorne, Taylor, and Morrill, the new text book and Cornell University scholarship winner 1942-1988
15:5069a-c: Awards Assembly 1955 May
15:5070a-d: President Chase and Hoffman who is valedictorian 1955 May
15:5071a: Professor Morris and Lynn Broadbent being honored at Awards Assembly, May 1955 1955
15:5072a-c: Three Forestry speakers at Forest Week Barbeque 1942-1988
15:5073a-b: Professor Clark and Boy Scouts and radar equipment 1942-1988
15:5074a-d: 1955 Student body officers 1955
15:5075a: Three people from Ogden working on Agathon, April 1955 1955
15:5076a-f: WAA Dance Contest publicity, April 1955 1955
15:5077a-c: Art Department Agathon display and students 1942-1988
15:5078a-c: Mary Beth Hawkes and "Hi" Queens, May 1955 1955
15:5079a-c: Professor Chase and a girl scholarship winner from Carbon College, April 1955 1955
15:5080a-d: Ground breaking for new dormitories, 4-25-55 1955
15:5081a-h: Hugh Barnes 1955 April
15:5082a-e: Dorothy Schick 1942-1988
15:5083a-d: Russell Johnson 1942-1988
15:5084a-b: Mrs RH Walker and Diana 1955 April
15:5085a-h: George Walker 1942-1988
15:5086a-h: Dale King 1942-1988
15:5087a-d: Ronald W Robins 1942-1988
15:5088a-e: Lin Cutler 1942-1988
15:5090a-j: Evelyn Dunn 1955 April
15:5091a-g: Lee Boath 1955 April
15:5093a-e: Joyce Wadsworth and Val Hess 1942-1988
15:5094a-f: Pete Sparreboom 1955 May
15:5095a-e: Ray Briscoe 1955 May
15:5096a-d: David Wilson 1955 May
15:5097a-d: Lynn Broadbent 1955 May
15:5098a-e: Earl Gillias 1955 May
15:5099a-k: Vella Mae Christensen 1942-1988
15:5100a-d: Francis Atkinson 1955 April
15:5101a-d: Ted Reynolds 1955 May
15:5102a-d: Hi Queen Contest, Agathon 1955 May
15:5103a-i: Miscellaneous Agathon 1955 May
15:5104a-b: Elenor Burnett Datwyler interviewing men at fish and game 1955 April
15:5105a-b: President Chase, Dr Richards, and graduation speaker 1942-1988
15:5106a-e: Institute, 5-29-55 1955
15:5107a-c: Pemm Club Officers, Marilyn Johns, Dick Carter, Ray Newey, and Clorice Johnson 1942-1988
15:5108a-g: Group of Foreign Students at the Irrigation Laboratory near First Dam 1955 May
15:5109a-b: Orchestra Soloists 1942-1988
15:5110a-k: Intramural Dance Review 1955
15:5110l-x: Intramural Dance Review 1955; 1955
15:5110Aa-j: Intramural Dance Contest proofs 1942-1988
15:5110Ak-r: Intramural Dance Contest proofs 1942-1988
15:5111a-e: Miss Utah State contestants 1942-1988
15:5112a-g: Intramural Dance Contest Awards 1955 May
15:5113a-b: Dr Walker with group 1942-1988
15:5114a-c: Walker, Milligan, and Bishop with Foreign Irrigation Project 1955 May
15:5115a-l: Coaches and staff. Taken by Blaser 1955 Aprill
15:5116a-b: Commerce Department Agathon display, 5-3-55 Taken by Glen Haddock 1955
15:5117a-c: M Men and Gleanor Award Banquet 1955 May
15:5118a-d: Larry Cole and students with electrical computor 1942-1988
15:5119a-c: Isaacson, President Chase, Thorpe, and Isaacson looking at Thorpe's painting of Isaacson 1955 May
15:5121a-b: Men's Intramural Staff 1942-1988
15:5122a-b: Ray Waters awarding the Intramural Award Trophy to the SAE Fraternity 1942-1988
15:5123a-f: Nursery School 1955 May
15:5124a-c: Family Group in Prefab 109 1942-1988
15:5125a-b: Intramural Banquet 1942-1988
15:5126a-k: Music Cavalcade 1942-1988
15:5126l-u: Music Cavalcade 1942-1988
15:5128a: Forestry burning of Paul Bunyan 1942-1988
15:5129a-c: Mural in Union Building, 6-2-55 1955
15:5130a-b: High school seniors at Agathon, 1955 1955
15:5131a-b: Chase and student wives 1955 May
15:5132a-c: Tool Engineering Banquet 1955 May
15:5133a-d: Women's Intramural staff and officers 1942-1988
15:5134a-f: Janis Reeves, 5-10-55 1955
15:5135a-f: Art Department Interior decoration displays at local furniture stores 1955 May
15:5136a-b: Forum on Sporting Goods 1955 May
15:5137a-g: Department Heads of Dairy and Agronomy 1955 May
15:5138a-b: Presentation of Certificates to Student Wives 1955 May
15:5139a-n: Luncheon for delegates and inaugural party 1955 June
15:5140a-k: Speakers at Baccalaureatte and Inaugural service 1955 June
15:5141a-e: Reception line after Inaugural Service 1955 June
15:5142a-j: Procession line from Old Main Close shot of President Chase, President McKay, etc. 1955 June
15:5143a-i: Speakers at Commencement 1955 June
15:5143j-n: Speakers at Commencement 1955 June
15:5144a-h: Overall shots of commencement 1955 June
15:5145a-b: Copy of an old campus picture 1942-1988
15:5146a-f: Microscopic picture of tissue 1955 June
15:5147a-b: Neuburger, Broadbent, and two guys from Employment Service 1955 June
15:5148a-b: Vocational Agricultural Officers 1955 June
15:5149a-c: Group of Vocational Agricultural Teachers 1955 June
15:5150a-g: Includes group and individual pictures of coaches Hunsaker, Gardner, Maughn, JB Williams, Fawnce, Nelson, Sorenson 1955 May
15:5150h-m: Includes group and individual pictures of coaches Hunsaker, Gardner, Maughn, JB Williams, Fawnce, Nelson, Sorenson 1955 May
15:5151a-d: Coaching School members drinking milk and Pepsi Cola 1942-1988
15:5152a: Professor Samuel A Kirke from University of Illinois 1942-1988
15:5153a-g: Jean Mortensen 1955 June
15:5154a-b: AJ Morris 1955 June
15:5155a-h: Udean Fellows Kay Fellows 1955 June
15:5155i-q: Udean Fellows Kay Fellows 1955 June
15:5156a-b: President Chase, Frichaudt, Walker, and extension worker who is retiring 1955 June
15:5157a-c: Lecturer on history with Dr Ricks and President Petersen 1955 June
15:5158a-c: Ronald Robins thesis work for Ag Ec 1955 June
15:5159a-b: Openhouse Queen Candidates 1942-1988
15:5160a-g: Vaughn Hansen passport photo 1942-1988
15:5161a-d: Veneta Nielsen 1955 June
15:5162a-h: L Grant Reese 1955 June
15:5164a-f: Members of LDS church on Experiment Farm 1955 June
15:5165a-d: Composite picture of Campus Construction Projects: Agricultural Science Building, Girls Dormitory, Boiler House, Metabolism Lab and Bull Barn, Curb and Gutter 1955 June
15:5166a-d: Modern Dancing Workshop: instructor Jeanette Scholtmann, Valena Myrick, Joyce Forrester, Helen Sanford, June Budge, Sharmeen Bell, Alene Broadbent 1955 June
15:5167a-h: PTA Convention, 4-25-55 1955
15:5168a-d: Industrial Arts Summer Workshop 1955 June
15:5169a-g: Campus Construction shots 1955 June
15:5169h-m: Campus Construction shots 1955 June
15:5170a-f: NB shots of Book Bindery, grading of Baseball Diamond, New Icecream Machine 1955 July
15:5172a-b: Aerial shots of Pea Patches at Greenville Farm 1955 June
15:5173a-h: Dr Frandsen 1955 July
15:5174a-g: Maxwell Edwards 1955 June
15:5175a-f: John Stewart 1955 June
15:5176a-f: Blair Hansen 1955 June
15:5177a-f: Robert Sorenson 1955 June
15:5178a-l: Hubert Smith 1955 July
15:5179a-d: Wallace J Vickers 1955 July
15:5180a-k: TV Booth 1955 July
15:5181a-i: Eldon Drake 1955 July
15:5183a-i: Parley Newman 1955 July
15:5184a-b: Newman club 1942-1988
15:5185a-c: Dr Cannon, President Chase, and Dr Lapp, visiting nuclear scientist 1942-1988
15:5186a-b: Professor Welti and group of singers 1955 July
15:5187a-d: Snow White Rehearsal 1942-1988
15:5188a-b: Two girls and display of pamphlets 1942-1988
15:5190Aa-c: Rug Exhibit 1955 August
15:5191a-c: Alfalfa Experiments (Carlson) 1955 July
15:5192a-g: Mr Carlson's alfalfa experiments 1955 July
15:5192h-p: Mr Carlson's alfalfa experiments 1955 July
15:5194a-b: Student Counciling 1955 August
15:5195a-d: Two girls with displays of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse 1955 July
15:5196a: Dr Carlisle and Dr Wapp, a visiting speaker 1955 August
15:5197a-e: Pi Kap House 1955
15:5198a: Dr. Glen Allen's Home 1955 August
15:5199a-j: Aldyth Thain 1955 August
15:5200a-i: Alladine Bell, Alan Swallow, Laura M Weber 1955 August
15:5201a-f: Winn James placement photo 1955 July
15:5202a-d: Dean and Mrs Culmsee passport photo 1955 August
15:5203a-e: LaWanna Hale, Blackfoot Idaho 1955 August
15:5204a-f: Dean Ellvert Himes 1955 August
15:5204g-l: Dean Ellvert Himes 1955 August
15:5205a-c: Knowlton 1955 August
15:5206a-h: Man with a ram 1955 August
15:5207a-b: Plants 1955 August
15:5208a-k: Flowers 1955 August
15:5211a-b: Miss Joan Barber and another man toasting some fruit juice 1955 August
15:5212a-c: Group of students seated in the Union Building lobby 1955 March
15:5214a-g: Inside Prefab Apartment #2210 1955 August
15:5214h-m: Inside Prefab Apartment #2210 1955 August
15:5215a-k: Black and white negatives made from colored slides of libraries throughout the state of Utah 1955 August
15:5216a-l: Black and white negatives made from colored slides of libraries throughout the state of Utah 1955 August
15:5217a-j: Chi Omega, Alpha Chi Omega, Kappa Delta 1955 August
15:5218a-h: Tool Engineer Lab 1955 August
15:5219a-c: Wheat (Donald Rasmussen) 1955 August
15:5220a-f: Boyd Mathias potato pits 1955 August
15:5221a-f: Boyd Mathias potato pits 1955 August
15:5222a-e: Calvin Price 1955 August
15:5224a-n: Marilyn Miller 1955 August
15:5225a-h: Boyd Mathias potato pits 1955 August
15:5226a-g: Shots of Student Union Building taken from roof of the Dairy Building 1955 August
15:5227a-c: President Chase and another man seated at a desk 1955 August
15:5228a-d: Lorna Mason and Cathey Cannon, Betty Reese 1955 August
15:5229a-d: VD Gardner and new faculty member to the school of business 1955 September
15:5230a-j: Football pictures for Athletic Publicity, 8-31-55 1955
15:5230k-s: Football pictures for Athletic Publicity, 8-31-55 1955
15:5231a-d: Ray Jackson placement portraits 1955 September
15:5232a-b: Eldone Drake, Marine identification 1955 September
15:5233a-d: Aerial of irrigation 1955 September
15:5234a-d: Irrigation ground 1955 September
15:5235Aa-b: Dr Richards and Mr Tidwell 1955 September
15:5236a: Betty Crocker Award 1955 September
15:5237a-b: Shot of visiting foreign student in president's office with President Chase, Mark Neuberger, and another lady 1955 September
15:5239a-i: Faculty chicken fry 1955 September
15:5240a-d: Awards presentaiton to Wassermann's pupils, Janice Hadderly and Rose Ann Cannon 1955 September
15:5241a-c: President Chase, Alma Sonie, and Hurren at faculty meeting, 9-19-55 1955
15:5242a-d: Faculty meeting, 9-19-55 1955
15:5243a-g: Soil testing devices (Taylor) 1955 September
15:5244a-b: Foreign students examining chickens with Dr Draper 1955 September
15:5245a-k: Mark Neuberger 1955 September
15:5246a: Rectal area of a kangaroo rat 1955 September
15:5247a-b: Frank D Bagley 1955 October
15:5248a-b: Freshman Orientation, 9-22-55 1955
15:5249a-d: Dean Williams outdoor party, 9-28-55 1955
15:5250a: Group of Yugoslavia with Professor Maughn 1955 October
15:5251a: Soil Testing device 1955 October
15:5253a-c: Student Body card mask 1955 October
15:5255a-b: Hybrid grass (Dr Boyle) 1955 October
15:5256a-d: Union Building groups for Lorna Mason 1955 October
15:5258a-e: Student Union Building Committees 1955 October
15:5259a: Summer Forestry Camp 1955 October
15:5260a: A man testing soil 1955 October
15:5262a-c: President Chase receiving old yearbooks and old Student Lifes 1955 October
15:5263a-d: Pictures of Nursery 1955 October
15:5264a-e: Pictures of Dr Walker and foreign students (Dr Draper) 1955 October
15:5265a-d: Pauline Schmidt's winning wool outfit 1955 October
15:5266a-h: Glen Haddock with a beard 1955 October
15:5266Ba-f: Glen Haddock missionary shots 1955 October
15:5267a-h: Mormon newspaper (John Stewart) 1955 October
15:5268a-c: Co-captains of football team, 10-10-55 1955
15:5269a-c: Football Team 1955 November
16 16:5270a-c: Children at the Fire Station (Dr Frandsen) 1955 October
16:5271a-c: Pictures of Nursery School (Eldon Drake) 1955 October
16:5272a-b: Judging Team (Larson) 1955 October
16:5273a-c: Stock Judging Team, 10-10-55 1955
16:5274a-h: Carl Frischknecht 1955 October
16:5276a-c: Everett Thorpe picture display 1955 October
16:5277a-f: Homecoming publicity for Blaser 1955 October
16:5278a-b: Extension Service (Elwood Shaffer) 1955 October
16:5279Aa-h: Children at Adams and Whittier School (Frandsen) 1955 October
16:5279Ba: Frandsen 1955 November
16:5280a-b: Judging Team (J Stewart) 1955 October
16:5281a-b: President Chase, Daniels, and Austrian forestry official 1955 October
16:5282a-b: Coaching Staff 1955 October
16:5283a-b: Theta Upsilon sorority house 1955 October
16:5284a-b: President Chase and 4H boy (John Stewart) 1955 October
16:5285a-f: McBride at Evening School 1955 October
16:5286a: Green Canyon 1955 October
16:5287a-b: Jesse Larsen and Dean Carlisle 1955 October
16:5288a-j: Drama Department's play 1955 October
16:5289a-d: Picture of Evelyn Lewis 1955 October
16:5290a-c: Stock Judging Team 1955 October
16:5291a-b: Harry Gourley 1955 October
16:5292a-l: Barley Samples taken in 1954 (Gardner) 1955 October
16:5294a: Professor Maughn and others 1955 October
16:5295a: Pictures for Frandsen's book on Psychology (Frandsen), PERSONAL 1955 October
16:5296a-f: Copy of technical information for photo class 1955 October
16:5297a-h: Copy of technical Information for photo class 1955 October
16:5298a-h: Arden Lauritzen application for medical school 1955 October
16:5300a-g: Pictures for Frandsen's book on Psychology (Frandsen), PERSONAL 1955 October
16:5301a-b: "Retarded children at Co-Op House" / Nursery (John Roderwick), PERSONAL 1955 November
16:5302a-d: Dennis Ecker 1955 October
16:5303a-c: Merlene Shields 1955 November
16:5304a-b: Three men looking at pamphlets in president's office 1955 November
16:5305a-c: Sue Simmons, shots for Athletic Queen 1955 November
16:5306a: Mosiah Hall (Carmen Fredrickson) 1955 November
16:5307a-b: Campus President's office, Copy of map of campus 1955
16:5308a-c: Norman Cannon 1955 November
16:5309a-e: Paintings in Ag Science Building 1955 November
16:5310a-b: Jeanne and Joanne, Collett twins 1955 November
16:5311a-c: Man with children (Don Carter) 1955 November
16:5312a-d: Intramural ping pong 1955 November
16:5313a-b: Wendell Anderson and student group, including two elected officers 1955 November
16:5314a-d: Stock Judging Team with Caine 1955 November
16:5315a-e: Dr Sigler, 10-27-55 1955
16:5316a-b: President Chase speaking in Rural Arts, 11-9-55 1955
16:5317a-b: Registrar Beecher at his desk 1955 November
16:5318a-i: Football pictures 1955 November
16:5319a-e: Football players, 11-9-55 1955
16:5320a-g: Freshmen football players 1955 November
16:5320h-p: Freshmen football players 1955 November
16:5321a-g: Shots of drama play 1955 November
16:5322a-b: Art Pictures 1955 November
16:5323a: Copied picture of Lowell Summer's daughter in her dancing costume 1955 November
16:5324a-d: Zinc Studies (RL Smith) 1955 November
16:5325a-j: High School Day, 11-5-55 1955
16:5326a-c: Kappa Sigma Formal Queens and Kappa Sigs with their dates (Desert News) 1955 November
16:5327a-c: Scholarship presentations 1955 November
16:5328a-g: Presidents Reception 1955 November
16:5329a-d: Iranian group 1955 November
16:5330a-e: Three men reading a paper (Don Jones) 1955 November
16:5331a-b: AJ Morris and man 1955 November
16:5332a-g: Men and women with fish (Hunsaker) 1953 September
16:5333a-b: Evy ME Stokes 1955 November
16:5335a-h: Drawings for book on Psychology (Frandsen), PERSONAL 1955 November
16:5336a-b: Corn ears Corn stalks 1955 November
16:5337a: Tribune articles for Annual report 1955 November
16:5339a-b: Turkey trophies to be awarded 1955 December
16:5340a-b: Morris application pictures 1955 December
16:5341a-d: President Chase, Dr Richards, and Elder Lee at Institute 1955 December
16:5342a-l: Basketball players in action 1955 November
16:5343a-k: Basketball players sitting on bench 1955 November
16:5343l-w: Basketball players sitting on bench 1955 November
16:5344a-c: Football players 1955 November
16:5345a-c: Students decorating for Christmas 1955 December
16:5347a-c: Wasserman's music group 1955 December
16:5348a-c: Dr Sigler and family, 11-28-55 1955
16:5349a-c: Dr Sigler 1955 December
16:5350a-c: J Howard Maughn in graduation gown President and Counselors of New England Mission poster PERSONAL 1942-1988
16:5351a-c: Coach Booth 1942-1988
16:5352a-b: Coach Gardner 1942-1988
16:5353a-d: Kermit Haderlie 1942-1988
16:5354a-c: Coach Sorenson 1942-1988
16:5355a-b: T.L. Swainston 1942-1988
16:5356a-b: Don Wooley application pictures 1942-1988
16:5359a-e: Dr Knowlton and his staff pointing out different things of interest 1955 December
16:5360a-c: Mrs Neilson 1956 January
16:5361a-l: Delore Nichols 1956 January
16:5362a-b: Mr Neuberger Mr Salisbury 1956 January
16:5363a-n: Evening School 1956 January
16:5364a-e: Whittier United Nation's Day, 10-24-55 1955
16:5365a-b: Mrs Shaw, Whittier School 1956 January
16:5366a-f: Leonard Arrington 1956 January
16:5367a-h: George Elsworth 1956 January
16:5368a-e: Annette Hansen 1956 January
16:5369a-e: Black and white negatives of colored slides (Bennett) 1956 January
16:5370a: Mouth opening device for checking elk teeth (Dr Low) 1956 January
16:5371Aa-v: New girls dorms under construction 1955
16:5371Ba-e: Aerials of new girls dorms 1955
16:5371Ca: New girls dorms 1955
16:5372a-i: Mrs Harrison 1956 January
16:5373a-h: Dancing couple, Lyle LaPray and girl 1956 January
16:5374a-b: Sugar Beet Root patterns 1956 January
16:5375a: Table of digestibility at different stages of growth in introducing wheat grasses 1956 January
16:5376a-c: Professor Gerber and Professer Joan Barber in kitchen 1956 January
16:5377a-b: President Chase's son, 1-20-56 1956
16:5379a-b: Refrigerator and aerial of farm wheelbarrows 1956 January
16:5381a: Dr and Mrs Christiansen Cold Storage 1942-1988
16:5385a-d: Floyd Holmes 1956 January
16:5386a-k: Frank Stott 1956 January
16:5387a-f: SS Fehmi 1956 January
16:5388a-k: Lorrayne Barker 1956 January
16:5389a-d: Lowell Summers and family 1956 January
16:5390a-d: Lois Morrison 1956 January
16:5391a-b: T-J Building: English offices and classrooms 1955 December
16:5392a-d: Carol Ann Barlow 1956 February
16:5393a-b: Group in Education office with NEA news 1956 February
16:5394a-e: Dean Wilding 1956 February
16:5395a: Former President EG Peterson and official by a snowmobile 1956 February
16:5396a-d: Display charts in Welding Department (Mr Jeppsen) 1956 February
16:5398a-b: Summer Trips and students for Dean Jacobsen 1956 February
16:5399a-d: Richard Hazen 1956 February
16:5400a-c: Owen Linsley 1942-1988
16:5401a-b: Geoffrey T Bench 1956 February
16:5402a-d: Aubrey Griffin 1956 February
16:5403a-d: Ross Bulkey 1956 February
16:5404a-d: Enid Bird application photo 1956 February
16:5405a-e: Maxine Greenwood 1956 February
16:5406a-d: Mrs King placement picture 1956 February
16:5407a-d: Margene Mitton 1956 February
16:5408a-b: Vermilla D Salunkhe passport picture chart 1956 February
16:5409a-e: Mark Wells 1956 February
16:5410a-e: Wassermann 1956 February
16:5411a: Coaches from other colleges: A Rupp and John Cooper 1942-1988
16:5412a: Students sampling strawberries (Nortan) 1942-1988
16:5413a: Two children playing with carpentry tools 1942-1988
16:5414a: Plaque for newspaper award 1942-1988
16:5415a-b: Covered wagon snow sculpture with students (Haroldsen) 1956 March
16:5416a-e: Covered Wagon snow sculpture (Haroldsen) 1956 March
16:5417a-b: Long wool sheep 1956 March
16:5419a-b: Publicity shots for military ball 1956
16:5420a-b: "The Affairs of Anatol" 1956 March
16:5421a-f: Play at Lyric Theatre 1956 February
16:5422a-k: Opera 1956
16:5422l-u: Opera 1956
16:5422v-bb: Opera 1956
16:5423a-c: Journalism class Annual Luncheon 1956 February
16:5424a-m: Journalism students for Journalism brochure 1956 March
16:5425a-c: Journalism students looking at Student Life (John Stewart) 1956 March
16:5426a-h: Agathon (Eldon Drake), 3-21-56 1956
16:5427a-k: Wrestling Teams and winners, 3-3-56
16:5427l-r: Wrestling Teams and winners, 3-3-56 1956
16:5428a-o: Action shots of basketball players 1956 March
16:5429a: Group shot of coaches 1956 March
16:5430a: Coach 1956 March
16:5431a-b: Valena Myrick's dance production 1956 March
16:5432a-f: Adams School children dancing (Frandsen) 1956 March
16:5433a-g: Dolores Barlow 1956 March
16:5434a-b: Rodney Coster placement photo 1956 March
16:5435a-c: Groutage and Harrison 1956 March
16:5436a-d: Mary Daley, 3-20-56 1956
16:5437a-e: Helen Harris 1956 March
16:5438a-h: Karl Lindburg, 3-6-56 1956
16:5439a-d: Russel Moyes placement photo 1956 March
16:5440a-f: Florence Papageorge application 1956 March
16:5441a-b: Eva Stokes citizenship photo 1956 March
16:5442a-d: Unknown placement picture 1956 March
16:5443a-f: Lois Christiansen placement picture, 3-22-56 1956
16:5444a-k: Junior M Men Tournament 1942-1988
16:5444l-w: Junior M Men Tournament 1942-1988
16:5444Ba-k: Basektball tournament 1956 March 15-17
16:5444Bl-u: Basektball tournament 1956 March 15-17
16:5444Bv-ii: Basektball tournament 1956
16:5445a-d: Girls looking at trophy for dance contest 1956 March
16:5446a: Close-up of a skiier 1956 March
16:5447a-d: Donna Kearl placement picture, 3-22-56 1956
16:5448a-c: Vernice Hillyard 1956 March
16:5449a-c: Gerald Gates 1956 March
16:5450a-c: Globe of the World 1956 March
16:5451a-c: Ben Mortensen placement photo, 3-21-56 1956
16:5452a-d: Knowlton in studio, 3-21-56 1956
16:5453a-d: Stephen Coleman 1956 April
16:5454a-c: Ev Thorpe 1956 April
16:5455a-c: Robert Norton 1956 April
16:5456a-c: Wilma Larsen, 3-27-56 1956
16:5457a-c: Agathon Publicity (Drake) 1956 April
16:5458a-f: Myron W Thompson placement pictures, 3-22-56 1956
16:5459a-b: Copy of Mexican Exploding volcano picture 1942-1988
16:5460a-e: Group shots in Herald Journal office (John Stewart) 1956 April
16:5461a-g: Frank G Bingham 1956 April
16:5461h-m: Frank G Bingham 1956 April
16:5462a-f: Jefferson Eastman 1956 April
16:5465a-d: James Burnett 1956 April
16:5466a-e: James Burnett 1956 April
16:5467a-h: Election posters 1956 April
16:5468a-h: President Chase, Mrs Chase, President and Mrs Chase 1956 April
16:5469a-e: Charts of machine tools 1956 April
16:5471a-d: Group shot (Eldon Drake) 1956 April
16:5472a-d: Girls with trophy (Lois Downs), 4-18-56 1956
16:5473a: Blue Key Officers (Eldon Drake) 1956 April
16:5474a-d: Two couples dancing in UB Ballroom Fashion shots of girls in UB lounge 1956 April
16:5475a-c: Jerry Lyrrel, 4-18-56 1956
16:5476a-d: Carolyn Kunz 1956 April
16:5477a-b: JD Carson, 4-18-56 1956
16:5478a-c: Journalism class seated around table (J Stewart) 1956 April
16:5479a-f: "Love's Labor Lost," (Vosco Call) 4-18-56 1956
16:5480a-f: Group shots of men at night school 1956 April
16:5481a-d: Jay Campbell 1956 April
16:5482a-g: Maricus Lay, 4-17-56 1956
16:5483a-d: Joyce Wadsworth 1956 April
16:5484a-g: Portraits of Journalism students for brochure 1956 April
16:5484h-m: Portraits of Journalism students for brochure 1956 April
16:5485a-k: Students for Journalism Brochure 1956 April
16:5486a-g: Portrait of Haroldson for John Stewart 1956 April
16:5490a-b: Hansen seated at broadcasting desk, student 1956 May
16:5491a-k: Dance contest groups for Agathon Committee Groups 1956 May
16:5491l-r: Dance contest groups for Agathon Committee Groups 1956 May
16:5492a-b: Girl holding blue ribbon in front of canned fruit 1956 May
16:5493a-j: Assembly during Agathon (Leavitt) 1956 May
16:5494a-d: Agathon Committee 1956 May
16:5495a-d: Girls running for Agathon Queen, 4-18-56 1956
16:5496a-e: Candidate for Miss Utah State '56 in Bathing Suits 1956 May
16:5497a-f: Margaret Thompson, 5-4-56 1956
16:5498a-g: Bonita Andrus, 5-4-56 1956
16:5499a-h: Small fruit pictures 1956 May
16:5500a-b: Presenting dance contest winners with trophy 1956 May
16:5502a-f: College Dance band 1956 May
16:5503a-b: Aircraft Cutaway 1956 May
16:5504a-b: Photograph of bottles containing chemically treated and non-chemically treated specimans 1956 May
16:5505a-d: Gaylan Clark passport photo 1956 May
16:5506a-g: Cleo Larsen 1956 May
16:5507a-j: Mr and Mrs Skaebelund passport photos 1956 May
16:5508a-k: Lorraine Howard 1956 May
16:5509a-b: Joe McTague 1956 May
17 17:5510a-g: Salley Roundy 1956 May
17:5511a-g: Hi-Queens, 5-4-56 1956
17:5512a-j: 4H Breakfast 1956 May
17:5513a-v: Miss Utah State 1956 May
17:5514a-e: Melvin Luthey, 5-12-56 1956
17:5515a-h: Barbara Wagstaff, 5-7-56 1956
17:5516a-h: Ann Simmons, 5-12-56 1956
17:5517a-c: Professor Hunsaker, Physical Education 1956 May
17:5518a-e: Copies of visiting Athletic coaches, copied 1955
17:5519a-d: Tennis players in dressing room Wrestling team in dressing room 1956 May
17:5522a: Snow Carnival 1956
17:5523a-d: Earl Tutte application picture, 12-6-55 1955
17:5524a-d: Lloyd Holmes 1956 May
17:5525a-c: Mrs Madsden and women at LDS Hospital 1956 May
17:5526a: Soil sampler 1956 May
17:5528a-d: Publicity for Military Ball 1956 May
17:5529a-h: Pat Thomas 1956 May
17:5530a-g: Cows by charts 1956 May
17:5531a-h: Intramural Banquet 1956 Spring
17:5532a-g: Cows by charts 1956 May
17:5533a-d: Children and mothers at Bonneville school 1956 May
17:5534a-b: Raspberry Cuttings 1956 May
17:5537a-f: Gayle Probst bad photo 1956 May
17:5538a-l: Gayle Probst good photo 1956 June
17:5539a-h: Sharon Taylor 1956 June
17:5540a-c: Vaunda Oliverson graduation pictures 1956 June
17:5541a-h: Pauline Sato, 5-28-56 1956
17:5542a-h: Lorna Mason and trophies 1956 June
17:5543a-d: Landscape shots (Carlson) 1956 June
17:5545a-j: Slides of kitchen cabinets (Mrs Taylor, Experiment Station) 1956 June
17:5546a-f: Cabinets in kitchen (Mrs Taylor) 1956 June
17:5547a-h: Home Economics Department Agathon displays 1956 June
17:5548a-h: Progress shots of girls dorms 1956 June
17:5549a-n: Action shots and groups of senior PE Majors (Lois Downs) 1956 June
17:5550a-b: Women's Intramural Officers (Downs) 1956 June
17:5551a-h: Buzzer negatives, Cold Storage 1953-1954
17:5551i-k: Buzzer negatives, Cold Storage 1953-1954
17:5551l-o: Buzzer negatives, Cold Storage 1953-1954
17:5551p-r: Buzzer negatives, Cold Storage 1953-1954
17:5552a-d: Parade 1957
17:5553a-f: Foods 1956 June
17:5554a-i: WW Smith and his wife talking at the pulpit 1956 June
17:5555a-n: Margaret Naegle 1956 June
17:5556a-m: Alvin Carpenter and family 1956 June
17:5556n-hh: Alvin Carpenter and family 1956 June
17:5557a-k: Nancy Adams placement bureau 1956 June
17:5557l-y: Nancy Adams placement bureau 1956 June
17:5558a-c: Richard Stokes 1956 June
17:5559a-k: Albert Kimber, 4-17-56 1956
17:5560a-j: Bob Bockmore placement 1956 June
17:5561a-c: Vocational Agriculture Teachers, 6-14-56 1956
17:5562a-f: Pea Plots (Haddock) 1956 June
17:5563a-d: Dairy Industry 1956 June
17:5565a-d: Tomatoes in Lab (Thorne) 1956 June
17:5567a-b: Girls dorm 1955 Summer
17:5568a-b: Seedlings (Dr Peterson), 7-2-56 1956
17:5569a-n: Metabolism Lab (Raleigh) 1956 July
17:5569o-z: Metabolism Lab (Raleigh) 1956 July
17:5569aa-kk: Metabolism Lab (Raleigh) 1956 July
17:5570a-j: Experiments set up in Forestry Building (Tom Taylor) 1956 July
17:5571a-m: Flowers in studio (Riethmann) 1956 July
17:5573a-d: Two girls walking up path at Adams school 1956 July
17:5575Aa-f: Winter 1956
17:5575Ba-d: Winter 1956
17:5575Ca-f: Winter 1956
17:5577a-d: Dean Hurd, portrait for Bluebook 1956 August
17:5578a-d: Ervin Wasserman 1942-1988
17:5579a-h: Ray Waters 1956 August
17:5580a-k: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), many duplicates 1942-1988
17:5580l-z: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), many duplicates 1942-1988
17:5580aa-mm: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), many duplicates 1942-1988
17:5581a-k: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), some duplicates 1942-1988
17:5581l-z: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), some duplicates 1942-1988
17:5581aa-mm: Estates and villas and cities (Landscape Architecture), some duplicates 1942-1988
17:5582a-b: People sampling free juice in cafeteria 1942-1988
17:5583a-f: Seedlings (Dr Peterson) 1956 July
17:5584a-f: Poison Weeds (Dr Binns) 1942-1988
17:5585a-h: Fruit Fly Culture Material (E Gardner) 1942-1988
17:5586a-i: Students working in Union Building 1942-1988
17:5588a-b: Snow College CSU Campus 1942-1988
17:5589a: Sign of Clean Up Instructions for student labs 1942-1988
17:5590a-b: Diode and Transistor charts (Jones) 1942-1988
17:5591a-b: Diane Hansen PERSONAL 1942-1988
17:5592a-c: HB Hunsaker PERSONAL 1942-1988
17:5593a-d: Walker in Agriculture Office, 10-9-56 1956
17:5594a-b: Agricultural Leadership School 1942-1988
17:5595a-e: Agricultural Statistical Lab 1942-1988
17:5597a-n: Offices and workers in Agricultural Science, October 1956 1956
17:5598a: Copy of school song 1942-1988
17:5599a-h: "Desire Under the Elms" 1956 October 10-13
17:5600a-j: Dr Knowlton and one of his foreign students, Korin Goodraz 1956 October
17:5601a-b: Reginald Ron, 9-26-56 1956
17:5602a-h: VD Gardner PERSONAL 1942-1988
17:5603a-f: DR Thorne PERSONAL 1942-1988
17:5604a-d: Gayland Robinson, 10-29-56 1956
17:5605a-e: Unidentified student 1956 October
17:5606a-h: Ben Croff 1956 October
17:5607a-d: "Madame Butterfly" cast in studio (Welti) 1956 October
17:5608a-i: Bank and field shots, soil testing, Project 253 (Dr Thorne) 1956 October
17:5609a-f: Ag-Science Building 1956 October
17:5610a-c: Children at Whittier School working on Halloween blackboard (Arden Frandson) 1956 October
17:5611a-b: Children testing cookies they made (Dr Frandsen) 1956 October
17:5612a: Kalae's husband 1956 October
17:5613a-l: Science class set-ups, Summer School (Tom Taylor) 1956 October
17:5614a-n: Science class set-ups, Summer School (Tom Taylor) 1956 October
17:5615a-j: Wrestling at noon in fieldhouse Wrestling champs (Mendni) 1956 November
17:5616a-j: Aerial of campus, 11-27-56 1956
17:5617a-d: Dog eating chickens (Dr Draper) 1956 November
17:5618a-c: Varsity Football Team (Coach Faunce) 1956 November
17:5619a-f: Flowers (Rithman) 1956 November
17:5621a-b: Potato growth disturbance (Haddock) 1956 November
17:5623a-d: Kay Campbell discharge papers PERSONAL 1942-1988
17:5624a-g: Varsity Football Members 1956 November
17:5625a-h: Experimental Kangaroo Rates (Pfeiffer) 1956 November
17:5626a-e: Edward Hunt 1956 November
17:5627a-e: Bert Wilcox 1956 November
17:5628a-l: Ben Lindsay 1956 November
17:5629a-d: Ronald Doney, 11-17-56 1956
17:5630a-g: Robert Harrison 1956 November
17:5631a-f: Dean Wilson 1956 November
17:5632a-h: Carl Swainston 1956 November
17:5633a-f: MA Sehart 1956 November
17:5634a-f: Donald May 1956 November
17:5635a-d: Clyde R Smith 1956 November
17:5636a-e: Reed Bunker 1956 November
17:5637a-d: Norman Tanner 1956 November
17:5638a-h: Laurn Beutler 1956 November
17:5639a: Unidentified boy, picture taken for application 1956 November
17:5640a-h: Varo Hutchinson 1956 November
17:5641a-j: Dr Cook 1956 November
17:5642a-d: Bone showing Fluerosis? Deposit 1956 November
17:5643a-c: Range Management Cook 1956 November
17:5644a-c: John Rochroll Frank Mcguire Church Taylor Athletic photos (HB Hunsaker) 1956 December
17:5645a-b: SAE group in front of their house 1956 November
17:5646a-c: Mens and Womens intramural leaders (Newspaper publicity) 1956 November
17:5647a-g: John Eby missionary photos 1956 December
17:5648a-d: Messiah pageant at Tabernacle, 12-12-56 1956
17:5650a-b: Medal (Dr Shupe) 1956 November
17:5651a-k: Aerials of Southern Idaho Area (Williams) 1956 November
17:5652a: Micrograph, 11-17-56 1956
17:5655a-d: Machinery Devices in greenhouse, Project 456 (Herman Wiebe) 1956 December
17:5656a-f: Landscape Architecture; Base for casting of USAC Relief Map 1956 December
17:5657a-c: Men in Union Building lounge (McBride) 1956 December
17:5658a-g: Independent and sorority winners of softball and volleyball 1956 December
17:5659a: Dale Nelson and others at ski area with skis 1956 December
17:5660a: Mask for football team with lettering, etc 1956 December
17:5662a-j: Knowlton in his office 1956 December
17:5663a-e: Dr Knowlton, 12-11-56 1956
17:5666a-g: Heiney family portrait 1956 December
17:5667a-e: Paul R Olson 1956 December
17:5668a-f: Nephi Patton 1956 December
17:5669a-cc: "The Would-Be Gentleman" 1956 November
17:5674a-i: Engine model in automotive lab 1956 January
17:5675a-n: Paul Olson 1942-1988
17:5676a-h: Sheep (Raleigh) 1942-1988
17:5677a-f: Mrs Scott, Practice Teaching Home Economics at NCHS, 12-16-56 1956
17:5679a-e: Don Gowans 1942-1988
17:5680a-b: Three men by machines 1942-1988
17:5682a-e: President Chase, 1-13-57 1957
17:5683a-d: Milligan, Engineering, 1-7-57 1957
17:5684a-c: Industral Arts Education Department 1942-1988
17:5686a-f: Elaine Kirkman application 1942-1988
17:5688a-g: Model of Campus made for display in Salt Lake 1957 January
17:5690a: Downata Hot Springs (Geology) 1957 February
17:5691a-f: Technique class, recreation class in gym 1957 February
17:5693a-d: Clarence Bagley 1957 February
17:5694a-e: Clayton J Holt, 1-30-57 1957
17:5695a-j: Barbara Benson, 2-5-57 1957
17:5696a-b: Group of men planning for LDS basketball activities 1957 February
17:5697a-h: CD Burke 1942-1988
17:5698a-c: Group of singers and piano and violin players 1942-1988
17:5699a-f: Thad Kirkman, 2-5-57 1957
17:5700a-h: Lloyd Hall 1957
17:5702a-d: Keith Carter 1957
17:5703a-e: Ralph T Evans, 2-4-57 1957
17:5704a-l: "All Wilderness 1942-1988
17:5706a-z: "Madame Butterfly" (Welti) 1942-1988
17:5707a-h: John Olsen 1957 January
17:5708a-d: Dr Roos, January 1957 1957
17:5709a-e: Agathon Committee 1957 January
18 18:5710a-b: Darrell Loosle 1957 February
18:5712a-e: Burl Bushman, 2-5-57 1957
18:5713a-e: Ronald Bodily, 2-7-57 1957
18:5714a-e: Sterling Lowe, 2-5-57 1957
18:5715a-d: Reed Hill Thatcher 1957 February
18:5716a-e: Dean Hammer 1957 February
18:5717a-e: George Kirkland 1957 February
18:5718a-f: Kathleen Stoddard application 1957 February
18:5719a-g: Orchestra (Welti), 2-8-57 1957
18:5720a-e: Richard Margetts 1957 February
18:5721a-e: Edgel 1957 February
18:5722a-d: Norman Leatham 1957 February
18:5723a-c: Dan Hess 1957 February
18:5724a-d: Kurt Olsen 1957 February
18:5726a-h: Barley Heads (Eldon Gardner), 2-16-56 1957
18:5727a: Sign of "Random Sample Tests", 2-4-57 1957
18:5729a-h: Clayton Heiney, 2-20-57 1957
18:5730a-g: Mrs Mays, North Logan, 12-20-56 1957
18:5731a-c: Campus (Israelsen) 1957 February
18:5731Aa-e: Jay Chaumen 1957 February
18:5732a-g: Various activity shots at Open House, MIA 1957 March
18:5732h-o: Various activity shots at Open House, MIA 1957 March
18:5733a-c: Open House winners Hawaiian Club Independent League 1957
18:5734a: Dale Nelson 1957 March
18:5735a: Lamborne family group 1957 March
18:5736a-h: Beet Samples (McAllister) 1957 March
18:5737a-d: A man and a woman 1957 March
18:5739a-d: Mendini 1957 March
18:5741a-d: Barley seedlings (Gardner) 1957 March
18:5742a-l: Dave Kirby 1957 March
18:5743a-j: Basil Hansen 1957 March
18:5744a-g: Betty Hyer 1957 March
18:5746a-e: John Allred 1942-1988
18:5747a-h: Shirleen Hammer 1957 March
18:5748a-d: Anna Lefevre, PERSONAL 1957 March
18:5749a-e: Mary Vollman, PERSONAL 1957 March
18:5750a-d: Grain (Gardner) 1957 March
18:5754a-b: Kurt Olsen, 2-12-57 1957
18:5756a-b: Byron Snow 1957 March
18:5759a-e: Ed Oicarson? 1957 February
18:5760a-g: Dawn Hansen, 2-28-57 1957
18:5761a-i: Don Wadley 1957 March
18:5762a-d: Joyce Tanner, PERSONAL 1957 March
18:5763a-j: Alice Bingham 1942-1988
18:5764a-e: Ruth Peterson 1942-1988
18:5765a-f: Beverly Pearson 1942-1988
18:5767a-d: Hyer, 3-7-57 1957
18:5768a: "Old Main" (TV Program) 1957 March
18:5769a-e: Tom Ramage, 2-28-57 1957
18:5770a-d: Freshman football Team 1956 Fall
18:5772a-d: Ruth Peterson 1942-1988
18:5773a-b: Mrs Mays 1942-1988
18:5778a-d: Mrs Lamnit Teuller, 3-23-57 PERSONAL 1957
18:5779a-e: Jim Murphy, 2-4-57 1957
18:5780a-e: Dee Handy 1957 April
18:5781a-b: Rats, 3-10-57 1957
18:5782a-b: Group of Agriculture people in Rural Arts building 1957 April
18:5783a: Highly magnified cells 1957 April
18:5784a-k: Basketball Teams, All church Jr. Men Tournament 1957
18:5784l-v: Basketball Teams, All church Jr. Men Tournament 1957
18:5784w-gg: Basketball Teams, All church Jr. Men Tournament 1957
18:5784hh-vv: Basketball Teams, All church Jr. Men Tournament 1957
18:5785a-b: Three girls by Greyhound bus (ROTC Week) 1957 April
18:5786a-b: Sponsors leaving for Washington DC 1957 April
18:5788a-d: Roskelly (Blaser) 1957 April
18:5790a-f: Stan Richardson, 4-12-57 1957
18:5791a-b: New School Seal "Utah State University" 1957 April
18:5792a-c: Wheat heads (Dewey) 1957 April
18:5794a-b: Kidney (Binns) 1957 April
18:5796a-d: Agathon Committee and 1956 Hi Queen, 4-11-57 1957
18:5797a-b: Model of Park made by Landscape Architecture 1957 April
18:5798a-b: Agathon workers in Union Building 1957 April
18:5799a: Two women playing Ping-Pong 1957 April
18:5800a-b: Girls in Kappa Delta house, Cold Storage 1957 April
18:5801a-f: Group in front of Union Building Deanne Gardner and boys on stage Two couples dancing 1957 April
18:5802a-g: John Godard 1957 April
18:5803a-f: Ken Sorenson 1957 April
18:5804a-e: Arden Lauritzen, Transport-Navy picture 1957 April
18:5805a-h: Grant Olsen 1957 April
18:5806a-d: Erick Hansen application, 4-18-57 1957
18:5807a-e: Joe Calder 1957 April
18:5808a-i: Marian Larsen, 3-16-57 1957
18:5809a-d: Evan Murray 1957 April
18:5810a-d: Darrington 1957 April
18:5811a-b: Plant leaves Chart (Human Wiebe) 1957 May
18:5812a-c: Barley seedlings (Gardner) 1957 May
18:5813a-h: Portraits (Blaser), Cold Storage 1957 May
18:5814a-h: Delis Christensen (Culmsee) 1957 May
18:5815a-e: Paulene J Cahoon 1957 May
18:5816a-h: John Carter, 4-28-57 1957
18:5817a-e: Ezra Smith, 4-25-57 1957
18:5818a-d: Three letters and a telegram 1957 May
18:5819a-h: Orchestra on the Capitol theatre stage 1957 May
18:5820a-f: Charts for glass slides (Gardner) 1957 May
18:5821a-b: Raspberry cuttings (Max Williams thesis work) 1957 May
18:5822a-d: Judging of meat at Safeway's during Agathon 1957 May
18:5823a-g: PE display for Agathon 1957 May
18:5824a-d: Airplane displays 1957 May
18:5825a-e: Beaver Bones (J Low) 1957 May
18:5826a-f: President McKay and other officials in front of Research building 1957 May
18:5826Aa-h: President Chase and President McKay in Chase's home, 4-15-57 1957
18:5826Ai-p: President Chase and President McKay in Chase's home, 4-15-57 1957
18:5827a-c: Landscape Architecture color pictures 1957 May
18:5829a-b: Annette Maughan receiving military awards during Agathon (Libbie Maughan) 1957 May
18:5830a: President Chase and MrNeuberger reviewing officers, Agathon 1957 May
18:5833a-m: Boyd Brown 1957 May
18:5834a-b: Kent Hansen 1957 May
18:5835a-j: Diane Hansen in cap and gown 1957 May
18:5836a-c: Ross Bulkley 1957 May
18:5839a-c: Sonja Harris 1957 June
18:5840a-b: Elijha leads 1957 June
18:5841a-f: Homer LeBaron thesis 1957 June
18:5842a-f: Wilma Pulsipher, 5-27-57 1957
18:5843a-j: Owen Holyoak, 5-24-57 1957
18:5845a-c: Displays in Whittier School (Mrs Shaw) 1957 June
18:5846a-g: President Chase's son in uniform 1957 June
18:5847a: Marie Holt 1957 May
18:5848a-f: Small animal cages and feeding devices (Harris) 1957 June
18:5853a-l: Turkey farm (Draper) 1957 June
18:5854a-d: Barley heads (Rulon Alberechtsen thesis), 5-27-57 1957
18:5855a-b: Extension Classes on woodwork, 2-20-57 1957
18:5856a-c: Plane in shop (Buntine) 1957 July
18:5857a-d: Woman (Steve Brower) 1957 July
18:5860a-c: Drivers Training Group General Motors display (Owen Slaugh) 1957 July
18:5861a-i: Draper 1957 July
18:5862a-i: Kent Hansen in cap and gown, 5-24-57 1957
18:5863a-l: Diane Hansen in cap and gown, 3-27-57 1957
18:5864a-h: Mrs Nyman, 6-19-57 1957
18:5865a-b: Lynn H Davis (Burgoyne) 1957 July
18:5866a-b: President Chase, county commissioners, etc (David Burgoyne) 1957 July
18:5867a-b: Group at Chemistry Institute (Harris O VanArden) 1957 July
18:5870a-e: Utah State Summer Theater 1957 July
18:5871a-d: Light tower installation (John Stewart) 1957 July
18:5872a-g: Modification on plane landing gear (L Summers) 1957 August
18:5873a-f: Thelma Herber (Friechnickt) 1957 August
18:5874a-f: Mr and Mrs AE Bowman passport pictures 1957 August
18:5875a-c: Nancy K Burteson 1957 August
18:5876a-p: John Stewart's children 1957 July
18:5877a-d: Ruthe R Burg and daughter, passport pictures 1957 August
18:5878a-d: Karl Kloges 1957 August
18:5880a-e: Aerial of Bear River High School 1957 August
18:5882a-c: Group pictures of Ag teachers (Richardsen) 1957 August
18:5883a-d: Button Hold shot made of a suit (John Stewart) 1957 August
18:5884a-c: Mrs Logan at Library 1957 August
18:5885a-b: Works and distribution system of Gunnison Co 1957 August
18:5888a-g: John K Woad (Culmsee) 1957 August
18:5890a-f: Lee B Steinquist and family 1957 July
18:5892a-p: Morris' House (John Stewart) 1957 August
18:5893a-m: Barbara Benson and her husband and baby in cap and gown 1957 September
18:5894a-b: Gaylia Wooley 1957 September
18:5895a-l: Casiel D Burke identification, family, and passport photos 1957 September
18:5896a-g: Russell Davis 1957 September
18:5897a-g: CI Draper's children and birthday cake 1957 September
18:5898Aa-b: Practice House 1957 August
18:5898Ba: Edith Bowen Elementary School 1957
18:5898Ca-c: Utah Scientific Research Building 1957
18:5898Da: Amphitheater 1957 August
18:5899a: Davis Food Market, green stamps (Mrs Harrison) 1957 September
18:5900Aa-b: Farm Mechanic Shops and Hydraulic Tank, later known as Utah Scientific Research Shops 1957 August
18:5900Ba-k: Dairy Farm apartments and milking parlor Old Milk Barn Three dairy units 1957 August
18:5900Ca: Poultry Farm headquarters and lab Poultry Farm Residence and labPoultry Farm mill and grain storage garage Poultry Farm Laying houses Poultry Farm Brooding house 1957
18:5900Da: Animal Research Area 1957 August
18:5900Ea: Shed in North Logan 1942-1988
18:5900Fa-b: Animal Pens 1942-1988
18:5901Aa-b: Sheep Barns 1957 August
18:5901Ba-b: Hog Shed 1957 August
18:5901Ca-d: Metabolism Lab 1957 August
18:5901Da-b: Old Cow Barns 1957 August
18:5901Ea-b: Poultry Farm 1957
18:5901Fa-b: Poultry Farm 1957
18:5901Ga-b: Poultry Farm 1957
18:5902a-b: LDS Institute front and east sides 1957 October
18:5903a: Drawing of men's dorms (DC Dix) 1957 September
18:5904Aa: Stadium 1942-1988
18:5904Ba-b: Stadium House 1957
18:5904Ca-c: Stadium Bleachers 1957
18:5904Da-b: Ag Science Building (Peterson) 1957 August
18:5904Ea-b: Chemical Building, behind Mechanical Arts Building 1957 August
18:5905a-b: Professor Evans 1942-1988
18:5906a-b: James Thorne 1942-1988
18:5907a-b: Golden Stoker 1942-1988
18:5908a-b: Ralo Woodard 1942-1988
18:5909a-b: Jay Haddock 1942-1988
18:5910a: Public Information Building 1957
18:5911a-b: Animal Husbandry Building / Dairy 1957
18:5912a: Art Barn by Old Main 1957 August
18:5913a-i: Blaine Rich 1957 September
18:5914a-d: Keith Hansen 1957 September
18:5915Aa-b: Bonneville School 1957
18:5915Ba: Logan Reserve Armory / ORC Building 1942-1988
18:5916a-k: Fraternities (Sigma Nu) 1957 October
18:5916l-v: Fraternities (Sigma Nu) 1957 October
18:5916w-dd: Fraternities (Sigma Nu) 1957 October
18:5917a-d: Thermocouple constant temperature bath Construction tools (Taylor) 1957 September
18:5918a-o: Varsity Team on field in groups 1957 Fall
18:5919a-d: Carolyn Naigle, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5920a-b: Janice Rigby, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5921a-d: Marsha Beesley, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5922a-d: Sharon Larson, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5923a-d: Carol Woolley, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5924a-d: Lorraine Weeks, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5925a-d: Kay Harrop, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5926a-d: Marie Holt, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5927a-j: Carol Young, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5928a-e: Claudia Hirschi, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5929a-g: Shirley Chugg, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5930a-d: Lois Huseman, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5931a-d: Barbara Profaizer, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5932a-d: Gay Cooper, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5933a-d: Sharon Vowles, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5934a-f: Elizabeth D Felt, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5935a-f: Lorraine Corry, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5936a-e: LaRose Allen, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5937a-h: Glenda Hanseen, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5938a-e: Carole Loosle, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5939a-e: Marsha Smith, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5940a-g: CI Draper 1957 October
18:5941a-b: JB Low 1957 October
18:5941Aa: Unidentified man 1942-1988
18:5942a-g: Mrs Hazel Johnson 1957 October
18:5943a-b: Vernon Hese 1957 October
18:5944a-d: Merrill Anderson 1957 October
18:5945a-h: Nina Lee Cooper, Homecoming Queen candidate 1957 October
18:5946a-f: Janet Rigby 1957 October
18:5947a-e: Royce Anderson and family 1957 October
18:5948a-g: Jay Swenson 1957 October
18:5949a-f: Roland Murdock 1957 October
19 19:5950a-b: Jerry Sherrett 1957 October
19:5951a-b: Evan Stevenson 1957 October
19:5952a-g: Jessy Earl 1957 October
19:5953a-o: New Mexico game 1957 October
19:5954a-c: Agronomy Club and Officers 1957 October
19:5955a-b: Awards Committee 1957 October
19:5956a-d: Deloy Slack 1957 October
19:5957a-m: Freshman football players 1957 October
19:5958a-f: Glen Haddock, Glen Haddock's fiance 1957 November
19:5959a-k: Publicity pictures for "After Dark" 1957 October
19:5959l-y: Publicity pictures for "After Dark" 1957 October
19:5960a-f: Aerials of campus, 9-16-57 1957
19:5961a-h: Howard B McLaughlin 1942-1988
19:5962a-f: WIA Softball Winners, Alpha Chi Omega Independents 1957 November
19:5963a-b: Groundbreaking of Girls' Dorms 1957 October
19:5964a-i: Diane McMaster 1942-1988
19:5965a-h: Maxine Wright 1942-1988
19:5966a-h: Joyce Wayman 1957 November
19:5967a-e: Lloyd Godfrey 1957 November
19:5968a-b: Marcia Germaine 1942-1988
19:5969a-d: Joe Austin 1957 November
19:5970a: Barbara Profrazier 1942-1988
19:5971a-m: Donna Dix 1942-1988
19:5972a-f: HB Peterson passport photo 1957 November
19:5973a-d: Glen Marston 1942-1988
19:5974a-e: Charles Merkley and wife passport photos 1942-1988
19:5975a-b: Dr Knowlton 1957 November
19:5976a: Alfalfa 1957 November
19:5977a-b: Group of four, including Reed Bullen and Mark Neuberger 1942-1988
19:5978a-k: Table Decorations 1957 November
19:5978l-x: Table Decorations 1957 November
19:5979a-o: Two children (Mrs Bird), 11-6-57 1957
19:5980a-l: Howard Maughan, 2-21-47 1957
19:5981a: School shop diagram (RE Lamborne), 2-18-57 1957
19:5982a-d: Jim Hendricks 1957 November
19:5983a-d: Don Heinz 1957 November
19:5985a-h: John Bushman 1957 November
19:5986a-h: 4-H participants showing animals 1946
19:5987a-b: Corn Chart pertaining to the effect of fertility and moisture on corn 1957 November
19:5992a: Man in lab 1957 November
19:5993a-b: Students in photo lab. Taken by C Osborn 1957 November
19:5994a-h: Interior of Bonneville and Co-Op Houses 1942-1988
19:5995a-j: JR Williams, 4-27-51 1957
19:5996a-d: Aerials of stadium 1957
19:5997a-f: Marilyn Balden, 12-4-57 1957
19:5998a-e: David Bird, 12-6-57 1957
19:5999a-e: Cloyd Childs 1957 December
19:6000a-e: Chan McSnelly 1957 December
19:6001a-d: Carleen Brown 1942-1988
19:6002a-g: Joyce Tanner, 6-1-57 1957
19:6002h-n: Joyce Tanner, 6-1-57 1957
19:6003a-f: RaNae Reese, patrolman's daughter 1957 June
19:6005a-d: Jackson Anderson Adolph Rupp 1957 December
19:6006Aa-f: Individual basketball shots 1957 November
19:6006Ba-o: Basketball Individual Shots, head and shoulders (Printed for Brochure) 1957 November
19:6006Ca-n: Basketball Individual Shots, duplicates 1957 November
19:6006Da-e: Basketball Individual Shots 1957 October
19:6006Ea-e: Basketball Individual Shots 1957 October
19:6006Fa-e: Basketball Individual Shots 1957 October
19:6006Ga-f: Basketball Individual Shots 1957 October
19:6006Ha-e: Basketball Individual Shots 1957 October
19:6007a-d: Cee Baker, Basketball Coach 1957 November
19:6008a-b: Six people in Gym (taken for a bulletin) 1957
19:6009a-g: Football Taken by Sandra Lee Allen 1957
19:6010a-k: "Kiss Me Kate" 1957 November
19:6011a-b: Stake Group in Union Building 1957 December
19:6012a: Group on front of Ag-Science Building Steps (Peterson) 1957
19:6013a-b: Welding students 1957 December
19:6014a: Ditch Lining 1942-1988
19:6015a-e: Fuselage, 11-25-57 1957
19:6016a-d: Lora Kelson at a desk (taken for Bulletin) 1942-1988
19:6017a-e: Mary Bowman 1958 January
19:6018a-i: Rodney Roper 1942-1988
19:6019a-d: Wade Parkey 1942-1988
19:6020a-d: Clayton Clark (Information Service) 1942-1988
19:6021a-d: Owen Holyoak 1942-1988
19:6022a-d: Albert Thorson, 1-14-58 1958
19:6023a-f: Vaughn Hansen 1942-1988
19:6024a-d: Max Turley, 1-2-57 1957
19:6025a-d: Committee at Union Building, includes Jo Nebeker, Janis Paulick, one other girl, and three boys 1958 January
19:6026a-e: Interior of Prefabs 1958 January
19:6027a-g: Group of students in Union Building 1942-1988
19:6028a-e: Basketball team and Main 5 1942-1988
19:6029a-b: Beaver Tail, shows method of marking (Lowe) 1942-1988
19:6030a-g: Lank Lining (Lauritzen) 1942-1988
19:6031a-g: Model of "new" Sigma Pi Epsilon House 1942-1988
19:6032a-e: Nolan Burnett 1942-1988
19:6033a-u: Colleen Miller 1942-1988
19:6034a-h: John Gunderson, 1-20-58 1958
19:6035a-j: Norma Stubs 1942-1988
19:6036a-g: Roshelle Agren, 1-24-58 1958
19:6037a-d: Heckman 1942-1988
19:6038a-p: Ken Benson 1958 February
19:6039a-d: Earl Grant, 2-5-58 1958
19:6040a-h: Blaine Hales 1958 February
19:6041a-d: Janet Jorgensen, 1-24-58 1958
19:6042a-i: Larry Neaves 1958 February
19:6043a-c: Preator passport 1958 February
19:6044a-i: Max Romrell, 2-5-58 1958
19:6045a-g: Sonja Thursby, 2-4-58 1958
19:6046a-f: Binns, 2-8-58 1958
19:6047a-c: Line Drawings of SPE House 1958 February
19:6048a-i: Merle Quigley 1958 February
19:6049a-g: Courtney Leishman, 2-3-58 1958
19:6050a-d: F Sessions, 2-26-58 1958
19:6051a-h: LJ Sylvester, track 1958 March
19:6052a-h: Bruce Erickson 1958 March
19:6053a-g: Terrance Hatch 1958 March
19:6054a-f: Jack Burr 1958 March
19:6055a-h: Mrs Chase and son, 2-15-58 1958
19:6056a-g: Ken Hansen, 2-14-58 1958
19:6057a-e: Jerry Tousa, 2-5-58 1958
19:6058a-f: Roger Jordan, 2-26-58 1958
19:6059a-c: Dr Walter Borg 1958 March
19:6060a-l: Marilyn Mallet, 2-27-58 1958
19:6061a-j: Ann Macot, JrProm Queen Candidate 1958 March
19:6061k-s: Ann Macot, JrProm Queen Candidate 1958 March
19:6062a-j: Joan Bowden, Jr Prom Queen Candidate, Lund Hall 1958 March
19:6062k-t: 62 Joan Bowden, Jr Prom Queen Candidate, Lund Hall 1958 March
19:6063a-k: Books, Summer School (LR Humphreys) 1942-1988
19:6065a-b: Dallas Ward 1958 March
19:6066a-h: Bill Harris, 3-14-58 1958
19:6067a-h: Francis Ammussen, 3-4-58 1958
19:6068a-d: Sam Merrill 1958 March
19:6069a-g: OD Carnahan, 3-14-58 1958
19:6070a-h: Lois Husunan 1958 March
19:6071a-b: Bill Brenzel 1958 March
19:6072a-c: Veneta Neilsen and Marion Neilsen with rare book 1958 March
19:6073a-d: Flowers (for cover of magazine) 1958 March
19:6074a-c: Bryan Lufkin 1958 April
19:6075a: Wendell Knight 1958 April
19:6076a-b: Graduate Students 1942-1988
19:6077a-g: Drivers Training Car 1958 April
19:6078a-b: Nurse giving student a shot, Student Health Center 1958 April
19:6079a-b: Foreign student with President Chase 1958 April
19:6080a-c: Freshman Basketball 1957-1958
19:6081a-b: Two people in Placement Bureau 1942-1988
19:6082a-d: Seismograph Machine, (J Stewart Williams) 1942-1988
19:6083a-f: Hunsaker's grandchildren 1942-1988
19:6084a: Dr R Yocum 1958 April
19:6085a-f: Phi U, Miss Merkley, Mrs Smith, Mrs Rowland 1958 April
19:6086a: Ann Westenskow 1942-1988
19:6087a-f: Gaye Yost 1942-1988
19:6088a-n: Dr Wilcox 1942-1988
19:6089a-h: Lyle Loosle, 3-27-58 1958
19:6090a-k: Diane Barker 1958 March
19:6091a-f: Dix Cloward 1942-1988
19:6092a-e: Kenneth Saline 1942-1988
19:6094a-b: Tonita Mortenson 1942-1988
19:6095a-l: Lil Kondo PERSONAL 1942-1988
19:6096a-e: Civil Engineering (Milligan) 1958 April
19:6097a-h: Hydraulic Engineering 1958 April
19:6098a-i: Electrical Engineering (Larry Cole) 1958
19:6099a-f: Electrical Engineering Conference Pictures 1958 April
19:6100a-i: John Scaulon 1942-1988
19:6101a: Vereus Adams, 4-25-58 1958
19:6102a-h: Roma Sheffield PERSONAL 1942-1988
19:6103a-b: Jerry Sherrett 1942-1988
19:6104a-f: Joan Goodrich 1942-1988
19:6105a-d: Paul Christensen 1942-1988
19:6106a-d: Robert Gardner 1942-1988
19:6107a-f: Judy Nielsen 1942-1988
19:6108a-f: Geraldine Rosine 1942-1988
19:6109a-d: Carma Fredrickson 1942-1988
19:6110a-d: Tucker, 4-11-58 1958
19:6111a-d: Paul Skyles 1942-1988
19:6112a-h: Amy Kearsley, PERSONAL 1958 April
19:6113a-d: Tony Robello (Gardner for coaching school) 1942-1988
19:6115a-b: Poultry Farm, 4-19-58 1958
19:6117a-d: Electrical Engineering 1942-1988
19:6118a-h: Students around various machines and charts (Agathon Publicity) 1942-1988
19:6119a-j: Corn (Nelson) 1942-1988
19:6120a-j: Students around various machines and apparatus (Agathon) 1942-1988
19:6121a-d: Class (Extension Bulletin) 1942-1988
19:6122a-f: Thermo Lab 1958 April
19:6123a-f: Students in thermo lab 1942-1988
19:6125a-d: Agathon Exhibit, Landscape Architecture 1942-1988
19:6126a-i: Ellen Mitchell, 4-25-57 1957
19:6127a-l: Willis Robinson 1958 May
19:6128a-d: Scott Ballif, 2-27-58 1958
19:6129a-o: M Beckstead 1958 May
19:6130a-i: Theral Black (Sociology) 1958 May
19:6131a-h: Vernon Hess and family 1958 May
19:6134a-d: Helen Wansley 1958 May
19:6135a-g: Jeanne Morgan, PERSONAL 1958 May
19:6136a-f: Barbara Holmes, 5-9-58 1958
19:6137a-j: Blaine Hyer, PERSONAL 1958 April
19:6138a-e: Nolan Griffin, 4-30-58 1958
19:6139a-g: Summer theater group in costume 1942-1988
19:6140a-g: Group of children in Whittier School (Mrs Shaw) 1942-1988
19:6141a-b: Reception for Dr Geddes 1942-1988
19:6143a-d: Joan Fellmore application 1942-1988
19:6144a-b: Sigma Nu Girl and attendants: Joan Collett, Sharon Erickson, Louise Peterson 1942-1988
19:6145a-cc: Walker passport Blanche passport Pollard passport 1942-1988
19:6146a-d: Roy Anderson, 5-16-58 1958
19:6147a-f: Muslem dinner at Bluebird, 4-20-58 1958
19:6148a-c: President Chase, Walker, foreign visitor, and student, 4-20-58 1958
19:6149a-g: Muslem Ceremony, 4-20-58 1958
19:6150a-d: Glen Hardy, 5-16-58 1958
19:6151a-d: J Howard Maughan 1942-1988
19:6152a-g: Dale Davis, 5-15-58 1958
19:6153a-j: Rene Nelsen application 1942-1988
19:6154a-k: Georgia Larsen application 1942-1988
19:6155a-g: Annette Cooper placement shots 1942-1988
19:6156a-e: Adoree Preece placement shots 1942-1988
19:6157a-m: Dino A Nast, 5-26-58 1958
19:6158a-d: Hyrum Stephan and family 1942-1988
19:6159a-d: Cal Woodworth, new football coach 1942-1988
20 20:6160a-d: Eric Defty 1942-1988
20:6161a-f: Barbara Olsen, 5-26-58 1958
20:6163a-m: Sigma Nu members (taken for Rush booklets) 1958 May
20:6164a-d: Sigma Nu (taken for Rush booklet) Taken by Jerry Sherratt 1942-1988
20:6165a-b: MIA Staff 1942-1988
20:6166a-b: Chickens in Poultry House 1958 May
20:6169Aa-d: Ag Science Building 1958
20:6169Ba-e: Ag Science Building 1958
20:6170a-e: VD Gardner 1958 June
20:6171a-f: Girls State tea reception Girls State panel discussion Girls State on patio 1958 June
20:6172a-i: Presidents' Reception for Graduates 1958 June
20:6173a-e: Dal Ward and Bill Brenzell, Coaching School Registration 1958 June
20:6174a-f: Adolph Rupp and others, Coaching School 1958
20:6175a: Strips of wire (Cole) 1958 June
20:6176a-h: Meriam Mortenson application 1958 June
20:6177a-e: Home Economics display 1942-1988
20:6178a-h: Commencement exercise, 6-7-58 1958
20:6179a-b: Mrs Pollard and children 1958 June
20:6180a-b: Technology Class, Summer School 1942-1988
20:6181a-c: Home Ec Teachers 1942-1988
20:6182a-b: Agronomy 1942-1988
20:6183a-b: National and local officers of American Society of Agronomy (Wade Dewey) 1958 June
20:6184a-d: Demonstration for Utah Power and Light (Evelyn Hansen) 1958 June
20:6185a-d: Agriculture Educators Conference 1958 June
20:6186a-d: Music School 1958 June
20:6187a-d: Mrs Neilsen's Reception 1958 June
20:6188a-d: Hydraulic Model 1958 June
20:6189a-c: New WIA officers 1958-1958
20:6190a-b: Physics 1942-1988
20:6191Aa-e: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ba-e: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ca-d: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Da-d: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ea-f: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Fa-d: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ga-e: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ha-e: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ia-c: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ja-f: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ka-e: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191La-f: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Ma-f: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Na: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Oa-f: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Pa-g: Football Publicity 1958 May
20:6191Qa-f: Track Publicity 1958 Spring
20:6191Ra-e: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Sa-f: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Ta-f: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Ua-g: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Va-g: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Wa-f: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6191Xa-d: Football Publicity 1958 September
20:6192a-b: Radio Station in Union Building (Dean Culmsee), 9-19-58 1958
20:6193a-c: Spanish Committee for third grade experiment, Language Department 1942-1988
20:6194a: Presentation of Wings by President Chase to ROTC 1958 September
20:6195a-b: Mrs Howard Peterson 1942-1988
20:6197a-b: Quarterback Club Member meeting 1942-1988
20:6199a-n: Study opportunities, 7-3-58 1958
20:6200a-f: Edith Bowen School (Blaser), 7-11-58 1958
20:6201a-d: Don Wright, Summer School 1958 July
20:6204a: Mrs Alice Chase, 7-22-58 1958
20:6205a-c: Mr Tibbets, dancer and father, 7-23-58 1958
20:6206a-d: Shots of Radiated Strawberries and cauliflower (Salunkhe), 7-28-58 1958
20:6207a-b: President Chase and two other men in president's office, 7-25-58 1958
20:6210a: Men in Sociology Department (Blaser), 8-6-58 1958
20:6212a-f: Classwork in Edith Bowen school (Blaser), 8-8-58 1958
20:6213a-b: Men working at a Cleveland Rigid Hobber Machine, Scientific Research Foundation, 8-8-58 1958
20:6214a-b: Van Ordan, Chemistry Institute, 8-8-58 1958
20:6215a-b: LR Hymphreys, ticket sales for publication 1942-1988
20:6216a-b: Bluebook shots of two girls sitting at desk, 8-25-58 1958
20:6217a-b: President Chase with other men for the airman presentation, 9-2-58 1958
20:6218a-b: Athletic Scholarships to freshmen 1958 October
20:6219a-e: Royal Griffin, PERSONAL 1958 September
20:6220a-c: Man and his world 1958 October
20:6221a-k: Man and his world (Burrell Hansen) 1958 October
20:6222a-f: Man and his world 1958 October
20:6223a-k: Sigma Nu house interior and exterior 1958 October
20:6224a-b: Mark Carlisle with football equipment 1958 October
20:6225a-f: Night shots of Stadium at Denver game 1958
20:6226a-c: A Ghoth 1958 October
20:6227a: Grain Varieties 1958 October
20:6228a-f: Shin-Ping Chen application, Ted Bingham application 1958 October
20:6230a-e: E. Ted Bingham 1942-1988
20:6231a-d: Fakhry Komeily 1958 October
20:6233a-b: Tennis Trophy Presentation (McClellan) 1942-1988
20:6234a-d: Centennial Committee 1958 June
20:6235a-c: Presenting a watch to outstanding Ag Educator 1942-1988
20:6236a-e: AC Hull 1942-1988
20:6237Aa-j: Library 1958 April-May
20:6237Da-m: Library 1958 April-May
20:6238a-b: Group of four panel members for guidance work 1942-1988
20:6239a-d: Large Water Sprinkler on Quad 1942-1988
20:6240a-d: Theta Johnson 1942-1988
20:6241a-e: President Chase and King Hendricks discussing a book 1958 August
20:6242a-g: Francis Barr, 10-20-58 1958
20:6243a-j: Calvin Briggs application 1942-1988
20:6244a-f: Glen Caruahan, 10-27-58 1958
20:6245a-k: Merrill Clark application 1942-1988
20:6246a-d: Lee Despain, 10-29-58 1958
20:6247a-b: Dale Gardner, athletics identification 1942-1988
20:6248a-g: Nancy Hull 1942-1988
20:6249a-b: Floyd Hunsaker (Jerry Sherratt) 1942-1988
20:6250a-e: Royal Jensen, 10-30-58 1958
20:6251a-h: John Parcell application 1942-1988
20:6252a-i: Diane Perkins, 10-29-58 1958
20:6253a-g: Jerry Pickett, 10-30-58 1958
20:6254a-h: Marjene Renderknecht application, 11-4-58 1958
20:6255a-e: Sherman Stock 1958 October
20:6256a-c: James Bates application 1942-1988
20:6257a-d: Samples of Cheese 1942-1988
20:6258a-d: Dean Dyer's reception 1942-1988
20:6259a-m: Botany Lab (Gladys Harrison) 1942-1988
20:6260a-n: Dancers Costumes Scenery (Summer Productions) 1942-1988
20:6261a: Stephen Kulik (Culmsee) 1942-1988
20:6262a-b: Signs for photo department 1942-1988
20:6263a-l: "Steak Fry," faculty spring outing 1942-1988
20:6264a-c: Two cadets, military ROTC 1942-1988
20:6266a-h: Interior of new boys' dorms (Information Service) 1942-1988
20:6267a-c: Library study shots (Information Services) 1942-1988
20:6268a-e: Interior of new girls' dorms (Information Services) 1958
20:6269a-f: Exterior of New Men's dorms 1942-1988
20:6270a-d: Russian language student and Professor Nielsen 1942-1988
20:6271a-k: Paintings (Marjean Redderknecht) 1942-1988
20:6272a-n: "Light Up the Sky," Drama play (shots for publication), 11-5-58 1958
20:6273a-b: George Bateman, 12-11-58 1958
20:6274a-d: Stan Lewengrub, 12-11-58 1958
20:6275a-k: Bob Howt, 12-11-58 1958
20:6276a-h: Gary Sorenson application 1942-1988
20:6277a-e: Gary Dinsdale 1942-1988
20:6278a-d: Kim Sidang application, 11-11-58 1958
20:6279a-g: Marilyn Richens application 1942-1988
20:6280a-d: Joseph Wilson application, 11-18-58 1958
20:6281a-e: Jolene Yardley, 11-13-58 1958
20:6282a-b: James Wright 1942-1988
20:6284a-m: Donna Mae Jorgensen 1942-1988
20:6285a-c: Warren Bendexin 1942-1988
20:6287a-b: "Land of the Dragon 1942-1988
20:6288a-d: Physics lab, Experiment Station (Gladys Harrison) 1942-1988
20:6289a-b: DMS awards to students, military 1942-1988
20:6290a-b: Unidentified individual (FH Wagner) 1942-1988
20:6291a: Bubble Glass over Boxing Ring (John Grum) 1942-1988
20:6292a-b: Mrs Roland making award presentation, Home and Family Living 1942-1988
20:6294a-k: Sigma Phi Epsilon house 1942-1988
20:6295a-d: Initiation group and Mrs Wilcox, Home and Family Living, 11-13-58 1958
20:6296a-f: Two boys with turkeys 1942-1988
20:6297a-c: Outstanding cadet, military, 11-24-58 1958
20:6298a-b: Water lab drawing, Engineering Experiment Station 1942-1988
20:6300a-d: "Murder in the Cathedral," 11-25-58 1958
20:6301a-s: Sigma Nu House Dedication 1958 October
20:6302a-h: Students viewing Union Building Displays 1942-1988
20:6303a-e: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll A 1958-1959
20:6304a-e: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll B 1958-1959
20:6305a-e: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll C 1958-1959
20:6306a-f: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll D 1958-1959
20:6307a-e: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll EDrum Major and Majorette 1958-1959
20:6308a-f: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll F 1958-1959
20:6309a-c: Individual shots of varsity basketball team, Roll G 1958-1959
20:6310a-c: Varsity basketball team 1958-1959
20:6311a-d: Basketball Main 5 and wives 1942-1988
20:6312a-b: Five Petes, "Hey Pete - 'Who Me?'" Athletics 1942-1988
20:6313a-g: "Murder in the Cathedral," individual women portraits 1942-1988
20:6314a-l: "Murder in the Cathedral," individual men portraits 1942-1988
20:6315a-h: "Murder in the Cathedral," group shots 1942-1988
20:6316a-d: Soil testing equipment, Engineering 1942-1988
20:6317a-i: Brice Hallows family group, 12-12-58 1958
20:6317Aa-d: Soil Testing Equipment 1942-1988
20:6318a-e: Eric Thorpe 1942-1988
20:6319a-b: Naturalization Pictures (Paul Gunby) 1942-1988
20:6320a-e: Sigma Nu Officers 1958 December
20:6321a-l: Warner Stewart, 12-13-58 1958
20:6322a-b: Henderson application 1942-1988
20:6323a-b: Dean Dyar at desk 1958 December
20:6324a-d: Dick Follett application 1942-1988
20:6325a-c: ROTC Commissioning Exercises 1958 December
20:6326a-c: Evelyn Webster and "friend 1942-1988
20:6327a-c: Cache Stoke Gospel Group 1957
20:6328Aa-h: Swimming Team individual shots 1958
20:6328Ba-b: USU Swimming Team group 1958
20:6329a-b: Cow (Shupe) 1959
20:6330a-g: Kim Jones 1959 January
20:6331a-f: WIA softball and volleyball winners 1959 January
20:6332a-l: Copies from magazine (President Chase) 1959 January
20:6334a-b: Clock in Field House 1959 January
20:6335a-l: Interiors of "H" Dorm 1959 January
20:6336a-o: Copies of Bridges for Radio and TV 1959 January
20:6337a-c: Burned Ceramics Lab behind Old Main 1959 January
20:6338a-d: Shots in local store, Agricultural Economics 1959 January
20:6339a-l: Management Institute, Business Administration (CD McBride) 1959 January
20:6340a-f: Ditches and roads (Alvin Bishop) 1959 January
20:6341a-c: Pettis?, athletic picture 1959 January
20:6342Aa-p: Summer School Accumulation of Activities, A-L 1958 Summer
20:6342Ba-n: Summer School Activities, M-S 1958 Summer
20:6343a-j: People work at instruments, Music Clinic, Summer School 1959
20:6345a-f: Agriculture Information cover shots (Harrison) 1959 February
20:6346a-b: Bob Ipsen, athletics 1959 February
20:6347a-p: Pictures of students at work, Business and Social Science 1959 February
20:6348a-l: "The Innocence 1959 February
20:6348l-w: "The Innocence 1959 February
20:6349a-b: Students in cafeteria kitchen, Home and Family Living 1959 February
20:6350a-h: Shots at Reactor (TH) building, Electrical Engineering 1959 February
20:6351a-b: WIA Ping Pong and Bowling winners 1959 February
20:6352a-b: Milk Nutrition Study, PE (Dale Nelson) 1959 February
20:6353a-l: LJSylvester, Jerry Schefield, and Dale Nelson 1959 February
20:6354a-b: Relief map of Utah 1959 February
20:6355a-h: Lorin Pickett 1959 February
20:6356a-h: Margaret Alger application 1959 February
20:6357a-h: Clyde Kidman 1959 February
20:6358a-d: Paul Skyler 1959 February
20:6359a-b: Dr Joseph Harris, Physics Department (University College) 1959 February
20:6360a-b: Victor Jorgenson 1959 February
20:6361a-j: Vaundella Richards 1959 February
20:6362a-b: Stan Richardson with Student National Poultry Winner 1959 February
20:6363a-b: Eric Cresswell 1959 February
20:6364a-b: Glen Stringham 1959 February
20:6365a-c: Coach Dan Devine, copy for Summer School 1959 February
20:6366a: Neil Wald, swimmer 1959 February
20:6367a-d: Melvin Cottle 1959 February
20:6368a-f: Keith Bingham 1959 February
20:6369a-g: Dean Dority Dyer 1959 February
20:6370a-b: Girls in Kitchen cooking cupcakes Girls reading magazines (Mrs Harder) 1959 February
20:6371a-j: Students in lab with testing devices, Zoology 1959 February
20:6372a-d: Students in lab with testing devices, Physiology 1959 February
20:6373a-d: Swimming team 1959 February
20:6374a-f: Children in nursery 1959 February
20:6375a-b: New Forestry Building 1959 February
20:6376a: Indian School 1959 February
20:6377a-b: Math and Summer School Institute, University College 1959 February
20:6378a-c: Milk Testing at Dairy Building 1959 February
20:6379a-d: Legislators visit to campus 1959 February
20:6380a-e: Shots in Herbarium and Library storage of Plant Industry Building 1959 February
20:6381a-b: Counseling Class for Wayne Wright 1959 February
20:6382a-g: Alice Berry 1942-1988
20:6383a-d: Morna Booth 1942-1988
20:6384a-e: Reed Henderson 1942-1988
20:6385a-i: Carroll Carmen 1942-1988
20:6386a-b: Raymond T Sanders, Professor in Physiology (Culmsee) 1942-1988
20:6387a-b: Vagn-Olef Andersen 1942-1988
20:6388a-d: Schooff (Logan Police) 1942-1988
20:6389a-g: Clair Williams application 1942-1988
20:6390a-h: Carlos Eugene Thompson 1942-1988
20:6391a-e: William Sousa 1942-1988
20:6392a-f: Mrs Merkley